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Create custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda function

Nilay Mehta

Create custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda function

Nilay Mehta

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36 Lessons (3h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction to Course

    • 2. What is AI & Alexa?

    • 3. What is Alexa Skill?

    • 4. Create First Skill

    • 5. Intents & Utterances

    • 6. Slot & Slot type

    • 7. Request & Response format

    • 8. Create Lambda Function - 1

    • 9. Create Lambda Function - 2

    • 10. Enhance Response for Alexa

    • 11. Launch & Measure

    • 12. Create a new Skill

    • 13. Update Lambda function

    • 14. Test & Deploy skill

    • 15. Use Alexa SDK v1 Apdapter

    • 16. Using ResponseBuilder in Alexa SDK v1

    • 17. Use Skillinator

    • 18. Use CloudWatch

    • 19. Install & Test in Echo Dot

    • 20. Using Cards

    • 21. Generate Audio using SSML

    • 22. Using Audio Directive

    • 23. Using Video Directive

    • 24. Using Hints in Card

    • 25. Delegate Directive

    • 26. ElicitSlot Directive

    • 27. ConfirmSlot Directive

    • 28. ConfirmIntent Directive

    • 29. Obtain Device Information

    • 30. Account Linking

    • 31. State Management

    • 32. Create Flash Brief

    • 33. Using BluePrints

    • 34. Best Practice

    • 35. Conclusion

    • 36. Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

AI is Artificial intelligence, Study of intelligent agents and takes actions. Skills are an ability to perform an operation on devices enabled with Amazon Alexa like Echo.

Throughout this series, I am going to teach you How to create your own custom Alexa skill using Alexa skill console, Alexa SDK, and use AWS Lambda function for this.

This course includes 5 Core components for creating your own custom Skills.

  • Alexa is a virtual assistant by Amazon. It contains some skill using which user can do various things such as ask for service etc.
  • Alexa skill Kit provides a user interface to for Build, Measure, and Test skill which is known as Skill kit.
  • AWS Lambda function is backbone on your skill. Alexa skill will send a request to our lambda function and it will perform the original operation.
  • Alexa Skill SDK used to create handlers that will generate a response to our skill in form of JSON. So we just need to call those function only. We will use both Alexa SDK and Alexa Core SDK.
  • ASK CLI is a command line tool which allows us to create skill as well as deploy, clone too.

Through this series, we will learn

  • Introduction to AI, Bots, and Alexa.
  • Understood the concept of Intent, Utterance as well as Slots.
  • JSON format for both Request and Response.
  • Test and Deploy, and Publish your custom skill to skill store, as well as test it on your own Echo device.
  • Use Alexa SDK version-1 for generating a response.
  • Use directives for generating a more rich response with Audio, Video, Hint, Elicit, and Confirm directive.
  • Perform some Advance operations such as Account linking, working with DynamoDB, State management.
  • Along with those you will learn how to use Skillinator, CloudWatch.
  • We will also create Flash briefing skill and see Alexa Blueprints.

We will learn all above things through this video series. If you have any doubts then you can contact me via mail, message, or Q & A.    

