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Create magical orbs

teacher avatar Sebastien Mercier

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Create%20magical%20orbs%20After%20Effects%20TUTORIAL

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About This Class

In this simple and quick tutorial I will show you how to create this very cool effect. PLEASE don't forget to subscribe and put like under the video.

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Hello, I'm Sebastien.

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1. Create%20magical%20orbs%20After%20Effects%20TUTORIAL: Okay, So in distant area, we show you to make this animation. It's, ah, consensus fair with Laker like glow lines all over it. So we will do that. Uh, you just need went beginner. It's a free plug in from video copilot colored ribbons. As you can see, um, we just will use that. So you need to load it and style and restart after effect for loading the pregnant. So I will do link in the description for download. If you don't don't have it, it's free. Our friggin very useful. So we go to after effect, we could hear create new composition. I will make it 80 by ah 800 by eight Andreja Ah, 25 FPs and ah tense a gun longer. I will make it black. Ok, persecute, I will just that shows your name So compositions sitting in here I put main okay here with BP She I would change. I will make I will change the death. Two says, um 16. Okay, right click new. It was so lead. Could it noise 800 by click on this button Make composition size and make it like red, for example and it's OK you could get So here Effect and preset. Choose Joe billions and take job Illness knows this one and drug Pete here. So you have that you can transfer factor type to get different type of noise. So Children on smooth it's a terra. Just play with these values. So because we will just make will make to cheaper to noise Two different nights. But you can make a lot off more to get, um, more complex. Ah, resolute. I just show you the technique and so you can When you got the technique, you you can add the more noise, and it's going to be a better here. I will choose string. So I got line and it's a this lying blue line, as you can see. Fine. Ah, tiny line This line, it's ah, string. So for that, I used to ring, but I don't want um I want more black parts. So to do that you you want to increase the contrast you see there is more black and you can or so decrease the lightness. So I would put something like that and good to transform. You can play with the scale, so it's just zoom you see, They put what you want. I will make it. Ah, 1 50 Yes. 1 50 here and go to complexity, subsidy and play with said influence that will remove Ah, that detail if you increase you see, we got less details, but And if we increase the sub squaring the scale, you see Zoom, Zoom, zoom and its most sing So it's cool. I would be doing something like that. Yeah, you see the circle and it's close to this line in this line end that make like a bridge and the school. So now we want to any mate this Ah, this value. Yes. So we'll do that right click here way will automate, um, or to make a to make eat. I don't know if it's good, but I, uh ELT and click on the watch Press out care and click on this watch next to evolution so that at, um, expression here, go right click and create a new ad. Just more player Carlito controller. And here I know you choose a Slater Slade Achmat told the hope it here, and we will link um, this evolution here. Um, we're willing to that so will control the evolution here now. So take this. Ah, this this and drag it to this later. So now when I move this later, it's Ah moving here. But we don't want that. We want it Move when we press play here in the time So we just want toe out here in the expression, click on it and teeth multiply So it starts symbol Little stuff symbol by time. So now when I move, I press play. You see it's moving its animated so that's what we want. Just copy just entire expression. Compete right? Acidic told, right click and press copy will need it later. Good to nice layer here. Keep Children once again and choose Children's job alone. Displace, Drink it here and there and this one just for adding more. Ah, variation. You see, so you can increase that. And if you lower the size you see you got littler wavey. It's not off wavy. So I will make something like that. Press play. Yes, I think it's OK, but you always can come back here and I just the value as you want later. So there is no problem for that. I would still like that to go fast for the tutorial. But you know which one you want. You want to move? Um, there was only few value once fractal type nose type the scale here just for make it bigger . Um and, ah, sub setting that'll and maybe this one. But very important. You feel so it's OK like that. I will put composite So said it, boss. And go toe layer and choose pre campers. Call it nice Owen Movil attributes OK, and click. Click it. So we got that. Now we got here. We go to effect and choose a sissy sphere. Sissy CIA, the p t a and no. You see, we got our fair. We can go to Shader shading an ambulance. We can increase. So you see, you get more light like more light. I will put it on 40 like that I It's nice. So it's OK. I just turned his value. We go to Iran's call off the bounce it says of pregnant so typical of the bombs and rocket under Sisi's fair. So now the friggin ah calories Rosalia. So you can choose a color. I would choose something like blue something like that. Okay, and you can increase the light, The brightness? Yeah, brightness increase. So it's more bright. I will make 1 40 and he took it. Then we can add the group. So keep group and again if you decrease, this value is stronger. So just play with this value to get the result that you want. And here it's forward like a full off. You see, there is now, like a full off. So I will make it like that. It's OK. You can play with intensity, ex cetera, this layer I will press here to get those those option this Middle Britain and blood murder . I would choose screen okay for this one, we can use a sissy grass. Sissy glass. I'm not this one. This one cc glass dry peat here and now If you good to Sofus, you can add softness. Play with the self ness you see. And eight. I will make 2020 20. Here, 20 Here. Okay, let's press play. Okay, good. But I think I got so much displacement, I will makes 50. Maybe such 30 something like that. Okay, um, that'll go to project. And just one thing. Good to control. Not good to Nice and and go to here affect your bullets Noise Joe. Billions displaced that there's a growing Children's display. T this a gun nice and we went toe any mate evolution toe. So go to evolution from a job. Villains displaced here. Every show we'll hear press adult and click here and paste the same expression that do we could Pages before you remember is the same expression as here. So just copy in past Attia and it's OK, so it's little not big difference, but it's of it's better. So now we can duplicate this layer ontology We got no used to go to main