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Create your first course in Articulate Storyline 3

teacher avatar Radu Velcea, Nothing more practical than good theory.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. 1.1 Welcome

    • 2. 1.2 Exercise files

    • 3. 2.1 Starting a new project

    • 4. 2.2 Importing from PowerPoint

    • 5. 2.3 Linking multiple scenes

    • 6. 2.4 Add new slides and text

    • 7. 2.5 Add shapes and text

    • 8. 2.6 Add animation

    • 9. 2.7 Use triggers and timings

    • 10. 2.8 Adjust slide and player properties

    • 11. 2.9 Add transitions

    • 12. 3.1 Add and edit images

    • 13. 3.2 Use built-in characters

    • 14. 3.3 Add text balloons

    • 15. 3.4 Insert buttons

    • 16. 3.5 Working with states

    • 17. 4.1 Adding background music

    • 18. 4.2 Insert video

    • 19. 4.3 Add Hotspots

    • 20. 5.1 Create intermittent questions (part 1)

    • 21. 5.2 Create intermittent questions (part 2)

    • 22. 5.3 Create intermittent questions (part 3)

    • 23. 5.4 Create intermittent questions (part 4)

    • 24. 5.5 Different question types

    • 25. 5.6 Create a results slide

    • 26. 6.1 Prepare to publish your project

    • 27. 6.2 Publish your course to the web

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About This Class

Articulate Storyline is one of the greatest eLearning authoring program for instructional designers. Articulate Storyline 3 gets a new interface and tools on how you implement interactive learning elements into content. Join me in this course as we cover the basics of getting started with Articulate Storyline 3.

I’ll walk you through the creation of a Storyline eLearning project, and we’ll dive in on how to start a project from scratch or even add interactive elements. We’ll also cover how to accurately assess a learner's retention of the content by creating quizzes and a result page.

Download the resources here:


Plus, I’ll explain how to publish your course to the web so it can be viewed by anyone with a browser.

Topics include:

  • What constitutes good eLearning?

  • Setting up global preferences

  • Starting a new project from scratch

  • Adding animation, transitions, and images to a project

  • Creating and editing buttons

  • Adding background audio

  • Ensuring accessibility

  • eLearning assessment basics

  • Publishing your project

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Radu Velcea

Nothing more practical than good theory.


