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Create realistic exterior environement using Cinema4D

teacher avatar Sebastien Mercier

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. 00 Intro

    • 2. 01 Download Assets And Plugin

    • 3. 02 Modeeling Terrain

    • 4. 03 Creating Dirt And Water Materials

    • 5. 04 Adding Rocks And Wetmaps

    • 6. 05 Making Grass

    • 7. 06 Adding Trees And Render

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About This Class

Find sources files under Class Project tab.
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a realistic exterior environement using cinema 4D.

We start by moddeling the terrain.

Then we will using vertex map to define wet areas. So the dirt near the river will look wet.

Then we will add some rocks and again, we will make them wet when they are in contact with the water.

Finaly we will add grass bushes and trees to fill up the scene.

All the sources files are included to follow along this tutorial.

it s 2 hours long videos tutorials but really at the end of this course,

you may be abble to make a scene like that in less than 1 hour.

I used Redshift for rendering but i think you can follow this tutorial using any render engine you want

like standard C4D render, Arnold, Octane and so on...

So i hope you will enjoy and let get started in the next video.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Sebastien.

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1. 00 Intro: hello and welcome. In this tutorial, I will show you out to make a realistic exterior of everyone more. Using cinema 40 we start by murdering the campaign. Then, using that takes map to define Ouattara social. There, near the river will quit. Then we would add some hawks, and again we will make them wet when they were in contact with the water. Affinity will addresses Bush's and trees to fill up the center. All the societies are included to follow along district area. It's to our own video tutorial, but really adorned of discourse. You may be able to make your son like that in less than when I wear. I used heuristics. I used a tasty for dealing, but I think you can follow this tutorial using innuendo, anything you want, like Standoff Cinema four D under Arnold. Uptight and third. So I hope you will enjoy and let's get started in the next video 2. 01 Download Assets And Plugin: hello and welcome in this tutorial will make this picture. You see it's outside on given moment stereo view on more eso will make the pass. As you can see here there is a pass and then it's done on the right and you go this way. We will make the river as well. It's the same thought of purpose. It's a good there. Then it's the donor under right there over there. We don't see it from him here, but that is it. And we will add the costs. And like for I will whole bush and stones something like that. Entries to make the the so far beginning we need Ah, the few asset I will give it. Ah, anywhere but for credit. I prefer toe to say where I take it so we will need ah text. Deft dark texture. You see, I took that description. It It's a similar pixel a brooks put dot com and it's I think this one are this one. Maybe this one. You see, we sleeve said Anna like gravel. So that is it. Then we need a hawks because we we can. We're dealing moderate, but it's easy, but we can do Let form in 10. It as well. Um, I take it from there on sketch sketch fiber that come. You see, we have Ah, 44 in talks with sticks to your honor, everything. So it's good and I think that'll. Yeah. And also you need to play gin. So you have to close cinema 40 and dinner. You have to go to work. And it's you see Lebak today, pronto Siege artist. It's a plug in for from CMA 40 and like for vegetarian, you know, And you can add the trees like with that, so you have to pay to get it. But there is, ah, free vacuum, You see, just a freak. It Yeah, you can do. Note it and we will use that. I used only free object here. It's not paid confidential. You can take the free front seat Freebie this one. You know, you you can already make a very nice Ah, you see very nice pictures with that. So you will have one tree. One bush, you see is that bushel this one and one problem one Turkish pine and 100 punny little tree like that or that you know. So you can already make good on your on mount Just with that. But off course is better if you'd buy correction. It was predicted like this one plant prompted one and so on. There is lot off choice. So but for free And try the friggin you can do You know this one and so you can try it. And if if you like it, you can buy, Then you can buy anywhere from what they were you like. So the two cat download it and install and then restarting Cinema 40 and it took it. So we start re good into cinema four. Do you know? 3. 02 Modeeling Terrain: Okay, so we start with ah plane. So go to primitive and choose plane. I will make it be good like see stars on by 56,000 and it's OK. And um we will make it 80 table. I will display the line for the plane and then we will just hold Ah, the past fatherhood full. Take fictional murder pretty good and select maybe like that This is the past for the holder so we can create section select We maybe we don't need but I prefer to have it Ah, maybe for later when you deter? Not Not sure, but I prefer to to have selection for what we are going to. So a quick set selection and curry hood We need a 2nd 1 for the just show you You need the section We just made it from there. So there you see. And we need another selection for the filter Middle actually, yeah, we don't need early. We don't really need this one. I will delegate. I would delegate the section We don't need it when we need the middle one. You see? So I would just just deep I would go back to full screen and keep care. And Ella so you can make it make a cut and I will Ah, catch Here. You see, let's say 55%. Okay, so there is 45% here from death with their 45 and 55 from there to there, and we will make the same here. But it's the visit. So each of 45 here have said you put foot, you fight. So you see, it's a column, and we'll do the same in this way. 55 And here, 45 and no, we were just elected middle that like that, and we will save it. So select and click said Selection and Khalid Middle Hood. Okay. For the river to the same. So well, uh, keep a dis whole your feet for class and we can start the river or air as you want. Maybe I will start from there and take tree Ah, three square leverage like that and order revere the river. Okay, good to have you may be. And I would she would go from there. So you make the size that you want. You don't really need to copy exactly what I do. It's not really important. And, uh okay, so we could it Ah, yeah. We don't need Ah, we don't need ah section for that. So I took it. I go back to perspective and ah, so pretty going off Directed Control Creek and in drag Cursory control Z Good toe. Uh, nitric Ah Oh, I have deception. Ah, a neighbor. So I disabled that an old controller and