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Create models in Photoshop + Adobe Dimension 3.0

Anna Natter, Freelance Senior Graphic Designer

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Shapes in Illustrator

    • 4. Extrusion in Photoshop

    • 5. Lathe in Photoshop

    • 6. Bump Map in Photoshop

    • 7. Texturing in Photoshop

    • 8. The basics of Dimension

    • 9. Texturing in Dimension

    • 10. Assembly + final touches

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About This Class


Create models in Photoshop and build a scene in Adobe Dimension

This tutorial is perfect for those who didn't try 3D before, and don't have any other 3D application but a Creative Cloud subscription.

Follow the latest trends and create a scene using abstract 3D shapes. Learn how to create shapes in 3D and how to use your creative cloud subscription to the max. You don't need anything else than Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Dimension. The main idea behind this tutorial is to teach you how you can build a basic library of models that you can use in multiple projects later on. It should contain a bunch of geometric/organic shapes that you can reuse over and over again.


So the question is, why 3D? 2019 is definitely the year of 3D and it's significance will only increase in the upcoming years. Wherever you look, you will find 3D graphic elements everywhere. In Adobe Dimension you can create photorealistic 3D images for branding, product shots, and package design, or you can even build abstract scenes.

Modelling in Photoshop? Absolutely yes! You can create amazing 3D design only using your CC subscription.Moving into the third dimension can really help your designs to stand out, so it's time to catch up on the latest trends and learn how to create "those" abstract illustrations you admired on Behance.

During this class you can learn how to create 3D models out of any vector shapes and how to create organic models out of your drawings. I will teach you my way of thinking and how I build my abstract scenes.

3D typography is becoming more popular also thanks to the project 36 days of type. In this class I will show you how you can create different 3D letters and use them in Adobe Dimension. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the endless possibilities lying in the creative tools you already have.



