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Create your Instagram Content Strategy for Business Growth

Maggie Roman

Create your Instagram Content Strategy for Business Growth

Maggie Roman

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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Welcome! What we will do in this course.

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Find Your WHY

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Find your niche & target audience audience

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Create dialogue

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Be authentic

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Give Value

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Set up the perfect profile

    • 8. Lessson 7 - Developing your Content Strategy

    • 9. Lesson 8 - Content types, Tips & Tricks

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About This Class

Instagram is an amazing tool that can help us grow our business, however we are often unsure of how to approach it and how to use the platform, in a way that will both benefit us and our audience.

This class is for anyone who wants to develop a successful content strategy for their Instagram account. The lessons are packed with a lot of information and exercises that are designed to help you find your true voice, as well as bring value to your audience.

The lessons will help you find your WHY, you values, your mission, your niche, your audience and will help you connect with your tribe. Together we will design the perfect profile, and learn to shine through true authenticity.

I hope this class brings you clarity and confidence on your way to designing your very own, very successful content strategy. Enjoy! :)

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Maggie Roman


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1. Welcome! What we will do in this course.: Hello, my name is Maggie Ron and I'm back with my third scale shared class. Today's class is going to be all about moving your Instagram game to the next level through effective communication and relatable content in order to increase your engagement, grow your following, and build a stronger brand. First, let me give you a quick background of who I am and why I wanted to teach you this class. I am the founder of money Raman illustration, which is my illustration brands. I paint with Guassian watercolors and I illustrate. To me, I mostly work on Illustration commissions. And I also sell my Princeton stickers on line through my online shop. I moved to London in 2016, where I worked in an office while my dream was to become a full-time illustrator. For the last three years, I've been burning the candle on both ends, both working a nine to five full time and trying to build my illustration business. In 2019, I took the plunge and left my full-time job, and I have been a full-time illustrator since then. So during this time, I've had plenty of chance to try what works and what doesn't, and try different approaches with my Instagram. In my previous class, we had an overview of all the structural elements of Instagram and how to use them. This class is going to be all about the content because your work is not going to sell itself. But if you learn how to talk about yourself, your passion will. My aim for this class will be to help you find your why and what drives you communicates effectively and see how you can be authentic and relatable, give value to others through your content and help you develop your own content strategy. After a lot of trial and error out, share the tips and advice that I found most effective. I've got a ton of practical advice to share with you today, and I don't want it to be overwhelming, so I'm breaking everything into short videos that are easy to follow along and digest. This class is also full of exercises to make you think about your business and help you get a clearer vision. So I have a pen and paper available. You can pause at any moment to complete the exercises and take notes or skip ahead if you are eager to move on to the next section, if you have any questions, you can post them in the discussion thread below, I read and respond to everything you post. Don't forget to follow me on skill share, press the button and you'll be the first to know as soon as I have a new course or a big announcement that they want to share with my followers. All of my advice stay applies across the board. So you'll have some key takeaways and I'll look to implement once we're done, ready to up your Instagram game and start talking with confidence about your work. Then hidden rule, and let's begin. 2. Lesson 1 - Find Your WHY: Hello and welcome to the first section of this class. Before we begin, I just want to say that finding your voice on Instagram and positioning your brand correctly to attract the audience of the clients. That 21 takes a bit of time and some trial and error. So brace yourselves for a lot of exercises in this class to get you thinking about your brand. In this unit, we're going to talk about your wife when we're trying to build our business and brand online, it is not always clear to us what to include and what not to. What is on-brand and what isn't. This is okay because we're just starting, but this is also the moment when we need to take a step back and think about their business. Understand our business, understand what we're selling, who we're selling to. And most importantly, why? When we ourselves don't have the clarity and don't exactly understand what we're doing. It is difficult to make anyone else buy into that idea by into the business or buyer services. It's difficult to talk