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Create your autumn leaf brushes in Photoshop!

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. 01 - Dry leaves

    • 4. 02 - Lengthwise leaves

    • 5. 03 - Reddish leaves

    • 6. 04 - Big leaves

    • 7. 05 - Grass

    • 8. 06 - Quick painting

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About This Class

If you are in love painting landscapes and nature in Adobe Photoshop and also love the colours of Autumn, try this course and make your own brush preset with Photoshop! 

The course is for those, who are already familiar a little bit with Photoshop, if you are beginner, you will do!

This course needs any type of tablet which can use pen pressure, unfortunately it won’t be working with mouse.


What do you need for the course?

In the course I've used Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Intuos tablet.
/any type of tablet will fine which can use pen pressure/

Structure of the course

  • Using reference pictures to find the best leaves¬†
  • Drawing the for shapes the brush
  • Creating¬†simple brush
  • Brush settings, dynamics, texture etc.
  • Creating a quick painting using the the new brushes.

In this course you will get another art from me too!

So in the and of this course you will get the knowledge to create brushes in Photoshop.
If you missed anything, please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create your own autumn leaf brushes! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D I live in Budapest, Hungary.

The framer /

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfo... See full profile

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1. Promo: Are you captured by Out and colors. Do you want color for leaves on your artwork To take this course with me? Great. Cooley rushes on. Bring a perfect do you rock. We don't drawing every single ladies. I showed my techniques for great picture like this. That's your only brushes. 2. Introduction: Hi, I'm Peter and I want to thank you for choosing my course, but autumn comes. They're beautiful colors all around. So take a look and get inspired by Mother Nature. In the final week lectures with half of reference pictures, I'm going to show you how to create uniquely brushes, influential grab any kind of tablet, which can use band pressure on Let's Do Steps. Oh, rushes has different settings, and for the fifth brush, I will show my tips to great grass brush to. At the end of this course, we will get a complete brush set in which you can get five unique Malcolm Lee brushes. Finally, I create a quick paint showing how the brushes are works. 3. 01 - Dry leaves: hi. In his project, we will create unique brushes in photo show. You have to use any type of tablet which can use Pam pressure. It won't be working with mouse. So in the following lecture, we are going to make four kind of rushes off leaves bus 14 the grass. Let's open the photo shop with some reference pictures. Here are my choices. Focus on the 1st 1 As you can see, this leaves are the most returned. The colors are brown and light room or leaves are fragmented. The fallen leaves on the ground loves their color and forming a T clear on the ground. Okay, go to the less of tools and choose the leave. What you like. Maybe the swami. Sandro. It still right with the left. So too, on moving to the empty Calmus. Great new layer. Name it. If you want downfield a selection. We'd back collar Chief Bus F five. Okay. For making the first brush. Choose another leaf on the picture and define it safe. Like before moving to the right again. I check the snapping move closer to the first leave. Feel it. I want some little parts. Do so I'm going to select them later. These sleeves will be the driest on all this layer on the ground. Find a position of the selection damn freely again. The next one is a quiet, fragmented. Okay, drop and freer. And these are my last selections for his brush. Of course, you can choose different kind leaves if you want. No. Change the tools to the Eric Tango Tour Selector leaves, then jump to edit. Define brash. Press it breast. OK, grab the brush tour or Presby and right. Weird, isn't it? The problem is the background because it isn't white. You can feel it with white color or simply hide all other layers. Said it believes again. And jump to Eddie defined brush percent. Okay, don't try it again. Better, but we have to define the brush settings. At this time. It looks like Sam. He's the panel where we can modify these settings. First of four. I'm going to uncheck these checked boxes. Brush tip shape. In here, you can specify the size of the brush. You can change the angle of the main stamp. The spacing means that the numbers of the steps we lower percent the brush we'll be more complex and sometimes slow. I'm going to use it with highest basing. Check the shape dynamics with size. Jitter thes stamps will be twitchy. The minimum diameter means the smallest size of the stamp, and it's react beautifully. Will use it with pressure for this brush. I don't want huge difference. Dem size The anger jitter. We'll rotate the stamps separately. Try it with different Contreras. - With a scattering. You can add more stamps when you change the count number. What is enough? When I create brush, I never know they exist. Acting's I always tried to catch the perfect settings for the brush or brushes. Need different wear, use and settings. - Jump to the decks chair at this time there. Brush has flat color, but with this option you can add textures to the brush. Here are the defaults, and also you can add other textures to it. With the sliders, we can change the textures, care brightness, Kontras and he started to like multiply overly that's there for his brush. I want a lower texture, so I'm going to use lower brightness with medium contrast on the modus multiply. Younger Jeter is too much. I think if you want, use, do a brush, but I think no need to add dysfunction. So go ahead to Carlo Dynamics. This is a very nice option, because in here you can add some random effect for the colors of the brush, for example, for around background jitter. With this, you can define the level off mixing the two colors. Define light. Okay. On darker brown colors. Paint than move the slider with the huge it there. You can change the position of the color in the color wheel. At this time. I don't want to use it. Person need to use the saturation, Geter Because I know there is on gray leaf. Okay, back to the brush size 130. Trust were for his brush. It's not necessary. So on check with pose. You can change, Dear Texas. Okay, we have freedoms. Differs brush. So, John brush breast set. Then click Did a empty space Name your brush on press. Ok, Dan, Did it do ord ones? Looks nice. Okay, 4. 