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Create mouth movement in Adobe Animate

teacher avatar Samantha Chan, Creative softwares

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Hair

    • 3. Features of the face

    • 4. Create a face

    • 5. Mouth movement

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn how to create a talking character in Adobe Animate CC by creating the right mouth movement!

Meet Your Teacher

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Samantha Chan

Creative softwares


Hello,  welcome to my profile! My name is Samantha Chan, my passions are Graphic Design, Photo manipulation and Animation. 



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1. Introduction : Hello, everyone. Your instructor, Samantha year, And I want to show you how to create pronunciations using lip sync in adobe animate. And I want to show you how you create all these lips ing here. So here you see the lip sync for a the letter A This is the letter e and this is for the letter l and T. So you have to have a home here for El Andy and it will also apply to th so if you say so, like the thirds, it will also be the same here because you will have your tongue out and it will have to touch your teeth so that this how you create the T. H s well, and here if you do f and V, you will have to bite a little bit on your lips. So that's why I have created this motion here. So this is the lip sync that is attached to it, because this is when you bite your lips off course. It was at least close to it, so it's not literally like this, but OK, so this is when you say oh, so if you say oh, you work for a O on your lips. So this is really good one. And it's quite clear when you speak with an O in the worked. So if you have silence or you say em like, it will be like a close small. So that's why I created this mouth here. And if you see s or tea, or it will be like your teeth is on each other. So that's why I created this mouth here for this lip sync. So here I have road written some text, and I have also created a layer for the tax. So here is the lawyer for the text, and you can change it off course. And I have to use any training because I think it is OK with other tweeting. I don't want it to move anyway, So I just wanted to change the text every every other frames, so it doesn't have to be a specific amount off. Friends can be in which order that you want, depending on how long the sentence will be. So the longer sentence will be, the better. It will be four it to have a longer frame here until you insert a key frame again So here we have the mouth said This is for the mouth of this attached to the face here and I have also used the tongue one, This is including everything here I have added some things to it and the mouth movement as well is included here. So everything here is in the most movement and I've read Julius or it so that I don't get too confused about everything. So I'm going to show you how I created this most movement in this class. So I hope you enjoy it and let's have fun. And also, I'm going to show you how to create this face here as well in the next class, so have fun. 2. Hair: So, first of all, I want to show you how to draw over here. So we are first going to start with here and then in the other videos, you are going to go further with the features off the face and the form off the face. So, first of all, I used to line toe and then I used my cursor or my selection tool to curve the left site. And here at the top, I'm going to corporate asthma. So here I'm going to draw another straight line, and we can perfect there. But it's not necessary because you will see that it might not create a very smooth lying. So in the case, you can either live it straight or you can kerf. It depends on how he wants the stroke to be and how you want the form to be. So here you create another straight line, and then you can cover it again with the selection toe so you can see that the selection to is really helpful in this case is make sure that you draw from one corner to another corner so that you know when you can drac the line and then creates a smoother line that will match the ends off the form. So here, you see that this one there is a part there that is an extra port. So in that case, you can used the selection tool to just extend it. Instead, we just most impossible already controlling line off there again. And then here you do the same here by drawing a straight line, and then you create another line there and kerf it as well like this. So right now you can then use the paint bucket to toe feel it in so that we have our black here right now. And the rest I am going to use my line tour as well. Like for the eyebrow. Make sure that they are all on separately here because you don't want them to be on the assembly afterwards. It will be hard to any meat it. So here you cut off the line and then you close it by you saying another line again with the line toe, and then you fill it in again. And here I'm going to create some more lines. And here I'm going to use the selection to to curve. It's and then create more lines over here. So I know that I have all these lines. I'm going to track them to the top a little bit so that it will look more precise, like the inspirational drawing. So this is how you create the eye, bro. Then and then you can create the eyes with the awful too. So here I'm going to create the ice like this. And then you can use the white color to create a pupil inside. So here you can create a white color inside, uh, the small one first like this, and then if you want to create the big one, you can then make the opacity smaller. So in that case, you go here and you go to go alpha and