Create the perfect silk wrap on your Natural Hair | Ebonee Shelton | Skillshare

Create the perfect silk wrap on your Natural Hair

Ebonee Shelton, natural hair expert at naturally you salon

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Detangle

    • Part

    • Brush

    • Choose and tie scarf

    • The Big Reveal


About This Class

Natural hair stylist, Ebonee Shelton of naturally you salon, demonstrates how to maintain straightened natural hair. You will learn to maintain your style with a few simple tools and techniques that will help your hair retain moisture, and eliminate the need for additional heat.This technique serves as overnight protection and time saver for straightened natural hair. Learn more ways to manage your natural hair.

Benefits of Creating the perfect silk Wrap on Natural Hair

Eliminate frizz

Save time styling

Protect curls from dryness

Eliminate heat damage

Hair looks great longer

Promotes length retention

Promotes moisture retention





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Ebonee Shelton

natural hair expert at naturally you salon

Welcome! I'm Ebonee Shelton

As a lifetime lover of natural hair, I help women transform their natural hair. For the past 20 years I have guided women along a journey of discovering the beauty of their curly natural hair. My gentle practices bring out the best in natural hair.

Read about how sharing my knowledge, and advice on maintaining and styling natural hair has helped my clients transform their natural hair. With my simple approach to managing natural hair women learn to b...

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