Create trendy Instagram videos in Premiere Pro 2020 | David Sundström | Skillshare

Create trendy Instagram videos in Premiere Pro 2020

David Sundström, Videographer and Creators

Create trendy Instagram videos in Premiere Pro 2020

David Sundström, Videographer and Creators

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About This Class

Hi I’m David Sundström and I will in just under 1 hour teach you how to create you own short and modern video for social media. This course will be at intermediate level, however if you are a beginner but feel focused and ambitious today then you can still follow along. I go through the basics of editing, creating effects, transitions and much more. Don’t be shy to ask questions, I will answer them all. This course is the second video in a tutorial series. So feel free to enroll in the beginners course, if you feel like it.

For as long as a have remember, I have had an interest in creating videos. But about two years ago I started a network for self-taught creators born and raised with social media. And during this time I have learned a lot about about what content works and what looks good on social media. While not trying to lump all creative styles together, I have chosen to teach you just one of many trendy styles on social media. Because this is the one i prefer and enjoy the most. 


So what is this course going to be about you may ask?

I will firstly take you through the basics of editing and rules for the format used in social media. Later on I am going to guide you through how you find and edit your video to music, create your own transitions to sew together clips, and add effects to your videos to spice them up a bit.

Meet Your Teacher

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David Sundström

Videographer and Creators


Hey there!

I'm David, a 20 year old who loves videography/photography/App development/design and much more....or in Simple term a creator maybe. Okay I'm not actively working on all of these things at the same time, but isn't it pretty cool that the world of Internet has given us the chance to learn sooooo many things? I love it :)

I have had a camera in my hand the last 10 years, which is very weird to say when you are only 20 years old. But what can I say other than I'm gen Z again, I'm born and raised with social media and tutorial platforms such as Youtube or Skillshare now teaching us the basics or more whenever we want. 