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1. 1.1 Welcome: Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining this journey into the world off. Articulate storyline free. Literally. I will be taking you through discourse and for formal introduction. I am rather village in Fundamentally, I must begin with the analysis off Storyline three, which is one of the integral branch of the articular group off products to this capable off assisting you in the aspect of creation and management of your endeavor in our learning projects. The course has been applying to start with the general tutorial on learning which would serve as the basis off storyline. This will importantly, said our piece right into the knowledge off user interface and in the interest of getting it straight with global preferences, the aftermath off this learning will, adding quickly suit, are learning into a progression which will be lessons on creation off our new projects from a new PowerPoint slide or an existing one. This lesson will then move to the essential part where we get to know more about the kinds off effects elements in media schemes that can help our project to look unique and distinct again. The journey will take us through the use off assessment tools in cuisine that will develop your project before finally taking you on how to publish or works with the aim off, hitting the targeted audience without any stress. Stay put as we journey together into the world off storyline creation and management. 2. 1.2 Exercise files: If you have access to the exercise fouls, it would be great down on them and place them on going on a convenience space. So let's say or maybe on your desktop And here in the folder you will see all the father will be working on so we can keep up with the project. And if you if it doesn't get really right Ah, the first time you can open up the project that I'm working on so we can continue with with the course. Okay, So make sure you download the exercise fouls and ah, let's start. 3. 2.1 Starting a new project: one of the first things you can do in articulate Storyline three is to create a new project . So in this splash screen we have here on the top left side a new project record screen or you can even import some representation from Power Point. But we'll do that later. For now, I want you to click on the new project bottle and you'll see a new scene appears a new document. So here we have a starting seen. We know it's a stocking scene because we have the red flag over here, as in replies on the menu bar. So you can see now that the scene is entitled one. And in this scene we have ah, slide, which is also entitled. And of course, the document itself is entitled. Whenever you see this little star beneath Ah Nemuro document name. It means that the document is not safe. Okay, So before we saved the document, let's rename the scene and slide. OK, so rename us a scene, just double click on the name and maybe just call it. I'm starting. See? Get enter Going for okay Now you can have multiple scenes in a project and of course, multiple slides, and it's very important that we get around toe rename the slides and the scenes right from the beginning. OK, so let's rename the scene. Just double click the story. Liz renamed the slide publicly the name and will end up the title. Let's call it welcome and he entered toe. Confirm. Okay, so now if you want toe, enter the slide so we can create text, can add images or even import some more icons. You just have to double click the slight here, and it will go into slide view in the slide. You can see the slide here, a timeline on the bottom side of the screen and a couple more panels that we're going to talk about them later about them later. So first of all, let's see the size and the ratio off the document. As you can see, it's almost a square. That is because the ratio is four by three. Most of the sprees in our days laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and so on are all in the generation of this brain ratio by 16.9. So it is. It is a good idea to make this change right from the beginning. So when we have graphics or text that want, it won't be necessary. Toe, Rearrange them. OK, so toe toe that to change the ratio of the slide just goingto design and the design that and here on the left side we have story size, click on the story size and it will open a window. Here are the stories size we have a drop down menu with the to two ratios and of course, toe sizes. Case you know that the committee is 7 20 by four by five for 40 with terrorist suspect Rachel for by three. Okay, if we changed the aspect ratio 16 by nine if you consider the with remains the same 7 20 But the height is smaller, so it's ah 70 by four or five. This doesn't really so much because, especially the side, the racial here is very important. But the width and the height can be changed here on the on the bottom side, down the window. If you want toe, maintain that the aspect ratio while you enter new sizes, you can click. You can check this like aspect ratio both, and if you see here, if the new size that I'm giving to the document is smaller. I can I can either allow that like another, you can either tell it to scale two feet or even crop the document. So this is not very good at here because cropping means some off the text or some of the photos or even logo's will disappear. Okay, so it's best toe that to do this size the the slight size right from the beginning. So we won't have any problem rearranging the the elements or cropping them. OK, so officer doing this hit OK, remember, choose 16.9 it okay. And now you can see the the aspect ratio is 60 per night. And of course, the document is smaller. After rearranged the document size. We have to save the document to say if you're just going to fire, save as and you just choose a location on your best off and you're or in your folder and just say that the file is a project and at the end again, jews also close toe close this document and so you can open another one or even import some templates. And that's just what we're going to do next. We're going to import a template from Power Point. OK, so for now, just hit close toe. Close this document on by See you in the next lecture. 4. 2.2 Importing from PowerPoint: sometimes the course that want to create in Article Eastern line is maybe already structured or sketch stop in another software. Maybe it's in Microsoft Word or maybe thing Microsoft Power Point. So if you have, if you already have the course in Bar Point, don't need toe rearrange. Or to recreate the entire course articulate storyline from zero. You can import the slides that you created in PowerPoint, and you will see that every slide will be placed in Arctic Lister line on its own slide. So to do that first open stone line three and going to import. And here we have different options. The first is important Power point. You can also import ah, quiz maker OK from Quiz Maker, which is another app from articulate that allows you to create interesting the quizzes and other software from articulate. From now, we're just going to concentrate only importing from PowerPoint. So click on important Power Point and select the Westin Hotels Power Point that you have downloaded on its in the exercise files. Okay, so after selecting just hit open, it will load the slides. And you, Casey here that we all we have all the slides inserted. You can see for now that the slides are with blue. That means that all the slides are selective. If you want to kill, select none off them. Or if you want, you can just click on some slides and they will select only those slides. And they will import on in those slides. Uh, or you can off course select all, and it will import them all. So after doing that, uh, make sure that the they would be important to a new seal. Okay, If you have another thing, you can select that same. But from now it will create a new scene, and the ceiling will be asked in hotels. It's OK for now. Remember that we can always rename it later. Okay? So just make sure that you have all the slides selected and hit import. It will load depending on the size of your ah PowerPoint presentation. It will take longer or less toe important. Those lights in Arctic great storyline. Okay, So after that, the, uh, after important, articulate storyline will open and you will have different slides on on that same. Remember that the scene is called ESL hotels and you can navigate through the slides, just clicking on them. Okay, if you want to enter slice to make some adjustments, you can double click a slide, and it will open. It will open it on a slide. You from the bottom, right. You can change the zoom. Let's make it 100%. And here we have the logo on the bag around. We have some takes here. We can see that the, um the textbooks go over the over the logo, so we will have to adjust that here we have, ah, image and some text. But also we have here misspelling we'll see. We'll see. How can we adjust that inarticulate store? Right? Three. And, of course, you can navigate through, um, to through the slides from the from the left side's. Okay, so they look very good. Okay, here we have a problem, because the, um, the tape, this table is a little bit larger. Okay, well, we just need to adjust That will do that later. Yeah, Texas. Okay. And the information is fine. It's looking great. Okay, So this is how we imports. Ah, Power point presentation. Arctic Lister line in Ah, in our next lecture will begin toe edit some off the slides here and also rename them and, uh, categorize them in different scenes. Okay, so we'll see you in the next lecture. 5. 2.3 Linking multiple scenes: next will want to create different scenes because since will help us stay organized on also create relations between slides and the information in the course. So first of all, go back toe story view And here on starting, we will have all the slides that we have important from barbering. So to create a new scene, just go here on the talk, Many bar and click on your scene bottom. Okay, any will Great museum. So in this scene, we want toe add the local attractions. Or, um, let's see how it 100 called attractions. Okay, so here we have museums, attractions, museums, some informations about the students, the suits again, and the prices Ah, special special of different facilities or amenities and hear some contact information. So basically, we have dislocation. Slide is related to the contact information. So we have to slice here. Attractions and museums let relate to the local attractions scene that we want to create. So it's 1.3 in one point for, um in the in the in the story of you. So after creating ah, you seen, you'll have to your non title scene. And of course you go. You also have a new untitled slide. We actually don't need that slide right now because we're going toe drag and drop from this scene right here, toe this one that we have just created. So just delete the slide. Rightly. And he'd deal it. I actually wanted late. Yes, I want to delayed. And let's rename this scene. Let's double click an inches and let's write our local attractions Hit Enter on from Okay. And now we know that we want the slide here. The attraction than the museum can select them both by holding control down and to move them into this scene, just click and drag them against them stacked. And when you see that green arrow, it means that you can let let go, and they are there will be placed in a different in a different scene. Okay, so, no, we have some slides on the first layer. Sounds like on the first scene, some slight on the seconds, the scene. And we need another scene. That will be Ah, you will have slides that slides with quizzes. Okay, so we need toe evaluate the participants. All the students have, um, have gone for the course. Okay, so let's treat them using. Actually, we're goingto go to to save going toe to keep this life here, because we're going to add some more information on this on that slide. But let's rename the scene ballot Click and let's Right Quiz because it's going to be the quiz. So we don't have three different scenes as some hotels, local attractions and quiz. What we need to do next is to say the relationship between them, because when you ah, when you enter the course the articulate storyline course, this is the first thing that will show up because we have here the ref like and red like Miss, This is the starting since Onda View where we go through all of these slides. And when it got when it lost again, we need to tell him where to go next. What happens if he clicks next? So when you click the last slide here, you can see that we have a link. Um, I can hear you can click that link and say that after that you want link this scene to another sin. So, for example, that's going to link scene, and we're goingto local attractions. Local attractions will be moved underneath this same. Okay, it's GNC. And after completing death, last slide from the person one, it will, uh, initially go to the second. The same thing we need to do with the local attractions. Seen after completing the last light here. We're going to tell it to go toe the quiz sale because it's the last one. Okay. You know, we have a great relationship between all of the free seals. Came perfect. Next. Ah, will want toe. Add some text in the in the quiz. And also, let's see, how can we added the things right here on the first slides from the 1st 6? Okay, so I've seen the next lecture. 6. 