Create interactive videos with H5P. Easily add questions on top of your videos with this free tool. | Fabian Gatti | Skillshare

Create interactive videos with H5P. Easily add questions on top of your videos with this free tool.

Fabian Gatti, Spanish Literature Teacher

Create interactive videos with H5P. Easily add questions on top of your videos with this free tool.

Fabian Gatti, Spanish Literature Teacher

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro h5p

    • 2. H5p overview

    • 3. Installing h5p plugin and video editor overview

    • 4. True or false

    • 5. Fill in the blanks

    • 6. Multiple choice

    • 7. Recap and project

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About This Class

In this 35 minutes class you will learn how to add interaction into videos. You will be able to insert questions on top of your embedded videos. From True of false to  multiple choice and even fill in the blanks.

You can apply this new ability to many situations.  It’s great for teachers, and also could be useful for marketing purposes.

Create engaging interaction for your visitors with this free, open source, Wordpress plugin.

H5P is a free open source  tool that can be used with Wordpress, Moodle and Drupal.


For this class you must have a wordpress website in order to  be able to install the free H5P plugin (I’ll show you how to install the plugin).


In a few minutes you will be adding questions to any embedded video from your own website.

Meet Your Teacher

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Fabian Gatti

Spanish Literature Teacher


Most of all, lifelong learner. I teach Spanish Literature and create educational resources for Spanish as a Second Language Teachers.

I love listening to podcasts and gardening, even in my tiny yard.

