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Create your Personal Website with ALLYOU

teacher avatar Kerstin Barth, Build a website with ALLYOU

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choose your Template

    • 3. Create your Account

    • 4. Manage your Pages

    • 5. Upload Images & Create Albums

    • 6. Edit your Text

    • 7. Embed your Videos

    • 8. Embed Instagram & more

    • 9. Mobile View

    • 10. Landing Page

    • 11. Personalize your Website

    • 12. Search Engine Optimization

    • 13. Change you Theme

    • 14. Subscription Plans

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About This Class

In this 15 minutes set-by-step tutorial we’ll set up a beautiful website with you without any programming skills. Some of the things we will cover, is how to build, organize and publish your own website.

ALLYOU is a tool that helps you build a beautiful website in the most simply and uncomplicated way. It’s suitable for anyone, who wants to have their personal web presence.

Whether you’re a photographer, fashion director, graphic designer, or architect creating an online portfolio is an absolute must to establish your career. It's what allows you to differentiate yourself from others, showcase your projects and skills, and demonstrate that you can bring something unique to the table.

Let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kerstin Barth

Build a website with ALLYOU


Hi, my name is Kerstin. I'm working for the website builder ALLYOU in Zurich.

I will help you create a simple, beautifully designed web portfolio. If you have further questions concerning our tool contact our user support on I'm excited to be part of the Skillshare community and to share my knowledge with you!

