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Create lookbooks for your pattern collections

teacher avatar Natalia Gonzalez, Love pattern making and illustration

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning our lookbook

    • 3. Preparing our lookbook

    • 4. Starting with the cover

    • 5. Text and images

    • 6. Finishing the lookbook. Recap!!!

    • 7. Exporting as PDF and uploading to Issuu

    • 8. Exporting as JPEG for Photoshop templates

    • 9. Creating link inside our lookbook

    • 10. Creating a template in ps

    • 11. Creating a multipage PDF in Photoshop

    • 12. Conclusion and project

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About This Class


If you have a collection of patterns and want to create a lookbook including some placement graphics, mock-ups and your information then this class is what you are looking for.

We will start planning our lookbook to create it later in Illustrator, inserting all those elements. You'll learn how to export your lookbook as PDF, upload it to the Internet to get a shareable link and also how to insert links in your lookbook.

Once we've finished our lookbook in Illustrator we will see how to create a template in Photoshop to have it ready to use for other collections. We'll see how to export the lookbook as a multipage PDF document using Photoshop.

For this class you'll need a collection of pattern or some patterns as a sample of your work if you want to create a portfolio, some mock-up images with your patterns, your picture and some text for the sections About me/Get in touch/About your collection. For this class we are going to be using Illustrator and Photoshop although you can choose just one of them if you prefer.

For this class you will need to have some patterns to use in the mock-ups that we will be creating, internet, Photoshop and Illustrator. If you don't have them instaled in your computer you can get a free trial in these links:


To upload your lookbook to Issuu you will need to create an account, here you have the link:

The music in this class is from:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Natalia Gonzalez

Love pattern making and illustration


My name is Natalia Gonzalez. I am a Spanish surface designer and illustrator based in London. I love telling stories with my patterns and illustrations and enjoy trying new techniques and themes.

I have taken lots of classes in Skillshare, I really like how you can have access to many different topics and learn through practice.

In my classes I explore pattern making with fun projects to let go your creativity.