2.4 Add new slides and text: So after we have created the scenes that we need and arrange them in the position that we want, we'll look into how to create in your slice how to edit the text and how toe add text into a new slides. So, first of all, we are, um, we'll see how toe edit the text that we already have. So just double click the first line to enter the slide view. And here you can see we have the title. Over here, we have the image to the left and a short description to the right. Okay, so what we weren't here is toe to see. How can we edit the text, although it's really it's well centered. But for the sake of exercise, you can see that we can in just the text box can point. You can place your most over the handles, and you can drag left or right depending on your depending on your text. Next we see the location a slight here where we have a big map, some text over here on address, you can see that some words are underlined with the red line. That means that ah, that that word doesn't appear in article. It's dictionary. So this is a problem. The problem is where we have a misspelling. Okay, so if you want, of course, we can added the test. You can drag it to the left or to the right. You can see we have some godless there to help us a line when you click an image. The image also has some handles that can be useful to scale down or to scale up on image. But for now, we'll want to create a new slide toe, give the viewers a welcome message and also to give them the option toe, skip the presentation and go directly to the quiz. Or if they want, just continue to the next line. Okay, so first of all, let's create a new sly int will go over here in the top menu bar and click on this little arrow. I mean, it's the Nuesslein, and here we have some options. You can go to my templates if you're if you already have some templates. Safe, basically, outs refers to the layouts created from the Power Point presentation, so you can see we have here some tight lands. I'm text just I'm text in the middle. Just a title, Uh, the title in the two columns off text blank slide if you want or ah, even morning from marching here. You can also add a picture. So ah, imports. You can also import a Newman your slide from bar point or from gather uh, APS. But for now, let's goto basic layouts. And remember, I've said we need a welcome message and the option to go to the next slide or to go directly to the quiz. So we also need a text, everyone beneath that title. So I think this one is a good option because we have a title here and some information that we can place right in the middle of the slide. So just click on that. That's line and it will create a new slide against you here. 1.3 on title slide here can add a title. Just click in there and you can see the coarser that shows us the program is ready for us to answer some text. So let's just enter. Some text will write. Welcome. Okay, Well, come. And if you want to confirm that transformation, that actually is not the transformation, but I'm editing off the text. Just click in the background so known that text is not selected here. You can also add some text, but before we have some text, let's make some changes on the welcome on the welcome text year. First, just click in the text box and select the text by clicking and dragging so it becomes highlighted. And here in the home tab on the options bark, you can have some options for anything. That text can change the font if you want. What is very important to remember is that there are no funds especially associated with articulate storyline. Three. These are the phones that you have installed on your operating system on your windows and your on your Mac. Okay, so the phone that you have here will be available in any other stuffed under the U. S. A baby photo shop, Microsoft for Power point and so on. Okay, so for now, let's say let's say I want to change it toe Ariel, and let's increase the size that make it bigger. Okay, this looks very nice. And also let's make it bold. You can also make can make this text bold italic on the line. You can give it a shadow we can strike through. If you have something wrong on you want the viewers to see that is wrong. Can on. Uh, you can draw a line after the middle of the selected texted. Your justices says here and here. You can also adjust the tracking between the letters, the space between the letters. Okay, these are the options that you are. Also, there are also fable in Power Point in Microsoft Word and in any under editing text. Softer. Okay, so we have changed the phone. We have increased the size. We have changed the phone family and now we'll want is to ads toe move this text to the center. Here we have some aligning options. Just hit the center. I remember that you can always use the keyboard shortcut that is control E. Okay, so now we have the text in the middle and, just like on the background toe, confirm that transformation. Now we want to add some text year can also against you that we can have the option to insert a picture, insert the movie clip character, insert some text or even a Web object. So to add, sometimes just click where it says toe, um, click to add text and we'll just write down. Asked on hotel Oh, sorry, we have the capsule on cases like that. Asked on hotel hit enter to go to the next row, I asked the hotel new hire presentation. Okay, that's looks good. Now we weren't toe change the phone, change the size and also change the alignment. So remember to do all of this is your first Marthe Select that texted We want to modify so select by dragging toe highlight it and go to the top menu and choose Ariel. We also want to make it a little bit bigger just like this and also want to place it on the center and again click on the background toe the select No, we can see that the the text is very close to the to the red border, so we would want toe drag this down. So now all we have to do Just click inside the text so you can see that the text boxes visible and just grab the middle top. Ah, handle and drag it down just a little bit. Okay, they look great. Now all we have to do before going to the the next lecture and ending some options to go directly to the quiz or go to the next slide is toe Move this light to be the first. OK, sir, Case, You know, that is the first slide in the the order. So this is the first, the second and the third. But we want this warm to be the first. Soto, change the order of a slide. Just click and drag until you see that green arrow position where you want. That's like to be okay. So now it's right where we wanted on top off the first light and just release the most mother. Okay, so no, this is the first life. This is the second slide, the third slide and so warm. So this is an easy way. You can change the order. Ah, for for the slights I see in the next lecture where we will add some bottoms and also I learned how toe add some triggers 7. 2.5 Add shapes and text: Okay, so we tell me, is a good idea to give your students the option to go through the course as you intended to , or if they have already gone through the course to give them the option to go directly to the quiz. Okay, So in order to do that will add some shapes, will at some text within those shapes and later on will add some triggers. Basically, with that will air will add some commands to that. Those shapes. OK, so first of all, I'm using s tomorrow for the story. So open the this finally, if you if you want to keep up with me. So here we go into the insert tab here We have different options that began in sir, different objects that we can insert in your presentation. We'll go into shape and here you'll see some familiar shapes from power point. We have the rectangles, we have the lips tool. We have the ah, across the arrows and so on. First will choose for now, which is the rectangle. Okay. And after choosing the rectangle you'll see across, um, it allows us toe click and drag to create ah, shape. Now you see that this is, Ah, red shape. But we will have, ah, the opportunity to change its colors and outlines a later on. For now, you can see that the text that the text box is very large and it doesn't gives us too much comfort when choosing their rectangle. So we need toe, reduce the textbooks ride about there. So when we click here, we can now select the rectangle Soto at some text. Within that shape, just double click the shape. He doesn't change another in any other way, but now you can add some text. So let's add some taste. Let's Ah, let's enter Start training. Great. Now click on the background toe exit that anything shape No, we need another shape that will allow us to go directly to the quays Were not just going toe. Create another one from in search shape because we need toe make it exactly the same sort good the same. Just click on it to select on the border And then he controlled the toe duplicate. Okay, So control the allows us to duplicate a shape. And now we can also move it to the right. You can see we have some guidelines there that allows us toe a line. Um, climb the shape and you wanted. You can also click and drag to select both off them and then you can move them simultaneously. Okay, Now we have to rename this bottle right here with shape. Uh, it's not going to say start training, but skip toe Cui's and again click on the background toe de Select. Maybe this one is to be a little more little right. Okay, this looks great. No. And now, when we when someone will click on start training, they will go to the next slide. When they click on Skip the quiz, they will go all the way down to them, Um, to the queen's scene. Okay, but for now, Ah, we'll see how to edit those shapes and ah, future ledge lecture will see how to add some commands. Actually, some triggers to these us through these shapes. OK, so I'll see you with the next lecture. 8. 2.6 Add animation: Okay, so after we have, Ah, the title A shortness Christian and two bottoms. It's always a good idea toe some time to time to preview the slides that you have created. So to see them, how they look on that Stop on a on a tablet on the phone and so on. So you can do that from the top right corner. Will you see you have some devices here that stop attempted landscape table portrayed phone , landscaping, phone for trip or and also you. Can you have the preview option if year you can click this? Ah, down Arrow. And you can choose to preview this slide this scene or the entire project. Okay, so for now, well, one toe, uh, pretty this slide, you can always use the keyboard shortcut. Control half 12. Okay, so click to preview this light only it will load for a couple of seconds. It will generate a preview and our force. You can always cancel if you want. Here we have the preview of our slide. It's very basically. You can see that it's very actually very boring because there is no animation. There's nothing fun. Nothing in interactive in this presentation is just the information that we have added how you can see that in this preview have a menu, some preview next, buttons on the bottom, right? But for now, we'll want to add some animations to that same estimated more interactive. Okay, so to do that, let's close this preview and first will want to animate the title to animate the title. Just click on the border in the text box border to select the whole the whole days. And here on the menu bar, just going animations, hearing animations. You can add an interest animation on exit animation or, ah, motion bath animation. So let's see, what are the options available for the entrance animations? Click where it says non. And here you can have some agency that we have some options to animate the text very similar to the ones that you find in Microsoft Power Point. Okay, so if you want, you can fade in the welcome message you can split in half can spin it again that very there's a shape you can make it flying in from from religion or even floating. Okay, for now, let's choose floating and see how that looks after choosing floating you. Can you have some options available for that animation? First of all, you can said the duration off the effect jury 0.75 seconds. If you want to increase that information, you can go out. You can click this little arrow to go up our lake down already or even again. Ah, it's a joke. Own custom time here from the step effect options you can. I can have the option to float up or float down. Um, I think that float down. It's best for our title because it's situation on the, um, the top level off hours light. Okay, so we do will be a good idea to float from the top. Float down. Case or effect options float down Nice. We want to add some animations to them, to the bottles that we have created. You can click on the border off the first start training intricate hold, shift and click on the second because we want to make the animations on this, too. Make them appear or have them animated in the same time so you can again click on the background toe, dislike them. Click on a button on the border holds shift and click on the other to make the second selection. Or, if you want from starting on the outside the game, click and drag to make a selection that contains both off the shapes. And now most of them will be selected as well. Okay, so after having both of them selected, let's going animations and let's choose any Megan innovation from from Here. Okay, let's choose spin here again. We have the racialised bumping up the one minute and the effect options. We have some effects here. First of all, I want to see how that animation loose. And after that, maybe I want to add some some options. So that animation So to do that again, going toe, preview it this slide going to preview, hit this light or ah, use the keyboard shortcut control after 12. So let's say that generating the preview Okay, well, that looks nice again. Again see the welcome replay. Click replay toe plate again. Welcome. Comes from the top and lays down and the two bottoms started toe spin around. Okay, this looks very nice. Let's see how it looks on a tablet. This was good on a tablet a portrait or enough on the phone. Great. Let's go back to the desktop. This looks very nice. Okay, so this looks good. Now we have ah created some interactions with the our with our objects in our next lecture will add some triggers to the bottles and actually make them do something. Okay, so I'll see you in the next lecture. 9. 