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Create website for doctors and clinic without coding step by step with wordpress

Samson Thomas

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27 Lessons (3h 15m)
    • 1. Medical website intro

    • 2. Wordpress hosting

    • 3. Dreamhost installing wordpress

    • 4. Medicinic theme themeforest

    • 5. Changing website name and adding new user with roles

    • 6. Fix slider revolution in homepage

    • 7. Slider revolution slider editing

    • 8. Team members & testimonials

    • 9. Changing & customizing header

    • 10. Adding & customizing menu

    • 11. Adding woocommerce plugin in website

    • 12. Enabling woocommerce pages and setup paypal & stripe

    • 13. Timetable and event bookings

    • 14. Editing contact us page

    • 15. Side area in website

    • 16. Editing footer

    • 17. Editing homepage

    • 18. Editing dentist homepage

    • 19. Yellow pencil - visual css editing

    • 20. Android webview app

    • 21. Ios webview app

    • 22. Tools for pagespeed and performance

    • 23. Wprocket wordpress plugin and comparing

    • 24. Configuring wprocket plugin

    • 25. Cloudflare cdn

    • 26. Integrate google analytics with wordpress

    • 27. Backlinks and social website


About This Class

Create website for doctors and clinic without coding step by step with wordpress

# Learn to create website with drag and drop builder

# learn to edit slider of revolutions slider

# learn to edit pages and create pages with WPBakery

# Learn to add blogs and edit contact forms


1. Medical website intro: Hello, everyone and welcome to my skin. Plus, in this last mover you how you can create medical object with workers upset with me. Having medical creatures like you would be able to create my pages like drug post. This is an example of the most You can see the momentum and drop post. This is a page baby people to show your lagers. This is for combat this page. You will be able to create contact of space and our medical practices. Also, you will be able to showcase your man and the contact if you want to send, perhaps we can also sell, perhaps in the shop. Our website will be having lichens like newcomers and other people degrees which you can use do send Europe's. This is an example office in the world. Let me show you the whole bit building I've been using that will be making basement of 80 pages. Our website will be completely diagonal. You don't need to do any according and it's for everyone. It's for all the age groups. Let me show you the home page. This is the slider on the homepage. As you can see, we can act majors as well as text and buttons. I'm sure you know you can change their take size and our arrogance. This is those later. These are different. I condolences. I got amongst us after boxes, which have Aiken that's text At night below. You can see different galleries off the clinic. If you click on it, you will be able to see that in that Mitch, you'll be given to showcase your ground and some text below. You can see the different doctors. Doctors have their own leaders and their social media. If I click on it and be able to see a doctor Page, this is Captain Page. As you can see, this is the kind of the doctor that we have for Doctor Dr Description, booking, appointment, Burton Specialty, Big Cleaning, Worldbeat's and testimonials. So this way you will be able to create about that base as well. Blue. Then we have a city, a button and some thanks, and you behead the food. I would show you how you can add a poster. Connect could interfere. Contact us form, or you can take the addresses, text, photos, videos, etc. So, Dr shirt with this class and I'll see you in the lesson number two. Thank you 2. Wordpress hosting: Welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, we're talking about WordPress 40 there, three different coasting with and best forwards. The best questions are lose them was onside count. You can use any of the whole thing and start by creating your website. Lose starts back to 19 followed one month. The side room starts at one financial apartment and Saigon starts at 3.9 per month. The all day who sticks are committed by rest of words. And the best part is they provide the best for playing. If you need any help apps a book, they will be happy you. 3. Dreamhost installing wordpress: welcome back Everyone in this flu videos and wrinkles while our hosting you know, worthless. So the most is Officer the Commander and we're best off once. So that's that started the most hosting So one to line they must slash world s really even toe pick the best plan one workers We have three different plants VDs manage workers and share Ustream Any hope, the hosting and center you need to click on Sign up now and then you will need to buy the host once about hosting and no name was. And once you know you're hosting given to see young websites Also getting before that it was does not afraid of me for testing anything's they hope to workers in things you need a gun Work this then you need to cling on Worthless for example thinking before the day was start Then you need to know about this is completely Oxman and I don't recommend you It's a balloon anybody Then we'll click on automatically install it for me then worthless CMS really being started in the hosting Once you install wordpress to give way to logging were us Adami now once used all the workers you need people to see you in strike activity in your conscience by them You even see that before home. You will be able to access your website by opening the link. You can see our workers has been start. This is 2090. So this is how over the fighting venues. Now, if you really wanna know, you're even looking for us. But now you need are usually passport. You might know You know what these things and I asked for So you will need to click on your passport and then you need to add to our community that used for creating your dream was to And then and then once a figuring humility, you really quickly can get a new passport. Then you will need to follow your evening who is again possible Once a loving and good upside, you repeat it. And that's more from your you even Sister Iberians. Very people had in the team and six planes. Maybe adding functionality away well, goblins, you are You will be able to see how many people arm and your left side you can add a new users are administrators, subscribers and work. Will you from your unit easily important. Export side and sendings. This is the sendings where you can change your home page and then enable subscription Exeter. You Have you been playing Regis? You heard him deeper to see old media funds like the majors for news, will. You didn't find X enter. You can store finds over here. You're gonna agree. Almost all weaken, saved as articles in Yemen and all the comments they get in just one morning from this plan . If you're having issues or even studying workers are made about, any of that thing can be don't support then taken on EC support and then you can thank and support will be. They was from school Jack and images that would 4. Medicinic theme themeforest: Welcome back. Open interest to really be abusing medically, Nick Medical Health Care Team. This is the team that we're going to use for our ups. The team has been created by power. Let me Caro capes And the team has tried different room business For our website. You can pick ah, home page from land awesome or bridges that have been already created for you. There are more features that you get with this thing. You get free, Plagens A powerful Harriman. Very recommendation off the team. We have one like that in 45 star priority support by the Makarov teams on Social McGarity. If you go down, will be able to see more from just by medically like customization. Extensive Armand face on large more features. 5. Changing website name and adding new user with roles: in this letter of true you continue your site name on the back And what this meant much You could see if alcohol bitch even see this name as a website You can see just another war beside. I'm just underworld type. So this is the site. Me and they sustained a sad sight name Do now Jean beside me to my house and like two. When this clinic If it's for Amazon, the first thing that you get is the same thing. This is the site name and then this is the deadline. So this way this is the bag land And this is the If you walk home you feel any but this people will be able to Silent weapon It was the son of the big means their subscribers the costumes in just the same members you knew That has been already people if you want I knew that you just you get to see all the users Administration is Either you tell all of the control of the site. He can aid this act The excite on What if I the same If you want to create any administrative or ater are one people are subscribed within people I knew at the news the many different things for using these was a me any me? No. These all the other things are important now in the rose, there are different rules for administration is the whole. We use all the answers in the store manager. It only use access to warm us this one in the customer. They only able to see that orders for the subscribers they will only be even to sometime newsletters. And that is a person who will be the winner. Big host at this. And we also me with the media also if someone is being given to see you here. 6. Fix slider revolution in homepage: Welcome back open in this letter. True you. How you can fix that? We were just lighter problem. If you're trying to do any of the homepage, you will only see you shows ladder slider areas. Let this whole wonderful. Let's try another one. You can also You can see the revolutions, lad. I mean, you know. Now let's try to think this to fix this. It's very easy. You need to go down. Slider revolution now from your urine. Atypical con bolster. Now home. Choose Fine. This is our king Foreigner. You need to navigate excitement, export. Then else laugh. This is our different home pages. These religions don't In the first liars, they try to fix the baddest open. And would you can see that game just Room has been in Booker now. We were really increase the home page in people to see this letter. No, that's tractor. Fix them. You. We need to. I mean, the old slider throws fine made, So you just bordered the milieu. If you believe press will be given to see me Yes, you can see a less lighter have been border in the food giant lessons I would chew. You continue the matter on up the ladder and image and the weapons 7. Slider revolution slider editing: Welcome back. Everyone in the center of a show you how you can any deal and solutions later. So this letter that you're seeing is a revolutions every hope it has their own revolutions . Letter aware with the team to bury any devolution. Slater, we leave the world revolutions later. I have already uploaded to difference like us. If you have a different home page first upon your new people find food slider through the fight. Then you need to go back to the team folder. Then you examine export. But it was later and they said they're different status degree. How? Example. If you are using medicine store little hope Thank you. Pulled aside once they move the slider and even to see this letter directly, I'm using home made me who so like me trying to and who paid me So this is the home base What the moves. And he and for you conceive via four difference letters in this letter. Yeah. You can see the Air Force letters like that. You slider. 