I though this was such a cool phenomenon. 12, 15, 17 year olds with just and ounce of ambition could learn... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: would you like to learn how to make these types of videos? My name is David and I know how to produce. And with videos for social media, I'm running A creates a network and agency based on the skill sets and the printers from this generation. The people were born and raised in their set top through passport excuse share or you do, but not this time fermented. Did you help to make this modern types of trendy videos for Instagram In this course, I wanna go through step by step, how to make this short videos for Instagram. And I hope this enables you to go out there and produce your own videos, maybe to be in your own brown burn some extra cash. We're just said some memories in a cool way. I won't go through the fundamentals of editing for a cent. But how to arranged Eclipse help to edit a rough cut out to find music and how to add it to the music. I will also teach you how to Mexican effects, transitions and graphics despite your videos. And this is what we're going to produce here is excited us. Me So see, in the next one 2. CLASS PROJECT & RESOURCES: Hey, welcome to this first episode in this beginner tutorial and helped to make Short and Tremblay Instagram videos in Premiere Pro. In this first episode, I'm going to address a class project. I believe that it's really important that you learn by doing so. That's what we're going to do in this course you go is to produce a 15 to 32nd video using somewhere all of the effects that I wanted you in this course as well as applies a music to it. And you can post it here in the digital classroom, and we can watch it together and give something back to each other. Or you can just ask any questions. We can deceive your own stuff downloaded from the video back that I would provide in the link in the description. And you can also download it from like free stock websites such as exits. This course is both for absolute beginners in everything, but also for people, have some form of skilled in anything but want to learn how to make this short internally in ceramics. I know that this process might sit on. It's scary, but we'll go through this together and I would explained every step. And if there's something you don't understand, you can just ask me. Were good, good luck. And I see in the next video where we'll go through the deuce and adults from producing this types of meetings, my 3. DOS AND DON’TS: I think this episode we will go through the deuce on the adults and producing these types of videos. The first thing and want you to think about all the time is always ended your videos in a vertical formats. You want to produce a demented for the platform that you're opposed to, you know. So in this case on Instagram, people use it on mobile. And you want your content to take up as much of the screen as possible. Because if you have a horse sample video that won't take up much space as your vertical video, as you see here and for the technical stuff this minutes that you need to produce your videos in a four by five formats or in pixel size 10 minute date by 30 50 pixels. I'll show you how to apply this in premiere later. But this is just the theory behind it. But this miss that you also should be having something in mind before you actually go and sit down and trying to see him yourself. Vertical. Just sleep your camera like this or use your phone like this because it will make anything process. A lot is here second the unit to keep your videos short around. Fish still desert two seconds because people's attention span are so short on social media . People just swiping by and you want to grab people's attention fast and delivered a message . It's faster to count. And that's why I believe that 15 per factor said It's a pretty good time. Okay, so now we have quickly gone through the deuce and builds Just let's jump into Premiere Pro and See you in the next video. 4. START A PROJECT: Okay, so now it's time to get started. And the first thing we're going to do is to start your project and I'll show you how to apply the formats we learn last with you and actually applying it, making a sequence off. So that's jumping to permit. So here just started a new project. You can name it. Whatever you want. In this case, we can name it short Instagram video. Decide where you want it to be placed. So facing on the best up there will be a lot of some things that you can't change. But I would just show you the essentials creating a project so you can guess Press. OK, now we have a bunch of windows here. We will go into what every specific thing, actually, minutes when we get to it. But for now, I'll just show you how to create the first sequence suppressing the outcome that I really don't know what it is. But it's next to the folder go to sequence and is a great time line. You're going to set things because you want to make this custom in the editing mode issues custom. The industry found that for FPs is often times 23.976 So we'll just press that now. We'll do this size of the screen in its mission. In the last video, it's 10 lady with 13. She stayed hot in addition, Disquiet Pixels because that's the measurement were using. You should have no progressive fields. And this this play for math should be like this in the video preview. I often use quick time that you can use whatever you want, and you can also use animation here. This is just what we're preview wild, where everything it's and just say with us First video. The tapes is also descent. This is a process that you don't have to do this anymore, and you can just go under the custom tab and press the name for this custom. So So we call this idea vertical Dicle formats okay, and