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Create your Own Photoshop Actions and Sell Online - Professional Methods

teacher avatar Maac Desmond, Adobe Certified Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. 01. Professional Photoshop Actions - Course Introduction

    • 2. 02. Introduction to Photoshop Actions

    • 3. 03. What are Actions, Why We are Used

    • 4. 04. How to Open Load Organise and Delete Actions

    • 5. 05. Create a New Action or Action Set

    • 6. 06. Create an Intermediate Action or Advanced Action

    • 7. 07. Make A Professional Action - Important Steps - Uncut Video

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About This Class

  • Create your Own Photoshop Actions and Sell Online - Professional Methods¬†
  • Create your Own Photoshop Actions - Professional Methods Step by Step
  • Adobe Photoshop Actions - Create and Sell Professional Actions

In this Class, I am going to teach you how to make professional actions inside Photoshop of any version you have.

All you need have Interested and some Patience (mainly for Learn Designing) with Photoshop Application.

Every class, I am teaching here - Explaining you Step by Step with all information you need to get Master in it.

Enroll in this Class and Learn how to make Professional Photoshop Actions.

Once you finished the class, make a project and submit it. It helps to build yourself, community and Students Feedback is important for Teachers.

(Hope you all have a little time for that - Give a Review for this Course/Class too)

All the best for your knowledge gaining sessions from MaacDesmond.

Check out my Bio-data and other Courses/Classes too.





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maac Desmond

Adobe Certified Instructor


Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from career to your Personal Work or in your business confidence.

I completed my Masters in Multimedia Engineering and done my Masters in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Skillshare Students.