You can find me at and

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1. Intro h5p: this class will me about how to make interactive medias with age fight. In this class, you will learn how to other interaction into your medias. You wouldn't be able two other multiple choice, true or falls on even feeling the blanks on top off your medias. You can apply in this new ability too many occasions. It's great for teachers on also could be useful for marketing purposes. H. I P is a free open source kit of tools that can be used with water pressed model or grouper . For this glass, you must come a WordPress website on You must be able to have the 85 people again. In the first lesson, you will see how to install the H five people again into your worthless website. We have an overview off h five B. In a few minutes, you'll be able to ask questions toe embedded medias. In your project, you win at interaction to a venue of your choice in your own workers website. My name is too young Gotti on. I'd like to invite you showing this class on how to create interactive video. He said. I'm free. See you, Nicolas 2. H5p overview: age five p Overview. Http gives you access to different interactive content types such as presentation, interactive video quays, multiple choice time like cold spots Dragon robe filling the blanks flashcards on even castle built in I was your record. Age might be I love you too easily Share on reuse content to use content created with age Pipi you simply insert a shot goes What do you wish for the content to appear to re use content? You just don't know the edge fight You would like to add it on major changes for example, you can translate to a new language or just it joined your situation. H i p is open source free to use html five on the responses in this gas will focus on interactive media. See you in the next lesson. 3. Installing h5p plugin and video editor overview: he's telling the age five people again, It's very easy in your last month. Look for the planning section up new. You just have to type. H might be DC's. They want that when you it's them you can see well, you captured always took licks. H fight be libraries when you first start your age. Five people again in war pressed You won't have any content yet, so we click in other new give consent and now we can access to different content types in this class. We are going to work with interactive video press installed in this option, and after a few moments, it'll be really to use after we installed in Directive video editor. We have access to a tour guide with the basics. I think that I could be the litter. I suggest you to take a look at it. All important features are explained with more examples of what you can do with this area. The interactive media editor has three tops upload a video, other deductions on summary task from left to right. This is steps represent a naturally workflow for creating an interactive busy by default. When you open the video editor the abnormally build, your top is displayed. This should be your first task. Then you have to edit the copyright information off every year you wouldn't be using. In the next lesson, you will see me the way this is steps. It's very easy how you cannot blow the video from your device or in certainly other interaction. Top will let us use the tool bar that has a little's needed to create the interaction. They even takes table links in much statements. Single choice, multiple choice, true or false. Fill in the blanks. Dragon robe mark the world's drug text crossroads navigation, hot spots. We are definitely going to use the stool. But in our activities summary at the end often interactive. Really. You cannot an interactive 70 to reinforce the content presented. They usually go after the letter. No shit. For example, at the end off the really we're not going to go deeper with summaries in this class, but this will be a lesson for a future. More advanced class image. Pipi, Thank you for watching See you in the next lesson. 4. True or false : carb, true or force activity. In this lesson, we're going to have a true or false activity into a carp. Fish media in workplace passport we have 85 p section. There is the content we produce before below. We can have a new activity. Go to interactive, be there. In this case, I will provide a YouTube link. We have a couple right information. - Give a title for this interaction way already to the second step. Other interaction, as always, when other interactive with the activities you need to place the timeline where you want a question but into appear once you have decided, went to show your question button, go to a toolbar and choose the true or false option display. Time is the time the activity button will be shown in the radio. You compose the video as you're showing your question, or you can leave it running in the background. Labour isn't a text in your activity. Bottom the button that when you click, it triggers the true or force question right a title. For this question, try the question that will appear when you click the activity bottom. - Then we have to decide what feel about will give it a user whether he's right or wrong. - Activity option is there to give different responses according to use those results. For example, you can jump to a different part of the video according to use those answers. We will see this option in more detail later in our feeling of lungs lesson in order to save our activities with up to click on the Lamberton. Another date when the activity saved in H I. P, each baby generates a short called This is the code you insert in your activity into a post or pace. Just remember that you have to insert HTML in the war powers air. Later. Let's check out how the activity works. First, I give the wrong answer. Now let's take the right answer. That's it. This is the basic off other true or false questions in age Pipi. See you in the next lesson 5. Fill in the blanks: feeling the blacks in this lesson, we are going to see how to help fill in the blanks to our I might be from the audience, but a few fill in the blanks is a murder mundane activity than multiple choice, part or force questions. You must be able to actually type the right answer. To create this interaction. Go to the right place in the timeline, then look for the feeling that blanks button in the toolbar. You will help to decide how long your activity will be displayed in the radio or you compose it until your activity is done. Then you must provide neighbor title task description on the line of text. - This is the essence off the feeling that plant exercise. It has its own grammar. Take freely your message, but remember that the right words must be between Asterix. It's sweet over to a litter knitted worlds. You can do it by simply having slashed next to your right answer. This way you can improve your user experience are going to have the same results when they put trust body variations. Next to the answer words, you can provide a tip if you want. By adding a call to provide money interaction. We will thanks and custom field back. According to users responses. In this case, a score between Sear on 99% will be a wrong answer. Ah, 100% score the Serbs The congratulations message. Let's take a look toe behavioural settings. As you can see, there are many options you can play with in this case to improve accessibility and user experience. I live and check case sensitive on check except my no spending battles activity activity section exclusion. In this exercise, we'll leave actions incorrect without changes. If you, sir, provides the right answer. The media we cantina From the point it was most the answer, provided it's wrong way could get like the timeline to the second that has the information needed. You get the right answer way. Provide some feel back on serve us well, correction of your towards carefully. This time it's up to you if you want to prevent your users to advance until the question is answered properly, or if you will let them continue anyway, it's true depends on the importance off the information given. Finally, we'll click on them on make sure to a day. Now let's try it. Let's click on the activity. I will check if the tip is there now a provide our own answer to check what happens. There is our message under review. She'll be back to the moment. One of the right in for is provide. This time I will be The correct answer on the video will go on from the point where it was supposed as you can see it. What? Thank you for watching See you in the next lesson. 6. Multiple choice: Now let's create a multiple choice activity. We go to our H five b section, Have you we just interactive media give a title for our activity. Wait answered. Then we end up our media. Next we have our copyright information. - Now we're going to the second step. How the interactions as always, in this kind of activity, you must know we're in the timeline. You want to put your questions in this case? This is the right place for me. Now it's time to go to the toolbar. Unless you can see we have all this option we could use. Single choice set that I'm are simple except sex. But in this case, we're going to choose multiple choice. This playtime is the time that the activity bottom is shown in the really? I'm going to post the video way. The question is being shown neighbor is the text. That activity bottom will show we just a title and then way ask our questions. All right, this is our question. No, we must provide different options. This is going to be one off our correct answers. So we check this box if we want, we can provide a tip for each. A possible answer. Just now we're going to write another option. This one is also true. I'm going to provide the same tape that in the first option, but that's not necessarily comparable. EUCOM provide another different, and now we're going to other some other options. This time they want the right. All right now I'm going t o some tips now. Another deep this time for the ship's on ways option way can take a look at these options on See what happens every time we just want. If this answer is select on this right, we provide some field work. Now we can provide some overall field work. According to you says Score, Way, I'm going to first other. Another range. Let's I assume you have 49%. Only two options are valued, so score lower than 50%. It means all answers are Ron. 50% is a scored when you saw just one valid option on 100%. If he chooses to Bari options. If you sir is wrong, we can go back the timeline toe our specific place on give him. In this case, we want to let the user advance without a full score. If user is 100% right, the video will escape a section. Another bonds a few seconds. This section could have bean explanation off what was asked before. As this user are really notes, the right answer. He doesn't need to Well, through this part so we can escape it. Setting the timeline when really want information is provided. This is a very simple, intuitive way off achieving activity in our beauteous. Okay, Okay, Now we're going to try our new activity, our wonderful jokes, activity. I'm getting to the point on their ease our question. Let's check if the tips are there and now we're going to try different answers. If user is 100% right, we shall to the point we decided before Remember that the winds of this activity you have to paste the short calls in your post or patient as HTML. Thank you for watching and see you in the next lesson. 7. Recap and project: we only have seen the basics off H five b. As you could see the interactive video later cast more options. They are beyond the scope of this bill in your class, But if you liked H. I. P, you can always take your time to explore all the options it has to offer. You can add value to your videos by simply asking the right question for your viewers. If they already know what's coming, give them the opportunity to skip a few minutes. You'll save them time on. You will also be able to keep their attention. It's a great and easy way to make your sources adaptable to your students or client. It's up to you to use this resources wisely. You can facilitate a much better experience for your viewers or you have to do is just the right kind of interaction to spark engagement. I hope you have fun creating your project. Please share it with our community for your project. You have to select a radio. I think about what Really one question Can you have on top off it? To make your visitor engaged with the content you are presenting them. Choose the most suitable format through our force. Multiple choice. Fill in the blanks published on Test Your Question Finally, serial link with the group in the Glass Process Gallery.