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Create the Perfect YouTube Video Like a Pro

teacher avatar David Eaves, YouTube, Trading/ Investing, etc.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. What You'll Learn in This Course

    • 2. Picking a Niche and Ways to Get Views

    • 3. Planning Content - Why You Need To!

    • 4. What Equipment To Use

    • 5. Filming Tips - Connect With Your Audience

    • 6. Editing Tips and Tricks

    • 7. Creating Titles That Convert

    • 8. High Conversion Thumbnails

    • 9. Advanced SEO Tactics

    • 10. Decoding The YouTube Algorithm

    • 11. Thank You!

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About This Class

Hi, my name is David Eaves financial YouTube content creator. 

In this course, I will be teaching you all the basics of starting a YouTube channel as well as some tips, tricks, and secrets I have learned over the last 7 years that I have done YouTube. This course is designed for pretty much anyone who is looking to start a YouTube channel as well as someone who may have a YouTube channel but is struggling with monetization methods or just gaining and keeping a consistent audience. 

Meet Your Teacher

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David Eaves

YouTube, Trading/ Investing, etc.


I've been creating content on YouTube for around 5 years now as well as actively investing and trading in the stock market. I've been creating content here on Skillshare for a little over a year as I think it's a great platform for my audience on YouTube to get more in-depth content as well as anyone else who is interested. Unfortunately, you do need a Skillshare Premium account in order to view them. 