1. Intro: hi, everyone for the new visitors. Welcome to my channel. My name is on a letter and I am a graphic designer. You might have seen this picture. This is my artwork. If you're curious what I'm doing, you can find a link in my profile. So the question is why Stadi? The 1019 is definitely the year of city and its significance with only increasing the upcoming years. Wherever you look, you will find stadi graphic elements everywhere in Adobe Dimension. You can create for terroristic street images for branding productions and package design. But you can even build abstract stains modeling in Photoshopped. Absolutely. Yes. You can create amazing Syria designs only using your creative cloud subscription. During this quest, you can learn how to create three D models out of any vector shapes and how to create organic murders out a few drawings. I will teach you my views thinking and how I build my obstruct scenes. Serena topography is becoming more popular also, thanks to the project, 36 days off type In this class, I will show you how you can create different three D letters and use them in Adobe Dimension. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the endless possibilities lying in the creative to us. You already have. You will see that this is the class. Absolutely versatile Watch. So let's time into it. 2. Overview: The main idea behind this tutorial is to take you how you can be at the library off sweetie models that you can use in multiple projects later on. It should contain a bunch of geometry, queer organic shapes that you can use over and over again before we jump into this really part of the Victoria. It's important to talk about the whole process. First, we're going to draw a couple of shapes and illustrator I use Illustrator Today's mainly because of the flexibility and that it's easier to create perfect airline shapes. Then they will use the extrusion functioning for the shop to create our kind of models. Then I will show you some tricks in Adobe Dimension and how I build my sins. We will talk about text during lighting and camera settings. I'd be a shared a five in you that you can download from the project. Size in this value can find those shapes. I extruded came for the shop 3. Shapes in Illustrator: There are three categories we're going to talk about geometric shapes, organic shapes and letters. Do you have with thick models? When you started drawing the shapes for this project, you have to think about how it's going to look in. Sidi, basically are drawing the front side off the model and the top inside you will be generated from the top and side off. The drawing to build a basic library of models, I suggested, started the most common geometric shapes that they're not avail about. Imagine yet, like 1/4 circle stairs bike, Sir Arches. I usually open an A four page and create multiple add boards to be better organized that it's after your preference. I usually turn on the greats and choose. It's not to read option, but it depends on what you actually draw to create shapes with holes on it. I drove the basic shape than at circles, aligned them and group them, and I'm ready with the shapes. I plant this obstruct. I make a compound pass out of them so I can save struck them with one quick under the past Wonder tab. You can find the miners back button that will subject. The top layer from the bottom to build stairs and different stages is so easy. Just draw rectangles and stuck them as you like to create arches. I used the same technique. I drew a rectangle, and then the inside part of the arch is ready. I suspected you can put more arches next to each other to create a bridge, for example, in depends on your project what kind of models you plan to create. So be creative organic models. Footage of CDI model creation is also working with are gunning models, although it's a bit flat, but it's good for a lot of sense. You can roll lines, the matter kiss cables or decorative Berman's sandy particles or similar for this, I use my drawing board and scared some long lines and smaller lines with a pencil door to make a texture. It's useful to group down to create voters letters. Just throw the shape for it with the curvature, tour or parental, and you will see that it will make a very nice three D model letters you can create See the letters many different ways. You can build them up from shapes and dimension or you can use their field are outlined, outlined with caps or just break them to pieces. So to create a field letter first, you have to create the letter shape on data collected for the outline version and changed the fear. Coloring the outline color and its study color doesn't matter at all. Only the stroke wits. I like to expand my shapes before pasting in the photo show, but it's up to the project and what I want to move in the letter, said Ron. If you need the same size but different letter for the same project, don't expand it for the gaps. You can make it test recurrences you want. It depends on your preference. It will make a nice skate style letter. Find a stroke tab, check the dash line checkbooks, said the desk to Zito, and set the gap according to your preference. When you're ready, you can expand it to. It's important when you create the front and back side of this letter that you use the same stroke with or wider advise. The bars were hang out. They shouldn't do it. Now that we're already with these shapes, it's time to turn out of this industry. D Check out the next video 4. Extrusion in Photoshop: I usually open a new way for paging for the shop and change the workspace toast. Really? Because for the ship will ask you to do that anyway. CD workspace looks rather different, but he was seed. What is where in a moment. First I got illustrator and copy paste the shape I want to turn into us. Really model. It was started the letter B. Then you create multiple models after each other. That's a lot of creeks in the same order. So I made an action for it instead creaking everything what to go times the