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Create experimental 3D typography in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

teacher avatar Tom Appleton, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Hello!

    • 2. Creating 3D Type

    • 3. Adding Textures

    • 4. Creating the 'multiplying effect'

    • 5. Manipulating the shape further

    • 6. Adding Colour

    • 7. Finishing touches

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About This Class

In this class I take you through the basics of creating 3D type, and then advance further into different methods of manipulation and abstraction to create the finished design. 

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Tom Appleton

Graphic Designer


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1. Hello!: Hey, guys working this experimental three D typography video. So in this video gonna be taking you through the steps on how to make a design similar to the one on screen now. So this is one of make during the video, and I'll be taking through how it got there. So we'll be starting in Australia, and I will be taking you through how to form basic three D type and then we'll be sort of taking it further and starting toe, manipulate it on war, pitting glitch, and do always cool different things with that. And then what will happen with that will be taken into Photoshopped to add color and Grady INTs and texture. Andi Finishing off this finalized typographic design that you can use in your person designs or your branding or something that you can use and taken out to really contacts. So, however, this could be interested in Andi. Let's get started 2. Creating 3D Type: Alright, guys. So we're going to start just in Illustrator and I'm just going a three document Justin RGB They just want to start out by just typing out the type that you want to make a three day something right? Three D type is just this example. So this is the type that we're going to make in three day. It's important you just change the color. Just make sure isn't black because the three days going around like a shadow and you're certainly about that in a second. But that's gonna be a darker color than the base colors of the code that is now. So if that's black, it can't solve Distinguish. Obviously you can't make a duck cooler than that. So it's gonna be really hard to stop edit the three D values. So just said it is white for now, Really. Already like cola, you don't need to expand it. The great thing about this method is that you can, ah, keep it life. And then you can keep edit in the text and sort of right out in three days as well, and you'll see what I mean by that in a second as Well, okay, so you just want toe, select your text. Just just click on that. It's gonna come to the top, going to effect three D and then extrude and bevel. So first thing you want to do is just come down to the bottom left of that menu here and just click on preview just sort of lets you so you're dealing with. So this is what I meant by that. It creates a shadow. So you see, this is like a darker color than my basic color. So if this was ah, black, this couldn't go any dark and it would look like one big. It will be impossible to distinguish what you're working with, So that's why it needs to be. Why So you got a couple of options on here. You've got the position, the X crude depth, the bevel, and then the surface. So the first thing is the position just going through them. The top ones really find I'm very useful. Um, you can say they can't really use them for much time in front is literally just flat. It was their three d to it at the off axis. Ones are a little bit better and then the isometric ones as well, like pretty cool. I'm just gonna go with custom. For now, we're gonna make my own. So I know that I want the 1st 2 values to be one, and then I want this bottom value to be zero. It's important to note breast end through at this point because you don't want Teoh. So okay, this whole menu, you just wanna click into another box second of the value box to solve moving along and to update the preview. So you've got you won, you won in the zero, and they'll probably just look flat as if it was just on front. So this way you just want to really increase the extreme depth, and I'm probably gonna have zero on him, but it went to 500. So you can say this is added this the three d part just off slightly. Just enough to give it a nice feeling. Something. I'm just gonna increase this a little bit more Member States 100. Does this cap option here on this? Greats like this is like a stroke, but it takes the whole extrude death into consideration as well. So It's like a weird like paper sort of feel. So there may be something cool you could do with that, but I'm gonna keep it on normal for now and then the bevel. This is just a couple of different presets with a few options here. The high options that just do different things to your three D type security complex. This role in one's kind of cool I was gonna keep mine on non to now and then the surface. So you probably want to use plastic shaded the other one. I mean, there's no shading, which isn't much used to me right now on the wire