Create your own Heirloom Treasures - The Albisat Alssahri - Magic Carpet Bracelet | Detrina Kofroth | Skillshare

Create your own Heirloom Treasures - The Albisat Alssahri - Magic Carpet Bracelet

Detrina Kofroth, Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics

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8 Videos (42m)
    • The Magic Carpet Bracelet Intro Video for Skillshare

    • Materials Overview for Skillshare class

    • Building the Base Skillshare Class

    • Continue The Base Skillshare Class

    • Additional Skill Measuring for Skillshare

    • Additional Skill 2 Adding and Ending Threead for Skillshare

    • Getting into postion and Embellishig Skillshare Class

    • The Grand Finale Skilshare Class


About This Class

My inspiration for this bracelet came from the beauty of the opaque Picasso beads I bought recently. They reminded me of far off places like Morocco. I had seen many different versions of the carpet or caterpillar style bracelets but I wanted to make something more magical and elegant.

I decided on the combination of three different Czech glass fire polish beads that when combined with the jet black base beads, gives the sensation of a magic carpet ride on an Arabian Night.

In this class you will learn all the skills needed to craft this bracelet from start to finish. 

I want to encourage you to use your creativity during this project so feel free to change the color options of your beads, the clasp type if you like and even the color and type of beading thread if you prefer something different. Just keep in mind the types of beads you are planning to use when choosing your beading threads. If you have any questions or concerns make sure to leave comments so I can quickly address any needs you may have.

Deliverables for this Class:

  • Upload a photo of your materials
  • Upload a photo of your bracelet Base
  • Upload a photo of your finished projectf5cba076





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Detrina Kofroth

Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics

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