234 Magma have already selected a slider. One. Let's try to end this, they decided only selected. If you want to do to get you can duplicate. We're here as well as you can act and or duplicate if you want a parent inside a gun Here. This is a noble blew. His letter is used for any limits on all the sliders. This is the bedroom. If you want it in the bathroom, you need to select. Made a library Are object lender. Excellent. Made in a very from here. You need anywhere between the current pattern really going on here. This is the new matter insert at the battle of Proteins. Now we held next images, she one person bleating, explicitly monitored. And you're in a given region. The next. If you want to change the Bush Cheney, you can think things knows, or you can use this. I was a little anyway developed. Then we held this for definitely gonna be able to change this attack next. If you want to have a new object earlier in the even at a nuclear from your like he means, are you will you but see objects or even in bone? Any energy? Now, if your machine this can be able to change it working. This will be automatically if you don't work it simply delete key on it. Really artists and leaves this a 1,000,000,000. You can easily make it bigger us mother. I'm gene the alignment and was saying we continue the color like hide fun size fund made. If you want to change the find family, you will be able to change over here. Anyone certain you need to squeak on things like Now let's try anything. You can see that you just change the web side, ext as well as the bathroom. No, I mean you can use well, this letter layer, This is our plans. Better care now if you're thinking toe, are you on all the sliders? Global Be because simply put on earlier have image selected. It means that you want to around all sliders like this and you can insert some deep bullshitting their way you want I had a different upset for x and Y and seemed Now if you replace a home, pains will be able to see the new one. Always line us. It was like one. This is this latter Who? This is the cyber three. You can see the logo will not change but the flatter vintage. So this value begin workings, bluebells, letter and older. This Lina's 8. Team members & testimonials: Welcome back. Everyone in this letter are true how you can edit this section off their website. How you can change meet our be on the team, Immerse the wedding reception, Larry page just like you used to raid your home. It? No. If we go down, we'll be able to see the Colonel section title that is used for anything. This patent on the X, which is possible description. And you know that you have a small spaces and then we have the key members are doctors a car Inglis this team list is linked with Make our team your foot fully convinced that I can Yeah, you need to see number got currently actually, former twelves in continued with 123 and 4 p.m. Four different clubs space between us. You continue the space, you're you And how many team members that you want kindly, extreme for members, Then you're you can add practically all the interest. You can only show presents with Alicia now blue jeans, the team bus. Like Angela jargon Nicole and Steven. We need to make our team. You can see that 80 members and key you want anyone to see for so global change anything, save it will be able to see 80 members. This is the 1st 4 and these are the other four team members, which no you can call me and ask him to add a new member. Let's back anyone. Let's try when you can add a description off the hook, you're OK. There's adequately you that Will you be able to see Catic if you want to create mental? Secondly, you can easily clear oil and also have options for patterned England. Because of that, we have the future image protecting it. This is the future image that you're going to see their doctors image in the future of it extracted and a few turbulence up. Your friends send the fonds. So this would be about retirement now, please. We just learned the man have the members and you want to see this one in the game we have Oh, no. And heading this list now the now back to change from a struggle. See, if you don't be able to see you just ended in the 19 you won't be able to see their doctor . I can't because me not entered. If you want to buy a lycan open the Remember you will be able to have the specialty off the doctor, even address phone number. Did he training? Charm bio slum by And the world is you'll be able to see the member control here, for example. This is a completely different evidence. There. Straddled James A lack a floor. Let's look at this. You consider you just heard the man. But I could look at assists. Bestiality? What better It is really sure. Dire charm. Bio Wonderful. My and the Lebanese. This is starting from a lower and this is ending the way it just looks. Undated How many will be can the button dick, This is the social media. I can you below. You can see we have four different icons that we can please. Just for him you need to be like then religiously, I can like anger or any other. I can You can also select Good are being your Facebook. Then you need a week. Then you say you given other weapons. And finally, Now let's start with impressive speech. Yeah, you can see our name has been changed. We have developed and this is the social media and the like Click. You can see specifically legally training. Work this on people can easily an appointment. So this is how I maybe even book barbers. Sandy, you can edit other team members. Engine. I expect you. This is Megan. It's This is a description Books. This is their testimony in and this is Go. I have a defect expenses. If you want to add this, do any criminal this justified. We need toe Eddie the space with visual campos To edit this page with his with the father must find you need todo bakery Generally it is or a good manager. And will your legal select our custom? I'm seeing it now that you have changed given anything, Jeanne the best ammonia handed up. Next. This is the testimony in McCargo testimonial. And this is the back conception X Book and broke this bus. Actually, you can read it in the home base baiting, and this is nothing. Back description is the bio Charlie Bio. Now, if you ended the testimony, incumbents like and you can see it. TV print testimonials. This is the image testimony in name. So this is standard testimony in we have two different types guards. I'm starter and your skill dark and life you need. If you want to add more testimony, make sure you have already pleaded estimates in the car destiny. Currently, we have nine different testimonials. Creator so freakin crazy tonight will be able to see nine different destinations savory, just like me. Who remembers the advocate? Endless in aggregate is will you? Let's try perceive movements, photos, letters I think will be given to see him world like slider. If you're selling, it's like you slides will be automatically changed. You know, there would be no anything nimble arguably arguably use for meeting this letter. Arguably, this is duration off the underplay incineration navigation adults can see left and direct. If you know for sure you can disable It saved me. You don't want to throw the imagination, you can disable it or anyone. Let's track with this decision. This I believe this Now you can see we can you can see beyond nine different, distinct millions available. We have hired of the house few minutes now, begging the testimonial you need to move system owners make our Mr they're struggling. This Oh, we have next off the testimony this is the next greatest ammonia. We need to change it. If you want kids, then we have the author and job better. This is the author or the user who grow entered the testimony. And this is resignation, saying you would be able to Eric on the other distance once we need to. If you want at that testimony into any friend, you consider this video even your demon, but as well this will be able to pay the destiny. 9. Changing & customizing header: Welcome back, everyone in this lecture I'm sure you are. You can customize your here and that is the most part off your website You can see in the head. That would be how milieu begin. Change the Lugou. We can change this as well as we continue this number. I mean And in it they can show you how you can change this. Let's start with the new go and then it looks change this Oh dashboard in your back in now we're going either sentence make our options. General. You're the people who seem bread branding you. Give me change. I don't want to fool you and you just want to show that Thanks You can say yes if you don't mind for the next time I only want to show you. No, you're even prepared them sitting. Define now. So much for the pictures. Documents? Very but you have a low. Let's try person it. This a woman now? Once the once the road has been released, you need people to select image. The blue has been changed. Now you don't save it. Once you get this great dignity, you can refresh the page. You can see your logo has been changed, but food on you can see your logo has been changed. But if you go back in your job, I will not be able to see the same blue. So I recommend you will change all the rules. Lord I was taking. And by this time, you just have a look on your answer. Syria, the changes. Now, if we're goingto make, its mother will be able to see that the local means to see it means that we awoke and computer the newest now the travel team before number me and you need a little bridges. You will also be able to navigate the Web gems from appearance. Richards. No, we need to know Helena. Which in blue area slept here. Now we help me, Carlo. I can inform widgets. We have daily friend with checks for number tiny and emit their strategy in the time their strategies the phone number. This is the night you can see. We have the title for here on the and this morning. They're still needed for number. There's a standard form of it. Now you can see let's strategy in the humility if you want. Also a link. You can also I like currently we're using custom Michael sized 90. Currently we're using custom micron size opening line and just like wherever, Gene I can you get setting any London? Hey, So I went back. I am beckons central saving on extracting Same way like this. Your people to change the timing off the address. If you re pressure, it will be able to see the changers. E mail has been changed, has been changed. And for them I have been teach. So this way we will be able to change the header. Now, if you love your contact us Page just having defended him, be able to see that the harder it is completely different. If you want to change header off this page or any of the page like this Let me show you how you can debate age Cornum, you will be able to see us. We have deformed standard extender stagger. If you click on standard extender, be able to see a different header. And if insulin before you even see different other let's travel, See divorce. So this is your before header. If you change to Steiner Extender, you be able to see a different Let's try it, Chris. The beans and you can see that are headed has been changed. The other is like our homepage. 10. Adding & customizing menu: Welcome back, everyone in this lecture I'll show you how you can customize your me. You can see that there is no meaning in the competition. If we'll see for demo, you will be able to see their me. How a men, if you open any of the home pages, will be able to see a 1,000,000 on there. But our website is not having any menu on the earth. Now, if you want to have a new item are created menu. Let me show you how you can get a bit. What were your and makes from your will be even to select a meaning. Be a foreman, you custom anyone mobile, millions and millions. Let's create a new many. Let's name the menu. What? What what What do you want? Like New Me An ugly concrete. We have just created a new menu. So next I don't screw The letter knew me. This is speeches. This is forced custom link, Agree off the post and who commerce spent once you feel welcome screen options will also see many adoptions like you can rent in the many. Remember ice events throughout X getting in any eggs eggs Enter now lived. Fractal art ages Home surge expired for active You can see you just entered the contact husbands. Let's suppose for a moped There could use this. There's whom Now we have three different pages in the mini there. Spoke this up. I just don't now said I mean navigation as well as more and hope Sammy. Now you feel Italy First speech when the people you see men whom ourselves with Gordon this if you click on them the baby It was funny. Let's stay in the main room. It will seal the menu Name really changed. Now this menu will be used for all the pages post or any other for some time looking for checkers and he will be redirected to the corner house page. You could see contractors on the rails. So this way you will be able to change many if you want a broader are even other force whose terrible selected, activated showing the backroom soothe activity and any now, if you want to pair a custom Li like work simply, they're trying to use this room. We need to go to Custom Link and the one on the next What anchorman? He physically calm down. Arrow would be able to see many other options. Like Link Lonely Brochu. I could if you want. You can also use items from different Aiken packs like formed, awesome for Element and other non extractive saving. Next, See if you will be able to see around so you can see wants. That has never been the flu and other business looks title Well, hello. One under the nexus This portion of the right now even see the able to see some of the dangers are inside the week You can see US services are under home. Bitch, connect us Hello World said inside the reserve so this will be able to meet it. 11. Adding woocommerce plugin in website: back everyone in this letter, I'll show you how you act. Strong bill. We had a gorgeous Mohammed is used for a store. Do you go to a dashboard in the dashboard? You'll be able to see. Welcome to new comers. If you have skipped, set what you can with goto Commerz. Then click on settings in the local, my second going ahead and then you need to set off set off in the set of their being able to send us faster in the first step we need to send up store. In the first step, you will be able to set up your store as well s you need even to send the biggest like I check out and sharp age. Let's add the straw location on address. Please specify your address so that it would be better for the Sioux. You need to specify the currency. This currency will be sent to defer currency complete Excuse the United States dollar. Now your second payment. We can't we have three different buildings. But if you want more payments but didn't goto next war in the dashboard, we need to go blackens you need even and new plantings for Mogo us in the search blackens but you can do is search for commerce and then the like named for the game it like a baby. Billions is a be mitigated used in India, China and other countries. You can also serves for screen. You even see Scream Office a pledge in orders you can search for baby so this very and be able to act Leggings for Commerce Website store So there are almost 250 planes available for rumors. Family. So we need to get going to help the people