you change its to 50% or less. So here you can then create the invisible part off the pupil where the sun or the light is shining on it. So here you drag it to the left side, and you can then make it less visible so that it will look more like it. It's a reflection. Instead, off a pupil that IHS white. So in this case, that is how you create the here and, uh, eyebrow with the ice as well, together with the pupils and the reflection off the I. So in the next video, I'm going to go further with the rest off the face or the features off the face. 3. Features of the face: So now I'm going to show you how to create a features off the police possible. I'm going to create a layer for my eyebrow and then make sure that you select the timeline there. So that's it's will draw on the singling and ask the mayor I created and that you used the language which you can also shoot the letter and poor. And then you can. Crooked here are forbidden with the selection soul on you. Fill it in on the IPO, and then you do the right eye, bro. A small, and then you create more lines there and cook. So right now I have Curtis and I'm going to you hear a slow and then I am going to. But in the 13 cool and then I'm going to use in all Delia for the ice. So right now I'm going to create a primitive over cool, which is better for when you want to move it around, because when you want to move it around and it's just on over cool, it has an old line or a stroke so that when you move it, it will separate from stroke, so it's always good to have a primitive over cool. Instead, you just click here again on the welcome and then you has gone over primitive cool. So right now, I'm just going to create a circle here, and you see, now that there is like an orange online here because it is glued to the ice, it's not going to be difficult when you move it around. That's about so I'm going to choose the color by kind now and go to the people first my cold year. And then I'm going to create an invisible reflection there course I'm usually like this and then change the Ankara because if you change the color without this, nothing is. It will affect the growing that you just created instead. So it's not going to wait until you have blown the next thing on the time. Right? According Toa Aku. It's better to always the set up, of course, and then you change the opacity, so I know I have my reflection here. I could also creates its without online here. I don't know. You see, the old line is this evils because when I click on that day out of the line and since I can this evil it. And here you can make it wider s we'll make it small and then lights so that it looks like the traction off the other I And here you see that I can make it larger because the president is larger and that's I. So right now this is great about the same size. And then you can just so you can use the defense counsel and then select it and you just go to add its and copy and paste in sense of I have copied it with my keyboard so you don't see me, Goto added, And then copy It's and you can copy or paste with your keyboard as well by personal control C and Control V or Command C and commentary for co operating systems. So right now I'm going to re tingly, you know, and in this area, on going to college months and then I'm going to be in my mall here, and I'm going to change the type of stroke. But first of all, I have to change the color. So what I'm gonna do is go back to the image, the original images I have off him and then I make it's the 100% opacity back. So change the course of one particle sand, and then you select a color or bullets, and then you change it back to whichever person touch it. Waas before. It can also be like an estimate of almost the same. It doesn't happen in the salad e the specific because with 2% much Lipper's of them. Here I go back to the place and pick price on the year, ruble selections or sub selection. Cool. Which precursor you can shows you can quit price on them here, and it will bring it back to the legal over world drum. So I know I have the malls here and I have to click on the leader and start growing the most. But I know I have to tour, and as you can see that because I have chosen the color and it goes to the full color instead off the color off the stroke. So you always have to check that before you and then here you see that the smoke is too thick at the end. So what I need to do is go to the stroke here in the wits. I'm going to change it to the stroke that has the wits profile one. So it's called with profile Wanya, who always choose. That's when you are dropping still that has, like, a sharp ends. It also shows you there how it looks like. And then here I can select a stroke again and change it to the Witco from one. And then you can move without all that sell. So here I can cook this article Bissell, that is equals higher. And this oneness No, I can change the size off this girl. Contribute. And this here right now this is our month and then I'm going to create a line quarter chin as well. So I'm going to use the scene writs for the life as you can see here, the lines to straight. So I go go on there. Well, I'm going to do this use of the creatures, Concho and just select the lying and changes to its profile one on him so that it changes there. So I know you see here the chin and then the mall Tesco and you can cook. That's that's well when the car comes out the along the Kherson. So here I have the nose and the Northeast to have the same wit. So what I'm gonna do is it's going to be again. And then six profile one. I'm going to read my no steel. So you I'm going to create online and then use the selection sold. Of course, it's but casting my most open it and