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Create your own mystical birds - using watercolors!!

teacher avatar Femvisionary, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Negative painting

    • 4. Composition Planning

    • 5. Class project 1 step 1

    • 6. Class project 1 step 2

    • 7. Class project 1 step 3

    • 8. Class project 1 Final step

    • 9. Class project 2 step 1

    • 10. Class project 2 step 2

    • 11. Class project 2 Final Step

    • 12. Final thoughts

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About This Class

I am so excited to bring you guys an advanced level class with 2 pretty mystical birds using negative painting techniques. 

There are infinite possibilities while using this technique and you can put your own spin to it. In this class, you will be learning how to create my favorite technique with step by step instructions.

At the end of the class, post your final project to the project gallery so I can see your amazing work! If you post on Instagram, make sure to tag me @femvisionary and I'll mention you in my stories!:D:D
Let's get to painting and unveil the mystery behind the negative painting.

*Pls note, if you find the class to fast, you can easily reduce the speed in the speed options


Meet Your Teacher

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Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hi there! I am Madhumika Sankar and I go by the name Femvisionary on Instagram. I am originally from India and have lived my entire life in the Middle East. I am an avid traveler and really enjoy dreaming up new places.


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. I'm mother on a watercolor artist and I've been painting since I was really young. This is my second sculpture class on. It was a topic that a lot of people ask me about how to paint mystical birds. So I'm very excited to bring you this class. I hope you guys learn a lot I've given have created to class projects, so you can try it out either style. Have fun with it, use different colors. I'm really excited to see what you come up with. Let's get started. 2. Materials: Let's talk about a team yields so to for today's class, I'm using slightly different materials for last time. I'm using handmade card sheets. These are very, very cheap on a pretty good quality, and it's great for practice the bays off on. They blend jury nights with us, kind of mix up quite wrong. On 3 20 Johnson, I will mention the ever be in the discussion. So that is the first thing we're gonna be using the tropical primo set. As I mentioned, if you're going to invest on peanut products, especially the watercolor beans, then this is definitely the one that you should get Tropical astrology. It has really nice mix of colors. I love all of them have used all of them. Um, you would need an eraser then. So just a normal Benson. If you're very specific, you can get the light dispensable so you can raise out. And even the reason you could get in needed to do so. Uh, so that might be better. But I haven't had any issues using just a normal whitewood razor on a normal pencil. I just make sure that whatever I'm drawing ISS not to dog and it can be traced out for the brushes. I'm using this one. It's actually from my care. They have instead off six, and I really love it. It actually is really, really nice. You can just use something that is like a detail brush to do your lines. So any brand that you're comfortable with, the other one that I'm using is my escort. Travel brush. I just got this and I'm quite happy with this. It ISS Escada. Ultimately, it's a size four again. You can use anything. You don't have to get something that is really expensive, obviously, water among for two, some people tissues on. That's about it. Let's get started. 3. Negative painting: so negative. Painting is basically a technique where you don't paint the actual object, you paint around it and that's why it is so interesting. It looks really new and very, very different. So I'm first adding a little bit of water to call that I'm gonna use have been, as I mentioned, we're not doing inside the leads with painting outside and also to remember that you need to have a stem about really Look, really are just as leaves. So I leave a small gap. You can see that between my life. I do want you guys to practice this because when we go into our close project, this is really important. You should be able to do sort of negative painting, because from there we're gonna go into hearing and creating multiple layers off. So I'm showing you another leaf example. I'm going to select a different color Stein, maybe an orange. Andi, get notice how I am painting around. There you go. One of the beef done. Now the inside pencil, if you're wandering, will be used off to the peace dries so well to try to make sure that you don't draw your pencil lines really dark 4. Composition Planning: Here's my composition sketch. And as you can see, I've just done a really simple sketch off vocal birds. Andi What? I tried to focus on its the proportions to see how big I want the wings. How wonder supposed to be on trying to figure out how wanted used to call, Do I want this direction? Does it look nice? Do I want her ground? And I've played around with this today finalized on this idea, and I think it's very important if you are going to create your own book, especially on Bird. It's just doing a more flowing. It can be jolly inaccurate, but it really helps you figure out how you want to go about it soon. If you aren't amazing, a drawing or even