Create two Abstract Posters with Wavy 3D shapes Using Photoshop | Klarens Malluta | Skillshare

Create two Abstract Posters with Wavy 3D shapes Using Photoshop

Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

Create two Abstract Posters with Wavy 3D shapes Using Photoshop

Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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15 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Examples

    • 3. Patterns

    • 4. Circle Shape

    • 5. Square Shape

    • 6. Follow Path

    • 7. Poster Nr 1

    • 8. Waves Around

    • 9. Clouds

    • 10. Triangles

    • 11. Finalizing Poster Nr 1

    • 12. Bubbly Shapes

    • 13. Poster Nr 2

    • 14. Adding Elements

    • 15. Final Editing

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About This Class

On this class you will learn to create two abstract Posters with wavy 3d shapes using only photoshop.

We will start by creating some patterns that we will need to create those wavy 3D shapes.

Then we will start working with the first poster where we will learn some adjusements techniques.

After we finish the first poster, we will work with some other elements on the second poster.

During the following of the class you can experiment with different levels as the process is more experimental and it gives you the freedom to explore and get different results.

Meet Your Teacher

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist


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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Clarence and on this class you're going to learn how to create a poster with this kind of wavy three D shapes using Onley father shop. You will have the possibility to try the technique by using different options. To get some unique results, you will learn how to create a pattern, work with the adjustment scholars and some other tips to make your work easier on follow shop. We're going to create two posters with these techniques and you will need on Lee for the shop to do that, so make sure to enroll and see the whole class. 2. Examples: everyone. So in this part, I'm showing you some examples off. What? We're going to do the process off our work. Ah, for example, this. Ah, this one right here, Right where I used this technique to create this three d shape like this. And ah, As you can see, it is a combination off black and white pattern and the colorful Grady in pattern on dit is made from a square, as you can see here in the corner also, if you see this other example, it is the same thing. It is a combination off black and white pattern and ah, colorful Grady in. But ah, it is not made for from ah square but but from ah circle. Here is another example of the same thing. These shapes are made from circles. Also, you have ah, some other examples. Like like this one which is different from square and circle. We will cover them all step by step. So see on the next video 3. Patterns: I saw. As you can see now we are on for the shop and we will create a new document. I'm creating eating the size for a poster. Because after I teach you about the techniques toe, create those those shapes. We will start doing a poster fight. So I'm using these sizes toe to thousands within the 2400. Right? Resolution 72 rgb color on just quick. Create now, as I said before that Ah, that shape is created from ah, combination combination of black and white pattern and Grady. And so we'll create both of them the black and white pattern and the Grady. And let's start with ingredient ah, creating new layer. Um, I I usually have these go on their Grady until first. Right here, Grady in tool. I usually have these Grady INTs that I have created. Ah, usually lately I like this this one click ok and create a a shape from this rectangle market tool like this. And now goto Grady int and apply this Ah is great and you can hold shift toe keep a straight line. So if you want to create ah, that exact ingredient, I will show you the color that I use Who are the color palette that I that I use for to create that the radiant? If you want to create the same thing, you can go to Grady int going this part right here and ah, of course, you have that rainbow default ingredient from from father Shop. You just need to change colors. So go on red bacon, color red and switch that, uh, with this pink color, just click on it and you can apply on the automatically It applies that call or click. OK, go to the 2nd 1 Click on this second color click. OK, go to the next one. Click on color. Choose this blue color click, OK? And ah, do the same thing with all these colors. Okay, so if you want to say that, you just need to quick new and ah, it will show up down here. I have already saved that. So I'm not doing it right now, So OK, let's jump back to this. Ah, after we created the Grady int, we need to create ah, black and white square pattern. Ah, you have two choices on that. We can do that manually are we can just download, um, a pattern from from Google. Let's just search for ah, black