                      &n... See full profile

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1. 01. Professional Photoshop Actions - Course Introduction: Hi. Hello, everyone. I'm settlement. I'm from India. I just done masters in the multimedia engineering. I am creating the courses in Adobe Creative Cloud off maximum content of any software's like photo shop illustrator in design Aftereffects on premiere pro and light room on so much off things. So I just give you the courses in the very womb Very clear steps from the zero level toe the advanced levels like this Also, I just created this course how to create there professional accents in the photo shop Like before you If you don't know about the photo shop also like before you can enroll in this course because I just distracted with zero steps only every most moments and the keyboard shortcuts are recorded in this video classes so you can easily understand the shortcut keys and you can learn you can create. You can sell your wall type off, create the actions in your websites like so many websites will be available toe sell them on the online And one more thing I just need to in this course after you just learned about a body each and every steps out for informations will be done in this ones. Once you get the knowledge and everything, take a minute to review this course. Okay, That means we just give some feedback to that. So it's very helpful for me also. And for the future community also the future students also. And you can some media project inside this one's to make any screenshots. How do you create the steps and everything? You can do it, right? I hope you're all enjoying this course. And we will see you on the course and check out my bed. But also a lot off courses will be launched it in this month. So please follow me. Thank you for this. Bye bye. Soon their courses. 2. 02. Introduction to Photoshop Actions: Hi, everyone. I just welcome you all to enduring my course in this course, we're just to seeing about how to make the professional actions inside the photo shop. Don't mind you have any lessons off the porter shop? No problem. After the Sesay, accidents will be very fun type of using so you can make it with fun. You can create it with the creativity. More things will be happened inside this one's So let's talk about in this Ones in the course says I just give you step by step instructions in this ones. How to make this How toe Get these, how to make a complete professional action and you can take it the action, too. Any other third party websites, you can sell it in online by. You were on kind of company name. Any things like creative market gum roared and so many other sites will be available to sell these online digital goods off the photo shop like brushes, actions. So much fun stuff will be available so we can definitely seem inside the for the shop. What we're making this one's. So let's see on this side of many kinds, off bunch off steps will better like this Brightness and contrast Color balance on the color fill like a great infill exposure hue saturation eso money. I just want layers black and white and more things. If you want to need black and weight off this painting, you can do this on This is huge saturation on this is more exposure. And this is Grady int to type of radiant when it's like a safe your field kind of warm. And when is the blue Don't like a cool tone from here on more world I just give you the five accents for this course as a free that are created by me only. So all the zip zipper it is it is it is it Okay, so the password of the zip it decisions. Actually, I just give the password to the zip to in the last two video off this course I just give you the password. You can click it and you can work it and you can enjoy it inside the world for a shop off any vision. Once you control in this course, you just create, learn on you can make some of your projects whatever. Anything Creator by this one's any screen sorts. Also no problem, I'm. Moreover, just give me a preview. Just take your time and give me a review. Why? Because off it helps to another people and the student on other things, it helps to build my community. Also, it helps to create more courses. Also, I am a consistent working on the photo shop on the illustrator and maximum I covered all the Arabs offers because off my professor like that, I am a masters in multimedia engineering. So just dive into the course and do yeah, greater thing. Let's make it. 3. 03. What are Actions, Why We are Used: Hi that in this video we're going to be seen water accents and wait. We use it so hope to use that. The three things Very clear. Simple. I just the same The single line. What is that? So accents This year term. Inside the photo shop let's we are using as step by step processes that means the stack of processes. Okay, by clicking a single button. That's it. Once you click the single button that bills it helpful and means the stack off, what's it Will be automated. That's it. See that? I just believe there this every stuffs when Lee the background is there. This is my oil painting. Realistic painting. Yes. Yeah, this is the one. This is my mm fabricate action inside metaphor the shop. I have several tape off accents also. Let's see the example. No, a click that play button. Just a few seconds only How many layers will be created? These five layers on this one is three for totally nine layers is to be creator on to a bunch off groups. It will be dumped into these ones. This is the worst image and this is the painting effect and this is the advantage, the adjustments. If you go for any advance adjustments, you can create it and you can do it inside this one exposure If