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Nilay Mehta


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1. Introduction to Course: have you guys, whether you prayed custom, Alexa Skill using eight of those landra function Jew durians for beginners Finding a matter my son's pre entry, and I'm very glad you fight off the schools as release point in the session. Revel. See what well done throughout the cities and balancing out related resources like core projects and links to other important resources will be available. Now let me talk about meaning dilemma. Guys correctly saw for engineer at Newell's in India. He's very passionate for learning and advocating new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine gun nearly usually writes a block and create your Dorian you can visit and really dont come for more in commission what has been included in the cities. So while the city's other great bodies, Alexis in reach, I will try to cover all components off Alexa Skill heat that is build test launch invasions and almost features off Alexa skills such as dialogues, cars and assets. And for those views here to meet a great name, the Function forties, I will use no Jay's. However, you can use other languages, use a testy sha No one of our resources. Ask use in London. Functions that I will create throughout the series will be available on heat up links. To get help Repository will be available in gold is like I will upload all projects I should advice so you can easily compare it with profusely. Bonus. Like you know, so contains discount copans to my other courses of living on your ring. Other external resources for download files so first will be added to the lecture. The station contains text right in which I have added all of the links so that sites or documentation that we are going to use throughout the season you can also contain some see like a month. It would be helpful to you to get all resources from just one single. How goes questions? Please feel free to ask questions and clear your doubts. I suggest you propose questions in question and answer section instead off the message. So honor the student who have seemed out can find question easy and I contract your question. True, your question contented. Sensitive to you, your project and Comey, you can send me a message. I would suggest you to watch all the dozen sequence normal jump annotations and also try to created by their own side after watching the video because no one can known by just watching his videos, right. You also need to get your hands and create your own annex. And if you live the schools, then please give your valuable ratings and reviews. Thank you. 2. What is AI & Alexa?: no guys. Welcome to the second session off. Create custom Alex asking using AWS lender function to do audience for beginners. Indecision. Bonvillain about what is a and Alexa. Now the A stands for artificial intelligence? Yes, a study off intelligent agents, which includes any device that post saves its economic and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. You guys intelligence exhibited by machines rather than humans. Nowadays you is using various types of applications such as business. Have to get education, Finance No and manufacturing E 80. Such includes listening, knowledge, planning, learning, nature language processing to stress, complication perception and the ability to move and manipulate, object and excise one kind off anyway. An excise Amazon's voice control system. Alexa gets its name from the unseen Library of Alexandria. It's a virtual assistant, which is not a new concept in technology. You are already family with cortana, a Siri Google assitant or I'd be importing. Alex responds to a voice controlled by pretending information such as news, music, weather boards and more. Alex runs on Amazon Web services in the cloud. Alexa is not only dedicated to mobile device, it is also centralized within. In home Amazon devices like equal Alexis, development is divided into two parts on excess. Cute Kid, which is also known, is asked throughout the Syrians. Revenues and access kill get to create our own skills, another parties and exact voice of these using which we can embed Alexa within your own products or device, such as in car, mobile or even in computers. Some laptop manufacturers, such as Alina Cho, provide Alexa by default. Just like Ordina, we will not learn about it in the cities. Know what Alexa can do? Alexis capable to do various things, such as? Answer a question for some fags. Information. My problem. Even you can start a conversation return and also ask her for Tell me a joke. You can also add any product to the cart off loving Amazon account for these Amazon Dash one comes with barcode scanner, so you just need to scan the barcode off. A prudent that you're going to buy. It was automatically placed in the car. We can also ask Alexa for stream music. It will play music from Amazon Prime Music leg reading. However, we can also use third party skills such as a Spotify, Pandora or something. Alexa also reads news headlines from Resource is that we have selected. It is known as fresh like other assistant Weaken and some know about Karen. Better asthma. Less sad reminders. One of my favorite features. It provides controlling off smart homes that we can tell how to start teaching lights or speech by drum like toe. 80% Dean. Also with these on expenses support. Start party skill, which allows us to do various things, such as book at Stand, a message order food, daily, horoscope extra. I'm it really boring to learn and understand the only theoretical concept off some in next life, you would have been understand Boris Ski and how it looks. We've agreed our first skiing in fourth session. Thanks for watching this video. Have a nice day. 3. What is Alexa Skill?: I know, guys. Welcome to the conversation off. Create custom and eggs asking using AWS Lambda French into Julian's were beginning indecision by busy bodies and excess skin. And we will see how it looks. Still is a capability or ability off Alexa and except for a way to cycle building skills, so just dreaming. Music and it also announced, have lockers to create new Alexa skills by using an exact skills. A steel includes both the court and the configuration provided on the developer portal. In simple terms, Alex eyes always decoys. See rice. He is apt and skilled. It is attuned to create on skills. There are more than 1003rd party skills which I developed, such as uber Fox News GP, Morgan, BBC People, I am DB Fitbit and many more. I have attached a link to Alexa Skills Store on Amazon so you can explore E. No, He is not pretty fine skills that you can build. Using an exact skimpy using smart whole skills begin control Smart lights her most it smart cameras and entertainment device. Using games and trivia skis, we can create a four trivia or an interactive adventure being using flesh proofing skills. We can create a skill which provides latest news headlines, weather updates and more that whatever customer size using Gaitskill begin create skills which will entertain teats or pH kits. You convey skills that engage young minds using video skills we didn't find and conceal video content without invoking a specific city. Using social equal sparks skills, we can optimize your voice experience for the display and video interfaces on ICO show on Ekho sports. Using feels for the vote place weaken bell skills that help your customers get model at book. Using custom skills, we can create custom indirection modern on animal customers to call an uber order pizza. Look up information and move all hands. Rebuild voice. Never use these. Here is a figure using base. You can understand more how an exit books. Your user will ask a question to Alexa by using Amazon equal or movement. Obligation an exit and identify skills from invocation name and send a request over skill, which will perform an operation that we have developed in the end Point Abu and point diligent reader response, which may include plain text as system and car or diarrhea. Aleksey uses this response to play and short response to the device based on response. User may ask any of the question or the very spot and excitable, often slots from veterans and send it to the end point between again. Generate response and cycle will continue the user or our skill organization. It is an example how the user really direct with Alex asking using Macy and accept Ask Daily hottest cops bought the horoscope is for Libera here. The film Alexa is required. It breaks up the device and has it that the user wants to fell to Alexander by default and excise. We quote but the music and change it to Amazon, competent on equal after the quality user must need to. You starting phrase. It will specify the type of request here. Ask is starting a freeze on only the user can and so use lunch Open Lee Run Start fell extra. Next is in location means every Alexa's skills has unique invocation. Name. Using which we can. Our user can interact with a rescue here they really Horace got isn't invocation me. Next is drinks. The entrance is coalition input from the user to escape. It may condense knots user may see born the horrors Copies for Libya barely grazes lots. We will learn more about slots and addresses in a commune session. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. I have a nice day. 4. Create First Skill: Hello, guys. Welcome to the fourth session off. Create custom Alex Escape using AWS Lambda Functions Two duties for beginners. Indecision Women. Creator of forced Alexis kids for these men requiring counting amazing down the purported The link is of a liberal and resources. If you're new, then you can sign a point. I have already signed up, So I'm signing with my existing CO. After signing, we need to select Alexa who were mouse on Your Elect a consummate from here. We need those Lex kids. Amazon recently introduces new user interface for skate Live in music to love the cities. Then maybe possibly treat that Amazon will change user interfacing future. But it's cool. Conceptual remains sing No, here is a dashboard offs. Kelty If this place at least off skill If you have created and it contains, I couldn't name language die mortified date and status for that scheme. We can also delete it, added it or even measure it. If we are published Great new skill we need to click on create skill but it right and name forever skills. I'm using my first skill for Skilling. You can choose appropriate We can change scale to various languages. I'm continuing with English US. Begin also in an existing more did in a risky for flesh briefings March room on video. I want to use this team owner selected and click on create, but it here our first is created on the dashboard. It contains that you didn't for getting static links to other important resources, such as documentations and by project or forms. Writing contains stat, please two days on a scale we must need to complete his status. First is in vacationing. Click on it you need to and risky in location, name in location. Name is a phrase that user really usedto open out particular skill. For this example, the user uses daily horoscope to open skin that performs operations related to the horoscope. There were several convention that we must need to follow for invocation need. For example. It must be between 2 to 50 characters. It should be containing only lower case alphabet. It should not include big moment or starting a prince. It must be unique here. I'm using the first name and click on Save the Modern. You ve got to success message legacy what we have known. Indecision first of all we need to create an account in Amazon developer, then open and excess Katie concrete and you button to create the new scape in this fish right name for skill and select language. From this page, we need just like the pretty fine morning that we're going to use. I have selected customs after creating skill we have seen in location is a phrase that you deserve. It used to invoke a risky writing name and taken save the modern. We will continue to invent in the accession. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, police were free to contact you, haven't I say? 5. Intents & Utterances: Haddaway. Welcome to the procession off Craig Custom. An excess skin using AWS Lambda function to Dorian's for beginners in decision reversed. Evolve this invent and that turns and in 10 tra prisons and action, therefore for the uses spoken declined in days are used to identify groups off questions or comments that have the same convention. For example, if you're creating the scale for on nine food ordering, then showman you order food. Meet Clement will be intent for the skin the Alexis gave it. Provides a library off building in days. You can use these in times toe. Add functionality to your skills without providing any single drinks. Currently employs Building intense for book calendar music Video where the Rex aircraft, the sample at currencies have set off lightly spoken phrases. Mac to the intense in debt. Must include one on those emperor entrances to obey the modern. Put example in food ordering ski. The user may say order one large Mexican green. Mapisa, you're good delivered, passed under the source, etcetera. You can add all possible ways that use NBC. That s Facial 2000. Here under intense section. It includes building in things by default. It contains doth rebuilding interns. Let me click on from here. We can create our own custom intent as well as from Belgian Indians. I am going to create a mucus to in time with the name hollowing thing like invocation Name . The Intend name also has some conventions that we must need to follow. Click on create. But yet our intent is good. Currently does not have any sand belligerency to add new entrants in this example. The need to write it here and praise under our this advert. Lettuce and high Hey and hello those all are added to the temple. Click on it to adity and you can as a politic, if not required. Next. These lots within those Kroenke's Learn more about this Lord indexation makes this confirmation pointing thing. River speak in communications, click on See Morninto, Just Savior interaction Modern and click on Bill, Model to save and a great in correction. Morning Billy Modern process will take 2 to 3 minutes. Next click on index to see all of this injury like looking at. But then we can create a new broom using this matchbox. We can forget it. These table displaced some information about intense. It is a number off a trances. Lords type often don't take section. We can also the Lexington kill people away in the face. We're creating those on Bill Jason for skills in direction. Morning riveted. We need to righteous in detail for creating or modifying intent, not our differences, to see Justin Data that use. That was King Recon Jason Aditya. Here you can see that it includes intense that we have created, I know, but sample it. Differences we have added began modified is Justin as well as upload New Jersey and find for important existing skin. Now let's see what we have known. Indecision. This is a one in 10 represents, an action that fulfilled a user's spoken requests and Sam, but entrances, prison spoken phrases. And it may includes loss. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, police were free to contact. Have a nice day 6. Slot & Slot type: 100 guys. Welcome to the sixth session off. Create custom Alex asking using eight of the Islamic Ra function to do dance for beginnings . Indecision reverse e, but it's not, and how we're using it's not is an argument to an intended use. An example. Information about the price Each slot map. Big splash. In simple terms, you can say that the slot is credible within footprints and snow type is just like a big time. For example, when the user say's I want to order pizza on I want to order a FISA Here come Pisa are fast Days is lost in Greenwood usage. The user may order any of the products such as a Vogel Alexa Skill has some pretty finds, not types of illegal. We can also create our own customs. Not too no, I just wish to the browses for this I'm going to create new invent bidding of esteem. Name this plague ratings. In this intent, the user will specify name and we will disclaim greeting message with person. For example, User may see I'm really or my name is nearly here. The board delay is a slot which can be very right by users request to make its Not we need to double click on this one. If you have already created and it's not, then it will be missed out here. We don't have any existing slaw, so we need to create a new one. But mean person name might leading advertising. You can see that it was added to intense not as well as in addresses. It was pleased with the name of this not and engrossed with cover you prices. Notice the Let Me Morgan. This time we have it's not so selected from here. We can change the order of slot if you have medical slots in Indian from this drop down Regency, let's not time because off these love representing the multi person, so I'm going to sit like opposing as it's not. But looking added, I Lopatin begin at dialogues for reproved our information. If this not is required than anybody and right thinks they could be used when the user does not provide snark that issues least say, What is your name and called replied these user me see, I'm closing me. We can also add confirmation problem. If you want to confirm user before proceeding, you know I'm writing Your name is person room, right? No good for making these. We must need to animal dialogues for now. I'm going to remove this here We have added slot within a Trinity's and select Virgin's not Cory. Not a saving no. I'm going to create customs. Nothing Lee consular takes you're is a table contains at least off all source that your skill is using. Click on Acto Air Building our customs. Nothing Building slot types classified into different categories. Host is list on another is other. Amazon provides many this types nor such as actor and lines, animals, book color, city festivals, movies, gold ST James are many moves I know with those it and so cool right, The duration literally number four number in time. If you want to use any from these, you just need to make on aggregate. If you want to create your own custom res which does not provide by Amazon, then we need to use the customs Not I'm going to create a new slot with name programming languages here. We need to add possible values for this. No, I'm going to end JavaScript BHP c sharp infighting. We can also an idea for those valued. Why didn't you fight lettuce? Eggs? Numeric value? For those Arlington's delete this value. Click on delete better. We can also actually, no needs for these, for example, but fighting using Amisi Fine, we'll see Shop using racy SEASIA are not new. Let us see if the morning No, I'm going to create a new in gang for our training. Programming Language studies The length. Click on adding 10 button with me, Howard language. Here the user may say I like language means or knowing reasoning. All my favorite languages language me type of this noughties programming language And where's the morning? No, let us see what we have known in the station Intent Roysten Commission required by a rescue . But in a veteran, there are two kind of slow host is building. I'm is appropriate, but it's not think, and we can also create custom. This thanks to In next station, we will see required request and response. Former to create Lambda functions. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. I have a nice day 7. Request & Response format: I know. Guys. Welcome to the seventh session off Great customer Aleksovski using AWS Lambda Function to Jodi Arias for beginners in this section. Vivir Z Forming Off Request and Response for Metric right by Alexa Here is a simple request for May Alex of saying this Jason detect toward Lambda Functions are other by pool version two. Prison version off the end point. The session provides additional information for content. I see no object will pass in all indent request as well as launcher Crist and session, and did a quick new property. It contains a bullion value which indicate whether it is a new station on existing passion . Slash unity contains the unique well you toe identified. User session unique. The application contains application I D, which contains a unique value that presents the lighting use already contains string value to uniquely identify the uses. Access token provides token identification off other link account. If he was a link successful for mission contained consent token, it provides to confirm information that customer has consented to provide attributes contain even do permit. It contains data that we have said in social attributes into spawn with immunization stats . It will be empty. Context. Object Contains information about current state off skill and Alexa All you please contains the current state offering out your players suggests current activity. It's token and upside. Display contains details off the current state off this way, if it contains, and this place this time contain details about the system, which includes application, user and device. He advised to prisons unique device I. D and supported interfaces. Such a stamp Late and market version e P a and Point contains busy Well, which will use by Alexa for a pre AP exist. Open containing a token that can be used to access Alexis. Specific 88 Request is the most important object that reveal use, like contains type of request that is launched. Request indented with passion in. Did request on nuclear requested Request i D. Contains unique value. Toe identified. Request you because timestamp contains time. Step on, which requested initiated No girl contains language core that will be re prison uses local . The intent object contains details about intent. I mean, contains the name of think I'm from based requested centric confirmation status, indicating whether the user has explicitly confirmed or denied the ender in bed. It's well, you can be. None confirmed. Deny not object. Contains a key value. Mac for each lawn. Digging, I mean, represents in the name of this knock when you contains or is your value that user has popped again? Confirmation status indicating whether the users has explicitly confirmed or denied the slot. Resolutions Object representing the results off. So reserving the world's captured from the uses. The drink. That is it for the Quist object. Now we will see responds. Object. This is the response form, a picture generate by other land, a function off that hope that will be created. However, we only need to pass the quiet objects within response on me. Not all of the listed here version contains a version for the response oppression attributes contains, as even you must, that will be added to the confession. Response is the main object that people need to written. I'll put speech. Object contains or is your tags that will Alex SP That can be plain text or SMS. If you have used plain text, then you need to specify output space in texts properly. If you have used as a Zamel than right speech synthesis markup language. Innis is a myth. Property. The problem object contains output speech This will use when decision is a few after sending response, but the user does not respond. Shoot and profession contains a bullion value, which indicates whether the station should and after electors picks the response. That not hard object contains card. It is that will render Alexa that is very is kind off guards. The simple God contains the only guidance in text. Good things where standard cut contains tighten content. Text as well. A small and large image. You can add only one kind object. I have added two times for showing you this index off boots the night feels convened an ad off directives that you specify Device level elections toe. Take using a particle interface elicits nor directive things. Alexa. A command to ask the user for the value off. A specifics not not really sit property contains the name off this lotto illicit of making intent. Representing the intent sent to your ski. We can Abit slot value our confirmation status for the England confirm slot direct. You will send a command to confirm the value off a specific slow before continuing with the dialogue. It could be insane properties as illicitly are you. Players play directive, science and exotica. Mine screamed, modify, Maybe heavier describes play big behavior. If it is including it'll stream and end of the current you. If replaced all, then immediately begin playback off the spice If extreme, if replaced on this court and you'd remove all strings in the Cube. However, it does not impact the currently playing street are you? Item stream contains an object representing the audience stream to please. No country presents or picked open for the audience stream you are in contains the location off audio content at the remote https location, offset in milliseconds specified. Bankston on reach and access should begin. Play big. My Today contains some matter. Nitties to be shown on the device. If it contains a disclaimer. Begin at Title's subtitle, Albert Art and Background Image. For this video and direct different. This video on an exile video item object contains details off the video, so its contents you are enough video files that will be played. My Daddy Deccan Danes next for the title and subtitle. Not the video No into directed rates in message Toby. A device with the display. It contains some other common which users can answer. Trying Render template Director Randall List it convinced. Ended up to right. Contains the name off the template to be rendered. Currently it contains seven different kinds off templates for body template or list and broken usedto. Craig. Electable elements Back biting property Used to hide back button by default. It is valuable that'll contains next to be displayed in the title for the street. New Seconds Contains and Addie off the object, which contained the text and images for the least. I don't the major object contains you aren and description for the means X country object Contains text to be displayed in primary security in territory. Text beginning of suicide to reach text, which can convince that's demon That is it. We were great London Functioning annexation to generate a response. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. I have a nice day 8. Create Lambda Function - 1: I know why. Welcome to the aid station. Off grade custom, Alex Asking is indeed a great land. A punch into durians for within is in these sessions with the Creator. Because Lambda functions and contributed in a whiskey between Linda Function, we need to log in tow. Amazon's AWS come. If you're not so great, then you can create a new account, which, with the word free subscription for five months, I have already signed us. So no things Here is the least off services that AWS provides. We are interested to create longer function, so start for you. You're is the least of lambda function If nobody played. If you have created and know that when you creating Lambda Function for Elektra, then we must meet to check region. In this 1 June will be doctor. Currently, it's supposed only four regions, which includes Go Kill Island, not a Virginia, and articles I'm using not watching legal create function button. We can create a function from scratch or import it from Blueprint or depositors. They're sanguine. Lambda Functions groupings for Alex Exit Such is back scheme. Previous gives my told picture throughout this city the great from scratch so selective it is right. My first lambda for the function name, name diffusion, support Brady's runtime platforms such as dotnet. Chava knows fighting. Who of the city's live in us nor G. If you knew, then you don't have any rewards. A select created custom rules. I'm going to create a new rules with name Lamela. Basic execution Legal Allow Britain here it will automatically select the rule that we have created legal creativity Year over Lambda Potion Creative ruled out you didn't go. Daddy did. For anything of the function. There are three different ways to generate. A response to an existing first is simply generated. Jason Object As a response we have seen in the previous session reckoning using Alex eyes Degale wasn't born, didn't see eat into session 15 and 16 and authorities using an exact cool and taking that is version toe along with some components off Alexis throughout this city's I will use all three ways, but the primary focus will be on using Alex Akora sticky in these couple of stations. I've will generate response object manually in next session. I will use Alex eyes to give for the you know, I'm going to create a new country. Rituals 100 Simple response. Object from a text message. The passes off, madam. Here. I'm going to create new function which will Kendrick people response object from a text message that passes in fire damage right function make response. It takes the text as apartment next greed response options back and even new in version Bidding output speech on going to ridden plane ticket that this past in prior images And after this response off, a session will not end and Griffin disappoints. Here in Handler, we will get contacts and call back along with a kind for fasting purpose. I'm going to call this function regardless. Request type or inventing for sending in response to an egg 72 Houston tex dot Succeed mental. We didn't think I'm calling make response weapons and bus Hello from Linda and the A potion yet is he adding quote over function? He hadn't stands for Amazon Resource me If you this to identify function uniquely it includes the region and function me copied open and accept Consul leak on the end point Begin provide and point from AWS Lambda, our STD B s website. You know, we have created Lambda Conference or select AWS Lambda. We can use different endpoint for a different reaches. Please don't, Linda. Inning before is this the lady copy? Even Federation have explained designers and an excess gave crude oil and based your still I d here legal and eggs and the A potion. And since the end, boy, no tax. We must need to add Alexis Kate in the trigger before saving endpoints. Well, we have successfully added Alexis guilty eight in Orlando functions trigger means this land a function will invoke on Lee. It is receiving a request from Alexis. That is open factor. If you open this first time, then you need to animals from here we can write text or use my Groupon to static organization. That is right. Forced devil, that is Hey, interrogation name. You ve got response. You're is adjacent later. That will send to our land of function. And here is a decent return Virgin treated over Lamela for the things we need to add this event in London country for passage. This is an example off non sequitur. Hopefully this digress Just indeed explained job don't legal configured past it. You have agreed a new best, even between non sequitur and brief Jason Deka. Here we can create button to create best even let us saying Hello you need sayings. Request from hollowing dead because Jason again create a new event. His name Hello and crazy Cool Lee Concrete button to create best even I noticed in My name is nearly it sends request hung display grating, intense you need also includes person named in his not hopefully this Jason. But even new event, this plague rating and crazy cool noticing I like Michael, it sends a request of having language. Indians. It includes language name in this law again, Coffee, Jason Pretty even new event language and crazy cool clay concrete button. In this section, we have created Lambda Functions integrated with an excess cases and added this even for all in next station, with a big of a lambda function to response at the request. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, he's feel free to contact me. I have a nice day 9. Create Lambda Function - 2: Hello, guy. Welcome to the ninth session off cream Assume and exactly using eight of the agenda function to do dance. Watch the news. The station has continued to the present station and a vision and a phone. Yes, he's an example that we are going to die when a user opens our steel. First time people display off welcome message to the uses after these many users trying to request from Hello intent with the state. How are you when you use air saying to request or display Gree Inc we will display you're welcome message with me. The accuser views along the days didn't added in session so we can use it in subsequent request when he uses thanks, request to private language with often value and I d filming Dent and mean compensation and display lettuce copy to Java. Critical. I'm using vision story ago for anything you can add it here or use any other anything to. First of all, I'm removing Call Vic as we do not required it. You went with being a dad, Jason. He does that He signed by any reaching two sessions that dick and equipped often request uptick from teasing needed before response with Detect Unable to process your request, Do you write get look in cash Knock written exception It is using treatment really uses thankfully place the first time It's request I've been launched A clip on the forced It plays the village. Didn't Begum toe forced any frisking the life? If it is it intent, professed and used such days long and created space for each anything Hello intent I'm going to written. I know How about you? In disseminating please Hendler impact in 10 data are getting private language created headless But here I am biting in done event objects as they need to a play. The person named from the station at the end off Crider than this one object using success Very, very handle for this thing. I mean from slots injured in response with day Welcome back. I mean, good morning. I love this text message years only to set if the union station for these past and objective making exports methods you will get session data if it was present in fact, it in session Attributes read handler for rabbit language. You never get the evening. I think select language, comfort solutions if we go selective language, then off a name and I d from it off a person being from sessions activities if session two days of living in often for sending compensation, other ways. Thank guest uses and created this forms with day. Any person me likely returning. Who are these language? Yes, The ex forms with uneven Do identify your favorite language. Yeah, we have created a hanger. Ladies, please. And up 80. We've already lambda function. Well, these test even let you. Largest list, Please. Go on. You ve got welcome to unforced. Alexis is money. Does the person dead? It was a Buddhist is a desk off lambda for each Even before testing it in electric stimulated. So he gave any editor Nicholas Then you can begin to find here. I have already tested all of these events. So other is death, but I think it's good I need to directly test it instantly. Military shows all this in date up a request and just bones. So it's easy to test the best thing. Let it is right for them. Because a welcome message. We need to start our skill