dissection. The time I spend on creating my mother's significantly decreased and I have more time for the defense sings to make an extra angle to the extent of and create a new set. Create a new actually in the set and creek record. From now on, every step will be recorded. So we care for if you're completely new toe photo shoot modeling, you can skip this first and come back to it later. After you try to create models a few times after days to go to the seedy tab and select new CDX resume from selected layer here you go. We have a stadium model in the properties panel. You can find the details become modify on the right. It is a city tap a lot off layers above the properties panel. You have a little preview window that shows the top you so you can see the measurements. You can change the view breaking this icon here when you click on the vectors might object layer you. They see that the properties panel changes on many options. In the MASH panel, you can change the depths of the extrusion when you click on the shape resets. You have found many obsessed to modify the edges and shape of your Melo. Under the default tab, you can modify your mother further. You can play be traced Tepper Band and sheer in this project. I didn't need this, but you can play with them. It's a lot of fun. - Under the captain can change the front and back side of your model according to your preference. You can decide, he said. You want to modify. I still like both. You can pay the bevel or change the contour. Don't forget it. Our action is according in the device. A beaker for Value Creek, the only need dissection one time. So first I would recommend to choose the basic options on Lee. You can do the steps after you're done with the action, so don't worry than the Adam being days. You can click on the stop button in the action panel, and if everything went well, you have an action now to speed up your workflow on the right under the street. Up there are those layers that might seem to be Viet first, but they're very useful and they do different things, and you select the street the layer. The three D panel shows the components of the associative three d file. The covenant you layer with the little camera. I can't let us move with the camera so we can view our model from another angle on the top of the art board. There are the bottles to move around the camera with the boundary constraint layer. You're able to control the behavior off the holes on the model. You can change them how to react to the pieces in active, active or whole check them out on your own model. What these are doing and how dare working, then you still like the layer off your model. The seeding mode buttons, rotates, care or move your mother instead of moving the camera. Let's try to create the next model. I could be paid the letter with a dotted outline to for the shop African, the action Vic created and there is a mother right away. As you can imagine, this mother contains a lot off bodyguards, and high putting on number makes rendering longer, so better to keep it as low as we can. There's a way to lower the political number by clicking Simplify Street, the mash in the city. With this letter, you gotta wear the political number, but you can go too low. Otherwise the mother will look Rocket. I actually over there is a bit We're recording this video, so don't go that low untested now. I saved a modeling Obeidi, a former. I repeat the whole process on the outline letter as well. - I will show you a few examples that kind of mothers you can create, and I'm sharing a photo video in the project fries. But I hope you try this on your own and keep talking of different models. Just be creative 5. Lathe in Photoshop: It's also possible to create cylinder Commodus in for the shock like vases and place a cups lace object is sweetie Mother, whose Vertex charities produced by rotating the points of explains that around the fixed access First, we have to throw half of Asian Illustrator. The stroke office were the same as the war signals off the ways model I used to send the end surrounded. It depends on your preference what kind of face you would like to draw. I always do some research before I start to create something. I use Mylan onto me God boards to collect and keep the images I need for a project. I found these amazing, minimized races and made them both for them. After exit mining these mothers, I can start to draw some lines that will turn out to be a street of a city, and you might need to experiment a little bit with the lines so that you get an idea to have to draw different shapes. After I am dead divinities, I can copy, paints the lines for the shop and start making a three D model. I don't my actual first and chose a 360 degree lays preset from the reference panel on the left. If you didn't make election yet, you have to click new three D extrusion from selected layer from the street, the tub. Then go to the preferences and choose the lace place that that is the hole in the middle of the model. We can get it off it by changing the extrusion deaths. The only thing that might be a problem is the part where the model close is. There is a visible it here when you used transparent materials. Usually I turn the model a bit, so it's not visible via rendering. After importing the models in Dimension and changing the textures kind of summer seem like this. For example, I ended a few minutes from Adobe Stock. 