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1. What You'll Learn in This Course: welcome everyone to the mastering YouTube course in this course we're gonna learn. Okay, that was absolutely terrible. And that's exactly what you don't want to do when you're on YouTube. So in this course, we're gonna be going over how to not do that and create some great content that people actually want to see how to get it in front of people's eyeballs and how to get them to click it once you do get it in front of their eyeballs. Because if you can get all three of those things done, then you have mastered YouTube and you're gonna be doing quite well. But in this course, we're also gonna be going through some direct examples from my YouTube channel as well as my analytics as well as looking around my studio here and taking a look at equipment and things like that. That way, you guys can get an idea of what you guys may or may not want to purchase for YouTube. So if all of that sounds interesting that I hope you guys do decide to enroll in the course , and with all that being said, I get you guys in lesson number one 2. Picking a Niche and Ways to Get Views: So in the first lesson, we're gonna be talking about content types because that's really gonna shape the strategy that you guys use when it comes to your YouTube channel, as well as the audio and video equipment that you guys do end up investing in. Because if you guys make videos similar to how I'm making right this second, then you may want to invest in a great camera, some lighting equipment and then potentially even some things to go in the background of your videos. That way, it's not just completely bland and playing. However, If you guys were of logging, you guys might want to just stick with an iPhone or something like that. I believe it's syndicate. He actually uses the iPhone and actually put more money of initially into content. You know, if we look at this example from Tanner Fox, he put 10,000 cheese balls onto a trampoline. If we look at that actual video, it may have cost to $300 in order to make that video, and the actual audio quality and camera quality doesn't really matter that much. Obviously you want to have decent quality, but you know the difference between using your phone versus ah, $2000 camera rig isn't gonna make a big difference. But putting 10,000 cheese balls onto a trampoline versus sitting on your couch and doing absolutely nothing all day is gonna make a big difference when it comes to the actual video . Obviously, cause sitting on your couch is is pretty boring, So But we will get into Cameron audio equipment later on in the course. But I did just want to mention that right now that you know, where you guys initially invest is kind of getting depend on what kind of content you make . And if you guys are just starting out, you really need to ask yourself one. What kind of videos are you gonna make? You're gonna be a longer you're gonna be a lifestyle or you're gonna be D i Y beauty, anything like that. You know, what is it that you're gonna do now after this? The most important question of all. And I think this is a huge mistake that pretty much every beginner makes. How are people going to find you? Because a lot of people make this mistake and they try to really Just copy whoever's big. You know, Tanner Fox, for example. If I wanted to copy Tanner Fox, I could go make a video 10,000 cheese balls onto a trampoline. The problem with that is, if I had zero subscribers, YouTube is not gonna have anyone to push this too. They're not gonna have anyone to show this to the algorithm. Doesn't know what your videos about because it's all Clickbait. And overall, it just doesn't work. Whereas if you look at peut pipe, for example, peut packing Clickbait beauty pocket literally title of video poop, period. And it's going to get millions of views suggests that the more people by YouTube the algorithms gonna push it everything. Whereas if I make a video titled Poop, it's gonna get, like, maybe one view. So in the case of the 10,000 cheese balls, Tanner Fox already had an audience. Now where did he get that audience from Scooter tricks, scooters, tutorials and edits and things like that back when he first started out. So I believe he had almost over 100,000 subscribers doing videos like that before he actually started switching mawr into blogging. And, you know, the type of content that you see nowadays which you can grow more easily since he now has millions of subscribers. Because now he can put, you know, one or two key words in the title Click bait it and it's gonna push a whole lot because he's got a lot of authority behind his channel. That's something we're gonna go a little bit more in depth on in the algorithm video. But I do want to point out that you really need to have some way that people are going to find you most often the initial way that people are gonna find use through searchable content, things that people are searching for. So, you know, you guys really need to figure that out first. You know, if you're making if you wanna be a logger, maybe you're really good at scooters and you can make scooter tutorials. Or if you're doing gaming videos, this is honestly one of the greatest places. You can do this if you're making call of duty, that is, for example, you guys can actually just go make class, set up videos and you know the best way to play X map and things like that. First people figure out, then you can eventually start showing off your actual just gameplay. Kind of like ninja or someone like that does. So I hope this video got across the point that initially you guys are going to need some kind of content that people are going to search for and, you know, whatever that is, that's where you're really gonna want to start, rather than just going straight of logging or straight to gameplay videos. So with all that being said, I will catch you guys in lesson number two. 3. Planning Content - Why You Need To!: Welcome back to lesson number two, where we're gonna be talking about planning videos. Because no matter what kind of content you have, no matter who you are, what you do, whatever your videos are, I don't care what it is. You need to have a plan. And this is one of the problems that I think some people who start of log first kind of run into is they're not planning their videos. What's fun about your video? Why are people gonna watch this? So if you were going out tomorrow to shoot for your log, you really need to figure out what it is that you're gonna do. What's gonna make that video interesting and things like that. Now, obviously, you're not gonna plan every single minute down to the T. But you guys do need to have an idea of what you're going to do tomorrow. That's gonna make this flog interesting. Otherwise, there's a good chance you probably don't want to make it. Because if most of the bloggers you sitting on your couch, then it's gonna be pretty boring. Next. If you guys were doing a sit down style video similarly to what I do a lot on my channel than you're probably gonna want a script. That video almost 100% that way. You guys stay on track, you get everything out of the way. And most importantly, you don't waste time. It's very easy for somebody to click on your video within a few seconds. Figure out. You know, I don't want to watch this anymore, and they'll just click right off. So that's really what you have to do when you're making a video. Is work every single second to make sure they don't click off the video. Because when we get to the algorithm lesson, you guys were gonna figure out that people clicking off your video is incredibly important to not happen as a little weird how I said that. But seriously, you guys are gonna figure out that you do not want people clicking off your video, especially within five or 10 seconds of starting the video. And then, if I were doing, say, a story time video, which I will do here in there than I generally won't script that at all. But that's actually a story that I have from experience, and at that point I could just go. Yeah, you know, I'm going to tell the story about the day at the lake or something. And, you know, I don't really need to script that at all. I could just sit down and talk about it for 2030 minutes, and then I'll edit it down a little bit. And that's something that I see a lot of people also make mistakes on is really cutting every single mistake they possibly could make out. You know, they say right here, they're gonna cut that out. You know, I wouldn't do that too often. I would definitely cut some of them out, especially be doing a lot. I do that a lot. So I do cut some of them out. But I will definitely leave some of them in there just for the purpose of leaving Mawr of the video intact as well as a lot of my hand gestures. I feel like that as a little bit of a genuine appeal to it. I could just be completely wrong on that, but I feel that way. So I'm gonna keep on doing it now. Next, you're gonna have two types of content. I don't know who it was that I heard. Call it this, But I heard them say that there was one type of content evergreen. But the evergreen content is pretty much content that you guys were gonna put up, and once you put it up, it might not get a ton of use straight off the bat. But over the course of the next year or two years, it gets a lot of views, and it's very consistent and just brings you in money and views every single day. That's personally my favorite just cause it's very passive. However, on the flip side, there is what I would just call explosive on. And that's when you get a video that gets, you know, First Hour gets a 1,000,000 views next hour, gets to 300,000 views and so on and just does very, very well. But by day three day four, it shoots way down, and then it just doesn't really do anything. I'll try to put some screenshots up on the screen as examples, but evergreen, the graph looks kind of like this. It just gets a certain amount of use for a long time. Explosive looks like this pure down nothing. And then, you know, it gets a little views here and there. But overall doesn't really do incredibly well after the 1st 2 to 3 days. Now, next, when you guys were actually about to record, you guys are going to want to get some coffee or some Red Bull or so Mountain Dew or something like that. Because if not, you're just gonna be kind of tired. You know, just yeah, you're gonna be kind of tired and your video is going to sound kind of like this, and it's just not gonna be great. So you don't really want that What you really want is something that's really gonna hype you up and get you excited to make this video as well. Let's get your voice coming in and out And changing shifts, I guess, is the word. You really want to keep your voice and audio Interesting. Keep it. Keep the viewers attention, just like at the beginning of the course. You don't want to sound very monotone every single time you speak, And if you guys don't have a coffee or Red bull or something like that beforehand, then you're probably gonna sound pretty monotone. So don't do that and get yourself a coffee or a red bull and sound sound great for your entire video Next. When it comes to planning or video, you really need to keep in mind that the average age of intelligence on YouTube is not very high. It's somewhere in the middle school level now, partially. That's because there are a lot of kids on YouTube, and it's partially because there are a lot of stupid adults on YouTube. So at the end of the day, they're not going to know what you're talking about. I run into this problem a lot in terms of financial videos. The average person isn't gonna know what a P ratio is or what beta means. So in my videos, I try to dumb them down and keep them very simple. If you guys are making more broad content, not so specialized like I do, that you might not run into this problem as much. But just keep in mind that the average intelligence on YouTube is of a middle schooler, and you guys don't really want toe go way over that head or you're gonna limit the amount of people that are gonna be interested in your content 4. What Equipment To Use: All right, so in this lesson, we're gonna be going over equipment. What kind of camera and audio equipment you guys were gonna want to have. So when it comes to cameras, I personally have the cannon t six I with the Sigma 18 to 35 millimeter, 1.8 aperture lens. This whole set up, including my mike, is about $1000 if you buy them used. If you buy the new, then it's probably around $1400. I actually bought every single thing here used just because my body had the camera and then the lenses just very expensive. You can get a nice haircut if you buy that used and then the mic, That actually might have been new. I'm not sure, but at any rate, this whole set up will cost you around $1000 it works pretty well. But if you guys didn't want to spend a little more and get a Canon seven d d or maybe an 80 d, and you guys could definitely do that. I personally just had this camera already at the house because it was my buddies on. I was just like she did I'll just buy this off you. And it was about 50 to $100 cheaper than what the 70 d would have cost. But in terms of lenses, I absolutely love this lens. I will try to link it somewhere in the description, but it is the Sigma 18 to 35 millimeter, 1.8 aperture lens things an animal. I love it. It literally cost more than the camera. But thing is great. However, if you guys were vlogging or something like that, I do know some bloggers who actually have, like, lenses like this. I'm not sure why, because because that's a heavy lens. But either way, if you guys were vlogging, then I know a lot of loggers actually have the Sony A 12. I think it's It's like a pretty small handheld camera, but it's really good quality. I think it runs about 5 to $600 and it has a top flip out screen just as this one does over here. That's what I'm actually looking at. If you guys ever see me glancing to the right a little bit, I'm looking at the flip out screen on this camera. But a lot of loggers like that. I believe Panasonic has a competitors to it as well. You guys can just look up YouTube videos on best flawed cameras and will almost always see this one that Sony A. To maybe the A to six something I'm not sure, but at any rate, that's a big blogging camera. But in my opinion, if you guys are just like an amateur vlogger, you're just starting out. Just use your phone like if you have a nice phone like an iPhone 10 or above, I just use that. That's gonna be fine, especially when it comes to audio quality, because your phone's gonna have probably the best audio quality in comparison to you know, this camera or really any camera that you get your phone is probably gonna out do it in terms of audio quality. So unless you want to set up a whole another Mike rig or something like that, then you're probably gonna have to just roll with your phone. And, you know, there's definitely some big bloggers that actually just use phones Syndicate. If you guys watch him at all his YouTube channels life of Tom, he actually just uses his phone. I believe for a long time I know he's got the Sony A 12 or whatever, but I'm pretty sure he just uses a phone. But overall speaking, you guys definitely do want to be at least 7 20 p 30 FPs. If you are uploading to YouTube, this is 2020. You guys, they're not gonna want to put up some garbage quality because nobody is gonna watch that 27 20 p 30 FPs is the absolute bare minimum nowadays, realistically, 10 80 p 60 FPs is where you more so want to be in anything higher than that is obviously great, but it will cost you more money to go higher than that. So that's just up to you. But if you guys did want to go higher than that, it probably will help out on last longer whatever equipment that you end up getting. But just remember, 7 20 p 30 FPs. That's really, really the absolute bare minimum you can have nowadays. 