decent and you're not sure about your drawing skills. Don't worry. You could always print out a bird from online and draw a trace it on your sheet. Just put it on the window like a very bright light source, like in the morning, and you would be able to see the outline of the bird and you can just trace it out. Don't worry if you're not an amazing you're not amazing at pencil drawing, you can always just trace it out. But focus on the painting itself 5. Class project 1 step 1: So let's start with our class project. We're gonna draw cream on. I'm gonna first start drawing some lines just to figure out where exactly I wanted on the beach. This is hoping a full sheet. So any five sheet. So let's finalize on our lines. I'm doing them over the doctor. No find joins just again. Not going too much into the Fed does. But I've just drawn a general idea on bond proportions and it Sure it looks joining at least really crisp. So I have a very clear idea off. Now, the next step IHS drawing up the leaves and in my small sketch you could see how they're gonna go. So it's gonna be all the war reporting on and expand, and then you have it on the wings. She's kind of spreading slowly out that out. - I'm going to start with medium and orange on My plan is to have the pink and orange come all the way according and wins. So it's really bright and bold. And at the race, feathers are gonna be yellow on orange and anything that is kind of outside. I'm gonna make it completely yellow. But maybe yourself march to get a little bit no bright, but that's the kind of idea that I'm going at. So starting with orange, if you have seen my previous workshop, which I would suggest definitely that you're sure that before you start with this because, uh, this is an advanced other bookshop. And when you have done the previous one, it will help you understand how to how I work with tunes, how I do the stand. So it's very important that we've seen the previous workshop. You can still try it if you have somebody. You but it What I'm doing doesn't make any sense. Just go back, wash the previous one and then get back to us. Two former paper is still wet. I'm gonna. So it gives a created effect. - And I'm also doing think at our clients just to give it more step. The thing who's doesn't look one common it has the shape kind of shadow are greeting effect . - You can see I keep taking different colors in my paintbrush. So being back to go orange that think so. I'm trying to create that blended effect. I don't want to be one column because as election it gets very boring. It was just one condo, so definitely I'm trying to be really different colors. - Okay , Okay. So let's continue. - But I'm out of a little bit of port books. I noticed. I'm not able to do, uh, a dark line I'm gonna do just to make it really dark. And I'm also trying to get it to look like beggars. You can see that. I'm just trying to do something like that. So it doesn't look exactly no. Just flat starts to look like Dennis. 6. Class project 1 step 2: I'm gonna out. And if you notice the leaves that be having completed, we're gonna do them now. I'm just gonna take thing on was doing a likely naturally, anything dark, Just like a very like lying. I don't take water and I'm gonna blend So country that remaining leaves just outlines all the leaves that was supposed to be there feeding out. So it kind of gives this impression but negative thinking effect, which I really love. I think it looks just so amusing going back for the next and continue this. Put all the other. Now that we're done with festive, I have kind of corn in on made some of the parks darker just to highlight. Then just make sure that they do not much with the background or wings or federals. So I'm again taking my pencil, and I'm gonna draw out the next set of leaps. Now, this could be a little bit tricky, because we have been quite clumped up, but I'm gonna try to add them. Maybe in some areas where there are gaps, so not too much, but just some places so I can give that added treaty effect the negative painting And this Lear is gonna go on to the wings and you can notice. I'm kind of making them smaller, trying to make it smaller, so it looks like it's gradually becoming smaller. And then I'm gonna do into which leaves. And then once that are coming out to show the movement. - Maybe this one, remember, before it dries, I'm gonna take tell, and I'm gonna spread it so it doesn't dry dot cotton sheets a week. Another thing to remember is when you're choosing Carlos to choose cars that really look nice together, So if you take or combinations, they just may not look really create. This one is a really great one. I use very often the purple, pink, orange and yellow because it really fits into each other. And they just look so pretty. So what? I'm doing the feather side and just kind of trying to remember the shape of my father's. I'm not doing them black. I'm trying to get the sheep. Whenever I get these small leaves, the individual use, I'm just gonna draw on out, fly around it and then with water blended out, can see that and I will be raising out any of the lines that I see you need. So it's not gonna affect my final and that are outside. I'm gonna again do yellow. Okay, I'm doing with water. Water is clean blended. This gives a Philly Julie interesting effect because it doesn't, uh, look very common. It looks very interesting having the yellow for a week. It's complete. Yea, and pieces kind of coming together. You can see this. It's almost done. I'm just gonna keep tweaking in case I need anything. Anything. I