then corking it's You can also use this lying here to do the rest of her nose. So I'm going to used the shop online. You need the rest of the nose and I'm going to free it in. Of course, I'm going to cook it a little bit in the shape. So right now you see this shape here insulted can be created, and then I'm going to end in the brown color and in the selection tool, you can still move them out. I work here. I can move this attributes to the bottom so that it will look like it is a core on the notes. And then here I can also change the type a little bit here so that it becomes sharper, like I want straight line, and then I can select the nose area. Select list with free transform, and then just copy it by passing on control X or comment X and then create in your layer here, call it the nose and then decompress control he or even boat ad. It's to pace, increase control. You score place in sensor. So if it is in central, remember always movies. So the area that you want, it's too. And then in the lastly, you here, I'm going to create my ears, and then I have to go back to the color off the original image. So here I have to pick on it again and for the alcohol, too, appear in the color effects and then choosing that's color for the years and then going back to the place that I must creating. So right now I'm just going to make this the same person pitch again. So here under song, to go back to the other earlier, where I have created in my face double click on it. And then here I am going to create the Here's my You are growing and then going to select this column here so that I can creates my circle my parameter over told so farcical. I want it to be a nine and then I'm going to just get it. You or you can also create them together so that you have the circle already instead, off having the lying purse and then fill it is in color broke up. You are actually good. So he doesn't know that if you do the Strokers or do them again, it's up to you. And then if you select here in the layer by clicking on the first spring, you can create and over primitive cool and just go over here and creates the ears. Hear Essman. And as you can see, you cannot use the cork. Oh, took over the years if it is a primitive over cool. But it is great for people who wants to move it around so that it doesn't leave this troop 4. Create a face: I'm going to start drawing the face now. So first of all, we need to click on this layer so that we can draw the face off that layer and then I'm going to use the line. So So right now I'm just going to make the magnifier bigger. So right now you see, when I go to light or you can see the letter m there, you can press on the letter M, and then I am going to start drawing the line here. First of all, I want to make the line long and I know to show you how it looks like when I kerf it. So here I'm trying to cook my line here, and you see, now that it doesn't match is the face. It has a part here that's that's incorporates. So what you can do is start drawing a straight line first instead. So you choose the lines or again, or press on the letter M on your keyboard, annual new, create a straight line here, and then you go here and you create another diagonal line. Make sure that's the end of the line. Can be Kirkus Well, and here you just perfect with the kerfuffle. So as long as there is a line, you can start curving it and then you create a day and on the line here a small and then a straight line from the left to the right sides. And then I'm going to perfect with the selection tool. Like here, you see keeping also you circle the on your keyboard and then I'm going to corporate here. And then I am going to creates a line here again. And then I'm going to create a diagonal line here so that I can curve it and calm their ship off the place like this. And then I'm going to create a strict line, has to close the sheep. But as you can see, no, I am not able to fill in the color because the line is not closed. You have to close the line first off the shape, and then you can start filling in the color. So what we need to do now is make sure that I could get more lines here, even if it's in the back off their here. Make sure that the lines connect to each other and otherwise. If you're not sure. Just track your layer to the top. So if your career is on the top off them all, you will see how the line will look like. And after that you just click on the layer here, click on the layer called the place, and then you can drag it along to the right side by pressing on your keyboard on the right arrow. Or you can also just ragged regionals. And then you use the selection so you can carpet. Here are little bits so that it won't look like to deform or like a bad shape off the face , even though you don't really see it. So right now I'm just curve in this a little bit so that it won't look too obvious Cuts. I just throw some lines here. So what you can do right now is fill it in with the hauler that's is here. You choose this color, which is the dark cocoa shadow, and then you go back to the original image. So you have to duplicate it, of course, but you have to go back to the original image first, because otherwise, if you don't select that you cannot duplicate it like right now, You see, I can't duplicate it because I have selected. It's and then you go back to original image and choose the original color off the face, which is this lighter color here. And then you go back by double clicking on the here. So here, going, double click, and then you can start coloring this color a lighter color. And there is like a line there which you can use for the shadow. And then you can select the whole area here and then drag it back to the face