and white square pattern going images on. Do you already have that? That pattern right here that you can just Ah, let's try this This next one. Because this have some water, Max. Um, and just download that Azan image. I have already downloaded something, or I would suggest to do it manually. We can create Ah, new A new document I'm creating Ah in ah, square size. So the width and the height is the same. Create. And ah, Now Goto view you're guide layout on. Make sure you have the same numbers and same option options as I have here, so check columns rose. And make sure the number is two on both of them. On the within gutter is ah, contact on click. Ok, now goto this Ah re tangle tool right here. Click on it, Onda, Just create a rectangular rectangular shape. Now you need to fill this with a black color. So goto feel and through the black color not do the same thing with the opposite part on after you feel that we need to save that pattern. So we go toe Adit and go on this. Ah, define pattern. Click OK on now we need to make this squares. Ah, um Smaller. So now we can go to layer Go on this on you and you feel there. Go on pattern click. Ok, And now you just need to make the scale lower. So from Ah 100 you can make it like 10. Yeah, I think it's ok on click. OK, now you you created this this pattern. So let's just copy this cop emerged goto our poster file and paste it Command control T and relative to keep the proportions. And let's just place it Ah aside the radiant To make this pattern like a square shape, we can merge this This layers layer one and layer to hold command control and click on the next layer Now right click Merge Lier Now to copy this, you can hold bulky and drag it up now selected by using command control T on just placing below. Now let's do the same thing by merging this, uh, this layers both merged layers and ah, we can resize this Command control t Let's place it somewhere down in the corner by holding shift to resize the pattern, and now we are going to use that pattern as a source toe to create those three d three d shapes. 4. Circle Shape: Okay, So now toe, create the that three D shape. You just need to goto that smart stool. It is under the blur. Tool sharpened tool quickens much tool on. Make sure you you select the round brush, you can reset brushes, right. Here we go. OK, and go on this around brush brush right here. Ah, Make sure the hardness is 100% and the size it depends on your image, but it is important that this circle should be inside the pattern. So let's sizes. Okay, I think also another important thing is the strength that should be 100% also. Ah, sample all layers should be checked on now. You're good, Teoh to apply that to the president, So just create a new layer above the pattern. First, let's rename this better create a new layer and ah, click on that and drag drag toe. To a certain point, just drag it around this area to create something abstract on. As you can see it create that Ah, this way, the wavy shapes. Let's uncheck this for a moment on creating new layer. So if you want to create a black and white ah three d shape. Just Ah, you just need toe to start from these black and white pattern. So make sure the size is lower going that Ah, that black and white pattern and just start doing the same thing. Also. Always make sure you are in on a new layer different from the from the better. So let's just create some random shapes. We can use that them for for a poster that we can create the same thing if you want to create Ah, Justin Colorful ah three d shape create a new layer. Let's uncheck this for a moment and make sure you are on the Grady in part on Just start doing that floating thing around the white space. Yeah, Okay, um, you can check this again. It is easier just to create Ah ah, abstract poster. You just uncheck this pattern, creating you Layer said a background from this pain bucket tool on it immediately creates something. Something nice It anyway. Well, we will learn the techniques first. Then we will start creating some postures. So let's uncheck this for a moment. Just check the pattern as you did this background. So now I will teach you the how to create these shapes. But ah, from a square brush 5. Square Shape: Okay, So before starting with the with a square pattern, we can just first create a group of these old shift on click on this first layer a non click on this group. Justo, have this, uh, this shape that we created. Uh, now it is really simple again to create Ah, square city shapes three d shapes. Great. And you layer and go on this smudge tool. But make sure from this round shape, click on that settings right here and go on. Ah, square brushes like Okay, just speak a square brush and change the size so it fits the pattern. Let's make it smaller on DA. As I said, you are on a new earlier and just do the same thing. So drag this on Just great. Some some random shapes. Yeah. Okay. Let's Ah, try this. Ah, with a black and white Ah, black and white pattern creating you earlier. Make the side lower and just create some