by writing its invocation. Me so I'm writing before Stammel Just saying Hey, we got Hello. How are you? No, I'm saying I'm Jeff Bezos here. You can see that it was added in session. It that is right. Mining is really We got Welcome back. Nearly. It was bigger name from slots medicine. I like Ph. Me. It was proper language. Me and I d Every sports in the improvisation. No. And sending I know by it was ultimately he couldn't live by fighting. That is it you have created over 40 and integrate it with Member. Let's see what we are learning session. What is the need to create Lambda functions? Innate ability Regretted or Alexa skated a big Erin impunity. You need another request Handler matter. In re, we have Jack the went that is launching placed on display This message he's on endangered list. These don't mean ball from the operation here. We have obtained the name from this lock and language from resolution and it sort of driving me prom cessation. It is not genetic in both response trip to if it includes session of rivers. If section datable the bus. Thanks for watching to see you. If you have any doubts, please free to contact me. Have a nice day 10. Enhance Response for Alexa: I know why, but I can't do the translation offering custom that existing is in eight of lives and a potion to go. Those evidences improvisations. We have created Lange's engine for generating this thing in this station. Haven't seen how to x station and even rebound and use as their members first super lettuce , additional land, a function that we have created. Then we received the request in service languishing tank. We want to look in the extra session so the user needs to start the new section of you for these unique class and extract that image of name is sensation. You could go value in this part of the truth and didn't that should and station to recruit . They need to bust through in the band after in saving response at its of invade for users just, you see use it does not just in some time it was a gain aspirin and don't even bodies. It was used output speech that you find in vitro. For these, that is eggs. One more damaging names shoulder from is a post truth then sent Rico's are boosting. Same in response. You can also use different banks. No, I'm enabling very prompt for hello intent. You know, you're just setting text that any Southern who knows have a good in itself in situation, you will want a different kind of Bruno's than anything In that situation, we can use s and M in No as his Eminence. Thanks for speech. Since it is a mark of language, is it accepted these mark of language waas based in visitors application you are move. It is about supporting as a semblance and exposed. Alexa. The link is available in resources looking at effects Tula speech known or you're buying in stage as more break between Jews and Disease Ed Mort and Disease or reporting from the Lord . Thanks for me for war. Mortify breach of voices in bozo using Same as we can describe how to integrate the bags That is a character number VT. They don't dine, exit You see how any seven who knows we can use based menace copies Open boys and door base station Yes, and corn flavor did to death is as a 12,345. Here is the same number with each digit spoken separately. 12345 As you can imagine food. And there's someone in week and sports it be. But as a fellow student, I decided to enter someone's in sex You put in this liberating thing date I want to break between Welcome back and good morning. The right breakdown equals 236 That is copper dysfunction and a page of land. A potion opens in the neck. Let his deck organization welcome to your first Alexis skill. That is right. I have nothing. Welcome. Back in l a Good morning. He and it will take a three second break, as we had expected. That is right. I like see show. Hey, lady, you like C sharp? Whose it is too, You know, in response, you can see that we have ended concessions. Now, if you tried to use and, you know, combined, I like new judges. Sorry, I don't know that one here. We could not get a response. As always, Came special was ended. Let me think what we have done in this session by using at the time of the can specify speak in Texas. Part of it is yours. Using should and sessions begin and organization. So let's given not get reckless using any problems we can react from user Kordestani Thanks for watching this legal. If you have any doubt exclaims Free convection, have a 90 11. Launch & Measure: Hello, guys. Welcome to the 11 session off Great customer Exact scale music eight. Every sender Connection to voters far begins improvisations. We have seen build and taste indecision rivers in launch and measure bets off Alexis Cakey . Let us Mystery Browser before publishing of escape. The need to update interface and permission used by risking in the face specifies which interfaces will be used by over skill of asking. May use audio. Clear This plane defense or video interface commission specified. Required permission Bisky such as address or least read or write He had a list Can not using any off them, so I'm keeping it safe. Open launch step. From this step we can see, However, skill will appear in skew store as well as published skills or start better testing, the first happiest in previews. He does that with everyone here, but it's playing this truth. Public name is the mean that will appear in stores were less contrast, tend written by overseas, we can use different names, too. One sentence description. It was appearance store when user review list of skills on writing My first pin, the damn escape. A little description here we could write mean from reality Off Westie. Acela's any predict visit I'm writing. This is demo scheme created by nearly matter for learning purpose. Next is at someone crazies for a washing. We need to like three phases toe page of a skin. Mid response. I'm writing Alexander Open forced them. My name isn't it? I like no jail. Know that the first phrase must tried with an exam skill in location. Name your rituals. Warning That difference is not existing in sample entrance because we have used a slot for the name. Next these weapons we need to select an image for the I can size wanted right and 500 fixing. I'm selecting any image here. Unique is letting appropriate image. Then select Calvario skin. I'm selecting education and reference in the words right. Some fevers that describe the scale. It would have to socios him begin also ahead of back page for the privacy policy, our films off services. But for now I'm keeping it. Next time is privacy and companies you know we need to provide some days, such as read all of the skin, allows the user to budgies things it's collect User's data allow Children with under 13 age to use your skills, and it will contain any kind off advertisement and certify for export companions investing instructions. We need to write a brief description for how Amazon will test our skills before adding it The store. You need to mention all things properly because it will help your scale to modify more for 20 even for indented buckles only it will not display toe and user. Next step is part of ability. The need to specify better off excuse will be available for all users are for em is in business organization users. From here we can start beta testing for all escape Know that this region is off the legal based on the configuration You chosen privacy and complains and he was a meat prefer all the does including I you can always away but that instead administrators to add by the tester you can write me lady in this Take Sadiyah and take on everything Big drag and drop See as we find for both inside here we got over by. The test is empty. We can Publisher s came toe All countries or selected countries here always keep is ready for submission I don't want to Somewhere skin now as a skin does not have any proper from Shannon enough in had the users from major tech begin check and a big states pore over skills here. We have not published in yet, so he doesn't contain any charge from customer century. We can see the is about the unique customer picture using of us in session section Begin seeing session religion data such as started on did real station as well as accusations for customers. In a transaction, we can see total entrance request averaged request and the response given by the user. From intense section. We can check unique customer for a particular intent totally trances in Dent and friends. A princess in aging things. Your attention shows the use a jump your state over time by groups off customers. Thanks for watching this Meet you. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact. Have a nice day 12. Create a new Skill: Hello, guys. Welcome to the trial session off Great custom Aleksovski using AWS Lambda Function tutorials Far beginnings in this actual revel see how to use. Asked me like to create skills and lambda functions Improvisation. We have creative skin using skill kit on Lambda contract using AWS console Amazon also provide see light to create or manage skill and lambda function directly from the terminal For days we need to use ask, see like if we wait some command by a note yet so we need to install the note for us. We also need to install AWS Eli if you also want to deploy Lambda from us through August cities, I will use visual studio code at the text editor. You can use different if you want and referring this because it has built in terminal cancer. So I don't need to open a man from our terminal in different I have downloaded booty like that is double click on AWS delight to install it. I have already installed so country. After installing these, we need to deliver group access keys If you have for these open AWS concerns such I am expand delete Kruky. Let's continue. Explain excess key and click on create exist. Keep Britain. I have already created one so it displays it here and I'm going to create a new one. Now we need to configure AWS Eli, for this open determiner, right aws configures it will ask for exist, ease tasty. And also basically, you can skip other options too. Here we have configured aws unite after these you need to install note for ask, See like if you have already installed then skip this step and instant asked as did a global thanks for all installer. All models are available in resources. It will take some time to dabbler dependent packages. After this I'm restarting we just to decode No, we need to configure. Ask the light for that, right? Ask any then it will ask to select profile I have created for to fight different profiles So they are listed here. If you're running the first time, then we need to create a new profile. Right name for new girlfriend then asked to choose aws file for lender. We need a selected for it would open the browser logging and give required permission. You can see that our new profile is treated to greet new skin project we need to use, asked Newcomer. They it will ask name that you want to use for skip. We can also pass it as option for this combined tonight asking your skill name option and specify and mean that you want to use for skill. Then we can optionally set me in for Lamela function to use lamb landing options, but you cannot use it when you're using template. Yeah, it was initializing skill protein and it was created. Amazon provides. Sometimes it's that we can use well, creating new skills that just fights freed please exit right. If you want to use those templates, then you can write I feel like one template and specify the name off the template that you want to use that just opened his directed E Here is in your folder with the name of the ski . Let us explain folder name Lambda within that it contains the index dot gs file. It is opening. It is a JavaScript code that's been deployed in AWS Lambda functions. Women understand its structure and modified in next station. I guess not. Jason filed for the new yet it includes a dependency for Alexis Dickie. I am using the latest version off asks Rely. So it was added Alexa as sticky core instead of motion. In one, you do the morning it condensed season for indirection. Modern, as we have seen in direction model, contains intense plots and a drink. If your skill support my different languages, then you can add new file with locally and scared that Justin File contains consideration for non step into description. Example Phrase name it also contains and point it is here we will use the Lambda functions . If you are still required and interface on permissions, then it will be additive. Let us see what we have done. Infestation use. Ask free life we need to install AWS CIA and no gee after these used. Ask any command to initialize your account Use asking new command to create new skill. We need to pass Still need an option that many and we're so so directory structure off, asks Eli and goading structured off London function. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day 13. Update Lambda function: no guy. Welcome to the 13th session off great custom. Alexis killed using AWS Lambda Function tutorials for beginners In the recession, we have created new skill Project Asked in this I shouldn't We will understand the coding. Secure Off Lambda and Modified You is Lambda Function that created by asks. NEC understood Gordy's return here here an excess ticket cool model was important and greeted several 100 hours. Let collapse all for better readability yet created Custom skill builder using and request hundreds Michael Register each hand. The other Hendler is a special kind of heller. So it was registered using at adult handlers matter and call land a matter to create Lambda Functions. That is explained non to request Handler. It contains two matters. Can hundreds and hundreds, both of them very received handler input from parameters. It contains Jason Data signed by Alexa as well as some helpful classes on my part. You can handle matter. We need to return a Boolean value. If it was true, then code written in Handelman Terrible execute in the presence station, we have used event dot request not tight to check whether the request is launched request but not you're dizzy. We got event data in request envelope. So if it is not request, then execute the school Responsibility is helper class that allows us to build a response. It supports my containing so called each matter like this. First of all, call speech matter to SEC output Speech in response three problem matter is used to add re prom in response, using the example guard matter, we can create a simple card and get response. Matter is used toe octane Jason, for this response and return it. Yes, we do not need to care about Jason Responsible. Live in automatic Now I live in a big slammed a function to respond famous Our old function for this forced upon I'm going to a good launch request 100 of the message text We do not want to generate garden launch that is creating new handle Name Hello Indian tell you Create can handle mothers Big brother request type is intent Request an Indian Mamie's Hello ended Please handle matters that bags will be said in output speech and reproved Youth response builder to SEC output speech and reproved X and call Get response man No, we must need to call this matter at the end and also return it. Otherwise, elective is not good response or make fine for property lines. Now. Create a handle for this play. Grating intent never scar. Bt's a big intending Yeah, we need to opt in the value of person name from this lot, and then we need to add it in session. You never used attributes manager it, throw it together and settle matters for manipulating at a good concession or a dynamo. Db We've been used. Anybody being up communications first, a fall off in existing station attributes using gas station at the boots, mapping off attributes. Managers next add value and person name he within this Eric. Now we need to object station attributes for this. Use that session attributes, matter and passed of detect for out good speech. Know that you have not only speak that before and after mass responsibility will automatically lt and output speaks. Type will beside, too, as a symbol for all decks years. We do not need to ask for people, however, we'll do not going toe and a session for this use with shoot and fashion matters. It will update the Value Offshoot and passion into one. Let's copy This had led and create a high alert for Harvard. Language a bit intending. I'm copying those lines from one existing lender from Shinto. Opinion, which name? It is creative variable for posting me that guest. Use it as different when you if session attributes contain suppose and me, then our plane, its value and a big output speech I'm using Spring in the Polish in. I prefer to use this over on getting each string for battery liability that is, and missing bracket and former descending. Now we need to register those all handlers in our skill. Bigger that big. Our lambda function was created. Now we need to create indirection models you can manually, bitches, and they carefully direction murder. But now I'm copping Jason from our existing peace and change in location. Name to Second. This will include three default in tight Halloween day, and it's simple. It drinks these little things with lots and entrances, fabric languages to contain slots and drinking Uris Customs law type that we have created. You can have some modified notice Anyone more value in this long, hard will be. I noticed you all. Let's see what we have known. Infestation in decision we have known how to use, can handle and handle matters for creating your own hunger. You're is launched request handler, in which we have just simply you speak entry proved you're is a hello Indian handler in which we have Jack or request type and inter name in the gang had limit in handle matter again, we have used speak and re prompt. In this liberating handler, we have often slog value, often existing station attributes using attribute Manager, he said, a new every book in it and the use taxation at too. But my plaque to update it begin, as is it as a cement in output speech, the true sensation of ritual and session in the fabric, language, gender we have options. Law Value was the name conversation and generated a simple response. Redrow Meta that re from speech Big shoot sensation matter that's your sensation. Value to know are false or true. The single card metal renders a simple car with falling title and control. Big standard card matter renders a standard card with falling title content and image riddling a conquered by the Rangers and link a cold car with ask for permissions. Consent card method renders are asked for permission. Consent card at delegate is like to matter acts. And I love delegate direct you to respond and illicit non like to Michael s and I love elicits long did they do to response and confirms not direct you metal eggs and I look confirms Learn direct you to response Any confirmed intended like you matter acted I look on from intense dislike Youkilis forms and all your player pleaded like to my father as an audio player Play directing and on your players Stop listening to my phone as and on you're here Stop directing. Add audio Appear clear Huge two metres As in all your players here. Few directing at video at launch Director method as a video plea. Did I do to play a video? Have him direct to Michael as a Hindu. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. I have a nice day 14. Test & Deploy skill: I know. Guys. Welcome to the 14th session offering custom Alexis scale using AWS Lambda Function tutorials for beginners. In the previous session, we have updated on the Lambda functions and indirection. Morning. This I should reveal deploy watching these two, Alexa stated and aws that is open visual studio code. In between, I have created new skill with me Second demo and move all later toe the skill as you have already one skill with force demo in location name. So it makes a little bit confusing. Now I'm opening concert by praising control. Did If you're not using the escort, then open cancer and ambulance right? Asked deploy to publish your skill and he had ever skill deployment is finished after some time lambda function with us. Yes, We got the message that use Ask simulate command for tasting of escape Asked the president Diplo Lambda model. And still, if you just want to update any specific then you can use iPhone the option to target specific in most probably situation. We just need to update lember function only for that right? Ask deploy My friend Linda here the only Lambda deploy which they lots of trying here over skin was dry. Who let taste it by writing? Ask civility for this. We need to pass. Lady and lettuce copied this from here. Use option as to specify Ski lady. Then use option D for write it down that you won't do you? Here I am going to use in location E. That is second demo to start a whiskey and specify local using option Here I have used English us I understand it. Your simulation was created and after some time it could have done some juice in detail. Here is invocation response that generated by Lambda from the response contains text that we have passed in from as assembled. That is open Alexa. Skill constant. Here it is a scale that we have deploying that is opening. However, we have used to be like to create this scale. But we can use this to you. I in modified open test step begin. Also test came from here. I suggest you to test it in ICO device if you have. Because I have raised several issues while testing it in CLI and Web Simulator does not support some preachers. Still, now that just directives in order Player but it will work pretty on your device that is open AWS console to Jackie Lambda function we have created here in configure. You can see that it was already configured toe Alexis kill kids automatically, so let's see what we have learned. Decision to deploy skill and Lambda Use asked the predicament after the Roman we can still access it from Alexa Skill Kit and AWS to test used. Ask similar command in visually to pass the lady text and look up. I suggest you do use by version for testing over simulator because it is simple to read as well. Let it is easy to send your request. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, use feel free to contact me. I have a nice day. 15. Use Alexa SDK v1 Apdapter: Hello. Hi. Welcome to the 15th Station Off Create custom Alexa Skill using AWS Lambda Function tutorial for beginners In the privatisation we have used Alex eyes sticky coat that is voicing toe indecision Riven used version born etiquette Amazon recently introduces version toe STK part still some of the features off version Bonnie is not covered Inversion toe imposing too intense structure of creating and left and responsibility are changed If you're not interested in version born STK than you can keep a couple of sessions No this wish to be Yes Good Open dominance Speech of walking directory to custom within Lambda You even need drinks Don't ask Sticky We also need to use a version born a doctor This package allows us to use version on my country Use of inversion toe I'm going to remove those unnecessary handlers from here No visiting me Help intent tender create a new constant with name handler You have people specify all of the hundreds in Jason for me We need to ride the intending or request type followed by a function that will That is great for launch request back output speech Text invariable use these dot Response towards sweet to generate output Speech in response of Big Tex use Shoots and session matter to, say, shoot, sensation value and call this not a maid with the response ready Action! Need this One can village in great response cheese medicines to create it for hello Indian you speak matter use. Listen matter To cite a reprint text, it was also side falls in food and session corn Emmy. You can add all intent in this way if you won't do it. But for now, I'm not in writing the same thing. These motive and export of function in which we will receive a friend context and call that ST Alexander user a distant handlers matter to register the Heller that we have created because off this basically version toe STK with version one adapter. We can also use version to Heller's, along with tools angers. For these use register Beato Heller Matter and call execute Makoto Strattera, skill builder. Let us remove this life. You re helped you get an instance off the course, so legs changing. I also importantly one adductor open Domina, right? Asked people I find the lambda you never lambda deployed successfully. Let us switch to diplomacy. Sattler Skits. We got a new message from the even addictive. Let us send help. We got responses, but we 200 now let us see what we have done in the station. Indecision we have doing start at a triple even. Then you speak. Listen. And amid my doctor Jin reader response, we will see more matters off, even responsbility indexation. If you're not interested in these than you can escape it. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day. 16. Using ResponseBuilder in Alexa SDK v1: Hello, guys. Welcome to the 16 station or create custom while exact scale using AWS Lambda Function to do reels for beginners In decision, we will see movement turn off response builder to generate a response in the privatisation . We had an original response using my herself the start response that just be Liston shoot and affection and then use Amit matter and pass response ready as action me. It will generate the response from the data that we have said why it matters off this dot responds. There is another way to generate response off written Alexa that is using responsible this index for using responsibilities here within amid matter, we need to pass appropriate action name in the first perimeter and other response contents in next perimeter. Here is a simple difference between this in text off using response ready and responsibility In response ready. We need to call speak matter, toe out for speech, then use amid Michael Pigeon greater response In case off response builder, we can simply use hammock matter. You stand as a churning and pass response Data in its paramount are good speech with the report which will make more reliable and also reduce school. You have somewhat to supported action names for responsibility tell is used to set output speech. It's like speak matter. I know that it will set through include and session ask. It will generate our poor speech as well as three proof I regard it. Virgin Rick Output speech along with this timed it cut asked with Carville Paul from the same oppression as Calvet Card but Trudeau and session with Value Voice Linker and Permission Car, especially kind of card to show link for logging and asked for permissions. Off address on the street, right? A delegate is used to gender dialogue with delegates. Confirm slot is used to generate controversy. Slur directive in dialogue model do you stick? It is used to save attribute meter to the dynamodb. You know I have converted over example with even use Ask action to generate output speech. We can also redirect a request to other 100 for the prompt used then in a section beginning , sort of like SFM in throughout the city's I will use Version two was matter for all those operations. Thanks for watching this video. Have a nice tea 17. Use Skillinator: I know why. Welcome to the 17 station off. Create custom. An exact scale using AWS Lambda function tutorials for beginning indecision with Dylan. How do you get in? Needed Community is about Used to generate temple and a function from above Inter election motors That is open kilometer dot ru in the houses You don't need to place intervention modern. Let us copy Jason from a whiskey. We stayed here and he contended here Lambda functions for this interaction model is created lettuce copy and placed it in three years. Called for proper Syntex highlighted currently generates a template based on a stick is even. Maybe it would have upgraded We do when you are reporting. Here is the fourth section containing text variables the Lord an excise begin Create hundreds by default it please help Cancer stop in session Andrew, quit Here is hollowing deck that we have Brady This Kendrick simply gin rates the response using actually me next day. Is this liberating in page We have this law for possible yet its value is with drugs. So we do not need to care about this too. The same thing topples off. Good language. Um handled is specials. I know panda. It was execute when none of about 100 minutes it will play a sample handlers, for all intents and if it contains lost than opt in its value After creating those hangers , it was registered with ski and exported Morning. You know, some helper classic begin use many people use is when they want to create a skate from stretch. It's great to, but, as I say perfectly currently, does not support version toe. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubt, place with three to contact with, Have a nice day. 18. Use CloudWatch: I know Guys. Welcome to the 18th session off Great customer Alexa skills using AWS Lambda function Tutorials for beginners Immunisation. We will see how these cloudwatch to check logs are jealous when we're creating back at its already laws will be sure in console table grows My part in Giza planned a function It does not run in plain sight for these We need to use cloud but which is also part of eight years No, that is open aws until for the cloud leaker on lots for each lender function He didn't Great Law group I have greater Sacra Linda function So here it contains knocks for all of them Yeah we're interested to watch logs off I'm glad that we have created I have used second day morning for lender Let us see when we deploy liberal country First time it will automatically Great knock stream within longer So did I descended even Think Let me 1st 1 you did on those its influence Diamond message Currently we have noted it Any log So it only convinced details of requests that and I have removed version bonding is probably that this movie if I ever longer function toe. Add logging, the slate ripping hundreds. Here, I'm adding all floors in logs so we can check for its values. Gun with Jason to string using strange If I X find five language tender. Yes, we have often look, I knew from request. And no, I'm adding any undefined property. So it was intended and Advil let us saving and deploy London now passed it in the family. Here we got an added is expertise. Open love groups again after any playing new knock stream will be created. So like collecting by clicking, expand or collapse, only we can expand or collapse are lots. On this page, you can see that it contains no details and here are Aditi's. For some others, it was also add. Coltec is similar to the concert of Deep Closer. We have added slow auditors in the lawful only display gripping. But what if you want to log all of Jason Data that received by our lambda and response generated by on these we need to use interceptors give It will provide some matters for creating into factors. Use ad request, interceptors matter and fast function which get requests, and we left and response No, let us a title text. We can identify this long you, Nicolle and Nagara first and we'll of Justin Data using string You fight and use ad response interceptors My, it will similarly get requests and we love and response. So it is coffee, a bow hunter, a video titled And here we need to buy the response object. Let us deploy it again. Open instead. And Carla. Risky against open new lock stream beauty is Jason Data for Chris Opinions funds. This is already had for doing No. Let us see what we have known in the station. So what Logs and added, We need to use cloudwatch. We can use at request interceptors and add response interceptors to generate logs for each question and response. In those methods, I have just loved Vika, but you can also problems of other kind of operations before or after call handlers. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day 19. Install & Test in Echo Dot: you're right. By completing the sensation off, create custom. Alex asking is in aws lambda function to programs for beginners. In previous eight infections we have tested or skill in this England and this actually work . I started school in equal device. What he's you required equally points to test your still you need to loving to the same account that you have used for creating skate in skating. And you also need to use the same language firstly and decoded. I have faced problems you, to my skill was the block in English US and Echo device is configured with English India. But now I'm using the same leg visual book. You open your skin, you just need to say wake put off the device and invocation being with this stuff Tea Alexa , openly force game. Welcome to your first Alexis skill. Hello. Hello. How are you? My name is gonna welcome back, Scarlett. Good morning. I like fighting. Hey, Scarlett, You like python? Whose ideas? One Here are Eschenbach's. As for expectations, you passed your skill in your ICO divides. You only need to go about accounting language. Both of them Mostly much. Thanks for watching this video. Have a nice day 20. Using Cards: I know. Lying. Welcome to the Clinton session off. Great cuts up on existing using AWS Anderson change occurrence for beginning Now we have think we generated the text message to a whiskey in this section. We will do some directives to direct the beaches Points in Gestation River. See how good you read cards. Red card will display on echo device The two display and Malaysia on your movement application Electric supports two kinds off guard, simple, good and standing guard. The difference between those two guard is that simple cut contains or the title and content we're standing guard Contains title contained more damage and magically never seaboard of for these lettuce. Modify Bisky here I'm going to pray. New, intense, openly modern at Newton going with me Gen Ricardo. It does not contain any floods and also ate some sample agency teachers don't be cut on display Image that is open land a function Create a new handler Enbridge People pop on operation on Lee for generate card intent. It is great man Constant speech Dick I don't and good thing use responsibility. Use with simple card matter to generate simple cut. This matter will take. I didn't contain. Well, thanks, I And at this let request Hambros the press key. As we have some modified indirection Modern lettuce tested in my equal, The car will be displayed in the mobile application. Alexa opened this I kingdom Welcome to your first Alexa skill from version two sdk rika, Here is your card. Now that it's more if I land registry tended garden And it was indeed an image. I have uploaded some images and Amazons as three bookies and created every containing all villages the card can contain and only single village. So here we were opting and even never made from the That is a little random number two talking any single image for every class use which standard karma Country Jindrich Standard cut and passed Same image waiting for the sport and Najimy Linda, reply on you, Nimda and fasted in equal. Alexa, open the second. Um, welcome to your first Alexa skill from version two sdk then recover. Here is your card. Let us strike one more pay Alexa Organ disliking Go Welcome to your first Alexa skill from version two sdk. The lettering reads. Here is your card this time regard the different image. Now let us see boarding your learning the session. Yes, we have created a new intent and it's under use. Bit simpleton matter. Couldn't read the car with the title in content and use the standard car matter to add an image to be cut. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, we think you to contact me. Have a nice day. 21. Generate Audio using SSML: how you guys, by completing 24 session off, create custom Alexa schemes using AWS slander function to Children's for beginners. This I should be able to see how beside the audio file in this points, there are basically two ways to send the audio violent response course she's by using S Osama and other various using audio Please, if you just want to play any kind of sound on users request such as laughing sound a propelling job extra in that situation after similar suggest E, along with the Alexa supposed really featured all your players using these, we can play sound crazy. Add into the new studied from particular off static Citra. If you want to create a steel like seven, fortify, our Pandora than audio player is suggested because it will provide full control. They're very discreet, defying intense exist for audio players such as Pause and resume minted and selling look all and loop off intent Next and prevents. Instead shuffle on inch off a loving dead, and there are three kind off great deals off other players. Lady Directive is used to start the trick dominated use to stop the music and clear que directing used to clear all cracks from Vicky. We will see Plea and Stop Collective Index station. Now let's switch to Visual Studio Court. You're in creating a new intent with me music. Anything you, the user may say Play music. Stack music. I would like to hear music organization. I will use assessable to play audio in Neck Station. Update the Smith Audio Player directive that is creative New 100 for music intent. I have Austin one sample and petrify on AWS effects Ministate Lee, you are in constant the staggering limitations for this audio files such as It should be pleased on https and assessable. For this I have used a three and I suggest you to upload all media files here. Niceties. It's lank. Music would be less than 90 seconds. Retreat for this audio must be 48 gave appears and sample rate must be 16,000 hertz. If we don't know how Good days with your and beautified nobody you need to download ever mpg like Pretty. It's link is available in resources open a command prompt and based this line the place filenames And he'd under you know, we have used effort and beaches. Celebrity However, we can also use order, City or Adam audition for that. Create constant for speech. I want to wake some text message before ever Someplace so added. Use all your day with its Those attributes pass. You are ill often and vitrified. I'm Alan. Three seconds break, but with text and audio that issues response builder and fast speech in speak. And we don't want to answer nations. So use week down and session. No, I just read this handler. I met a saving and deploy our skill. Alexa opened the psyching them. Welcome to your first Alexa skill from version two sdk. I would like to hear music. Here is a sound from S S M l Here I have used time taking music off closer. So it was played indexation level converted to our nuclear directive. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day 22. Using Audio Directive: I know why. Welcome to the 22nd session off. Create custom Aleksovski using AWS. Land the function to Dorian's for begin it in this section. Within use audio. Clear. Detective, That is a great speech message with clean your request here. We need to use add audio Player pleaded rescue matter off responsibility. It would take five parameters. 40 Believe it behaves. It can be replaced all. Thank you and replace into the place. Also begin playback immediately. Incredible. At play big at the end of the queue but a place and could will remove all existing please a and add new in the queue. However, it will not reflect current plane crash I'm using replace on happiness You are in off the order Fight Have a new same audio that we have used in the previous session. Next is still going to identify the sprint. You can use any text but no one other than 124 collectors here I'm using you are enough all your file as a token. So it will be unique for each modified next He's upset. It specifies offset in milliseconds Come bridge audible played. I want to play this from starting, whose legs zero next is expected to produce Stokols. Then you had using Include these token is required. It's pacify slogan for track, after which this will lead. Yes, I have used to replace on so it does not require it. Now we have created a tender for starting music, but no write anything for stop off course that is copied. This music intent handler to create a new handler. Listen to this handler for pausing date. It is special, kind off intense. It will be added when people adding and audio player into face for our school. We need to execute it when all the players playing on lettuce at a simple message to inform the user deck stopping your music requests we need to call add on your please stop directive. This matter does not require any damages to remove those, and we need to register now save the file in Deploy lander function. Your view is only to add permissions for all you players. So click on interface and even audibly bid Mordor open. Jason edited here. You can see that it infuse some prettified intense, such as pausing second review anything if you want to continue developing from at three light Then Now we need to use us Close a man to clone existing into your competence. Currently, the simulator does not support audio player protective. Do you need to tastic in your device? I'm going to use my Equador. Alexa opened the second level. Welcome to your first Alexa skill from version two sdk creating music playing your request goal is music stopping your music request here It played all you as well as a stop as we have diagnosed. No, let us see what we have allowed in the session we can generate ordering. Doing that is at seven and order directing audiophile must before lower specification provided by Amazon You these ff mpg library to convert your existing audio file and upload it to extra bottles, you can take several prettified intense. Those are listed here. We have used pausing Alexa support that three audio player directories at the time of recording. Yes, we have used play and stop. You can also frankly, if you to remove all drugs from you and then surprise is pretty fine Intent to create your own custom. This is an example we have used as a seven to play audio, Use all your take and pass audio file. You are really in source attributes. You stand in all your file using audio player directly. We need to use any or your player play to try to matters in reach. We need to pass behavior. Are you other token professed open and upset? Well, it s so I paid a standard card or text message toe over player recently. Amazon announced on my medical for the audio player which will display I want our articles . You may have stock audio player on pasta clips. You can also handle it in concert intent. I have also attracted that we will stop it on Lee. If all your playlist lean use add audio players, stop protected my credit to stop whose? We have updated interface permissions from skin concept, but we can also changing from skin Dodgy is enough right? But you need to manually at all things and required by the inter phrase indirection model. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubt, he's feel free to contact. Have a nice day 23. Using Video Directive: I know. Guys. Welcome to the clinic. Authorization off trade custom on existing using AWS lambda function to the red for beginners in the session with see how to use video activities in a little exhausting we do have not launched Directive is used to streaming 90 videophiles in e Keuchel Our sport devices like audio player in video. We need to specify you are a lot of video. There are certain limitations for the video such as it should be accessible via at studio piers current need supposed only and Beijing for or Astra to 64 Codec. Maximum resolution it can support is 1280 picks is however, it does not support 40. This means you have can contain playback controls Die doesn't up pregnant We can pause, resume stop and close commands which will send request opposing tank top in date resume intake that is switched to visual studio code and modify ever skill I'm going to add new ing I mean sure we do to execute this intent using may safe, she will read you What a play video. Let us create a new hunger They sent to it for sure We do intend as agreed constant for speech and my video player for the title and my favorite drag details in this subject, algae I have used at three bucket toe upload the video file that it's basted you out of used response builder. Do generally get responds use. Add video after lunch to take to matter, to add video directing it would take to see bad images. Video you outta thank you and updated year on generating video of directive without checking for supported interfaces, we must need to change that current device supports video playback on. For this we need to check in context dot system dot device dot supported interfaces dog video. If it does not support video it, then display the masters. Your device does not support with you, Please and register in this 100 No safety. Fine and deploy rescue. We need to Annabelle video of inter Freeze for this key built in direction modern That s tastic insecure Leader Stag A whiskey and regret to show video in 10 however we could device does not support the message. Reason for this is that in request object it does not contains video of property supported interface Even after enabling So we must need to test it in ICO Show our sport. I have only Equador but I will be unable to show you it In device we do not productive is used to play video on the device. There is every restrictions were supported video for make we need to check for you have been supported into faces. You did the very supportive. Then use add video launched direct you matter and pass a little of the video file An option title and subtitle for creating material objects Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts Least with free to contact me I have a nice day. 24. Using Hints in Card: no by welcome to the 24th session after a customer Alex asking using AWS and a function to do. That's why bigness in decision reveal see how to use into directive using in directing weaken sytem command Our thanks to be shown on this place. The hint is visible on Geico shoe but not visible, and Ecos fort that is creating Newington for dead with the name showing and it is not convenient. It's not here the use and may say this. Play a hand, show me on display other combines that is great handle for that invades. We will perform an operation for showing anything you revel gender standard car and led angry. Let us create constant for title and conduct and praised you out enough. The major that back still be used as a hint Georgian detained We need to use adding to take to my good and passed intake in for standard car used with standard can matter and passed appropriate damages. You just do this. Handguns see the file and deployed skin that this tested in crab simulated Thank showing you've been Gordon at it open cloudwatch logs the legal industry True, he it is the oddity that is it Type all in his standard. So disconnected this time deployed on the lumber from I got to tell you, Lincoln ICO showed display check marks If it was inject. Here we go. It is a card containing tighten content and image that we have sex And he had his It's him . No date. Electable automatically happened Try Wake up the board before over him Tex Here, my bake of parties. Alexis of issues Try and accept and Ricardo's a different image on the cover. Let's see what we have known. Infestation Pigeon Written directive we need to use at him director market and pass text that you're going to show. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubt policemen radio contact with have a nice see 25. Delegate Directive: I know. I welcome to the 25th session off. Create custom Alexa skill using AWS Landau, country tutorials, particulates, visitation will alone. How to use that adjective rating. You agree? My detain conversation in Alexa the total friendly all states using that get directly and another east using it is it's not controls lock and come from intended it. We can also combine both off using these. We can check. That means they're provided all values are not. We need to use Danica directing if you want elected to automatically handle the composition . Flu, based on your time of murder that looks state contained. State off the guy when a user sang to request It's Tyler can be introduced state. But he started in progress and completely for this and going to create a new ski open. Domina, I am using Code devil as any. That is a big launch. Request eggs so we can uniquely identify this open in direction. Morning change in location. Name to be called at doing things with me. Intro Vic Each this intent river often you this name and h even the auction. So it contains two slopes. Most will be both a name off type I'm isn't Doug Person and second slot will be age off type. I'm isn't that number. You, the user can see myself personally on myself, forcing me and my age is agreed. The handler for intra with age, it will reason for something it will listen for same intend that is often repressed from regress Envelope on in 10 from request. Yeah, I have used object The structuring assignment. This line is similar to this one. When that looks like he's into started state, we will check that If the user does not provide a fundamentally flawed, then we will add 24 s default devalue intent it says and generate response. But and I looked like do matter and thus we did eating. And we need to say false toe. Sure. And a session Jenrette response. If dialogue state is in progress stick, then we need to written empty delegate directive. And when it isn't the completed state, we will display both filings. That is often both from snot. Do you experience delicious punts at this hand lead in request hungers and so eggnog. So if Annie hadn't occurred, then we can check it. You can find and deployed. Let us suppose dick in equal. Alexa open. You told them. Welcome to third demo skill myself. And he said, Hey, Elizabeth, your age is 24. You know we have not set each to 2040 is used as before. Let us try it again Between doing age. Alexa Open. You told them. Welcome to third demo Skill myself and my age is Hey, Elizabeth, your age is 30. You regard the value that we have sex. Let's see what we have learning The station Elegant directive is used to create mighty 10 Conversation began as they used illicit slot confirms like all confirmed intent for there, Look, state can be in started in progress or completed. Yeah, is in time that we have created When I look status started, we have checked with the values back or not. If not, then we have already 24 as a default and use a delegate director matter to greet, barely get directing and passed updating When do I look? State is in progress. We have return empty direct and when I look status completed. We heard just dendritic simple speech containing boots. Not thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day 26. ElicitSlot Directive: and you guys welcome to the 26th. I should have create custom Alex Escape using AWS Lambda Functions. To do this for beginners indecision live alone How he used elicits long directing Let daddy get to like you The illicit slot directive if used to create multi organization If the user has not a specific slot value then this didn't you can be used to manually specify you broke toe illicit for particular slot In the legal directing, we have certified value but in illicit slot we will throw the user for slaughter that is creating you intend for this? I will use you control for that. Yes, we will Often some details from the incident story in dynamodb later project all slot values which are uttered We will use the illicit Sloan directly that is create a new in kind with me ab user preference. You the user may see my name is forcing me. I want to visit country name with conference on with one of those days. My name is both of me When I wander with it could draining with my conference Let us create slots for all those three. Click on added I love link off personally. Awesome. Me will be the type of amazon dot person here we want to animal slot feeling here. We need to add some text that will be prone when the user does not a true value notice. Right? Tell me your name And here we need to example entrances that users may see Your user may say only person named only I am posting me My name is personae Nikon and user perfect No Let us added dialogue for country needs lock Lord and will be Amazon not country animals Love really that issues which country we want to visit In the pram text you the user may say only country name all C I want to visit country I didn't, Counselor Diallo. We will use amazon dot number as a lot animals lawfully add with how many friends as a problem Use a Macy only count or with count other You morning on open Jason editor years in kind that we have created into slots as Alice Temple entrances here. The new diner property has been added for every user preference in then we're all of this lot. We have a visitation required true in the recitation Prompt contains unique value for problem Grew along the bottom. You're isn't one new property. I didn't mean drums. Moderation property contains All the drinks is that we have added in trump balls off slot Philly, that is big morning. Let this witch to visual studio code and a big lander. That is great. 