click and drag our shift and drug like two centimeters. You see, 200 centimeters, Dutch for the river. We can delegate those border here, so just select it and oppressed Erred President. Case trip and same here. Okay, so this is This is this is for the river little will need like Vectrix map to make just area of owned um, the river. Wait so we can do it now. So, good toe poet murder. Selig deplane controlled a 26 and to select everything where we have extra point you see here extrapolate So we delegate um mesh commander and shoes optimized for it. Forget and now go to select and peak set. Vectrix, wait. Putting zero mud set and click. Ok, so we have ah blanc interior tricks map and we can Ah, door for Double Creek on dramatics map. So we got brush. Um, brush tool here and we Can you see the hole here so you can just paint. Ah, offer You don't You don't have to be a very precise because there will be class on top of that soul. We know you are not going to see very well. Better but try toe. Yeah, do it. Something like like I'm doing now. A shift to continue. You are not. No natural gift shifted for smiting, but we smooching smooth at Durand. Okay, you can you see our control two day? Let's I think like that. You took it and you can Maybe. Here. Yeah, And you can do but kick again. Here you can trump the murder maybe truth breed. Click apply. You see? Just extender off, Booth. So you're feats. Most everything's I would go back before breed and I would smooch from there. Yeah, like that. It's OK. So we've got jovetic smart for the wit map, so we will make dirt everywhere. But inside the reverse a dirt will be like a black black dirt, you know, because under the water, when dirt is wet. It's doctor for dinner. Dried up. So that's why we were doing that. And it forget we can add Ah, just a plane again. So kick here at the plane, Call it water. Okay. And make it like the the size of the plane off your area. So it's a 660 hours on 12,000 like that. Moving down, little bitch with you. Something like that for casing we will defeat. And ah, it's okay for the plane. The 1st 1 we would make no trick, not flat like Dr C. So we can under the former and display, sir the open it like that. Go to shedding and choose a nice and nice good toe object. Maybe when we care legged atrophy and no for the winter. I just make a material so we can feed you. See, we've got Twitter area we don't want so we can push it down a little bit. Some seem like that. It's ok. And, um for the year. The border of the reveal. You see, it's very sharp. The car No or very shop. We don't want that so we can use a subscribe Yuzhin surface But there is an option in red shifter that make a smooth as well, so we're not going to use it. But whether you see with the subdivisions office, it's look like that. So it's better. But because we use achieved, we don't need it. So that'll for the modeling part Next, we will, uh, start addict materials for the doctor. 4. 03 Creating Dirt And Water Materials: Okay. So we can continue. We will, Adam. So dirt material. So cut cutter. Newer chief material. Stand out When you sheep repeat under plane, we can id the weather for the moment. So DoubleClick if Mickey tried it and go to Material Chief Materia Medica? No. Did he tell we pushed like that? It's OK and go to so far. So I will give you the texture. No worry. We'll have it. Deft. Take Zimmer and I pick here. Yeah, we don't need displacement, but I know it's okay. We take it tickle, we'll use it. And ah, places like that Go on top. Okay, for the normal map, we need the bump Notre for cheap bimp and choose a bump map. And for this placement, when you displace monitor displacement. And so just black a color toe de fees. Diffuse school off here, Christiane. Beyond to defuse. Wait so appropriately, the food. Different weight. Ah, Spectra. You can put it on the darkness. Official perfection. Harkness. Yeah, No matter. You put it on the blue side here of the bump map and two sticks to Olympic and output here . Good. Tricia blue and truth of the whole BIMP So you could that for the moment and this personal Andrabi give text your texture map, I would put go there and through the displacement. Okay, I will make it full screen again. Okay. She's what we have. Um we can make it. Ah, smaller. You see, because ah, you see, the texture is to laugh so we can double click and here click on the 1st 1 go to general and put maybe 10. Yeah, it's your feet. Same here. Same everywhere on all or texture. Put them okay. And I want to see the the displacement. If you see, there is a like a Greek because we x treated. But we weren't going to see it. I didn't, um for the moment there is no displacement. She still flat. So we have toe right Click on the plane. Makeshift tiger and shoes Object Rift achieved Object on click on the object tag. Go to geometry in a Bella. So we want smooth coronary, remember for the bottom so we can in able to sell Assume So Know what you can see. There is no no shop corner. Yeah, So it's OK. And for the spaceman, we have to inability. So there is a tiny display small for if you can we can put 10 and 10 now she tends to much . I will put five and five and it's OK. Okay, So this is ours. Our the term is replaced. If you see it is the same color they wear. But like I said, here we want Dhaka, Dhaka and other wetter. So go back to the material and I don't seek the good to material and maybe wait here. Affection White put it 2.2 And here one Iowa put 1.2 as well. Like that. Think it's OK? And for the so far the color We have to mix two colors, so take you could go to color Collomb mix. It could be there in pic one. You can put your normal cola but for input to we need ah, color correction should color correct the media. We just need the imputed straight with ABC like that and drubbed texture from the dirt toe in pit, I would put to say good input to the mix. So you have something like that, This one you can disconnect and connect this well instead. So no chance for the moment and in mix a month we can add of attics map. So tip genetics in Vertex attributes topic on top, for example, in preg it there Quicken Vectrix That note Here you can drag the Vectrix map. So is this tag. I like it here. And you let it. Now, inside color corrector You can click on it and level if I put it to zero. You see it very dark. So I would put it toe 0.5 maybe less sweet. Yeah, she slipped like its weight. So school, maybe point to make it more talk again looking We can make a material for the wetter so we can in a bill the wetter I chief material. I will remove the white material that we've met before And for this new material go to edit Shadow graph preset You can truth wetter, so transparent We cannot just you for the nice keep c 40 and to see for the shada. Okay, And you have to convert it to texture. So grab texture Another Forget here toe texture zero if to and it's for Ben Farid, feel you will certainly be a bump map and forget your toe, The texture, slut Extra input, a output. You goto other whole bump. And so