10. 80 p 60 FPs is better, much better. That's really where you want to be. Just remember those things. And now I want to talk about audio equipment. I actually use this smart lab plus microphone right here. If you guys can see that as well as an extension cord as well as an adapter that works on this camera because this is actually designed to work with your phone to guys. Do you get this, Mike? Then you have to get an adapter to use it on the camera. Um, otherwise, you guys can just use it with your phone if you guys were blogging or something like that. But regardless of that brand new, this whole set up will cost you about $100. The mike, I believe, is like around $75 then the extension cord is around $27 then the adapter that I have is about $15. I think that being said, I got a lot of this used. So in the case of the mike, I think I got this for $45 the extension cord I got for, like, 12 or $13. And the adapter, I think I bought new for 12 or $13 so I didn't spend that much. I probably spent about 60 to 70 issue in the entire thing and it works absolutely fine. I think you guys can hear the audio quality for yourself in a sin that it's it's pretty good. So I've been very happy with this. So if you guys do need a lab mike than the road smart laugh Plus, I think is a great value now. Outside of that, if you guys were looking to make gaming videos or something like that, and you'll obviously need a desktop Mike, the best desktop mike I've seen is the blue yet Eat that. Being said, I'm really not Ah, used to using a lot of desktop might have a razor mike Right now. I don't use it a ton, so there's no point in me upgrading. But if you guys did want to, you know, make game you videos, then Price to performance. The Blue Yeti is probably gonna be your best bet in terms of that. Outside of that, I really don't have any Mike expertise. Those were the only two things that I've ever really worked with. Just get a decent mike like 100 bucks. You'll probably find that that's realistically where you're at, like if you spend 100 bucks on the mic. It will probably be fine. It will probably be good enough quality on things like that. So have you guys did gain a lot from this lesson, Especially in terms of the specifics. If you guys do want this lens, I will link this in the description somewhere. Hopefully, if not, you can always reach out to me on instagram A swell as I'm not gonna let the camera. I mean, that's an older camera anyway. Yes, If you guys do want this, might it is the road smart laugh plus Laval ear microphone. And if you guys want this lens, this is the Sigma 18 to 35 millimeter, 1.8 aperture lens for Canon. They make him for the Nikon and I think, another company as well. But yes, you can get this lens with pretty much any camera out there. So with all that being said, I would catch you guys in the next lesson. 5. Filming Tips - Connect With Your Audience: and now we're gonna be going over some filming tips. So starting out at number one, we're gonna have looking into the camera. So this is something that's actually pretty hard, especially when you have a flip out screen like I do. It's very hard to actually focus straight into the camera lens rather than taking a glance over here where the lens is. You guys look at me right this second. I'm looking at myself in the flip out camera, not into the lens where you guys are. If he has aren't doing this, it's gonna be very hard for the viewer to really get an idea that you're looking at them and you're talking to them. And you lose a little bit of your connection with the viewer if you're not looking directly into the lens, so it's very important to look directly into the lens. So advice someone gave me one time was that if you having a hard time looking directly into the lens and you find yourself looking at the flip out screen a lot, then you may just want to actually flip the screen back in while you're filming. That way, you have nothing to focus on. Aside from the linens. Now, me personally, that's a little bit of a hassle. So I just looked the screen back out again, and now I just really focused very hard at the Glens. That way I don't have to do any reshoots because that's very frustrating. But overall, make sure you're looking at the lens. It will help much more than you think. Next, we're gonna be talking about backgrounds. So if you guys look behind me, I have some knickknacks and things like this. The reason they're so lows, because I normally have a desk here. That's where I normally make videos. I don't really make videos at this height, but I was actually just testing it out the day for this, and I was like, Dang, this is actually a really, really good angle. I might actually use this in some of my other YouTube videos, but aside from that, you guys want to have something in the background. You don't just want to have a straight plane background because that's generally going to be very boring. The viewer doesn't have anything to look at. It gets a little uncomfortable to look directly at someone for, you know, 45 minutes up. Having things in the background gives the viewer something to glance at rather than just straight stare atyou. But if you guys don't have anything in the background than the viewer doesn't have anything to look at and if they don't have anything to look at, and then once they get tired of just staring directly at you, they're just gonna click off the video, at which point you lose an additional viewer earlier than you otherwise would have. Which, as we know from the algorithm video, it's gonna be very important to keep people onto your videos once they have gotten to your video. You don't want people leaving your video 20% of the way through. You really want him to be 50 60% plus before they leave the video. Next. When you guys are filming, you're gonna want to try to change your voice a little bit. Here. In there, you don't want to sound monotone, and that's really how I like to explain. It is you don't want to change your voice, but you don't want to sound monotone. So I think people, when you tell them you all. You need to, you know, change your voice, change your pitch a little bit here and there. They'll go in saying they're like, Welcome back to today's video guys. Uh, we're gonna be doing so and so and they just they go very up and down, especially to the upper side. That gets really annoying to me. And I hate that. So when I say this, don't try to change your voice. But don't try to sound monotone either. Monotone is like I did at the very beginning of the course. This is really one of the most important points. You really don't want to just be sitting here. Guys, how's it going in today's video? We're gonna be going over how to create a photo shop pig. That's not what you want to sound like. You want to have some energy. You want to change your voice up and down a little bit. If you guys can see I'm actually doing that a little bit here and there, really, just adding some character to your voice really that way it's not straight like boring and monotone and low and things like that. Lastly, when you guys are filming, and this is a little bit of an editing part, and I will get to it when we get to the editing video. But don't waste time. People do not like their time wasted. And it's so easy on YouTube for somebody toe click on the video. And if they think you're wasting your time or, you know and everybody's gonna waste some bit of their time, right, if you have a two second pause anywhere in your video, you kind of wasted two seconds. But if there three minutes into this video and you still haven't addressed anything that you said in the title or the thumbnail, you know what the reason for them clicking on the video was, they're probably gonna click off the video if they haven't already. There's honestly a good chance. If you're not getting into the topic within 20 to 30 seconds after the video starts, they're going to click off the video. I believe I learned this in one of my classes one time, but the average attention span is about eight seconds, so you really want to be addressing whatever it is that the video is about within eight or so seconds of the video starting that way. People know, you know, you didn't just right click bait them because I think we all remember back in like 2012. It's when people would just straight Clickbait they'd have a title that said, You know, some news story or something and then you click on it. It's just a video of a cat. People don't like to see that they don't like to be dragged along for 20 minutes about some topic that they didn't really care about and didn't click on the video four. So just make sure that you're not wasting people's time and you're getting straight to the point and honestly, trying to make your videos as short as possible. Obviously, we want videos to be over 10 minutes long, but at the end of the day, if you have a topic that takes three minutes to go through every single detail, take three minutes. If you have a topic that takes eight minutes to go through every single detail, then at that point I would say take eight minutes. But you could also take, you know, two minutes and answer questions from the previous video, something like that to get the video over 10 minutes. But at the end of the day, don't waste people's time, especially for the purpose of getting over 10 minutes. It won't help because you'll just get less views because the video will perform much worse . 6. Editing Tips and Tricks: All right, everyone. So in this lesson, we're actually gonna be doing a live recording of me editing the first part of this course . If you guys are not interested in this, that I would still recommend that you stick around for the first few minutes of this just because I will be giving out some tips that aren't really program specific. They're actually just editing in general, things that will help you captivate the audience. Is attention a little bit better and things like that. But after that point, we will be going mawr. So in specifically about Sony Vegas and how to use the program just cause that is the program that I use and I am very comfortable with. So you have another program that you're interested in using or you're on a Mac or something like that, and you use an eye movie or whatever it may be, then you guys could definitely skip this part of the course after that point. But until then, you guys should definitely still stick around. So first, what I'm gonna do is going over to import media desktop and we're going to go find the first file. So these are all the files that I pulled out of my camera. So I'm going to click right here on the 1st 1 This file that I already have open is just one that I've created. It's called normal. Ah, and it basically just has some of the music that I sometimes use, as well as my green screen. Um, subscribe button that I will crop in for the purpose of this video. We won't be using that, but I will show you guys how to do that. But for the purpose of this, when you go out and drag this into the timeline and if we go and play this through, we can hear it's a little loud side. So what I was actually doing here, I had quite a few mistakes at the beginning. So you guys pay attention right here. You're going to see the difference where I like, repeat myself and redo this. So I'm gonna talk me real quick, and I'm going to jump cut the first port and figure out which point I want to use It. Looks like this is the part that we want to use. Somebody wouldn't click right here and then I'm actually gonna press s on my keyboard, and that's going to split the media. Right click delete. Welcome back to the beginning. So at this point, um, that's kind of the beginning. That's around, Um, nine seconds off footage. Um, what I'm actually gonna do here just for the purpose of this being an actual first lesson. Like you don't want someone to actually click onto this video or the lesson and, you know, watch the 1st 4 seconds and be like other God, this is so boring. Even though I'm actually doing it more so as a joke in this case. So what I'm gonna try to do is see if I can actually cut this earlier. Just so there's less time of me being incredibly boring. So let's take a look here. Of course, in this course, we're gonna learn how to take a YouTube channel from 0 to 100 subscribers in just 30 days. Okay? So, honestly, for the purpose of this, we can totally take out in just 30 days a 0 to 100 subscribers, okay? And then thistles actually messed up because I messed this up. Let's go find where it was absolutely terrible. And that's exactly what we're gonna Okay, that was actually absolutely okay. That was absolutely terrible. And that's exact as well as how to get that content is Absolutely. It was absolutely terrible. Looks like this is the place where we're gonna want Thio going. Then take a look at 0 to 100 subscribers. That was do when you're on YouTube in this course, we're going over. And when I'm actually gonna do is reduce the volume on this so that we're actually going normal. As we welcome everyone to the mastering YouTube course in this course, we're gonna learn that way. It provides a little bit of a shock value toe hundreds and we switchers. Okay, that was absolutely terrible. And that's exactly what you don't want to do when you're on YouTube. So in this course, we're gonna be going over how to not do that and create some great content that people actually want to see as well as how to get that concept. So people have a pause here. So what is going on the front of people's eyeballs and that instead of someone right content that people are in a replacement because well, it's how to get that content it will actually want to see as well as how to get that content in front of people. So it looks like we have a little bit too much want to get that way one in this voice? One. Okay, so to see as well as how to get that content in front of people's eyeballs and then have it still would like to remove a little bit of this. I'm not a huge fan. That should be good now. Want to see as well as how to get that content? That was pretty good, in my opinion, to get them to click on your content instead of someone else's content when it does get in front of their eyeballs. So this part I wasn't a fan of how I said it, because I was kind of winging it, and that's exactly what we're gonna be going over in this court, as well as how to get that content in front of people's eyeballs and then how to get them to. And that's exactly what we're gonna be going over in this course how to create. And that's exactly what we're. So it actually looks like I redid the entire part. So we're gonna have to go through here and find which probably because if you can get because if you can get all but in this course were also But in this course, we're also gonna be going over. But in this course, we're also gonna be going around, so it looks like this is music minutes. This'll definitely. You guys now figure out where I get all three of those things done, and that's exactly what we're gonna be going over. Okay, that was absolutely terrible. And that's exactly what you don't want to do when you're on YouTube. So in this course, we're gonna be going over how to not do that and create some great content that people actually want to see, as well as how to get that content in front of people's eyeballs and then how to get them to click on your content instead of someone else's content. When it does get in front of their eyeballs. And then let's see if we can cut right here when it does get in front of their eyeballs, and that's exactly what we're gonna be going on. Someone else's coming to click on