you near the hue saturation Ziff, you near the black and white picture anything. You can do it after this action played out. Want to come to from here? See this? This is the original background. From here on. This is the Met accents. I just make a love it. When I just posted to the instagram, I just used it several times because this is my limit. More rate winter say this bunch. All these kind off stuffs will be bunch off adjustment layers. One Lee. We just make it by a single click only what we are making. I just to select the bag alone. I just move into the background action While it case, just click the labor. That's it. Now I created the violet haze inside. This one's coming to the past through making toe the A soft light. That's it. No, the wild hares light will be passed out throughout the picture. It is going to mind blown when you are seeing in that Instagram. Are there any social media's. So let's we see that how to create these stuffs from the beginning by professionally, So let's see that in the next video. 4. 04. How to Open Load Organise and Delete Actions: OK, in this video, we're going to be seeing how to lower the actions, how to deliver the actions ho toe water will be doing in the action. Span it. OK, now I just close this action panel where I get this action panel inside the photo shop. I'm teaching about that. Uh, if you are going for the starters also, if you're a beginner, if you are intermediate that no problem. Just continue this video toe. I learned this stuffs. Okay. I just give you every single steps without any loss off information. Just go to the window. You know, we're just going into the after the three. D You can see that accents the 1st 1 the shot goodies options F nine for the windows middle . It will be there. So once I click that actions panel, it will be opened up. So everything's inside. These things are preloaded. Accents are if you are loaded the last time. Whatever the accents you feel, Lord, for the last time, it will be the If you don't need that, you can delete it okay into their panel, only not from the computer. Understand? This one, it will plays the inside you were computer not lorded in, Say that panel. Only so very distorted. Just going to the finder. Go to the applications you feel using the windows fashion. You can go for the program files. Where you just to install it there for the shop. Okay, Now we just jump into the for the shop. 2020 on the President's. And the actions on these are the accents. We are Lord er inside distance. If you downloader from the from anywhere, if you don't notice from anywhere, If you are created from anywhere, all the accents will be stood inside in this folder only. Okay. One live from this folder. Only you can loader from here. Okay. How do Lord, that means that is Ah, stack many from here. This is a single three burger button, right? Once you click this, you can just pastor, that lured the actions. We just click it. You can load from here where you can just save this one's. Apparently, if you're on the district means you can load these also. Okay, once, how to delete this access from here means See this. I don't need the cinematics by magnetism in like this means if I click it select. This is the daily butter. Okay, You know that trash can just click it Deleted the selection. Okay, fine. Deleted art. If you just goto select press the shift key Celik Whatever Just known needed. Just click this one's daily Burton just during the selection. That's it? No, I have him be a few jokes like this means that now total Not totally jokes. Just see this funny messages. Also, you can create in this action like this Just press the stop key. What is this one? Are you kidding me? Hate results That that one. Are you kidding me? I just don't. Congratulations. You are going to die up there closing this message. What's that? Then you stop this one. Well, well, well done. From this year you were beginning and millimeter. Yeah. Nice wordings. Nice fish, isn't it? So you can create what? Our things? Not only the designs. You can give him some message to your user. Also, you can give it to I were wife, sister, brother Ladies Any any wishes? Also through the accents. If they're low designs on this is the make on some type of idiotic actions I don't know this. So if you just click here, you can just the bacon. If you just click this, nothing will show that. But it will convert the more and make the Gaussian blur and make the bag rolled on again. The convert more so these types will be making inside this notes. So once you stop this, I just delete this selection. No, the panel is going to be empty right now. We are creating at new set off accents inside the photo shop. This one's so now you're learning about how to create very different be stored. How to lower this, how to deliver this, How to clear the panel. This is very, very important to the entry level of this one's on to the next video. We just created a new action ship. So let's get report 5. 