Create your Own BLOG APP in REACT 30 minutes Quick Course

Rakesh Chinta, CEO NAG CORP, Harvard University, Google

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9 Videos (45m)
    • React quick deploy full

    • Build your first blog uning cosmic js and graph QL

    • Installing node js and npm

    • Writing our package.json file

    • Building the react blog app part 1

    • Coding the blog part 2

    • Explaination of code

    • Writing our single query code

    • Conclusion


About This Class


In this tutorial series, you'll see how to get started with creating a blogging app using React. Through out the course of this tutorial series, you'll be focusing on how to use React for developing the application user interface.

When the topic of single page applications (SPAs) comes up, we tend to think of browsers, JavaScript, speed, and invisibility to search engines. This is because an SPA renders a page’s content using JavaScript, and since web crawlers don’t use a browser to view web pages, they can’t view and index the content — or at least most of them can’t.

This is a problem that some developers have tried to solve in various ways:

  1. Adding an escaped fragment version of a website, which requires all pages to be available in static form and adds a lot of extra work (now deprecated).
  2. Using a paid service to un-browserify an SPA into static markup for search engine spiders to crawl.
  3. Trusting that search engines are now advanced enough to read our JavaScript-only content. (I wouldn’t just yet.)






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Rakesh Chinta

CEO NAG CORP, Harvard University, Google

Rakesh Naga Chinta is an Entrepreneur, SDE Intern at Google, Strategic Business Analyst, Author of several best-selling books.

A Harvard Alumni, with a burning passion for problem-solving and Entrepreneurship.

Previously worked as Software Engineering GSOC intern at google, Now is running several startups and ventures: where his skills are tested and sharpened every single day.

CEO and...

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