your as well as how to get that content in front of people's eyeballs and then how to get them to click on your content instead of someone else's content when it does get in front of their up. So at the end of the day, I'm not a huge fan of this, but the footage doesn't really support a way to change it. From what I could see, sometimes you can make some small edits and rearrange some stuff, and it will. It will line up and work. I'm not really seeing a way to do that here, but I am gonna keep on looking around and seeing if that's exactly what we're gonna be, right. So I think I've got a good version here now. Well, it's happy we want to look here, get it in front of people's eyeballs and how to get them to click it once you do get it in front of their eyeballs. Because if you can get all three of those things done, then you have mastered YouTube and you're gonna be doing quite well and boom. Now this right here is waste and boom. That's a wrap. In my opinion, I think that's pretty good. I'm gonna delete the rest of this footage just because I believe this is actually lesson number one. It didn't get split for some reason on the camera, but I'm gonna go and delete this since we don't need it. And that gives me about a 52nd intro. Um, now, at this point, what we're gonna want to do is actually probably throw a fade on here. Welcome, everyone to the master. That looks good. Now we have this jump. That was absolutely terror subscribers. Okay, that was absolutely We have, ah, jump in volume. This is a trick that I think, uh, it's kind of a fairly known thing, but basically a jump cut. So actually have a preset when I think that'll work. Yeah. So now, if we watch this, it's gonna get the viewer a little bit more of a a boom. Once they hear the volume they're gonna like, it's going to shock them a little bit, and it's ideally going to keep them interested in the video a little bit more subscribers. Okay, That was absolutely terrible in that anyone noticed that that was absolutely Scribner's okay, that was absolutely terrible. And that's exactly what you don't want to get. It gets the user to focus a little bit more on you for a second after they've, you know, almost got to the point where they wanted to click out. Maybe they around 2nd 567 ish. They were thinking about clicking out. It was boring and then all of a sudden, jolt them back and they realize that the joke volume increases. And now and now it's better content. You've almost tricked the viewer into thinking that they were wrong. And next time, when it comes down to them actually thinking about clicking through the video because, you know, even when you were actually trying, it was very interesting to you that individual fewer maybe wasn't so interested, but because they were wrong the last time they're gonna watch a little bit more just cause they that kind of been proved wrong earlier on in the video. Or course hope that makes sense. It's a little confusing, but it's basically your training the viewer to think that your content is going to get better in some ways, and really, you're training them to not click off of your video. Ah, and that's a very good thing to do just because that will help a lot with the YouTube algorithm, as we will talk about in a later video. But this is something that I struggled with is you know, I put this jump on this clip right here, Do I wanted to go back or you want to see how to get it in front of people's eyeballs and how? Probably not, I pray wanted put the same jump there as well. That way, it stays consistent. We got to figure out where we want to actually cut it and have it go back to the normal frames. Because if you can get all three of those things done, that that looks good to me actually in front of their eyeballs. Because if you can get all three of us, that looks pretty good to have mastered YouTube and you're gonna be doing. And one thing I'm actually going to do is that the beginning to the mastering YouTube course? Welcome everyone to the map just for the purpose of showing you guys. And I actually think it will add to this. We're gonna go into a key frame. This is a little confusing for me. Just because I do get a little confused on how to do it just cause I I usually forget. But, um, put that there. And then I think this is right. Welcome, everyone to the mastering YouTube course. In this course, we're gonna learn how to take a YouTube channel from zero 200 subscribers. Okay, that was welcome, everyone to the mastering YouTube course. That's it. And we want to move this in a little bit more interesting. A little quicker. Come, everyone to the mastering YouTube corners of the court. We're gonna learn how to take a YouTube channel from zero. Welcome, everyone to the mastering YouTube course. In this course, we're gonna learn how to take welcome everyone to the mastering YouTube course. Okay, so I think that's pretty good. Um, if you look, we basically have the camera zooming away from me at the beginning. It might add a little bit of in effect to the video. Making a little better. Okay, That was absolutely terrible. And that subscribers, that was absolutely terrible. Exactly what? Overall, I think this looks pretty good. Now for the last thing that I'm gonna show you guys while we're doing this editing video. I think I pretty much showed off a lot of things. You know, Crop Button is here on Vegas. Ah, this is the effects button. Your effects may be different, but, you know, if you want color corrector, it's there. You can play around with the settings. I'm not an expert on this, but black and white is here, actually used that quite a bit in my videos. In fact, I may actually going, but black and white illness during your course in this course works. Let's let's try it can take to 100 subscribers. Okay, That was absolutely welcome, Everyone to the mastering YouTube course. In this course, we're gonna learn how to take a YouTube channel from 0 to 100 subscribers. Okay, that was absolutely terrible. And that's exactly what you what I'm thinking here is Ah, this is still just too long. So what I might do is give this a cut. Okay, so I think I like the black and white at the beginning, so we're actually going to use the black and white. But you saw pretty much where everything is in the case of someone, the husband USIA. You know all your Effexor here, crop buttons. Uh, rep aside it this one, uh, the last thing that I'm gonna show you guys how to do this because I definitely recommend getting one of these. I'm not gonna put this on this video, but basically, if you do have one of these in Vegas, there's no way to get a, uh are as far as I'm where there's no way to have it like a transparent footage. Therefore, you have to do a, ah chroma key here on one of these. So if I do this and then and it's a like that have you guys were paying attention? Because I'm moving fast now it is transparent, and we could go and move this down and move it, like, right here. So now, as we're playing, it's exactly what you don't want to do when you have this kind of remind people. Teoh, go ahead and click. The subscribe actually want to see? So this is obviously not a utility of those, So it's not gonna go on their, um and yeah, I mean, that's pretty much everything in terms of how to use the software. I'm You really don't need to know that much. Aside from Dragon Drop and you know, stuff like that. You have volume controls over here. You know, you can kind of adjust the Pace City on this with this, You know, it's not that important. But at the end of the day, if you guys really want to use Vegas, you can go ahead and check out a full blown tutorial. So you get very good with it. One thing I will say that I'm not sure if I said it In another lesson. I've been filming these lessons for hours now, but if I didn't, you want to make sure that you don't edit yourself down toe. You know, every little mistake so right here and how to get them to click people's eyeballs and how to get them to write their You know, there's a space in the audio right there. It's, you know, maybe half a second wasted. Um, you know, it's really just me taking a breather real quick. You wouldn't really want to edit that out. I know a lot of people would edit that out But in my opinion, you don't want to edit that out just because it kind of it makes you sound less genuine. And like, your videos are very, very edited. And if you do that, you're gonna have a hard time building a connection with your audience Just because they're gonna they're gonna think, you know, every single second of this video is edited, you know, it's absolute perfection, and it just it doesn't doesn't come off eyes genuine. And, you know, you really do want to come office genuine, so you can go ahead and leave a few your mistakes in your video. Obviously, you don't want to leave all of them there, but you know, small stuff like taking a breather right there is fine. If you say, um and ah, here and there, that's fine. If you're like me, I say I'm in Ah lot. So sometimes I will cut some of those out. But I personally say them a lot. So if you're not that person and you just say it a few times throughout the video, then you might as well just go ahead and leave it in there unless it's already on the point of like, a cut. Like if you're already gonna cut right here and there's another right right here in the beginning. Obviously, you could go ahead and cut that. But generally speaking, you know, I wouldn't just go like into the middle of this footage and, like, say, this was an, um I wouldn't just, like, cut, cut and slotted together just to get rid of that. Um, that's a little excessive, in my opinion and kind of a waste. So anyway, with all that being said, I'm pretty sure that's all the tips and tricks I have in terms of editing. You know, I'm by no means a professional editor. So, you know, I've just been doing it for around 5 to 6 years with this software, so, you know, I have a lot of experience with it, but I'm by no means a professional. Also, if you want, um, rendering settings, I'm going to go ahead and put that here is Well, if you just click this little button here, or you can click file render as I use Sony ABC, and then I have a YouTube main render template. That's pretty much all I use these air the settings right here. Um, you know, I don't really know how much to explain that, but it's I don't even know which one of these it is, but I think it's Internet like 10. 80 p 30 p. And then I wouldn't hear, customized and changed a lot of that. But it's a 10 80 p 30 FPs, mainly because there's a problem with the 60 FPs. It won't render correctly, but that's what I use you guys can use Whatever it's honestly doesn't matter. Just make sure you're rendering with 7 20 p or 10 80 p or whatever you're filming in. Ideally 10 80 p. Make sure you're not cutting down your quality. Ah, while rendering on accident and it's kind of a waste. Teoh, increase your quality while rendering when the actual native video is not that quality and it's not gonna look that good, but yeah, Anyway, with all that being said, I will get you guys in the next lesson. 7. Creating Titles That Convert: Alright, guys. So in this video, we're gonna be talking about creating the perfect title. Guys, look here. We have a list of my recent videos in the titles that I decided to put on them. Some of these were, you know, maybe not the best titles. Absolutely. All of these videos were titled for a certain reason, A certain way. So if we look here, you know, obviously I don't have a 1,000,000 subscribers. This is not a video that, you know, this is not a title that I would recommend for someone of my size. That being said, I really just didn't care if the video got any views and I couldn't really think of anything that would go very well with it. So I decided to just wing it and try to try to do a little bit of Clickbait e. Especially when I had, you know, actual like, straight proof in the thumbnail. It made a little bit more sense. Obviously, view was didn't do great. Only back here my videos were getting 2 300 years each, sometimes in the thousands, you know, Here, here, here, um, you know, 400 you know, don't okay, obviously nothing like I had a long time ago when I was getting hundreds of thousands of views per video, especially on my other channel. But regardless of that, the CPM on these videos is much, much, much higher. So you make way more money. But if we talk about the titles, you know how to calculate beta on Excel. You know what I did here is it's hard for Let's see, if I can just click on this, we'll click here. That way we can look here. If we look, we're going to see now how and then two is small. Calculate beta in all caps on small Excel caps. Dash slipped. Also, what I'm trying to do here is rank for Excel, Slope Tool as well as beta on Excel. And then when I actually show up in the search results. So if we go to another tab and we took this in, let's look here, calculate beta. In general, we're not really showing up at all yet still see me? No, But if we go on excel, we're going to see I'm right here arguably one of the best thumbnails. That's just cause most of these some those air garbage. But regardless of that, honestly, the best thumb now, aside from minus, is NATO Brian's. And that's the worst time they'll in his entire channel. But it does get to the point for quick and easy, similar to Modern. But with mine, I just put a beta plus Excel. You really get the point across about what the video is as well as really spacing. In a way you know how to calculate, bed and excel. This guy's title. The only thing that's capitalized is the first letter, usually not gonna be the best way to go here. This guy's title is going to stand out in comparison, but at the same time it's a little ugly to region. It seems a little aggressive and like like it's screaming at you. It's a little annoying. I'm not a fan, you know. The video only has 2000 views. Three ways to calculate Beta and Excel. This is a great title, just cause a lot of these videos don't have three ways, so they kind of pointed out that I have three ways what I would have done for this title, though it's probably put the number three Ah, there. Aside from that, I mean, it's good title to describe the video, and this video is done pretty well. 16,000 bees calculating Beta on Excel using historical data from Yahoo Finance. This is a little bit more specific, which in some ways, especially when you are smaller, you know 1.3000 subscribers. That's probably gonna be a better way to go. And he's got 22,000 views just because it's very specific and he's 100%. You know, if you type in anything like this, he's probably ranking number one. If I were to type in up here, you know how to calculate Beta on Excel with Yahoo or with data or with historical data or any of those things. He's probably gonna be coming up number one or two on the list. So you know that's a pretty good title. If you are a small channel, cause my guess is when he actually uploaded this, he probably had less than 1000 subscribers just because he did get 23,000 subscribers. And if it's a good video, he's he's probably gotten, you know, at least a few 100 subscribers from this video alone, not considering the rest of his videos if he has any more videos. So obviously, NATO Brian is kind of killing the game here. He has the most subscribers out of anyone coachable actually has the most of use out of anyone. But their title honestly isn't great. You know how to calculate stock lower case baited, lower case using lower case Excel. Um, that's that's just a bad title. So in terms of this page, you know, I think my title. Nate's title, um, this guy's title This guy's titled This guy's title or the best titles on this page, so that's really what you want to look for. Now if we go