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Create colourful scene in C4D with Arnold

Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

Create colourful scene in C4D with Arnold

Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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16 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 01 - Customize your shelf

    • 3. 02 - Define the legs

    • 4. 03 - The middle body

    • 5. 04 - The upper body

    • 6. 05 - Ears

    • 7. 06 - Tail

    • 8. 07 - Paw

    • 9. 08 - The face

    • 10. 09 - Cap

    • 11. 10 - The scene part 1

    • 12. 11 - The scene part 2

    • 13. 12 - Drops

    • 14. 13 - Lights

    • 15. 14 - Materials

    • 16. 15 - Rendering

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About This Class

In the social sites like facebook, instagram we can see many cool 3D arts with brilliant moods.
I love that scenes, so I wanted to create something similar for share to you.

In this course you won't learn everything in Cinema 4D and Arnold. We will work in Cinema4D and Arnold renderer / C4DtoA/. Are you beginner or advanced? Feel free to try it! 
We will work with 
the most important tools tips and technics which are necessary to create a scene like this.



In the end of this course you will able to create similar 3D scene

This course is just an inspiration to you. Find your own vision 

Let's create your incredible colourful 3D art!  


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D I live in Budapest, Hungary.

The framer /

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Peter Illustrator, three D artists on motion Designer There are many three D mood art already a social sites as well. Like on instagram or begins, it seems like a studio scene were different. Minimal objects and saturated colors. I love the Styx, so I wanted to create something similar. Mood. In the following course, we will make a Q three D scene with a minimal cat with a cap. We will use Cinema four D, and they are not and Jean for Ender. We will define a shelf inside with some useful tools to an easy modeling. Then we rebuild our scene with using primitive objects and shapes. Are you a beginner or advanced in cinema? Four D? It's not important. I will show some new tips. Just follow my practical method and the end of this course you were able to create similar three D arts. Join to my course and turn your idea to three D 2. 01 - Customize your shelf: before we start to building the scene, I want to share some of my tips which are used for when you find to us for murdering. I'm going to create a chef for these tours. Get a simple box on, modify it to any table first, rightly make at the table or press. See, now we can move the where taxes with edge mode the edges or were putting on more D party guns. Okay, clear a face in the top right corner, and that is a search banner. The first tool I will search is the create polygon whole drag on. Drop it to the left empty area. Here it is, but no, it is inactive. Change the mode du where tax and select need to die and collected a whole and feel it. The next door is the loose selection, which is useful when we want to select more edges next to each other. Because this tool can find the urges off the polygon quickly. Sometimes we need more edges, bargains or rat taxes. One of the best way to create them is deny WTO. It has got some modes. For example, the line mode poor align, dunk at the faces. If you uncheck this box, you can able to cut the hidden faces, too. Slide to her radio When you want to move the edges on the faces. The edges are moves only on the surface. Bridge tool is also fine when we want to create polygons between two edges. Used edge mode, said the first edge down. Withhold. Click moved to the other one. Optimize. If you clear more faces, there are more rare Texas remains. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot Is them select a were Tex press control or command? A. Then hit to optimize the tool. We'll do it all the unnecessary. Where Texas PSR It means position, scale and rot it kind off rested button. If you want to go to the basic values of the position scare or rotation XY center, the tool is able to find the object center. It is important when you move the edges or red Texas extremely meet our store. You can sleep the modern, quickly use party, going more select all. Then use the tour with object mode. If you use word mode, some of the where taxes will be merged. As you can see, we have still one more than in Newport. There's a useful two or four shapes. This blind mask W to the chef. Select D Two shapes on Drop them into the tour. There are some Boolean operations in here, like union or sub strict with a polygon pen. You can draw polygons on Connick damn easily. It is nice when you want to regrow a draft, for example, or a build a model well is for taxes When you want to match them. Select Do Attacks Dan. The other one. The White Line, shows there are three options to connect the points in this project. We will use Arnold engine. Find this panel plug ins, see for day to a drug panel on moving the right creeks. It great. Finally, we have to save this layout, jumped a window customization and save a startup layout. In here, you always can find your settings 3. 