2.7 Use triggers and timings: after creating the bottoms on Duh Intacs. We're ready. Toe. Give them a purpose, actually. Toe. Get them. Give them a trigger. So, first of all, before ah, living in today's I want you to look at the bottom side of the skin where we have the timeline here. In the timeline, we have all the objects that are in our presentation. The title, the text in the two bottles. No, for for our Is it nus In the following procedures or exercises, it will be best for us to rename those so you can see here that welcome. It's actually a text box asked on hotel New Happens Station again, textbooks and rectangle one in a rectangle toe. It will be a very useful for us for, um, establishing what are the object that were trigger if they are already renamed? So let's let's do that right now to rename a No object, just double click on the name. So let's say here, welcome. It helped her to confirm the ESTAN Hotel. New high representation. It's real name. It's a subtitle. The stock training bottom will be renamed just like this. Start trailing, he entered confirmed, and we escaped the quiz again. Let's rename that toe skip toe queens and hit Enter toe. Confirm. OK, so you can see here that they are displayed on timeline from 0 to 5 seconds. That means that these objects will stay visible on the screen for five seconds until something happens until they move toe another slide, or until a user defines an action for for for representation. So first of all, let's see, how can we increase the time that a no object can stay visible so that just go with the most to the end of the timelines where you have this line, this black line with two arrows, just click and drag it to the seven seconds, OK, so we can expand the time. Actually, we're only doing this so we can have more, um, more wiggle time. We go the space here in, um, in the in the time an area. OK, so let's say that I want the welcome message toe appear not at the start of the presentation, but after one second. And to do that, just move over your most on the left, the left off the timeline and see here we have ah white double arrow. That means that now we can affect on Lee that object within the time and again. So just click and drag that object to the one second mark, and that means that it will appear after one second. And let's say that I also want it to disappear after five seconds. So just go to the ah, and and look here that if we pay if you if you point the mouth right at the end of the timeline you will get that double black double error. But we don't want that black double Arab because this arrow will increase the timelines that the time off all of our objects are displayed in timing. We also we only want to edit the welcome Soto edit the welcome. We must move the mouse to the left until we see that white double arrow. And now we can adjust the time that it stays online. Okay, so that means that when the presentation start when the slides appear, it will the welcome message. E will be after one second and after five seconds it will disappear. Okay, lets that's that. Let's prove that and see how that looks. You can go into preview this light or can also press the key political control. F 12. Let's just that generating the preview. Okay, one seconds in and after five seconds it goes out, you came disappears. That's great. Now you can see we have We have buttons here, the preview and the next bottles, but we don't want we don't need these bottles because the stuttering that skip the quiz will be our butters and the user will only need to click on those bottles to move forward or jumped to quit. So ah, let's see, How can we deactivate those Parton's right now? First, we need to close the preview, and here in the triggers area, we have two triggers. They're actually called players. Two years Player is the interface that we've just seen earlier, where you previewed the presentation You can see here that we have, ah, trigger on the next slide bottom. When the user cleans the next butter or swipes necks or the previous ah, slight or the back battle, Let's see how they're called. They're called brief and next, OK, and next. OK, so this will be the next button. The trigger for the next button And this is the trigger for the brief bottom eyes upset earlier. We don't need this triggers right now because we want toe make our own triggers on these buttons. So to remove them, just click on it and click on the trash can. Here it will ask me if I want to do it. The trigger? Yes, I want the same goes with the other one. I don't want this trigger right now. Okay, So, first of all, let's add a trigger on the start training bottom toe at a trigger. Just select first, select the shape. Remember to click on, um, on the US the outline off the object and then go over here on the top, right corner way in the triggers. We would have, ah, create a new trigger button, Click that trigger. And here we can set some options for that, um, for the object. What do we want it to do when someone clicks on it? So the action is we have here different options, and we're going to talk about, um, about them. We want them toe jump to slide. Perfect. What's light? Well, I want them to go. I want I want to go to the next life when I want to do it. When a user clicks on this shapes And what is the object? The object is start training. You can see here that it's very easy for us toe to see the object because we have already renamed it. Okay, so click OK. And again the same thing. Um, Miss Dobie, that skipped a quiz bottle going to create a new trigger. Click on it. No, this time we don't We don't want to jump toe slide, but to jump tow us. Seen. Remember that they want this to go to the cuisine. Okay. Seen? It's not ah, particularly the next scene. We can choose it from here because the next thing would be local attractions. We wanted to jump toe quiz. Okay, so select that. When do we want it? When the user clips. And what is the object name? No big name is Let's keep took with as we renamed it earlier. So just leave. OK, And now let's review our slide. The welcome message comes in after one second and disappears after five seconds. And you can see that Ah, when I place the the most courses over this shapes they turned in tow. It turns into a hand that means that we have a link there and it will go, Um, it will go. So that specific area that we have already added next in our next lecture, um, we want to get rid of these buttons because you can see there there. They have no actions because we've just We've just deleted the triggers earlier, but the buttons are still there. So, you know, our next lecture will talk about the player settings and how can we add or remove some objects within the player? Okay, so I hope that everything is easy to follow. And if you have any other questions, if you have questions for me, please living in the comments section and that get get to them as far as fast as I can. Okay, so I see in the next lecture 10. 2.8 Adjust slide and player properties: Let's take a look at the player settings and how we can just him. First of all, let's get into the preview so well, we get another look at our player. So is going to preview. But instead of going toe did slide, just click on the main button off their order. Entire project bottom Right here. So we will preview the entire project. OK, so it's generating the preview. Okay, It's on our animation. Welcome message comes in and it goes out after five seconds. And here we have the slides that we have created, Actually, the one important from our point we have ah, resource is link. If you have any resources, did you want they use it to Doll knows I'm exercise falls here we have the title of the presentation itself and, of course, the previous next button. But remember, they don't work because we've already dilated the triggers for them. Okay, and here we have ah, volume volume option. Okay, so let's go. Let's close this preview and see how can we can edit the, uh, those setting from the player May 1st, let's go into home. And here we have over the rice I will have a player click on the player mother, and it will open player properties. Here they are the properties that we want to adjust. So ah, in the right side, we have a preview of our player and here we have some taps. First we have the resource is stab the one here eyes, I've said earlier. If you want your students, download some files, some exercise files on pdf's this is a good option bar. For now, we're going toe uncheck it and from the left side you can uncheck the menu because we don't want students to jump from one later toe, Another for one slide for another. We want them to follow the instructions on screen. OK, so this select that if you want. You can also add a glossary of terms and definitions. If you want your daughter to maintain your students, um, updated and, of course, notes. Ah, sidebar, note. Stab if you understood is due Note something while they while they go through the course. But for now again, you don't want that. We only want the the slice to be in the main forms. Next we have the title. Here is the title off the entire presentation by default is the presentation documents filing. But you can change that, and we can rename it toe asked on new hire presentation. Okay, and it will adjust. And here, um, if we've had ah sidebar. We were the determine where we'd be on the left or on the right. But for now, we don't have a sidebar, so it doesn't matter. Next we have the volume. Um, check. So if you want to live it down, on or off for now, let's live it on, because later we'll add some music and some breaking background music in our presentation. And we want our students to be ableto adjust. The volume caches are also available if you, um if you have them or if you said them in the power in the crystalline presentation, we live him off for now. We don't need it. Sick bar if allows the students to see a progress for the slide. So here in the sick. But we have two options. Allow users to drive the sick bar. That means that while the sea bodies filling up, the user can click on several points, toe jumped to that saying or sick back is sick bodies read only means that the students on Lee has the option toe view the the timeline here and not be able to interact. But for now, we don't need a sick part. And if you want of course, you can add a logo to your entire presentation. It will be like a faded logo on. Of course, here you can click to at the local irritable browse you can you can select the local. Okay, so this is great for our ah player, We just need toe remove the preview in the next bottom But we can do that from here. For now, just click ok and the preview of the next button are available only for dis light. So every size decides if it wants the bottoms visible or not. So, really, the properties for this light on lee, right? Click anywhere in the proper owned on the slide and choose properties. Here we have the options on how you want to student toe advance through the representation . I feel toe klik arms on idea of presentation or automatically related by user when revisiting Ah, slide what you want. What do you want uh, articulate to due to resume on on where you were last to reset that slight doing its initial state, or let articulate decide the automatically and off course. Here we have the check box that you're going to uncheck the bottles refer to the preview in the next because we don't need them. Will will make our students click on the on the shapes that we've created to navigate. And, of course, that you can visit this presentation also on on a smartphone or a tablet. And you can also have the ability to swipe. But we don't want that. We want them to click or toe touch the shapes that we have created. Okay, so after that, just like okay, And again, let's preview our presentation. Welcome. Comes in. And after five seconds, the welcome that was out. We see that we know we know don't have the menu on the left side. The two buttons on the right vanished. The resource is as well. We have a new title and this is how you adjust the player properties. Inarticulate store Line three. In our next lecture, we're going to talk about the transitions between between slides because We want to make our presentation our course. Very interactive and very playful. Okay, so I've seen in the next lecture. 11. 2.9 Add transitions: If you want to bring your presentation more dynamic than it will probably be a very good idea to add some transitions in your slides. So where it doesn't you? The user doesn't go through the slide just, ah, with a click, but also with in effect. OK, so, um, 12 transitions. First of all, make sure you have asked in double Austin. Oh, wait, that story open if you want to follow along with me and go into transition step. And here we have some options that we can choose toe, um, toe tohave a transition between us. Our slight so well we can fade a slide into another. It can push one slide into another. There are very similar to the ones. Do you want that you find in my power point? Okay, so let's just test some of that. So to see what are the options available and how we can apply, we can apply them. So first of all, we have here the welcome arms light and let's just maybe choose a push transition and, ah, it's just a test that going to preview, preview this light or use the keyboard for gun control at 12 and let's see this transition . Okay, so you can see it pushes from from Ah, from down and after. After the slide designed, the animation starts. Okay, lets just another month. Okay, lets test. Ah, maybe random bars. Onda, Let's see how that looks. Okay, this is nice. And let's see, what are the options available? But you have here. Oh, you can have random bars, a vertically displayed or horizontal displayed. Also, you can adjust direction off the effect. Let's that's fine. Get upto two seconds. And of course, if you want, you can apply this. Ah, effect toe all off your slides. Okay, for now, let's just preview dislike to see with that two seconds Effect. Okay, this is nice, but maybe it takes a bit too long. That's cover. Okay, this looks nice. And let's apply toe all. And then let's Bartlett Ah, pretty the entire project. Okay. You see, the animation started. The welcome message comes and then goes away. And let's ah, start training to see how the next slide appears in the next one and so on. Okay, this is a nice Ah, this is a nice transition effect. Okay, So this is how you add transitions to your to your slides. Make sure you don't. You don't makes the effect because it can. It can affect the attention off the student If you decide on one effect of transition effect used that one for the entire project. OK, so, uh, this is for now. See you with the next lecture. 12. 3.1 Add and edit images: inserting images in your articulate storyline presentation on editing images is very easy. So, uh, we're now working on ah estan 09 that story project file. So let's go over to the local attractions scene where we have two slides on this light. We want toe on this thing. We want to create a new slide that will be as a welcome message. Toe distractions kind like a like a title. Okay, so the first thing that we need to do is to enter, to create in your slide, go over to the new slide button and from the basic layouts, we just need a slide with the title. So here you can have the option to enter a title, just click in the textbooks and enter a title. And let's end the local attractions and click on the background to ah, this select. Let's make this text being in the middle in the center. So to do that, highlight the text and center it can. It looks good. No, we want toe instead. An image here actually want to insert the logo off the estan hotel. So to do that, we're going to insert, and here we have a picture. You can see that we have two options. Picture from file if you have the photo or logo stored on your computer, or even you can take a screen shot off the script. But for now, we're going toe open a picture, and here we have the estan lago, Click on it and click open toe inserted. You can see that the logo is very big and is Ah, very big white background. So now we need the logo right here in the middle. But I don't like this old, this white space or around the logo. So we need to crop the photo. You can see here that on the menu bar we go. We haven't were informant in a format menu. When you click an image here on the right side, you have crop. Just click on the crop, and now that handles turn into some black corners, Okay, so you can click and drag on one of the corners toe crop, the picture at the size that you want. After resizing it to the desired dimension, click again on the crop tool toe. Confirm that transformation, okay, and of course you can realign and you can also use the guidelines to make sure that your image is on Uh uh, the center of your slight. Okay, that looks great. Now all we have to do is just move this slide toe to be the first life. So as we've done earlier, just click and drag toe. Be the first until you see that green arrow. Okay, Can no, you see, release. And it's not the first life here we have the second here we have the third its life on the seconds line. We have some attractions. Here is an art center and ah, monument that you can you can visit