that you might have skinny excellence people and straight. Once a offline women's you can check women are once again a with plug ins. They would be better. For example, if I remember our disabled to beat them. Being given to see that is, nobody find anybody be able to see that matter. There's going in the shipping if you're should be mentored in a given city. Also, there isn't looking quite a ship station, which can and do automatically print the shipping with apple. You need to specify the shipping matter black ice in united before location, and then the location outside of the location don't just be seven are making a freshening. Now there's something coming distance. What? You easy like Facebook if you enable you to be human, to get excellent backing. Single night vision Messenger attack and sharpens if he never mentioned you need Ebert turns on and absolutely minimalist Minimum goes on and be able to manage store spoke on border G medics with the new and improved dashboard. If you can even automated Texas, you'll be over the same time on tablet automatic dances. If you don't want just be selected. The final step is too active it Jake back. There is a great plain program Beta security store. Seven stacks or rooms on stone like also checked back can help you connect with Google maps . Good, that's keeping. Or it can continue inject logging based on this. And now, finally, you already you gonna do best more and now you're ready for the Brooks are already available, and beaches have been taken. Any fresh ones? No, I you know, this is a new base card which has been creator for you. You're even between the party, our ankle. And she was hoping even this is a government must have for anyone wants to use a coupon will be given at a coupon warrior. If they don't help, they will be able to pack first name, last name and all the figures. And finally didn t even to select the people. Kate may. Then click place order to place the order. Let's check in, please. Anyone once the order, this place they related and return to the painter bait you will be given to see Thank you. You are are has been missing this and the other is Now, you see, the harder you passport and then Google is you need able to see all the artists you can see . This is the first order 20 seconds ago. Now from the I can you need even between the state that's from processing. Okay. Once the artist computer, the receiver will be able to get that notification. If if you can order, it will be people to see all of the hard against the program On other customary is from your you given to the action. Yeah, you'd be given between the status. You wouldn't be even jeans because tomorrow this is I don't get to us. And now get a new border. These are we need to do programs and little operatives over here. The customers will be able to go on the programs. Currently, these are all the programs. Means having better moving in order to continue. And even with Bryant thistles, the birth is a part of me starting things for a place. Smart inspection, active esteem Technically in tax, people will be able to share around. This is a long description, Irishman. Information we'd and I mentioned. This is you. Is that a gallery Images? 12. Enabling woocommerce pages and setup paypal & stripe: back. Everyone in this lecture will ensure the pages that you need to act menu. You should having a common store. Hey, how the beaches work. Currently, I have only two items in the menu. Looks at the four items in the main. In the first will be my account and other three pages with me guide Jeffcoat Potential beach. No, I looking down my God on the bottom and shop on the no Now see the menu and make sure you have to check. I mean, sure, you checked main navigation and make sure that your main revelation and move on And in France, the beach I would be able to see the man If you're likely console you even to see all the problems you have better. You know, you're able to see all the groups that have matter If you want to add a new burnt right click on proverbs your people to see all the four apps we turn to start in the shop Now it really perks completely gone. And you you can also import export Let's click on new Oh, you're you can add more description, organized description Let's keep or maybe even a barranca. Also, if you are, you able to see the different Atticus going here, so feel selected to teach them a new order. And with the added in there, we have regular friends as well, a scary place. You're even to see that this is the regular price which has been crossed, and this is the same place. So this value people. But I will say if you want, you can also share the same if you want. You can ultimatum work for ordinary level if their digital moves in the directory you consent. How many stops I really don't managed us. You're be able to set a week and I mention off the soup this has been. Plus, you'll be given a big city. We'll be able to customize the shipping in the settings. The important you be able to pack upset and nothing you can add a new baroque expert given to see different eggs. Will you be able to add the payments? The program image will be shown in the shop as well as on the page. Let's use this insect. It will be able to see Prada gallery. You compare her gathered. Able does how just set a few different foregoes. Forget you can add us more description and then you can publish it. Once the bird has been published in being able to see programme published and the parental ing your be able to see the product. And if you reverse the store, it give its to see the work in the shop. This is how many Americans they will have. The same price. Small description, last description. You hear people everything's and below. We've even to see later Berg's then some relation Now on the card bait, you able to see the problems which are in the guard Extracted added this Once the product has been Arab will be people to see on the top you be able to see the product as well as you can goto this guy Now people, if they want that political, they will be able to go check out badly jiggled will you may be able to fit that billing. It is shipping two days I make the demon by beaming Higley in the mind contact. They will be able to see that it is like actresses orders down doors a confidence and this is the dashboard in the next, more people do. Lago gingerly sent orders shipping and believe it is Angie in the bus were in the orders they will be able to see on us. This is the part that I creator. Some minutes, if you click on the logs, will be able to see the files, which are available for home use. These are only available for the digital arose in the addresses. You'll be able between the actors or here you can edit being as well as shipping. No to send the female here. May you need acceptance on the second space. You need payments in the agreements. If you want to, anybody be bun or any of the demon. It you need to click on set up or manage to septic the stripper set of people to flee. One set up. Build a B. We need to provide the paper I need is like. First of all, you need to enable this to enable the paper second act by community. Then you need to provide life eBay, user name, password and signature, which is an option. You can see changes to make sure the people walls. Now we don't know where it's a paying user name and password. Neo. Once you open your way, we need to call balls and balls. You can also follow this. First is to work with those African Indian credentials will be able to click on Integrate people you'll be able to find in cape credentials. Then you need to go down and you need people. Everybody less so India integration. Then you'll be able to see this option you're able to see. You mean pass work and signature. Open your user name password, and then you need password signature and save. It wants to do it and be able to capture payments from people What ours would be sent over here. Sing me if you want to use type. You need to go to settings, then all the demons, then the stripe Goudeau. And then you need to change this to life, and then you need to go up and then you need based life appreciable and cigarette doing toe straps. Settings in dashboard outstripped. Once you open no spread, you will be able to find love, obviously guilty secret and a box of it once you're evil. Eight. Women's from strike as well also make sure you are the any point in the were hooks all of this link and go to where books and try to act this way so that there will be no confusion and receiving the notifications so that you'd be able to run for this train on people. 13. Timetable and event bookings: when this letter are true. How you can use I mean for you really even act givens and take bookings. We'll show you how you customized the email for the complain and how you want to check the bookings. So let's get started with this class on the doctor and people. You need to see that it is an imprint of some old categories. For if you got more people to see for new many options anymore for some people and the moves that all the bookings will be better, you even see adaptable calls it a comfortable columns will be able to see the people to see seven different antipas by report they are from Monday to Sunday, all of the eggs. If you weren't at your new, I in the appearance will be able to see all of the difference that you're Let's try to create a new big toe. Add in the fact imminent their scope than a clinic. As a question, this is the clinic. Yeah, you'll be big toe are a new category artistic if it will down. But even to see that new options even tell us, and there is no even words matter That's the reason why you are not going to see any timetable to add even our master for you need to choose the As I said you in the columns you can add. Can I keep between all the seven You act on your way back from here? There's tools. Manistee. Let's add a striking power of the wind any get it. Now you add a smart description on the description going simply Another description this is used for when you wonder. I didn't off when you're able to see the duty when I would hold or the event I'm people to see this, Tex. Now you can eat what you're given at home and starts unpleasant. Let's make it 25. It's up to you. And then how one starts user 10 book like users will be able to book only once. Thought if you make one, I started to make it the four by once a bag and even see that even William I teach Now our first doing is ready. If you are an investor, then this page are any of the beach which has not those temperament. You need people proceed The event. Yeah, you can see that we have just cleared your argument for the clinic now. I definitely wanted you will. Video Page. Why this? Because there is no custom. Ey, if you were taken from a custom one or terabyte of outside like back to our and either medical website which has this functionality to big bookings, you can active. Think off your hospital or clinic so that the bookings if no one news this what you can do is uh Oh, this is the cleaning range. But you can customize by adding new media order. Now what? Bookings then What? This off the dentist. Why were 80 indolent instruments were leading this dentist from Page? Because there is no change. Dramatically. Take bookings. As you can see, there is nobody to a begins except understand respect. You not be able to see anything for booking or any other thing. And they just hate you. You want to see a description? If don't description except you won't even see this bitch looking for or don't And I find that demon. I mean, we need to get this. No, you even change up tells for different if you want to get bookings. No, actually, his whole where and the legal shoulder. Avila's lords No, there is also an option. Just things if you want. Anyone could make a warm in using the actor. But yes, once you save your bitch Good man, Good in school. Now what will happen is people will be even banking book though even it if you are. If they want to see what's in the air in, they will be given a click away And they will be really good with this bitch from your being able to see all the description off the doing held a king's anyone now you need even to see a dentist living which is the even more honesty at the time. Then they control this plot. Once anyone goes there will be given to see the confirmation Also the information made really sick once the booking is come from Thank you. And now looking is completar. Now you can see you have just created Wednesday and really by user this is before which we're using So this way you know saying please if you want to export the data you can click on exports and export older They do you hold on just looking worlds or people. Oh, but then, yes. What are another card? I don't have the evidence now in the abdomen. No, no. Okay. What you gonna do as a guest? Go back. Extracted as a guest, you can continue as a guest. Now we are user name. I mean, all the guest. And then they will be even just bookings. So this way will be given today. Just bookings as well s means from things. 