some random shapes. Ah, if you'll use Ah, big size. Ah, Foster. Maybe this will take some time to process from the computer. Um, but they're just try a lower size off the pasta if you have problems with that. Okay, let's create a new layer and check this and just try it with with this radiant. Yeah, just create some some random stuff. Let's check this lease all. Maybe reposition them. Yeah. Anyway, these are just for teaching us the techniques. Let's group them click on the first there and on this one by holding shift and click on this group. Let's uncheck the this. Now, before we start working with a poster, I will teach you another tip. 6. Follow Path: Okay, So before we start working with the poster, I will show you a tip that you can use toe to create. Ah, three D c. But to follow a certain path. Ah, so let's create a new layer. And now go to this mental mental and just create a shape. Make sure it is in the middle of the black and white and color radiant. Click on this and just create a random path you can create, like a number or a letter. I'm just creating, ah, random shapes. And just just to show you the technique. So after we created the shape going this much tool, make sure the size is something within this pattern. And now from there, go toe paths. Um, on this, work this on this part, you can see that work, Beth. And now you just need toe quick on this circle right here. Click on it on, As you can see that are medically creates. The this ah, this shape that follows your path. As I said, you can use that to create numbers or letters or whatever you have in mind. Okay, so now we will start working with a poster 7. Poster Nr 1: Hey, welcome back. So now it's time to work with a poster. Let's go on layers and, uh ah. I will start by using ah, picture as, ah, as the main focus of the poster. I will use that. That picture right here. First, I will show you where you can get some models. Are pictures like this painting right here that is going Google? Usually I go to this sense players that come just search for model. And you have all these free pictures that you can download then and search and and use them for your poster. Or you can go on being terrorists. And also there is the specs ALS that pixels that come, you're involved all different resources to get a picture or just go on Google search like Leonardo Da Vinci paintings on you will get a lot of results. So let's get back to this image I have. Let's copy this Command Control. See? Go to our poster Command Control V. That's uncheck these for a moment. Let's just keep this pattern. Okay? Let's delete the birth. Okay, so now let's Ah, let's put position this. Ah, this image command control T and resize it by holding shift to give the proportions click enter. And now I will do the I will cut the picture to remove the background. Let's uncheck the Packard pattern for a moment, uh, to remove the background. I usually use this mantle. Ah, you just click on the point and then click on the next point, though, to follow the path of the image to create some curves, you just hold, click and ah, move from left to right to create the curve. So it is the path of the of the image on you Just go this way until you you close the path . Okay, so now let's close the path. Click on this point right here. Let's zoom this onda um make sure you are on mental, right? Click and make selection Be the radio zero click OK. On command Control C command control V uncheck this below layer because you're going to created a new layer with this Ah, picture. No. The first step that I usually do when I create a poster is ah apply Ah Grady in Bagram. Then work with some adjustments on the on the image. So let's create a new layer lets her name this background on reposition it. Ah, below the model. Let's sorry. Name this painting. Okay, so on the background we go toe the radiant tool. Right? Things were going radiant. Now we need We can apply the radiant we can hold. Chief toe, keep a straight line now command control tea. And we can make this bigger toe to feel the whole background Click. Enter on. Now let's work with some adjustments before we go toe some some three D shapes. So make sure you are on painting and for adjustments, I usually just go to this image adjustment and play around with brightness curves and who situation and color balance so brighter Set and contrast. Basically, just play around with this and ah, make sure you have a little off like highlights on your image. Some contrast. Now go toe curves and you have this RGB channel also this red, green and blue. Basically just play around with this and see what What looks better to you that goes well with the Grady in background. Okay, so now that I tried some different levels, uh, just click OK on now we can go to a few separation, we can ah make the saturation level bigger and see how it looks. Also, we can change the U. Yeah, maybe it looks better on this. These colors the stones click. OK, Um yeah. Now. Ah, we will start. Ah, from this pattern to create some some, uh, three D shapes that go around this. Ah, this seven. 