back and we'll check out a different video off mine, um, you know, this video did okay. How to start dividend investing on Robin Hood's um, Dividend Investing. Robin Hood searched that up and boom! Here's my video. It's ranking around number five six. So it's ranking number six on the page. One of the best of thumbnails, in my opinion, Andriy and Andrew GIC. I think that's his name. That's an excellent time now as well. Bruce wanting I love his Bruce Wang Bruce Wang. I love his content as well, you know, great thumbnail there. Excellent title. Much better than mine. Um, and same thing with Andrew. You know, I got paid $781.47. He's very specific with Robin Hood dividends in March, so it's very specific. And it's also a little bit of, you know, have a like and you also see you investing $181,000 overall. Great video right here. And, you know, a great topic. Great, great. Everything. Um, my video, you know, we have $10,431. That was the value of my account at the time of recording this video. Thank God, its way higher than this. And it's only been two months, anyway, um, at any rate, the you know, we have my phone showing the Robin Hood logos That kind of tells you that it's about Robin Hood on. And then the number just kind of gives you ah, number to look at to an extent similar to to here and here. But in terms of title, you know, my title is very basic, much more search worthy. But it's not gonna in inside some emotion. So the same thing with, ah, his title here. Bruce how to start dividend investing when Robin Hood acted as in 19 Minds on the Robin Hood at but pretty much the exact same title. And neither of these air really going t make you feel anything or want you to click on the video. That being said, you do have to really use your size to your advantage. So in the case of Andrew, he's got 357,000 subscribers. He can make a title like this, and it's still going to rank, you know, in terms of ranking, my title should be ranking higher than his, but he's got 357,000 subscribers, so his title is always gonna rank higher them on. Even ifit's not even close. So while his title sucks for ranking, his channel clout gives him a ranking still ahead of mine, and it insides a little bit of a motion out of the viewer, and that's going to make his quick the rate go higher, which is also going to help with ranking. So overall, you know, for his size this is just an excellent title. You know, I'm not in the place where I could do that. And that's why my title doesn't insight as much emotion as as his does. But if I were to create a title like this, I would probably get, like, 20 views on this video instead of 1000 because it wouldn't be on this page. Where is him? With 357,000 subscribers, he can make this title, and it still pops up not only on this page, but even higher than my video. So, you know, that's really one thing you really have keep in mind is that when you're just starting out , you're gonna want to make videos that are very searchable and your titles we're probably gonna be kind of basic just for the purpose of getting your initial views and initial followers and things like that. Now, once you get bigger, you can obviously start to, you know, make more click baby videos like I got paid so and so you know, this is a little clique, baby, but he's got the followers to back it up. So, you know, if we look at Gram Gram is actually a great example as well right now. If we look at Graham, Ah, lot of his videos are not gonna be ranking worthy demolishing my house. That's a not a great title demolishing my house. That's really not the best title in the world, especially for ranking. That's not gonna rank anywhere. But he's Graham. He's gotten 1.4 million subscribers. He can pull that off. You know, I found the best five or the five best bank accounts. That's gonna That's definitely gonna rank on on best bank accounts or or best Banks or, you know, something like that. But probably not as much as it would if you were to go with a little bit more formal title . But because he is Graham, he's still gonna rank ahead of someone else who makes that that better title for a CEO purposes, and he's gonna get his click rate higher. This just cost me $100,000. My money is on this, actually ranking on like a home remodel or some search term like that. Whereas if I were to make this video, it would not be ranking on that page because I don't have 1.4 million subscribers. So you know, I couldn't get away with that. But Graham can You can make more click baby stuff and it's gonna perform better overall just because it's it's not only gonna rank, but it's also going to incite some emotion from the viewer. Um, whereas if your new you can inside emotion, but nobody's gonna be able to see it toe have any emotional reaction to it because the algorithm is not gonna show it anyone. And if we go look at some of Gramm's older videos, we're going to see much more like search based content. So reviewing my 2000 and eight Lotus Exige s to 40 that's a video. You know, if you type in Lotus XY just to 40 or 2008 lotus eggs each or anything like that, this is probably gonna pop up next video how to get leads in real estate. And you'll also notice that a lot of these videos have not a ton of views. But that ranking and they helped build his initial following of 30 40,000 subscribers that helped him get to you know now 1.4 million compound interest. How to turn $1 into $10. That's a little bit of an interesting title and is definitely gonna rank on compound interest. This is definitely click, baby. And he got away with it, you know, 26,000 views. That was probably a good amount at the time for him. Um, you know how at least this home for $22,500 per month, that's not bad at all. You know, he got away in that case, you know, and got a decent amount of use, um, over role in a a lot of these original videos, you're going to see him doing much more. Ah, search based and also unique content. 100,000 from Craigslist. You know, that's something you don't really see. Ah, and it's how I make six figures from posting real estate listings on craigslist. Um, live for free. You know, that's very interesting. So some of these air interesting and definitely a little bit on the Clickbait. He saw it, but they're definitely ranking for things as well. So what if you got the beginning of this video says you know how Sack had a live for free then at the end, it says, by investing in multi family real estate. So how to invest in multi family real estate? He's ranking house hag. Number one had a live for free number six investing in multi family homes. You know he's ranking on all these things, even though you know the title is a little clique baby at the beginning. So, overall, in terms of titles, you really have to find the balance between something that's going to rank in the search, which we'll talk about what it comes down to decode in YouTube algorithm. But you want to find a good balance for your size between ranking and inciting emotion within the viewer. When you're just starting out, you really want to just be ranking like do whatever you can to rank. Inciting emotion in the viewer is gonna be part of that ranking, but you're probably gonna do that more so from a thumbnail perspective. Then you are from a title perspective. Once you start getting to around 100 150,000 subscribers, you can start going a little bit more Clickbait e stop, including as many keywords and trying to incite more emotion and get your click there, right higher due to that. And then once you finally get to Graham, you can just make a video titled Something like uh, let's see here. Oh, dang, we want newest. Once you get to gram size, you can go ahead and entitle a video titled This just cost me $100,000 and it will get 300,000 views. So, uh, that's kind of what you need to do in terms of titles. It's just when you're first starting out, just focus on ranking, focus on ranking. And as you get bigger, you can slowly start to click Blackmore and go a little bit more to the peut pie side of things where you can just title of video, anything you want and it'll still rank for, um probably what your goal is. So that being said, I would catch you guys in the next lesson. 8. High Conversion Thumbnails: All right, everyone, welcome to the thumbnail lesson. Now, this is definitely gonna be one of the absolutely most important lessons of the course because thumbnails can definitely be the difference between a video going very big and really getting absolutely no views at all. And I want to start off this video by saying, when you read a book, which way do you read it from left to, Right. Okay. And thumbnails are very similar. And if you look right here, you're actually going to see this is just my home page for YouTube. And if there's any text on any of these videos, a lot of the times, you're going to see it be on the left. And that is for that reason, you know, let me explain by Jeremy from financial education. Um, backyard. That's gonna be the top middle, you know, that's okay. Um, you know Vogue, it's on the left ranked. It's It's more to the left than it is otherwise, um, buries portfolio. You know, that's on the right. Um, but he's got a big picture of Berry. This is the guy from Ah, the big short. You know, if he couldn't change that picture to be in a different direction than you know. Sometimes you have to put it on the right. But in a lot of cases, you're going to see stuff be, um you know, whatever the center of the image is you're going to see on the left. So in this case, the text is only right, but their real goal here is not what happened there. Goals free to look at, Steve. You know, I recognize this guy. Then you're gonna look at what happened. So ah, lot of times, if you do see text on the right, it's because whatever is on the left is the more important thing. So in this one, you know, open doors on the right, But, David, dough brick is kind of more so the more important thing and what they really want you to look at first, because when you're actually looking at a thumbnail, what you're going to do is you know what? I'm looking through this page, and this is really how you need to think about it from the viewer's perspective. When I'm looking through this page, what am I doing? You know, I'm looking for things that are catching my eyes. And that's the goal of a thumbnail for it to catch your eye. So, you know, I'm sitting here looking. I'll tell you when something catches my eye, this caught my eye right here. Okay, um, battlefront to animation. Now, next thing I did after it caught my eye was a little look straight, brother. Star Wars, Battlefront to animation. Personally, I thought, Oh, I don't I don't care. I'm not gonna watch that. And that's really how they're going to do it. So first, they're gonna look and find something that interests them. So maybe this picture of hex and I believe Stumpy maybe, um, yes, company title. This is gonna interest me, and then I'm gonna Look, it's a best call of duty players, first time bass fishing. I'm not gonna lie that kind of interest me. And therefore, I'm gonna go ahead and click on that, and I'm gonna pause it. I'm gonna watch this after we get out of the video. But, you know, that does interest me. And, um, you know, that's the process by which people decide to look at videos. So if we look at Graeme Stephens $800 per month. That's kind of what he's focusing on. And then he wants his face to kind of build a connection with you. Slash Get a reaction out of you living on. And at this point, I'm going to read the title. Millionaire reacts living on 80 k a year in Los Angeles. I'm not I'm not a big fan. Um, $800 per month BMW, Sure, but I watch a lot of these videos. I'm a little burnt out. I'm not a fan. I'm not gonna watch that. Next we have. Ah, drinking. Josh. Um, this is a David Deborah video with Josh. Surprising Josh with Drake and Josh House. Okay. You know, I'm not a fan of Davidow. Brick. I don't like this. Like, I don't like the style that he has. I'm just not a fan, and therefore, you know, I'm not gonna watch this, but, um, you know, it is an interesting come now interesting title, but I'm just not a fan. I'm not gonna watch it. And that's a little bit of the problem that you're also gonna have, no matter who you are, what you do. People are gonna eventually know who you are, and they might just not be a fan of your content. That's my case with David Dulberg. Now, the opposite side of this is right here, millionaire dot $1,000,000 business in my dorm room. This is from Justin Escalona. I don't really care what the thumbnail says. I don't care what the title says. It's from Justin Escalona. I love his style of logs. All I need to be able to do is tell that this is a Justin Escalona block. And if we go look at his channel, you're going to see that most of us is. Thumbnails do have a very similar look. Okay, They're all pretty much 1 to 2 pictures that are a little interesting with mostly just text sitting in the middle. And that's something you're gonna want to do is actually have consistency within your thumbnails. So people know that that is your video. Because when I saw that, that was a Justin Escalona video. Wherever it is, right here. And when I saw that, I thought to myself, Oh, shoot. It's a Justin video boom. I'm gonna click on like Justin. I want to see his new video. You know, I've been watching every single video from him for the last month or so. Now, you know, I'm gonna watch this video, and that's why you want your your thumbnails to really be consistent. So if we go look at the Graham step in show, we're going to see that pretty much all of his thumbnails are the same. Obviously, here recently, he has been changing some of his things. That being said, some of these videos are a little different just in the you know how I got a free Tesla model. Okay, well, that's actually I actually watched that video. That's, um that's a caller to. So I'm a little confused by why he's changed these thumbnails just because he's still rolling with the standard. You know, yellow text. Look on some of his videos. Um, I'm a little confused, but if you look at most of his thumbnails, you're going to see, like, there's gonna be a main thing that's gonna catch your eye. You don't do this. Don't In all red text that's gonna catch your I don't do what you know. Then you look at Graham, and that's going to get a little bit of an emotional reaction out of you. Then you're gonna look at the title. My dad wants me to invest with him. Dot, dot, dot, bad idea. Why is that a bad idea? You know, he's kind of making you think, you know what, wise investing with your dad a bad idea on and that makes you want to go ahead and click on the video. As good as I feel like Graham, is that this Dave Ramsey, I feel like, doesn't even try. And he's He's very good at this on his YouTube channel. Um, obviously he has someone else who does all the uploading for him. He might not even know he has a YouTube channel if we're being honest. But Dave has done very well, you know, pretty much his thumbnails don't really incite any kind of Ah, in Dave's cases, thumbnails don't really interest you at all. All they do is tell you this is a day thumbnail. So in Dave's cases, thumbnails don't really tell you anything about the video, aside from the picture to the right. But even that doesn't really tell me a lot. How do I prepare for an upcoming job loss? Is a box. I would assume he was moving or something. Okay, Dog. Is that a vet? Bill? Should I spend $10,000? Said my dogs like, Yeah, okay. That's, you know, it's similar picture of a wallet with money. I don't know what that is. Checkbook, you know, like, for the most part, these pictures air not very descriptive of what the videos about and even the pictures of Dave could definitely be better. You