6. Bump Map in Photoshop: There is one more thing we have to talk about when it comes to for the shop modeling, it's possible to create a bumper haste weapon for the shop. Hazmaq is a map that uses black and vice scare. The white color is goingto be extruded, and the black color is going to recess. Let's try it in practice. This image with the pebbles is very good toe the most of this technique. After importing the image in tow for the shop, I had just the colors of the photo. I start with the saturating the photo that adjust the levels, then finish it with adjusting the curves. It's a good idea to save a copy of the original image so we can use it to a date, a bump map and make the black stronger. But it depends on your preference and what kind off surface a traitor chief to generate the bomb map I goto filter than CD, and then is a little bit order technique. It does the same as a normal but normal map looks very similar, but uses RGB color to determine the depth. I said. The blur and details scare off the bomber and click. OK, After this I go to ST E generate mash from death smell. I select plane and then I could create. When you click on the environment layer on the right in the street A panel in the properties panel You can find some settings the Erica modify your seen on the lighting in your scene. So what it is that basically I increased the intensity off. That cure int ibl idea is basically the abbreviation off image based lighting, so you can change the idea in the interesting if you would like to. But usually I don't use this function that's rotate the camera and look at it from an angle . The last thing we have to do is to scare the model on the Z axis. After I'm finished with my model, I save it as a no bgl file, so I can imported two dimensional later. In the rest of this video, I will include the quick overview how I used this technique to create the standard with proposing water. Not to make things too complicated, I started to paint the edges off the bomber back so that this paper book will be able to stand alone in the scene. So the sides of the mother at the same level as the grand Pained in Dimension I created the model the same way I explained before then imported it into Dimension. I duplicated them on please them next to each other. I selected the muscle material from Adobe Stock. I added the plane with quarters texturally and lowered it a bit on. Why access? So it looks like that is water between the stones. After something of the lights and the camera, this is the result. I hope you like. This creek works through and you're ready to experiment on your own. 7. Texturing in Photoshop: So let's talk a bit about textures. I make a letter to demonstrate this student in city. Under the stated tub, you can see that other different parts of our mother are separated from each other, so you can texture them one by one. If you keep it like this and export it is an over a J, it will keep the separated parts in. Imagine as well. If you kick Quicken, generate UV is going to fight another textures and basic creamers the past together into one object. When it comes to sweetie models, we have to savor the but you re mapping you remember, is basically this really model stretched out into a flat to the image. You can open this study way of framing for the shop and even paint on your model if you would like toe. The process of creating UV map is called UVM. Wrapping the UV envy. Refer to the horizontal and vertical axes off the to the space as X, Y and Z are already being used in the city space. When you click on the material layer in your models group, you will see that the property spinal changes again and we are in the textures now. With these options, you can doctor your model import layers, So different apps. If you would like toa. If you didn't flatten everything, you can change the texture on the different sides of her month off the model. But these options depends on the preset you choose on the mother you created. With the slide, you can clear customs structures. You have to keep it in mind that the structures are not 100% compatible with other with. Imagine what it might change later in the next time date. I usually only texture my models and imagines severe not going to get into this too deep to make it somewhat easier to funnel material presets that you quickly apply groups of texture settings. The default presets provide vert years materials like steer fabric and good. You can create your own custom textures from actual human, for example, then upload them one after another onto your model. You can switch to UV, agreed on and off with the judge books, so it's not part of the image. That's what the modern and the UV map next to each other quick window arrange and to a vertical on the left, you can see the UV map as inevitable layer, and on the right there is a model. You can feel the layer with solid color. If you would like toe. As you can see, the mother will update on the right. You can also Eddie the perimeters like roughness on metallic at their shoulders before you can also add in the environment and the light. If you don't see the mother valley enough insecure inside things, you can also paint on your model. It also works the other way around. But let's started painting on the texture the day we met. You can see as I paint the texture changes on the model asthma. You can also change the color off here, you women, so it's more visible. But you can also dough is the paint on your street, the mother itself. In this case, the Texan right will follow what you're doing and update. That is one more important thing you have to talk about when it comes to texture ring, and this is the normal. A normal meth creates the illusion of detail without having to rely on high polygon count. They allow you to faith, illusion, off depths and detail on a CD objected out actually ending any city geometry. Normal maps do it in a different way. A normal map uses RGB information that corresponds to the expert Easy access in the street . This place You can create a number map from every texture you make on editorial, Modern photo shop or dimension. I usually use the number medicine dimensionally in the properties panel. You can click on generating a murmur from base color and you've negative indo when you can . I d The details of your normal invited to make a smooth sir. It depends on the texture. When you're ready, click OK, and as you can see the normal I did some surface detest a model that is in a way to create a more maps. Go to theater CD than generator Mama, you forgot the same window and you can edit your number map Just like