inside she 40 shredder, You can go here. It's Ah toe 2048 for both. Um 16. Big picture? No. And cheddar. You can truth. Nice. Okay. And father knows No, we were sitting up. Go down. We will add a light. Ah, so good toe achieved light and choose them light and I was dressed So thirties there you can go to this website I would for you Azeri event. It's good. And there is a lot off the area that you can choose for if you don't have on your computers . If you don't average dairy. You can take this one for the tutorial. You see, for example But you have a lot off more if you go toe like outdoor category. You see, you've got that Just one you can use for the tutorial. This one as well. Anyone were You see forest in the background and class. You can use it. Maybe this one can can be good this one as well. So choose a good is very that that we like and it's all free. So I will goto my dick to my computer. I will take this one and we got that So bump we can increase. So goto bed map Not here. Increase put. Maybe 10. She was talking to see deformation. We can play with the nice so I can put maybe 10 and 20. Decide You've got that maybe 50. You see, we've got because we don't have the same value that make line like that. You see, in fact do the opposite 50 and 10. I will have lying but in this site So choose the side of the line that you light for me. You are for me like that. It's ok decide Took it. Um maybe 25. 20. And I will make it a little bit stronger again Are not not know I will use Ah, map displacement map now. So good there. Two the displacement because we have deformation. But for the moment it's fake on the border, it's Ah, there is no no bump. It's just straight So But if we had judge place mom up, put the texture here texture output and say dicks jump up and I would put to output here and choose displacement. We can duplicate the tagger here, old control, and drop it to the what? So now we've got ah, hell, displace more You can maybe increased. And then your feets moving I will make a big value just to show you, Does she you, But too much. So I will put maybe 50. Yeah, you see your future. That is like a wave on the border with what we were after. So this is nice to get. And maybe you have Ah, maybe you see what E as well. Um, you see, maybe you cannot I will check. Maybe we have whatever. No, For me, it's okay. You see, I just got what you're under under river. But maybe in your home, you will over something like that. You see somewhat. Ah, we don't really seek. But you see what? They are there. What? There were other. So if you don't want that, you just can't go toe selection polygon and delete all the polygon of displaying. If I just solo each Yeah, we just see the plane. Um I would dissemble delight because we don't see out because it is transponder material. I think What? Uh good. Solo, maybe five transit display mode. No, it's black as well. Book. So maybe remove for the moment. This material will put back later. And you can t let all the police conduct that you don't need. So I will go from there and select a plane. Pretty good mud. It's not irritable. Kick on the plane and inevitable. Make it to the table and you can keep 11 one square, you see? And so once. When more square. Because if you take only just this is not good, because maybe it is going to be stretcher. So take just one. Ah, keep one. You see? Keep that. But they let ah, that so you can't paid hopefully like that. So you have an idea for the shift bench here as well? Okay. And now you can I d explain. Is she And okay, think like that. Okay, let's see here you fire. I can take one more hope. Okay. And pushed the let so this way you just keep your what, uh, is she Oh, I still love. Ah, some water here. So that's mean my my plan is to ICT, so I would go put it down a little beach Yeah, like that took it. So that'll for the water in the terrain, I will ah put my material back on the weather and in a bull. I love you even more. So this is what we have. And next year we will. We can start adding asset like, um Stone Stone Hawk under stone will be just underwater. Where there is a river not were not Put stone everywhere you can do it but here I will just put stone inside a wetter so issued next video. 5. 04 Adding Rocks And Wetmaps: Okay, So in this battle with adding some hawks underwater So to do that, we would go to file matters. Goto Project Ah, so file So here and you would have Ah, look for the and Jerry's. Ah, medulla don Jr So I naturally yes, I show you where I took so it took a So take it a pen playing tribute in fact Oh, it's okay. Still is the sitting and OK, so we just have that I would just follow it. So I have display gin, but you can use air solo and follow rules on girl So they're normally Yeah, So you see, there are very, very small, So I would stop that. So we'll make it big air first. So just put the cube So we have a reference to see. It's when we work to meet area. It's to make ever longer or two said 200 centimeter that the same but good toe curry talks and make it bigger. So take a scary tool and make could be girl. Some seem like that. You see even more and it's okay now we have to put texture before that. You can make texture now, so him of the Cube. We don't need it. Quite new material. And our Pete. If we moved the 1st 1 we don't need it. We can delegate from there as well. Good to shed your cough. Go back toe profile. I'm fixed up hawks, and there is a texture folder. Canticle. We don't choose this place, Mom as it is not all right. Forget. So take. You told Treasurys. Good. We don't need We don't have a corned, Um, look nice. No, my metal each I'll color. And this one, we don't need internal corn. Our You see, Condell it I have fought the normal map. We need bump, keep bent and take the map. No, that would So just brag. Albay, Goto color the food like that. I would call a weight metallic toe Her fiction Wait Brokenness tow hook. Nice. So here reflection, reflection, likeness. And no matter you have to text you in pitch and our pitch to tear off the oil lamp. Okay. I was in a bad area again. So this is what we have. Um, so we don't want because it's Ah, See, it's a single object, and if we clean it mccaf clone It will run both every time for four hooks every time. I prefer to get one thing. Ever work every time so you can tell it the hook we can measure. Correct and measure convert Put your gun cope to object. So now you see, we've got get for different rock. So take it. Drop out the first work and then let the first year there is nothing. It's like a new object. So, no, we've got you See? One hook there. The second is this one Dysart and forth here. So he took it. Maybe we can increase the bump map. I resume. Just received, um, a digital go to bump and maybe 20. Yeah. So there is retailer deformation 50. Okay, you can drop it inside a criminal, but before Ah, I have to go out here. Deception eso click on the s And you saw off So we get everything back So we just want to hook you see in this area I wish allocate, you would see um