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1. Introduction: huh? My name is casting, and I'm working for all your here, and Derek Ali is a tool that helps you to build your own beautiful website, and Shaq is your work. It's simple to use and uncomplicated to manage some of the things to recover. Today is how to build, organize and publish the Web set. We will guide you through the best to have practices so your content is presented in the best way. What's greatest that you won't need any problem ing according knowledge. To design your online portfolio, you recommend this class to creatives who wants to present their brand and the best way. But really, it's suitable for anyone who wants to have their own personal Web presence. Take 15 minutes and we'll set up a beautiful website with you. Gather your content carefully select images, texts and video material in order to break down the junk off information ahead of us. The two trials divided into several chapters. If you have any further questions, please refer to our F A Q or contact our support team on all your definite We're always here to help. Let's get started 2. Choose your Template: on all your dot net you controls from a rarity of beautiful templates and pick one that fits your needs best for my directorial. I'll truce the template equal. If you wish to change the template later on, you can do so any time you want. 3. Create your Account: before we get started creating account and we're ready to work on your website. 4. Manage your Pages: on the right. You confined your page organizer. You can manage your pages here to create a new page click on plus page and give your Petric tail. Confirm with create, and if your pages now said it as your home pitch, rename duplicate to lead or hided, click an update to confirm all changes, he knew Page will now appear in the navigation. Now we will show you how to assign a new page to your page or review. Create a new page, open the folder of your pager review movie a new page by dragging and drop it into the folder and reorder your overview. To activate the new section off your website, switch the tap to news and shifted status toe on click and plus post to create a single entry you post always labeled with the date and the time and shorted accordingly. Update your website with its news post. You ready to get started with the page organizer now 5. Upload Images & Create Albums: toe at one or more images to your Project Dragon album Element into your content area. Click on the pace orderto upload the image that you wish to show. You can use J pic PNG or even animated GIF files. Before uploading. Make sure to save your images for weapons. 72 D. P. I. S rgb A with of 2500 pixel and up to two megabyte per picture. After uploading images, you can make different settings. Click on any image again to direct the some players to another position and rearrange images simply at descriptions to your pictures. Click on options to change your album into a slight chill. Activate additional options before hitting. Okay? And with that, you've just created your slideshow with paging, thumbnails, image description and a full screen mode. 6. Edit your Text: Today, we'll show you how to edit text DoubleClick, the heading element and simply paste or write your content text while the Texas selected you can change the font decoration or hit. Okay, double click the text element to edit the text again. You can move the books and press OK. Click on plus and direct your new text or heading element into the content area. You can use a text element as a footer, for instance, to change the funds, select the funds star from the pre defined text settings. Dreck another text element to your canvas. Double click and highlight the word to link it with your Facebook account. Click on fund and choose texts on number three from the pre different text settings. To change the font appearance, simply drag in the spacer element to make you Web set. Look just how you want to. You can also hide an element or simply deleted. All advanced front settings can be found in the sidebar click on Custom is ations and opened the fund color settings switch to advanced mode and changed. The pre defined fund settings. Make adjustments in alignment color fund size, fund style, a change to another fund safe and done 7. Embed your Videos: to embed you video. Go on ahead and drag and drop the video element into your content area. Click on the image and select a video platform from the list. Simply paste in the Euro or I D. Number off your video into source Eddie and click on OK for further questions. Get in touch with our support team. 8. Embed Instagram & more: Today we will show you how to embed your instagram feet or your location on Google Maps To show you instagram feet, you can create a new page, direct the M bad element into your content area and select instagram linked to your instagram and sign into your account. You were upset now displays your instagram feet and it's automatically updated with the latest posts. Furthermore, pinned the location of your studio office or start with Google Maps, Dragon and Bad Element into your content area. Select Google maps from the drop down list and paste the Google maps. Your health your except address with the settings below, Adjust the dimensions off your map are simply sweats you map two gray scale switch to you mo to see how you knew embedded elements will appear. 9. Mobile View: to set up your mobile view, click on the setting wheel and go to mobile view. Simply turn it on and start off with a header. Click on text to give you pitch a name or click on image to include your own local click on fund. Set things to customize your pre defined fund settings concerned with update, take out your mobile phone and enter your website to see the result. 10. Landing Page: A landing page is a great way to welcome a visitor by giving an overall impression of your brand on a single bold page, or just simply communicate that you site is still under construction. Activate your landing page by going to your customers ations and choose landing page. Set a switcher toe on and refined your settings. We will start by changing the color of the background. Confirm you changes and press update. If you prefer a background and mentioned stead, upload a file from your computer. Align your image horizontally vertically or in this case, we will scale it up to screen size. You can also include a slight show our video to showcase your brand in motion. Now click on back a message and type in your text for better eligibility. You can customize your parents and fund settings to promote your Brent. You can also upload a logo instead of using a plain text. Select the file that you wish to display. If you show you logo on a colored background, make sure to save your images as a PNG with transparent background before uploading, switch to you mode. For further questions, contact our support team 11. Personalize your Website: today we will help personalize. Your website will start off by setting your home pitch. Your home page is the first page you visit. Us will see open the page organizer and set your desired page by clicking on the home icon next to it. Confirm your actions. We have set your page of review as your home pitch. Now we need to copy the page number from the euro Out as each page is assigned to an individual, I d. Click on the logo. Press the link. I can an insert the I D into the input field with a slash before the number. Enter the view mode so you can see that you're logos linked to the homepage. Next, click on the settings into your menu. Go to your website settings and type your own domain name that you have already purchased into the input field. Please view our F A Q. How to set a beauty and s settings include your fabric on and upload your file. Your fabric, um, can be a PNG IK or our gift, but the size of 16 to 16 pixels. Click and update. To confirm your actions, check the appearance of half African in the browser 12. Search Engine Optimization: Today we will talk about s EU, which stands for search engine optimization. The adjustments we will make today put you on a higher rank in search results. Listings from Platt firms such as Google. Thus you upset will be found much easier and about. Page tells all about you and your expertise. That's the first. But on your Web set, you want to use relevant keywords. The keywords usually include your name, expertise and ray you're located. Outgoing links to clients, for instance, will enhance the relevance of your text. If you want to improve your listing, get other people to link your side as well. Make sure to also include a contact page with your contact details and links to your social media channels. Next go. To use a settings. Enter your website settings and at a browser title, make sure to add a description off your website. Use relevant keywords under which you would like to be found. You should also link your site to Google Analytics to be able to use Web master tools before leaving. Click Unsafe, and this is how you optimize your side for a search engines be patient as it might take a few weeks or months before your side will be listed 13. Change you Theme: Today we will show you how to change your theme. Simply click on the customization. Send your sidebar and click on change theme. The first highlighted theme is the one that you're currently using. Scroll down to find the theme that suits your needs best. Your theme will change instantly, and you contest out how it looks like and behaves. Customers your theme and create your own. One. Enter you upset custom is ations and start modifying it by adding your background. For example, once you have completed your custom is ations, it will override the Corrine theme. You can return to your old theme a single time but shooting custom theme. 14. Subscription Plans: Let's talk About Our subscription plants are most use. Subscription plan is called Carbone for $8 a month. It offers your unlimited pages for customers. Ations, a full template selection, a full fund collection on tap kit, two gigabytes disk space, a custom domain landing page and a mobile view. Our detain you planned for a $15 a month office. You. Additionally, 10 gigabyte of disk space and CSS custom is ations. Tryout Art Italian Plan free for 14 days. You can change or cancel your subscription plan any time you want. By going to your payment overview and the user's settings, simply select your cab on Art Italian Plan and you will be forwarded to PayPal.