02 - Define the legs: in this scene, I will try to use locally models with subdivision. So from the primitives, choose this were this will be our cat body with legs. There are many types in here to represent a suite at this time. My choice is the hacks ahead. Run with segments 14. I guess 40 smoothed out. This is the perfect base. We can see the edges. So creates subdivision on drop. This were into it. Actually the three. That is not a perfect swear. Unfortunately, there is a simple trick to see off how curvy the model battery upon a double quick drop the basic material to the sweet. Use less brightness than increased The speculator lover with low follow in the next steps I will modify this were to build a legs right click, then choose Make any table our Pressey. Now we can modify the faces, edges or red taxis Hit where? Text mode. Then use rectangle selection and check this box because we want to select the hidden where Texas to sell like these guys and let them feel the whole. As you can see, the result is not correct Edge mode and find a loop selection me too slight to remove the edges, press common or control and move on once more. Match these points. We swell. Okay? No. Layla, divert taxes on the left side. The reason is why I do that is the symmetry. Find a cemetery. The end of a symmetry into the subdivision works perfectly. No, we are ready to define the leg. It really looks like a cylinder, so I want perfect shapes to it. Great. A disk with eight sites and one segment breath. See, I'm going to connect it to the body. But first I have to define the right position of the leg. Heres the middle point of the leg. So I tried to align this disc. The snap mode we protect snap will help us. Damn good. Switch to side. You on. Rotate the disc. Okay. Movie did a little bit. No, we have to clear these four polygons. Nice. But that is a vortex in here. Quit it or choose the optimize which is a worry. Useful door for this situation. Selling the disc and this were and heat to connect, object and deal it. We have only one object in here with a because edge mode and find a breach tour. Contact the edges. Its surface is bit flat in here. Look through here, polygon mode and common. A. The new part is blue because the wrong Norma's Select the Blue Guys. Then go to mash normals. And I know one waas nice tried to subdivision scale down a little bit and find a beaver through it. Do you off? That is nearly. Do I want us more again? Move it a little bit on Rotated. This is the area where the leg were connected, the body with calm and move the polygons again and ready to find the perfect horizon line. As you can see, it is not good. Switch to a text mode and select Breschi to transform and which shift transform. It looks nice. I want smaller beavers so used to move do we comment again and just a little bit. The result is much better. Dragged the slight Do it if you want and align the edges. - Weird . But it's not a real problem. Uncheck the phone tag limit in the top. We cannot slide the edges perfectly, so I'm going to use another toe side view again. We swear tax mode dragged the slice stool with line mode. Don't forget to unchecked the visible on Lee Books Press shift when you use it. Okay, I please be Did is that 4. 03 - The middle body: name the object as Buddy in top you you can see that the body is not perfect because the swear mode what I used. So I have to use another murdering mode to the upper body duplicated object. Select the symmetry and the object to Dan. Choose connect, object and it change the view to side you and select all the taxes except the ones in the top. Hey, did it XY Center Good. Select a polygons and withholding common movie to up There will be a big hole in the bottom . I know now you simple object mowed down, withholding common. Move it again. We duplicated this disc. Select both disks and go to connect Object. Did it changed to edge mood and dragged the bridge door from our self and connect the edges Feel the horse looks were so changed. The anger limit in phone tag. There is an important thing. Always check the faces political mode selector that are different normals in here which are wrong. So, like the blue ones. Then go to mash Norma's Rivers. No one wants good great subdivision on drop This kind of bust into it. I want smaller be was edge mode on looks election tour at this time we cannot use this light. They were perfectly Fortunately, we have the slice doing use it with line would and uncheck the risible only great do cuts then moved about axis like this. Tried the sub division again. Nice. That's what I want to see. 5. 04 - The upper body: in the following steps, we will create the upper body. First, I'm going to create a capsule just for reference. Make it at the table, then clear the unnecessary rat taxes. Okay. So discussed, sir. Represents the head of the cat. No. Duplicate the middle part and try to align it. Did a capsule move and scare the rat taxis the snapping. We'll have me grab the slice stool and create some cuts horizontally. - Hi . The reference capsule to check the new mother in the bottom. There is a large beaver. I grabbed the knife again and create one more cut. Move the rat taxes down a bit. Good. Much better. Maybe one more cut for the lower body. Dan aligned the excess. 6. 05 - Ears: Let's create the years on Check the subdivision we are going to work with locally. Like earlier. I started with another object to build a year. I'm going to use a simple cube with more segments breast. See, I guess here will be the right place for this year. There will be two years. So I were used symmetric again. Melody are necessary. Points of the head. Okay. In here. It's OK. Clear these two polygons. Dan modified the cube to a here, look great a hole in the bottom and optimized the model Select and connected to Motta's We've breached. You'll feel the horse. As you can see, we have more rat taxes. We need to use the great point toe. I know I forgot it earlier, but you can find it easily. Like in the first chapter in here you can type the middle off the edge. 50% create and cut, but in here used the visible only we have to cut all the polygons to okay, No, we can continue with using the bridge tour chugged enormous and ally India edges loops Election slide to withholding command down here is the duplicated that you subdivision to see the smooth surface in here. I'm going to define an indented part. Grab the extra Dina tour. Who wants more on? Move it a bit. Looks like a beer here, mutt. I like it. Create a symmetry on Changed the mirror Plane two X Y Well. 7. 