it will be here on jaybird before and press. OK, so now we're all set up. So in this course, we've been used to other things in this window, and that's effects, and it's anything, so everything is the first place that we're going to be. In the next video, we'll show you how to imported clips and started singing 5. ARRANGE CLIPS: I think this video we're going to make it is here when we do the rough cut. So we're going to be really a rancher in the right foot. But firstly, in this video, I will set of you for you. Which makes it is to end it this kind of vertical format with videos. And this is quite leasing the sure to be in the editing panel and just press on this plane or the program where two sets your video name and drag it to the left hand side or permit. This makes it much bigger. And it would be, yes, sir, for it. Said it. If you accidentally did something for just really arranged it in the wrong way, you can always just go up to window Works basis and reset to sited layout. This would make everything as a boss before I say this because I've made this Mr a 1,000,000 times and I'm good goat. Where did this window go? And how can I get it back? So now it's time to import are clips so we'll just take our clips from finer dragging and dropping them into the time and kids existing sentence as another stacked after each other in the timeline, which is quite handing. The next step is to remove all the audio. But as you said, the videos are linked to the audio. So what we have to do is unlinked will do it by marking everything, impressing command or control which basically Miss Link were on like And then we can just did it all the salts. And now we have the videos. Without all of you, the next step in the final step in this video will be to rearrange them in the order that we want. And I always tried to have the best videos in the beginning and in the to have a good hook but also make you want to watch your video again. This creates a good looking if it so this is the first clip and I shot this video's whenever salt filming and photographing with the community. I talked about the difference video, so this video will be just a short of it from that. Okay, so I really like this. The 6th 1 I saw a place that first then because this guy and this guy is the same person. Maybe I'll put those also each other. No, I think this one can be a good transition from the to share later. Then I think maybe one three ah five as this in here. This video's are wrongly formatted because if you look here finder, the format is vertical, but it's 10 80 by 1920. We're editing in 10 80 certain system. So what has to do here? Its adjusted them to have a subject may be in the middle with some more juice around it. No one need to go to the ethics panel and move the white position. So we'll do this by looking here in the face controls on their motion, another position, the first number here exposition, and that there is the position. So we're just adjust them according next school. And if your computer can tend the editing still courtly, you can just lower it on fourth on the rescue and that and let's go back. So it looks something like this. In the next video, we will do the most important part two, and that's choosing that writes music and work to fight it 6. FINDING MUSIC: So in this video it's time to shoot some music for a video, and I believe that this is the most important step off, like all of the steps were doing because music oftentimes makes or breaks a video, there's a couple of ways of doing this, not really recommend you spend time on it. I can spend a couple of hours finally music, really to get it perfect because, as I said, it makes or breaks. The video is about licensing the music through platforms such as Epidemic Sound were art list, and how this works is that you pay a monthly fit were, as you initiative two of them, and you will get access to their royalty free music. You can download as much as he walked, and a different between those two is the epidemic. You need to be connected with a social media account where you publish it because they would cross check and said that you're publishing the music to that social media. But art lists you can download music and use it wherever you want. You can check those two out. I use both of them. I like them both, but for you, who is just starting out. Either you could do a trial for any of this platforms, or you can do another way, which is free. And this by downloading news from YouTube, you have to do it legally, which means you need to download music that's royal different and free to use. So what you will do them is going to you to type in royalty free. You know, Day three, you sick and you can actually free before, so you know that is free and then the type of genre for a start it. So maybe you want to keep on music, and now we'll have a bunch of with views that you can go through that I can't spend your always on so you can listen to get a feel. Oh, is this good for my video and wants your farm bomb? You'll just copy the link off the video and you pissed it in a program which down go sit as an empathy. But this websites are can create what I recommend is using this platform. It's called for video download. It's a program which had downloaded to your computer. So this under three vice that I download music to my video, but in this video I will use a song I download. It's an artist, but this is where I want you to actually find yourself. Because download bomb threat triable. These two platforms will download one from YouTube because I want you to have your own style in this video, and music often makes that so. That being said, this wraps up this video and in next video who start doing a rough cuts for our video, CNN. 7. HOW TO EDIT, MAKING A ROUGH CUT: we're back, and now