Create your Logo (chapter 1) - 03 Branding Mastercourse | Anke Van Reeth | Skillshare

Create your Logo (chapter 1) - 03 Branding Mastercourse

Anke Van Reeth, Identity branding & WordPress websites

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7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 00. Intro Logo Concept

    • 2. 01. Types of Logos

    • 3. 02. Your logo should be ...

    • 4. 03. First Logo Concept

    • 5. 04. Research & Moodboard

    • 6. 05. Develop your concept + Color

    • 7. 06. Class Project


About This Class

A step-by-step guide to create your own brand, logo, business card, ... Become the designer of your own brand!

With a photoshop template and an awesome interactive PDF to help you in every step!

Part #1 : Your brand story
Part #2: Create a visual identity
Part #3: This course!


"Logo Concept" is the third class of a series: "Branding Mastercourse".

In this class we will work out our idea for a logo.

What does a good logo need, how do you come up with an idea, what type of logo should you choose? 

This class comes with a photoshop template for your logo moodboard and we will use the interactive PDF workbook as a guide.

After this class you will have a valid logo concept; ready to be designed in Illustrator.

To access the first class of the branding mastercourse, "Your brand story" click here.

To access the second class of the branding mastercourse, "Create a Visual Identity" click here.





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Anke Van Reeth

Identity branding & WordPress websites

Hello. I'm Anke.

I design beautiful identity branding and user experiences.

I code responsive WordPress themes, and integrate them with Woocommerce if necessary.

I'm a freelancer, currently based in Sicily, Italy

I love my job, photography, illustrations, good movies, Mediterranean people, culture and food, coffee - lots of coffee, but most of all my boy and babygirl.

Follow my life in Sicily on Instagram.

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