take the plane and select Ah goto pretty good mud and select oldies area Our chief to inflict that That all that there where we want hook If you won't want her clearly aware of a problem but me, I just want hot inside the reversal. I'll say like that. I will add ide the water for the moment selectively thing. All right. Like that. Okay, I just will Right click and to split, so no, I have a shotgun Plane on your seat. Selig Bush plane and display, sir. Right Click and choose. Connect, object and village. You can I d it. You don't need it. You just would show you what you eat. It's ah, I selected. I will move it toe. Just show you. You see just this part we just selected with We make a duplication. We got it. You were. We still have it on the terrain on the plane. I were enemy tearing like that. We still average you see like that. But here we are. Oh, I would control abusing because I am. Move it up and nowhere removed. You name it getting you see, We still live there. So this one, we don't need to see it. So I had no idea that I can hide. So I did make a new object. For example, call it clean off your face and Dopita inside. You see, because we just need that toe krone for the cleaner to get to suffice toe for Put the book on so or you can show each and just ID the subject of the same So everything we will put inside this new objects will never will be. Ah, I d So it's OK. Call it hooks up fast like that Crater kroner McGough kroner and put older hook inside the Cornell Put object mud under constant checking Done and drop here inside of J we can top hooks your face introduction face if you would, so it So, um, I we'll show you if I goto blank mud control our control A tow prediction everything I know it's OK so big. No way we have Ah, I will optimize it in USO I go to Misha Commander and optimize full Go back Normally we don't need toe. You don't have to have a talk. Our took a I don't know where you Juries work here because we just choose the selection here. Um do not check Elaine clone. Okay, so we'll keep it like that. Will he kroner Because it takes okay, Go to show face. So no, you see, You just got a clue under show, Facer that we which was so 20 hawks It's OK. It's maybe too much I would put then. But I will make them bigger against So Selig Zamel and choose the square tool here and make it bigger for each one. I will put them on the floor through their old address. A more level and you can change the sheets. So you see you got you don't have hook. I will just do something because I don't think this is normal. So I will go back to hook. I would solo eat again. I will remove it from the criminal. For the moment, I would go back to the state to see you out for hooks. And so you eat. And I think on Carpenter is not good. You see it fake? It's on Hawk, move If I want to move this hook, you see, the underlie are here and I want it in the inside the middle of dark so good to measure actually sent, uh, click a neat 50 access. And down here you put everything to zero and click Execute and you see an hours on Carpenter's good into the same for the second. Just click execute, execute and execute for the force. Now it's OK. We'll have good crew. So put it back to the criminal. You see, Now it's better. I will display everything and you can play with the sheets so it will tend, Uh, our position here the feet of the krone folk Locanda Criner object and play with the shed Entitle you find something you like? Okay, well, maybe not this one, because I would choose the right but condom and click on the kroner in Add a condom if Victor to make it on them as well. So McGough if Victor hung them good to obamacare, X, y, x and Z, we don't really care. But why? We can keep it to 50. Okay, scale. We can make your some bigger from smaller for winnable scale. Any from scale. You check it on and put maybe 0.5. So they are because And small your hook. Maybe point to, uh, open to Yeah, a notation way not could twist 60 26 year with where? Okay, so now choose. Ah, good should Now maybe this one took care for me. I will put the word toe back to see what we have. Okay, so what we can do? It's id'ing. What? What? My plaque we did for the ground. You see, for the to make ITER wet and for the rock who won the the same Because when hook are in the water, they are darker than outside the water. I would for you. You see, for example, it's white. But under the weather, it's almost black. Every time you see you can see your line here, your feet always darker on building. You see that the same God sent same color? Probably, but it's look much darker and other work every time. So we have to do that. Maybe we can feed better here. The sheets. It's almost dark every time it's contact with the wetter. So we do it for the rock. So to do that, we have to go to the criminal under and stuff chickie. Tough right click on Duclair Ah Creek on ah, corn state to object. So we have a no Jacques Renault you see here But with ah then a 10 hutch. So the first corner we can disability it We don't need it anymore. But we will keep it. Justin gave and for the drugs here we would merge them good in one. So Sheriff Demel, Quicken Criner a chief to select the bottom one. You see, correcting everything are just like creek. And there is a pure DNA. I don't know, select Children normally, if you can see it, select Children you see here. And it would affect all the child of the Criner now, right? Click, Connect, object and did it. So we got that. But the problem is, maybe discuss is the same as this one and diabetics. Mapper is not the same. She here it's trying. Where? So it's not. But if you check the movies better, you've age it. You see, we've got one hook there when what could there and son, but shows your old, um overlapping. You see, John? No. Then drugs are only five for hold because at the beginning there is thought we used. So here's there is only four. I round it and we weren't, um, one I learned for each. So to do Dutch. We just have to go toe here, select all good to sell pretty good fiction told a to select all Goto pretty good. You've a pretty good transformation. You've been mapping apps. Humala, go to you The mapping tab. Optimal mapping present over the show. You can take it. Check it. Check two feet. You can check it as well. Ray Alina, you can check it a cricket apply. And now you see normally we have 10 island 123456789 10 Because we've got 10 hooks here, so no, it's OK. So go back toe Normal view. So used stand up user if you use it. But for me tragedy achieved Go to front view Okay from older senior See from older work like that. And you know what Oliver is here, you see? So go to point mud. You see what are the values? So it's just dark line Um And run away. I've got Ah, you know that six month for me. I don't have it. I will delete it How it looks your face this one. And for the Clint Trickett So it takes six from two like dunk selection, make sure visible selector Demo is inject frame older hook and select everything under the wetter. So it just you see, you can