where the face should be. You can make the lighter parts smaller asthma so that there can be more shadow in it. So I now here you see, I have moving more to the right side to fit in with the shadow. And then I can make it smaller as well in the wits. And then I choose back the color that is this month, the darker color. But I have to the selected first off course because otherwise I'm going to select that face with it. So here and run the cynical, cursed, and then I'm going to choose the darker color here and with the paint bucket. So I'm just going to fill in that's part off the place so that there will be more shallowly . And then I am going to select them all with the frequents console on drag it to the left. And as you can see here, the shadow on the left side is a little bit too much because it touches the eyebrow. But what you can do is selected there and then move it more to the left. Or you can also make the lighter parts bigger. So here I can stretch the lighter part to a bigger form, like I know, right this. And then I can move in more to the left, like this right now. So this is how you create the face. 5. Mouth movement: in this video, We're going to talk about the mouth. You can see that I have the mouth here, Creators on the face off the guy. So when I double click on it, I go inside. You will see that I have already my key frames there with all the different mouth movements you see here there are red dots on top off the key frame, and you can also see that there are names over there. Other are created for the key frames these names or inserted inside off the frame label. So when you go the properties, you will see that the label is here and then you will see that you can insert a name. So for these key frames, I have insert that the letters that are pertinence to that specific moment movement. So in that case, you see a I and why so inside here you see that these are the letters that will fit for this most movement. And for this most movement, this or the latter's that will fit in. So not every letter has to have a different model man on us you want. It's to be very specific, but then you have to have more knowledge off how them mouth is moving. You have to make sure that you watch the reflection off someone or from yourself really well before you start animating with the most movement. And here you see that you can use the G, H, J, K, C, H and Q for their specific mouth movement. And for the 10th frame or the third key frame, I have this mosque movement, which is when you use the tongue to touch the teeth. So this is when you pronounce the the the l N the order and the tea and still th, which is also almost the same noise as the D. So these letters shall be used for the specific most so that it will fit what it is seeing at the moment. So in the 15 frame you have done the F and the V, which is when your teeth iss touching the lips. So in this case, it will look like this. And then in the 20 frame, you half the order, you or even half the and you together, which will also form this specific movement. And here he half the silence movement. So for example, if you are not saying anything or if you're seeing em, it will have this specific mouth that is close. I also added the B and the P in it because when you start saying the B and A P, it will have the specific silence movement. But you have to make sure that the B and the P has a lip that is going to more forward, so it will look like the lips protruding when you are mentioning the B and the peak. So in that case, you have to make sure that if it is watching sideways, that's the me and the P will have a lip like this. So in that case, you can use the line toe, for example, and then you can create a lip like this, and then you go with the selection tool and you select this lip and then you form a curve like so and then you copy it. You go to edits peace in place, and then you dragged into the bottom like so. So then the lips will look like it this protruding or at this moving forward with the site field. So if it is looking at the site, which is the most off the cases in character animation, because when your character is looking sideways, it will make the animations murder. And it will make the animation easier to animate. Then, when it is looking exactly forward, or exactly straits to your ice. So in this case, I am going to delete this. But in case you used to be an API, remember to use that specific lip after the silence as well. So that's after this moth movement that looks like he isn't saying anything. You have to use that late movement asthma for the letter B and the P. But since I'm not really going to go deep in the letter B and the P and the specific video , I am not going to use that lit butts that this also important to know if you are animating a character that is looking sideways and he is mentioned in the letter B and the people. So in the last one, this is the movement where the teeth is clenching on each other. So in that case, you can say the letter. See, for example, the S the X n Jersey, because all off them. You have to can shorty together for it to be mentioned. So this is all the movement that I created for all these letters that are very important when you have to pronounce them. And you can use all these limb movements for every type off word as well. And you can see here at it this inside off the symbol. So if I go back to my main timeline, which is seen one, you will see that I have my mouth here, my tax and the face. So let me track it a little bit the bottom so that I can see the layers better. Okay, so I know I have the most Lear here and I have a tax in the face. So I'm going to talk about the text. The text will say hi. Welcome to