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Create realistic environment using Cinema 4D

teacher avatar Sebastien Mercier

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro realistic sand

    • 2. Starting Modeling Terrain

    • 3. Adding Sand Grains To The Terrain

    • 4. Import Sea Shell 3D Model And Lighting The Scene

    • 5. Making Materials

    • 6. Sculpting Terrain To Get More Details On

    • 7. Add Grass And Make Renders

    • 8. Photoshop Compositing

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About This Class

Hello and welcome.

In this course we learn how to make this realistic exterior environment using cinema 4D without any plugins.

- First we will create the terrain using deformers and sculpting tools.
- Then we will make a realistic sand.
- Adding sea shell and grass.
- And we will make all the materials for the terrain and 3D models.
- Lighting the scene and render the scene.

You will learn a very good workflow.

It's 1 hour long tutorial.
But at the end of this course. You will be able to make a scene like this one. In less than half an hour. So lets started.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Sebastien.

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1. Intro realistic sand: hello and welcome. In this course, we learn how to make this realistic exterior environment using Cinema 40 without any plug ins. First, we will create the terrain using D formers and sculpting tools. Then we will make a realistic sand adding seashell and grass, and we will make all the materials for the terrain and three D models lighting the scene on Render the scene. You will learn a very good work, though it's while now long tutorial. But at the end of this course, you will be able to make a scene like this one in less than half an hour, so let's started. 2. Starting Modeling Terrain: We will start with the plain, simple plain Ah, we said we left her with a different value. Here it's OK. We we go to different matter the former Defamatory, yes. And choose Displace it Did you and for the displaced. But this pressure we go to shading Shanda and choose nice. So it on it click under just on the little picture Here you click on it and you can adjust So we're increase the skated Let's put 500 a you see wave on I will be gone When on dreaded we'll get And if you want stretch stretch If the farmer left right Got a longer wave horizontally it will decide you can increase here tools If you put 500 you see It's longer wave you can change is a seed here Shit and try to find Ah, some single that you want You can tweet I don't will Ah, our 150 here I put so I have some bump and I think this one it's OK for me. Then you can click on the space. They're good toe object and you can increase. Is that right here? So if I put 20 you see more. There is more horse, more deformation. I will put Yes, 22. Okay, well, we've taken coming out first. Can you good toe camera view You click on this literally couldn't. And I will go to coordinate right creek under two Over here. You're right. Click on it. And that wasn't the value or right click Every singer. So the whole every singer and zero on Eakes And why we will put less five and Zuma. Okay, this is our can. So you can. 55 Snotty knocked You can met six you can go about down of you want I will let I will go with five Forget. So this is our plane. 3. Adding Sand Grains To The Terrain: Well, don't really afar eso We will make Adam fair on it Grants fear for the center, so I e I would just put the plan in the church Should should division show office. So it will be smooth, sir. You see? And no will create a fair for the sender. Simple there. Good toe object type, which is equal crusade Home and Sigma would choose six and hajou said betwen for grain. Good to McGrath. Criner, pick on the corner mud object and put the subdivisions your Fass in tow. Subject. I would when I meet to fraud. This one sound okay. And so no, we got 20 spheres cloned of others over the flow. It's not enough to we need Ah. If I put to Andrea, it's not enough again. But if I go out the camera, it's starting. It's OK, I can move. But if I put more grandma, um, it going agreed. It's going to be Ah, very lucky. So the treats here is to change here in the corner of the sander, you tend the murder after it's murder. You should have asked us to switch toe milky and stuff and then view part of humor that you can change objects. So it it's always a spare object. But we don't want that. We want point. So no, we good point, you know, it's no longer fear. Here it's point points are like particular and and you can in the view, but you can have 1,000,000 off article so and it's good fathers for two main for making son because we want a 1,000,000 off grain. So that's that is the tricks for making son eso Don't forget to go go here and change because you can't ah instance murder You can't clone when One million instance. So am I know I will go to 200 to 200,000 like so you see 6050 um, Chris on there. And now you see you we got a lot off CFR points and it's not like ghetto I go back to make cameo, have you? And if you make under, we still have our fear. Is it, um, for the camera with a change of perspective? Because if you see, um, the first crow system, the closest sphere or big and the Far West are very small. Look, So it's normally served its due to the best effective. But we can just in camera did physic object and focal length. We can increase. I put 100 and no if they may go under. You see, there is not that much difference between the 1st 1 And there is a difference. But not that much. And it's more flat. So it's good for our should file center. So now it's a good camera. I will rightly commute singular for the tiger and shoes. Um, compositing and visible. Not completing. Sorry Protection. Right Creek Seema for the tag protection. So, Cameron, now it's stuck here and can't remove. We were marriage. Um, Shelagh shall see. 4. Import Sea Shell 3D Model And Lighting The Scene: model is so good to marriage. Murder object Fatties Marissa object. And inside. Um, we'll show face. You can find a shell s still this one. Open it still. Okay. And well, so just for information, I go teach from a website called three D scan. You see here you keep it on Google and you will find it. Ah, the first website going it. And you can find a lot off model state trice computer. You see, model Luddite, all for free. There are lots, so it's good for your composition. So I took this one for the example dish L But you can try with those are you can eat and you can download it here. So it's free and and earlier you see, uh, waiting for the loading. But you see example, some people make send with shell so that can give you idea for ah, next project. You see, you could it's and And if you make a good project too as well, you can send it to the website and they will adieu to the east. Okay, so that is Ah, sweetie, scan for income that dot com. So take a shell. Good to object. murder and we will make it to place. So do like you want. As you want. We met big like that. Put your gear okay. Somewhere here. Maybe I wouldn't be girl. Okay, fine. I would just go to display mud and choose, of course, start shading and desirable. Um, Krone, these are bullet. And if enough sure, you check on SS how I'm ambient occlusion. Ambien, Toke resume. That is You can see object occasion here. Shadow and it a pair Where when you are close to the to the floor you see, if I go here, there is no butto presume. But when I'm when I go close to the floor, there is our dental vision. So you see, when you are approaching, you can go a little bit inside. It's okay, because we'll make Sunday, and, uh, so it took like a sound over the shell. So it's good. It's better under than Shelly's flying over under floor. So like that, it's OK. We will see that there. If you have to move it and anywhere we will sculpt a little bit. The terrain with the script. Tooley here with all these rush Willis culturally told me to Ah, just around social later. So, like that it's OK. We will add, um, light choose, uh, infinite light. Could it center? So I will go out to the camera view, descend for the moment light go from here to here. You see, It says this line send directory direction. So we want return from the back of the Shelagh in front of camera, you see, from here is the sun. We want to be there in the in the ah, over down So I don't My light Donald and little beat Ah, underwrite. I will in a bill shadow, sudden gosh, to shadow and choose our shadow are essential Go back toe display negotiating so we can see better. And I just did, um, you see the shadow the way you want do the way you want it. Why we can we can, um, Twiki Crater as well when we would make it, um, the shell material because the material would depend also to the right to delight to the slight. Okay. Like that Look OK for me. Let's see what we have. It's very dark. So we'll add another lights now. So quickly. Choose a light. Normal Lapointe Light the sauce. One, Go here. Good toe The tire for love For me to choose Interested Square Go out to the camera and we will move it. Just be kind to come out somewhere like here and a little beat up and invest square at Theis Fear and you can address state she and London look OK, Okay. Go back to camera view and no, you see clearly. Um, the shell in this light smoker The second light we did we did Goto General making blue very , very light blue. Okay, an intercity go to 50 of Anton City. Yeah, and for the sun increased little bit intracity So putting to 1 120 and make it yellow over legged It okay Looks good. Lets you know Bill again. Kloner, Let's see what we have. Okay, sphere are too big, so we will decrease the size. So let's put her maybe point to open to do Riendeau again. Okay. 30 good. But they are not enough. So we want to add more. But we are not going to make animation. So if you go to the camera good to have you You see the camera? The field off you is just here This line in this line just er v shape So all this fair here are used very used less We don't need it at all. So we just take the bomb that we need good to flow a middle America needs So it's it's select everything inside If you middle click mousses the will click Click with that We told me the and right click Connect object and village Uh, well, we named me to flow good to a pretty good murder Go back to Can you have you? And they select the selection tool This one a middle click Britain elite here in empty space called it And you can if you will get and move them I wish we see you increase the bore size So select everything Here you see in the screener you can take more a little bit more like that Okay, go to the view Can you, uh go? I want you to camera here Good foot of you. And you see, we don't need hair better for me I will take it and uso way We were under going to see it from the camera Look from gay, huh? We don't see this part. It's under the old here just behind that. So just in case, if later I want to move the camera. Iago, Phone back. Eso I have it. So I go back here, Can you? Huh? Have you? And I will take that. So I was just decreasing. It'll beat my breast breast size a shift and the bent here and here too. So you can go undecided. It'll be to see like that is no problem. I want It's okay now we got that. We can make you I chocolate are good to select And it was in vet shock. It is You are and its inventor selection and president lit and that it's we don't need that . So now clonal, go back to the corner and put the floor that we wait that we have. And now we got to 100 a instances here. So let's go back to camera view. You see now two on Dredd. It's, um it's enough. It's OK. We can add more. Maybe later when we will do my terriers so But we will start making few materials now 5. Making Materials: good to yourself. Firm filed there, find a text folder and choose this one. And like, beats here. Okay. No. So you got material. Who is? Ah, texture inside directly. And go back and put Take the 2nd 1 Okay. No sociable one Kalitta background. And this one could lead asunder. Flow its founder from Because you see what is great? Great part everywhere where there is no clone. Um so we will put the stricture under undersander sores. There is a sense everywhere like that. So put that on the floor and red will produce here. Put five and five. Maybe on the length I will desirable Descend, we'll go here to the material in detail. Ndta and no scaling it. Shoes here. Texture, crib use Asian scaling. So you got good report off a presentation here. So, like, that's it's ok if you want big girl grain just increased air becomes a tagger and increase . But for me, it's okay like that. Um then we will in about not reasonable. Now we will make few materials for the center because if you see Dextre, for example, send How it is, you see is that with, um light color Dr Kula. Ah, head color or color. You see, We will do that. So we will make humor, tires, DoubleClick, new materials, open needs. I would name it sounder that one. Good to cut off and choose a bright light color like that duplicated. So old control drug and relays Name it sounded too. And make it you see more such a Russian. It'll be DACA No, I beat again. Compete Some three make it a little bit. Ah o our side. A little bit more situation and ah, little bit taco again. Okay. Ah, Coop, you again? One more time. Some folk and this one will be headed dark red like that. Some seem like something like that. Okay. And one more, you know, like sold crystal in the sun. We will do it So duplicate again. One more time. College five makeweight material. Good toe brightness. We will make 50 85 like that refraction. We will make a 1.5 like that. It's OK and good to reflect turns. Had a big man okay, and good to Frenilla. Final dialectics. Quist, um, and choose piano. Okay, so we got one. Um, yes. 1234 55 day buffs. And so we need in Brooklyn favor sphere. So, control, click understeer trying it relays five time like that. You got five sphere inside the crooner here and the material needs each one yourself. Swim with the cig under excelled, huh? I think, Mr Its form. So between his first going said phone And this one just when I was pretty here. 12345 Ok, and here the same. So no, if we make under, we're gonna build a cleaner again. Okay, It's not too bad, but we got just little Ah, a lot of so much, So many red grain. But if you like like that, you can still like that. No problem. But if you'll see you see, red grain are not very much so to do. Ah, a little bit different. You can sell eggs a cell? Um, sphere is the brightest one and duplicate it. So no, we got twice more her lighters and those one those one. So no, if you make under a little bit better for me, okay? We will add some via shown because you see, everything is really there. Ah, flatly Near so good to click Undersander the Criner. Click on it. Good to move half if Victor choose. We did not disability, but makes less clone Hes ones you will remove. When's your hope so? No, I got 20,000 kronor. It's okay, you see? Good to move 1/2. If Victor and Adam condom efecto you see, put everything up. So if he do nothing, good toe flow now. Effect after And dragon dropper. You are under, um efecto here under east good 200 perfecter perfecter minimum maximum. Put it to zero minimum. Brazil good to barometer. Your Knicks horns E. And that's one on on. Why? Well, 10.5 like that. Good to stale. Put one everywhere and go toe attention and put tree six key everywhere. I like that. Now, if you make an signal in there is there is little various show under grain. Um, we will go back to 200. Ah, to Android clone here like that. We're citadel his runs. That is a little noise like that. It's Veta. Um, so it's a collect data. We will make material for the shell. Now double, double click the open the shell. The material of a neat here we would make a very bright off very, very bright like that to get and go to eliminate, Rami knows, takes trio effect and choose in English Shipshape, fast, skittering Click here underneath Literally gonna good form will keep and choose first evaluates you so it's got could fester delight Okay, go here, color we choose, um, something like that. And how is sexual fast skittering work where the the mesh is very tiny The light I can pass for you See here it's very light then the bottom Where's it's very oh, English fat, you know, very bigger. It's play now under but Tom soldiers relight compassion all but where it's a very tiny is right can pass away So he had the light can pass Sutro because it's the smallest part in the mesh And I will make it a little bit darker had like that and then see what we have. Uh, we will change despite amateur Wade, Put one for the moment. You see, we are starting to getting the effect here. I would maybe on file, just to see the difference. Okay, 0.5 is better for me. We can address the light now because XYZ that dip onto the writer, Of course. So good for seven. I would visible descent for the moment. Receive better. Okay, lets see. Like that. I will make you a little bit stronger again. You see you You see the transparency here so slow. Good. Well, maybe movie claimed that. Okay, I would stick like that. Try to match two together 100 that you like. So for me, for the lawyer seems to correct that I will add Ah, reflection. Go here. Under we go Current shell shell material Good to effect off. I had a big manor again and choose dialectic and withdrew Spear Also I said PM good to reflection strength and put it toe 65 like that. And speculative trend of to 2035. Okay, we did a crater stallion. So good toe here. Quite new material. Khalid's the electrical needs. Uh, these are very reflectors. Good to color. Inside, if you're we go to contemporaries. They're click on the glass here and keep HDL and press under to get I wonder as here and choose one under least So I will take this one Took like a beach. You see sand on don't know. But in school I would think this one so quick Tickets and drop it here under texture. Slut. A little looking. But it's okay When you slowed, it's turn. Okay, it close. Good to object. Click on the floor and choose escape. We got Skype. Rightly can needs cinema dish. Never forget tag and choose Completions show compositing. Click on the compositing tag and a visible sign. But by camera, I hope the new material in this game a Daniella and we make our own bill just to see what we have. Okay, so for me, it's good like that. It's nice. So all we stick klentak like that? No. Well, um, sculptress a terrain toe. Adjust everything. 6. Sculpting Terrain To Get More Details On: we can just predict Under better position. Here was a shell. I would assume object. Mud. No, I forgot we would make cuts before Oh no! We can make grass and torrential. We will make some schools so good to flow. Changeover, Charlie, I would hear to school Granada So scooting here stripped. So from there we can now uses this course toe. First you have to select your flow. So go here in the Taba Good toe object and selling the flow. Go back to excavating here and we will choose Inflates in heightened fade bush and you can in fate or some part of the Children You feel like that Make Ah Makesem via sure had some But I don't mean Lesia. So like that and with if you are burned down Control K So if you don't under control If you click normally it's go up. But if you are control it's unfair inventor fact you see and it go down so you can do that And you cannot change the pressure here. And the site of the boss. So here it's look ok that much away we decrease the pressure. Okay? Look fine from Munich, Dutch Okay, I will stick like that. Then we will add some Cox. So I would just show you when? More time. No, it's not this one here on da The picture. This one. You see that? That is cracks cracks again, cracks Every single reason black. The black part here, here that describes. So we'll do that To make cracks you have to go to pull choose a really And you see you get quick cock Juan Cocteau luxury exit era. So I take a crack for and increase of pressure here we put 11 city favor You can make very stronger catch every leaf. Yeah, I would just show you an example A click and drag you I Yes, but we don't have in our city subdivision We were just for the moment from just a here. Five years You can do it So good toe object Click on the material and insurrection Put X so that just removed the picture. Thought a moment because there is no exit action. Understand? So he conspiracy is a fixture. Go back to strip mud Yeah, skips a Yeah, And we would subdivide because if you if you look display go whore shedding line. We don't have a lot of division, so we can sit divided one time two time and you see here to count Pretty good count. So we got 9500 pretty growing up. We were We want our own 600. So increase again one more time, Okay? When? Millions Too much. But it's OK. We'll do is we'll go with that. Go back toe display go shading And now if I may cut so poor with May Bush a click and drag it You see, we have so add a hunger Macaques everywhere you see big may be very big cracker Smaller We are not going Proceed very well so you can go crazy with that. Okay, I will stick like that I'm a pretty to his beast will be good Eso it's It's all for the sculpting part. So go back to normal mud here, Stuffed abuser. I'm go back to your tested taste texture tag here And he moved the peaks and the floor. We will duplicate it make a w Could people