we're going to do our first rough got, which means we're going to end it, our videos to the music and I'll show you how to do this. It's quite simple, so that's helping to premiere. And once we're in premier, we're going to add our music and we're going to pick the music that you shows. In the last episode, I picked the song from artists, and it's called Tennis Stream by Curtis Coat. So I picked this one and I drag and drop it underneath the clips. And I just said, There's a difference between this rose the three rows up here as an I next to them, which means that this are the visual rows, and this row on their myths with the microphones is the things that have all drain them. So now we're going to listen to the song, and you can do this by just double tapping the song and plain I mean that I want that spike in the music exactly after the first trip, so we're creating a look. What I do know is that I go like five seconds before and press this one. It marks the in points and then we'll go, Yeah, 20 seconds or something, Making at this later and then you more this just evident by itself, and you can drag it out here on the right quarter. Listen to hear theme, it's time to start anything to this, so I won't. I think I want some more of the music before the hook comes so we can have time to end it together. So just drag the sound a bit to the right and extend its left. And then we have. And now it's time to do a fun thing because you can see the way from here. But it's quite hard to see what bits actually wants attitude, and this will be only approximately. But what you can do here, it's just I want you to close your eyes When you do this Costa rise. Hold your finger on the M from the keyboard, then press space when it would start playing. And for every time you hear the bits, you want to press the bottom that would make a market value. Let's do it. So I just went with my intuition and pressed M whenever I thought that it could be an opportunity to edit because the bit shift stretched. Now it's time to actually ended to this clips. So how do we cut our clips? There's a couple of ways to do it and I'll show you something. But the first thing you can learn is pressing Commander killed, which means Catholic Command, K or control. OK on the PC. And then you press the video that you want to feel it and just press the button. And then it says it's again. You can delete the gap to, and that's really heavy. So Mark, the empty space ended it and it would just go so no way. And now I will show you the other how you can cut it. You can just press and hold on the corner and just drag already wanted to stop, and that will lift down with spacing. And if you want assuming and soon mount, you can just use your fingers like this district this bit more. You can do this forever, but you just want a rough cut. This is approximately helping we look and how war affects. We'll go together so won't spend a couple hours and maybe right after She did this with her hand on her hair. We can just cut it and deal it. This one, The empty space. Ah, I quit. Last lesson is to just set on outpoint for your video using this button right here, The more count before the real actual video. So you do that, then just drag it to wear your video. It's And now we have made a rough gets and that's awesome. In the next video, we'll go into the cool stuff. You start making their sex, so so see in the next great job. 8. CHANGING CLIP SPEED, HOW TO DO SPEED RAMPS: in the last video. I promised you that in this video will make some cool effects in this video. I'm going to show you how to manipulate the time. All the video clips I will show you how to change this bid helped to reverse the video and help to make speed drops. It's bedrooms are pretty cool. Let's jump into primary. Um, so we're here with the clips again and there a couple of ways to change this bit over your videos. A very simple way of doing it. It's just using command, our shortcut to change this bit. And they said the spirit is in percentage. Here. You can use chin shipped from 100% if you go to 100%. That stopped this bid. If you do 50% that's half this bit rest. You can do the math 2000%. That's really fast, so you could just change that. You can also type in here if you want to reverse this bit. But in this video, we're actually going to learn how to make a spear drop. If you don't know what, it's bigger bits. It's a pretty cool and modern effect where you go from once bid till others bid back to the first bid again. So it's like a cool Shane Justin. And there's two ways of doing this. Either You do it on the same cape, which we will do here, where you just spit up in the middle and going back to slow him. Or you can do it between two clips and you can use it as a Simmons transition if we have two clips and in the end of the first people happened, spit up, and in the beginning of the second clip we have, it's been done from fast that would make a Souness transition. We're just going to do this split ramp effect on one clip. You see that video? It has kind of an ugly section in the middle where it's just going on Nothing. If we spit at this part, will go from circus on camera to focus on a person pretty good. So how do we do a speed trap? This might be a bit more advanced, but it's not that advanced. I'll show you first of all, just extend this video. You do it here on the left and drag it up. Then you'll see much more over the actual videos, right? Click on your preferred video and go down to show. Clip your friends time remapping and spit. When you do so you'll see this line that line in the kids, this spirit off the video right now you should drag it up. It's going much faster. Looks like this, and if you drag it down, is going to go in slow motion. But what we want to do, he said. We want