hopefully just appeared the counter here, So select all the point Like a Dutch. Maybe a little bit more. Yeah, something like that. Everything is yellow, you see, Selected will be black, almost black. You hear What? So that why you can if you eat too much, you can so take less something like that. It's OK, but it she Yeah, I just got delectable. They'll do it. Uh, yeah, I think like that. It's OK. I don't know What is it? Turn off your fast. I don't hide it And now it's no off point Off directed Click on the krone Select Vertex Wait Put one on dread here mud set and click OK, you see, now we've got heretics map and it's ah paint only under the wetter and where it still die It said so it's good like that and go to the material So colic click on diabetics map and couldn't Vertex Smart watch If I go to the hook material now a day trader and we will do the same that we did for the plane for the terrain. So we need a mix material mix color. Put albedo one albedo ear Put to input one disconnect from there but you can connect like that. Include two. It's the same texture but duck. So we need a color. Correct. Could not correct this one. Correct nerd Input the texture Output here toe into two and caracara put maybe 0.1 to make it darker. And father mix is a vet ICS map. So Vectrix attribute cricket, cricket to make someone and Vertex attributes We have to drop the metrics map. Well, it's not this one. Yes, yes. If this one Okay, I know a bit And it See what we have. I don't see it. Maybe we would Fiedler And here you see, it's DACA so general duties is better. You see then before no, we feel it's ah really wet So it's good But the texture now looks good So I will tender texture because now it exterior is not good. I would take a normal Arctic street. You can find it on the internet. I will give you texture So good toe I go to my texture folder I have some hook. You can truth with you. What about the texture? You rag? I will give you this one. No. Yeah. You see. No, it's fixed. Um, yeah, it's better like that. And it's okay for direct. So in the next party, we I would just drop it now the texture. Because maybe I will forgot. So I will give you my text. You. I don't remember where I take it so But I give you like that capi, and they would fish teacher toe hugs extra. And so because we confused this one because which just one is for the U V are you see normal movie, but because we shot it now it's noticed, not more. The same look I would show you, you see, because ah, there is all that. It's working for the original model, but because we don't some the UV for us to make weight map, it's not working anymore. So you have to We have to use another texture. So I will put you there, you see, And you know this one. I sweat. But, you know, just one is just cutting hawk, you see, and you have to use it at the end of the Victoria of the different deal. This one. Okay, so in next video will we can add. Ah, here. The grass everywhere. Okay, so we do that. I see you in next video. 6. 05 Making Grass: Okay, So in this part will add some grass, so we'll just keep a decision open. But click here on file. New. So we've got a new scene and quicker on disk. Keita disk put, like, five rotation signal and one Ah, the signal. If we check display line. You see, we just have a point a point of one point in the middle and five own Surely took it And we we would clone, um, air to make us so good to simulate if I'd object. So we good that goto Aftab hoot you choose Not total, but as good she fell. We ever just a six f and ah, the door. So I will make a little bit smaller. Could introduce Could take a skeletal and make it smaller like that. Yeah, And with the brush take Ah separate f cooler. And bush you can you see a filling the air? You can make a shape like that to make naked cuss. I like that. It's okay. And we will make a few few of them. But I just, um too small if we check year with contrary sheet. So I will just visible that, but check it here If you We've got that so we can increase the thickness Goto our material Double creek and Thickness cricket Turn and put like four Maybe yeah, for is good. And maybe to the, I assume, two centimeters fiish. Um, yeah. Okay, so do do, do it, um, class like that. But we have to do a few here. I just make two to gaiety, but ah, if you can make 45 more variety, you will make it better And when it will be, but for too tired to make it faster, I just will make two different keep off grass length. I would check it a swell and suggesting by default. Yes. So you see, you are smaller toller and so on. So like that it's OK. I duplicated the air. And for this one, she make make different can make very, very bent like that. Okay, so you see, you'll make her letter for I thought like that. Maybe I will make are not just tweet circuit. So when you took your filic bush good to generate and keep you choose. Um, triangle here. So know your fuel. We've got mesh. Um, and right click on dream and corn state to object. So, no, we have ah, you see to ever object and to air here. So take Bush. You can remove that orgies tag here. We don't need it. And take Bush. Prokop, go back to this year or toward Evite, if you feel Yeah, and put it on the cleaner. No. First we'll make selection for the air. So we're starting to make this Ah, air in the middle past. Resist. Not the same Ever noticed in grass as you see on the border that if you will make a selection from that so good to tearing, I will. Just rename the colonel here is good, but this one truck and kick on the terrain. So select only the middle passel it. So you see those? Both. Ah, I would take fiction pretty good Bush to here that we get at the beginning like that. We can clone a directly on dissection, but I prefer do it like we did a crater chauffeurs for that. So right, click split. So no, we've got copy recedes This one, um, you have displaced seven frontal ferric. Both right. Click, connect, object in the reach. And you can drop it to the cleaner show face new here. So we can't We don't shoot anymore because the coronaries you see ahead. Yeah, So we don't cheat. We can create kroner from a graph Crow. Now we can use the same Gundam effect. Er, I think Yes. No, no, no, not 20. The same cell click here, Ferric Bush put checked of the cleaner. Couldn't, uh Gus middle graph. We'll get a jet and we do hope the daring to so I will. Could middle get a hold on middle would like that. So we conduct winner add Middle Hood here and we want to clone on your face and it's seat. Okay, we've got that we want Ah, not dissuade. So, Alan Krueger, we and check food straight, and we want more. So here. But maybe two 2000. Like that? Yeah, 2000. It took care. And it's you what we have here. Yeah, it's Ah, too big. You see, we want shocked XO, pick on middle grass and confirm Chief. We just play with this white value. Yeah, I can go down again. Even more 0.3. Yeah, but we need you can keep it like that. If you want the old you see, maybe I will keep it like that. Or if you don't want, you just have to