Create your own Miniature Tree Fern- Clay Sculpting & Gardening | Lyn Walker | Skillshare

Create your own Miniature Tree Fern- Clay Sculpting & Gardening

Lyn Walker

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7 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction to Making a Miniature Treefern

    • Miniature Treefern materials needed (polymer clay)

    • Making a miniature Tree Fern with Polymer Clay

    • Painting the polymer clay tree fern

    • Making a miniatureTreefern with Earthernware Clay

    • Planting a miniature Treefern

    • Care & Conclusion to Making a miniature Treefern


About This Class

Let Artist - Sculptor Lyn Walker show you how Craft and Gardening combine in this 32 min class, you'll be taken through the easy steps to sculpt either a Polymer Clay or Earthernware Clay tree fern trunk and how to plant and care for this living sculpture. This class is ideal for beginners and those with more experience as sculpting hints on armature making are included, this knowledge can be used for making many creative sculptures.

This class can inspire you to explore the fascinating mystical  world of Miniature Gardening check out Lyn's Facebook page 





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I am an Artist in painting and clay sculpture and ran a pottery business in which sculptures and small figurines were the main items for many years. During that time I started a plant nursery to go with the pottery. The plant side of the business continues to this day.

My passion now is Miniature gardening and I run an online store.

Now i am eager to extend into teaching and educate others in the many art, craft and gardening skills I have learnt over many years

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