02 - Lengthwise leaves: the following Leaves are bit different. The colors are fresh, not too dark brown or tearing colors. And as I see all of them are intact. Let's start it. Select villa so to and find a shape that you like the most and use it withholding a shift button you can add with all button you can exact to your selection. Drag and drop it to the right and feel the selections in his brush. I try to keep bigger space between the leaves. Okay, highly out early years. Select believes jump to add you define brush present. Clear the layer and choose the new brush. As you can see, our brush is almost perfect because we look some settings. Looks great, but we need to modify them a bit. So and check the check boxes and defined the spacing First use large person for it. Tried to brush on. Go to the shape dynamics. Okay, I'm going to use high around you for the minimum diameter and ready low. Where you for the anger Jetta. Okay, maybe biggest basing. Create a canvas dango to scattering. Oh, it looks great. Let's see with yellow color, maybe 62% will be better with a texture. I'm going to use the same as before, but with different settings. Nice comment or control a dollar to clear. Go to the cardio dynamics. I think this brush were looks better with stronger foreground background there. And I'm going to change its color to Pam pressure. Try it with other colors. Out of my reference pictures has nearly similar perspective. So you were dro easily read these brushes. - Okay , some modification with a diameter. In my opinion, this brush looks great. So we can say with now like before Just click today. Empty space named a brush. Okay on Della The order one we have to rush is now. 5. 03 - Reddish leaves: And here is the difference picture for the third brush. Look at these colors. The yellows and deep oranges are beautiful, and also we have some more detail leaves in there. Grab the lasso tool again, then drew a selection GOP to the right, like before on Feel it. Of course, for this brush, I'm going to use only few leaves. - Arranged . Um, it is enough. Select down. We direct and go toe on. Go to define brush percent. It won't be good before I press. Okay, I have to change the color to black. I'm going to do it with Hue. Saturation. Change the lightness Selig Damn again. And at the brash visit canvas on, Let's see what we make. Big colors from the reference picture orange and desecrated purpose. We're fine. Go ahead. It's set things again. Check check boxes on started tweets shape dynamics. We need larger spacing for this brush. Nearly 400% will be OK at this time. For these leaves, I'm going to use beat, higher scattering and more contrast for the texture. Big other colors find saturated colors. Great, but play a bit with four round background. Geter. The saturation Jetta doesn't good for us, I think. Okay. Nice. I need to decide. So it's time to save the third brush like earlier. 6. 04 - Big leaves: in the fourth difference picture. You can see many beautiful on color for leaves. They have perfect shapes without any fractures. It looks they fell down at this second, I'm going to choose this perfect. Shapely first. Okay, for you need to be back. Then choose another one Here. You'll be fine. Freely to be back. Did it be scared and transform? Do you? 3rd 1 I'm going to use big spaces between the leaves. He was coming t for transform. Probably three leaves are enough for us. So Heidi layers below sat down with strict on goto. Read it. Define brush. Press it. No jump do it. Settings on right? How it looks caliber at this time the brush textures shows better effect. First, I'm going to change the color. Nearly fine changes basing do higher person for the scattering. I'm going to use low a value. We need more spacing for his brush With lower brush size, it has become better and the texture isn't annoying. But I'm going to change the contrast and brightness to lower values. Okay, clear the commerce and tested. Oh, I'm sorry. Decertification isn't important. No, but the foreground background Jetta truly is okay. I love it. The last step. I'm going to modify the teeter to color for result. Lovey. Let's saved his brush percent. 7. 05 - Grass: We have different dives off leaves, but there is no ground without some grass home. They always appear between the dry leaves. That's why I choose the grass for the fifth brush. Go ahead to the last sotu and find some nice shape on the reference picture. Okay. They moved to the right space on Feel it. Read press shift F five. He was back color for it. Aunt. Hide all layers below and select again. We picked and go to OK, do nt defined brush preset and see how it looks like now with great colors it isn't. Looks pretty. Can get the green. Not bad. What about the settings? Brush deep shape in here. I'm going to use highest basing better but on check the scattering on focus on the shape dynamics. I want quite same size for the patterns. So I'm going to use higher Where you for the minimally a matter Scattered ing? I don't know exactly. Maybe try it. We 40 person spacing again. Okay, jump to the decks chairs. In my opinion, that is no need to use strong textures to discuss nowhere brightness and contrast Well enough other dynamics for the colors. My choice are two different green colors if you want for your free to choose green and yellow tones for the fresh and dry leaf result also used higher foreground background there . Uh, spacing. I never know the where you for the best results. Okay, Peter. Canvas and paint. I like this result saving duty. Brush presets. Clear the old one. Fine. 8. 06 - Quick painting: in this chapter, I'm going to draw a quick painting with our new brushes. This will be a simple ground with these dry leaves. The background color that I'm going to choose is warm gray or so dark for new layer. I started to paint with a brush recreated first. It's were being the lowest in the layer of the leaves. The color is greyish brown. I don't want to see any pattern effect, so I'm going to use different breast size change the color too saturated one because there are some fresh is leaves in the ground. - Okay , No, I'm going to change. The brush digress, and I'm going to create a new layer for it. Forties. I use dis iterated green colors on. I'm going to paint few Bunches. Only a new layer paying some small leaves with be saturated colors. This leaves our and fragmented. Okay, enough. Jump to the next brush and create new layer for it Again. Something weird is structure. Let's see the brush settings. Oh, I see. I have to change the blending mode to multiply back there. Now I'm going to add more big men to the colors. I mean, I'm going to use more saturated colors. Use this brush in other earlier too. It's simple. Trick will at some realistic look to the picture and finally choose the latest leave rush and add colorful colors to it. This leaves our and fragmented. They have perfect and index shapes. Good. Looks nice, but I'm going to add more grass to the ground. Fine. As you can see, I didn't use any shadows. Only our new rushes is just a quick on simple method to great sketches. Of course, if you want at some atmospheric effects, such as brides to the color for leaves, Gottardi shadows that's a dinner Tanks were retching by.