increase here. Put maybe double Diamond. Yeah, not too bad, but we we need ah, condom nest so he can declare a middle class Margraff a Fichter Honda. Um, good to parameter visible position. We can just and why we don't want costs move in white, but maybe yes, we can in G and Eaks, it's OK. We can keep it to 50. So it's not a very straight on the road. Receives some grass is putting this way for good on a scale we can make, uh, any from scale. So I check on scale here, check it on, and then choose uniforms scale and making 2.2. So we will have a little sighs various, you know, and we want to add ah, protection of I assume for good air. And between 65 5 Okay. And no, we will make two different cheap of color because we have to to grass. But if you were if you made for grass, you can make former Terry everything so you will have ah better via show here. But we street Sergei sinful. I make ah new material chief material. But you can first air this one for example Go here. I just I forgot. And I remember now you see for the hook you remember we change the sick Texturally go back toe hock texture. You see, we change the texture here for because it was not good. But all this one. The original text you are under good as well. So this one we can tell it we don't need it. This one We don't meet the let the let And for normal we can use this one instead. We can handle it This one in Phuket. So no, we've got ah better. Ah, but map, I will increase. Just received. We should better. Yeah, it's working with she. We've got them there. Yeah, but one When android is too much. 58 Think it's ok. She'll go back to cash material. Oh, and we can play now because we disconnected. Go back to hook. Sorry. And now we can go to arrest material here, Chief material affection. And we can play with that Harkness We can put one and 1.8 and go down 2.2 1.2 here. I aware. And I think it's located feet. Yeah, it's little less perfect. You see, it's much athletic, little, much darker. And I would put only 10 and she took it. Okay. Good to cast material. So just his work when you meet Hook. What? Uh, and gift this is costs. And for this one just but put ah, like green value like that. But it's you. Maybe you have to refresh. Yeah, we got yet received starting getting green and make it a reflection. Put 0.6 and hook next point to maybe. Okay. And I wear point to as well. Okay, fellas. Grass and controlled to pick a kick. Every namely, custom. And I would dress trying to call up. Make it more like that. Moher Dry, itchy end, whole picture to the Shouguang material here for going there. Yeah, it's look good to me. Maybe I can add Ah, more more cash for bigger cars. Object And I will put 505,000. Okay, Which better? And clone instead of it. Right. We can choose one time just to see. Okay, It's so good to me like that. We will Other light. So Goto had shift light infinite light. So it's a it's a center. Um I had a new object rightly Candlelight Shima for the tag to start. Get inside Target object. You can drop the new So now we just have to to move the light and itchy far you see for liking is the light was always pointing to the new object Filo, Somewhere here India, I will go to light General. I will make it like yellow jersey like dot and may be deterred. Hunger 2.5. Yeah, I would feel which we have. Maybe my grass is a little too small. So I will go to the corner, confirm and I will make it bigger like that two and two just received to which too much So we put 0.5 maybe and 1.5 like that. Okay. And I don't really see the various Calaveras. True, but I don't really see it. So I would make it a little bit darker. This one Okay. Scored big and that tool for grass. We can duplicate the cleaner or controller and put you down. And this one we have any meat like a grass normal because But we were for this one. Would phallic make a selection again? Because we don't want Gus. Here. We don't want now is select everywhere. You don't want gas. Big grassroots years There's a total grass is discussed. So we don't want told grass in the middle. But we don't want our throw on the past because you want to see the dirt and we don't want underwater. So I would select only I would Isabella for the moment from middle class, so we don't see it here. Uh, I will. Ya December described her as well for the moment, and I will select a shift and select here that the dirt Okay, like that and everywhere in the water. So I will December the weather as well. I do a clear like that and select everything inside the water. Okay. Yeah, I were intellectual controller. If you don't dis elect something, so you see, actually, like the whatever and, uh, Rashid the spot and have any shoot Put some class here on this part. It's not very big village ligation, but I perfectly move kids. I would solo the just the planet would be. Yeah. Look, I think yeah, I think it's good. So right, Click split. No, not that you want to invest now. So until it here, you want to invest that So press you I, uh no, no, select. And you can choose. Invest. You see you. I shot cut. So you have the investigation that this one we can speak it so right, weak and spit. So we've got disturbing now. Select bush. Define in display, sir. Right. Click, connect, object. And did it in college class. Or will the whole Graf get, um, off over or like that class and put it on the kronish a face? Because we don't need to see t for cloning and fog just gone. Kroner. CASS, This one, um, go to object. And here we can top of the whole cuff. So if we're in a bridge, what is it? You see, we have grass everywhere, but we want total grass so we can play with transform. Put it back to one maybe. And we're in a bell again. The disc runner in the water and we would feel what we have. Okay, we need more. So good toe grass object and put Maybe don't but like that and I will make it. I think bigger again. I don't know. Maybe this will not told. Yeah, are we make it a little big? Bigger gosh comes from So I would put to and 1.52 It will be a little bit bigger, but this one I would make a little bit smaller. So point for and one and one because we don't really see the difference between but better under example. You see, we see Ah, very told gas and it's very small. So let's see what we have. Yeah, like that. It's it's better. So I will keep it like that. I can still continue to play to get the look that you like and no way, no problem And but for me, it's OK. And so now we can add the tree. So we will do that in the next video 7. 