Create your own Badge - Get in touch with Illustrator

Alexander St, Illustrator & Historian

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro - What's it all about?

    • 2. #1 Getting inspired - Use Pinterest

    • 3. #2 What's a Badge? - Shape, Text, Ornaments

    • 4. #3 Finding the right Colour - Swatches in AI

    • 5. #4 Creating a Badge - The Shape

    • 6. #5 Creating a Badge - The Text

    • 7. #6 Creating a Badge - The Ornaments

    • 8. #7 Summary


About This Class

In this class, we will learn to create one of these stylish looking Badges you can find as logos, in shops, and on menus and websites every day. We'll build the Badge step by step, getting familiar with the basic but most important tools in Adobe Illustrator. That's  your chance to learn how to handle this program!

But we'll not only build a Badge. I will show you how to use Pinterest for getting inspiration, finding colour palettes and how to create your own swatches in Illustrator to change colours quickly and easily.

We'll only use free fonts which we will customise to give them an interesting and unique look. All material used in this class is free and you can find the links below. No extra plugins, no expensive fonts, no workarounds necessary! (You need Adobe Illustrator, but you can go for the 30-day trial.)

This class is for Beginners but also for those who want to practise their skills in Illustrator or learn about Badges. Learn how to build one Badge and start from there to make any Badge you want to!

Helpful links:

  • My Pinterest Board "Badges Design":
  • My Pinterest Board "Colour Palettes":
  • Free font "Open Sans":
  • Download Swatches "Blue teapot" and Badge "Get creative" to rebuild: