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Create realistic 3D Heads from Photos in Blender!

teacher avatar Frederic Hoffmann, Professional 3D Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson01 Installing the Facebuilder addon

    • 3. Lesson02 Prepare the Reference images

    • 4. Lesson03 Create the frontview of the head

    • 5. Lesson04 Create the sideview

    • 6. Lesson05 Prepare the Textures

    • 7. Lesson06 Texture Painting

    • 8. Final Words

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About This Class

In this Class you will learn how to turn two images into a 3D Object with Textures in Blender. We will cover the free Facebuilder Addon in Blender, UV cleanup, Texture painting and more.

Meet Your Teacher

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Frederic Hoffmann

Professional 3D Artist


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1. Introduction: And though everyone in this course you will learn how to extract a free D head from a photo only in Blender, it's a new face builder at on. You can Donald for free. I will show you everything to set up. See Head to refine the shapes to get the exact result. Like the photo and people mess around a bit. You re maps and some texture painting toe. Refine the head. But it's the end. You were known how to make heads from photos in no time, and it's a very cool skill, and you can also any meds ahead if you want, so stay tuned, and I hope you will enjoy is this course. 2. Lesson01 Installing the Facebuilder addon: The first thing we need to do is to install is the face, but I don't for Visco Toothy edit. Step on a preferences. Go to Ziad on step and click on in store. Now you need to browse to your folder where you are. Facebooked are at on this. You can download all off. The resource is in the resource of step under this video, and if you find it, you just need to click on it and click and store it on. Click on the box here, pick on the table here and you can see here before installing is and you call vision, you need to relaunch planner, so you need to re launch it. And after that, go again to the preferences step and you can see that the core libraries missing. So the only thing you need to do is click on the license agreement and click on in store online. They deceived us, okay. And you'll see a don't loading tip and know it's there to test it. You just need to press end and you can see years of face builder and you're in all create ahead in the next lesson. So stay tuned 3. Lesson02 Prepare the Reference images: before we start modeling overhead, we need to prepare the images for the modeling. Go into your favorites. Photo imaging software, like photo Soft from years if you d photo. But it works pretty similar, like photo shop or given. So yeah, it's your choice. What you're using and imports the face J pic provided in the resource forwarder. No, you see this both images off if you was. And no, you just need to crop both so selective Crypto and I would go and crops the right first. So drinks is about here in double click and no Siva darts. I have a court alerts front. You can see your way, did it. But I place it and no every redo with control, is it? Two times and we were crop hours left much so selected crop to a year and drinks he slide. I here and they are and double click and exported all its I'm calling side J pic. Yes. So then close the document and re imports of front emits and C site image separately. Select the side image and record about here. And as you can see, it's bigger than Z front average. So you need toe skewered a bit about here because both images need to be the exact same size for the textures, so make sure it's the same. Otherwise, Facebook, that on born folk and just export seaside image again. And the woman why did? And no, we can start morning or hit. 4. Lesson03 Create the frontview of the head: we're back into a blender now. The first thing we need to do is tow. Press the end key goto our facebook dot appear and silicone created you had, and we have no basic it toe shape our custom head from and the first thing you need to do is straight to the images to do it. Just click on the images button here. Never get to your Florida images and select off one first and opened it. Then click on images again. Do you get to be a folder and click on site thought Jay Peak three Click owns if want. For example, with Botnia, we couldn't see our references since the big boned and our basic it since before groaned, so we can use it as a reference. The basics about pinning joining us like you would pin areas off your face and it can't move like your words in a letter on the both on the boy, for example, and it won't move until you remove it so I ever zoom in here. Then, for example, click here on the tip of the nose and move it just with the tip off. The North's off. The photo the same thing for maybe kitchen area so we can see where selection moved here. Never important. Didn't I Always make very early is for the years. So Pinzi years dragged here and maybe here and maybe you one Yeah, with the same thing for the left side. And it's not dead. If it doesn't work the first time, just do it multiple times and you were gets very good at it. After some time. You were mass assist were very quickly. It's pretty intuitive and easy. I think Justin's the important areas here and just everything for them off. Also, the corners off them off. Very important. So slicked berm, and just strict them to your areas. Address things that Children also with every years it doesn't look too good. And see Topsy had seven would off shape. So try to fix that with some things and what we need. So maybe easy Yeah, This area here between the eyes is also very important. So just in this Z I see always so berry important And if you misplaced, appear and want to remove is just right click Yeah, just create some things to you happy unto everything looks good. This area needs some love or so and OK, What supports Chin area mix of It's weird. Yeah, that's good. So the moth Okay, I guess. Yes. Your looks fine. Just needs to be 100% perfect, in my opinion. Maybe you It's just one. So vote here. Yeah. Don't be. Don't be shy, O r. Don't hesitate to remove prints and place them again because you better You're place Europeans. You better. The end result is in a lot, but not too much. You will see what I mean after some pinning. So, for example, I'm not satisfied with this area here so ever removed every pin here and we're do it again . - Yes . Something I booked it. This year's a bit one of stable care. Maybe you're it's fine. This area, it's pretty hard to do this type of shape here, but for the end result with detectors, that doesn't make a huge difference. So it looks pretty good. And the next video agreeable to was decide you. So stay tuned 5. Lesson04 Create the sideview: okay, After you have done with all foreign few of you really work on our site. Few. So click on the side the J pick here and VCR side You end our heads, but it is not facings of direction. But we will fix this in about a minute. So the first thing we need to do is tow said some pins, for example. He owns the fund she knows and drink it about here and, for example, here on the chin area and check it out here. And no, What I recommend is to work nausea to rotate. See it. So click here, for example, ends midgets. Yeah, and here and you can see the hits rotates in the right direction after a year, said some more pins. So maybe here's a good sport and don't be confused. That she had is looking a bit strange. It's a moment we're work. I promise for more pins, gets a white shape, just work a bit more, and it's or delete some things and try it again and everything we're book just in the lips here, some more Andrew look, its nose deleting it. Place it again, something like that, and the nose off. This guy's a bit curvy, so maybe we need toe. Make some pins. Also force in news, Follow the shape a bit more and see foreheads. So it's a very important end off course. You couldn't see years a year bakeoff. See, Head meets over. So seven off seven. Yeah, just take your time. And so it's some multiple times and you will get better to this. Yeah. So forehead looks to not vet great for some pins around and to piss it. It's this curfew, um, shouldn't follows the hair because electrically is the head is a bit lower of NZ here and just I avoid it and check it if it looks correct or not. A good reference point is see you because he forehead here and yeah, this area is distance alone a bit hard toe, mortal. So we will leave it for now. But that's not the problem. You can fix this. You can see them office sort of shape. I was kidding. Happen. You will check the phone for you after wire because it's a prince. You can miss stuff with this one for you also. But kidding happen, but just to lead options and sit them again. - And it's not a problem. She was set more pins. Just make sure it's Majesty reference. That's good as possible. Yeah. Okay, now we will check the for you again. Onda. We see years also some some problems, so just fix it year. The chicks him off the air, the more facade off ship Zinos looks a bit more about this here, but she knows. Looks good to see eyes out off shave. You're always so. But with this an easy fix. It's a shortness. A bit too big, too big. And yeah, years also the problem. And that is okay, I guess. Maybe adjusted which this over lips, or why it Here. See, it's a bit too Yup. Okay, that's chick this view again. And just your this poor and, you know, put a daughter. It's always a tricky part. Yeah. Two chickens accepted more reseal on your head, and, uh, it looks the neck looks a bit strange. Maybe is a year sin area. So maybe you just a little bit more. It's important to take your Thailand check. It often course sometimes that bone looked that good. Okay. No exit again Okay. Neck iss Strange. Uh, okay, I saw That's reduce the eyes. Look a bit cough you. It happens just to make some pins in stretch. See, ira and make sure of it. Vissel area here is I shape matches reference. That is very important. Also for this view here it's a book they're getting Where we getting slowly but surely and yeah, I think it's ok six except the neck necessarily make him a smaller. Okay, I think it's good. I think it's good maybe of you until we do something. Seeing where? But I think it looks good. And if you book of was he takes us the next part we were see if it works or not. So ST Jude 6. Lesson05 Prepare the Textures: or why it's BF our hit. No. And you will know Check if he pictures We work because the Facebook that on his and in the picture creation tip here and, yeah, the program will create textures based on our images. So you just click your texas and you will see what I mean. So just click it and you can see formed inside Rubio references for the texture. So actually on off, I checked and click OK? And as you couldn't see you because of you ever site in which your this part looks okay. It has some It was like, um, rough areas. But this part here looks OK, but as you can see, always a black spots. Here are every arse avails You, um program didn't find any reference for texture. So we're just line sports and to fix it, we But you were said, did a trick. And I was So what? Executive? In a minute, if we go to the movie editing tape here and blender, you can see there's our UV map and all tickets. So So if you press steps, you can see all weird looking strange UV texture, but faces over always look strange if the they are on the web and, yeah, we were use a little trick toe safe sometime and creates the part of detectors automatically. So make sure you see Is this picture here? Go to his image, step and go to the safe s option and savor to your folder where you are. Face it matches are or whoever you won't and save it as phase picture. Save it. And also, if you press step again and have this UV may begin just first aid to select everything. Goto UV here to leak and select export UV Leo and was so say furs very once I recorded your face. And now go to your favorite image editing software. Go to your folder. Imports the have you and imports the oh, is it? Is he faced picture? Okay, six to face picture and make sure it's son y it spot like here. And we were just vera parts off the textures here to the white side to do this, make sure picture is selectors in the layers and stick with this area here. Control C control of you and just me, right? I would just wreck this lighter year and make sure it snaps. Does this and make sure it overlaps. See your people like this, nor white. So you will see about really some strange spots and stuff like that. But we will fix that in blend of off copy, pasting and stuff like that. But this save us a bit off time. So make sure you have this resort and make sure you views that visible at exported again. I feel you instead of this could big toe blender and go to Z shading Tapia. If you don't have see shading to appear, click on the plus and court of General and select shading and click on it. And we have this view here and you can see here that this is our texture and toe. Change it. You click on this year. Open image tip here. No, just go to you are folder where your pictures and selected. And as you can see, we've saved some book and in the next part we were refines this and find Finalize it. So stay tuned 7. Lesson06 Texture Painting: Okay, we're almost done. We only need toe repair and copy some picture areas here, too. Make our head look good to do with Steve. Used picture painting and for this coach was the texture painting here in the top area and click on it and you can see we have our heads here and all you remember. We can paint on or ahead or on the UV image. It's your choice. Ever pain. Mostly order she had right now. And to do this, it's pretty easier. You have a lot off twits your likes. It's often smear cloned Phil Mosque and draw us. It's pretty similar toe image editing software like photo shop and stuff like that. But the only thing going to do with repairs the picture. I recall it. So most people use the cloned blood clone brush and white click and make sure the strength is about here. Zero point free, for example, maybe a bit less, and you can also just the radius of it, like 43 pixels. And if you control control, click toe in the area like this, for example, you can copy paste the area, so I would recommend, like just if you we find a photo just increase of ages. Goal. There was the strength and copy paste the calor next to the area. You want to reappear to make sure that the skin texture color it's such a is similar. So, for example, a year it just below it. If you first the f key, you can adjust the radios by trading. Was he left and right? Go toward click here and just takes the areas you end blew it. Maybe increase its strength of it. Oh, whoops of it. But we can just press control. Hesitant Underwood? No. Who makes easy putts first to repair the skin texture. Yeah, And just make sure to copy the rights. Kill information for this area. You can increase his strength toe 100%. Of course, you need to over paints the whole area. And yet for the first timpte just make a dwarf. Of course, it could lower the strength and just refined C area here. - Yes , the lib area. So it's a part with some work. Okay, maybe make the brush a bit smaller. It's repair the area. Okay. All right. Yeah, this is the Infinia. Go away, But just getting in here and get rid off the white spots and knowing itself. Okay? But I think that is enough. Yeah. Conceals your dream. Appear some white sports. But you didn't see them. Really? It's pretty unlike you. What? Anyone see them? So just look on the area. CIA. You see surrounding texture too? Just repair everything. Now we can see here that area's copies over here, that this may be a bit hard to fix. Of course, we haven't the other side off yet. If you plan to make your own hit three commended to make more photos, for example, if you make also the year other side view off yet, um, if you also make pins on them and fix fix that. So you measured through the reference also for the other side you were get also detection for so two more into images you have, the more you'll get a better texture. It's more likely. Okay. Yeah, increase the strength again. Just roughly pinned over and through it. Maybe you go to some steps ***. Try it again. - And yeah, this area's maybe a bit impossibly toe fix. Of course, we haven't another image, but I would just all open for no creases. String fence on and you can see if there's a buck on the year. So he was switched with the lay owed. And maybe here we need to fix it. So to fix that, we can go to the sculpting mode and select you gripped bless you. Increase it on and pull it back. Smooth part. Yeah, that can happen. It's expected to take some painting. Oh, where to smooth it out. Just in case you don't know the headcheese is shift for any brush and sketching Lord. Okay, how we can only find Yeah, but that will take some time. So I think Have it maybe show you obits for the year and after that ever time, Lipsitt Because everything I ever do from now is everything you need to know. Just copier some areas to another part off mission and make sure it looks decent. It's decent as it gets our limited picture information to make it 100 sent accurate. You needs more images, but I want to show you you can create cool looking realistic heads, even roof two images. So that's the main thing I want to show you and for the hair here, I retired toe copies area next to it. Followers. The floor. Uh, you want to call it here? If he had. - And also the bottom part here ever. Just you was. He spots here and painted over. Maybe decreases string for bits and makes this one first. - Okay , that's just some off this computes softly planted together where some work to do. And I retired this and every time Lipsett for no. So, yeah, I will be right back. Uh 8. Final Words: Okay, after we are finishing or texture painting. Oh, uh, it is finished. So off course, we only have two images, so it's not 100% accurate. You need to cheat a little bit, but I think in just a short time this resorts pretty awesome. So I hope you enjoy this course and leave your feedback. It it's my first course or bigger course online. So I'm pretty new Jervis, and just give me feedback. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you learned a new skill. And I hope you will see my next courses that I report use in the future. Alicia in your comment and goodbye.