that away. Save your mother. You know BJ former As you can see, you forget a lot of five structures and the object file off so you can use this later in Adobe Dimension 8. The basics of Dimension: then the open dimension. We have more options to make a new document. You can simply click, create new and adjust it later or click on the dots and you can make a customized document for yourself. You can even save it. Does your default? Let's take a look at dimension quickly. First, I always make sure that I can see the whole at board. You can do it. Undertook middle section off your outboard On the left, you can find a start address sets panel where audio set so that you can use in your project . Models, materials, lights and images. The material section is divided toe two parts adovia standard materials and substances videos more, but decided a bit later. The light section also has two parts in the measure. The direction light, which basically means lumps and environment lights that are basically images that you can use toe project like to your entire scene on the left. You can also find the tools that you can use somebody fire scene Did the selector. You can move scare until data model with the magic when you can select parts for your model . Did the sampler tour you can simple and apply materials and colors. An object? Oh, are from an object or another, the video of it. Or you can drag and brought each of you with the mental. You can move the camera up and down, left to right. The doll. It'll moves to camera forward or backward, it also vaccine. Damn it'll mouse bottom rise until moves your eyes. Um, you can come get my previous to Tokyo about the museum project on guy. Talk more about this in the soya with the zone till you can zoom into a canvas. Basically never used this. Also, the hand tool is something I barely use, but you can penned the canvas up and down, left and right it. You have this little plus icon here. If you click on that, you can find all kinds of interesting things toe import content. But I really like here is the other vista. Can the stuffed on source those a regularly use an important areas and models if you click on the down arrow next to the status sets and you can find your city libraries in this father, I keep everything I usually use in. The measure keeps you well organized. Also, Adobe Stock is the totally comfortable with commercials, So basically localized US assets with Rock Creek and the community will appear in your city library. Best invention ever. I also keep in, which is a graphics here, colors and textures and all kind of things that's important model from my CC luxuries it directed Dragon Drop. If you click on the zoom to fit selection, I can't the camera removed and never be evil to see your home model there, you can find the commendable plaques as well, which is also very useful to save camera positions You conceive in your view and updated when you need it with circle shape arose. If you need a position again, just go back to your bookmarks, quick on it and defer to jump back right away. The last icon above the right of color of far outboard is around a preview battle. If you leave it on dementia vote, of course, Don't get under your preview. You can also lowered the resolution off your and a preview with the right mouse click on the right, you can find the scene action and property steps. Is that pretty much related to each other. The properties and action panel changes all the time, and you click on different functions to start with the scene. When you open it, you can find the options to modify your scene. In the environment group, you can change background, the global lighting and the ground plane. If you click on the environment light, you can change image that is working very similar to my be yelling for the shop. You can imagine this as this image is on an invisible sphere around your scene, from torture flights everywhere. You can change it to a different Eastern time maps from each year a haven, for example. Or you can find them on adobe stock as well. When the lights fernanda are the direction realized that basically work like lumps so you can just creek over all of these if it's stuck them like you're saying the way you like it . My favorite is the three point light. So when you click on it, the labs will appear in your environment panel, and you can read them one by one. I chose a colored environment light so you can see what I'm doing. I'd like to change my back right to some color from blue or red. It makes the scene more interesting. You can also delights and aim them by clicking on this little target I can hear. Just click on your model wherever we would like to aim your light in the environment. That is the camera, which is very important. You can edit your camera perspective and set up the focus. It's basically the amount of lands blood we will get on the final render. You can aim the center off your focus with the set Focus point button. Let's take a look at the model. I like. Those models the best have separate parts so I can take them apart and leaving them separately. In this case, there is the ball on the same set on different layer. Let's say they are textured because he the details. If it when you creek on the writer on next to model, you can change the texture of the four that I can change it. Toast with color. You can see that the extra tab has multiple icons. When you click on your model, you can delete duplicate group. Move to the ground, your mother or at the Deco all material, the Deco's basically work with Jack and drop is were you can just drag and drop any media you would like to use. It looks like a sticker you can change the placement toe feel. For example, when the dick over cover your home. Oh, no. You can also change the offset a petition or surface off your dick, all with a great looks like car sticker so you can just stick a transparent PNG file onto any object, and it will look like it's actually there. Drag and drop a logo or graphic onto Stevie Model to see