to go from slow to speed, to show and to perform that action. We're going to use the pound to to mark the end and art points and the pen to you access by pressing, Pete suppressed it and you get a pencil. Now scrub through here to a point where the subject starts moving, so press there on the line. Then we go towards stops. Movie. So maybe here. Now go back to your mouth, so just press here. So go away from the pen to and she hover over the line there in the middle. You can just drag it up, which means you changed the spit just that little part of the section and go up to maybe 350. You can do what you think looks good, but it would look like this. You see, like a Souness transition from the camera to the person's head. Because what can be even cooler if we reverse this effect? Which means that we go from the person's head through the camera like we just move around with a cabinet and then perfectly focuses on the camera. So we'll do that. Why do you remember command, press, reverse food and then just okay? And it looks like this. It looks pretty good so we can deliver empty space here. And I believe that we can do diversity for that kid to, because then it will end on a focused camera. So just press command. Oregon looks like this just going from one focus. Focus can. Here we have the same type of shots going from the camera or the drone in these kids to something else and reverse that. We'll get the same type of Okay, it's nice and opportunity. It's actually make another cuts to Medicare cuts a bit better, So if you want to hear in the beginning, where the music goes up, we will place this group, I think make it so. What you do know is just used to the market Here, the blue marker, Take the click. Your ministry Grandpa can drag it. So we match this period ramp with the shift in the music. This is like that and this deal, it's it's automatically from that. So it looks something like this and I believe that this is a bit too long too. So we maybe should extend this one. Just extend that. It's and it looks like this. And now we're done with this with your you learned how to reverse the spin off the change disputed into a different ways and helped to do a coup split in the next video. We'll do, I think, my favorite effects and that stabilising the shots off words because oftentimes your videos kind of shaky when you're going to see in the next booth. 9. STABILIZE YOUR CLIPS: wait. We're going through my safety defects the most powerful, in my opinion. And that's the warp stabilizer. Would warp stabilizer. You're able to stabilize footage even though it will shake you when you found it. But before we can do anything, let's invest Our tips and nesting are clips, basic events that we said the permit probe, that we're done with the effect suggested because you can't apply some effects such as warp stabilizer on videos that we have already manipulated with, for example, changing the spilled reversing for making this camel kool spilled drops. I will just show you what will happen if you do so if we're going to they fix panel here and with search for warp stabilizer and then we apply it to number two Here you'll see a red box. Some items to you is to stay away from this red boxes. If you're going to fix panel here and you first need to take away this corpse did lasted that we just added So what we need to do is to nest are clips and how do we do that? We right click on the clip repressed in this and then when name it's whatever we want. For example, when we're done this, we can't simply just apply. Rewards did last perfect. I like profanity. That's much when premier stabilized it way, it's quite amazing. So we're trying for some other clips and save tricks. Maybe this one could have missed. I just work stabilizers. If this works, then we can try this one. I'm scared of this video won't work. We worked civilize ER, because it's too shaky. Its nest, maybe for warps in life, certitudes and it's a scene. But if we bring down the smoothness here in the next battle, to maybe two looks pretty cool. I don't think we should say that statistics, because this is too shaky and this one is good as it is the 1st 1 So now you learn how to stay blast shots in Premiere Pro. In the next video, I would go through halted Monica, typically using from something skin transformation rotation and so quick, a pretty cool seeing 10. TRANSFORM WITH KEYFRAMES : in this video, we're going to go through hardships to scale kind of decision. So let's jump into Premiere Pro yet that's a problem in the last video, there's something we need to do first, and that is to nest are clips that we want to use this on, and it is a quick capture. You can actually sit, which videos that you have to nest before you apply on your change to its You see here to FX here that is pink or purple that with the ethics box instead, you're older. They applied and effective. So let's just message right click on the video. We're going with the suspect for this video is to match this clip with this clip instead of this one goes to left one just and these instants. It would be cool if we could rotate and scale this clear like this. So we'll match. Did you before you after? So that's Dr Well to do here. Is that research for transformed ministry, too? It's called Transform. You apply it and then here in the effects panel, you see position, scale, rotation and some other functions. Reviews two friends to be able to show the shen just to do with this values. So first of all, if he wrote it like a little bit to the left of mine in three minutes here when you depressed the stopwatch and that means we can city market firms and to go forward in time of it, let's push it too Plasticity than this we have. That means we're change for minor through the three degrees. This understand protections? We