know, if they could get day for, like, five minutes each day to, like, walk into a studio and have him actually do some pictures like Graham does, you know, they would probably do much better. You know, They could just have to sit down and have him without the headset. Just do some pictures, like like this and this and stuff like that. You know, I think Dave would do better. That being said, Dave was already famous before he got on YouTube. And that's why he can get away with this people. People know what Dave looks like. People know that this is a Dave Ramsey video of the second. You look at it and that's honestly all you need to do for me personally. I never really pay attention to the video. It doesn't really tell me a lot about the video. I just looked out today video, and then I instantly look and see what the title is, but that's because Dave was already famous. If you're not Dave and most of us are not Dave, then you are gonna need to get a little bit of an emotional reaction out of someone through the thumb. Now, similarly, to how Graham has done in a lot of these videos. Now here's a huge mistake that people will make when it comes to starting out on YouTube. So if we look at Dave, we're gonna see Do we have too many cars? That's a terrible title. Okay, that's awful. It doesn't even say Dave Ramsey show. I don't even like there's nothing searchable here, Okay? But Dave can get away with this because he has 1.48 million subscribers. He gets a good amount of use is quick is quick. The rate isn't huge, to be honest, but Dave does okay. He has a lot of videos. As part of the reasons Click, the right isn't as good, but at the end of the day, Dave can get away with titling a video. Do we have too many cars? Okay, if we go look at peut pie. Peut pies. Titles are low key, some of the worst on YouTube from an S CEO standpoint, but they work for pretty pie, you know, it's been really I'm out. What does that? Even that doesn't tell me anything about the video? Nothing. But you know the thumbnail. You know that that's a peut pie video, because it's got his face on it. And if you're a real PD pop fan, you're gonna go and watch it even if you don't know who people is. A lot of these air kind of intriguing, you know? What? What is this? You know, a lot of these these thumbnails make you ask a little bit about you know, what the heck question. And then you read the title in the titles a joke, and it's a little funny and you decide to go and give it a go. And because he is pretty behind, he gets millions and millions of views. He can do that. However, if you are just John, you're not gonna be able to do that because nobody is going to see your video. And then when the viewer is watching this video and they're looking at videos over here, they're not going to see your video because your video has a zero views because the algorithm has no idea what it's about. And you've left the description almost completely empty. A. T East of keywords There's no comments. There's no lights. There's no nothing on your video that Britain has no idea what your videos about. It could be about cats or it could be a monitor review, who knows, and therefore it will never show up here. But in the case of Peut High, his videos are gonna show up here because this is his video. But also, if we go look at Mr B's and we go ahead and look down here, we might actually see some people I videos. I'm not entirely sure, but he's peut pies, so it would not surprise me. But you're not going to see your video here because you won't have any data to back it up. So I'm actually not seeing any PT Pi videos, but they're mostly Mr Beast videos. You know, a lot of times, if you're just starting out, you're not gonna get away with the title. Do we have too many cars? You gotta have keywords off some kind. And that's why when you go look at Dave Ramsey's most popular videos, you're going to see on 29 years old with nearly a $1,000,000 in debt. Okay, that's a crazy case. Okay, that's just a crazy case. It's one of 100 people in the entire United States in this case. Sure, that's gonna get a two million views because it's gonna blow up like we talked about in one of the previous lessons. That's gonna be a video that goes ahead and gets, you know, two million views in the first week, 500,000 views in the next month, two or 300,000 views in the next month and then gets almost no views after that. However, if we look at a lot of his big videos, we're going to see the secrets and not being broke. You know that that interest you in the thumbnail is absolutely excellent. That is one of the best thumbnails I've ever seen. Um, you know, there's and there's no text on it, either. And that's one thing I also would like to point out is that, uh, less text is usually better. You know, if you do have text, you want to keep it generally under three words obviously can go higher than that in some cases. But for the most part, you want to try to keep it under three words. Um, and another thing you don't want to do is just repeat the title in the thumbnail. So you know how to become a millionaire. How to become a millionaire. That's not really something you want to do. This thumbnail isn't great, even though it's performed really well, this is Dave Ramsey, so sometimes stuff is gonna perform well for him. But how does the affordable care act affect you? That's gonna be a big search term. I bet he's ranking on a lot of search terms for that. Five things that will make you wealthy. That's in some ways, a search term. It's not gonna pop up directly. Nobody searches that exactly, but they will search. You know how to become wealthy, how to become rich. You know, things like that. That video is probably ranking their best way to buy a house. You know, it's still not a fan of the, you know, just putting the the text in the thumbnail and then just putting the exact same thing on the title that usually shouldn't be the same thing usually wants, uh, maybe here you put a $300,000 house, you know? So you put like, 300 k house. Or maybe you put a picture of a house or you know something along those lines rather than just repeating the title, because then the best way to buy a house, huh? The best way to buy a house on board, keep on going, you know, So you want people to really get a reaction. So in this case, what I might do is actually keep the thumbnail the same and maybe spruced up the title making a little bit more interesting. We'll talk about that in the next video, but overall speaking, not a fan of that. How to be good with money. This is a little interesting just because, um, you know, he does have a guy who's dreaming of checkbook money, piggy bank, whatever that is. I think their gold coins and credit card. You know, that's a much better thumbnail than than this or this or this. These aren't great. This is a pretty good thumbnail. But overall speaking, you know, these are, you know, okay. Thumbnails. This is another example of a great thumbnail. What the credit card companies don't want you to know. Okay, that's what the title of the video is. But credit card classified. It's him looking. Ah, little little upset, maybe. Okay, that makes you question, you know, what's Dave talking about? What's he upset? What is Dave telling me not to do something? And then you look what the credit card companies don't want you to know. We'll shoot. What? What don't they want me to note? So you go ahead and click on it. That's that's an excellent thumbnail video title. Everything about this is perfect, and that's where you want to be. And if we go back and look at Graham's, Stephan or even Justin Escalona, you guys should take a look at the faces. So if we look at Graeme stuff and I don't know if I have him here, has got look Graham stuff in, we go looking, Graham, you're gonna see a lot of faces. That's usually a pretty good thing as well. Just because people are going to react to faces, they have a little bit more of a new emotional stance. And if we look at views, um, let's see he's got a face in most of his recent videos because I guess he's figured it out . But let's see, Yeah, 200. That this is while never flip houses, you can't even tell what flipped says. All you gotta get is the idea that in flipped is also covered up by the watermark. That's one thing you definitely don't want to do when it comes to thumbnails. Don't cover up this in the watermark. You got to remember that it's gonna be here worth it, too covered up a little bit. You want to make sure that you know that's just not covering that up. But even if it wasn't, I can't really read that. It's upside down. Do you get the idea that the house is flipped, but overall speaking, about 200,000 views 10 or 15,000 views where it's right before this, his happy face versus sad face you know, cut down the middle, His happy face versus sad face cut down the middle. 600,000 views than 200. 200 face 500,000. No face. 150. No face 3 60 No face to 30 face. That being said, it's covered up right here and worth it. I don't You know, it's a little confusing in the face is also kind of small. Um, you know, this is good right here as a 1,000,000 million views. Three way five ways to make more money. Um, you did OK, didn't it? Great that, but buy and hold. That's done. Okay, um, you know, for the purpose of that, that's actually a pretty good thumb. Now, um, warning the truth about Bitcoin This is a pretty good thumb now, um, 1.8 million in that. That's a great thumb. Now, great thumb. Now, um, excellent thumb. Now, I was not a fan of the stomach. Well, actually, I actually remember seeing this in myself box and just thinking like what? What are you doing, Graham, like, not a fan like that. That just doesn't make sense. But, you know, free travel, great Thumbnail great thumb now. Ah, lot of his recent thumbnails air. All pretty good, in my opinion. Um, you know, this is a great time. Now I want to know, you know, negative money. What? What? And then you look my worst financial mistakes. That's great. Rent. Why you shouldn't rent a home. That's great. You've got rent crossed out. He saying no in the in the picture. Obviously, this is a bigger video, but you know, the $0 Tesla. Very similar Teoh his original video, the see like the 70 $74 Tesla the Truth 78 $78 test lot, 6.1 million views to great video. You got the test in the background. That's really what you want in stuff like that you want, you know, $44 million mansion, he's got the Ferraris and everything. He's got the test in the background on outside of that, you know, great face, great facing great reactions on these faces. So that's really the point I want to make is that people react to faces and in a lot of cases, especially if it's more of a personal or, you know, you're telling something about yourself, even in the slightest. It's probably gonna go off much better if you have a face in the thumbnail. And you really want to show a little bit about the video. You know, when I first look at a thumb now I should be able to tell, you know, some bit about what it's about. So you know what? I instantly look at this $100. I can see that's the test of cyber trucking. Yes, I know it's about the test of cyber Truck. Then I read the title. I bought a test a cyber truck for $100. OK, that's a little interesting. How did you do that? You know that. And that's really what he's looking for you to ask. How did you do that? How did you buy Tesla for $100? That's what he's looking for you to ask yourself. And when you ask yourself, you're gonna go and click on the video free. You know there's something free. I don't I don't know trash. I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like a dump of a bedroom. So, you know, maybe maybe he's talking about Airbnb tenant. You know, something like that we read the title. He is talking about a tenant. Ah, $1,000,000. He's talking about a $1,000,000. And when it comes down to the actual video, that is what he's talking about. The problem was spending a $1,000,000 in 24 hours. Mr. Beast, I wonder if Mr Beast actually commented on this Money was spent. We'll go ahead and take a look. I feel like you probably did. Ah, no, it doesn't look like Yes, so point being Ah, do this. You know, these air All banks. So I know you know, in some way this is this is about banks. I found the five best bank accounts regret money split in half. So I know it's about money of sometimes money. Mistakes are investing mistakes, I guess. 6 a.m. 10 p. M. I know this is like a schedule or habit or something. You know, that's what I know that video is about. And we have the title eight daily habits that changed my life. So, ideally, you want people to have, you know, a brief or general idea of what the video is gonna be about before they even read the title then once they read the title, that's gonna tell them a little bit more in depth about what the video is going to be about . And that's when they're really gonna make the decision as to whether or not they want to click on the video. So with all that being said, I hope that explains all of your questions about thumbnails and really, how to make a good thumbnail. I'll probably go and make a much more in depth thumbnail course on its own just because this is something I could talk about for hours, but I think I covered a lot of the psychological aspects of it. I'm not gonna actually design a thumb now, anywhere in this course, just because it's gonna be different for pretty much every single video. There's no way to really tell you exactly how to make a film. Now. You just got to be a little creative with it on people. Also, there's a good chance that maybe using a lot of different software may be using camp of photo shop. You know, I personally used photo shop. Here's my channel background. I'm working on that a little bit here, but aside from that. You know you personally is Photoshopped, but I know a lot of people who use can va And, uh, I think maybe illustrator to people use that for thumbnails. I'm not entirely sure. I want to say Graham uses that other that other cheap Photoshopped think. I think maybe he's just Photoshopped. I'm not sure, but either way, I'm not gonna be designing an actual full blown thumbnail on the course. So with all that being said, I will catch you guys in the next lesson. 