frame. This is a core feature. I made you a video in the future. What you can do with this wife frame for now, I just want to keep it on plastic shading. If you're familiar with this already, um, you may want Teoh use this more options menu at the bunk and play around with some of the light. And I'm not gonna change this right now. And just because there isn't an option to return to default on D, I don't want to mess up for the sake of this video, but just do some tests and try out the light and see what different things you can do with it. Men just was your happy with that? Just okay, so I should get a copy of this. Just hold all down and you make a copy. This is still totally live. So I could just write out skill share now, Andi, it's all in three day and it's all ready to go. So since the first and I catch you in the next part 3. Adding Textures: so because this is still live, there's a couple different things we can do now. First thing to change the color couldn't be easier. You just change The color was if it was text just I mean, it is it's just normal text. So if I want to make this blue, there is. It's blue. Andi. It's already and it's kept the shadow. So it's sort of the updates with itself. So you'll solve. You'll see that the the lights of the color the start of the more it stands out that it's three day if that makes sense because there's more of a shadow. So, like, that looks more three day from a distance than perhaps that does first systems bear in mind . So the next thing you want to dio is Oh, no, add some texture to it. Okay, so next thing want to dio I've made a couple of different voices of base so that I can try out some different techniques and each one so what we're gonna do is go to the is just click on one. They want to read it. You just want to go into effect and down here to the effect gallery the bomb, so you may or may not be familiar with the Effect gallery. It's more of a Photoshopped thing, but it works no straight as well. And for the sake of keeping is alive, vexed toe type. It makes sense to just use these photos in ill stresa. So this 1st 1 was loaded up for May is this grain filter and it's in the texture. Ah, group exposed. Just go through. Just clicking these little down hours on end. All you have to do is literally just click on one and see what it does to tie. A lot of them are a little bit Nass, this sort of mostly designed for photograph Elarton. But they were quite nicely with this three D text. So you've got your different options on the side here. Ah, sessions. So just play around. I'm just gonna play for a minute, and I'm going to save a couple of different ones. Andi, we'll take a look that would have made in a quick second. Okay, so I've laid off of four different of these filters on this three D type on, got some quite different results. The good thing about this is that these will still live there. Still just text. So that means that I can now reconsider color again. Now that, um, you've got these different filters on. So we get to see what they look like with color, some concerts, this chrome one. I think it's really cool. It's got these. He's nice, sort of details in. And I'm just consent this Teoh dark gray something I'm is pretty cool. Okay, so you may find that some of these feelings don't allow you to change the Colliver easily. But this is something we can change later when we put into Photoshopped case. So this is what we got to work with. Just keep playing and keep. Just see what you can do with these different filters and then in the next part will think about how we can take this even further 4. Creating the 'multiplying effect': so depends on how many of these different soft type variations you've made. You'll start to realize this this files get joy. Enormous. Andi, the may slow you compute down quite a lot. Are you locked up forever? So I've just made another way. Three document. Just because this next bits quite intensive as well on your computer. So it may worth just spread in our over a couple of documents and you'll see what I mean. So I was We continue someone's gonna take two days, consider two favorite ones. And now we're going to start working on the effect that I previewed in the introduction. So I'm gonna take this one so still got a live version here. I can still change this. I can still Yeah. So it's just live this one here. I'm going to expand it. So I've just got object and I expanded it. So the next thing I want to dio is I want to make a lot of variations of this on top of itself. So the easiest way to do this is to select it. So click down and hold down on it. Hold down. Old on hold down Shift. Move it in the direction you want to move just a little bit. Nothing too much. And that creates an extra bit and you'll see the distinction between the two. So now you want to again, so you can either manually do again. Or you can use command D or controlled the whilst selected. And this will redo the action with that object that it's just done. So I'll just show that. So every time I'm pressing command Day, it's copy now, So this is really cool. In fact, Onda, although it's just simple three D effect. You can see that where the these white lines are distinguishes