Dry peat Direct knows to under Nice Well, like that project on screen blend murder screen and way will meditate So double click good to noise Effect An air I will choose Swear e So we good that I will changes Toe Lenny are soft It's OK, invert And now we weren't playing with this value Decrease the contrast to get something here Um decrease again This value and we go to transform Are we skated down? You see and play with substituting maybe something like that. Then you shape it the way you want, Everything will be black. He will be invisible and everything white will be valuable. So I will make that will increase the scale like that. Decrease here. Okay. We will see what we have here. Good to Maine. Good to noise. One take everything. So press on the city's fares. The first effect shift and click on the last one. You got all selected old control, etc. Good to knows too. And press control v ah creek for the select all. And we don't want Sisi glass for this 10 you can stay with it. You can in a bill or disability. But I don't want it. And I don't want maybe a group. Okay, So just pressed on the FX button to in a bullet is a bullet. It's not very well just either The first Catholic, the first layer And this is what we have just with the nose toe. And it's not very good. Good. It's not what? That what I want. So I will increasingly little decrease contrast Decrease light and we have to play with this value. Let's see. No, I want my white so good to noise. Okay, I will stay stay like that. Or maybe because if you see, um, way are going trying to do with this little point. You see? So we will do that. But we can't. We can stay like that and we get a different result. It's working. It's okay like that. You can see it's ah, sandals are results, but I will try to make it as the small dot So good to hear knows, too. Effect. And, um Oh, I will desirable job Millions displaced for this one. An air increase. This value decrease. So, yes, we will have little dots. Let's go to Yes, it's better like that. So we still like that. You I think you get the point toe. Check the nose the way you want, and it's okay for this one. We can change the color, so go to nice to effect and transit color toe. You can make it red. You see the homes. I will make it something like that later. Blue. Okay, so thou that'll you can, uh, had more noise. Great partners and etecsa. Terrible. But I will stop here. Um duplicate control. G duplicate this Nice call it the press enter to rename it and add f A if a like that and here we choose fast break. So it's FB Sorry. Ah, are there here? It's if the and fast bowler it's will make like a glow arounder this layer. So it's OK. I will put it the value. And here press s for scale and put it on Ah, 105 It's little bit bigger. As you can see, we got a little glow all over under and it's cool. Duplicated again. Control G. And for the bottom one, um, make it one ones you a little big, bigger again. And for the last one, we can turn the color toe a writer value around you see something like that and it's okay, so we will press play to see what we have. Okay, Which top? Loading and let's see. Yes, it's cool. Very cool effect. So now we will make red click here, create new I just want clear drop Eat under the least and we would choose you in such a rush in this one. The one pita We will choose first noise and second noise. Don't don't choose. There's a noise with the blur. We don't need it choose the first, um, boss and press control de for duplicate and and drag it under the adjustment layer here. So select bursts press s for scale And Skelly like a 50. Yes, 50 50%. So now we got this little fair We don't see it goto adjustment layer and changed this master you So you got you see the listers fair in the middle Don't take the color that you want I will make it like over like that And it's OK. Okay, um tell it Boosts knows when and no store here. Right? Click and choose Transform No, uh, time and choose rivers Time Reverse Leo So now it's come pretty It's completely a different shape We don't see Ah, it's ah just could pieces It's not the same layer So that all then we want the magnetosphere moving so good to noise Press people don't miss this first noise Press p for position attribute I'll click and press We go do w i g l parentheses to coma 10 and close the parent dishes Keep this expression you see on the screen and, um go to knows too. Press p, I had to click on the watch and take this expression peak, peak wipe and the hook drop. Drop it on the position. Just about. So now it's linked. The first layer from both composition will move together. So if we press play Okay, I will stop loading. As you can see, it's okay. So now we'll just finally make a light and a reflection like them. Yes, will reflect here. So to do that go here. Right click New. So lead make it black way. Not chose the color Any color. It's OK. Composition size. Click here and okay, call it light press enter and credit light Here we took a gradient hump. So we because it's in English and my aftereffect memory is not like that but rump Pick it on the light. Good to linear. Too fragile. So we got that and choose your color for the light. So I would choose blue and black. Something like that. You can go back to the blue prodigiously year to screen murder brand murders to screen. Go here and choose your cargo. Maybe something like that. Then, um we will take Thursday year our chief and take the last one click up its select everything control shift nd see control shift see for pre composition and could eat a sphere. Okay, control de for duplicate take the but, um, boost and murder. Make it screen. Take the bottom one. Right creek transform and, um, flip vertically. Okay. Ah, good. Um, put you down so we can eat our shift and move it down like that. So you can't move us. You can go left or right. But if you just up and down, it's a very straight move it leg here. Okay, go Here, too, is a fast, brave again. Repeat on the bottom one. And if you increase the fresh blow, you see you go try effect like reflect. But we there is both side affected or resulted in vertically. We just want horizontal. So you get this effect. You see smaller Laker, reflect. So the toll I will just put this sphere like it's flying, so I will put it up soap recipe, moved his value. Why? And make it like that. Okay. I will, uh, cash everything and shoot the results. Okay, so cash is finished, so the effect is very good. Very cool. But as you as like I said, you always can go to knows wine and eat, eat and get another shape. And same for knows too. So I hope you enjoyed Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. So you will. You will know when If I make another tutorial, it's ah particular in motion to tell yours the YouTube channel name I already already got. Is there video? Just take a look. Maybe some pictorial wheeler interest you and pretty like. It's very important for me if you like my tutorial. It's very important if you make a light because my channel is new and for the beginning it's very important to get some like we do. So see you next time gays.