06 - Tail: created there to define this. I'm going to use planes, go to top you and grab the pen tool and create four points like this. Find its position and create a circle the next door. What we need is the sweep tour drug then drove the shapes into it on Modify the circles more two x y The radius is too much. Good. Go to the sweet Do it. Details. If you modify displaying you can change the scare in the there. I'm going to use lower where you and the start point you can add points to display line command or control creek to the line at this time, displaying were represents the shape off the tail Go back to the maze blind, modify the points a bit the right click and choose soft interpellation. Okay. Also, we have to increase the reservation of detail. I use natural mode. Increase the numbers. Do 22 If you want beavers just modify this plein inside a sweep. Sometimes when I want to change the base blind, I switch the points back to hard interpolation. After the settings I modified the points do soft interpolation again 8. 07 - Paw: I would like to create problems for the cat solar two it and check the cemetery on subdivision off the body. The power well makes from the exit slack. Go to polyglot mode and select the eight polygons. Then right click aunt hit spit. As you can see, there are two similar objects in the right partner. Actually, we made a copy from the selected polygons, which is important when we want to keep the shapes. There will be £2 So duplicated stuff division with the symmetry. Name it. Let's try. Works Fine. No, I'm going to extrude this disc. Select the faces hold common on. Move it once more. Okay, hide the body because there is a big hole in here like earlier attacks mood and feel the whole Yes, it is wrong loop selection and edge mood. There is another way to duplicate edges. Hold Common and Presti four scare scaled down. And while the points actually there are more faces in the top political mode and find the big polygon than create extrude again. I forgot to revert the Norma's in the blue polygons. A bigger be building here. Good 9. 08 - The face: in this section. I'm going to define the face of the cat. First, the nose. It will be kind of double C. Create a circle shape, let's see and then clear the point on its left and check the close blind. Then create another circle like in the tail. I'm going to use the sweep to define the nose. Blaine Modi's X Y You use the symmetry again on find the best place for them. Change the circum 02 uniforms. I want some soft edges so jumped in a sweep. Details in a scare line at two more points like this, then modified the Beziers at higher is elation to the C spine. Uniforms and heat, maybe 50 do for the eyes. I also use symmetry off course. How we swear is perfect. 40. I rotated a bit. Okay. Group the objects and name as face 10. 09 - Cap: There's no get without the cap because of the kook at you. Okay, stop it. Use a simple cube In added table mode, he was fill it with the lowest subdivision, their eyes a bit. The points there increased subdivision transformed the points in the bottom there and create in our extra with a knife cut. The cube do define the cap had excluded faces in the front and that's all. Move and rotate the cap a bit. It can levitate. Of course. Good. Okay. 11. 10 - The scene part 1: Let's talk about the background. I imagine a room with some cylinder podiums disks in the background with bright colors. I started with a simple cylinder with Philip. Increase the segments duplicated on rotated. I will use different colors on materials for them. - Great . A plane for the floor. There is a letter sitting there in the foreground, duplicated, then create a smaller disk. I think it will be God. - I'm going to create the wars from Q with Philip, - try to clear the points and faces which are understanding. 12. 11 - The scene part 2: before we continue it, we should define the camera and the aspect off the final image. Go to render settings. I'm going to use part a former. The focal length is do it so I can change it to 135 millimeter. I guess it's OK. No, I ended the wars. Do the scene. I want to show this corner in here. It looks nice when we create light. - Okay , I like this composition. Look the camera to keep its position and rotation. No. I am going to create some cylinder elements to the back. Ed do circles shapes and displaying mask Union dan excluded. Changed a movement with Philip cap at some beavers to it. Increase the segments. Them find its right place duplicated because they will get different materials. That would be a bigger one because kill and modify the circles inside the excellent model. - Duplicate this blind mask, then create a circle drop down into a sweep. Increased the reservation, the string. We'll get gold material later. Okay? No, it'll be. Find 13. 12 - Drops: and following steps. I'm going to add some bubbles or kind off. Water drops to the scene first. Odd Ace were then duplicated. The 2nd 1 has lower radios. Drop down into a corner. Here are the cloner settings. Choose linear mode. Go Do affect er's and add random effect doors to it. You can change the position of the both. Also the scared on the rotation. Together it water drop affect great metal ball on Dropped the cloner into it. Increase the values now find its position. Feel free to play with the settings. Okay, I'd like it. 14. 