like between each individual one, which is sort of what you want. You don't you want it to look a bit weird? You don't want it to be Teoh. I just want to be a big, long block. So I'm just going to a few of these and then I want to change direction, become on this to just be cool and just experimental. So this is obviously the way that it was pointed. I used shift. When I dragged on. I kept it all sort of perfect, and I want to select the top, the top piece of type. So that's this one. And I want to do the same thing, and I want to hold down over it on a hold all and shift. I don't think I'm gonna move that. I'm gonna move it down just by a bit. It doesn't matter much that it's exactly in proportionate to the amount that you moved it previously. Just keep it similar and then do command day. So you can see Maybe this isn't the best example, but it follows. Start to create motion of where the type is being. So I could then do the same thing again. And I can make these so off paths I could get you up. So this is wrong getting up. I mean, this isn't this kind of crazy, but its surgical technique. So you shouldn't believe this. Andi own stagger. And I want to make a little bit more toned down than you more likely to years. So I'll run over the whole method again. Expanded object Expand. Hold down over it. Hold, hold, Hold shift and dragon in the dress. You wanna go a little bit? Keep it selected. Use Command Day control day Soon you want to change direction, we drag it with all and shift and wherever you want to go and then come out today, Okay, Cool. So this is just with one of these filters, and this is the effect it makes. So what about if we use them in way more detail? So if not actually tried this before, I had a good idea of what this is gonna look like. But things chrome texture, honestly, not too sure. So let's find out. So it's when I expand it again and then just repeat the same steps. I mean, it's just so cool. I just love this technique. If you spent real time thinking about this, it must be some good designs that you could there. So that's cool, Andi, I'm just gonna make just out of pure curiosity, I just want to take one of the other ones we made. Maybe this one, this one. See what this is like, quickly copy. And I'm just going to quickly changes color just as if it was text said it's black. Maybe. Has black work? No, but I just flattens that perfect. So just keep a copy of that live. Just expand this. And let's just say this is obviously way more generic sort of time. So I feel like it could be some, like, ironic. I think you could do with this if you made, like, a vintage type poster and then just did all these crazy effects for that. So in that quote, let's play with in the future. So I'm just gonna hold all and copy out the very tough, the very top type. And I'm just going to keep it so in line, so I know how to return it. But it's where it needs to bay. So it's gonna lock everything else with objects on luck or commands and tear. I'm gonna re drag this back over where its first day. Only now I'm gonna go to object. Andi, send it back. Do you want to be arranged in center back? So the reason it's important you look everything else if you're gonna try. This is just so that it's easy to sort of move the one that's at the back. Without such Nathan house, I just wondered if it would be possible to sort of fill that works in the back a little bit . So I'm just going to use the command all and chef method again in the Can Man Day and just see what it looks like. Queen from behind. Religious creates mechanical. There must be something there that you can play with, so it's just another little idea. So there's just to my dears, you don't have to go quite so crazy. I think I'm going to spend a second now just to finish this part and just make one a little bit more toned down. Uh, maybe with maybe with this chrome middle one. Andi. Then in the next part, we're going to take it into photo shop. So I'm just gonna play for the last minute and then assume the nice part. 5. Manipulating the shape further: So just before we put this into first shop, there's just one little thing. Just one more little thing. I just want to quickly go over is like another. We're taking this further. So I want to do is just copy out one of your designs. So just going on to work with and we want to do is you want to sleep the whole thing. Onda rest arise it. So it may just be worthless watchin for now. And if you decide you want to do this and just re watch this bet So you've rust arised the whole thing. So that best thing means now this is one picture. So this is all flat on this is now This is still clear, but this is all just one flat image. So it's a copy of this, and the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna image tracer, and I'm gonna high fidelity image Trace it. So this is like a big, like, taxing process for your computer. So I'm just gonna say first because I know that I may have some issues with this because it's such a big file as it is. Okay, so I've just saved this document just in case it's all crashes. I'm smeared. So this drop down here and going to image trays and high fidelity photo. So if the even ones that it's gonna