about our work and promoted. So nine-year y means that you have a clear purpose. So how do we find r y? In order to do that, we first need to look inwards and find what matters and what we stand for. Find your why liquid. You're most formative stories. This could be from childhood or from adulthood, as long as they played an important role in shaping the person you are today. Look at the things that inspire you. Look at the things that you wish you had when you were growing up and whether you can offer that to others in order to help you find your why. I have two exercises for you. Exercise one, tried to answer the following questions. The aim is to provide you with crops that will make you think about your Y. Feel free to pause here and keep the answers short or as long as you want. So what did the questions? Who are you and what do you do? Why is it that you do? What is your vision? What is your mission? And describe your brand? In one sentence. Here is an example of what your answers could look like. So my name is Maggie, and I'm an illustrator. My illustration work mainly focuses on female empowerment. That reason why I focus on female empowerment is that because growing up I struggled finding strong female role models to inspire me or represent me in the media. And on the few occasions that I did, that experience was transformational. I felt seen hurt. I believe every woman deserves to be inspired. Therefore, this is where I focused my work. As I understand how valuable that is. My vision is to build a community where women come to feel empowered and challenge the limiting beliefs that we impose on ourselves or have imposed by others. I aim to build a successful business and that empowers me to exist independently and work from anywhere. My mission is to reach and produce thought-provoking work. Talk about difficult subjects, create meaningful conversations, inspire and support women through my art. I am a female and parliament illustrator that aims to inspire women to feel good in their own skin, the life that they choose to leave them with confidence. So now exercise two. So the second exercise aims to help you realize your y by digging deeper. So making you realize they incentives that drive you the bigger picture. This exercise will make you ask yourself why five times and every time you answer the why, you will ask why again. So for example, I'm an illustrator who mainly life surgical women who are strong, independent, and empowered. Why is it that I draw that while I may enjoy those? Because as a kid, I was always drawn to role models that were strong women. My favorite singer was pink. Okay, well, why is it that those women inspired me? Well, because I, they inspired me because I thought it was cool to be independent and strong. So why is it that their independence and strength stood out from the other qualities to me back then. Well, one of the reasons they stood out was because I was when I was little, I could see my parents worked very hard, which made me want to be strong and independent and so that I could help them. This is why I was drawn towards role models that promoted strength and independence and agency. And the other reason was because when I was in school, boys started saying things such as, you've run like a girl and we're lucky girl. But I was a girl and I was also quite good at sports, among other things. So I was looking for a role model who could both be a girl and be a badass to show them that I was just as good and that the fact that I was a girl had nothing to do with how far set could run. And so you see that by asking why over and over again, you will, you will start to realize your y. What drives you, why you sound for the things that you stand, and what matters most to you. Feel free to write your exercises in the comments below, if you would like to share your answers with the other students, and I'll see you in the next one. 3. Lesson 2 - Find your niche & target audience audience: Lesson 2. In this lesson, we'll see Who are you talking to and we will help you define your target audience and clarify your niche. So after having looked at who we are and why we offer what we offer it assigned to look at who we are offering to. I once heard a phrase that really stayed with me this whole time. And it goes, if you don't know who you're selling to, it's really hard to make a sale. And this applies to content. Who do you want to reach? Content? Who is it for? Who are we serving, who is in need of what we offer? The next exercise will help you think about that. You can pause the class to answer the questions. What kinds of hobbies do you have? What are your core values? What are you most interested in? What do you struggle with the most? What are your favorite pages on Instagram? What do you and your audience have in common? What do you want to make people feel when they go into your Instagram? What is their gut feeling about you? The important thing to realize when thinking about your audience is that if you speak to everyone, speak to no one. And you only need an average of 250 people to be really interested in order to sustain your business. So try to be specific when you're talking about who it is that you want to be talking to. You can use the following exercises of 20 questions to help you think of two people that could be your ideal audience for clients. This will help you be more specific and therefore more relatable in the content you produce while helping you be less doubtful about whether or not you're reaching your target audience. So feel free to pause the class while you answer the questions. Who is your ideal client or audience? What problem are you solving for them? Where do they hang out in their