13 - Lights: it is our scene with the camera. We have some materials to which our understudy now Della Dam. So he does the panel off the Arnold engine. One of the best engine, I guess. But in this course, I don't want to speak much about it. Just wanted to show the basics, which already also useful to get beautiful render results. OK, go to the render settings and choose our nor render engine and check the safe in the output . You can find the same settings as, indeed, the Fort engine. You can define the dimensions off the picture, which reservation the aspect and the frame range. If you want to rent their image sequences on Orender. Here are the settings that we need I PR window. In this liar and their window, we can check our render settings immediately. The rest square is the render area, but wise it back because there is no light in the scene. I'm going to use quite light first. It's a kind off are a light in Arnold That is a skylight, of course, but in this scene I don't want to use natural lights. We need to rotate it first whore, Chief to find a perfect horizontal rotation movie to the up. Here are the settings off this light, the intensity exposure. If you want brighter look better dimensions, you can define the size of delight. The Samper's is very important. Increase it if you want shadows without noise, the spread means how flat is the light, like a soap box in a studio. Okay, increase the dimensions. Six on 700 will be fine. Also increased the intensity and the exposure. I will use a direction light later, so there is no need a Fulbright seen at this time. As you can see, the image is noisy because they low samples. Four or five is enough, and here is the difference. When we play with the spread out, there is a amounted hole in the floor. I should move it a bit. Good reason. Other. We think with the years. These subdivision doesn't work well. We can fix it easily. We need to get a connector, drop it under the subdivision and drop the symmetry into it. Good. It's working. I also have to use this method with the leg and the body. Now it's good. Switch of the light and create a distance light rotated first. Actually, the position isn't useful in this time. Only the rotation. Okay, I like this anger. Let's play with the shadows. Hit 54 Lee Samper's and increased the anger for these self shadow. Let's see the scene with using all lights, then try to find the balance. If you want better result, you should add. Just beware use in the render setting spanner. If the diffuse is zero, you will not see the indirect lights. If it's one, the picture will noisy, so try to increase it a bit. The A can reduce the L. E s ing noise when increased them. The render time will be longer, of course. Okay, let's render I praise with this result. 15. 14 - Materials: before I continue, we define the matter Years I'm going to adjust these bubbles in here there are two options editor and render subdivision. But in our note, as I see, we need to increase the editor subdivision. Good. Let's go to the Materia panna. Great are not surface standard double quick to it. Here's the settings diffuse speckle A reflection on etcetera I usually use the network editor where we can connect the elements. Actually, this is a no Do you? I'm going to define the main color off the cat being gets fined He's in the back. Light is important in this project. It is nearly similar Like the subsurface scattering effect Delight were generally penetrated the surface like in a paper or the human skin. The speculator will be pink too. Drabness is high because I want known Shiny surface. Okay, okay. No, it is enough of the materials to the upper body and two d lex duplicate the matter area. Come and see and command. We name it as tell because we are going to modify it for the there I want some stripes depicted it there No DYP ramp Jews ramp RGB adopted a right connect to the beauty to see the changes. Typo days We dang copied up in color use Known for the interpolation Damn pays the color you can add or remove colors easily. As you can see in the render view, the tail looks fret. We have to connect it to the diffuse. Then we can connect the stent that no to the beauty. This is the right hierarchy duplicated being material again and open it. Change the color to lighter blue one backlight where u is zero The speculator color is also blue. The wall in the right is ville. This ring and this disc are two I tried to find the best settings I don't like this blue light Everyone will be better flipping Kids do bright for me Okay I want to show you an option in the advance part In here you can increase the where you off the light bouncing? I like this effect. It looks when the colors are mixing in the scene So the pink will be a bit bluish on the blue will be pink It's time to play again Do modify the blue materia I guess I want more shiny and brighter surface better. No. I'm going to duplicate the main thing Materia to create a reflective look. There will be this shiny parts zero for D backlight and maybe opened five for did roughness. There is a box core freshener. What does it mean? It means surface has got different reflections when we see them with different anger. Steep anger, equal weak reflections, Shallow angle equal. Strong reflection. Okay, drop this being materia to the floor. The other war will be being No, I'm not sure about it. Maybe dark for me, okay? 16. 15 - Rendering: As I said before, I want Teoh some good elements to this scene. Duplicate the shiny pink shader and name as God. Apply it to the Bubbas and ring on the disk. The color that I use is darker orange. The speculator is brighter in your affection panel. That is an option i o R INEC self reflection. For example, the water has 1.33. The glass has 1.45. The God has opened 45. If you want to use this method, Jack, the first now in spectacular you can play with the raw for us. This is the way you of the reflection in Arnold when you use glass or similar Shader is go to re leapt in Randa settings and increased near a fraction to five or more. It's a little bit noisy in the background. OK, but there the bath will be blue. Okay, let's focus on the face. I'm going to duplicate the blue shader. Do you diffuse? We'll be dark. A blue or gray? I like it by The eyes are weak, I guess. No, it's more cute. Are any of the elements name? It s seen. I'm still not sure about the gold. Let's see it again. Yes, I pays. With that result and run down we d recent settings, it will be slow. Unfortunately, use lower a and diffuse Where you in the render settings. If you want to be grander, don't forget it will be noisy with the low settings. Okay, guys. So in this course, we learn some quick tips D modeling and some basics. But what do you use for tips in Arnold? I hope you like the result. And you we share tow us your mussen by