how your design will look like in real life. For example, experimental differently out as you move your graphic around this, so maintain the same angle and orientation off your mother when you click on it. When you click on the edge of your dart board with the move to well, even find the properties of your art board, you can change the campus size or turn the basically on and off. Then you've ever come looking for models. You can align them, select both, and you have to double click on the drop shape handles to a nine year models. You can also don't they handle sewer line 9. Texturing in Dimension: we started this fear. I change the life, too, with something without color. In the material panel, there are two different types. The 1st 1 is Theodore. Standard materials under it, the substance Metea's that'll be stand on materials, always coming the same irritable parameters so you can upload your textures. Manipulate the material very specifically, as you can see the base color. Jews on energy be on an image file capacity. Roughness, rhetoric and glow use black and white images to determine what is happening with the surface of our model. We spoke about it on my mouth before he'd You can upload your own Ah, mama back picking on the little indicator icon. Let's try another material. The letter grade material is one of my favorites. When you click on the roughness icon, for example, you can see the middle great owns, which means that the surface is not too shiny on format. So it's somebody in between, and also you can see the pedal. Basically, you can take this. Material support is a different roughness. Anonymous separately, by saving them into your CC libraries. If you click on the little pencil, that will send this texture to put the shop, and whatever you're doing there, we'll update in the men's room. When you save that image in for the shop, you can see more about this in my previous territorio here. Ask your shop. You can also change the repetition off your material. If you added the repetition in the main material prepared this panel, every texture, we'll follow it. But if you go into the normal Matt, for example, and scary there is going to scale on its own. So Go brother petition assessed things on the material only work in the main panel. Let's talk about substance. Renteria's. When I first tried them, it was a life changing experience, so I really suggest to get stuff transcription and start playing with everything you can download from there. As you can see, substance Materials has a lot more sliders than the other, be standard materials and work totally differently. The resolution can be changed so you can change it from 256 fixer toe. Even 4096 picks savages pretty huge the days you can over the sides off your scene file if you're light. Oh, very handy. Even making a scene full of hype, early models and mint money materials. You can edit out the settings that the creator of the material allows you to change these parameters changed by each material. So these some things might be different in another material you try from substance source. You can download materials, but keep it in mind. And not all of these materials see working dimension so the White House WAAS or the ones would hate information are not working in my experience, but most of them do. It might change later as well. Then new software updates will come. You can download them theater and then placed onto your model of the truck and drove off. I really like this. Were material called female abo skin because there are some funny options Innocenti area so you can take the skin color and also the under told to achieve Really nice. We're looking Renteria's. Don't be afraid to experiment with these materials. This is the right time to be creative and do something completely out of the box. Luckily, we have a lot of options for this. When it comes to substance in Syria's, you can also look up substance share. People shadowed latest creations for free. You know 10. Assembly + final touches: after importing, placing and texture in my model, this is Salvi look like I address you to keep experimenting with color palettes. Interiors is going to be fun, but I usually do is to save a camera view that shows my entire seen from the top angle view . This is very useful here because I ended up in long story my sex scene. Sometimes I add going objects. It adds a little extra detail to my sin. You can do this using a simple directional light as well. So in the camera bookmarks, I saved this anger that has me to easily shift between camera views. I often used it on the preview, but I don't leave it on for the whole time because my computer is faster this way. When you're ready with this scene, you can find it under tub next to their design Them. You can change it under settings here under a bookmark view you have, or even all of them off the choosing a destination for your gender and choosing your quality option. You can creek underground a battle rate. You can also use the cloud gender if you would like toe. I didn't like the cloud. Then there are also my computer exits very much because it doesn't have to work in the Meanwhile, when you render is ready, you can click on the street, does here and send your PSD fight for the shop in the creek He s defies from dimension come a few very useful layers Material and objects, lecture masks and apps information. If the ground plane is visible at some parts, you can also change it here. So this is how my final image turned out after the few adjustments. Basically, in this stain, I only use the models I created in for the show and beauty models from Dimension. I open in George's tutorial on your little issue creativity and create some crazy mothers thing for the shop you can find across project. Under this video, the project is to make a speedy letter before the shop on building up stocks seen around it . Don't forget to share your creations. And if you have any questions, just put it in the community section. Zambello Thank you for watching