9. Advanced SEO Tactics: Alright, guys, in this lesson, we're gonna be going over some advanced s CEO tactics for YouTube. So if we go ahead and check out some of my channels videos, some highest viewed videos more specifically, we're going to see let's go down to my acorn videos. Those have all done really well. So this one right here, if we go and click a tit and we type in a corns, we just type in acorns. You know, just that I do believe we show up somewhere on this page. The ranking on this has gone down some as of recently, but for a long time, I was ranking very high. Um, so obviously we're not really showing up. There's one of my older video's not the one that we just looked at the that's not really showing up anywhere in terms of, ah, this search term just for a corns. But if we go ahead and put in a corns investing app, which is much more closer, Teoh this title, then we're going to see that we're ranking right here. So at one time, I was actually the number one ranked, but And if you look most of these videos are actually older than mine. In fact, the sea 10 months ago. One week, two months, six months, five months, one month, eight months, five months, two months, four months. Six months. Yes. So I was actually, before all these videos came out, I was actually ranked number one. Ah, and will was actually right below me. Maybe number number two, I'm not sure, but will Will Was definitely ranked pretty close. A swell as their video in the way that I did. This is just by looking at what people are gonna be searching for. So a corns investment app was one of the biggest search terms. So here it is. That was one of the biggest search terms. And one thing that I really like to do is actually ah, bid I Q. If you guys haven't downloaded this yet, be sure to do so. It's one of the most useful plug ins toe have. When you are making YouTube videos, especially in terms of s CEO, it's gonna tell you a lot of things, especially this ah overall score. That's really gonna tell you how much competition there is and how much search volume there is. Ideally, you want more search volume and less competition. This one's about 50 50 which isn't bad. Honestly, anyone could go make a video on this and probably getting okay, amount of views. And if we go all way down here to ah there video, we actually are going to see another one of my videos. It's a little bit more recent. That's somewhat about a corns, but not exactly a review like a lot of these other videos. But if you guys are looking for ways to get tags, that's gonna be one of the most important things. First of all, I would say When you are putting tags, there's no point in not filling this up. Okay, you got 500 characters worth of tags. Use all of the tax. Just use all of them. There's no point in Not you can't really hurt you. So go ahead and fill up the entire tax section. Can't hurt you, modest. I'll do it outside of that. If you guys do have this plugging it, sometimes we'll give you suggestions here. Honestly, de suggestions usually aren't the best in the world, but one of the ways that I like to find tags is one. I'll put a Quincas a tag. And then if you go to the search bar and you type in a corns and click space, we're gonna see investment app, investing, app, review, investment app, song, investing app, commercial debit card, AP add versus Robin Hood These are all things that people are searching for, and these could all be great keywords to put down here. So that's one of my favorite ways to go ahead and find tags. Another thing is, if you do have this extension, you can actually scroll down here to tell you related queries. And then I'll tell you a lot of what you just saw. A swell of some additional ones from Google trends. So some of this can be a good idea. In the case of a corns, you have to realize that some of these are actually gonna be related to a corns themselves and not the acorn app. So keep that in months and then top three keywords Acorn Zappei corns Review a corns investment app. You're gonna want to put those in here. These air. Some of the first words that I have in my keyword section So that's definitely how you're gonna want to go about tags. I mean, there's not too much you can really do there. Another thing you can do the that I haven't mentioned yet. It is. You can actually go to, like, the top video. And if you have this extension, you can take a look and see what tags they're using. So it doesn't look like Graham actually filled his section up. But, um, you know, you can look and see what Graham is using what he's ranking onto a corns investing sequence of investment app, acorn sources. Robin Hood, Acorn View. These are all things that you can go ahead and just copy if we go here and see this. And sometimes if somebody does have a video that's tagged very good, I will actually, just click this copy button and you can get right here and paste them in, and then go and delete the ones that you don't want and add the ones that you do want. But now comes something that a lot of people don't know and don't take advantage of. And that is the description. So description is actually gonna be one of the best places to ah, you know, put keywords and a lot of people you won't see do this. So I mean, if we go and look here, he's definitely got some keywords in here. But, um, let's see. No, Graham does. Jake. I bet Jake does not. Let's look, let's look, let's look. Yeah, so Jake doesn't have a ton of keywords. He wrote a tiny little description in this video. We're talking about the A corn zap. That's a key word. Ah, and about using it for nine months. That's sort of a keyword. Just cause I have a nine month video that did okay, he might be able to get views off that. But, you know, if you enjoyed this video hit the like Button is described for more content. That's about it. You know he's got a corns again here for his link, but in his link, Isa bit Lee so he doesn't have a corns there describe for more. And then none of this is really key words in terms of a corns, obviously, you know, started investing today, investing a corns, those work. But, you know, for the most part, there's not a lot of key words here. Um, and that's kind of gonna hurt you over time. Whereas if we look here, Graeme and Tommy, who are both ranking ahead of them both have a lot of keywords. My guess is everyday investing has low key words as well. Let's take a look. Okay, so he doesn't have a ton of keywords. Okay, here, here he does. Okay, so he's got some or keywords here, Not still, not a ton. But he also does have ah, his time stamps in here, which all have, um, kind of titles of their own is a corn safe. That's that's a keyword. Acorn throws Khan is a quince in there twice. A corn zap acorn Spend debit card investing cash back a corn zap work. What is the acorn? Zap my experience with the APP. After two years right here, I probably put the acorns investing af after two years. But at the end of the day, these air all keywords mostly relating to the video. And that's part of the reason he's gonna be ranking on this page in comparison to someone who's probably way down here. Let's go look, um, yeah, you know, well, actually, average. That actually is him, I think. No, it's a different person. The truth behind the acorns that have. Okay, this guy's probably not gonna be ranking cause there's almost nothing in his description, The truth that you know the truth. Title sucks behind the acorns app. So all the all he's got a corn zap. That's it. You know he's still done. Okay, this is a good, good search term. He's got 20,000 views. But at the end of the day, you know he's not gonna be ranking way up here at the top with Graham and all of them because he has nothing in his description and probably no tags either. Okay, does have some tags, doesn't he's not the greatest tags in the world, but at least he has some tags. But that's really the reason this guy's videos or wait down here right beside growing oak trees from a corns rather than up at the top with all of the acorn zap videos. So that's Ah, that's definitely why that is the case, and the next thing you're gonna want to be a little bit more specific when it comes to actual video titles offset this in the video titles section, but you definitely want to be much more specific. Graham Stephan, As I've said many times, you know, he puts a corns investing. He could he could literally just titled this a corns. That's it. And he'd still be ranking number one. But if you're a small guy, you can't really do that. You might want to put in a corns app review a corn zap after nine months. Um, you know, let's see. Let's go look at mine to see My video is titled a Corns Investment Ap One Year Review. Um, we can find my other one. My experience. Six months using the acorns investment investing app. So all of all of these titles, as you see for most of these people, are gonna have a lot of keywords. And they're gonna be much more based around this search term of acorns rather than in Graham's case, where he's just got, um, what you must know about a corns investing a corns, investing to the only key word there. Um, but if we look, Graham has a lot of stuff in his description that the normal person that probably doesn't have and grams description is gonna basically give him a lot of the keywords that he would normally put in the title while still being able to put a title that is eye catching and really makes you want toe click on the video. You know what? What must I know about a corns investing in? It makes you ask that question. And that's why he made the title. That and he's got all the keywords in all of this text. Now I want to say, Do not just go in the description and put this tags in the description that is considered spam. Don't do that. What you're gonna want to do is just write a long description like this that makes sense and, you know, has a reason for these keywords. But when you do that, you know you are gonna end up having keywords in here, and you can totally work some keywords in here. You know, maybe maybe it isn't the greatest English in the world, but it does have a key words, Um, whereas if you just go and put tags that's considered spam and all it takes is one person just going report and clicking one of these. I'm not actually going to report Graham's video, but all it takes is someone just ah, report. Um, where is it? You know, spammer misleading. That's pretty much or caption. It's not. I'm not, captain, but, um, yeah, I'm pretty sure spent a misleading is what you you report for that All it takes is someone doing that. And your video is probably not going to your video is probably gonna get taken now. Um, so just make sure you're not doing that, but you're also getting a lot of keywords into the description, and you should be fun there. The pitting on the nation, the type of videos that you are making. This can actually be a huge leg up just because ah, lot of people on you tube do not do this. So, um, if we type in Ah, how to use photo shop on this 7.4 million views, but is this is a three year old video, and if you look in the description, there's not a lot here. A little bit of stuff here. Time stamps, that's about it. A little bit of key words here, but for the most part, there's not a lot of key words here. And his his eyes looks pretty good from from my perspective, but I haven't looked incredibly close, but Tax look. Okay, um, you know, 51,000 views. Honestly, this titles terrible. Now, having said it looks like this is part of a a Siri's, but that's usually not how you're gonna want to do that. Um, you usually want to put part one or something at the end. Um, yeah, his tags definitely are not as good. Um, description. Let's go take a look. He's got some stuff in here, but actual tags like this is pretty much it, um, you know, and these guys are the absolute top ranking. If we could look at Graham's video Oh, that's not Graham's video. A corns for your look at Graham's video here. We're going to see in a Thanh of text a thons of keywords, all of this. So just just make sure you're actually putting the time in doing that, because, I mean, if you were making these Photoshopped videos, have you had a pretty good video? You know, even if he didn't have a lot of these guys have over 100,000 subscribers. Even if you didn't have that, I think you could do pretty well. I mean, verdict designs right here. 35,000 subscribers. They got 2.1 million views. Um, but it's a 10 minute video. It looks like it gets to the point. It's got a pretty good thumbnail. Um, and, you know, descriptions. Not phenomenal, but it's not awful, you know, descriptions pretty similar to everyone else's. Um Hags. They could probably be better, but they're not. They're not bad. Um, you know, the thumbnail is partially what I think has really, um, gotten this video. Two million views compared toa much less in a lot of the other cases. Get Photoshopped for free legally, you know, nothing. Not a lot of key words here. Um, not a lot of key words here. This guy's still ranking number one with over a million's of over a 1,000,000 views. So, you know, overall, this is something you could probably go ahead and easily rank on the first page. You just follow some of the advice that I gave. I'm trying to think of another type of tutorial someone might look for, um, let's go for a gaming video call of duty. Um, actually, modern warfare guns set up, Yes. So these air some videos that ah, anyone can really make. It's just your opinion on its neck. Appears to just be doing excellent. I feel like I know this guy. I I do know this guy. If you guys don't know actually used to have a gaming channel, like, a long time ago. Um, that had about 200,000 subscribers. I don't know if I mentioned that in the beginning of the course, but yeah, I, um Twitter Twitter deems with this guy. Um, but at any rate, yeah, Nick is killing it. In terms of these videos, it looks like he's one of the few people who are making them. And if we go and look at one of his videos to go this one top five overpowered weapons, 300,000 views. Um, not a lot in the description. You could totally beat that out. Um, not a lot in the tags, either. Ah, he's literally got fans commenting. Time stamps for him. That's that's a little fringy, to be honest. Um, but if we look here, you know, search volume zero competition medium. So he's probably getting a lot of his views from recommended and stuff like that rather than search terms. So, um, what if we said best? Um, yeah, well, I guess best in for a one class it. We'll look for that. Okay, now, we got a guy with 127,000 drivers six days ago. Got 80,000 views. So that guy's doing very well from this video. It's amazing. Click the rate against the subscribers. Um, you know, Volume 54 competition low. This is a pretty good search term. Um, and you know, this guy only has 100,000 subscribers. There's a good chance you could actually out do this guy. Um, so I mean, title could definitely be better. Um, you know, description. I'm not seeing a tonic. Keywords here. You could You could totally outdo him on that standpoint and tags. Not the greatest in the world, but they're not. They're not too bad. So overall, you know, tags. I give, like, an eight out of 10 description I give, like a three out of 10 title give like a three out of 10. And this guy is the number one ranking on this search term. So you guys could certainly use some of these tips to go ahead and claim the number one spot on this. And that's views coming in pretty much every single day until this game gets old. So, um, or until somebody else beat you out on the algorithm in the case of non video game things, because this doesn't really work in video games, But you can actually also in some cases put like the year. So, uh, you might wanna put 2020 and sometimes people will search for that. And if nobody else is doing it or you're the biggest channel with doing that, it's a little bit more niche in terms of your title. And it will, ideally ranking number one here while not affecting your ranking on the other page. Too much should give you a little bit of a leg up on the competition That doesn't work. In this case, justice is a video game. It doesn't really change by year, but in the case of the photo shop, you know, it could definitely help there, you know, photo photo shop tutorial 2020 is done by. Ah, booth at bay. Whereas Alec Morning Monetary Markarian is number one here with 7.4 million views, McKay only has 13 thousands two months ago, 200,000 subscribers. So you've got more subscribers, but it's actually completely different. Look, you know, I'm not seeing Alex's video at all vertical designs here like what you saw, but but overall speaking, that's pretty much everything I have to say about S CEO and how you guys can potentially use this to go ahead and gain more views. There's definitely some more things you can do. You can get back links to your videos and get artificial traffic and stuff like that if you want to go really hard core into it. But most of the time that stuff's not gonna be worth it. You just want to go ahead and focus on watch time and click through rate and things like that in addition to your just your basic s CEO. Like I have talked about in this video, and that's really what's gonna make your videos rank onto the first page. So with all that being