Create your Master DAW Template in Reason | Mikael Baggström | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Step 1: Group Channels

    • 3. Step 2: Send Effects

    • 4. Step 3: Color Coding

    • 5. Step 4: Rack and Channel Organization

    • 6. Step 5: Channel Naming

    • 7. Step 6: Instruments

    • 8. Step 7: Sidechain Compression

    • 9. Step 8: Master Bus

    • 10. Congratulations + BONUS GIFT


About This Class

Create your own Master Template Today
- Now is your chance to take action to create your own Master Template in Reason. And not just any template btw, your grand master template. A template to rule them all. A template that you can use for all your future music projects.

Special Bonus Gift
- After you finished this class I have a special bonus gift for you. I will share with you, my own grand master template for Reason, completely for free. You can use it as inspiration when you create your own master template, as a guide to see how everything is set up, or even use it as it is, to make your music with, if it suits your personal workflow.

Get Ready to Level Up in Reason
- You will learn my Top Tips, Tricks and even Secrets from my experience as a Music Composer and Sound Designer since 1998, and running my own business since 2004. I have condensed all my years of experience into a compact learning experience for you. Basically, this is your shortcut to Kickstart your Music Career.

Examples of things you will Learn

  • Group Channel Optimization using the POS model
  • Rack and Mix Channel Organization for Maximum Clarity
  • Sidechain Compression Implementation + Mastering Chain
  • Send Effect Channels Setup
  • Color Coding and Naming Structure for Optimal Workflow

Start Today
- Don't wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end. Invest in yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow. So enroll now! =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer