Create beautiful Instagram images in 5 minutes | Damilola Oyewusi | Skillshare

Create beautiful Instagram images in 5 minutes

Damilola Oyewusi, Web and Content Strategist & Eclectic book lover

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3 Videos (25m)
    • Welcome to class

    • Project work

    • Creating designs with basic Canva tools


About This Class

For most young business owners and social media influencers aiming to establish a voice on social media, delivering quality and original visual content can be a challenge. Learning Photoshop skills may take time and distract one from the business and outsourcing to a designer will be expensive.

Knowing how to use simple tools like Canva can save you time and also come in handy when you have spontaneous ideas.

This class is a simple lesson on the basics of Canva using a quote based design as an example. For the next classes, we will take a look at creating seemingly complex designs with Canva elements as well as tips and tricks to make your designs pop.

I'm also excited to see what you come up with on your project too.






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Damilola Oyewusi

Web and Content Strategist & Eclectic book lover

I have spent the past three years designing strategy and creating content for corporate organizations' blogs and social media platforms. Through these classes, I'll be sharing the lessons I have learned from experience and personal development. My goal is to help content strategists, creators and just about anybody easily and cost effectively, manage their online platforms for success.

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