take a while because it's the large image, so just okay and then months that's finished just want to expand it at the top. So what the system now is, it's no longer one flat image views the direct station tool. You will see now that these royal individual So this lets us do a couple of different things. So the first thing we do is just make sure that you ah, the background. So it should be simple enough. Just used the white selection tool. Just click on the background and just clear it. So we can now do a couple of different things that this first thing want to dio is just I have two copies of it. The first thing to do is with this 1st 1 I'm just gonna slept all on group the whole thing . I've shown this before, but this is just It's always cool. Little thing to try, and that's just one group in the whole thing. Alignment their world and just distributing it. Andi, I mean, you never know what it's gonna do. Really? I mean, you have a fair idea, but committing really cool stuff of it with all these different intricate little parts, you could even just lying to the selection and keep it all within this box. You know, so does this sort of thing. So, yeah, this is going off track just a little bit, but I thought this was just worth quickly. Sharing is just a little added extra thing that you could try. Do you think what it shows is using a direct selection tool? Uh, you can. So let's say a little portion here and then try. Just lead in that and seeing what listers on which little bit. Sit, please. So with that in mind, you could then make a sex in the same way. So my best with the dark station tool, grab an anchor point, hold down, hold down shift and just pull down. Does this sort of thing if you pull down? If he was go to the side, it doesn't indifferent again. Center. It's put this into practice. Was going I was a bit smaller on and I'm just gonna I was gonna quickly play with that. I'll just speed over this bet on just so I can take for a minute. Okay, So this you get I mean, you get the idea. This is definitely a Have a few copies on and try different things with different ones. Sort situations. So I really like this. How is? But I think I just wanna probably just ruin in this one. But I just want to try and take it a bit further. So a little little cool thing you could do is make a selection. So say I wanna take this little type, but here, so making this election with the white selection tool on then because it's all the vector because I traced all I could just hold shift Andi play with scale here. So I'm just gonna group this bird that just made bigger and then just make this bigger and just see what you could do with that. So I mean, that's kind of cool on may be delayed some of this cause that's a nice little section. Now that three d there. I mean, that's cool. How the white girls. I mean, you could spend ages playing. Really? You know, that's kind of cool. So I've got another copy here. I'm just gonna try and attempt to finalize one with just those few little things that I've just mentioned. Andi with you in a second. So this is one of those things where it's hard to solve, know when to stop. Um, I think you get the idea. This is like taking takes it. And it was already kind of crazy and just making it even waas. But you can see the sort of things that I'm getting at here. Um, So I'd really be interested just so we could do with this bear. So for the final part now, we're just gonna take into first shop and just think about color on. Then that would be the end. So if still with me, let's get into the next part 6. Adding Colour: So the next part now is I want to get one of these crazy ones into pro shop. So I've got my A three. Um, so going a three foot shall document same size. Is this ready to go? And I think just start with I'm gonna take this one in, so I'm gonna do is copy of administrator. Paste it straight in his pixels. It's ah, was it in that? I'm just going a couple copies of these on. First thing we'll do is just look at different ways of coloring lists. So the best way to do it is to just double click on some of this area of the layers panel. So no, like on the actual thumbnail just on to the side. And you want to go color overlay. So this will lay a flat color over everywhere. This you know, these white areas literally blank. There's nothing there. So it's colored the bits that still have formed to them, So I just don't think about that in some color. And then it's the blending styles that they're gonna let the detail come through. So if I put it unlike overlay, say it makes it the exact color. So I can't tell you exactly what each one of these will do. Uh, you get a fair ideas, you get through, you know, kind of like that. I just want to do a couple of different tests, you know, Ask, just kind of like in black. And then the other thing you could try is Thea the gradient overlay. Is this what it's exactly the same way you just choose your grading color? I didn't choose your style in amount. Linear. Oh, radio linear. So I've got this color and I've got these different versions. I just want to say one more thing. I want to do a full color overlay off rent. I'm gonna put it on hard light so that it makes the whole thing