8. Waves Around: Hey, welcome back. So, as I said, we will start with with that three D shape by using smudge tool again The same ah, levels of these options. I'm using this. Ah, round shape by using round brush. Ah, the circle one on da. Just goto this pattern first, Make sure you creating you earlier. That is above from the From the pattern on, we will start doing something that is like going around this person. So let's just start doing it. Make that Okay, So now we need toe delete the ah, the parts that go in front of this image. So it gives the idea. That is it is goal. It goes around the this person. Ah, to do that, we can ah use this. Ah, layer mask tool right here. Just click on it on basically, as you can see here it is. Ah, a white space on how this works is that when you paint with the black, it deletes that part of the layer. So let's just practices. Go on brush tool. Let's select around round brush. Make sure the hard hardness is 100% Onda. You are going to play around with black and white color so black If you paint with black and deletes Ah ah, the parts where your paint as you can see it appears here too If you go with white, it ah, it really it undoes Basically, it will undo what the black color did. So it won dilly the that Ah, that part that you deleted before. Okay, so the idea on this is toe remove the parts that are in front of this image. So to make this easier, you goto this painting right here on DA Click Command Control D sorry. Just come on control. And ah, now just click on the layer and it's elects the image. Now make sure you click on the layer mask image on just paint with black, all the all the parts that we don't need. So, basically, is this part right here? Sorry. First we need to change that. The black. So as you can see, it deletes on the only the selected part. Let's delete this other more right here on. Yeah. Okay. Now let's ah de select this. Um, here. It gives the idea off this, uh, shape that goes Ah, around this. This person now I will do some, um, some other shapes to like some ah, smaller three D shapes. So let's create a new Leah. I'm speeding this part because I don't want to repeat myself all the time, showing the techniques. Okay, so now, after we finished adding gold, these shapes, we cannot. Some other elements toe make this like, more colorful and more complex. 9. Clouds: Okay, so now another elements that I'm thinking toe add on this poster are some clouds. You can go on Google and ah, search for like clouds without being G gong. Google images on download something. I've downloaded this image. I have this image right here. Ah, you can download this. Ah, I will upload this image so you can download it easier so you don't have to go on Google images. So let's copy this. Go on. Our buster based it. Now we just need toe position This in different parts off the poster. Come on, control T. I'm thinking to position it on this part so we can feel that start point off the off our shapes on this part right here. Ah, maybe we can make them black to add some contrast, so go to image adjustment and invert So it inverts the color on to make this darker. Maybe we can go to image adjustment. Ah, hue, saturation and put the license lightness down. Maybe at some contrast Yeah, Okay. Onda Also, I'm thinking toe at this kind of filter. Ah, on this pixel eight color half tone, let's just leave the assumption like they are click. OK? And I think it goes well with all this other elements. Maybe just make that that darker at some contras. Lower brightness. Okay, now Ah, we need to copy this. So hold bulky and drag this layer up. Come on, consulte and position it in different parts. Maybe we can reposition. This are likely scale, so it doesn't look more like repetitive. Okay, let's do the same thing by copying this. Come on, Control T. That's positioning somewhere. Here. Um, let's scope it one more time on let's place it somewhere here. But make it. Ah, smaller. That's reposition it. And yeah. Ah, you can add the more it depends on you're like your taste is taste the It's more kind of finding the balance between all these colors. So and now I'm thinking toe had, ah, some geometric shapes 10. Triangles: they will come back. So as I said, I was thinking to add some dramatic shape. I will start by creating a dangler shape. Make sure you create a new layer above the background, then below the the image you have so creating you earlier on. Go on this you tangle er market tool and just great Ah ah Shape, rectangular shape Apply ingredients So going radiant holds If toe toe toe a straight line, let's try a color soul. It's not the same with a background. Okay, let's do select this on. I was thinking toe make this black. So go toe image adjustment and go on black and white and not just play around with all the colors. Ah, toe make a darker Yeah, Click. Ok. Ah, Now create. Ah, new earlier. First Ah, let's Let's ah group all these clouds This layer 12 Quick on this whole shift and click on the next layer on group this. Let's