my course. So the good thing about having attacks instead off in audio is that at the text, you can decide yourself when he is going to say the worst. But when you create an older, you cannot changed the speed off the most movement. If the audio is already created because in that case the audio will already have the worst being set. So you cannot decide afterwards when it is going to match the audio or when it is not going to match the audio, you have to check the audio and then match their words together with it. So that's why it will be lip sinking them. So when there is an old you, you have to make sure that when it this having a bump, especially if it this a big bump, that will mean that it is saying something. So for the first word, you have to look at where the bump begins and then you can. I think it's to that specific bump there in the audio, and the same goes for the rest off the words as well. And when he is not saying anything, you will see a strict line. So in that case, I'm going to start with the most here. So first of all, they're going to say hi, which is in this case, the half most open. And if you click on the key frame here and click on the mouth, you will see that in the looping options you can use the frame picker. So here you can use the H for example for this one. So you will see already the letters that are pertinent or that oh are supposed to be for that specific most movement. So here you see, the smoke movement is FNV because I added them in the frame label. So then it will be easier for you to choose from it. So since the high is H and I, I have to add this one as the seconds key frame. So here you see, indeed that this one is to second key frame and then the double You're so here I have to use friend picker and then I used to double you for it. So if I want to use the w, I have to click on it. So here you come help for your most over it as well to check which one is so w this honest fnv the older than you. So for a w, I would also choose this one or I can choose the natural one and then this one so I can choose both of them together like this and then the e for the welcome. So when it this here in the e u can then puts the L together with it. So you can then say welcome like this. And then this one is the K pronunciation because well, come the sea and the welcome is like a key. And then you have to go again for the O in welcome. And then you have to am for the silence and for the m pronunciation as well, because the EU is the silent one and then you have the two. So in this case you have to use the problem station off the tee. So you click here and then you use the friend picker and then you go to t and you see that indeed this one is pertinence to the T pronunciation and then you go to the old So the next key frame shows me an O instead and that this indeed this lip movement and then you have to my so you have to silence m and then you have the eye like this. So it will be pronounced like this opening half the most and then you have to see off the key and then the or off the oh form as well. At this, the same as toe you, by the way. So the O is also you like this for and the R is indeed the one touching the tongue. Because when you say ar or when you say something that starts with the are you will also use your tongue to touch the teeth as well. And then you have the s and then it shows be ending there. So right now you see that there isn't Andy that is pronounced. So that's why it ended at the S. And if you go inside off the timeline, you see that it's ends. That's the 30th frame. So in that case, you have to look at the mean time. Now, in the meantime, I ends at the 46th frame. Let me make it 50 here. So I'm only pressing a five to extend the frames. And then when I go here inside, I'm going toe at 50 frames aspect. So I'm going to make it 50 frames so that when I go back to the main timeline, it will move to the 50 friends because if you don't at 50 frames inside off the symbol, it will make it not sink together, and it will make it stop animating at the 30th frame in that case, so that's why you have to make the same frames as the frame inside off the graphic symbol. So I know if I play it, it should say Welcome to my course like this, and otherwise you can also test it. But then you are not certain it starts again. So here you can then play it so that you'll have a better idea. Hi. Welcome to my course. It's is saying it very fast, so you can then extend them a little bit. So by holding those shifts, you can then extend them to the end like this, like this esco and then this one. So in that case, if you play it from the beginning, it will have more distance in between the worst. So here it says Hi. Welcome to my course. So that this how it will say it from the beginning until the ends 6. Conclusion: welcome to the last lecture off this class. I am glad you could make it to the last video. And now I am going to explain to you how you can go and check your pants. So here you can see that when you are on your figure, you can go to community or your projects so you can go to your projects. And when you are at your projects, you can then go to check the files that you can don't know. And when you are here at the falls, you can then go to the cars that I have a cash for you, which is this file here. So you have the foul with the Mount movement and you have to follow with the boys as much. I created a random voice just so that you can know the force as well if you want to create your own project. And then I have also created this law movements, documents here so that, you know, step by step, how I created the most movements. So I hope you enjoy and good luck with creating your own project as well