said, I will catch you guys in the next lesson 10. Decoding The YouTube Algorithm: welcome everyone to the decoding the YouTube algorithm lesson. So this is by far gonna be one of the most important lessons of this entire course. And it's really going to be some of the most informational parts of the course while also the hardest to actually act upon parts of the course just because I'm gonna tell you guys literally the secret Teoh becoming a success on YouTube. But I'll tell you, from my experience and pretty much, uh, everyone's experience, for the most part, it's very hard to actually act upon these. Uh, it's very hard to act upon this advice and, you know, just knowing it is not, ah, guarantee of success. So when we're talking about the YouTube algorithm, you guys can you can pull up pictures like I have right here. This will show you Aton off. You know, things that there are aspects of the algorithm. You know how much sharing it has. You know how many thumbs up it has? Thumbs downs, you know, like rating ratios. Um, you know, this is actually pretty dated. This actually has ah believe too soft video responses. That's not a thing anymore. Audience retention. That's a big thing length of the video. That's still a big thing. Number of views. Eyes. I believe it's we don't know for sure if it's still calculated by I think number of use does have a little bit of value in the system, but not nearly as much as it used to. Um, you know, keyword relevance. All of these things in this picture, for the most part, some of them, you know, video responses don't do this anymore. But for the most part, everything you see here is gonna have some kind of impact on the success of a video in terms of the algorithm that being said, it's all garbage. Doesn't matter. None of that matters. Since you really have to focus on these three main thing, Mr Beast pointed this out perfectly on Ah, podcast. I think it was where he was like, You know, a lot of people like to look into the YouTube algorithm baton and, you know, do all this research and try to figure out how to gain the system and so on. When it really just comes down to these 2 to 3 things, getting viewers to click on your video so If we go to my creator studio and we go ahead and click on one of my recent videos, you're going to see a trash click through rate. Honestly, might be the worst click. The red ones are channel, I'm not sure, but it's not great. So, yeah, 3.8% click through rate. That's not great. Okay, What you really want to see is something mawr believe this has a decent click through rate , you know, 8%. That's okay. It's still not great. We look here, I believe it's going to tell us that most YouTube videos, Yes. So half of all channels and videos on the YouTube having impressions quick to rate the can range between two and 10%. So I feel like you want to be on the upper end of that. Um, you know, so 10% is really where you want to be. That means said, you know, I'm not entirely sure I have some videos that air that are much higher than 10%. Uh, this one actually might be one of them. Let's take a look. Okay. So isn't 9%. Not bad, but if we go way back in time. So if we go look, maybe here we'll see if click through rate that's ah over 10% on average and in the past was much higher. Is actually dipped down a little bit here recently. Um, but that's a pretty good click through rate. There on that video has done very well in comparison to a lot of my other videos. Most of my videos get in the neighborhood of 500 views, give or take, like 400 views. Very few of my videos get above 1000 views. Ah, and until recently, very few my videos got below 100 views. Um, you know, this was at 5000 so quick, the rate much better there. The normal videos from me If we go and look here, this is one of my biggest videos. As of recently, click through rate is 14%. And if we go way back here When it first came out, the click through rate was actually in the 20% range, so that's absolutely amazing. It actually has dipped down around. Ah, let's say this is October. Um, okay, so it was around up here and ah Graham Stephan actually released a believe on this day he released a video that actually bumped it off of the number one ranking on the search page. And that's why you see this huge drop all of a sudden and click the rate. And then I believe pride Around here, someone else had another video that actually bumped it down a little bit more, reducing the click through rate even more. But overall speaking, you know the overall is 14%. That's not bad at all. Very good, in my opinion, and that's really where you want to be. And if we look at this stash video, which came out right before it, I believe you click through rate on That is pretty well, yes, about 12% as well, and back in the day was around 20 some percent. Now it is below 8%. But overall speaking was quite good back in this time period, and that's really what you want to see. And the reason for this is when you have a higher click through rate. YouTube is actually going to go ahead and recommend your content to more people. So if we look here, let's go back to reach. We looking impressions. We were getting a lot of impressions. And then somewhere, August it actually started to slow down are maybe a little bit before August are early August late July started to slow down. If we look at our actual thing. Ah, early July August. That's about when the ah click the rate actually started the exponentially drop and go way down into the single digits rather than being up here in the eight digits. And the reason for that is when the click through rate went down, they started giving it less impressions, and when it got less impressions, it started eating less view, so you can exponentially get less abuse. You if you look I was getting a lot of use, and then this actually flatlined much quicker than the actual impressions or the impression click through rate. But when he confined those two together on the negative side of things, it can reduce your views quite a bit. So out of the three most important things, the 1st 1 is going to be your click, their rate, which you guys can see right here. You really want to have that above 10%. Next up on the list. We have the view duration, so we want this to be above 50%. That's like that's the gold standard. Okay, if you have this over 50% consistently and you have some videos here and there, that air 60 70% you're probably going to be doing pretty well in terms of ranking just because that's a pretty good percentage. Now the way that you do that is you don't waste people's time. And that's why, all throughout the course, I've been focusing on not wasting people's time and making sure that you're getting to the point and just overall creating a great video. And that's really how you beat the algorithm. You really don't even need to know how the algorithm works. If you're creating great content, you're gonna rank. You're going to do well. People are gonna watch. It's gonna be great. Your content will sell itself. If you're creating crap content, it's probably not going to go great. That's pretty much all there is to it. And thats why, while this course condemn innately help you, the biggest thing I can tell you out of any of this is if you ever seen the mean where someone's like asking for a shout out. Another guy has a sign that says Make better content. That's the most true thing possible. So, you know, don't go ask for shoutouts. Don't do that type of stuff. You know, honestly, at the end of the day you were going to make it, you'd make it. That's how the algorithm works. If you're making great content that people want to see, algorithm will show it if you're not the algorithms not gonna show. And if you consider the audience retention, this is actually going to really tell them whether or not people are actually, uh, you know, watching the video and whether or not it's really a great video. Because if you click on the video and then five seconds and the video sucks, you're gonna leave, okay? And that's really what this tells you to. This is probably the biggest part of of the algorithm right here is are people enjoying the video is a video that people want to watch and lastly, the like and dislike ratio is probably going to be a big indicator of how good a video is. So you guys definitely just want to go ahead and ask for likes at the beginning of the video, you know, ideally within the 1st 30 seconds and then another thing that you don't really hear people talk about. But it is a a good thing. Ah, subscribers. So this video right here has 24,000 views and it got me 200 subscribers. That means nearly 1% of everyone who watched this video went and subscribe to my channel. That tells you to that this video is a good, um, you know, video in terms of converting people to my channel and that people were enjoying my content . And if they did subscribe off of this video, then it's likely that they were actually recommended more of my content into the future. And in all three of those aspects of the YouTube algorithm come together in the form of a B testing. So another thing that YouTube does is especially in terms of click through rate, in order to kind of decide whether or not they should put your video in front of more people. They do what's called a B testing, and what that is is basically so your video is a there's be each get 100. And at this point, your video gets 20. Their video gets 15. You are the winner. OK, so now a same time there was a competition going on between C and D, which are completely other videos. And they gave them each 100 having struggled writing this and at the end of this Ah, see, was the winner with 25. So they have Ah, crazy click through rate and be was garbage Five. Okay. And this part of the reason they had a crazy click The radio is D's, um, click through rate was awful. Lives was 5%. Not great. They were the winner. Now you two are going to go against each other, But this time you might get 10,000 okay? And they're gonna get 10,000. And this time you get, um, 1700. And unfortunately for them, they only get 1000. You are now the winner. OK, this is the next round Now, at the same time, there was a, uh, see, a B C d. There was an e on f a g on a judge and so on all the way down and all these played against each other, and it basically goes through a bracket system all the way up to here. And each time you know the first round you have 100 views and you had 10,000 impressions. Then you have 100,000 impressions and YouTube's just blowing your video up. But regardless of that, that's really how that works. And that's why you're going to need Teoh have a good click. Their rate cause your video will keep on getting pushed. And the biggest thing is, this is just one aspect of it. It works in conjunction with so many other aspects of the algorithm. So I mean, it's one of the most complex algorithms on earth. So you know, we can't really tell exactly what it is that the end of the day you click the rate your watch time, you know, average percentage viewed engagement, these air. The most important things, especially click the rate and average you duration. Those are incredibly important. OK, so let's say I have a video that's 10 minutes long, and I have a 40% view duration. That's four minutes, and John has a video that's five minutes long and the view duration on this is 75% which means he's getting, like what about three minutes and 15 seconds, I think, in view duration. So 3 15 minutes my video is going to rank above. Well, should I just messed up? My video is going to rank above John's video because not only is it longer, which means there's more ads, more money for YouTube. But while the actual reiteration is much lower, is only 40% of my videos getting watch compared to 75% of Johns? The actual total amount of time being watched is still more than John's. So that's why 10 minutes is such a, you know, important thing is you really? That's the point at which you put more ads in Ah, and overall, if you go and look, YouTube tends to favor videos that are over 10 minutes long in the algorithm. So if we go and look, um, dividend investing, as we did in one of the other videos, this one's 12 minutes long. That's good. You know, this one's an hour in 13 minutes long, 13 minutes long, 14 13. The first video, under 10 minutes is ranked at number six 22 15 26 10 15 13 7 You know so I mean, most of these videos air over 10 minutes long. It's not necessarily that the topic is not worthy of being less than that. My video is actually over 10 minutes as well. Pretty much all of these videos, they're gonna be over 10 minutes long. Um, especially if they're ranking at the top, because that is what YouTube favors. So, overall speaking, you know, if you want to work on gaming the algorithm a little bit or giving yourself a little bit of an edge over some people, then you try to make your videos over 10 minutes long. Now, you don't wanna go crazy on this because if you're making a video that's gonna be five minutes long, it's gonna be pretty hard to make that a 10 minute video without making it boring or wasting people's time, which you really don't want to do. But if you are making you know a nine minute and 32nd video, you can certainly extend that to 10 minutes. You know, think of you know, maybe you answer questions from fans in the last video or, uh, you know, you have a little bonus content or you do something like that that will actually give you enough time to get it over the 10 minute mark where you can put more ads, you'll make more money and likely get more views. So with all that being said, that's pretty much the end of the decoding the YouTube algorithm lesson. Ah, you pretty much just need to make some great content and, you know, take advantage of you know, these few little tips and areas. And you know, you should be ah, master when it comes to the YouTube algorithm, because I mean overall, while the YouTube algorithm is very, very, very complex, when you when you really think about it, there's only three things you have to worry about, and that's click the rate, watch time and engagement. So that's really all you need to worry about it. It's kind of simple in the scheme of things. So with all that being said, I will get you guys in the next lesson. 11. Thank You!: Thank you guys for checking out this course. If you guys did enjoy, be sure to give it a review down below. I would appreciate you guys just being completely honest. If you think the course sucked, then you can tell me that it sucked. If you thought it was great, then you can tell me that it was great. Completely find whatever you guys think. If you guys have any questions at all for me, feel free to reach out to me On Instagram at David Eves official, I pretty much respond to every single d m I get there. So you guys have any questions? That's where you guys are gonna want to direct them to. I can sit down with you. I can talk you through whatever it is that your questions are. If you guys do want to do a consulting call with me, you guys can also set that up on Instagram generally will try to do these for free. But if you guys want one right this second, then sometimes I will charge just because I'm gonna have to rearrange my schedule. But generally speaking, consulting calls are free. So if you guys have a lot of questions when you get done with this course than maybe you guys could set up a call and we can get through everything much quicker than just responding over text. If you guys want to check out the YouTube channel, you guys can do that with the link in the description. And with all that being said, thank you for checking out the course and I will catch you guys in another video If you guys decide to check out the each of channel just I couldn't check it out. Peace out. So you guys.