free time? What does a day in their life looks like? What did they absolutely hate doing? What websites are newspapers, so shows do they follow? What is their preferred way of communication? What inspirational people do they follow? And why? What is their biggest challenge right now? And what is their biggest challenge right now that you aren't, or service or content console. How is the challenge making them feel? How would they feel if they didn't find a solution? How did they currently perceive their ideal solution? What are their priorities right now? Whether their favorite brands, how does success look like to them? Which social media use? If they could have a magic wand and then end all of their frustrations, what would their lives look like? What factors would they consider before making a purchase? What format do they prefer to receive information and find three words that instantly describe what your institution is about. 4. Lesson 3 - Create dialogue : So welcome to the third section of this class. And after having thought about the what, why, who it is now time to think about how you do what you do. In this section, we will have a look at how to create meaningful dialogue. Meaningful conversations are what will help you build trust with your audience. Conversations generate more brand awareness and more reach. But how do we know what to talk about, what topics to visit and way? Well, this is when we come to our content buckets. Content buckets are several topics that we talk about on our platform. These are your subject matters, the things that interests us, that thinks that our brand stands for, and the things that will attract our drive. So choose three to six subject matters, categories, and break those into some categories. Feel free to pause the video while you write those down. So for example, for me, that would be female empowerment, art and subjects that touch on different topics about women's rights. So this bucket will have inspirational content, informational content about role models, content that challenge, challenges, self-limiting beliefs and content powers women to set boundaries and feel confident, as well as new launches, new products and services. And other bucket of my profile would be business advice for freelancers and creatives. This could be tips about contracts in order forums, classes about marketing and Instagram, and takes on negotiation, as well as sharing achievements that I have had with my clients, problems that I have solved for them and current projects and events. And a third bucket that would be things I like to include from my personal life. So you might want to think of a hashtag and for each bucket so that people can find your content grouped. Now when you plan your content from now on, try to stay on those stories relatable formats and consistency is key. Even better, try to have both consistency of the message at the time that you are posting. A scheduler in life later or plentiful could be handy so that you can schedule all of your content in advance. This will train your audience on what to expect from you and when to expect it so that they can always come from more. Think of it exactly as a TV show. So when you load a series, you know, one I went to expected and you know what to expect from it, you know what dates on and what time it's on. And that consistency is what gets you excited. So 3 TO channel, just like a TV show, quality is always more important. Quantity and shareability of your content is more important over the frequency with which you would post new content out. But still you need to post consistently. So depending on how much time you have tried to work out a schedule that will have you posting consistently and will not lead to a burn out for me. I have decided that it works to post three times a week. That will leave me with enough time for projects and enough time to create your content while I don't burn out. If you're just starting out, you might want to be posting more times a week than just three, which is the norm for me. But just keep in mind that it will have to be sustained for you. Showing up consistently and delivering more of what people follow you in the first place, inconsistency might eliminate people. So if you are inconsistent in the days and times, the two posts or on your subject matter that might have some of your followers unfollow. So for example, if you had a channel all about cat means and suddenly you're posting cooking recipes. Don't be surprised if a fraction of your followers might unfollow you. 5. Lesson 4 - Be authentic : It is often said that you don't get to 1 million followers without a 100 cave painters. So often we're too afraid to a dark, too shy to express what we really think for our fear of being rejected by others. But what we do in the process is we knew to ourselves without even realizing it. So your content doesn't resonate with anyone. Not everyone's going to love you and that's okay. That means that you are on the true path to authenticity. Be transparent in your brand, be transparent about what you stand for and have an opinion. People are following you because what you say represents them in a way. If you are unsure about what you stand for or what your brand stands for, You will not get that vote of confidence from people to follow you. I am not saying that you have to be provocative on purpose. Don't be afraid to speak up your mind. Not only have an opinion, but also take a stand. Show what you believe and why you believe it. Polarization will bring your most dedicated die-hard fans and spike engagement. So let the world know what your business stands for through words and actions. Right down the topics that are close to your heart and see why he might have been reluctant to speak about them in the past. Try that for a month and see if there's a different and engagement and growth. 