can take this one. Put it in the beginning on this one. Put it in yet. Looking it now, Lex Baker. Although we said the black borders or the black background, which means we have to scale. So I just used the skin function here, the scale up to maybe 100 four. You want to go further? So 106 months and let's see how it looks. Theme. The next video. We'll use color as a way to transition between different types 11. COLOR TRANSITIONS: I think this episode we're going to learn how to do a new transition, and this form is a bit colorful. What were basically willing to do it stitched together two clips with some colorful distortions. So we're going to still and rotate it some friends before and just changed the colors. You'll see it when we go into premiere pro hot looks. I believe that it would be cool to have a transition between the clip off the camera publicly about the camera. So what we want to do here is that we want to go exactly in between those two clips right here and then we want to go forward, just one friend, and to do that would just press or right Eric it contact. That's what friends They would press command K to make a cut president for him again, pressing press, committed to make cuts. Then we go back to go back. One press cuts back one Prescott at number four, different single frames from two clips to each, and we're going to this tortoise as good as possible. But we couldn't effect to it. So if we go to this middle ones, let's make those to the same color. And let's make the want the 1st 4th to another color. So if you first do this to, that's going to the right and paddle here where you have a fixed before, let's instead of going to loo metric color where we can change some colors. So going to the metric column exchanged a team to think, Then go one friend to the right again like that. Make that pink. Then we go to 4th 1 Make that maybe a bit and make that another color, maybe more orange, pink. Go to the 1st 1 Make that the same color and now it looks something like this. It's pretty cool to make it even more distorted. Let's add some transformations to it, and you learned how to do that the last time. But now we can just changed emotion. Is that so? Up here here we can maybe change the scale of it. So swimming and the other one member changed irritation of it. So it looks like something is happening, rotated and scaled it as we learned in the last episode. And now if a plane look, it looks like that it's a pretty cool effect in the next video, we're going to learn how to use color to make a cool effect that phonetically, people used this affecting many music videos. This is really cool seeing. 12. COLOR ANIMATION: now I'm going to teach you how to change the color often object in Premiere Pro, and this technique is pretty cool. Is used by several people partisan their music videos, for example. Travis Scott's If you know who that is, I hope you do otherwise. Well, that's your homework. But let's jump into Premiere Pro. Let's get started. So this is actually extremely saying, I'll show you this clip where she has quite clear that jackets. We can easily change the color to this one, and we can gradually Shane shit over time. And the going here is to go from one color to the actual colder off the jackets, and this is in this transition. Here we have a big part of my job is to make our jacket from the purple and pink color to her actual jacket like it's a transition between the video. So you have here two colors. The one you would go from on the one you go to the from should always be the color over. The jackets were the original colder over the subject, and the other color should be the end of the video. Did this color so go to almost end of the video. Press the stopwatch here and Dr Key form to them, then go feeling. And that's changed color. No, really, we can go have a think for this one. We'll see how it looks. That looks pretty good. So we drag this to the beginning and see how that's so. Thank you. So that was it for this video in the next video, we're going through hard toe tightness and takes to get some story or get something folk in your videos seeing that. 13. ADDING TEXT: I think this is the episode where I'm going to teach you home to make good looking titles to your videos. So that's jump into premier yet. So with the titles, I would like to have three titles that says Connect Crit and collaborates in three different colors, and they should merge together to form a cool graphic. And I want this to come up at the bits right here. I'll show you there so we'll be over this second. So the first thing we do here is just go to this to assemble here for text, press it, press here on the screen and then just time connect the first word, then just press command to mark everything going to a special graphics, which is the settings for your graphics or your text in this case, and use this symbols first you can first century vertically and then or something tonight in the middle. It's a nice time to shoot for, and to do this you're just going to the text here, type what whatever funds you want. I like Proxima number. It's on so tight that Proxima Nova and that cargo boat, because bold, it's better looking on times suppressed that one and then was changing color will make this Thank you. My experience. And if we assume in here, let's see it. Here we have the takes there and we extend it a bit. And then we duplicate. And to duplicate this, basically, we're just used to Option two dragon dropping it over. And then we have two of its on the top layer one. Yes, double quick on the text again and rights create. Commanding to mark everything and then changed is to blue and we might sensibly so you and then we will do one more change. This to Clever sensor Just wanted him and they just yell, That's