14. Editing contact us page : back Everyone in this letter of ensure you how you can contact us. Pitch. This is what I wanted us Page. If you go down, you'll be able to see four different addresses. It means that if you have four different dancers, you can get for if you want to change, like if you want to keep you know, branches are seven control you how you can do it on on the right, and you'll be able to see the contact for that. People will be able to contact you in this little also show you you can add new friends in the package and you know we are unable to see anything just because we are not moving times a day below, you will be able to see a Google map off. So the next it started with this leg to a media connector space on how to locate it, just a little dashboard and then home pages in the pages. Thanks for you're able to see contact us practically can't. Do you see them? If it's the same thing you are not now. You can see that this is the actual protected speech. Let's track. I think this hump insight and getting in the village do it in our hearts that the spades used to be the pacemaker. To read it in the classic more. I mean, sure, it is a classic more and you are able to see this now with the contractors, you are able to see four different addresses on 400 rats. So one, 23 and four this had four different branches. If one what came before, it gets completely grasp related. For me, it doesn't happen. You need to be deployed in the morning to be able to see one more address now to make it better, then have a new species keeping the stunts. So this is really even to add any all the fire that's likes traveling oil and only one burns you can see we have only one batch just for you. New York This is the address and other kids and a speech. No change. In New York, you will need to simply explode ethnic Getting this from your baby even though the districts before Accola, you can see p i from her Jane heading from your Gina climbers. Adeline, do you need a change as image and phone number. If you want to add a new before but said, then click on a link, make sure you have tell and then phone number in the country. This be whenever anyone will click on the link they did under full go What me naturally doesn't mean. And if you don't have the number at us, make sure battling from the witness, let's ratify a hospital. Now let's spread to use this as a lot of areas often linger and go back at least till now. If anyone will click on this link, they delivered this speech. Nature will the last no no way band find his computer. Now we feel lonely even to see any man to use this feature me in the last 80 80. But will maps indeed he is free, but it has limited, Barry. So what I can re chemically, with extreme movement becomes less and less human. They last a minute. Yeah, you can copy paste. I don't see it. You can. Are you going then sitting on now? Make sure you mean the height the way that someone, for example, 4 50 except is the height. And if you want to make me the big make sure it is. I assumed 17 and make sure to update it and then go back to contact the space and repress it. Now you see that we have seen the bands for number. As soon as you can see the moving maps people be given medically. Who now, If you want to the bathroom or for had the actor many big bit going down or you'll be even to change the header heading another this like if you want. If you're between that, you can Do we have a violation? Incomers, Keep our move over here. This is fun drugs. It's just if you want, I can do. Then we have got our devotions. If one detained the level this place you can do from over here back when you for this bitch , baby, how Heather is be able to get in the This is for our area. Yeah, you and many video. This is for the matter is that I don't be evil between the area. If you want to think this is the very Graham bad, be aware that element as well as ending you Didn't people between the matter change this is the image height. I think in all this, Amanda. Now you and any conduct phone service, you will be able to see that the funding me help choose is contact form before you want to keep the intentional you contain this time from three bridge. That's now you order form. Really? Anything that form the war did use fund efforts in this form. You even a new face pouring for examples. If one toe move message army. You consented to it from you ordinance. If you want on our one immense submission, Jim box on human. You can move from your That's a Let's keep it mean. No. Okay. Are there with this Receiving this now on Sue. And you can see we have Harry saying they continue the X in on other kids in the middle option you nicotine from and who is to descend? That and from is from a legitimate then this is a subject. Excellent. Unless his body this place from that, you know 15. Side area in website: Welcome back, everyone in this lecture unsure you how you can change the side of a hill upside if you want. Between the cyber tech, you need to do tricks. No, you can see the outside India. Which is this one? This one. If you want to change this, you need to know. No, you in Major J separate them. Thanks. Can you help me full of my address? Blow a list. Social media. Dangerous. If you have seen my pigments with you But I have shown you you can dedicate We'll be able tow. Understand how you can these meetings. The science area also So major, don't take once Now it's very easy to get your inside in here. The first thing is to Jenga images. So you're the new genes that image rules to find the source off image unit with media And then you need to select an image. Let's select this, but the you edit feasted Jeanne, the roommates savored. Now we have that X this one. So you're be able to change it. Only select from your Yeah. Then we held the time. You need to spend that. I can't back then saying I can and then you need to change the title and this object I didn't understand then be how globalist the most. This is the fact that related forced This is titled week, Dan Harder in the sense was in the Jagan's. This is far from done. This is feasible. Lingling. If you want to have any other item label, select this one. Then you can simply changing gender leg. So this is the one to change it. You can see that global has been change will save you even easy. Change all of this. If we pull back to me, Garlic options and click on side area will be able to see other options on this place. You'll be able to change. I can stay off. We're gonna lose. Taken an close eye. Then we have side young with continued the with off this Syria 17 the batter on ability. Continue the baddie and next a lot. Currently, the Atlantic is said to live. If you want to change it familiar, if you want to change it toe, saying that it can selected and primitive 16. Editing footer: Welcome back, everyone. This letter I've been true Are you Get any of your food? Every website has a foot. This is a wonderful day. We have 43 problems. First, very cleaning. Let us use any upside and which is you'll be able to see for the top one on 1 24 for the bottle. This is football. This is football you can get for if you're practically put about people to see me, Carlos, A brighter image region separator. Next, I couldn't informations Aikens, except later in the next worship calling to in the able to see globalist and separator in the third will be able to see who divergent on a separate on the Ford would be able to see on that phone. And Sabrina. Now, if you want to change the bottoms on and if you're a change the black macron and other ascetics you need toe make our options. You're in this page would be people between the seconds off the food. There is a lot of seconds for Africa. The first is foot in grade. If you want to make sure that your food is like a dream, you need to select Yes, or no. Do you think you know? Then if you want to show for that, you need Yes. If you don't want to show it, keep it. No, no. If you want to Jeanne the class correctly, venturing forth If you're automated only three. Otto from your evil big. Let's strangle me. Get three way. Have top column plan If you energy in the alignment of your columns in the table between here but indeed the all out on the leg. Then if you help bad order, this whole matter got off the phone if you want inhuman next, right into the batter if you want. Oh, so it's cranky. Visit. You need any minute. Then you can specify how many put water problems that human continues. 12 or three. Let's keep it three. And you know, I'm definitely going to see changes. Who? Same it actually fresh. You can see we just changed our bathroom. You have changed the Mancini two million and you're only three different problems. So this way we will be able to change it. Difficult. Clear the matter could be leading. We'll be back with the phone calls the country. You can change this one first follow. What do widgets from appearance rejects our from under? No, thank you. Very using the foot. Stop calling Ammerman. Let's Frankel tainted. If you want to change this description, we need to go next. You will be given changing. Let's try to use this and Senate from your so this is the next a beautiful thing to save months. It's no safer. No. Now let's strategy in the address phone number and in a well, I can information widgets from your immediate limiting the Eiger. Is that a different? Either necks so big that I come back and then, like now we owe I don't size but correctly insuring 20 p. It's if you want to increase the big set up, I can. You even begin to play here, and this is the address. If you want to change it like president in India, this is the doctor, which is gonna delight. If you change the baby, this is I can go. Apparently it's a blue color, insisting let's strike a link. Copy and paste. Now, if anyone will click on adults, they will be here to this link orders. You can ask Google Maps link. I'm assuming the second via phone number in the league for the foot number. You hate to lose Ethan and then the phone number. This will help you to make that it cause a day four and then country. This is email what you may think you need to use made. And then in it, just like that, you need people's may do and then the humility to insure that email is sent. No ban on lack of investment beans. You can see we have Jane the street address extra. Their description has been teased, but I can has been changed for number is no more directly make a formal. As you can see, it is now that cleaning crew definitely could eat May. Every brand is an enemy, so this will be able to change it. Now if you want to change the Swiss Americans and a link Oh, no. Here we help me. Karli Convergence condo narrow You will be able to teach in the league Could be a beast saying you dig deeper between the margins. Magno old color, size. You're getting that. I can say that I could get you want, like Skype freeze group stardom or any other, I can save it. This is nothing but a low. If you wanted in the low, we're up and we help remains with Dick. This is the source we need to find a source. Let's try to find a source off our baby in the media, in the media. And I bet you see you are now I'll be the link. A little bad images based in you wouldn't be able to change the link. I seemed what certain? Practically first bit engine the new as you can see me, Jean Liu as well. So this is how you would be able to get the double and Jean this. Who's epidemics now? Second, really, Justin's latest news is nothing but your bra host. You need to go up and you feel seeing post here be ableto go. The post on this page will be given to see all the post. Give him greater or some of the most to create a new post. Click on Agnew and you'll be able to create any most all the leaders posed a game creator will appear on the law. If anyone clicks on it, it will be able to do the most if you want, but are more blood post or make it less or customize it. You need to know who rejects again. Selling for up yet to be homey, got a block or strategic Selectric? You have to be able to see number host currently ensuring only people's. If you want to increase or decrease your typical with oil here, then if you want to ask, spacing will be able to make it. India. Order my descending order. Random title. Many order and are ascending. Couldn't keep extreme by deed in ascending order. Then you kind of thing the state of day. That's ice off the coast. I elevate the boldness and the transformation off the next. So you're really be ableto change the block most This sister, which is good if you don't, you from Dr Anthony. But dont rejects. You'll be even putting your foot for a different First of all you need. Are you ready? Don't use already. You need to open, get quickly and you don't come and you need to back who will use any example You can see you just got the little any off message. We need to copy this and based on the audio. Now you need to know how many quicks that you want to show. Read Aiken time and captured. No. If you haven't been interfered with, you need to connect it connected with that. You need to go. Does it look going through this Now you need to organize the After analyzing the app will be able to see you have successfully connected. We will do that about now. I believe it's the whole bit. Now you can see we have with that free off the missile. So this may be able to connect with that feeling. And the fourth, which is connect us contact for frankly, he will goto dumped on him. For you can contact form seven reject will be able to select contact from seven. So we currently helped so many forms. And this is the phone that we have used and we held firm stance. Couldn't give using the Steinem Urban. If you want to see the first time you can choose the difference stand that you weren't and save it. If you want to change the phone like subscription are other forms you need to select it and