the 1st 1 I eat, double click on the button and make it harder. And the 2nd 1 right please and connect and go home. State to object. Okay, so So wait. Candlelit this one And they just this one. Okay. Like that. And you will Couldn't no on this one floor when last we met so good to thunder and drugs your flow here and it's a guess. I'm sitting in a bed the sun and see what we have. Okay. Looks good to me. You see, cracks We don't see each very well. We see when? Here. When? Here. But it's OK. We can register safe size, maybe a little beats good to sander. Select orders. Fear. So take ages. Click on the 1st 1 older shift and ah, presidents One said it's select all and we will make going twice. You see, when you see a better cox now, Okay, it's good to me. Maybe here e will just go down a little bit. Oh, I will stick that that. Then you can You can adjust again. You're you still ever this'll a year. So if you are not happy with your scripting, you can tell it this one and go back to this one because you always got the tag. If you go to scoop in one you can add just and then Ah way. Make it right. Please. Corn state to object and clone on it Under new. I wish to claim that toe. Go ahead. So he took it for me. 7. Add Grass And Make Renders: No, I wouldn't make, um Gus. So just make a cylinder disk, make it very smaller. Put 11 Something meter here for the register. Favor of intestinal signal. Um, you know how Jewish out are? Just one. Sorry. Um, go to the camera press good reserve you bought and possible. So you're human. If the disk is selected here, can you have a speakeasy press? So I will visible de flair for the moment because I don't see, um I just and the clone I would disability also, but I don't do this quiet eyes there. I fear maybe when you still smile. I don't know. No, but that is a disk in our lodges. Okay, Because I put one year, so put zero in on hundreds and you got your disk. Okay, Just good to display. Go shedding. And we don't make grass every point. So dick signal Petito one. So we just have one. Ah, grass. Here, here, here and when. No one in the media. Good to simulate a object and air with disc selected, good toe simulate and at air like that. Okay. And no Washington Jenna in a builder flow go back to camera view, And I would, ah, move east, Uh, in front of the come out so easy, I would put one under the main use 100. Get we move it. Least like that. I will make put your display again. Construct shading. Okay. You see here, my disk is under the floor. That's what I'm trying toe. See, So now I just go here and here. Okay? I like that. She's still good, but air Grasses totals. So good to hear. Good toe. Have again after birth. The holy instead, off photo you choose as he'd so no, we go to get er, and we have 60. Forget six cross, but total length. We want maybe 20. You see 20 is good. You see the point here? You can take your home simulate f tool and take a bush and go to camera. I don't get there. Were possible percent. See, here and there. I should get good some nights, okay? And I'm just brush it like that. So take the air, gun it. And what she, uh, to make some hair, Some grass story. I don't know why, because I'm recording a scene, but normally I don't like it. didn't go. Why? Hey, I I'm ragging. I will visible this floor for the moment because maybe all that's pretty good. Why, yes, You see you broadsheet the way you want. Okay. Like that. It's not too bad. It's OK for me. I go back to make camera view. Okay? I would cheat more wonders access so quick under disk. Okay, so more like that. It's OK, so if we see if you check what we have, Okay, That was good for me. So good to material material. Here we will. Gender color. So we were, um good. We're decoding and choose interactive under resume and extend. I'm liking again. Okay, We're waiting for the loading. Do publicly confessed color and choose. Ah, bright mouth bright brown like that. Under Mandela, you can eat other color and and it's ah, light green like that. Oh, maybe doctor like that. Okay. And the light last Wanna bright blue, bright green. But more real aside, we'll give something like that. Move here and you can add via shown here on the color. So you see, we goes year old or good. The same coloured the same Kraja. So we for example, I put it 50. We will see notice Assumptions, Racine hours. There are various. So 50. Too much, maybe 10. Okay. And put then everywhere. Okay. Like that. It's good. Then we will go toe thickness. And, uh, just sickness is not good for you. You can change it for me. It's okay like that. So I just couldn't put their one keeps to make each finger 100 up like that. Good to length. We will make different lengths. So in a village and no, we love a shot air and longer hair. You see this one shorter than this one. And that'll, if you want at some freeze. But I think I don't need trees. But you can try it. You see, if you prefer with please. But I prefer without and you so we don't have very good. Pretty. There is a little area here on the side. Criticality for the thunder. Now it's really it's going to be better clarity. I would get up. I would do it all here. Now it's better, Katie. And if you see what it's killed, there is some line. It's not very smooth, So to make it smoother here, you can go to air did. Sorry. Did tab and segment increased? So put the 16 like that. 16. Okay, I will, uh, German