the while staying at Aston Hotel. If you want to edit those images off course, if you click on it to get a handle that you can click and drag okay, toe scale it down or to scale it up. And when you skill up where or when you move on image, you can see that you have those guidelines that can be very helpful in aligning objects. So if you want to add some effects this to these images, let's say a border or some shade. First, we need to select two images you can select multiple images by clicking on one image than holding, shift and clicking on another image. And now these two images are selected. That means that when you're applying an attack, it will be applied to both of them. And here on the menu bar on the former tab, we have some options you have. You have the no style option. You have a center shadow rectangle. You have a just a simple frame or white frame, a moderate strain battle frame, a shadow perspective, shadow and many more. Okay, let's choose. Um Ah, I don't know. Let's choose. Ah, mother. A friend black. Let's see how that looks. OK, so it puts a frame around our images, actually here in the top drawer, right side. We can modify these options. Picture border refers to the color off the border. Okay, let's make it some green. What gave? Maybe a more light green. Okay, that was great. Um, picture effects. You can apply a shadow if you want. You can see the shadow moves while you highlight the effect. Okay, let's just this one Bagnall shadow and here off course, You can also create the shape to put the place, your picture in it, but for no, this looks really good. Uh, you've applied in effect. You can also change the color off the border from here. From the weight option, you can change its Ah ah, it's wave. Okay, maybe. Okay, maybe four peaks. That is a good weight. And from from dashes, you can select the style of your border. You can have it solid or dashed or long dashed, and someone I like it to be solid. Okay, so when you click on the background, you can see the effect applied. So that's how you insert on image in tow, a genetically start lining presentation. And that's how you edit a new image by a plowing, applying a shadow of border or even cropping an image. Teoh, The desire size, as you've seen here in this example, can't. So, um, make sure you will follow along with me on day. I'll see with the next lecture 13. 3.2 Use built-in characters: well known that if you view a presentation multiple times and all the OCR text and images, that presentation can become a little big boring. And it's it came in, fluent in a negative way, the impact that has on the student. So to make the presentation more interactive in articular storyline three, you can add some characters characters resemble with the idea that a person is telling you on on Information on Is sending information to you through, ah, bubble texts or, Ah, um, through some bottles that you need to click. So next we're going to see how to add a character and how to edit it. So it it comes natural, with students learning progress. So first of all way have here estan 10 that story. So if you want to follow along in May, then we go into Cui's because when the students want to keep directly to the quiz or he finds himself in this page, maybe want ah, we want to send him the option toe, enter the quiz or toe, review the presentation again. So we're going to tell him that through a character, first of all, you own to insert and here we have the character bottle click on it. And here we have some, um, some characters that we can choose from here. We have a very photographic one if you Here are some drawings. Ah, we have, ah, females, character, male characters and so on. Here. Also, we have some expression and some bows that we're going to talk about. Uh, just a short while first, let's choose. Ah, Leicester is a character that somehow looks like me and b won't here. Looks like me. Yeah, I think so. And, ah, from four walls You can also choose the perspective You can breathe from front from right or from left. Right now I'm going toe selected toe deal from from the right and from the expression you can change his expression because maybe we want to ask him Is he is if he is ready to take the quiz or if you want to review the course again So asking is a very good ah bows. And you can see that you're asking expression counts with the two hands side to side. But from the post you can change. Ah, that Ah, that the rangers of the hands Maybe you want toe have on the one hand and beyond him to hell. Hole the briefcase. Maybe you want him on on a desk or even a no, uh, will chair. But for now, maybe I think this one is great because it is asking the students if his ready, take the quiz and his offering also offering a direction with his hand. Okay, so after you have selected the character, just click insert toe, insert the character. And of course, you can also drag it to the position that you want Here in the menu bar. You you have the two men use the design one and former home here on the design. You can also change the expression, the boats and the perspective of the character, just as you did when you inserted him and from the format tab. You can ah, just You can add some more options options like any other graphic element. OK, so, uh, next will want to add a question to this, um, to this slide and we're going to add it through a bubble speech. Okay, So in our next lecture, we're going to see how we can add it. We can add the bubble speeches in articulate storyline three. Okay, so I'll see you in just a second 14. 3.3 Add text balloons: when you are adding a character in your presentation, Often times that cure director looks like he's saying something, and that's just what we're going to do in this lecture. We're going to add a text like the character is saying that text. So we're going to do that through, Ah, speech bubble. So so at a speech bubble has goto insert. And here we have captured by clicking or caption, we have some options available. Some shapes you can instead ah ah rectangle with or without, ah, small corner around a rectangle Ah, novel, caption or ah ah, speech, bubble or even cloud with the bubble when if you want. If you want to make the character like he thinking off something, OK, so for now, let's choose rectangular capture, so just click on it. And there, in the slide that you have open in the cuisine, just click and drag diagonally toe create. Ah, that ah, speech bubble, that rectangle, although it's not the bubble. But this is the definition here we have that we have also handle for that corner. So just click and drag that corner close to the character mouth, so it really looks like he's saying something. OK, click in the background to see what we have time. OK, this looks pretty good. And now just click on it and let's enter some text. The text is Are you ready? Toe? Take the kids enter to go in the next slide and we're going to write Quiz in capsule in caps. Okay, Also, you can edit the days like just like the earlier can selected. You can like a highlight. And here, going toe home and less shoes Ariel and maybe make it a little bit bigger. Make sure it's bold and I just want the quiz toe stand out. Really make it visible, so I'll select only the quiz and increase the size off that world alone. Kids off again. Click on the background. If you want to make some changes on your ah caption, just click on it. And here we have the former tab where you can have several options available. You can see that. Ah, by most offering. You also see a preview. Okay, The one that are selected for four of rice is very good. Um, you can see that on the dark ones. You have the text white on the writer ones. The text is black, okay? Or even if you want, you can choose. Um um, a bubble special with white. It's ah, bigger on. Okay, but for now, we're going to live. That a zit is because it really it really looks very good and is in the same design with our rest with the rest of our presentation. Okay, so, um, in the next ah, the next lecture will at some unbuttons toe, give the student the option toe, start a quiz or to review the presentation again. Okay, so I'll see you in the last lecture. 15. 3.4 Insert buttons: next will want to add some interactivity in our presentation. You know, work. Course sell. What to do That we're going to end some buttons to give the student the action toe goat the questions over the quiz section. Or maybe just go back, of course, Toe review. Uh, the information. OK, so first of all, let's insert a new bottom. To do that is going to the menu. Bar it. Insert on all the way here we have a bottle click on the bottom, and here you can see we have three options available. You can insert the bottom with squared corners. Ah, bottom with rounded rectangle and on the lips bottom very around the bottom came We're gonna go with the second option with the rounded corner, just click on it and then with the cross on the well, the display, just click and drag diagonally so you can create a new bottom. You can choose the size that you want and then just released the most bottle. Well, the the the rectangle is selected, you can enter some text, so let's just say here yes, it enter to go on the next roll, go to first question Okay. Then click on the background to save that. And now let's see that Blessed that we can also add the color off our battle riven at some McGrady in. So just click on the border, not on the bottom, but on the border that you see that cross selected Click on it. And here in the minibar, you have format and under styles conflict this little button down here and you get a lot of styles for your bottom. I think this is the right color for us. And you can see that in the background. They also get a life preview on how will the bottom look? Okay, so right here. So Ah, I think this one with the shadow and the little great it is great to just click on it and then click on the background. Okay, so now we need another button right here. That will say no. I'm not ready for for the quiz. Go back toe the first scene. So we're not just going to create another bottom from the menu bar insert bottle because you want the other button to be exactly the same. Size the same, um, a color. And to do that, just click on it, and we're going to duplicate it to duplicate the bottom hit control the and then just drank it toe. Place it right here. You can use the guidelines to place it right where you want, and now we need to change the text most over and less like the entire text. And we're just going to type no ender to go in the next row, go to start and again click on the bag around toe confirmed that transformation to add some action actions for for these buttons. First, let's also rename them. Rename them because it will be very difficult to find them in the later in the leg. Spin the lesson. So we have here bottom one, which is, yes, go to first questions question in. But I do know go to start. It's really in those bottle one Double click and say Yes, Barton, And that's confirm and button to double click and say, Let's type no bottom. You don't actually let's rename this section store. So we here we have around the rectangle caption. I really take the Let's Rename that in tow Caption and let's rename character on Let's get . Give him on name. Let's call him world. Okay, Because that is his name. And of course, you can also rename the slide that you're currently on. You can see now it's an untitled, its life so publicly here and just right. Welcome. Do please OK, because it's the first slide into the cuisine. Okay, Next, let's click on the yes bottom. And here on the right side, you get you have a bottle, add trigger pre Condit Walton and here get some options. So what is the action that you want the user toe take when it clicks when it clicks the yes bottom so it will jump to slide. Okay. And you can see that by the four selected the next line. And it's good that is selected next life because we want we want the student to go toe the first question and it will be on the next slide. OK, so when do we want this to happen? When the user clicks. And what is the object they guess? Bottom. I guess you heard how handed it is toe helpful to rename the bottle because you don't have a butter one on button toe. You just see the name that you're looking for. Okay, so just click, OK? And then let's go toe no go to start and let's hear at a trigger as well. And for death bottom. We don't want jumped or slide, but we want to jump toe seen. Okay, remember that. We want the student to go back to the first scene toe review the whole information. So jump to seen. And what is the scene? Well, it's not the next scene, but it's the 1st 1 So Cleveland no asked on hotels scene When do we want to happen? When the user clicks And what is the object? The object is the no bottle. Okay, let's like we every name here, so just okay. And now when the user will click on any of these bottles, it will take the action that you have established here. Okay. Next, in our next lecture, we want to add some states to the bottle, maybe want the character to change. When we most over button, we want expression on his face to change. We just got We're going to do that in the next lecture. So, uh, I hope you manage to follow along with me. Uh, So, uh, yeah, I just do you own a short while? 16. 