save it. If you really fresh. The form had been changed with their difference. Time. You can see the style has been changed with the phone. You know how you can customize the phone giving because amazing contact form Well, I defined going back, you're going on deck forms in the contact forms will be able to find the footprint content for now on this form and be able to have new friends. But I have trouble with now if you want a name, context area and insert bag. If you want to have a human in some today, I will see it and a year you can see this is a place where you can add a name and your beacon and you let me help knows and all the information that we said will be sick. So the immunity or your from reliever specified angle you need to specify stool means where the email basic and from which will be shown to the center isn't the subject and between the message of the body and decide different messages. Data used immediacy. This is messages you would be able to see different with his messages, for we get situations like if the same pressman says Well said Successfully, this would be bigger. If there is a validation better, you will be able to see the center. We have just completar now be a computer with the foot rooftop area. Now they will show you how you can any deer put a bottom. Media go back rejects open tomorrow and you can see that there is nothing in the protocol of one entry Now what if you lose? You can add any available rejects available on something if you want to show Calendar Cordovan Hello and click on for the water column. Number one. You can see we're just under a Taliban one AK and meet Select for the morning, Gatto added. Two Under delegate Simply lunatic order. Now, if you want between the title often means like this later smells contingent and you're going to add in it. Thanks to this conceiving, let's add anything to the foot of voluntary that's lose food. Be no difference. This one, if you go down, be able to see calendar has been added. Knocked remit has been her as well as certain books have been better. So this way you will be able to customize for the top and the bottom bar food if no one from the bottom up to you and do we need to simply related? 17. Editing homepage: Welcome back, everyone. In this letter, I withdrew how you can get the group it off so that right in there, cool pages and pick the whole page. You need to go, Boo said. Things okay in the really, really person, ecstatic bait. And then you need to do the bitch. For example, if I want to give me home as my homepage relief for select men who from select Hospital, then I need proteins from me or hospital save you given between the home page. Offerman's not just the home, because you can also change it with about the Spirits Block Pains card is check out better in on the beach vacuum. Once you selected Consumed, Just perceive the beach said they have been to Now. If you corporal with outside people to see your home bitch now you can get your hope It you need to click on any bits and selected to edit the meat. Two million pages written using the baby cream page. Better too many any of the home pages with using different giving rebates better. The bakery based builder is a pinch better for anything. Page us vehement with the elements that we can add customers and end, so make sure that you have anywhere to the lichen or complexions and click on Tin Star begins in the black in space. If you go down, you'll be able to see your baby green paper, so make sure this is activated. If you're active enters, you'll be able to see like this. Now let's see the whole base and started any for the opening moments. Now get ready to start 18 or hope it's if you hold on just a slight an illusion. You can see this is the slider, if you will be able to see emergencies was preventable and opening horse. So this is the rock. I will now be able to see a single means and then next bowlers on the bottom. This is the simile means this is fixed spacer in the space and this Elsom list items and this is my gun. If you go down, this is the idea that you would need it. If you know this is Michael's ends, the stakes falls. This is like a news maker, so I could with next, As you can see the whole dream in today. 1233 If you don't know. This is sexual and this is in it again. You feel good Now help me. Cotto content. This is the 1234 This 123 and four. If you go down, you need to see a section response. As you can see, this is section hang for programs buys. I mean, have a section and being list. And finally we have me cuddle corner action. Just this below there, every other food. So now you can I need it if you want to end it. Emergency case This swore description on for a month You but on the bed, like as you can see, extra emergency use You couldn't see him attempting cases individual work more near where most it's still. And now from you you'll be able to change the fix. Exchanging green. Now you can see in certain emergency cases she want to change it. Do emergency only moment and say with now that you have sailed update updating the page. Now if you're practically friends, the home page. You need people to see the changes. You can see that the text has been changed. You can see that the text file has also changed. Let's track to change this description Well back. So we have to go next. Bosses, this is text box number one and this is staged balls number two. You are not able to see anything because the next fella is right now vacant. Then selected will be able to see the exact X that you have in the whole pitch. So this is the description. As you can see, if you want let struggled change it exchange from Eddie. Do better. They're staying the text color white and save the changes. I 16 the phone number this for you. You can also be going to explode eradicating before number, as you can see. Just gained a point. You know, it seems unjust. Now we have jeez, the description as well as the phone number there straight to update the beach and symbolism. Now you can see that we have just changed her description as well as we have Jane, the phone number. So this way you even continue the next. Now, if you're under Jean is small, intimate but likeable is we need to recon single image just because it is a single image not get next contents like to edit the image. Now you can see that we have selected a phone in it. If you want to remove it, click on X Lincoln plus Toe. Act that image. It will go down. You'll be able to see some images that you can like this. Can you help some? He made us that struggled out of this. Consider mate on beginnings will be said. Now click on Save Ginger's. These are the different options that you get like full. Then the fragment sizes Like Tony William. Large, powerful. You can hold Swiss by Olympic sites like 200 Extender. Then you imagine Planet. Currently, the image element is left for different languages, like Right center and and we have made styles and on projection. If want O make sure that the image is applicable, limits can click on lingual arguments. 20 Photo or custom Nick things. If we update Bates, you're able to see the amazing routines. You can see that the image has saved you be. But between this Mitch on deism it were they getting the first block after three extracted and it the second book. This is the first blow. This is the second, and this is the third furtively consider image with the people to change this image like this one. This is textbook, this textbook, and this is space, and this is again that X stroke, which is the description. This is the third. If you click on McAra, Working Horse will be able to edit that her book. First of all, they used a custom. I can. It's the custom I couldn't have used. Then it will seem. Then, if you go down to be able to see Titan opening numbers, this is the title there used. If you want to change it to working hours. Oh, no. And then we have. For Mac, currently the former, it is Medical Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Which is what This secondary plus ending if you want to make sure that one days this weekend is use or seam throughout the week on Monday to develop stability Friday or Monday Tuesday Ministate Thursday, Friday Saturday. Sending you can change it if you will. Prosthetics will be able to have their timing. Will you? Let's tribal team this time. If you click on save, just be able to see that the tanning will be changed once the beach has been sealed. You can breathe a little bitch. You can see we have changed Opening her words to what? You once and decide their different timings off the website Monday. Who stayed when I stay posted Friday, Saturday. Essen Looks good on this is next section. This is Singley Mitt. This is a title section. This is a burden. And this is a list. This is the thing that means you re going medic will be able to see the image that isn't simply place Bless and actually means little more funds and upload a great image. If you don't want to act arguments in the local media. Really, and they are under the problem some great meters. Let's try to use this one or when you have some other as well their strike to use this one . If you're good, you'll be able to see some others also second means and the image will be said no. That would be able between mid size 11 minutes and uncle attention. If you want to give some animation like how the image should appear when the tech rules will be given our seizes animation. William, like bones in. So this way it will appear are afraid. No, there's profiting. This text been going? Benson acre will be able to see any text because the next is yeah. You need to simply change the text. You need to simply team the next. You can simply change over here on your if you want. Between the heading, you can teach warrior. You continue the elements, we can add a link, adding simply select the next unicorn. Think on basically one and like want play If you are detained ex color, you continue over here. You can also based text friendlier. The already one sorta you can keep. Until to this I didn't let me have an empty space just actually used for making a small space between the next No me help. I can list incumbent second open the list. But I gave you it. I list one to bring for files in 78 This is the Eiken, but I different. I got back that have been already provided You buy the t like found awesome for religion. I only I am's line your hands, Sambolin. I goes, Let's elect for Dawson and then completely different icons in the wagons. Lips that have been Aiken. There's a block now. This is Ivan size. Currently, the iconic purity is 16 picks up if you want between the big sent, you can change warrior, and you can simply people. I can come in and change the color. This is find it. Their strategy. Is this. Seeing the changes? Once you've seen the Eiken, the list will be changed. Same way you can simply get it. Any of them, if you want to add more completely control this week are one more. Or if you want to believe, you can click on extradition, their strength and hope it is that someday the bait and let's see how it looks. Now you can see that we have just changed the name, the anchor on the color. You can also see that routine, but it's, um, you can also see that Jane will see the meanings now. Did you get any go down being me? Godel better feel free compensatory community people pushing the button. You see what you see, but in settings you know beyond different times likes order, Oakland and simple. If you get that practical change and see how they look, they're trying to make it out. Land from changing Oakland would be able to see some different settings. Alexe trumpeting the sites bill different sizes like large, huge, smaller everything that's making medium the nurse travel gene the next. Learn more their strategy that many toe a link next used this link. Now we need to select link back it. Make sure it is same Wyndham, if we'll select even though I know what the link will be open, the new will be open. I got back. We are using I am icons for this murder did run teams together. I can like, formed awesome for anything. You can simply select it entering the bank. Now let's check to see how it looks a bit currently. Face the home, please. You can see that you've just seen the burden. This is an old Pemberton with the extremes. Any physically be able to go toe to be a little strategy. In this, this looks like a section X. This looks like a section died It and this is this country. And to somebody different, see be held three buttons If we see the evil to subject the three different colors which help the in front of images and daily friend descriptions. So this is one this is too and this is the I do all the slabs. How x block, empty space. I go next ex bloke on number. So first of all, really trying to any direct block in the email toe reading this one Then this is Ricardo. I could win next, which is this one. And below that we have X broke, which is used for this and then be able a small species and a burden. Seems we go down. This is this against their If you don't know how to edit the image that you're able to see on the left hand side, we need to click on, you can see this is the image that is used for the second. For the first step, we can pencil like this and be able to see this is the meat that has been used for the first time. If you have any sense like being able to see this is the image that is used for the third line. Jeanne this limit. Let's use this. Save the