Create interactive 360° graphics for Facebook

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8 Videos (25m)
    • Create engaging 360° graphics for Facebook!

    • Graphic reqiurements

    • Things that can go wrong

    • Making the graphic

    • Back seam

    • Top and bottom

    • XMP Template

    • Class project


About This Class


In this class we will learn how to create some cool and engaging 360 degree graphics that you can use on your Facebook page to make your followers even more engaged! There are numerous kinds of possibilities with this kind of graphic since it works just like a normal graphic!
We will also learn how to setup a template so you can easily create more 360 degree graphics in the future.

For the class project you will create your own design! The class is easy to follow along and even if it's your first time using photoshop you shouldn't have any problems.

To download the .xmp file please go to this webpage:

Please let me know if you have any problems! I will do my best to help.

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Short and to the point . +1