3.5 Working with states: Okay, so, Nets next, let's adds more interactivity to our presentation. We're going toe. Learn who to use the states. Okay, so first of all, let's preview we've done so far. Soul is going to preview this slide is generating the preview. Okay. And here you can see we have the quiz. We have the two bottles and we also have the previous and next bottle's. Uh, no. Keep this in mind when we go back now, close the preview because we don't need those bottom right there. We want the user to click on the button that we created. It's OK, so you can see here on the right side. Explain the trigger section. We have the two buttons from the player. The next slide a jumped in next life and job two previous slide. So we don't meet those we've got. We're goingto need toe delete those triggers. But first, let's delete the buttons. So to do that just gone down played properties on the right side monitor. And here we have the bottle that run toe uncheck. And of course, we don't wind toe swipe on a smartphone or a tablet. We just want the user to click on the bottles that we have created. Okay. And then click. OK, and you can see that the triggers has have disappeared as well. Okay, next, uh, let's go down here in the timeline section where we have our two bottles. What we want to do is to create another state for, um, for this presentation. So let's say I want this, uh, quiz question and two buttons appear after two seconds. Um, after the slide has started. Okay, so maybe I want first to receive an introduction a welcome message. And after two seconds, I want at the question of the two bottles to appear. OK, so to do that first go back, go down here to the timeline section. Ah, select both bottles, withholding shift and going to the last side until you see that double sided era white arrow and click to drag them to the two second mark. Okay, this means that they were appear after two seconds when the slide is appearing. Okay, Next, we want to change the state because right now we have the world character are facing Go on right on with his own hands up and looking at the quiz question. But maybe I want the character toe toe have to be front faced and to change the post. Okay, So to do that, we're just going toe click on the States and here against that, we have only one state. It's the normal state. Click on edit states. Okay. And here you can create a new state or duplicate an existing one. You can also deem the background objects if you need it doesn't really matter right now. Okay, so we want to create the new state click on the new state bottle. We're just going to give up the name, Let's say ready, Because this will be the state. Um, when the are you ready to take the quiz? Question appears click. And because he adds here. So, actually, we beyond the normal state toe edit. Okay, So go back to the normal normal state and over here to the topside, click on design and choose pose because they want to change the pose off our character. And let's say that, um, we want him toe have his hands on his hips. Okay. And from the perspective, I want him toe. Look at me. Okay, So this is the first pose that will appear by the slide goes to play and then it go, Go toe ready. Great. I'm done editing states. And now let's go to our quiz question because I want this question as well to have a two different states click on the border and again in the States section, click on Estates and we want to greet the new state people, the new state and we're going to rename this as well, ready. It will be very easy for us toe say the different names. When we add some triggers gains, click add and he would have the two different states ready and normal. No. What's what? Whether we were going to do here, I'm going to select the text here and hit control C to copy. Or you can click on the copy button right here. Go back to the normal state and here I want to select the entire text and with camps, I want to insert the next welcome. Okay, I think I would like toa increase the size. Okay, maybe I think 28 is a is a good size. And watch what happens when I click in the background Okay, you can see that the already state has also changed. So now we're just going to have to go back to ready state, select the work a message and paste the question for the quiz. Are you ready to take the quiz? Okay. And now we have the welcome message that welcome state. And are you really think that with state I am done ending states. Next, let's go back to our timeline and that jump here in the triggers because we want to add a new trigger. The trigger will say that when the slide starts, I want the 1st 2 states toe appear the normal states for the character and the message. And then after two seconds, the question and the bottles will appear. Okay, so that's gonna create a new trigger bottom. And here the action is change. State off. Okay. And let's go through these questions on or through this indications change stayed off. What object? Well, off the character, Walt. So what state toe? The ready state that we have just ready. You can see the custom stay there we have created. When do we want this to happen? Not when the user clicks bond. When a timeline events starts when the two buttons appears. OK, so time during events timeline starts, family starts. For what? Object for a yes or no, but it doesn't matter because they appear in the same time. Okay, so no bottom, Okay? And we're just going to do the same for our text. Okay, click on the new trigger button. What is the action that you want to do? We want to change the state off. What? Object? Off the caption. Okay, so what state were to the ready State? Because this is how we renamed that state. When do we want this to happen? When a timeline event start. What? Timing? Events where the years are. No button again. It Okay, OK. And now let's preview to see what we have accomplished leaving the preview, this slide and the time. Slight starts after two seconds that character changes posed toe the years and no question that the quiz question the yes and no bottle in the police question. Let's replay that. Okay, so it starts with facing facing towards me in the worker message, and after two seconds, the question and the two batters appear OK, so this is just a short example on how we can use triggers toe create a very interactive presentation 17. 4.1 Adding background music: Okay, So sometimes it's a good idea to at some music in your presentation to engage dissidents more and to make it more attractive. So we're humoring the Aston bash. 14. That story. If you want to follow up with me and I'm actually in the second scene the local attractions and in this city on the seconds light we have toe images from from the Aston Hotels. So it's an art center and it's ah, monument. So what we want is when the user or the student hovers with the mouse over those images, the sound will boy, a camera sound will play. Okay, So to do that, first of all, you must goto insert and here you have audio click on the on the icon. But look on the down arrow and you can select audio from file or, if you want, you can record from your microphone. Okay, but for no, let's click on on your phone fall because they want to add Ah, sounder. We have from our exercise files, OK and in the existence spelled have the camera shutter click on one click on that the sun and hit open toe. Open it, it go loud and you can see it adds a new audio file in our timeline. So what we want now is to trigger that when a student most of hope used the mouth toe hover over one of these images, it will play that sound. Okay, so we must go into the triggers area. Click on the new trigger bottle in here. Let's set some rules for that sound. 1st 1 is the action that we want to take Goto media and we want to play a media. What is the meaning? And it needs to be played. So it's audio one camera shutter, click that wave. Okay, when do we want toe play? Not when the hammer starts bond, but when the mouse hovers over, most hovers. What? And we're going to select our center or the monument. Okay, So lectures are center against is highlighted in the background with a red rectangle. Okay. And then just hit. Okay? And it will create a new trigger. Okay, let's do the same for the other image. Lead than you trigger. Okay. What is the action that we need to take? We need toe play a media. Okay. What is the mediates on the one camera shutter when we want, when amounts hovers over the image. And what is the image? Not our center, but the monument picture. So hit. Okay, OK. And now let's test this letter to see how the sounds place when the most hovers. It is going to preview video this light, or you can use the keyboard shortcut control half 12. Okay. And that's preview is generating the preview. And now when the mouse hovers over, you can see, um, anonymous this year because the slide target it's not available. This, uh, this preview just it. Okay? And you can see if you can hear that when the mosque hovers over an image. Okay, if you can hear it spring, you can also adjust the volume from here. It's a student. Okay, that looks great. Now let's close this Pre Another thing you can add to your presentation or your course to make it more interactive is to play a background music while the students is reviewing the information. OK, so first of all, let's had two. The first thing to ask the hotel scene and we want to play an audio file when the student enders this presentation. Okay, So again, let's go toe insert audio and all your front file and choose creative minds it open. Okay, It's taking a bit longer because it's a longer audio. It's a MP three. Okay, against he can see the order displayed under the timeline. And of course, Ah, you've guested. You need toe, create a new trigger. So let's going to trigger section and create a new trigger. Okay. What is the action that we want to take? Well, we need toe play a media. Okay. What is the media that's needs to be played? Its creative minds? When do we want the media to play? Well, the desolated option is great when the timeline starts. Okay? Or when you can leave us, um, select to play the audio when the Tamblyn reaches the surgeon time in your presentation. But for now, timeline starts, it's OK. And what is the slide? It's the first slide. OK, so Okay. And let's preview death from the preview button. The slide. Or remember, you can always press control. F 12 is generating the preview. You can see that you can hear the music in the background, right? Okay. Here. If you click this icon this more I can You can have the audio options. You can preview the file, but it's not proving the entire presentation. Just it plays the file. You can also just the audio volume by the fold. If you want to edit the audio, you can crops some off. It has the sound. You can also change the audio with another one you can add subconscious caption captions can important other Another file to that timeline. And of course, you can also publish. We're gonna preview the entire slide. OK, so this is how you add a sound when the mouse hovers a specific image or ah, how ah, to add the beggar music when the entire scene starts. Okay, So, um, I hope you you manage toe follow along with me. If not, get running, get right on it. And, um, and the insert those audio files to your presentation. Okay? And I'll see you in the next lecture 18. 4.2 Insert video: Okay, some next. We're going to exert a video in our presentation. So to do that first, let's go to the second scene. Local attractions. And remember, we have here in this beautiful logo that replaced the image. But maybe we want our students toe you. Ah, video off the local attractions, not just a log. Also select selected logo and hit delete toe dilated and let's import some video file into the slides toe. Do that goingto insert. And here we have videos. Don't click on the icon. Click on the down arrow because here we have some options. You can import a files video from a file that you have this just what we're going to do next. Or you can also embed a video from a website. So let's say from YouTube, maybe, or you can record form your webcam or you can even start a flash movie. Okay, but for now, as I said earlier, we're going to the airport a video from our file and then just click open and it will place the video larger into the entire scene. But you can see that from the corners. You have some handles that you can most of our oh, our them and drag them to, uh, transformed a video to resize the video and then click to drag it into the location that you want. Okay, so maybe I think this good education, maybe just a little bit bigger. Great. Okay. And of course, you can also use the guidelines to make sure that your video is the center off the page. Okay, so let's see here on the menu bar. What are the options available for a video? First of all, you can preview the video. You don't need toe preview, the entire slide toe play video. So let's just do that to see how it plays. Okay, so here, again, See? Ah, beautiful, uh, video footage. Ear off society. Okay. On aerial view fall for C. Great. You can sit there while previewing the play button turns in tow. Stop bottle so you can always stop here. You can also just a video volume. If the video has any problem, this video doesn't have any value. And you also have here the edit video bottom Click on that button to see the options that are available here. You can stream the video if you want a toe? If you want toe, erase some parts of it may be there is a black screen at the beginning or at the end. So just click on Treem and you can choose to drain the video the first part and the final part, or crop a video just to see some more some parts of it. But for now, let's not do that. Ah said earlier. If you have volume you have sound in your video became adjusted. Value here can increase the brightness and contrast or even you can insert a local. So if you eyes want to insert a logo to place it like a watermark. Okay, listen, I want to place that's and hotel local here in the bottom, right? I can do that from inside logo. I can remove it. And ofcourse, I can also adjust the transparency because I don't want to to be placed all over the video . Um, if I know if I found out that the video that have is not right video, I can change the video or if I have any options that I don't want and just toe reset the video I have here the bottom reset video. Okay? No, just click that exit Death. What other options are available? You can show the video in slide as we're doing right now. Or if you want. When the user clicks are student clicks on the video, it will open in into a new browser window. We don't that we don't want that for now. We want preview the video into a slide, and we want to play the video automatically when the slide starts. Okay, not when it lied or when triggered by a neck shin. OK, if you have ah longer presentation may want to show the students Ah, video controls. Um, if it takes longer so you can place the video controls right under the video. But for now, we don't We don't any because it's only a short video. The compression is said to automatic. That's just fine. So we can as quickly as possible. It is possible you can add captions if you want. Also can import captures from a flower it if you have saved them. Ah, and if you if you have multiple objects in ah slide, you can set to bring the four. Bring the video forward or sand backwards and, of course, year can just with and the height off the video. But remember, As I said earlier, we can also drag the corners toe that to the delegation that you want. Okay, so let's preview the slide click on Preview the slide and let's see how the movie place Okay, that's like Starts and the movie starts playing. And after the movie is ended, you can click next or preview toe continue in your presentation. Okay, so that's how you add a video into a course on your presentation toe. Add more engagement to the roses and, of course, to make your course more interactive. 19. 