05. Create a New Action or Action Set: Hi there. In this video, we're going to be create a new action are the new action set. So let's get started with this once. So once you open the action panel on, did you just create 34 year? What kind of accents you just need to create Anything's OK, Let's just create some funny actions inside that for the shop. Now we just clear open the actions panel. I just have a sample image toe. Just example immediately. No problem. If you just open any type of photograph, anything's No, not mind that just open it and it just right Click on the accents panel from here you can create. You can see the lot off bunch off things. Insect. This one's so these are all accents in Sadie were for the shop, very just shown you inside the folder that before the video on these are from the bottom. More and the accent states New Action said Duplicate like this stuffs one lee for their properties off the accents. Okay, now the new action and the new set water. The difference between these things means and news. Accent means one Lee single action and new set. The means it's kind of your group. It's kind of your folder inside the four that you can create. You can. 12345 So many accents will be that. Now we can understand these things. No, I just created a new set. Okay. For this one's I just make my just name only Mac Desmond. Okay. No, I just click. OK, Folder will be created by this one's. No, I just click again. This one and new action. So what? The action name. What are you going to be? Create? What is the premium action name? If you just you can set this name after you created also. That's no problem. You can get it at any day, so I just remained This one's for this one. Test action number one, So underscore 01 Okay, under the set visit you just named. This one's okay. You can select under the visit, because if you have more than one set means mag Desmond, Mac still share like this kind off. More sets means you can select which sectors do depending on the function key. Which function gives to be going there for a shot. Get key. If I press. The F one means shifted. Command therefore means if I select this wants safety of fun shift, the commander for you can select both up things. This is the shot. Get key for this action toe. Make it right under the color. So they're set off a bunch of colors. Villa Peter, If I said regular, that means if it's that Andi, I think click record. Now the action is going to be our recording. You were scream. What you are going to be using inside of these ones is going to be recorded. Okay, so there read the button is to be there is means that recorded, but anus started very, very clearly. Now I just go to be image adjustments, brightness or contrast, A very lee building only. Okay, I just I just go. Did it break? No, I just little bit increased the brightness. Okay. 15 on the contrast. I just make, uh, nearly 20 or 25. Okay, Anything. Just a click. Ok, that's it. One leader brightness only. I just do it. No way. Just click. Stop recording for stop play. Once you click this, this accident will be ready. No, You were created the action. Yes, you are creator and complete area action. No Selig days. There's 21 under this Magnus Hman. If I click that. So what is the button moves? If I click the button world, What the button color you are going to be Do that button colored will be Comes down from here. Okay, Now we make a simple action inside the photo shop, that is test number one. The shot get G's the is shown it in the right side of this once. If you want toe play these action toe anything you can do it. Just click. I just make you a new duplicate layer. So this layer, I just make this one This Is that a little bit of brightness contrast? What we're done inside the action is going to be playoff. No. See the difference between the background on the duplicate later? Okay, this is a very, very simple action inside the for the shop. If you want to create year professional thing like means, it will be toe ask you co much break nous home, which contrasted everything we can create that also we can create the 2nd 1 as a tester to Okay, let's get started to the test to 6. 06. Create an Intermediate Action or Advanced Action: either. In this video, you're going to have seen about a second tape off creating the action. That means in the first in the past, video we just created a a simple action. Only the simple, very simple. Now we are going to be very creator. Some more advantage things from that one. Okay, Not the highly professional one. Some more advanced one because we are going to be learned one by one, steps from here. So continuously, uh, watch the class and everything. It's might very useful to you. I understand that one. So from here, you can see the second reaction. Some layer away a copy and the everything better I just click the background on. They play this action. A set of bunch off options will become so from here, like duplicate layer, some kind of brightness and contrast in there. Worse things adjustment layer. And then another adjustment layer with the coast. So how do you do like this? This means duplicate layer. That means layer where a copy will be from here on the set layer duplicate layers. So how to create these things? Okay, once I gain, we just do that. Select and delete that now I come to from here. This one's said the new action from here. Action number. Okay, zero to I said that in the same Magda's mint set the color. Only I just differentiating toe orange. Okay, recorded once I click the record button. No, I just distracted to do what to be. Just need in that actions, because the current status recording the screen the actions is going to be recording the screen. So I press the control or command J OK. If you are using the Windows PC, you can using the control J or, if you're using the apple, means Commander J to make your duplicate on this one's I just doublet league on the layer one. Rename it duplicate layer, whatever. You just need it. That's not a problem. See that the faster step is layer by a copy. That means we just need me have duplicate layer. The 2nd 1 set the current layer, so the layer name as the duplicate layer few name whatever you just name. It will be takes and taken by the action because it is going to be recording everything. No, I just going toe adjustments may know if you don't have the adjustments panels. You just go into the