100 for an user preference. Handle it on every user breath instead opting intent from this also open all these lords from intake and Jack for if both names Lord does not continue value Then we need to use speak mattered and pass text that you want to use as a group used at elicits launder like to matter and passed name for this lot for which you want to perform illicit You know I'm passing the name of person names Look Greek s that is copied This if statement and please this No, We will check for control earnings when you if not entered then broke a bit Which country do you want to visit? I gave slot name in this matter again. Copy this if statement and modify this four counts a lot and wrongful with how many friends of give slot name in this matter. If we have all those three slowed values then revenge 100 texts that were written All of this Lord values first of all, we need to act in all slot values. Great speech with message. Your name is both a name You want to visit country name with count under engine rate. A response for that. And this in request handler, you to file and deploy on the lumber function. We have objected indirection morning from the console. So we do not need to update it Here. My legs up, Okun. Decode them. Welcome to third demo skill. I won't do physics being. Tell me your name. Victoria. With how many friends with two friends. Your name is Victoria. You want to visit Spain with two other Here we have a dead only containing and Alexa ask for posting name as well is gone. No, I'm drink again. This time I will utter on of those notes. I looked out Open the cardinal. Welcome to third demo Skill. My name is Victoria and I want to visit friends with my five friends. Your name is Victoria. You want to visit France with two other medicine? What we have lying Decision Illicit slot is usedto often missing slugs from the users we need to use. And really six Lord Director mattered off responsibility. You may need to pass lot name on which we want to perform Illicit. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, this will free to contact me. Have a nice day. 27. ConfirmSlot Directive: no guy. Welcome to the 27. So I should know. Pray custom and access key using aid of less landra function to students from beginners. Indecision between use confirms long directive can come slot is used to add confirmation. First lot funding improvisation we have created in doing time for often in Orson name Contrini and friends come in this section. I will go to modify it such that it will ask for confirmation for friends, skull open user preference intent and it I look for council. That is animal confirmation for this lot. Yeah, we need to attacks that will be asked for the users for confirmation. Right? You want to visit conference right? The morning open Jason additives grueling Tonight no property for come slot. You can see the confirmation required is true and he contends confirmation Prompt idea Rule down to end your new properties added for confirmation Off count Big Amado. Let us switch to be a school toe a bit longer out of one Morin's block. Here ive confirmation status off Kansler. Tis none. Then they will grow with the message you want to visit. Counselor dot value prince right and used. Ed confirms learned the vacuum. I turn off the response building to generate response. Like elicit in confirms. Lord, we need to pass. Not name for we should will add Confirm directive When users denies confirmation than confirmation, status will be nine. In that situation, we need to ask the user to utter that when you okay for these values Elicits not the victim , not discreet else. Block for that. When confirmation status is denied, then ask the user for Can you please tell me again about how many friends you want to visit ? Country names large I use are illicit started to matter to drive when you're working You the file and deployed Lambda function the disgusted in Equador Alex out. Open the card now. Welcome to third demo Skill. My name is Megan and I want to visit Vietnam with my three friends. You want to visit three friends, right? No. Can you please tell me again about how many friends you want to visit Vietnam? You You want to visit to friends, right? Yeah. Your name is Megan. You want to visit Vietnam with two other? Never seen what we have known. Infestation. The confirms log directive is used to provide confirmation for slot Here is an example that we have created when confirmation status is none. We have used at Confirm Lord Directive for confirmation when users the night confirmation even ask for new value using illicit slot directive. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please will free to contact me. Have a nice day. 28. ConfirmIntent Directive: I know. Guys. Welcome to the 28th session off Great custom. Aleksovski using AWS Lambda functions to prurience for beginners in visitation with alone How to use confirm, intend directive, then comes not is used for confirming specifics, Lord value. But what if you have three slots in intent in that situation, it will problem for three times. You do this behavior. Use every phone predicting we can use Confirm intended rated for single confirmation probe for all of this. Lots for this. Let us create a new intent with me. Food order Intend. Use a specified what they want to order. Usembassy I would like to order under 40 ordered item only Uses simply specifies order, Quantity, order item The order items Lot will be the type of amazon dot food and under quantitative in the new money crude oil an animal in 10 conformation You need to add tax for a problem that will be displayed on intern confirmation. That is a Are you sure you want to buy all the quantity under item? Open, decent and good unison in gang that we have. Grady, here is a dialogue for you can see that confirmation required is true for intent itself, not for any slots. Doing here is a problem that we have added build a modern. That is which, to be sure, story a code. Create a new handle for this in tank the Senate for Food Intent Request that is octane intent from the envelope Did confirmation status for intent. If it has been from then generated response with boots values for this retrial Value off boots, logs, dendrites, speech decks You order for all the quantity order I don't know did successfully and simply pretend this response if it stayed, does, is denied. Can you Can you tell me again, Body one as our put speech as the less proved and reading this response? No. When its status is none, then we need to ask Use it for confirmation notice. Copy this Life in wage, we have a tribe slot banks of big message. So you born to buy order quantity order items, right? Use had confirmed intent. Like to matter at this 100 request Henry, you define the PLO member function, not just a stick chemical. Alex out. Open the code them. Welcome to third demo skill. I would like to order toe. It'll in Pisa. You want to buy two Italian pizzas, right? No. Can you tell me again what you want? Three. McGee? You want to buy three Margarita, right? Yeah. You order for three. Margarita noted successfully. Thank you. Let me see what we have known. And a station. The confirming 10 directive is used to confirm in bad intent. Confirmation status off intend Contains status off intent. When it was confirmed. Then we will prompt the user with values when it was denied. Then we have to ask for values again. When it wasn't done, then we will written can come slot from using ad control Intended to happen. I was watching this video. If you have any dollars, he's been afraid to contact me. I have a nice day. 29. Obtain Device Information: I know why. Welcome to the 29 sessional. Create custom, Alexa. Testing using AWS Lambda Country to go the five meetings in the session We've been talking divisive trip. Not that using Alex. And we can not often that a Christoph divided Selvaggio feet. It was a pain in express that entered by the user and Alex are friends. We need to have permissions for Chris. Everything for these I'm going to use second demo skills that we have created that is created. Doing time for that. It means your address. You the using Maisie show my address. Our lord is my interest. Pay the morning as we will say, we need to a never commission for the records for this leak on commission ankle device a drink. They have two options begin offering a full address on the country of wrinkles. It is more often lender from Well, we need to set before a plate lines called with a B a drank macron and passed new default. If you take flying lessons reading doing, then for sure, Chris often requests and Philip and so this clan factory from hundreds. And here's a neat dropping contento confirming this permission if they don't have broken means that humans it does not provide information. So you escape in that situation we need to ask the user to provide permission. One day you lose weight. Asked for permissions Consent kind Michael It was taken addio commissions that all the scheme request You can ask for address re mystery this right or even Amazon place permission But he have you only required Devise addressed Great permissions. So passive. Yeah. If the user just permission then created dry get broke in. Get recon message dead And Adam according to return the entrance in travelers off in the device I d often the address of this clan from solve this land factory call get full address matter and past devices This mountain is this thing So we need to write of a tear and a sink in 100 function definitions Initially address ties will be not hung Your entry you be good the interest Then change after stakes toe your address is at risk Lying on steak or region and postal code You know I'm for doing it but you can also storing in the cabbies are controlled by ta ta Add this hunger into question. Do you define and different lender function? I like that over the second devils. Welcome to your first Alexis skill from version two sdk. So my drink provide device address permissions Here in mobile, we call the card for permissions. You can manage Al Abadi wise address and save settings. That's just these again. I make them over the second dental Welcome to your first Alexa Skill from version two sdk. So my drink your address is my first address line. Gujarat 380,061 Here I have gotten address that exists in device address setting off my equal dark. Why does he brought me undone in the station? Using address 88 begin offering an actress like added by use and not physical address by GP We need to use appropriate permissions as Perdita that way, of course. And we'll also send afford it. They dying first First of fungi often contain tokens if you don't have and he was weak Asked for permission consent Cardinal toe punch on the vice used get food and Chris Matter off device that grace Elvis and you pick I think that response Thanks for watching this video. If you have any go please feel free to contact you Have a nice day 30. Account Linking: No, I welcome really. 34. Session off, great customer. An excess scale using AWS lambda from him. Tutorial for beginners in visitation with a known how to use accounting. Sometimes your skills might require connecting the account, often identity off Alexa End users, for example. He used to like uber, require your identity before booking of that, you can integrate existing deserved with, Oh what? Who wins? It'll authentication. Well, what has done these? But if you don't have any existing in their base than you, can also use longing with Twitter, Facebook, Google or Amazon to create all the redoubles in the station. I will use logging that Amazon punctuality very strange to the browser and integrate this logging with Amazon functionality. Become a steal open developer concerns Nikon app and services elect Logging With Amazon we can create and music purity profile, right. Any name that you want to use? I'm driving and agree First a small descriptions for this full time and grew it. Privacy pays. You want it here? I'm giving hope visually. Love my site frequency with you know when you profile is creative Lincoln Shope lined id'ing Clients agreed. Guns kill control. Click on a country I live in a camp linking authorization that will be out cold Grand organization. You are busy. Amazon dot com slash ap slash always right a paid out amazon dot com slash old slash go to slash tokens In your token us copy Land i d Family provides reinforce, agree like at ST Dpb Physical Authentications team in court. We need to specify things that we will often from our a p a. You know, we need to operate through piles of write it open developer console click on add it back setting free Condi added putting and copy paste those three you others toe allow pretend you are in and we can see what into and does you also need to save a couple inking. Second, we have successfully set up a commenting in a whiskey. Now I'm going to create a new intent from which I will often me lady off locking uses. So use what is my main I d isn't intending you The user may see more design humility on what is my military that does baby model openly hostile your core Read a new handler for for this my related in think access token property off session contains no confirmed Levine . That is up to you need. If it does not exist with the use. It is not nothing in that situation. We need to probings that nugget for these used wriggling account kind matter. If they have access, Tokcan means in there was nothing. Then I'm creating new problems and goingto get email. Address matters with the greatest Michael. Later, you can see his different meats fast access token and call that function here. That speech toe added a gun to return data. If we got a response than a greater speech takes, too, We mean the community is even no evidence response using the speech in passage in the desert. Now we need to create, get email, address my time, declare request options and said host to a created amazon dot com. In fact, specify you are in for a pro fight and so passed token in the credit history, that's a different matter. Will get and here ever used. As stated, appears more news you can answer. Use other models such as a liquid and you twist my dog bites Greste options back and going toe utf eight. The rhetoric and the there from each joke and the end of regress Fastest. They don't know the callback function and on and metal and add this 100 in request ended the trial and a potion that is just it on the device. I think so. Openly. Condoms. Welcome to third demo Skill. What is making me lady? You need to log in to access further details. You know, it was not loving. So it was given loving card in the application Click on link account. Look, you know him. You know what they see? No and cry today? I think so. Open the cold. Welcome to third demo skill. What is my email lady? Hey, Tutorials. Your mail. It is tutorials, team dot N n r a gmail dot com This time we got me as well as Emily from Amazon's account. Now legacy will be alone in decisions. Some guys here scale very quiet, accomplishing king from pain and use a stake Alexis killed, supposed or on 2.0. In this example, I have used logging with Amazon, but you can also use Facebook. Google treated her own so control. Also, when we have created new logging with Amazon security profile and animals are coming in in your sleep and when appropriate, data in this form and see leak the access token property specifies spoken that has been used to identify the user uniquely. If we don't have a token than we need to show loving, you use it is loving, then create a new promise and sad, broken and called the funding for this you're is matter that we have created in Major I have used as to TPS to signed a request or tried it. You know, we have said request option and often all the different jobs you can answer. Store those details in the day covers to create all user base. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day. 31. State Management: Hello. Hi. Welcome to the 32nd session off three custom on existing using AWS Lambda Functions Tutorials for beginners in this nation live alone how to manage state. And he was building intense like yes and no. Let us open visual studio code. Yeah, I will create a new skin for day with name pulled them in this kill the user may see my name. Is this what I want to visit this country? After these we will confirm your values for these We will use building intense for yes and no instead off slot confirmation directive When the user sees Yes, I live in a tent Usage? Yes, in person in our country s but England. So we need to a pending order. Fine. Create doing things with the name person named Thinking it has one slot with me personally and back will be I listened Got person here The use and raising My name is posting what I impose on me also great in doing time for a country with name Country Ming in days Because who has one slot? Its name the country name and hyper V and was in the country here the use and we say I want to visit country me. We also need to add intense for yes and no. So like is at amazon dot guys thinking and I wasn't that No, no good for building in tank. We do not need to provide a sample Amazon already, And you do something that is modified. Lambda function of a speech. Next off the launch rechristen connects all functions for the back of you three person named intent Handler offering value from closing names lost in Alex aka recipe. We need to wait over state details. Sensation manually for these That is often station attributes I froze and me in the state. We will use that to boat later toe. Identify the state off our skis and those that do. And it seems that responds. We do not need to Infestation Poppy, This handler and a bit intense name for country. Me acting country names your the state will be country Ming. It just got in this type of and a break this speech. Thanks to now, we need to create new hangars for yes and no in 10 for both states. Let s start with Yes, in 10 per person. Me you re Nico Jack for the state. So we need to re crustacean of dribbles and jagged It is Yes, inject and state is possible. Privatization of Jews upper sitting request to this handler We need to change state. I'm changing the value off. Undefined reason for these is that if we're not doing these, then when you their savior in all six subsequent requests, it will call this 100 and generate a simple message. Would ST Eusebius imposingly let us see of those attributes? Impatient? You know, it's simple message. We detect you Say yes in person. Me and we don't want to. And possession. Copy this handle, Jamie Don't know. This will handle for New England a big message. Change properties lettuce. Copy both of those hangers I did in gaining the conditions and message takes the condition and message You re home managed state. Now we need to resist it. All those six handlers that we have created the violin, the price you you need to change the working directory. Tow fourth them. Let us stay stick in simulators. Refresh this page to get a whiskey open. Fourth demo. Start off four Stammel, Welcome to the fourth demo skill and saying My name is Emma. Sorry, I can't understand the command. Please say again. You re garden Adam. That is open cloud. What you find Issue the leg land. The function did you have created here? Over Lambda is not listed. So we need to refresh this least now, which takes some time to a big nose, you know, add anything. Get Session of rivers is not function. It seems full height. Okay, you have spine the stake in attributes. Find all occurrences and replace it with correct the violence of Britain and the function. You press this speech Start off Ford Stammel. Welcome to the fourth demo Skill and sang for saying less Egypt. Your name is Emma, right? You can see the accession convinced. Closing means deep Latest thing. Yeah, You said yes. In person name. You'd be good post on the message. Next thing, These message again. Your name is Emma. Right? And these time, right? No, you said no in person name. This time I will use country naming things. You want to visit Japan, right? And like a seven years you said yes and country name. We called it properly. This points Now I just see what we have known. Infestation. You manage state. We need to use stationery. Triples at this date already use It is in the list. You Here we have you is building yet? Incon Oh, God. 100 Matalin, begin repressed passionate you boots and Jack or state run and in 100 mothers We have decided to under for knowing that we help from the same operation household Watching this video If you have any doubts, please been free to contact me I have a nine thing. 32. Create Flash Brief: No, I I Welcome to the 34th station off Great customer Aleksovski using AWS Lambda Function to Dorian's for big news. The privatisation were just known about Customs Key Invitation. We will learn how to create flash Ah, flesh prepping provides a quick overview up news and other content such as comedy interviews, At least using flash briefing skill. You have a chance for your official content to reach customers on a daily basis. We can create fresh, gripping skill by using analysis or Jason. Its content will be updated on a regular basis in the session River he was Jesus, that is openly browser. Please can create new ski going any meat I'm using the fifth Devil. I think the language if you required no tech currently skin concerns Supposed only one language for flesh Griffin ski. So you will not be about to change it connected. Maybe I'm isn't gonna abductees in future. Click on next. Like Fresh Griffin in Customs Key, we have to specify example ec currencies. But in case off those pre defined modern a princess that credit click on view example crazies, you can see that user may say Boss, my Flash Griffin on what is in use. We can create skin yet our flesh gripping skin was created. Your regard section mean flash briefing instead of custom as the creative flesh preference key in custom. Better message. We need to write a message that will be used when some kind of miracles I'm using something ventral. Nicodemo is another. Right now you can use any tax that you want. You can use this play. I can't to hear a voice to know how well Example Pronounced Nikon Every new fee you create a new friend Inskeep in preamble We need to specify text that will be displayed before starting are free. It must started with from our in I'm using from 50 down in name. We need to specify your name for this week I'm using text them in content of great frequency. We need to specify frequency How often over contemporary different problem I'm using hourly for this. You can use it as very problems You contented can be text or all you for flesh gripping week unpassable own text which will be converted to speech All we can pass all your fun directly and I will use text they reveal see audio in general, we need to specify any gender for free. What does he look under gaming in Crete? Aiken? A select. I think that will be used for a escape. Obviously like any picture radio. And it is very important. You know. We need to specify you didn't Porto addresses are juicing up. No, no. This switch to visual studio code and create a decent for text response. These like condensing addict, create an object you waiting condense unique identity for this feed. He must be for naught by you are in calling you. You any calling the way I'm using the psych 200. Do I? The link is available Resources next is updated. The it must win single dig Former time will be beautiful title That's it. Contains the text that will be displayed on the card. An extra virgin Read a card for each feet Main text. It isn't option text that will be used as contained for the car religion you are in. It will continue A villain Beijing is there will be redirected, went click on greed mood. But let his copy this object 100 new. Do you? I d and so changed time and thank you. No, that each food item must have unique time. No. See if the fine I'm using it A symbol. Kato, upload the fight Nikon d upload button like fire that you have a great deal. He can upload you. Never file is uploaded, Nick on it. We need to make it public. So electric and uses opening to defy and paste it in Alexa council Li con ed. You know it freed was I did medically conceived. Well, we need Oh, does this in equal device? Assimilated does not support audio. Please. Alexander borders in use. Here is your flash briefing from fifth demo. This is first item in brief. This is second item in brief. That's all From your flash briefing, you'd be going to text to speech response with each read item anymore. My application. You can see that it's the rivet gun. Now I'm going to create a new word for audience dreams. Nikon and new feet. You preamble right from 50 devil in me. I'm using audio it Contents will be objected on daily basis. It's contented with the audio and select generally and also upload Aiken that is switched of issues to NewCo. All because Jason generate new do you idea updated its value A big title next yet I don't know who the Greek text to speech, so remove main text. And in your property names stream you are. It will contain and Victory Fund that will Ripley. I have gone to the uploaded some audio files in s three bucket the legs open any of them and pray states you outta here. You want to a only single item in the street to remove these you define Upload this file us tree. Make it public. No, Nobody's I'm tasty. Li con ed. You Can you see that fits exist for this girl. We can also delete it if not required. We need to make audio, Damon as different. See, we can see an example. What's my flesh briefing? Here is your flash briefing from fifth demo. That's all from your flash briefing. You know, we got inaugural response instead of tax to speak. Now let's see what we have learning the station. Ah, flesh proofing provides a quick overview of news and other content, such as the comedy interviews. At least we can use Jason or addresses for these we can use text to speech or all your files for these Your is an example. Text to speech in. You ready? If we need to specify you idea me next contains text that will Alexi usedto problems. No, he is an example off the audio response in scream you are. We need to specify you did not see all your friends. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any adults, these were afraid of contact. You have a nice day. 33. Using BluePrints: Hello, guys. Welcome to the 35th session. Off Request, um, and excess keys using AWS Lambda Function Tutorials for bigness. Infestation of alone. How whose? Elect a blueprint to create your own skin without calling. Yes, you were right. We can create a steel without coding. Using Alexa blueprint, however it can be run on your device on me means you can not publish it in the store, but it's still a good I did. Creating fields for yourself currently contains more than 40 blueprints we can choose from it. Best thing about Blueprint is that it can run without invocation. Me, however, some blueprints skill required in location names, such as a fact grouping currently supports only in issue it. If your device is setting up in another country, then you will be not able to accept this. That is open blueprints down amazon dot com. Here is a list off blueprints that we can use. We can create skin for fun gains, priest knowledge, learning or even for storytellers. Let's create a youthful fight. You know more details about this grouping. Let's hear it's example. It looks at open fax. Welcome to fax. Let's start the longest lightning bolt recorded extended 199.5 miles over Oklahoma in 2007 . The world's fastest land animal is Sarah, a cheetah that ran 100 meters in 5.95 seconds. Want some more? No hope to see you again soon. Now I'm going to create skill for facts of conflict. We can make your own button. Here is an introduction text that will be order when or skill this start that has changed to welcome to comfort your fight, and here we need to specify all of the fight. First of all, that is removed. All these so it will be easy. Toe Agnew. I have opened aside new incredibility. It contains flexible competence. Let me copy some of them room , and after adding all face click on next button, you'll be Gordon Adams was by shoot. Director likes to be moving. It contains one who click on next butting. You need to specify anymore for skin. It's similar to in location that is used confident face here. Computer is not allowed as it can be. Wake up, but for some users, instead, I'm using tech fit Click on next button. Yet a rescue is creating. Let us wish the skin console and refresh to preach Here. You can see that our skill is added here. However, we have used blueprint now open Aleksandar amazon dot com Is your skills so much for exit? Open it yet He closed his every It is anabolic. First you can test it on your device If it's languages in this US you have used on the fact blue ping But you can try all of the blueprint. The street here, especially custom question answered. It does not regret in location by clicking use you have made. We can also jack those skills here. Currently it includes Textract. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day. 34. Best Practice: I know, guy. Welcome to the goddess. Expression off Great custom, Alexis using AWS Lambda Function to go this far, McGinnis in the session will ever see some best practices to follow and creating new escape . Do you know I have added all hander in the same file that is indexed Argies. However, we can also create an independent motive for just hangers. When you have made changes in Onley Lambda functions, then you can update on Leland a function to reduce deployed, a animal permissions for addressed least or Amazon pre when you are really using him when you were deploying skill from local and mom and then you need to make them all of the changes made in interaction model permissions interfaces are other things. He's toe your development environment to four days. You can use US clothes command to clone your existing schemes or the intending I have used drink, but you can also create a morning containing a constant value for all of the intense or Sloten. This will make easy to update meeting if your skin is available for more people countries than add my different languages in your ski use. I eating next fortune reading multi language response. Yeah, I have not used blueprint by creating Lambda Function, but Abbas has added suffer blueprints in London function for Alexa. So you can use those to speed up your development in Alexa Skill concern. I have used custom skin and flesh Griffin, but it contains some other pretty five motors so we can use them like the pretty fine morning. It also includes pray different intends we have seen yes and no Indians. And here I have used Alex and Cold s city at time off. Watching this might be a new was in domestic arrive. So I must try to use the latest was in office ticket clogs about it requests and check them on a regular basis for any suspicious entry. Thanks for watching this video. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact me Heaven. I state 35. Conclusion: Okay, The congratulations and making it and articles. I hope you anybody to follow along with all of the example. Sensation. And now you will be able to create your own custom skis by using Alexa skills Kick and Alex eyes taking is the less you will be able to create flesh crisping. I have creativity, positivity on G cup and upload store school off all of the skills that we have created throughout the city on it. So concession with directorate which will be had for you if you stop. And if you know anybody who saw it, then this would be had food to you. And I have also uploaded a presentation so you can revise what you learn through our victories in few minutes in this city's I have tried to go and almost consents operating an access code that required by newbies to creating their own customs case A throughout the city's I had just greater some simple examples. I hope you will use it. Friends conception recently Amazon, Anibal Amazon pay permissions for skill as well as in skill perches for saying a prudent or subscription for skill. However, what I have not covered this but you've been great. You can answer. Visit Amazon's officer documentation. If you have any credit, I have added all things toe all necessary documentation for it last. I want to say that if you have any question and feedback regarding the course are if you want to stay in touch with me by email. Oregon supposed your credit is in question and the sections of Cummings So thanks again for taking the course investor flat for creating your own custom. An excess care using AWS Lambda Functions. 36. Bonus Lecture: I know guys, this is a bonus lecture. And here I will provide you some discount coupons for my other courses. If you like this goes, then you can also subscribe by other causes. True. And follow me, I have already greatest introducing. First is on my grows on mood. Pringle Yes, to to really include Microsoft Mood framework along with Louise and cognitive services. You will learn how great a smart and intelligent book for various channels like Skype, like Facebook Messenger telegram next year on anti different were cool. 2.0. In the age, you can learn how to use an entity framework called 2.0 in is we got gold with SQL Server. Next is on dialogue. Flu. Now I love flow provides similar functionality to lose, but it was developed by Google and raise. You can learn about how to use it. Deployed on Google Flour and publishing two million channels. Next is on us. We got next. But if he ate too in rage, you can known how great of a baby. 18 years we don't know. Next he's on a body. Cordova In weight, you can learn how to use a magic over for creating hybrid mobile applications. The drone on enjoyed windows and us and then next is on Jason in reach. You can learn about the Jason, which includes Jason Data types, and Jason came. Next is on reserve. You changing in reach. You can learn how to greet webpages. Using brazen engine instead off is good or bad form. These causes freely available on YouTube because if you have already subscribed my clothes , you can buy each other off. Focuses for just standard think, Think opens for those courses are available in the resources you can also follow Over General on YouTube. This includes preview videos for all my courses and also contains one of the entire coast, which is a really briefly hang for nose and Facebook and get a discount on my new poses to you can answer rate my block, which covers the technical post. Thank you