6. Lesson 5 - Give Value : So say someone followed you on Instagram, that's great, but why should they stay? Retention goes up when you are able to give value consistently. So how can we serve someone? Well, a few of the things you can do for people are the following. You can inspire them, motivate them, entertain them, educate them, save them time by sharing your tips or tricks that can help them. Save them money, make their life easier, make them feel or look good. Build awareness, give expertise, create positive impact, and teach them new things and other things. The more value you give them more visibility you will receive. This has to do with the law of reciprocity, which says that if you show up to inspire or help out your community, your community will lift you up. Think about someone that you follow and are very happy to see on your feet. Start noticing how they are serving you. How are they helping you? Are inspiring you. What is it that makes you come back for more? Are you excited to see them lunch of product? If so, this might be because they implemented the law of reciprocity to offer value first before asking for a sale or anything in exchange. Feel free to pause the class and answer the following questions. What value can I provide to my audience? What's my plan to generate consistent value for my community? How can I get them coming back for more? Make sure to have absolute clarity on who your target audiences. If you, if you don't have clarity on who your target audiences, you cannot begin to build a content strategy. Because who are you making that content for? Who are the people you're trying to attract? 7. Lesson 6 - Set up the perfect profile: So let's have a look how you can build the perfect profile for your business brand or side hustle. Remember to focus on the people in the nation that you want to reach. Make it clear as every user has about two seconds to decide if your content is relevant and if they want to follow you. Remember to show who you are and what you offer and have a content theme and make it effortless for people to know what you do. Feel free to pause the class and copy the following checklist. Who are you? What do you offer to the user? Design your content to have a theme, color, layout. Use your name with what you do or what you want to be known for. You can do that by creating your own hashtag and included Ink, including it in your bio. As an exercise, I want you to find 10 profiles that you really like and you follow and observe how they present themselves. What are they saying? What do they offer? What does their bias eight. 8. Lessson 7 - Developing your Content Strategy: So now that you have an understanding of your brand, your audience, and your niche, it is time to develop a content strategy. Keep in mind that the first content strategy you develop might not be the best content strategy that you develop. It will take some time and experimentation, but as long as you have a clear understanding of what you're doing, you can try new things and look at your analytics to see what works. You will need to switch to a business account if you haven't already, so that you can have access to Instagram analytics in order to develop your content strategy, think about the following. What are you literally selling? What are you emotionally suddenly? What is the target? What do you want to achieve? What are you going to met? How are you going to measure that? What will you be sharing? Where will you be sharing? Decide how you're going to monitor your performance. Legs are less important these days as vanity metrics do not necessarily transform into profit. But if people start posting comments like, Oh my God, this is literally me. I feel so hurt seeing so Understood. How did you get that picture of me? If your posts are starting to get reshared or saved, or if your product start getting inquiries or started selling, that means that you are definitely onto something you are on the right track in your content strategy. For clarify your themes and your territory is to position yourself as an expert. Then find our create your design images, your message, your art. Once you settle on your strategy, do not stray away from that. Consistency is what brings people back to your brand and business. So relatability and consistency are the two most important thing. And remember that delivering value is more important than having something picture perfect. Last but not least, I would definitely recommend using a content calendar. There are plenty of schedulers that are out there and most of them will have a free plan. Some of them aren't. Finally later, later Grom, preview or plentiful. 9. Lesson 8 - Content types, Tips & Tricks: So now let's have a look at the Instagram channels that you have at your disposal, along with some content examples and some tricks and advice. As your channels, you will have the following. Your feed, your post. Opposed can be a picture Video, Carousels. You have your stories, your DMs, your IGTV, instagram live and highlights. I would suggest that you have a look at which content you want where and plan each channel one at a time. And that's your content. You would have some of the following. You can have quotes which can serve as conversation starters behind the scenes to show you that process self-paced to introduce yourself. This really helps when it comes to people getting to know you and connecting with you. Work in progress. Sketches or products in the making, flat lays of your sketches or products, product pictures, product mockups. If you're