window adjustments. Okay. Now click the brightness in the contrast. What is going to be here? Make adjustment layer using adjustment layer. The type is brightness under the contrast with thought used legacy. That means legacy is not turned down once you click. And once you click them the clothes also the same thing. Making an adjustment layer the papers. The coast present kind is a different, right? It is fine. No, the past. What? I see you. You can create this. No. Now for the action, too. If you want to rename any type off name to these actions, that means brightness in the Contras. Right? Greatness. So greatness, uh, ended Khost. Okay. I just want later direct a deejay. That one's once a click. Enter the action is going to be ready. So no, stop the recording right now. Stop the recording. Everything on I click selected the duplicate layer clothes and I just want everything. I just delete that once I clicked the litter. Now I want to check my action whether it is going to be play or any fault at any other things. Yeah, that means check out of direction, right? Do it When they click the clothes and adjustment layer, click Select the play button. Everything will be done 100 bucks and age. All right. I had no problems. What? Me said that it is good. Yeah. Duplicate layer brightness into the contrast coz and everything will be done. Very supportive. Now again, I deleted these things. I jump into the button Ward Okay, Brightness under there cubes like this village. So once I click that button Yes, that also work Very crude. Nicely support I love it. No, the 2nd 1 If if you are asking me what is the breakers on the contrast Why? I'm doing this point So if I it will ask means at the time off making this one's it will ask Means I will do numbers to this on my finish that once it will ask like that to you were What is the value off the greatness? What is the value of the contrast? What is the value of the clothes and everything? If you need a that means the process is going toe Simply fight it the time saving I hope to create that one we just make into the next to section off this one. Keep rolling on keeping the class. You can learn more, more stuff from here. You can know what we are going to be tested. Means this brightness and the color adjustments layers on the test to one of these goes, We just don't need it. Right. So I just bring back into that delete, Okay? There is no more confusions from here, right? So you can see very clearly in the panel. So what? All these things. The left said a square boxes will be there, right? Once a small, small boxes will be the right you can see in your accents panels also. So when I do it, you can see this This brightness in the country's means. If I click this button on day click for the adjustment layer off the clothes also. Okay. Once I do this, you fight. Gonna play. Now these action toe this Baghran means into will ask you the brightness in the contest off the new layer. Once I click that one, it will ask you in the like many. Okay. No, you can give the number. How much brainers I just needed the contrast. I just go down the brightness because this picture is going to be very much greatness and save this once I click OK again, it will ask you the coast. What is the name if you want to name it. Okay. I just names. Uh, code number 01 You can do it. You can choose the any colors. Also anymore. How much capacity just needed You can do it. 100. They will ask you the panel. The coast panel in front of your in front. Off. You know you can do it like this Are any Like what we just say These things presets. You can do any presets inside this one's. And then the strong contrast I just do a little bit of a contrast. That's it. No click. OK, Yeah. This is the second tape off action. Things like this. It will ask you when you click this button. Okay, that's it. Now you can learn. You can make action. You can create your stack off things. Whatever. Just need you can give them. Not also what the values we just needed. That means you can click the checkbooks in front off that lane. only that's it. This is very cool. And you can learn these steps. Okay, Right. Right. The next learns lessons will be coming up to the next video. Stayed June and learn more steps with me. Thank you. 7. 07. Make A Professional Action - Important Steps - Uncut Video: Hi there. In this video, you're going to be learned Very professional. Okay. Very, very professional. Making off actions inside of this one. So he thought for the dough. Let's get started. This one. Once I click this, I got to go for the new action. I just naming us anything. You're just Nicky's. So I just get here professional action example like that. So under the set off Mac Desmond on the function key, if you need that function key, that means if you need a shortcut keys to activate this action means you can go for it other than I just go for a while. It this time. Okay, So start their record off this thing. Very, very good one. So first, I need brightness and contrast for this picture. So I just click the adjustment layer inside this one. Okay, then. The 2nd 1 I just have the good color balance. Okay. Second thing, the 3rd 1 I need do some selective color or something. Okay, if you need that, if you near that, you're gonna go for it. And the 4th 1 some vibrance on the saturation that Okay? No, stop that. Hope the dead ones for the four adjustment layers. I just select these four adjustment layers getting into the group. Okay, Mick. Control, G R. Command G on your Mac. Okay. I just want more time said that, control G to make this group off the layers. I just Vivien in this group also. Okay. What? I just rename that one color correction. I just