Create new habits & create a morning routine to kickstart your day energized and happy!

Despina Kortesidou, Bloggin' behind

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10 Videos (31m)
    • Intro and what to expect!

    • Why to establish a healthy morning routine?

    • Your project!

    • Does new habits building work? (Yes)

    • How to maintain your new habits

    • Golden rule #1: Drink water when waking up

    • Golden rule #2: Eat the meal of the champions; breakfast - Vol.1

    • Golden rule #2: Eat the meal of the champions; breakfast - Vol.2

    • Golden rule #3: Dance your way with some light exercise

    • Let's wrap it up friends!


About This Class

* As this is a premium course, and yet some people from my previous free course might want to join without buying a subscription in Skillshare. For that reason, I am gonna offer the first 300 spots in the course for free! *

Did you live all your life believing that you are a night owl and you will never be a morning person? Me too.

If your mornings consist, also, of: sleeping in until the last possible minute after you snoozed at least 2 times, and dragging yourself out of bed afterwards; welcome to the club!

It would be nice to reverse that feeling into something more positive, no?  (This telemarketing ad ends here, I promise.)

Well hey, hey! My name is Despina and I am a neuroscience master student (so expect some easy-going-translated-for-everyone science facts in this course), and a blogger behing In Whirl of Inspiration.

Lately, I took the brave decision to change the way I was starting my day, a.k.a. dragging myself out of bed. Basically this decision took me by the hand, as a way to get me going through some hard days (niiight, and I have been workiiiing like a doooog, sorry couldn't control myself). I decided that waking up happier and energized would fortifie me against the fatigue and the stress of the rest of the day.

And * drum roll* it worked, it really worked. Day by day, you will wake up with a new energy, ready to seize the day, even the hardest and most demanding one! Follow along if you feel like it, it's always good to try new things in teams. And here we are already friends! Welcome :)

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I was so surprised by this class i have to say. I expected it to be like any other boring blog full of suggestions I would shake my head at and never finish thru listening more than a few moments. However after seeing hr other two classes which are totally different.her attitude n enthusiasm and happy nature always..made me watch this last one, and I am so glad I did! She teaches you so much on how to retrain your brain to change your habits and how you can so easily do it. I have also read tons of articles on this that went on and on ..but not with shows you how simple it can be done and makes perfect sense of it ll with great examples! Well done teaching right here.this class benefits you in more than one to change our mornings ,,be healthier more energetic n many other benefits that comes with 3 simple steps.and how to change your habits easily so you can make changes that you can stick with and maintain after this one ..I am so excited to not only do this ..ggrr I am the worst morning but also to see how I can apply these tips and make other habits that will better myself and support my family too! Thank you so much for a very very well taught class! Stating my water in the morning! I sure hope she does more classes and I know about it, I like how she teaches, talks, laughs. and would definately be interested in learning more from her!
Mary Springer


The instructor's presentation is adorable and upbeat; and her enthusiasm is infectious. The information she imparts makes a lot of sense.
Sometimes a little hard to follow as English is not her first language but if you can get past that it's informative and motivating to get on the right track.





Despina Kortesidou

Bloggin' behind

She is Despina. She is a master student (hello neuroscience!) and a born adventurer. Forests, food, flute and books and crafts are in her heart and she knows that. Has a soft spot for cheese and elder people. She is licking cake bowls since 1991 too. Oh, she adores good stories too; to hear and to read them. She started this site, because of her need to tell some of her own too; a place where you can find fresh squeezed brain juice every other day. She has so much fun referring to herself in the 3rd person.

The site; In Whirl of Inspiration, is a (mostly) women's lifestyle website dedicated to inspire a tasty, creative and adventurous life. If you like stories, salty Greek and Mediterranean inspired food, craft projects inspired by nature, paper wor(l)ds' reviews, tips to explore new places and thoughtful mixtapes you are just in the right place.

Thanks for taking the time and the efford to check my little courses! I appreciate it to the moon and back! :)