a designer and you want to show off your logos, product photo shoots, and behind the scenes you did. You can also have user-generated content like pictures you have been tagged in or reviews from your customers, upcoming events, newsworthy. Newsworthy content means customers holding your product or wearing it. This can be a really good source of content that you don't have to work for. Landscape photography or trouble, you can use video, time-lapse, boomerang, talking head or tutorial, Q&A, live interviews, unboxing and cetera. So starting with the first channel, which would be our posts in our feet. Let's see. What would be the three things that every post needs. Well, as successful posts usually have the following. You'll need a meaningful connection. You'll need the relevant good-quality art image or a graphic that ties into your subject matter. Remember your subject matter buckets, you will need 30 hashtags and I would recommend using all of them as hashtags are the SEO of your post. You can use your hashtags that explore the meaning behind the subject matter and the work. Instead of hashtag art or hashtag, love hashtags, unless its products. Think of what I would need to type to find your work. And last and most important, you need consistency and reliability. So with captions and the longer they read, the better, try pulling your audience in so that you make an emotional connection and give value to them. Try the following. Ask questions, ask questions and talk about your area of expertise. Make more conversations and less announcements in your posts and tried to make the conversations all about your audience and the, and you're trying to serve, help and inspire and not about you. People always want to know what's in it for them. What value can they get from your content? So don't make it about you. Start with easy questions that could be answered with a yes or a no, option a or option B. This will take less time for your audience to answer and help them start engaging with your content. You can then start asking open-ended questions to get their opinion. Who, what, where, when, why, or ask multiple questions or do a poll. Tried to use storytelling in your post to make your content more interesting to read and easy story, unless it, an easy storytelling recipe is describe the problem, then describe this. And then describe the solution or a plan and the result. Tried to establish an emotional connection with your audience through your captions. You can write smaller captions over a few very powerful words to really emphasize your imagery. Or you can use descriptive storytelling format for longer captions like a microblock, stories are how we make sense of our world and they are how people connect. The tip here is to try and create more shareable content. Think of those posts. Think of those posts that resonate with us so much that you just have to repost them in your stories. What is it about those posts? Could you create something similar? Remember to use Instagram as a networking platform for a human to human connection. As the more you engage, the more you grow and build a community. So put yourself out there, engaged, leave comments and open as many conversations as possible. When I didn't have the time to create anything new, I was trying to leave 3250 comments on other accounts daily so that I can engage with other people. And what usually happens is that those accounts would then check my account back and some of them would follow me. This helped me grow my account even without posting new content. As when you leave a meaningful comment on someone else's work, they will usually be curious and check out your account. Something interesting to them, they will give you follow. This way. You will avoid bad practices such as deeming people to ask them to follow you or ask them for a sale, which I find quite cringy. And you won't have to follow, unfollow others to make them notice you find out what are the best times to post online because chances are if they're more users online, your content will be seen more. Tap on the hamburger menu at the upper right corner of your profile, then top insights than under Overview tab on the number of your followers. This will open a tab of your account growth. If you scroll down, you will reach them most active times can see which time of each day you have the most followers being active. These would be the best sense for you to post on each day in order to make sure that you have as many eyeballs on your content as possible. Instagram changes, it's mainly often, so the way you see it might change with time, but have a look around your profile menu and I'm sure you will be able to find it. Alternatively, if you use later as a scheduler and you use a paid plan later is able to suggest here when is the best time to post with better accuracy than Instagram? Be realistic with your expectations so that you don't set that up yourself for failure. Building a following takes a long time and a lot of efforts. So even if you are the right things, please remember not, not to be expecting to reach a 100 followers in a month. Speaking of most, Let's have a look at how your post gets engagements. So the way Instagram works is your posts will be shown to the first 5% of your followers, then the next 10 percent, then the next 20 percent. So unless you get engagement right away, your content will not stand a chance to remain visible to get more likes and engagement. You can use engagement pods or Dm groups. You can create your own DM groups and have a look at my previous class on how to grow your Instagram for artists and creatives. Two more, to know more about the Dm groups, but please don't use bots or by followers. Bots