Create brushes in Photoshop for your patterns | Natalia Gonzalez | Skillshare

Create brushes in Photoshop for your patterns

Natalia Gonzalez, Love pattern making and illustration

Create brushes in Photoshop for your patterns

Natalia Gonzalez, Love pattern making and illustration

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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 1. Presentation and project

    • 2. 2.Drawing your motifs

    • 3. 3.Digitizing your sketches

    • 4. 4.Cleaning your drawings in Illustrator

    • 5. 5.Creating the brushes in Photoshop

    • 6. 6.Creating a pattern in Photoshop (background)

    • 7. 7.Creating a pattern in Photoshop using your brushes

    • 8. 8.Applying your pattern

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About This Class


In this class I'll teach how to import your sketches to Illustrator where you'll clean and prepare them to build a collection of Photoshop brushes. I'll also teach you how to use those brushes as motifs to create your own pattern in Photoshop using the Offset technique.

The videos of the class are:

1. Presentation and project

2. Drawing your motifs

3. Digitizing your sketches

4. Cleaning your drawings in Illustrator

5. Creating the brushes in Photoshop

6. Creating a pattern in Photoshop (background)

7. Creating a pattern in Photoshop using your brushes

8. Applying your pattern.

For this class you will only need paper to draw, a pen or maker, Illustrator and Photoshop. If you don't have them installed in your computer you can get a free trial in the following links:


The music of the class is from:

Meet Your Teacher

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Natalia Gonzalez

Love pattern making and illustration


My name is Natalia Gonzalez. I am a Spanish surface designer and illustrator based in London. I love telling stories with my patterns and illustrations and enjoy trying new techniques and themes.

I have taken lots of classes in Skillshare, I really like how you can have access to many different topics and learn through practice.

In my classes I explore pattern making with fun projects to let go your creativity.


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1. 1. Presentation and project: Welcome to the glass. Create rushes in photo show for your Parton's. My name is Natalia on college on I Must our face partner, designer and illustrator. I like to use different things in my patterns. Floral still metric about sports or with characters. Allow me to tell little stories. I like to explore different styles and techniques using sketches to grade my patterns in Illustrator on for the show in this track style teacher. How to use your drawings Cleaning them in Illustrator to go later to photo shop. Where'd you will create your own brushes collection? Humble a pattern with then. 2. 2.Drawing your motifs: The first thing you have to do is to choose a theme we didn't know where to start is very useful to searching Google. Anything you like on the world icons. In this way you have a starting point with basic motives for your patterns about the during material student. We need blank paper, and I think Ben, the brush is you're going to create one. Be very data. So do well only need to draw based simple drawings or just seal it just the outlawing of the motives. Do they need to spend too much ink as we will feel them later? An illustrator. 3. 3.Digitizing your sketches: once you have drawn the motives is trying to digitize them for that. Do we need a way to capture your drawings on bring them into your computer? If I didn't have a scanner, you can use your mobile phone placing it on top of the paper on trying to frame very well each muddy. But if you haven't a scanner Piper coming, it's used as you would be able to scan all the motives at once. You need a really big solution for this gun with 300 dp. I will be enough to trace them later in Illustrator. 4. 4.Cleaning your drawings in Illustrator: open illustrator and make any fine in this moment that I mentioned are not important to import your files into illustrator Goto file place and select the fire do just can. We're going to trace her motives, converting them into vector graphics to edit them in an easy way. To do that will sell like this can image, and we'll go to the image trace option entering 150 interest will take in it in our white. Okay on, then it's fun group toe. Have access to each motive to fill them out. It we will use to shame building to on. We will apply to each drawing. It's This is very to use the color black toe a boy transparency later in further ship. Now it's time to clean a bitter Matics to get them ready for for the show, for things. We will place no motives with a little separation from each other, and we create a square off five by five Intel's to place each Monday inside one. Off this squares create the square with stroke, but no feel holding out on dragging. Make a copy for each month Eve, we will have to transform its a square into a number, using the arbor to on speaking in it a square. It's important to relieve this quest that we created. If we don't, we will export them with imitates on, we have to get rid of them in further ship. His name Adele, is not big enough stated until it feels most part of this square to clean them a bit on Make th more uniforms. We lose this move to just applying it all over the edge of the selected motive. The finish. We will explore motives going to file export, name the fire and select the folder where you want to save them a thieves. It's important to take use parable save us BND with our 300 peopie I resolution sleek. Okay on. We'll have the base for Russians. Really? 5. 5.Creating the brushes in Photoshop: to create a ration for the shop. It's super easy. There's open one of the P and G finds with one of the motives. The black part name it. Will we find the rush to convert it into a brush? Just goto, edit and select. Define brush and you will have Germany's ready to repeat as many times as you want. If you prefer motives with more texture, you can go to giants. Use the optional low channels, a selection in a new layer in where the selection going toe selection in birth, selection with black using at the Serb rush. In this case, I feels Breazeal Blair dry from crying brushes, but you can use any other of your choice. Repeat the same steps with Pitch Metis to build a good collection. 6. 6.Creating a pattern in Photoshop (background): the technique to create a pattern in further ship. It's very simple, Yes, name, good memory and a bit off months we start creating a new document. In this case, it will be a 6300 pixels by 6300 pixels. With a resolution off 300 pics is to show you how this technique works. I'm going to create a background for our pattern, make a new layer and start feeling the space from the center to the ages with the brush on the color of their choice, it's important not to read the edges of the file when the layer is almost feel will go to fill their other offset on will type health. The amount off fixes of the file involved auctions for is Enter America. Wind click OK, we will keep doing this a few times until the layer is full feeling. The layer starting in the centre are not reaching the edges. Then apply offset. Changing the values in the horizontal and vertical fields 7. 7.Creating a pattern in Photoshop using your brushes: Now that we have the background, it's time to use her brushes, make a new layer and select one of the brushes to get more variety in our pattern, we will go to the brush panel on will change some options. So every time we click with the brush, it will change the size and orientation. Play with this option, depending on your Mondays way will use the same technique that we used to create the background. Starting in the centre on making offset on Did you feel older day? Thanks. You can make a more complex pattern, making more layers on using the same technique. But remember to offset each layer or the motives will not. It might seem a bit messy sometimes, but if you remember to offset each layer, it will be fine to make. It is here we will make a group with all the layers on. Duplicated for safety's way will merge one off the groups into a layer by doing right, click on the mouth and select Emerge Group. Now we're going to cast my stomach thieves. For that, we will create a new layer that will place on top off the Motive Slayer were going toe make a clipping mask by president out on the keeper on clicking in the middle of the two layers . Now we just need a brush to draw some details to make it unique. Thanks. In this case, I chosen to draw eyes, smiles on some lines. This will make the pattern more interesting to finish. I credit more materials using start brushed toe. Feel doubts on unify. The pattern used a offset technique hunting your hobby with the results. 8. 8.Applying your pattern: Well, our pattern is ready, and now we just have to apply it to the these will goto edit defined pattern. Our pattern will be loaded in for the show. To apply toe a bigger surface. Just create a new document. Go to layer newfield layer pattern and select your pattern. You cannot just the scale of the pattern changing the percentage from this point. You can apply to mock ups or use it in your products in your online shops. I hope you enjoy the class and you'll create many patterns using different combinations with your brushes and you know it.