feel it needs to be changed on. I'm gonna wait for it to dry. Or, as I mentioned, you can use the trial on. The next step would be making sure that wings are perfect making try to go I and changes that need to be done. And it's morning corrections, Everything 7. Class project 1 step 3: the first thing I'm gonna do ISS hearings all depends on lots. Please, not. My entire piece is completely dry. I am not raising while it's still bed because you will rip your people. This is completely trying. And so when I use the normal so I don't need anything fancy diseases out. Now we just have to do the finishing Tartarus. So I'm gonna take my Escada travel brush, really locked this brush, and I'm gonna take the pop on the think just to my lines starting with eyes control my beaks I like my life like I to and I alternate is that my things are very Sofia's and so on will fix that. So, yeah, now it looks like like I defined the videos of the wing. Now I'm gonna do the auto for this. I'm not taking purple because it might be too harsh, but I'm focusing on more often orange on yellow that I'm just drawing outlines, taking water too much so it doesn't look like just mines. - Just make sure in the process we don't draw in any of the items from the previous. You could also fix some of the stems to high light, then make sure that it looks like Stan like it's growing. And remember, I'm doing all this once. The painting is completely try. I'm not doing this when the painting was too wet, so I let it dry. And then I'm doing all these darker details. The next wing again, the same thing. I think when I'm painting, generally I dented hold. My band's closer to me. I don't keep it so far because it's annoying to recharge themselves much so actually try to just hold it in my hand. So, like the previous wing, I'm just going to do doctor in clients. Just start to show it started from there looks if it it's done. 8. Class project 1 Final step: So this is my final piece. I have added more our lines After tried getting that more of the incline just right. I added so much So, Yeah, there's the completed piece. Cool. You enjoyed it. 9. Class project 2 step 1: So our next bird I love this one. It's so cute. Andi, I've actually just drawn, like a beast idea similar to last time trying to figure out if the proportions are right. And now I'm gonna do Dr Lance he needs. And again I'm gonna look at this picture of my reference picture to see, however medals to go How I planned it out. So for the colors keens for this one, I'm gonna again. Tropical said Andi thinks time I'm looking at on a green combination and that's a really nice combination. Could you get a lot of different years and then you've got and I might add, a yellow if needed. Let's see how it goes goes dark cream. 10. Class project 2 step 2: So let's start with our next you're gonna take first. I'm gonna areas out previous leaves so we don't get confused. Next, I'm gonna draw out the next. There are, Please. - I'm gonna do the lines around, leaves majors a lot of water and not just direct means, because that's when I can lend. If it's too much of just the scene and it dries, you won't be able to plant it. So try to keep that in mind. Always make sure your paintbrush has enough water to blend. You can see that. What? In water and lending it So it's not just and get more toe. Want to try to take a little bit of the green? It seems to give a very nice effect. I'm just repeating what this feels like. Form the wing a little bit. Colors corn and spread outside. That's too bad. - Okay , so this is the link for this So hate. I've I don't believe no. Let me do about one 11. Class project 2 Final Step: So I tried out my feet completely green on the light green on the scene. Crush can actually absolutely love the scholar off Blue Green. It's one of my favorite colors just trying to shoulder Federer's and again notice how I'm not making very dark. I'm still doing a very like Leo, because again, I'm gonna do wait for a dry and endure doctor trying to define boarding from the wing, especially for this one, because it's not very clear with this, So I'm basically taking a dog. - Okay , now that I have finished trying it again, I'm going to do the final status. Andi, I'm sorry. It keeps moving the art because I keep fixing it after I dry it. Keep moving it after I drive. So, yeah, that's completely I'm really sorry about that. I have to take it, go and dry it and come back anyway. So let's get back to doing the eyes. No, I'm kind of taking the really dark blue. I'm just going over all these white lines for these feathers just really like lines. - So this is my final and I really love It's turned out. It looks so pretty on. Not exactly like what I had planned. But some of those I plan to do feathers all the way through the ways they did change it once had a look after beating. And that's okay. Once you start working, can always change it from the competition sketch, but the composition sketch gives you an idea off, which is supposed to be doing. 12. Final thoughts: I hope you guys enjoyed the class on. Learned a lot learned new techniques that you can add to your own art book For the class project, you can attempt to any bird of your choice using either style on. You can check on my instagram page if you would like more inspiration. I have a Lord off paintings or negative painting, so you can get a lot of inspiration and ideas from there on. If you do get inspired, please do tag so it can have a look and great post on my stories as well. Thank you for watching my class on. Have a good day.