changes. They're spread any everything. Frequent pencil anger were already a little bit. There is an options. Would be able to see many other options for your brother like you can choose the gunman who ? Madame Dylan and matter. You can also see the ankle backer better. They're starting team the color to this one. What better this one I can color do this one in the form size off the garden. Let's make it 30. Be a fun weekend. Is that different waves for making in a border in Vienna? Minding Chamberlain batting. I'd like to send the walk in centre and jean the loan. There's an add a link, their second team that I can. And as I'm sure you continue the type it's making back. I'm saving. No, let's go toe like a region the size. Let's animals spacing here. We'll hide and it'd look better. Now if you convince Americans you'll be able to change this extractors in this, ensure its allied so that it matches the battle. Eg, let's keep one eye constructing and make it clear your between the other teams over here explore for aiding this. You will be able to see when you select all the next. Now I don't make it different Next. If you want to change it, change banking might that it changes now you change orders Things with the wings. Let's quickly update and see of the slide three looks, this one a fish. When Dixie is likely, you can see that the Britain has been changed. Explore each with Britain has been changed This sister description on this system blurred item So this value deeper change your cider So this way you be able to change all the three different slanders. No new strategies This Wagnalls, This is my car. No, I don't. Next we have three little day. We have three into three Definitely convince liken you even to change it. So this is the custom I can that you can see. And since title and dissolution if you don't, this is that I didn't And this is their description. Next if you want, you can also link it for example if actually contest I believe director to the about us page. So they're exchanging because beach, if you don't want that, you can just leave it. You'll be able between the title and definitely connects Really even the bad a new image even the icon settings and your other exotix. There's changing. Do not make it a circle exchange color. June Hello. Click on city changes and you'll be able to see that the ICANN has been synced simply just like this. You'll be able to change them as well once I make sure to update and send a genius. Now let's go down Gallery are our clinic. This is idle detection. This is gallery Native American. See, we help me. Carnal section item Very convincing, like will be even between the section bag. This is that idea on this is the distinction. This is the description. This is the solution. If you want to change the bad thing, you can do both. Earlier. You contain the bullshit with and start tighter back just reading what you want. To make it bigger or smaller. You can use the head index saying you continued the next cut that sculpture. Next 18 the form size, lying hype size resize Modern's if you want routine the next. Whether you can change the next one night and you check your cargo image, gather the the 60 minutes that correctly, if it open, would be able to see like this on discrediting the image in. Currently, we're using six images for together, and size is fun on immediately. Here is hopeful levels if you want to make sure that the legs are really if you want to make sure that things that you don't get to custom big are you want to make a zoo grayscale or you want to be happening can select. There's keeping night balls you have to select column three. The company. The default is treacle. If you want to me changes, they make it do for five or six and your continuing the spacing small. Any almost peace absolutely knows best. Let's family. And, yeah, you don't want to take this concept in science. But Senate. Then see what you find this a senator saying If you consider nothing seven in there's people academies and now we have nine images about saying genius and operate and given to see a bit. You can see we're just changed from 3 to 4 column without any species and its 19 system. So this way you will be able to change. This is counter beyond four different government doesn't matter. This is the culture conflict by 123 and four. If you want to change this matter or teenage, but he has to do is click, Clinton said. I can over here now Goto ricardo settings, and if you go below that, you'll be able to see McArdle. Pallets matter minutes. This image change Cranky. It is not just a image banner, it isn't Battle its image, man. And is this foot no strategy and changing from 20 and build there the other night health sections exchanging boot prints. And this is the kind of color for weed and step next, which is currently not Lord cycle practice. Just like we have died and I had this culture, we can use the second next porous, more deflection. Let's save it and updated. Save me. You convert it. Other hunters. You can see me a ginger voter, the adolescent scenes with us. More description. Now let's managing this section. This is back in texture description, and this is in Florida. Odom, you can see section back. This is their description off the section infinitely Clinton's and I can't really be able to change it. Yeah, we have the title on the description that you will see is over here. You continue the light of day. You can disable the brake line, Jeanne, the Bongino, Lakeland and other seconds. Now this is new. If you want to change the progress by, you need to clear on pencil eca correctly be four different programs. Pass 123 and four. And this is proof from P 6%. If we change it to night, the 80% to be able to see that the progress has changed from six feet, 56 to 80%. She wanted teen girl. You can simply teams here. We have active as well as in a This would be active and excuse this as over inactive. This is the title, Governor. This is the Let's keep it new now. Next Mean that happen much bigger if you update able to see that in Florida has been changed. Yeah, you can see that the text heading has been changed to It's too. This is the active color and stay inactive and the color is due. Same thing will be able to change others. In the next lecture, I will show you how you can change the demon bus 18. Editing dentist homepage: Mac one in this letter of true how you get a regular when this phone bitch this is our name distance. So in accord into space via multiple elements this speech is being prepped for from the main boom beach. This is the slider revolution. If you go down, we have no host. Then we have a lessons is that if you're in your element will be able to see their description before this is the new window. Then be held a section where we get a bad only meets on Vielman. Then the help rising plants 12 country of assure. You can predict the pricing plan, untying the links, then over you and I don't Then we help it. After I was sure how you can edit the tangible in the next for you for this video, really only editing the home page. And then we have Braden's. Some next with this battle on the left assure you can get it in the whole pitch. 00 me. Now let's start any interstates before make sure that you have important the slide and from the Revolutions letter. If you're not able to see any slider or your movie any better in the dentist home. Make sure you look slider, revolution and mortar in this school. Everybody on it is hopeless. Reports ladder. You can choose files. Move with the place where you have kept the team finds open. Excellent export sales letter and then important thing. This fool, once it's important, will be people to see that Williams's letter for the dentist. No, let's frankly, ending this speech. Oh, it ended. Find anything this pinch, dream fire anything. This bitch Dream again. Use the composer. You You can see Rio. That William shows matter. Then you you're able to see your teammate spacer. I explode again. A text log on number them. This system of the host is actually a next block. We could take a break. So now you know how you get gene image change the next angina. We simply want detonator to read it. That meat you're given a pretty place. The image by clicking on X, you're leaving between the size of the meat that different sides, like so many 1,000,000 large food or it'll specified in the pixel 200 explanation or any other on the left. It really know, with on the night will be able to see a concert height. If you want to add a caption, you can add it. This is the alignment of the image. Okay, I different me Stands on. And what is the animation you can vote there on on public animation like LinkedIn Art Image 34 to custom leak to This is far. All that means is this is explore. This is about this is a title section. The battle section would be even between the title and description. You're is that description. And this is that we need to see all the formatting objects like changing off the color home size line and fun with below. We help a new element. It's not provided in the home base for main on any other beach. This element is used in the latest fool. You can use this element one of the biggest as well, if you would. Now you can edit. This is the 2nd 1 second turn now full of them then. Since there I guess he we have six different naps. Creator, When do thing or 56 All the labs help you meet the exterior. This is the single image this is the next flaw Spacer X block A different illness us in this image. Explore next block explode. But don't end here. He means explode. Explode and bullets by the fourth means explode. Explode, explode! For you, it means explore. Explore. If you want on you, it'll make look unless toe anyway limit. We might really help a lot development if you get this is fun moments. This is created by the Ricardo King that we're using. It's a workplace Were objects that are common to all the things these are for structures, socialization Answer all for the contact we have ordered by the big Make sure that I got so these are the only elements we have only promoted with 50. No other team will be able to provide this options on relevance. Then you have the scene. This is a new section You heard anybody ever seen explore section. So they float at conception and over Eugene the battle Are we going to spend selection with regard settings and change the bad on image? Currently, the only made it set for battle battle image which is used for great animations blue Then help again Ricardo section and affection then be helped by rising glass will be introducing . This is the first President of second and third person 50 confidence that I can be ableto addict this surprising blank table. This is the idea On the top you be able to see this is the night that basic If you know this is the price that you can change and all the description box you'll be able to have any emotions like this that in bulleted this is fun. But it is. And then we helped by Eric. You seem biting. Currently excusing hash hash means that this league did not definitely gone as violet. You would not go to any other page but Google outside gonna see that we are on the same page on adopting. If you want to make sure that one do get people coming, I mean should do so that people can be where a man are striking. You can are the papal meeting Your people will be able to be dramatically. Yeah, it is the next section we hold back home explode are in section X block and then the home button on the left. Inside we have a new element which is used for ability. If Republican play a really lovely you can see the blue is used from venue. That strategy changes convincing between the Miko human judging Given had early off again. Handling from you are you? That's what you do that's credible. This based William. This is the beauty image that really you, They'd be hoping in size this to see Britain. Cycles custom image audibly are custom poor image for the glee I succeeded then B l a new option for Dr Habitable. In the next video, I will show you how you can treat it just because the blue will be completely different for understanding, adaptable, we need to understand un's gonna have been looking and tempted. Then finally, we have five minutes. These are five grants or make our plans. Karros Adams. Compensable between the image and the whole village is the meat. It's the whole image, As you can see whenever you are, it does little bank, so they have used two different in years. They also warned that like fear and the and this is the mid size. If you want a drink 11 age and all of the misses, you can radically change and then the him. The two manner. These are 31 do entry left center every night because of insulin genes. Them you'll be able to see the different at three inches that standard simple are in for one who with this is the matter is the matter bullet you can marry tonight it anchored next . I did ext number the unique even at away. And this is the burden. Next they again help a recurrent section. I'm English, which assure the purpose for you so you can add that witnessed We did finally get bits and they just ruled by clicking on a fiber or refresh the beach. You continue that, Eugene, that for you if you complete the blue with me 19. Yellow pencil - visual css editing: in this lecture, I wouldn't showing you how you can usually added any next, any form, any color or any picture we don't any. According I will be showing you how you can edit any CSS element for any CS is limited in your sick. We really be working with both. Cheney and emissions are much more in this lecture. So it is an ally wants lecture. So we will be using an advance Blufgan, which is nameless, which welcome, which is known as CSS, which will be there. OK, so let's choose the fight. Do so I go. I tried to board the Blufgan and using WASP. A low consul sees as usual dinner select bloated. This is a great blood in that you can use to eight any type off and any changes in your website front and we don't any corner. So it's not uploaded explode sometime the black and has been started. That's actually in this. I think so. Now laxity basic. You can see a new item in the header. We have ended with walk yellow pencil and this stay relevant. 