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the class. Create look books for your pattern collections. My name is not only a long phallus on I am a surface butter and designer and illustrator in this class. I'm going to show you how to create look books for your button collections will start planning a look book to braid it later, an illustrator. We'll see how to include images, patterns and takes on how to export its a speedy it. Well, Selena. How to upload the Today Internet Getting ending to share and show your work to finish will create a for the ship template in C two years and then show you how to export it invidious . 2. Planning our lookbook: the first step to create a look book will be to plan a bit what you're going to do or the nice enough trial on a four layer all the battles that you want to include Angus or pictures off more guards. Their picture and any text are links for your look book. This previous work will make everything is here later to have a theory they about the design that you are going to use. This is very useful to draw leader sketches off each bait. In this way, you will know exactly what you will include. Somewhere you can do a bit of research on the Internet about different layout or simply along with what you need, depending on the material you have. Once you have decided the layout for your look book, it's a good idea to create Allami. They're scared in some paper on writing down its element in each page. On some notes, you will be able to use it as a reference and will help you to have a precise Abia 3. Preparing our lookbook : we're going to create any five look work. You can use the file that you will find. In a very exception, this file has guys with lines for bleeding, cut line and safe area. But just in case that you want to create a look book, we defined dimensions. I am going to tell you how to create these guides will start creating a rectangle for the cookbooks. Background in this case will use a surveys this file, but you can create an A five rectangle, which is 148 by 210 millimeters. We will create to a squares with the measurements of the margins in the diets. The measurements will be 0.6 to 4 centimeters by Syria 40.6 to 4 centimeters on. Then we will place them in the opposite corners of the look book We will create to my squares for the cut line. This time they will be 0.21 centimeters. We will move again to the other corn s. We will come back to their eternal of the background into an import toe work in any seaway . Now we will use the rectangles as the guy to throw the safe line inside this line. We will keep all the important information in the book. We will use her. That's line that we will be able to modify in strokes. He's notion Dashed line for the bleeding and cut line. We will just make neither the squares in one of its sides. We will duplicate holding out on dragging it. We will align them with their boring one side, using their line off shown, we will use the option met in fact finder, selecting all of them to create a single update From here, we'll just have to make as many copies of these elements of spaces we want in our look book on drug them while holding non chief our house to make copies. Then we will be able to duplicate with Control D Way will come back all the core basing to arbor, selecting them on clicking in each one with the arbor tool. In this way, we will create a pages for the look book. Keep in mind that when exporting, the babies will keep the same parter off their boards. So we will take the name now to organize stand properly in the file where we have our buttons, we will create a squares that we will feel with patterns. When we copy this squares into a look book, find the patterns will be loaded in the swatches palette on. We will be able to use them from there. 4. Starting with the cover: with start creating a look book with a cover to do this will create a rectangle for the background, and we will apply one for patterns. - I have decided to place the title for my collection in the center, so I create a circle to put that I did. I know already. I'll copy the title from the old file and place it on top scale. Move to the right position. You see that circle is cutting son of primitives, so to plant it better with pattern, I'll select the sickle, changed the moat to multiply. To see the background on with the eraser tool, I literally Spartz overlapping motives. I will also use the blood brush tuned to hide someone thieves. It's in the same color as a circle. I will turn the silicon small back to Norman on Finished having some motives go being them from the five to fill some gaps. The next step will be to include your name in the color. I have created a real with my name but Your Highness anywhere. Sign that you like your local or guess their name a single close in the background. Earliest. Every color worked, turned to shore up the colors I love does the size in the position well blended with the background, using the blood brush students to paint on top of the motives. - I'll bring the name on everyone to the front on place Emma thieves to think that perhaps. 5. Text and images: in the following pages. We are going to include our information using our picture on some text to place her picture . We will goto file place will select the picture on Fleek. We will scale and move to the right position. Now we're going to include a section about me, another one with contact information on some things. We'll start with a about me title, selecting the text to on typing select dates contained to the found on size. We will go toe award document on copying the decks will go back to a look book file and basted After the tech students selected we obtain to the farmed undersides. We will implicate the decks, selecting it, holding out on driving it. In this way we will create the getting touch section. They're scoping the decks in the world file from placing it administrator replacing the duplicated text. We will make some adjustments to the text. Yes, defined it on correcting the thickness of the paragraph to finish. We will include as well some links to our social media and email to sing the formed on size that we prefer. I've inserted someone thieves from the girl's pattern to make the bait of it more fun. Simply copy and paste in tow. Feel some guards in the page for the next fate. We will duplicate the text created previously. We will select the decks holding the girls on Dragging will create a copy. As we've seen, we will go be the Texan war. I replaced the text by based in it Palin. Clearly as well, one of the patterns making ever tangle on applying the butter on escaping it. We will skate, making right click with amounts selecting transforms scale. The select transform updates on with preview activated. 10 to the president it on a dust in the horizontal on vertical position we bake. It works harems. Remember Chris Eyes flick in OK to save the changes to include color chips, we will select the batter and create a new color room. In this way, we will have access to the color palette in our pattern. We will create a circle and we will make a copy holding on shift on out on dragging. We will see in the circles with the colors off color palette 6. Finishing the lookbook. Recap!!!: in this lesson. We're going to finish her look book on, Wake up what we've learned so far. We will create rectangles, feeling them with her patterns. A scaling. I'm moving them doing right. Click with the month on Choosing Transformed, Escape transformed. Move on. We will adjust until we get the results we want. Remember to this electrons for a tent. If you want to add just only the batter. UN. Activate review To see the changes to place him, it is wither moguls. We will goto file place to your image on doing click in the Arbor. You would import it. Hold on safe when you scale. If you want to keep the proportions. If you see that the minute it's a bit blurry, don't worry, because it's only a way to reach the life they emit in Illustrator. When we create a pdf, it will be fine. Give the important information in, say, the safe period. If you are going to print, it doesn't matter. If son of the images are out of their books border. That's keep in mind that those parts will not be included in the video. Continue feeding each page is in your sketches or the look books. Tommy as they were friends. Honey will be much easier when you want going through the placement graphic desk a bit in the file where you have it on, Baste it in there. Look works. Five. - It is very useful to include color variations of their patterns to show other options. As we've seen Selig one pattern and create a new color group. I feel with those colors and shapes like circles in the last page where we will have the back cover. You can include the placement graphic with your name on your email or website. In this way, the contact information will be more traceable. 7. Exporting as PDF and uploading to Issuu: once you have. Look, we're ready. Exporting it will be a sissy as going toe file. Safe pass on. Choose the former Pdf There are birds will turn into the base of their look book. Keep in mind that the order of the pages will be defined by the order of their boats. So be careful if you want to keep on specific order. Do you have a few options to use your look Books? PDF You can print it, send it by email to show your work. Or you can blow the to the Internet in a way that you will get a sheriff link to use in your social media or your website. I would say that you can use for thes is issue there. You can have load your work for free to do these doing need an account. I loved their file in a blowed Wait a few minutes on. After you complete 70 days, you will have their look book published. You can copy the terrible link to based. It's where you want to promote your works 8. Exporting as JPEG for Photoshop templates: as we have finished our look book, we are going to export it to make a damn plating photo ship to explore. Well, yes, Goto file. It's far. We will in the file select a pack for months on the option. Use our birth And in a new file we will explore the bases. Use 300 people, a re solutions. 9. Creating link inside our lookbook: once you have exported a speedy If, if you want to add some links in another way a crowd do you just have to select the action ? Get it? If I copy link and selecting the text right click with the mouse, choose create link. Next on paste the link. Do the same for each link that you want to create on. When you have finished, go back to the document tangled. Your names will be active. When you click on them. The world size to have establishing the links will be opened. 10. Creating a template in ps: we are going to use the look book We have finished as a reference to create a template ng for the ship to use her Photoshopped patterns. You will also be able to use the ones that you have created Administrator. They're scoping in the day. Pair with a tire on going to edit defined pattern on your pattern will be loaded. Infertile ship. We will start opening while the layers that we have exported from Illustrator in day back for months we will drug it paid to one of the files keeping the earthen off the Beattie's. These pages will be useful to copy the time for the template. We will change the name off the layers. Just type in the number of the bait for the cover. We will start creating a rectangle for the background on in a new layer. We will feel the selection with a paint bucket, too. We will do the same with the rewarm for the name. But to make the selection, we will use the body even a lesson to this time we will feel with color in a new layer. The last element we will create will be a circle that we will feel us well in a new layer. The next step will be to convert these elements into a smart of debt to the days we will the right click with a mouse on top of each layer and select comfort to a smart update as we will create a lot of elements. It's good to give the final tie the name in the layers on making groups of the elements in each page to group. Then Jesus have to select the layer on drug thing into the new group. I come when you open it smart up. Did you will be able to edit the content to insert a part in that you have learning for the shop. Previous legal to layer new fee layer pattern I had just escaped, tainting the percentage move. You can also change the color of Chanel amendable, speaking in the layer on to think color or really, I'm picking another color. If you want to include some text, select the text tool and type or create at Expo XTO based You can't change the fund size. Another options in the character and paragraph menus that you can find in green dust with the move tool and David selecting the text to on clicking in the text you want to edit. Once you've done this, it will be a sea to replace the text for different collections. If you want to create color samples, create a rectangle on converted into a smart debt. Once you open it, create a circle field with color. Drag the circle to the new layer option toe. Create Kobe's. I went to the circles as you prefer and changed the color with color or really to insert a mock up image or your picture there. So been eating for the shop. Drag it into the smart up that where you want to place it a scale and moved to the right place. If you want to create color samples, create a rectangle and converted into a smart object, - continuing creating different spaces in each page, converting them into a smart updates. Look the content off each page In new group, - you can think do some text about the content of each element safe SPF to be able to use it as a template in the future 11. Creating a multipage PDF in Photoshop: to explain how to exporting Pdf Using for the ship, I relieves us an example The template that I have created once you have inserted the buttons in the smart updates and you have their local ready to be exported as pdf, be sure to create a copy of the file and save us because we are going to make definitive changes. We will met its group doing right. Click with the mouse and choosing the option Merch group. We will repeat the same steps for it works great in the pages of the look book, the lead, all the information they do you don't want to include Now we have all the pages ready to export. To do that, we will go to file export later toe finals to serve destination, create a phone there. Okay to stay, pick us file type on, dwell for quality. After that, we will go again toe file Selecting ultimatum. When we were to speedy F presentation, we went leaking browse to find the pages select multi page document Choose the destination and safe. This will create the PVs with her look book 12. Conclusion and project: in this class we've seen how to create a look booking illustrator on 14 ship, including different kind of elements are steaks and images has separated for the class. Just one of your button collections can use it to create a look book. Be sure to include a kindof elements on a blow this to the internment, sharing the gallery any progress picture as well as stealing for your look book once it's uploaded. I hope it's been useful when I get to see your creation soon. See you in the next class.