4.3 Add Hotspots: Okay, so we just saw that you can add interactivity in your presentation by inserting video or adding bottoms. But for now, let's try to add some hot spots in your presentation. What does a husband men? Well, it it refers to the area that you hover over with your mouse button and on audio place or video place or something happens. Okay, so ah, for now, let's Ah, let's does that. And first, let's go to the first scene asked on hotel scene and here'll is going to the first slide where we have the map with some local affections around the hotel. And here we have some three main areas that we recommend our visitors toe visit okay or clients to visit. So we're going to add some hot spots on those areas. First of all, let's use the zoom feature here from the bottom right toe, assuming so we can't see them better. Okay? And the force You can use the sidebars to move. Okay, so we have here. Ah, pharmacy. It's always good to know toe have Pharmacia Pharmacy, a convention center and righteous factory. OK, so first of all, to add a house party was goto insert on all the way here have hospitals here You have three options in which you can create their hot spot on oval shape A rectangle or a freeform came on over If the object that you want toe have the mouse over is maybe a novel a rectangle If the I rise, it is a small rectangle and the freeform Maybe I want to, um maybe I wanted toe mark this area right here for a mouse over. But for now, we're going to use the oval shape. Okay, so with over shape, you can see the cross hair appears and we're just going to make a selection from the the top left corner off the off the shape, click and drag Bagnoli to create Ah, over like this. Okay. And now you can see that express created Ah, a new a new layer in the time in timeline. And of course, a new trigger hearing triggers option. First of all, we're going to rename this one because it's just hospital one. So double click and delete that one click on the end and just expects to delete and then click and on the front. And let's rename it Toe pharmacy, pharmacy. Hot spot. It entered toe. Confirm. Okay. And what we want is when ah, student, um, hovers over this area with the mouse. It plays a sound. It tells me the name off that location. So instead of creating a new trigger, we're going toe edit This, uh, this one pharmacy hospital. So here we have the edit to selected trigger. And here we have the same options that we had earlier when creating a new trigger. So what is the action that you want? Um, the program to take when the user hovers over this area first. It's not going toe show a lair buts goingto play a media. Okay, what is the media? A. So you can see here. We didn't import the media so we can import it right from here. Or your file navigated the hospital, um, folder and true's pharmacy and clicked open. When do you want to play? This sound were not when the user clicks pollen the user use, um, with the most hovers over that area. Okay. And the object is, of course, pharmacy hospital click. Ok, ok. And now the same thing we need to do with this one here with this convention center and with this righteous factory. So instead of creating a new hospital, we're going to create a copy off this one. So select the hot spot right here and go into copy, copy, and then paste it twice. One okay. And place them on the location that you want. It doesn't need toe. Be right there. Can scale it after that. Okay, Just like that. And it's one that's well, drag it to the area that you one Okay, perfect. This looks this looks always great. Okay, so, uh, let's rename them as well. So this is pharmacy. This is the convention center Hot spot. So again, publicly, delete the one in front, and we're going to name this renamed this convention. Enter and the other one in double click did to front. And this is, uh, right cheese, and that's going from Okay, so now with a conventional hospital selected can see that we have a trigger here. So instead, off editing the trigger, just click on the audio because we just need to change the audio against click on the audio and we're going to report a new sound and compassion center is the right sound. And again, the same thing we need to make with righteous factory. This one, We're here, so click on the audio import sound and choose Factory it open. Great. Now let's zoom out. Go 100%. Okay. Great. You can see the Aikens here because we have three audiophiles inserted in this slide. And for now, let's just test this to see how it works. Okay, So preview, uh, this slide generating the preview, right? We're gonna have on error message. Yes, that's right. Because the slides advanced automatically, and I've only asked him Toe previewed this light only. Okay, so the OK, and we're going to fix that in just a couple in just a couple of seconds, I click. OK, and now we Newmont's when you hover the mouse over, they're red area. We're going to hear a sound. So just listen. Pharmacy, convention center, Ricky's factory. That sounds great. Okay, So if you want to increase, the sound can do this from here. Pharmacy convention center, Ricky's factory. That sounds great. Okay, so you can see that in the in the preview. And of course, in the final output, you don't see that the oval shape that we've greatest. So maybe it will be a good idea. Toe instruct the students toe hovers, toe hover over. Ah, these area like this, every other with their with the mouse. OK, so we can see here. Place your mouse on the red spots toe. Find more about it. Okay, so something like this. So let's close the preview and remember that we imported this. Slides from apartment vegetation and the all of the slides advanced automatically. So what we're going to do is we're going to slight them all, and we're going to instruct in tow. Advanced by. Ah, user clicks. Okay, so click on the second slide from this scene. First scene and go all the way down here. Hold shift and to select all the slights between okay. And here in the bottom, right corner. We have slide properties. And when the slide defenses, you want to change from automatically toe by user. Okay, So when a user clicks on the next or the previous, it okay, and that's it. See, with the next lecture 20. 5.1 Create intermittent questions (part 1): assessing whether learners have understood the information delivered to them or not can be done in multiple ways. One way is to add intermediate questions within the course. So we're here in San Juan and on the first line, remember, we have the two batters Stop trading and keep the quiz start for any with will simply job dude to the second slide and skip the quiz will jump all the way to the end. So, uh, for no, just go to the seconds light. And here we have some information on by the hotels on the resource. So I want you to petition to the name here. Asked hotels. Okay. Is the name off the hotels chain that we're promoting? So we'll want to a sense the toe to see if their students have gained this information and that they know the the title of the hotel in the name of the photo so we can go further. Okay, So after this slide, we will want to add a new slide with questions. So here in the top side, we have home and we have new slide look like on the Big Aiken backlit on the Nuesslein You we have some options, we can add a grated question. Well, it's not the case now. A survey question if we want to find out the opinion off the student or a free for question , and that's what we're going to use right now and in the freeform questions here can see that we have several options we can assess. You can enter a dragon drop. Where can, um, drag a photo or Nikon into a specific location? Distance can pick. One answer can click on a photo on my can to choose the correct answer. Pick many the same eyes the previous, but you can pick multiple answers. Text entry is where you enter the information or the urine. You enter your answer hospitals. If you aren't distance to click in multiple areas, toe, get the answers or even you can add a shortcut key. Okay, but for now, we'll add a text entry, and over here you can insert it into this light. Okay, after inserting the slow look what they have here, we have ah ah, form where we can added the questions. Okay, and we'll do that in the next lecture 21. 5.2 Create intermittent questions (part 2): here, we can add the answers that we want to our questions. And here on the right side, you can see that we are informed. Few. Okay, let's switch to the slides. You and here you can see how the answers will be displayed. And ah, we'll also need toe. Add our question. OK, so this is the area where the student will enter its answer. So, uh, we're just going to me to drag. That's down here. And also maybe toe century it okay, just like that. And here we can add the question. That a question we go, let's go toe inserts. And here we have text box. Okay, So click and drag. And in this area, we must answer the question. So the question that I want my still so answer is what is the name? Oh, the hotel. Very simple question. Okay, click on the edge off the text, and we're going toe scent of that. And I think we're going toe increase its sides. Okay, Maybe this is a good size, and maybe just drag it down on it, okay? And here we can change this test. Let's change it toe by your answer here and click in the banking on. Okay, So what is the name of the hotel and type your answer here? Okay. In our next lecture, we're going to add multiple type off answers. 22. 5.3 Create intermittent questions (part 3): here we can add the answers, The possible answers students might my give. So the first choice will be asked him holding Okay, The obvious choice. Next, Maybe doesn't will refer to the chain off the hotels way se Aston hotels again. This is also correct options. But here we have ah, check box for answers are case sensitive. This means that if I checked its bottom and the students answer enters the question in end enters the answer in low capitals And I asked him, Hotels with a age, the ancestor will be incorrect. But if I lived through this option on checked individual student enters that the answer has asked him hotels with low capitals. It will be the correct answer. Okay, so this has the deserved of possible answers and both of them are correct. And here we have different options. What is the field wherever it it's a text entry. We don't need the submit button because we we have the next and previous bottom. You can also enter a Cuba shortcut for submitting the answer. We don't need that right now. And here you can also provide some feedback. If the answer is correct, it will get the message. That's right. You selected the correct response, and you can see that also gets some points. We'll get to that in a minute. And if the answer is not correct, you can say you did not select the right answer. And if you enter here, can also add your message. So you did not select the current and the correct response. The answer is I asked him. Thank you. Okay. Okay. Right. And here, if the answer is correct, you can also at some comments. That's right. You select the great response. You didn't know you didn't select anything. But you've entered. So you entered or your typed the correct response asked. Hold on. And if I want to give some points, you can also resist points that would count at the end off the course. Okay, So click here and maybe just live it to five. If I don't want to come to for anything, I can live it toe zero. Okay. Next, let's go to the rebound side where we have different options. But we're going to talk about these options in the next lecture 23. 5.4 Create intermittent questions (part 4): here in the top side, The feedback there feedback them here can be displayed by question or now as well. So we live in my question to know if the answer is correct or not. We don't need We don't have a results life for now. We're going to have one later when we add multiple questions and the score that winter here mambo can be set my question or non we live it my question. And you can also see that I have multiple attempts to answer the question. So let's ah, moving up to two attempts and you can see here that we also have another feel right now. That is incorrect. Place. Try again. Okay, So if I didn't get the answer right from the first time, I get another try, So OK, now. Ah, let's go back toe slide view and let's go to the first slide. And let's preview this, uh, this is the same the entire city. Okay, so, again, at this hour, questions okay when I was generating the preview. Okay, So first, soothe stuttering or skipped with, we're going to start training and it goes to the second slide. Will be with the information, the Ansari asked hotels, And here are some information about ah, the the options that we have in the hotel and click next. Here we have the first question. What is the name off the hotel type? Your answer here and against. Also, see, we have a submit bottom. So play here and said, Let's say, asked phone resorts, Let's make it a wrong answer. Click submit. That is incorrectly strike against his My other attempt trying Kim So I can see that. Ah, the name would be asked, um, hotel click submit. That's right. You entered a correct response. Asked on photo. Okay, so please continue to go to the second slight. So this is how you add intermediate questions to your do your preview, Taylor. Of course. So you can see here then, now that the course advances automatically, this is an option that we need to, um, to verify. So let's close the preview and here on the first line can go down here to the slide properties, and you can see that the slide it advances by user. Okay, of course. Same here. Sliders and my user. Here we have the question where you have the submit butter. And on the seconds light where we have the location. If we checked the slight properties, you can see the slides that automatically. So we need toe adjust eso the slide advances by user. Okay, so, uh, I'm going t toe give this segment to you toe, um, to change the advanced properties off all slides. Toe user. Okay. And I'll see you with the next lecture. 24. 