of the vendor preview like that. It's OK. Put the disc under air in the child of the air and we'll duplicate it. So controlled Tiger implicate. And I will put this one on the left side like that. Maybe a good age. It little read toe get via ship. And for this one, I can make the car stolen. So good to hear. Did you And maybe 25 Okay. Like that's okay. Uh, I will put it a little bit more under left. So car tonight Okay. Like that could good. Good for me. Ah, Annable my plane to this end. Okay, We will know. Play with the under sitting So good Toe 100 fitting Good to physique. Allah, click on physical De fulfilled. You can in a bit. If you want a better college under, you can play with this er sitting so low, Major My if you put items better colleges and low for the Toyota we stick with low. It's ok and good to camera. No good to object. Click on Focus. The stars did you tell her? Ho Here kicker needs and click where you want. Ah, focus. So creek under shell here No good to option in a Berlin de fulfilled. And you see, there is blur here and here It's ah, very shop. So it could good to detail you. And if you want more mob really here you can go to physical three and just a decrease this value. So if Yep If I put one very extreme you see, it's very blur And here it's good Still good. But I will go with the six. Okay. And will you make your first under to see what we have so physical? I would put so thought that tutorial would just make a 2180 by 1 24 For me It's ok. Ah, you see? Ah, this format I use saver. I would save it to Sunday source. I will make another folder. I could eat 100 to open it. And here we will complete then death. No. A Oh, no. I'm not a Christian favor. You can put it on 16 Big general. And it's a correct that's We will address our Baghlan as well. So let's click Yeah. Bank owned and take your bag When Macharia that we made before and hope return. It's on the Baghlan material to Blue cleat. And he's a better reflectors. No may conduct to see what we have. Okay, It's look very good to me. It's OK. So if you want Or so Like I said, I feel like I want less breath. So increase this value here into coming up can be hard. And if you want less, Blair, you increase the value issue. You want more breath? Marbury? Yeah. Ah, well, the value. Okay, so for me, it's OK. I will make a sickle under. This one is good for the final under. We don't really need Those are one. But just to show you something for your shop. So, um so I close It's okay. We saved We got it now. Good toe save. And now I recall it without so every movie just know same sitting. But we will go to effect and other I'm going to a Christian there with different sitting. It's OK and make candles 100 so it's going to be longer. It'll be Congo. So it's purpose doesn't so as you can see. It's much darker than before if you come back before and after. But Dockery's better because we see better character share goods a better text. Teoh Everywhere except in the middle we lose our constant transparency. Your seat. Just that. Just a problem with Iskandariya. Just dispatch. So we will go to photo shop. Now we got our two wonders. So it's done I for its soul. For see my 40 I go to foot the shop. 8. Photoshop Compositing: good toe soup. Take hundreds to the 1st 1 Taken under without ambient occlusion Lighter one bright just won this one and dropping this one over it. Press and therefore valued double click here toe and look the layer People get click on the ice here toe Either the first area we would see justice, but, um well, good to emerge. So it's friends very soon I don't know in English maybe tone or dramatic tone Concrete, stone and cholera automatic here Contrasted thematic and cut. Automatic try, uh is the street you see contrast and could so color I don't want I will remove it So I stick like that Sure it's can be It can be okay Because we got your transparency and everything is dark air you're seeing So we don't try And I need to mix both better will do it anywhere Just father toil. Now go to this one and do the same. Imagine, I don't know and contrast Um, I will just no detector is Bush right Click. Take this wonders Seuss one. Okay, Creek under a year. So care to make it pick cities, cities that and it's the but that you don't want you see here, just delete it. But I actually took a and the tool you can just now goto our layer. But family? Yeah, but toe imagine and choose. Yeah, till and make it brighter, you see? Okay, I think I can. You guys here too So good to self clear and just you guys. What do you want? More lightness. Okay. And on this layer was the 1st 1 under thirst. One good to feature came in hope. And here you can really treat the sender older emerge away want. So if you want up, uh, cooler homily A sheep And if you ad mocking cluster again or less compressed and clarity for sharpness off blood just beat And I think I will stick like that in ah, in the pool So we got our analyst realistic sender and sin in Ah, but district Ayala It's one hour long because there is a lot of explanation. But you normally you can do it in less than ah, such a minutes. It's very fast to do And you you see garage, which is very good. So I hope you enjoyed and long, long something. Um if, um don't forget toe height. The oil, please. It's important for me if you if you find it useful and ah free. I would see you next time. Bye bye.