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Create awesome Product Mockups in seconds

Daniel Mayer, Be a better version of yourself

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Creating Mockups

    • 3. Final words


About This Class

Mockups works great when it comes to showcasing and branding your photos, designs, websites, ebooks or other products. Its a great way how an image will look like on a particular device screen as well as what it will look like from different angles.


In this class i will show you some free resources to create some awesome Mockups in just a couple of seconds and for totally free, without the use of any software like Photoshop and without any designing skills at all!

If you look for a way to showcase your designs, themes or products, to clients or on social media or any other place on the web, then Enroll Now and and create some awesome mockups in just seconds!





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Daniel Mayer

Be a better version of yourself

Hey all Skillshare members,

I am Daniel and i am glad to connect with you here on

I am an offline and online business owner for almost 3 years now and i specialize in marketing and sales.

I have a good amount of knowledge about how to generate traffic and sales using Facebook, how to have a nice income by using Fiverr and how to blog for fun and profits.

Other then that i am a regular guy who speaks 4 languages, loves animals, listen to audiobooks ab...

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