5.5 Different question types: Okay, so next we're going to add multiple questions that will be graded and will be found at the end of our course. So let's had toe the last seen the quiz scene where we have this welcome message in the two batters. Ah, first, let's enter a new slide. So click on the new slight bottom and let's go toe great questions. And of course, here we have multiple options true and force and multiple choice This toe being the most used ones. Multiple response. And you can also check in the the others. So for now, we're going to use true or false Oh, insert slide. And you can see now that we are informed view and here you can enter the question which will not actually be a question, but it will be a statement. So the statement is asked on. Hold on is located. Yeah, Barcelona. Okay, so here we have the options toe traces. Of course, this is false statement because it's not located in Barcelona, Barcelona. Here you can see that we have the feedback. That's right. You have the response. And that values 10 points. I won't know and no, you didn't selected for a response. That means a zero points. The feedback can be provided by question, as we've done earlier. But in this case without will add multiple questions and we'll want the user to have the questions at the end on a results light. So we'll check this option toe non. Okay. The results like we don't have one for now, but we're going to have it later. The score will be by question because we want that student toe have the final result again by the questions he answered. Okay, and you can see the hearing slide. You how it looks. We haven't the state me here and there. Troop Force choices And let's insert another another. Another question. We're going to check multiple choice this time. So certain slide. And here's the question that we, uh, want to add to our students which off? The following is not, uh, room name. Okay. And here click and and some answers. So we're going to add Paris enter clicked at another London enter click to and another Bucharest's and there and last one Madrid tender. Okay. And of course, the correct answer is Bucuresti Pickering is not a room name Okay. And here is well, can provide some feedback going back to slave you. You can see how the question and the answers are displayed. And let's test this one and we're going to preview the entire scene. Can we get the work? A message? I really take the quiz. Yes, I'm ready. Go to the first question as the hotel is located in Barcelona. This is false Click Summit. You can see that we didn't have any feedback. Which of the following? It is not a room name. Bucharest. You can see here that the answers are also shuffled. That's okay. It's not a remix of pick, arrest and click summit. Okay, That's right to save Hickory Response. But we don't need toe toe. Have a feedback at the end off this question. Remember that? This question is from Siri's off questions. So let's click. Continue and let's close this preview. Okay? And here in the forms, you afford this question, The feedback. My, my, my must be said toe none. Okay, because we'll will provide the feedback at the end off our see. So again, let's preview this sin. Welcome. Go difference Question. This is false. Submit here is shuffle again. Bucharest Summit Nothing happens because after submitting, we must goto the, uh, answer space that the results page came. So click the close preview. I'm going to add another slight here. Another question. So I recommend that you do the same. So I seem the next lecture when will create the results slides? 25. 5.6 Create a results slide: we're back with the results line. So over here on the home tab, we have a new slide option and we also have the results option so we can click that one, and it will give us some options for the results. Like you can enter, can create a great resource life or a city survey results light or even create your blank results slide from a zero. We're gonna go with grated results. Life, it insults live. And here we have some options. The first option is to calculate the results for all the selected questions. And here you can see, we have another question. This is the intermediate questions question that we don't went toe to add to this the final result. And here are the questions that we have created through off them, the person score is 8% were going toe said that toe 50% okay. And also you can at a time for the students to complete the the the questions to answer the questions can check that and you can also set it toe, maybe say two minutes. Okay. When will the time or starts? Not with the first light, but with the first question and the time Foreman might be laps remaining to not show time. Or let's start off total. It really doesn't matter which one. Because we won't check this option. We won't stress them with the time. Okay, so hit. Okay. And here we can see we have the results light. Here we have the results. Title it will. This area here, we present our score. The passage scored that we said toe 50 and the results will be displayed here. Also, you can see we have a review with bottom if we want to review where Ah, our answers were for the questions. And actually, I want to add another bottom here and here on the design time we have ah, retry bottom. So just click on the bottom and now click and drag to create a new bottom that will allow us toe or allow the distance toe re try the quiz off course. You can always ah, skill the bottom down. And maybe I just want to move this one aside so they can be centered King. So click on the edge and dragged them and click on the bathroom while having an while having a about it selected here in the format that began, have multiple options for them. So let's choose another color. Let's just this orange one. And we don't need to add some triggers because they are automated. And you can see here that when when the user clicks you against the results in here on the slide layers, we can see the different results. If this one is the the person's for will be successful, I'll get this message. Congratulations. You passed. Or if I failed, you did not pass. Okay, so let's get get back toe the results Life. And, uh, maybe let's just drive this to the sides. Okay, This looks better, you know? Let's test. Let's test that were entire scene and we'll go through the questions as well. Great. So welcome message. I really think that yes, I am. Go to the first question asked in. Hotel is located in Barcelona. This is a false one. Click Submit which off? The following is not a room name. We know you caresses not a rule name. Submit. The hotel has six meeting rooms. This is actually false. Okay, like summit. And here you can see the results. I scored 100% because I studied and I know my answers. The passengers course here was 50%. And the result is congratulations. You passed. Okay. I can review the questions if I want. I can see that this was correct. This one was also correct. And this one as well. Okay. And if I don't like the maybe I am choose the a a wrong with the wrong answer. I can retry the quiz. So click on Retry and I give it another go. Ah, this is false. So you know Eucharist. So letting it sexual, choose another one. Okay, Madrid, let's say it's not room name. And here the hotel has six meeting rooms. Yeah, I think it has six million rooms and click summit only you can see that I did not pass I on Spencer currently only on one question that had 10 points and ah, the overall progress nor a liberal result was 33%. So my best school was 50% so I did not best game. And again, I can retry the quiz. Clicking on next doesn't do anything because this is the last slide. And we're going to close the preview and I'll see you with the next lecture 26. 6.1 Prepare to publish your project: Okay, so we left off here at the results page, and, ah, after you have added all the information that you need in the course or the images and, um created the quiz, it's time to publish the course. So before publishing, you need toe reassure yourselves that everything is working like it should that the fouls are playing like like the should. The slides are changing properly. So that's what we're going to do in this lecture. We're going toe double check the entire course to see if everything is ah in its place and if not, will make the necessary adjustments. Okay, so first of all, let's go back toe the first scene asked on hotels, and we're going toe preview the entire project. Okay, you get the music, starts have come in, and then it disappears. Okay, It works. Let's skip the quiz to see if this bottle works. Okay, We get that welcome message, and we're not going to study with Let's go back to the start gate that works again. The music. And let's start training. Here we see some informations of general info about the hotel and the location as click next here, you can see that we have the previous in the neck. Spartan. And we have the first intermediate question. What is the name of the hotel? Type of answer. And here. So just click and type asked. Phone submit. Great. That's that's right. I have I have entered the correct response. Asked hotel, Remember that this question it is not it's not. Ah, great ball. Okay, so continue. Okay. And here we have the location information. And remember about those hot spots. Let's ah, test them out. Pharmacy convention center. Okay, maybe unless you're in this, Um ah, no, there. Pharmacy Convention center. Ricky's factory that works. Great. Click. Next. And here we have some information about the available rooms. Paris, London, Madrid, more rooms New York with the best. Barcelona. Okay. And here we have some, um uh, especially eight. With the rates for the hotel, it looks looks red. Maybe this title could be Nagy. A little bit to the left so we can arrange. It can be arranged the the right side of the off the table the next. Okay, that looks great here on two columns like next and the contact information for the hotel. And that's a clicking rest. We go to the video that automatically place on because it that while clicking it stopped it poses and clicking again resumes the video. Okay, that works. Fine. Click next and you will have some local attractions. Remember that we had a trigger over those. Ah Ah. But here we have a problem that the slight advance automatically. So we need toe resolve that. Okay. Okay. We need to check that. So remember the sound of the mouse over. Great. Next here. Also another local attractions. And we are ready to take the quiz. Let's go to the first question as an hotel is located in Barcelona, it's false. Submit which of the following Lee is not a room name. Okay, Bucuresti. It's not a real name. The hotel has six meeting rooms. Actually, it has only four. So this is false. And he would have the results page my score the best in score and congratulations. I have passed who and here we have the two bottles Revie Cues, review quiz and the retry cues. Let's review it so we can see if our answers were correct and they were and it okay to retry. Can take the ways to get what I want to add here is maybe, Ah, bottom toe, exit the course. Okay, so we'll add the button here to exit the course and will switch to the to the slide strengthens on click. Ok, so it's closed this preview and let's it think it was in the second scene. Okay? And here we have the first light selected. And let's test if the slime properties this is okay. This light advances by user. Okay. Okay. How about this one slight properties. Okay, this events is automatically a strewed advanced by user click. OK, unless check the last one again by user heat. Okay. And then let's go toe the quiz on our final slide toe. Enter toe, add. Um, next course button. So let's move this to the side so I can make some room for that bottom. Okay, So insert bottom and let's deserve this kind of water, okay? And we're going to type exit. Of course, click on the background, and we're going to add the trigger that here you can see they have bottom three at trigger and the action that we want the the button toe take Well, clicking on it is to exit the course. So we have here exit course. When will the battle will be available? When the user clicks And what is the object? Bottom three. We're gonna have to rename this. It's OK. So button free is texted, Of course. Enter. But until is retry. Please enter. And but the one is review quiz You want toe? Make sure that, um, in the family and the objects are room are labeled it because if you want oh, reading them later. Just know what they stand for. Okay, so ah, gate list test again. Review the entire project. Its adjusted volume. Start training great. What is the name asked. Um Hold still. Yes, I got the correct response. Pharmacy Convention sent Ricky's fact Grads. This is great. Okay, perfect. But thanks. Here's the video and here, the local attractions. And you can see that the slights doesn't advance automatically. But only when I click on the next partner can it's pump up the volume here. Great. Next. That next welcome. Yes. Let's go to the Quist. Our first question it's false. Bucharest's is not a room name. The hotel has only four meeting rooms and here again. See that we have, ah, death firm about them as well. Exit course. So let's click on it and it exits the course. Okay. Next, in our next lecture will see how toe publish the course Now that everything is looking great. 27. 6.2 Publish your course to the web: all is in place. How old meaning now is to publish the course the project. So to publish, we can either go to home the home tab. And here we have the publish button or under preview. Here we have the publish button as well with the shortcut key F 10. That's what's here after. Okay, so let's click on this button. We have. Ah, here. We have some options for our course. First the title as the new hire presentation. Okay, you can also add some. Let's enter. Of course, you have presentation, of course. So you can add all signed the description. You can choose the folder in which the, um, the course will be saved. So let's use Let's leave it for now. In the documents folder, the format is html five. With five flash full back, the player will be stored land player. Okay, so you can see that that these actually are links that will take us toe different options. And here we have quality, which is optimized for standard delivery. Let's clicked on that, and let's make some changes over here, so no, we are in standard where the default settings, but you can also go to custom and make changes here Or if you are already in standard and you want to increase the video quality, maybe you have multiple videos in our course, you can drag this to the right and you can see that automatically it shifts to the custom bottom. Okay, the audio bid rate and like that be a little higher. Maybe not a maximum, but 100 to 8. It's ah, good bit rate. The image quality should be maximum because we have Call it We have, ah, images with the rooms with attractions. So Ah, we need those Toby A to their best. Okay, so off course. Ah, By increasing those are file size will increase as well. So let's click OK, And what? To publish the entire project. Or if you want, you can publish only, um, just some lectures or some seems OK, Click, publish and let's see what happens. It's publishing now in scattering the information and audio and the video and it's compiling in tow course. Okay. And our course has been published successful successfully. Here you can view the project and it will open toe review with in your default browser. You can email it, OK, Kansas and, Ah, the entire project on email. You cannot noted toe FTP file transfer protocol. You can zip it toe, make a condensed version off the entire project, or you can open the folder toe, review the files. So for now, let's just test the project. Let's do it and it will open in. Ah, default browser. Okay. Start training. And here you can see that we have to review that the entire project asked. Amanda Author Estelle Hotel. Okay, this is great. I'm glad I had that. Another try. Can't remember. What set tries, pharmacy conventions. Ricky's fact that works right here. We have the photos for our rooms, the prices great. And the video place nicely like next. All right. And here we had to the final quiz. Yes. Go to the first question. False ickarus is not the wrong name. The holder has only four meeting rooms, and here we have the exit course. Let's click on it. Exit the presentation. Okay, So this is how, um you publish a course, and of course, um, you can email it. You can send its someone toe your web master or if you are the where Mr. We can Ablett 50 ftp. Okay, let's open the father to see how it looks. Okay, so here we have all the files or all the data. And that's how you publish, of course, with storyline three.