hman. Let's you have broad definition. Okay? That's okay. It's not wrong thing, but it will be very clear. Toe. Any user, if you are, sell this action to anything any user means. If that user is not Bill, welfare with the photo shop at any accents means he can also understand what that were. Okay, I understand that one. That is very clear. So now, under this group, four types, off adjustment groups on the everything will be content. Everything. That's good. So once you've done these things, all these things okay, you have tow say they were customer. Are you were? Well, we should were over by years. So you want to say something to them? Uh, kind off. Thank you for purchase these things and like this. Otherwise you can greet them. Okay, so now I Just click this insert via Stop me. Okay, you can click it. This is the record Stop. Okay, you can do anything. So, um no, you can color. Correct? You can color correction. No, you can. Okay. Anything you can tape it, it will be reflects on your screen. Now you can color. Correct. That is very good. Like color. Correct for your 40. So the choice isn't me. Do that. I'm gonna be That's it. Ok, Thank you. I actually this is not a professional one. I just to show you what it will be are doing okay. Said that one. So once you stop this button Okay. Before that, I just stopped this per play button. All the adjustments, layers. I just make tow target. This one's I already said that in the previous message. Once I did one. I just stop that. If I stop the recording and everything's I just go for, like, this group on believed that make it fresh. Okay. This is the action, right? If I do go for it, but more superb. This is the once I click the action, you will ask 1st 1 brightness in the contrast. Okay. That said no brightness in the contest will be coming out. You can adjust the brightness on a little bit of a con. Trashed. It's OK now. The 2nd 1 color balance you can bring him and you can adjust the capacity of the layer. You can choose the color off the layer. You can do the normal lives. Everything on in this balance. Color balance. I just make the orange okay, orange color. So I just click it. If I click it, the layer of the color will become so over from here under the name off, the layer will become here and I just make a little bit off orange towards to this one. Not orange. Are mixed with the red like that. So the clip Yes, that's it. Very, very cool. Nice one. Then I click OK, under this one selective color, I just click this some blue for that selective color Sad color like that. So I just click it. Make the red bring everything will be the right that is the rail. Do it That very, very cool. That's it, then the vibrance. If you want to make the vibrance of the cool such rations, anything. If you need that, you can go for it. So I just increase our down the way brands. Okay, If you're down the Ravens, all the saturation color will be going into the black and white picture. Okay, then I increase the not much more. A very little bit. Only 2% patiently. That's it. Because one leader had color into the background and the deans colored only it will be popular up in this image. That's I need. Now that stop message will be sent upon your message. Now you can color correct for your photograph. E. Thank you. Bite, Mac. Dismal. That it means took the stop. That's it. All you were color correction works. I change it. Okay. Organized by a group inside this once, it will be shown in the group. That's very, very cool. Some Now I just refund into the but more to the normal mode. Now you come back to these ones, I just look correct. Do that do these things before and after. Okay, uh, somebody will like before someone will like after these things, because for the color creations and everything, uh, people diverse, okay, from their ideas and everything. So I like the intermediate things. This one's sunlight on the direction late will be fall down. So I like the after thing here also, someone like before. So convention that one up in it inside that video. So once you've done here, if you want to make any adjustments inside this again and again means you can edit it, it can edit Gonna go for it record again like this, right? Once you stop that and you can become again and again that there are so record again that thing right on then inside a inside the menu item like this, if you need any just minutes like this means if I create your one more thing, get me Wait. Don't like this, you know? Item. Sure. Okay. Men waiting short. Any color? No, not a real problem. So I just click record starting up. Uh, when I do, I just Miss Lee is No, no, not utterly. Problem. So I just look to adjustments lace from here. Okay, so for that to adjustments layers, I just click this, Make it a group. Okay, so this group is What is that? One adjustment lives, right? So adjustment. Nice. Then I needed a menu item if you knew the men wayto anything's so if they go for this is the middle. So if you need any items from these middle toe, make it show that once means you can go for that. So, like, blood gushing blood. Okay, I like to shore up the user caution, but how much gushing blood if he needed? Inside this one's if you like short. But that means means I just got to that. So once I near the ocean black like this ones are that nagging need to the filters like this again the media inside a minute. Wait. Um, so go for the image. Any you may Desai's Okay, so he made sites after the gushing blood image size will be comes up. So then again, if I show in such a stop Middle. Okay. Thank you. Have it. Great day. Okay. I don't hunt using this so much. Thank you. Haven't Hendy. That's it. No, Stop the recording. Everything's so