a good So now there have this three. It doesn't look that good. So we will try to adjust this positions, the white positions. So go first with the connect and bring it up a bit. What? And then we go with collaboration and bring that Donald it's and everyone is to coming Exactly perfect. It's so that's used to more here again with them. So let's go to the first marker assuming and extend the connect, which is the 1st 1 extend the creates to the only marker when it's extended the collaborates to the third marker. So that way, and we'll extend everything big more. Maybe until we have the colorful transition but no work unless this keeps, which means we can merge them together. So right click messed and call this text, and now we have one point. So if we're going toe mended, want to know where the capacity, which means, transpires just to make it more blending to the actual video? But it won't don't want capacity to keep from. So let's take away this new markets. Stop watching press and bring you down to Maybe let's see how this looks. Let's make it a kind of bit bigger. And this is when nesting some of the videos makes it much easier to do global changes to all the objects on all the text. So that's just giving the O that's also with it. In the next video, we're just gonna deport toes into color correction to make our keeps work together and maybe more good looking, seeing 14. COLOR CORRECTION: Okay, we're done very in this video. We're going to go through the last step and that's called a correction. Just making the video more holistic and trying to change, for example, contrasts for fixing some ugly things in the life in order Colors s that's going to premiere pro this first keep here. You said that his forehead is kind of low, notes. There's a bit too much light. So what we can do here? It's lowering the highlights of it, decreasing that one, which basically mints take down the white but not too much and is very important to not overdo called a correction. And this curbside really powerful to. And you said in the bottom left here this sort of shadows and then top last we have the highlights, so bringing up the top right that brings up the highlights but was we want to do is bring down the shadows to make more contrast. So if we do so, we can just bend the curve like this is much better already. Now we can bring down exposure of it, which is the lighting of the video, and just increase the color just using your top arrow like going three times. It will increase the saturation in the video. Not too much, but it's kind of good. And what we can do here is that we can copy and paste this color correction to the clips that we believe might need this face to. It's not just copy by Command, said Go to next video press that one press commanded. Alex. Maybe we can get the black even more black here to make it pop even more. This camera. And if you go to the black here we can just bring down the black, which increases the contrast and applying to send. Let's copy this one the symmetrical here in the face family and pasted on the five year Let's do it here. But bring a the highlights here because I like the islands and it looks good. Go to next one, apply it here, maybe increase the highlights of bits and increase the contrast. Just a bit Looks good. And this one increase the highlights of it after pittsy them. And then we have called Christie. It's that simple. Then we bring back this right marker here. If you want to end the video like this Um and we put the repeats here. Now I can watch your foot video. That's it. One quick, Let's change to end this video. It ends quite bad. And we wanted to end like abrupt so people will re market. But not in a bad way. Not too long. So if you listen to where we want to use it to stop, we want it stopped there, I think. Let's drag the music. I had to stop there and just adjust the video according Maybe shortening this in this direction and drag it down to see how this looks. Looks pretty good. So I think you know. So let's watch the finished product. I think it looks pretty good. Hope you learned something, some discourse. And in the next video, I would need your help to export this good format so you can upload this incident or any other mobile 15. EXPORT AND CONCLUSION: this'll. Last lesson is pretty straightforward, but it's also very important because if you do it wrong, your video would take up too much base. It would be hard to transfer to your phone, so I'm going to teach in this video the perfect export settings for these types of videos. So the export is your press command, Emma, This Prince export window and here you want to choose to format pitch to 64 This is very important and then we can use presence. You can either match source or use like high quality 10. 80 pitched it. And if you choose this, for example, it would look like this. It will. It won't be vertical. Then you have to match the source just under the basic video settings. And if you do so, it looks like this. Then you can name your video something, maybe first video, place it on the desktop and save it. And this is an important step to use the maximum rounded quality. So you get the most other your export and export it. And you said the fine size is around 30 megabyte, which is almost nothing, and your phone can happen so it's time for export press export and depending on your computer will take either one minute for one hour. Then that's how easy it is to export. I hope you enjoyed this course I enjoyed making. I've done this technique videos, holdinup, friends, making memory videos. But I've also on this videos for actually paid commercials. This is pretty good, I wish all not in your course project. So that's here and we can look together. I can give something back. You can ask me questions see in the next.