06 Adding Trees And Render: Okay, so in this part, you will at the tree. But as you can see, we still have our sharp corner. It's not good. I think so. Maybe it's because, you know, we put a lot off your so fast good here. And we I did, um, no object, but it looks like it's, uh, had shift display to get Ah, it's still displaying by a makeshift. So I will just idea here like that and maybe etc. Let's see without the owner. I know it's a kid. Still hone Phil? No, but so it's engaged. No, my maybe my waiter is too. I need to put the water up a little bit. I would stop that. Movinto. What? Here. Okay. Like that. It's better. Yeah. Okay. Like that. It's good. So no for the tree. Let's call this newly light touch gets okay, because its target for the light So the light, it's always pointing to the middle of the scene, you know? You see, because the new Year in the middle and the lighter we had a target taken it good to. So when you have to, when you have installed low black, you will find it here blowback. You can go to Low Birk Persia, so I have Ah, a couple of back. But you can use ah 31 this one. So I would use it just in. You can choose your hunter. If you use a cinema forgery under, you can choose your standard. So you were You would have stunned our material for the tree. But if you use octane, you can use the to obtain under. And you will have looked at material for the tree. And so But you see, there is no achieved. But if we choose active under you re lover stand up material but it will work for her achieved. So I said in the street, you see No, we're good that Yeah, one tree. And here went we preserve it off materials and we would take also so and check in quicker and select dispensable Click here, for example received. So nothing is selected and we can add Ah, segun tree. It's a Turkish pain, Phil. It's this one you have for free with the batch. So take it and that'll. Okay, so we could that Yeah, you can choose a quality for the tree, but measurements a good quality or already. But if you want better clarity again, you can truth. ICT. But my German chila, it's already good. Put that in the Criner. No, you can duplicate like, Ah, grass corner because, you see, it's the same place we want. Three. Not in the middle air, not in the water, but everywhere as so. It's the same as grass. So take grass or control. Click and drag it down If you move the grass and put the tree instead like that in college tree. So we've got to tree and, uh, maybe it's too much grown. Yeah, Jimmy, Uh, like, maybe 20 for the moment. Yeah, if you got that And again, play with deceit. You see, Entail to find a good spot for your trees. Maybe this one school is good for me. Okay? It's nice. So we keep it like that. Maybe 20. It's too much. 50 like that. Okay, good. It's good to me. You can change. Ah, if you if you take take the first tree that the first we were dead. Find my pearl, you see? Click on it. And here you can trunk the season spring, so it sounds Transit clear we don't feed but China Korea it's spring color summer choleric So spring It's usually ah, lighter green summer. It's Ah, dark green full. It's you see color at the beginning here yellow in. So I will you spring for this one for Bush? I will. You spring okay And I will duplicate both so phallic both duplicated. And for the second line, I will put it on similar. So we've got to tree on spring and two trees on from l. So we'll have a little bit various You on the cooler under color So it's good to me. So if you want to see better, you have to Don't make 100 of you that but kick and wait a minute. Okay, so it's look like that Maybe I will move the corner again. The seed against interested Because you see, we've got to be Gary I without three here is not very right. Really like it. So intrigued I would tend receded How we put more tree maybe 25 maybe Like that can be cool . I'm looking. I want to see the river. That's why I'm looking for No, I will try this one. Let's see Okay, so I think I will remove a Turkish Fine. I don't like Turkish. Fine, you're not. I don't know. Fine. It's not good with maple tree. So I will just admit it, for example, So I will remove. It is not good for the president, but maybe if we duplicate Mapple and make it on a full So we will have us spring, summer and full and as well I didn't. I forgot. But you have. So you can turn the color with the season. But you cannot social the model because you have very assume you have first very assume violent one young and the sentry, but little more aged you see and fully grown. So you have one tree with different age and against Syrian tweets as a country and violence three, it's again sun. So for the 1st 1 I will put on a violent one middle age. It's OK for the sake country. I will put variant too, but fully grown. It's very big tree you see and forwards the said one or someone. No, I don't will use it. I don't like school, so they will remove it and I will keep it like that, Um I think I will change the clip now on our put maybe 20 etc. Maybe fully add fully age. It's too, too big. So I will make middle age Valium. Sui media rage. Let's try this view. I will place for Comey. Russell, Good to give me a heart at the chief to come here a tag. Okay. Ah, I would never hurt. No, no. And I would press your camera where we want you off our final shoot. Be here. Good camera, Cordy. Night. I resembled thes value. So what does this value as well? Ville and I would go down like four. Free to no sweets, Okay. And ah, we are like that. I don't see the river. So I would go up, I think, and looking down my news Ah, 10 and I would turn the feed of you'd off the camera object. I will put 50. Okay, we would see from there I would look like you see with civility very here and so on. So let's quit. We have Okay. So it's good. It's too good to me like that. It's OK. We see the hotel with here, the past, whatever their issue in the back and was told this way. We don't see the bag government, so it's cool as well because if you feel in my example, you see, we see the It's not the same grass here and efforts not very good. Better It took care, but area you see No, we concede to its Ah, sick. It's better like that. So I will keep it like that. And no, we'll just added this little bush. You should just want this one and I think it's looking so to do that, it's the same for the tree. So I will duplicate the trees if you move. Ah, the trigger inside. Good to look back. Beginner. Lebrecht was there and you have just bush double click duplicated make one summer and just a gun one can truthful. So you will have one green and one year old put Tetum do Criner. I could dish the seed. Okay, We see one year when? Here. When? Here and one year. So it's OK, so you can you see. You can play with that in get the look that you write and achieve what we had come alone under, um kill you there. Yeah, for? I think it's OK for me as well. But you can play with ah, with the infinite light. Move it and you would see shadow will move. Ah, like if your light is not good or you can move it. But for me, it's okay like that. I will keep it like that. And I think I can make the finish final under. No. So I will do it. I will goto achieved and I will put 1 20 if 256 and e here. 1 28 in able JIA tu brute force good to boot. 40 I boots. Ah, number off. I will put 1 28 And I think at that little memory where we click eternal for fester under and ah system. But get I will use to 50 Your seat 2 56 Okay, so I will save it. Ah, I will save it. And, uh uh here I would put safe. I would save it for the moment in the