671110 But you can use to treat any element in your website Silicon A with the L. A. Pencil alerts any of this now it can add anything. That is not easy to Eric. So let states Doctor. So we are in the yellow pencil everywhere so they can show you what you can do. First, we have three moves. Carson, Flexibility, Inspector, as well as the single Inspector. We have different Moore's for responsive. We have wire framing on a mission manager as well. You can also undo Enter. Okay. I said move the Responsive Ward. Next game starter. So you can see you have what I mean. Let's tried toe change or closer to us. Flexible. Jane, This color, which is hard routine. Okay, so they're seeing the week. So we have Jane that next you want to make it capitalize or a pocket You can do it. Our lives use it capabilities. Okay, So first dunnit alert school forward and use that tone. Okay, So you can use this to change it back down are so be it is in this one to exchange this background first. All right, Mr. Seeing the text color. Okay, Right. Okay. So it will look better. Make my legs all right. The next has been changed. Let me show you what you can do with backgrounds. They're seeing the bathroom color to any clear. Doubtful. Okay, so you can see we helped a new grid and fill mentor. Great. But let's use this for only failure. All right, So we have a clear and feel next scope. L Okay, so let's remove the stars. If you don't want anything like stars, you can do it publicly. Connick on Dilip. What is the date by Britain to Dulic? I also want to change the color we're on Jim's back. Change the color like unclear landfill, Kanye. So it starts right to decide the changes which are not possible with any are bigger. So we really using this to change it? Okay. All right. So you can also use this four images, For example, if you want to make it, got it. But Harrison, since you can exit so you can see we have just changed other. We have added a new layer to make a much different for its will be l a different color. Now there seems the bagger away. We don't need Louis. There's just changes. The housing that inspectors. Single inspector, it's inspects only a single element. For example, this is the only element Brigadier inspecting right now there's a big blue, all right, so there will be no matching. Yes, cool down. Let's remove some elements. For example, we don't need It's fine for you. Don't need this sordid luxurious went. So now let's try to do some other steps like let's steam the border making border. Seen the border color Make it dash. You can see that the border has been seized and it looks some different. No, no, you can see that it's very easy if you want to take the partitioning, it is also possible that can show you how your selected the next cooler angina pollution stop live Also become. So you know you can add some great mortar effects. For example, if you are working in this plug, their struggle are a great border event, Charles. Okay, subject somebody shadow. Then I respect it most minus play. Okay, so you can see that we have hired a background. I need a border as well as some shadows for don't want to our circles. You can also remove it. You can actually goes to amazes our next our boxes on anything that you want. For example, you can add this shadow through this room. Let me show you. You can see that we have hired a shadow that also during the shadow color. As for watching and now once who savored also see some Caesar scores which have been created automatically Well, I can show you how would about tackling open the Bates even see that our website has been changed Way have some new great shadows Home page, shadow, borders Text has been changed with apportioning on all those steps. But if you go to such places, it looks the same. All right, how to do it? So you have to copy all the single toe who had faced them in the global. If you do it and save it, you will see that those changes are now is even in the search also. Thank you 20. Android webview app: this lecture, I will be showing you how you can create your own door. So this very simple Oh, do make literally or make Polaroid. No, I do you really, really pinto cooler dot co, which is a new meaning for the maker. It is on black form. You can create your more an app without according Okay, so that's cleared. So let's log in with Google. Facebook could have ordered Twitter. ConEd I really belong you with the Google account. Once you're longing to the cooler creator, you can see many projects. Are you one? If you have created many projects, you would be able to see all the other projects that you have a bigger or you can start with the scratch. It's cleared a new project. Let's make it like you couldn't next. There's used The work is okay, Thanks. So you will be related. Puerto the cooler editor. Okay, so you are in the editor. This is your and her. That and this is screen. Well, these are all the components in the bag. Let's first are the Web fever. Now you can see the web fever has been added in the screen. One. Now let's add the wire example. My you are for now is my provide book. Take me out of this one on and and he let's make it feel better for height and width. So this system, our website, will be live on the screen. One. Let's configure the screen one. Now. If you don't want to sue the title bar, you can be civilly now. Our cattle bodies unusable also, if you don't want to show status, but you can remove it like our committee usual keeping. No in Paris Blast cream. You find this plastic lee from my see orbiters. So yeah, let's use this splash screen for No. You can use Cannavale for created a splash tree, then click on it and click Hokey. Once that is done, you can are the and Eigen. Maybe I I couldn't Okay, this is like, let's lower the fight. Let's use this as an I can click on walkie once there's uploaded, Click on OK or logo blasting have been applauded. They're staying. The skaters park color like the raging board. I'm just keeping you on. Yeah, what has been completed? Let's exported. If everything works well, it will sue 100% on the Abbeville. EBay don't order. Okay, so it's completely on. We cannot say our a pdf file. Viably can't see. Okay, I would have has means they were If you wonder Jean than me app name you guns injured. So let's see how would have works. We can use a big guys for living your ab without using any and or phone or IOS device. 21. Ios webview app: in this letter, I will be showing you how you can create your Iot as ab with on Kimmel and Campbell is a black form by boots. You can build your own app without any according knowledge. Okay, so first of all, you have to sign up. What planet? Once you have done OK. Science in Cuba. Next up, Mr Logan, wire email are moving. I am using work from home. So once that's done, you evil your character from the bankable projects. Okay, so this is tension projects Now. In this project you will see all the maps that you have created already. Are you convey it. And Cuba, all the abstract here already created will appear on the speech. There's create all I was looking I mean and give on league. You can create a public projects are Obama present. A public person is shared in front table on a floured project is not shared with the community in thank you. Now you can see just like the older you help and screen one review That's and the baby were And then are you saying have using beings in the same line? Oh, on basic. Okay, then it's No. If you want. Oh, think Aiken or me? You congenial people. That would be my app. Me? You can upload that. I going by clicking on a pure Aiken. Find items very savored you can set. Who was the name for an drawer as well as I look us and that's sick. Your app has been completed. If you born, you then wanted as with a mob and then also air maps and other things. Finally, you can click on Don't, Lord and all of the house IOS app will be emailed to your email, Aidan. And once that's done, you can believe you only. What? I was us. Okay. Also publish your IOS app by clicking on, but it is to have a store and completing the Wizard. Thank you. 22. Tools for pagespeed and performance: in this letter movie, but it's causing war more free boots that can help you analyze your main spear and performance off your website. The Duke does have for uber's Google being spirit. If you had based, actually, on the first thing you will be you know, director of this page. This is a good creator by Google and help you get upset and analysis. Well, let's try as well s biting us, baby. This is the second. The second goal is GT metrics. Dramatics can help you. I understand why your website is not ruling. First on it can help you. Really? Really. While it's slow and this color optimization opportunities So why do you want to do these? We need to be the time. Analyze. For example. I'm thinking this will take my profound book on would hurt this even legal. And Sandy I mean, you I'm ultimate savior and click on best side. Now we take a little time to analyze, so we don't really So we have any work. So this is a legitimate Knicks way. Have phones court, which is being I d. We have paid civilians. We have been here recommendations act wisely. Recommendations these other forefront tells our Villagers. So we have some Greer's for something on the beach pier score can see me. Help me with gore. The average being spirits cooling is 72% way About this 100%. We just go for a lot of pain. We have wisely score the which is remarkable because the average lies low score is 70. So we will need to optimize our website to make it a village. About 71% make it one faster and we have optimized means was initially greater. Which Islamic or as well as many optimize this four pigs really make them at least b o r e Same thing on the last Lou you can see and expires and others is f. This is also F. This is what f e c ansi we need to optimize all the six don't make it much faster. So this is how you maybe even to a guy that can also compare two different sides all predestined Now this is our being spit inside is greater. I could you help different villa wives? The first is when you want and the second is there Stop. This is alert s Trump review and this is movement. You can see the school movement is 21 which is not good. You really can't 64 which is on average school. Now we will be able to find opportunities, opportunities, other suspicions that Google dances that can help the tech getting more off my vision. So the first optimization off fortunately is eliminated. Orender blocking the sources, which is stating 1.2 seconds and second is reduce over, is false time, I heard. Remove A new series is really coming will also be able to see all the you want us having the extra sees is that you know you to be. It's same. It shows some side missions even. And he felt iwas than even need to check and optimize. So these other ones now the tears. The opportunities for the stop on meanwhile, are completely different. For example, you can see that we have only three opportunities out there. That's top and bottom line. We have more than three, so you can see it is eat a partially beast. Fine manuals is so they do completed all the opportunities from one and a storm. To me, the speed I don't need the school much bigger. So these further new websites analyzing your Bates were and performance 23. Wprocket wordpress plugin and comparing: No one in this lecture we're talking were about the movie rocket, which is a superior, wordless performance. Spoon looking for water. So if you want to make your workers, don't faster in a few clicks. If you don't know how to Morty, foil them side our vehicle upside, man will. You can use this plane. You just help anybody planning and enable some options on the website will lure first system me. So, like, true, some of the basic features like True, some of the best features that you get with Bill. You're going to be able to see we can be. It's catching. Achieve a lovely, static fans compression image on regulars on It's Completely Daniela Perfect, Perfect. The people of God school is developed according to worthless best practices. It is clean commander and has Lords off hopes so. Nobles can easily make allowances to my visions between all the just they can get the futures. So these are the four different catching liquids. This is definitely broken, catchy number routines. Super catchy happened. Can she act our group? So we have with center. It's getting that simply literally. Sinema prematurely Jesus compression but also touching at least got a position who will fall off the Malaysian. It can remove where it springs from strike, please. Russo's. This is something that GT medics say's to some of the bulbs sex when you can't work. Organizing