rename this. Sorry, let's rename this clouds. Okay, create a new earlier. And as I said, I'm going to create some triangle shapes. I will do them by using mental. So click on a point, click on another point another point and close bath. Right Click and makes election click. OK, now go ingredient and just supply. Ah, ingredient on this on this shape. Okay. Now let's ah de select this. Um I will copy this layer by holding golden Dragon it up. Come on, control T And let's resize this by holding shift always and position in the middle of the of the next. Ah triangle. Now go to image adjustments and click. Invert So it creates this. Ah, the school triangle shape. Now let's merge these this ah layer. So we have them as ah as one object. Right click merged layers. That's her name. This triangle. Now come on, control T to position it somewhere else. Now let's ah copies by holding gold and drag it up. Onda, we'll just I would just play some some random shapes in different parts of the pastor. Okay, so the next thing Ah, I will let some some stars and play around with the adjustments 11. Finalizing Poster Nr 1: Okay, so now we will do the final edits of the poster. So as I said, Ah, how we let some some stars. Um, first, I will criticize ist this image because it's too big. Copy this. This is like a star pattern that I've created myself. But I will upload it so you can use it for your poster. Or you can just search on Google for, like, star images or something. Anyway, let's ah, position it. Ah, below above the background, then below the other. There's and make sure your things ah, mold from normal to lighten our or screen our you can even use it exclusion or difference. Ah, you can try a love these, but I'm not sure may back in your screen our difference. Yeah, I think I'm I'm ah, using this difference mode now, I will do some final adjustments, so make sure you are ah, on the above lier and to do the adjustments. You just ah goto this icon right here and you have all the options like brightness and contrast. Play around with all of this. You could, um, maybe let's goto this to saturation. Let's try some different shoes. Um maybe I can switch to these stones. I like this more. Or try some other tones. I don't know. It's It's your taste on colors in depends. Yeah. Okay. No, um, at some color balance and ah, play around with the colors. Make it like more blue. And yeah, I think we're done with this response. Stir. If you have ah, created your own poster, you can upload it on the skill several jack section and I will make sure to review it. And maybe sharing on my instagram page if you if you send it to me as a direct message or something. Also, please. If you have enjoyed this tutorial until now, please leave a good review. I appreciate that on. Yeah. Now we will work on the next buster. 12. Bubbly Shapes: Hey, welcome back. So before we start with the poster Ah, I will show you this poster that I showed you before because now we are going to learn how to create this. Ah, this more abstract shape. Eso We can create another poster. So that's gone. Follow shop. Ah, great! The new you post new new layer New new document. Ah, with the same size as the first poster. Quick, create on. Basically it's ah is the same technique. So I'm just copping this Ah pattern from here. Let's find this yet. Better so we don't have to create the same thing. That's position it on the corner on. Basically you just go to smudge tool and you just need toe use. Ah, another brush. Um, you can go on this. What? Media brushes, Quick. Okay, Andi, I usually use this one This. Ah, this one right here. I don't know if it has a name. Anyway, let's change the sides so it fits it. Ah, our pattern on. Just do the same thing. I think that on Dhere it creates Ah, this Ah abstract bubbly shapes. Let's say off course you can get different results by using all the brushes, but it's something that you can experiment with. I just wanted to show you that you have lots off possibilities. You just you don't just have that Ah, square and round shape A gun creating you layer. And you can see that. Ah, you can Ah, you can create a black and white just black and white shape to that's Ah, lower the size like this. Also, that's creating your layer and see that it works again with with a colorful one. I think this color fool one are are better. So you can try, Aled, these brushes that just speaks something random just to see Great in your layer on da Change the size. Yes, you're going to see it creates something totally different. So, yeah, you can play around with all of this At the moment. I'm Ah, I'm using this. Ah, this brush right here. So now we're that we learn that technique, we can start working with the pastor 13. Poster Nr 2: Okay, so I will up. Um Okay. So I will use that image for for the poster. Basically, I will. Full of the same steps. I will ah, remove the background from this picture, apply a greedy int background and work with some adjustments on on this. Ah, this image. I'm speeding this part up so you don't waste your time by