project folder. Yeah, How could it render? So will you make the vendor? And then I would just show you little postproduction aftereffect to make her the look that we had under particular a show you before. So we could vendor. I would take a 16 big packed funeral and that'll we don't need another mission. We can differ. Field on the camera, can you? Huh? Uh, good toe Camerota, Agassi here. Bouquet in able on camera Goto object Kadijk under litter able And maybe you want if under focus. Phil, click here. So you see that I just the distance and here you can maybe put Ah I don't know received the case too much. I will put three and three We met Governor to see if it's okay. So I let that rendering before now I will make big hair for the size of the under. I will make it like a deed. So 1 21 9 20 But in one hole 80. Look it now It's good I would make doing down. So what? We did it Everything. Remove image and I'm waiting for the 100 I come back. Okay, so the thunder just finished, So I made it a second under because look, the 1st 1 was this one. So you see different feel dissed stool Waas Ah, a little bit too much to share would Blair and a 2nd 1 It's still blurred, but less I perfect. And also I tend you see the bush. Besides, I make them bigger, his sheep. So I think it's better was bigger. Bush's So we've got one day. When there. Well, there. Will you see your load there? They're So it's good. So for me took its not affect, er, but it's OK for the Victoria. If you want, you can increase a little bit more The displacement map under the house on the dirt, you see, because you don't really see the hardest little stone. But we don't don't really see it. I will show you. Here. It's this material. The 1st 1 we made. I know it's not there. It's on the terrain. And for this placement geometry, displacement here maybe we can put eight. I would just look here, but without tweeted with. So it will be faster without grass without ah grass, grass treat and only the, um yeah, but would she that in the middle? Yeah, you see, we see a bit. Ah, it's more granular. Let's say so. It's better like that. So just increase the displacement you put like eight or maybe 10. We begin and ah, the pool And one is I think I saw that we go back toe under view about the clash Chrissy White weight aria like that It's not very good. But you see, for the for here it's okay for this example but that if you want to fix it, you just have to goto those material both but especially this wonder dunk green. And because we don't, uh, we have too much air perfection that way. So you can put 0.2 point five air and you see it would be less speak Ula so better. So I will put a swell point to point for and normally it should fix Fix it. You see, there is no more white area on the material next your way Air series how its circuits which it was not updated. But you see there is number white Ah, around material. So it will fix it as well. So if you want to do ah like I did here you see the reserve like sun Ah son, right I did leaking aftereffect. I will show you to weigh because there go to my dick Stop there and the under is this one, I think. Yes. Oh, no. What is it under chief? I know it's or did He swam and he's trying just Ah, same picture. I show you into Baghlan. So this one, it's we just now. So we got that from down there so I can add a I get a Brooklyn, right? It's going great. But with the last aftereffect, I don't know way, but it's begin. Maybe not going toe work If I drop pitch So we have a look. It's working. But ah, I'm a beach in the talking Yes, your speech walking. And so just place it the light where you wanted that I come from you feel you get so I would put it in this corner. But if you don't have this pregnant and then you can play with this itching to get ah, you see a later they're off strong rare and phone brightness can increase. She begin I the high. But priests, um, you see the pixel over like displaced as well. So is very cool. Um so but if you don't have this begin, you can still keep their and choose sissy light red, It's ah inside the after effect and you see it. It's quite the same. You can pick your like here and also play with the intercity. Uh, hey, juice. Is she? And you have Ah, Do you from there? Here. So that is an Jember. You can make a karaoke election. I like every time. Stansky Options Who in situation and so on. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want, you can bash. Send me your resolute on my Facebook page. I will go to Facebook. I would show you. Where is it? I am Facebook. So I got a page. It's a tutorial, sweetie. Toil, I call it so you can find her. Not here, but on YouTube. But you have my YouTube link here, and you can find frigid curiosity if you want for free number 40. But you can share with me your result. And despite you can send me a missile, not know where I can't send mrs for me, but I think you would have a button. And you can send me a missiles so you can send me your results. So I would be glad to to see what we did after this tutorial. What you receive for testing? I did this one. Uh, yeah, this one. You see, Stint at the same with Digger today, but with those of tree and Jerry Senorita Father John Goglia at the river. But you see, it turned out the same technique. So if you want to share with me your picture, it can be called. So I hope you enjoy sinks. Thanks for watching and see you next time. And if you want to contact me Like I said, if you have a problem about the soil, you can also contact me were from despite this. So I will give you the link kingdom here in your possession size so you can contact me just with drug dealing here. Your feet And I would I would couldn't contact contact me like Okay, so you just just have to double click here. And it would open Internet and you will go toe to my facebook spars so you can join. You too can click. Sure. Like here. Like And like I said, you send me your, uh your Honda. Oh, if you got a problem if you want Oh, some singer. I miss something. Explain something wrong. You can tell me as well No way and joined my YouTube channel. You which let off Ah, lot of cinema for the tutorials. I will show you just quickly. You go inside video and you got or that tutorial. But most of them are in French Bush to I think the last one from no way make it in English because But I'm French. So I made ah, Victoria in French. But that has not a lot off people who are watching. Ah, French tutorial. So I'm making English show. American can seem a tutorial or English. People can seem a lawyer, but who She can seem a tutorial. Japanese Chinese can seem a tutorial because that's Christiane. Japan is eggs and so on were never will put a French world in the you see here there was never put a French welder. It's normal for its normal because nobody almost nobody speak French but English or almost everybody speak English So that why I now from now I'm making my tutorial in English because most people can white sheet Okay, so sexual watching. And I hope I see you next to Toyota