no, I just select the groups the back. Once I click to the menu item shore plus the play section key. The command Gaussian blur is not currently available. OK, continue. It will ask you there image, size and everything. So what is the problem with the Gazi in black? So if you need any paper filters, you can go for it from here. Okay, not further. That were so. Only I showed that so far that gushing blood. I just believe that. And again if I need it. Any playback options from here? Right. You can go for the playback absence from here, but for months, by the step by step on other ways you can need insert a metal item for that image. Canvas size a little bit. Okay, that's it. Image size under the canvas is so fast to one. I needed a canvas it so I can move before and it after that means stacking up one by one means you can move beyond that. And after, Like this. Once you started these things, I just get like that one many Wait, I'm sure. Just play this one. That's it. Now it will ask you the canvas size. What size canvases you just needed. Okay, just do it. Then you start with the image size. If I need that image size in this ones, thank you. Have a great day. Now that this months late will be problem from here If you need that adjustment layers also from this one's like this select the levels layers, lips, groups make the group's means everything make like groups it will show. Ask you everything. New layer rgb legs on that the new layer for that exposure. Now it will be going to the group for the canvas size and then they made size. Thank you. Have a great day. This is the things. Once you've done these things, everything looks like a shop very thing. So when you create a create career created everything you can be make possibly do more things than me Also, uh, understand that one. So you can have in the conditional statement also. So now we can do that one so conditional statement. So what is the conditional statement means conditional action. Okay, for that, I just go for the green for the conditional action. Well, one more, Mr That's it from the conditional action. If that image is a portrait or landscape like that means if I do inside the conditional Okay, these are the conditions available into the 40 shot from yet If the layers digest Mentally you can do this one If the layers locker you can do this thing If the lyrics lark you can do this are yells you can do that everyone noble that if else that process Okay, if there document is okay, landscape, you can play the action off. Uh, where distraction. Ok, brightness election. Our else play you can do. Uh, this one. I just do that click. OK, now this one if you you've this action is going to be played are distinct. If the document is going to be landscape, you can play this action. If not else we can play this action. That's it. It's a conditional thing. So I just struggled. This one's now I just select do the everything if the if conditional statement I just click it Say this click which layer Yeah, it is exactly using this very, very cool thing because this is your portrait. So if the document is a landscape, this action will be player. That means brightness goes adjustment layer 1st 1 it's not menu item. Sure did. So last one. It is sure up the minute. Wait, um that this played okay, uh, everyone loves this Now the stop this. Everything OK? Is that reserved accents you can know about? Uh, these actions said how to clear the accents, How to lord accents how to replace this thing, How to make this how to make the new set. But modes everything you just noted. So far, the bottom Moore's now colorful button words also will be appeared. That was very cool. So I just pull over so the don't So because once more here. Yeah, I know the colors will be trump. So you for doing this Such things. Everything's the last two things will be appeared in this. So playing back actions. Okay are other ways. Once I click any action click from here action absence will be available so you can make rename. This thing's professional action will be such that that means make colorful Okay, action. That's it. You can dream him Such thing. Such click under the use action options Conditional action That means portrayed oh, landscape. Ok, I am not making the accents for the correct naming. I prefer you can make tape off pepper and you can schedule it out. What paper? Fact, since you were just going to make it on. Just report to this one's home, which layers home which adjustment layers on which lays to be locker. How much lays to be visible? What kind of message you just give to the user? What kind off off properties you just go for. Use it. What kind of men? You? What kind of stuffs? What kind of color? Everything you just defined inside the paper first. And then you can make it to the latest such thing. You just work it out to what, three times on? Then make the action. Then that action will be 100% age professional. So no, you are making actions from here. Everything's will be. You just know about these things each and each every steps. So I hope you love all this videos and everything. Please make your review off this course and everything. Um, if any things makes mistakes means please mention that also I will correct in that Next courses will be there. So thank you for watching this video and everything on Bye bye. See, then so many courses are there. Please check out the profile. Also every week I just Ari every month I just make your new set off course on. I just poster consistent. So please follow me on the profile link. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye Bye. See you on the next course until didn't see them. Bye bye. From Mag Nessman. That's my real name, Sarah.