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Create your own Badge - Get in touch with Illustrator

Alexander St, Illustrator & Historian

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro - What's it all about?

    • 2. #1 Getting inspired - Use Pinterest

    • 3. #2 What's a Badge? - Shape, Text, Ornaments

    • 4. #3 Finding the right Colour - Swatches in AI

    • 5. #4 Creating a Badge - The Shape

    • 6. #5 Creating a Badge - The Text

    • 7. #6 Creating a Badge - The Ornaments

    • 8. #7 Summary


Project Description

If you are new to Illustrator, I recommend to rebuild the Badge in this class first. You can post any problems or questions you have about it. For your own class project make your own badge, based on what you've learned in this class.

Post every step you made and tell us about it. What is the Badge for? Which elements did you find on Pinterest and liked most? Which problems did you face by creating your own Badge or follow the lessons? 

Combine anything you like. Get creative! Make your own unique Badge!

To get along easily with your first Badge you can follow the steps of the lessons:

  1. Search online for inspiration on badges and pick out elements you like
  2. Make a sketch of your badge, paying special attention to shape, text and ornaments
  3. Create your badge in Illustrator using the tools I showed you in class
  4. Customize the font or the other elements 
  5. Adjust the elements and bring in some colour from the colour scheme you chose
  6. Save your own badge as .eps or .png

Student Projects

Alexander St