listening the same steps since I did before. Okay, so after I remove the background, I can reposition this this image. And now I can work with the adjustments, the same thing as I did with a poster with the first posters. So go on image adjustments and just play around with. Ah, all this, Uh, this options. Okay, so now we will start working with background I. What I have in mind is to Combinator that pattern that we created Ah, for the first poster. So let's copy this cop emerge on based it on our image. Make sure it is below the layer Command Control T. And I'm thinking to make whole half of this with this pattern. Ah, think OK now create a new layer below that that pattern and we can apply the the radiant. You? Yeah! Come on, Control. T toe, toe. Feel this wide parts virus sizing the image. And now Ah, we're going toe Had those those ah, 33 D shapes. 14. Adding Elements: they will combat some of the next step is toe create some some shapes from that new brush I showed you before we can create a new layer. And we don't need that pattern anymore because we can just use this much still from from this colors right here. So from here, we can just drag this Onda, uh, here, you create some some shapes. Come on, control T to reposition it. Um, maybe we can resize this and make this bigger Position it on this part right here. Maybe you can change the color by going to image adjustment your situation and see what looks better. I like this combination right here. Click. OK, that's copies by holding gold and dragging up command control T. And let's position it on this part right here, too. And see how it looks in another color mold. Yeah, I like this. Uh, this version, quick. Okay. Ah, great. Annual there and see if we can create something from these black and white pattern. Yeah, maybe we can use that. Ah, and position it on the background. Or maybe below this. This there, see how it looks. Yeah. Maybe we can make this darker on this part. I'm just experimenting and and see how that looks in indifference Part different parts of the poster. I'm making this darker. Maybe that's copy this again and position it. Ah, below that black and white three D shape. Yeah, like this combination. Now we can select both of this. Ah, both of this. Ah, layers. And by holding gold, we can drag down on this part above the great in command control. Tito, reposition it on. Yeah, we can please them. Ah, on the background. Now let's change the color of this. So we create kind off like a rainbow effect. Okay, let's copy this by holding gold and position it below and change the color again. Okay, Um, another thing that we can do is maybe that greater a new layer, and I can at the round shape above Ah, above the head. Holt, if to create Ah regular Ah, regular circle Goto Grady int and apply the ingredient. Now just select this and reposition somewhere in the middle. We can make this to, like, more shiny, so Ah, right. Click Goto blending option. Go on this Ah color overly and ah, make sure the blend mode is colored dodge a paucity around the 50% or you can try 100% to But I think 50% is okay. Also, you can switch the color from being to something blue. But I think that things ah pink work works better with this. So also, you can get some outer glow. Make sure the bending mode is something screen color. Dodger liner dog. Ah, you can play around with a positive e with spread with a size also with the color I'm choosing. Ah, like a pink color. Yeah, I think. Ok, click OK on another thing I can do is that some some clouds and work with the adjustments, I think because I don't want toe complicate this too much. 15. Final Editing: Okay. So, as I said, I will use some clouds. So let's copy the clothes that we downloaded before. Let's base it. And Ah, just position it in different parts of the A block off the posters. We, as we did before, with the 1st 1 Yeah, Okay. I'm not complicating this too much, so I will just play around with the adjustments now. So again on this Ah, this cycle right here. Brightness and contrast. I always add some conscious on the on the artwork. Ah, let's see, the your saturation here is always ah, take a hard choice. But ah, I will leave it as it is. I would just be around the the color balance. Yes. As I said, I'm not complicating this too much. You can play around with this. You can add some other shapes, like I did with the first poster. But ah, I made this poster just mainly to show you the techniques I used to create this This kind off off the abstract shapes right here. So I hope you You learn something from this Ah, tutorials. And you can apply that on on your work. I'll go to see what you create. With these techniques you learn you can upload them on skill share Project section and I will make sure to review them on DA share on my instagram page also, please leave a good review if you like this. And you found found this helpful, I will try to upload more tutorials. You can just suggest me. What do you like to learn next? And ah, I will try to help you. So yes, you in the next tutorial by