when you cry during the answer is you. You also get Leave your five meters. Who also many vacation contact Mitch the Front years lowering Cloverfield compatibility. It's compatible with low flip. It has civilian Deena's begetting my election. My lease had come back in comas, friendliness, my you. You can have multiple users import slash export settings and finally tell about friendly. So these are all the producers. The content get found a book. It is a beer blogging, but you will be able to get the best value when you don't. When you don't know the blanket, you will be able to use it instantly as well as the communication is welter than for this place. So this is the best playing that you be able to use for any one side running warmness. This is the best place for optimizing your website instantly 24. Configuring wprocket plugin: Welcome back, everyone. In this lecture you will be installing and activating the rupee rock on then unfeeling was telegrams expiry So must upon this issue work. So this is my website that I have created with worthless. So if you have forward, how do you owe money or don't be angry and what you can Louise, move you say anything and you will be taken and we'll be taken. The WordPress administration you now Viet in their dashboard. Now they true holding. Start the leading that group. So magnanimity pens and containing now take off your blaze. Now it controls the flagging that already check. So this is the beauty rocket that I have hate now why do you, Louise? Now, now? Bigfoot IQ. You can see the second has been started. Now stand back to back and it will be for you. Now you can see Blufgan has been activated. Now they can show you how you can find the seventies on Google settings. Below that, we help them look a condom and you will be able to see all the sentence for you like so you can see. Congratulations, Luca. Okay, is not active. I'm already wanting for you, but it's actually faster so you can see accepting candy fast people off the weapon moments Best practice. They start with the comforting off. Never be Look So first of all five optimization your we be optimizing edge demon seasons I'm John was so first of all silicon in even all the creatures that you want to optimize this big optimize Steelman It would wear these drinks and common with four months. It would help you readies extradition requests. Then we help see if this fuss CSS means cascading stand ships which can help him up, take a little bit different. This is the warning that you get before unifying sees with fines as well as before me on jobless took place. So if you have ordered because my boobs hired you heard my different begins you have you you have customize function star it's beautiful And your foot in your website working break Then I don't come here you any minute. What us? You can simply do it this and then also mining. Then you can also optimize CSS terribly. Then, if we have one, Jalisco funds even alter unified Dallas good friends, online lords else that before. Now, with this thing three things you will be able to see that the pain to be lower went faster than ever. And finally we consenting this same on the cheese and also the symbol for one any. No se. We have a media and maybe even change familia on bullying. If you want to learn easy, Lord Lisi, look and improve your lowering them off the images. Which means that attacking first and then the region's village in order when you've been by building so expected to anybody but me is I formally the also in place for your every with painfully meters. If you don't want any, just you kind is about it or keep it in my secrets Your if your website is like a swishing miliary abs Bayview Lamberts For No one. I worked as a person can visit stages. No, you can also these your people to clean up the post commands handle evidence so different with strict all the friends. But before they expected, taken back. So big lack of off all the reasons Rob's bash post and then did it. And you don't want to If you don't want using the spam on glass comics You've been seeing them on, Did it saying you're on then that obviously on automated you The tribunal also has and Bob are dramatically cleaner. So being a baby, really, you automatically clean and finally to us to organize everything, do we? Not likely. All the amis is bad. You can see that has been Moody's has been changed. Find optimization has seen also. No, we have an officer for Dante. If human sent is a simple standing website, start that Homer sometimes are gonna I don't know you for my website even equal. So I don't believe the catching anymore. But if it's for educational type or something back you can any about getting you can also email getting for armed robbery things is and there is also an option and there is an also option for catchy lives. You can get the catchy for that amount of based hours, four minutes. I want to really reconsider just and really start to get that you can actually help give up secular faster than ever. But it's not uncommon for dynamic websites where hunting is changed Every they are minute real seedier. Absolutely. And you love Syrian means content. Did you work the name of the civilian? Even be us for Syrian seeming. You need to specify you. There are three Syrians that kuchen he was If you don't mind, do you see that you can also use clo Clo also asked exports civilian funny but you lose and global Getty out me and surrender and it will automatically indicated please. We have daily absence for cloud perceptions like development, more optimistic things and the all Greek and you. Now if you're thinking how to find globally 18 year all these things you currently content you be even finer injects four years ago Just follow all instructions then all of the things that then we have ours. Adams can help you get more distant protests In the rebuke, we have three different Adams for the beer. Come pick first is Google matching? Second is where image and Tolerance Club we were letting can help in blue overalls and getting on with Andrea while ish on a scratchy When he points each time Lovely clears. It's catching with content is after Wade and then being blown. So you know what they can do for you. And finally we helped was your You can export settings in 14 seconds. If you are facing problems every block, you can simply click on that and everything will be ruined, can you? 25. Cloudflare cdn: Welcome back open in this. Would you be talking more about love and Syrian? Do you know why not? The benefits of using a Syria are global. There are some benefits that you can get by using Gloria on the 1st 1 Is improved websites bigger? You may even increase the upside slower. Second is reduce banking cost and told is increased and availability under ruins for security then maybe. Oh, I see you. So actually get your spear and s u. So you are global in your workers that you can do the floor, plan our home and then try to love your create a new contradictions. Kansteiner are wrangling things. Once a lonely, you begin to see your size. If you have not heard your side, you can click on Adnan Syed. Then you need to hire them. The sick. No meaning for something. My timing is time Me. Then they asked for choosing a bland Simon. Now it's asking us for juicy a plan. Lower play zero role apartment feet forwards from them. Then it is asking you and the in Isengard. Then it's asking us to register. Now it's asking us to love insurance for a cop When you have a skirt, you do me And then changer himself were to blowfly names were No, I haven't started my do meeting over. You're gonna be able to sign in and then I access to me. If you have installed from unity or any other dominates God, you really need one of the same steps. The interface made car different, but the steps were mean. Exactly Easy now really public on names. Waas, Cleveland Edit your We need booty to float this and then you need Selden in tow. I would not be doing this, but you need to save it. And then you will be given her name someone and then you even to use cloning clears services with my mother. Once you're human has been very fired. Our names was having changed. You will be able to see the dash for years. You're in the even our centennial Inside one dress SSL is free with lower clear. I also think Lianis even to see other candidates. You even you're even looking even already saying that the fire one You can also increase the spirit you must has. It also gets some options for being sketching that will traffic stream and many other APS that you games. Yeah, you can see dispute. On the upside, I can see that your company is lower. You can see that my fantastic. In order in Super four seconds, you see some other analytics for a little optimize. Ations will be even older organizations present, so increase this period of the lipstick you can ingredient that image can. Also, one is that you use time. I don't minimize Stephen, and there's some other options that you can image when certain. With this, you'll be able to see that your attempt spirit has been increased with. 26. Integrate google analytics with wordpress: back everyone. This video between you you can integrate your website with pics if one doing the ligaments have the ruble endings from sea or the insides and solutions from will and thinks that you can do it most of all in the seconds this we need to click on Agnew, Oregon. Now we need now you need you on the first living women did Stash for my own students has activated Now he didn't see the blanket has been acting. If you need to go back in Star Burns now you can see we have a new message Please send up from Second Exposito audience that sex you need to click one Connect monster size. Now we need to find on the steps now. I really do choose that category. Yes, it is. This You can see where. Continue now. Really? Cleveland Clinic once stood. Is EPPS? Yeah, you need that? Is it this one? No, I know Now we're asking bigger from pine for the Anglo. I mean isolated over fine Somali prevents that I already have now will be able to see that there is no compiled for our website. So let's create a new profile. No do that now. What you need to do is you need to clear a new problem. I mean and you're you need green pepper, Marty, you come back and then the whole country. Then we need to learn another me. So that's Adam's acne greenest. And now, where nobody has been creator, you can reverse this baby once the property so well before dark. It's like this. No, because this is a school and you can see American name for me. Send up now or website this indicator with TOC Congratulations in its them. Now, if you want to see the analytics, I completely imho you need you to see how many visitors how many sections were created. What was the bombs, Rape and sex in division will be able to see Acting's. That's not right now on the website will be given to see area time report. When you click on this button. If you want to change the if you consider your and you'll be able to see your place yesterday, support when the eighties would handle it on a standard book, you know that you give a team that continents sources, but that will be able to see acting the spews A retention sections factor glasses like he's seeing wiper tablet section my country uses by A I won't be able to see your dad improve Olympics because you are us. I don't know, as you can see back. Is this about for administration? So you want to be see during that come in over six. But any other user if they and only hope it, you wouldn't even go see them. 27. Backlinks and social website: everyone in this letter, we've been talking more more back legs out of a tangles. Do you know how you can rank number one on Google? You will be able to like number one who will. When you have one more backings, Matt, things can help. You have one more graphic find is a website where you can find people who will help you get back links. Pilgrim said the house and was this It starts at five. It will be ableto take a lot off graphing from your happenings. There are people who will you high quality back wings in FireWire. Once you get more and more back into upset, there are chances that he will be able to rank number one on well on any off yours. I would also has assemblies for writing because if you don't want to write the course than the people who are believed to write a long post for $7 you can pay them and saving more than happy to bank close to you. Now let's talk about removing your mom's side on different switching mega back homes, the first from his Facebook. You can create your Facebook page and then you can start promoting your website on your block Articles on the Facebook bitch, the Second East. With that, you can create a new pro fine on your own time name and then start removing your blog's on Twitter. He will be able to album cycling, both on please book. As blessed to Georgia is a question and answer forum. There are lots of people Who was it When Rockem, You can answer people's questions by creating a answer. Block post. And then finally, I didn't lead through the website. That's how we will be able to create more and more. So it's traffic type, and the final object that I have for you is before before it is an automation, but either social automation type. You can actually clear the simple post imposed and then automatically from with them on instagram Facebook and dress Twitter and other social by just one. You can show host and remove it easy. Thank you, Eminence.