will kill your account. The way Instagram displays content is no longer chronological, so the best content will be shown more. So remember to keep quality high and pause as often as possible. Persistency is also rewarded by Instagram's algorithm. I choose to post around three times a week. So it's often but still sustainable. You can measure how your posts are doing by looking at your key performance indicators, such as likes, comments, re shares, and saves. Saves show you how many times your post has been saved by other users. You should aim to increase your reach. Your reach is the number of and users who see your content while impressions is the total amount of times that your quantum has been reviewed to see how your posts is doing. Click on one of your posts and click on the View insights on the lower left corner of your image. This will show you how many times your posts was saved, liked and reshared. Another type of posts that there's getting a lot of attention right now. Our carousels. Car cells are a type of posts where you can have up to ten pictures on one post and people are swiping the images to read your message. So carousels are ideal for storytelling. So let's see how uneffective CAR cell is built in terms of content. And as an exercise, I will help you find it an example of a carousel. So your first image will be the hook, something engaging title that will get your audience interested. Your second slide is the intro to your target audience, your problem or your issue. Your third slide will be presenting the problem. So stat storytelling relating to your target audience. Slides 45 will explain the situation and relate to users. Slides 678 are delivering the value. This is where the punchline is. This is your chance to give valuable advice or solve a problem. Slide 9 is that key takeaways for you checklists, and Slide 10 can be your call to action. Here is an example of what the car, so it could look like. This is just an imaginary example. Remember to never ask for sales in the beginning. And remember to use call to actions that are clear in what they ask your audience to do. Your next channel will be your stories. So stories are updates, uh, pictures or videos that popup but the top of your Instagram and they are set to disappear in 24 hours. So a lot of people are using stories as a way to share glimpse of who they are with their audience. Stories can be personal. They can be more role and less picture perfect. And as they only stay up temporarily, stories are usually less pressure. So you can show behind the scenes action, share moments of your life, share funny incidents, or repost things that made an impression on you. Stories allow you to use stickers to ask questions or do polls or create quizzes to make them more interesting and more interactive. So here are some ideas. Your stories. You can share your favorite accounts. You can talk to the camera about your day or something important. You can celebrate a when you can offer an exclusive story deal, introduce yourself or your team. Share a day in your life, share your to do list, post a throwback, or do a tutorial. Our next channel will be your DMs. Direct messaging is a great tool to reach out to people and send them a compliment, ask a question, or open a conversation. Do not use DMZ to ask for a follow or a sale. Instead, try to answer any questions your audience may have through DMs and make human to human connections. A simple way to start the conversation in your DMs would be to show genuine interest in somebody's job, hobbies, work, or ask easy questions to get the ball rolling. So use DM, use DMZ to introduce yourselves, ask for advice or suggest a collaboration. Give advice, give value. A tip here is that when you're communicating with your customers or your audience through DMs, there are three ways to answer a DM. You can answer it with text, with video or with audio. And what it gives you the most reach, as it can't be done by boats. And it will give you the personal touch. So you can try and reply to your DMZ in a different way. Although I imply with texts most of the times. Next we'll have a look at the IGTV. I did to be is great for tutorials, longer videos, interviews that you want to save for people to access later. Here is the cheat sheet for the best formats for IGTV. Next, we'll have a look at Instagram Live. So Instagram Live can be ideal for you to have an interview with someone else. In Second Life is great for interviews with other people that you get to later saved onto your eyes. I use Instagram Live to announce a launch or talk about a topic that interests me. Next time we'll have a look at your highlights. Highlights are stories that you have been to your profile. So these stories stay on your highlights and people can access them anytime. You can use your highlights as your landing page and pin each one of your services on a different highlight with multiple stories to explain what you offer and how it works. To create a highlight, you will need to upload a story and click towards that story and then click on the little heart at the lower right corner. This will add it to a highlight. You can create new highlights or add more stories so already existing ones. Here's a story highlight, structure recommendation. Your first story should present the what the solution. Your second story can talk about the whole so your target audience, your third story can talk about the why, the need. Your fourth story can talk about the how and the result. Your fifth story can present your unique selling point and your sixth story presents your story. Why are you the best choice keeping each story from five to 15 seconds, this would make up one pin. Thailand.