red. Not so much. Maybe not like that. So I've got a copy where the whole shape is one color and I've got some copies. Where is just the sort of the details of colored? So I want to see what happens when I blend two of these over each other. So to do that, because it's got laced, I'll on you have to rest. Arise the top layer, the layer that you want to blend over. It's just right. Click on the layer and just going to restaurants. Last style. This means now that you can come to this blend in panel here and see what happens if you blend that over here, the fashion. But you could take it a step further on and duplicate your other one rust. Arise that as well, and then try blending that over the top of your full color one. So really like this. I hope this is making sense. I really like this, but I think the cause too bright. So I'm gonna just go back in. Could change the color of lay on the red one to just a bit like that also, maybe something totally different. I realized that. Okay, so from here, keep a copy of these two. But I'm just gonna hold shift to select the pair of them on direct the new labour option on Emerge these together. So now that this is offset, this is one image by itself. Now I'll introduce him in again. I want to change the color it yet again on there's no two ways we're gonna do this could go back into the last time in here another great and over the top, and then try blend in that in a different way, and you may not find that it does anything all or you may find that it's mean really cool that it was really worth just carrying on with eso this diamonds quite cool. It's got It's like, cool retro thing going on. So the last thing for color that was finds chamber is this graded map tour to just need adjustments. So just proper our onda click on this grading bar and that will open this grading answer. So this car on the left, this is your shadows, and then this on the right is the highlights. So if I change this color, this will change the color of my text, then change this color and this will change the background. So you gently is cool. Um, just is cool effects, really, And then just for the sheer sake after. But it's great in my palm. What is it like if I was to duplicate one of my other versions, drag that the top and then blend that over the top as well, You know, you get all these sort of cool effects now 7. Finishing touches: So I heard that last part made sense. I was getting really carried away and just having a really good time. Just it is playing with all this different stuff. I just love how this effect looks, but it's just one little last thing I feel like you can do to just add a little bit of authenticity to it. And to do that, it's just put a little bit of noise over. So I'm choosing the top layer. Andi, I'm just going to go to filter noise and then it's one of her own at noise. I mean, you can see straightaway exactly what this is gonna dio. It just adds an extra little bit off death to design. So I'm gonna put mine on gas. Ian. Andi, that's about it for the noise. So one final thought is that this is one builder off lots and lots of different layers. So if I was to hide, the gray didn't map. Now a lot of that's gone, and it looks totally different. So you want this version, but you don't want to have to have it over red. Perhaps Maybe you'd like the freedom to just put it over something completely different. Andi, there's quite a simple way of doing that. So I'm just gonna slate everything that's involved. I'm gonna drag it down to make a copy of that ignored. It changed on the screen. I'm just gonna right click on one of the layers. I'm just gonna merge layers. So now if I was to hide everything else except for I've just made with brother exactly as it waas with no background color. So I cannot hide this as well and export this out as a p N J or whatever you like. But I've still got the copy of the background to put in. There's still that so now I could go in and I could change this color to create anything. So that's just black on the main black looks awesome, to be fair. So I hope this is useful. Um, I hope you've learned since then I think we've got really cool outcome here, and I think there's so much that you can do with this whole technique, and I just I'd love to see what you make of it. So, um, I always love to see what you guys post. I really do I never don't get chance to comment on everyone's work, but I do see it. And I just really appreciate that you were that you're able to learn from what I've sort of tall. And it just has me to know that afternoon. Good job. So we're gonna end it here. I think I'd like to revisit this technique in the future. I feel like there's a whole of the video do about what we could do with this top next. So let me know if you want me to make that video. But more importantly, try out this technique. Either post is the type thing like I've made here or ran, you know, do the next bit and put it into a contact to make it into a poster. Awesome and cool. I mean, I mean, if you could animated, that would be just awesome. So person work down below and I'll check it out. Andi, thanks so much for watching. I hope this was useful. Andi, I'll see you in the next video.