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Create and Use your Bitmoji with Canva

Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer

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7 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction: Let's Create your Bitmoji

    • 2. Creating your Account

    • 3. Creating your Bitmoji

    • 4. Connect your Bitmoji to Canva

    • 5. 4 Creative Ideas to use Bitmojis in your Designs

    • 6. Other Ways to Use Bitmojis

    • 7. Project

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About This Class

How would you like to have your own personal emoji?

How cool would it be to create a cartoon character that looks just like you? 

In this course we are going to build your very own Bitmoji and connect it with Canva so you can have fun designing with your cartoon character! This will give you a new set of visuals to develop your personal brand. 


This class is for everybody and you can follow along with the Free version of Canva!

Ronny & Diana, will be your hosts for this course.

A bit about us:

Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities and have been creating courses about Canva for over 2 years now. He runs 4 Facebook groups for Canva + his own community together with Diana. All of these are, of course, about Canva and how to become a better designer with Canva.

Diana is a Canva Brand Ambassador (a Canva Certified Creative) and creates online courses about different topics like Instagram marketing, photography, personal branding and Canva.

The objective of this class is to help you create your own Bitmoji and connect it to Canva so you can start using these personalized cartoons in your Canva designs.

We'll create Ronny's Bitmoji for you to follow along and show you a couple of other ways you can use Bitmojis in your designs.  


Class Outline:

  1. Ronny & Diana will show you how to get Started
    We will run you through the steps of creating your Bitmoji account 

  2. We'll create Ronny's Bitmoji
    And of course show you exactly how you can follow along by creating yours

  3. We will show you how to connect your Bitmoji to your Canva account
    You will see that once the Bitmoji is created is really easy to connect it to Canva so you can start using your cartoons in the editor

  4. Diana will show you 4 creative ways to use your Bitmojis in Canva
    This is were the real fun begins as you'll be able to use your Bitmoji go create some interesting designs

  5. Ronny will show you some other ways to use Bitmojis online
    We will talk about using Bitmojis on messaging platforms like Messenger, Whatsapp, ... and other cool integrations.

  6. We will present the class project

So that's what we have for you in this course! Put on some comfortable slippers and grab a cup of your favorite drink, this is about to get fun!

Oh! and if you'd like to take some classes in Spanish, I suggest you check out Diana's Skillshare profile:


1. Introduction: Let's Create your Bitmoji: Hello, everyone. This is Deanna. And yes, I stole. Run is glasses. And, uh, welcome to my house here in Save Me. Yeah. Sorry. Our house here in Sydney, Ronnie's and my house. And I want to welcome you to this course in which we are going to teach you step by step, how to create your big emoji and a little bit about me. Actually, I'm a cover certified creative. That means kind of like an official ambassador off the brand of Camba and running. My partner who is behind the camera. He's working at combat. He's the head of communities there. Uh and yeah. So why am I teaching these cars? Actually, I've been using campus since all moans. Like about five years now, I would say maybe a little bit more. And we've been using camber like since then, like almost every day. Now we use it every day for our businesses. We create a lot of content and I love the breath and especially this feature we're going to teach you today, which is big Emojis bit emojis are kind of like a cartoon that looks exactly like yourself . And there is a new feature Integrated into combat that lets you owe allows you to connect your technology to come back in order for you to use them into your designs. The course is for anyone who uses convert. You can be using a free account or a pay account because these big motive future income back it's available to all users. So I think this is a great feature. If you are building your personal brand and you need to create a lot of content, maybe you don't have enough photos of yourself. Maybe you can use the's big Noches for this content creation. Or maybe you just want to have fun and play around with your designs and have your little character orbit Muji into your the signs. We're going to start a course by teaching you how to set up your account so you can access your big movie. Then, after we're going to teach you how to actually create your big Muji in this case, we are going to create run ins with Muji because he didn't have his big move. Idiots. Next, we're going to show you how to connect your big emoji to Camba so that you can use your pick no GIs in different kind of these things. And we are going to have a lot of fun there after that. Running is going to finish the course by showing us different ways to use this before, which is outside of camp. And of course, there will be a project at the end of this course in which you are going to create your own technology that looks exactly like you, and you're going to create a beautiful design in combat and uploaded in the project section off this course. This is going to be a lot of fun, and I am by you to follow me to the next lesson. 2. Creating your Account: so basically a combat they just integrated. And you up that you find Here you see, you go to this man, you go here to more and here you'll find big Muji. So with this make big Muji up, you can create your own cartoon. Uh, or big noted So we are going to create your big movie. OK, OK, sure. So what do I need to do? So first you go here to more and you click on big emoji and, uh, you click on Connect. Yeah, but actually first, let's just do this first to show you that this big emoji app will try to connect to your Snapchat account. So if you don't have a Snapchat account, then I think we need to create a new one for you. Okay, so if you don't have Snapchat Ah, account yet you can do with here supposed Mutu's Snapchat sign up. So Ok, so we're going to quickly set up this account and we'll come back to where we just left that. Okay, so connect you come bodies up will be able to access your Yes, yours not change. Change my display name? No no. So continue now. Is just saying that Come up will take your display Name your perfect. So they will ask Access this information. Continue back to the previous up. OK, continue. Wait, What does it say? Check that you have linked a big movie avatar to your Snapchat account. You need to give Cameron remission. OK, so basically, what is, uh, Cumber telling us is that we need to go to Snapchat on your phone so you can create your big movie because you don't have a big movie yet, so you need to create it and then come back here and connected from kind of 3. Creating your Bitmoji: Okay, So I'm gonna take my brand new phone and Creon download. Um, what's Snapchat but thirst. First, I need to record my exactly okay. IPhone and I will download Snapchat from the APP store. Okay, Snap. Get it. Okay, so we already created your account. So do you remember your user name and passport? Yes. Okay. Perfect face. I d What is this technology? My iPhone Recognize my face. Even though I have my Canada glasses. That's nice. All right, so it's moving forward. All right, open up. Is down. Noted so again, my user name. Okay. My password. Okay, So we are looking in. Yes. And now, um, just not now. Go here on the top left. Yeah, uh, don't know. More friendly. Yes. And then go below and click here where it says create big emoji. Okay. Uh huh. And then you just follow the steps. You will create a mail in your case on Avatar and select. You see, here below there is a menu. So here you can add all the different features of your character. Yes. And when you are done with your big Muji, Yes. Then we can continue with the tutorial to show you how to connect the up, which is really simple, actually. Okay, so I guess I just have to do this quickly. Yeah. Find my hair. Which one is my hair? Ah, so much hair does find something like this one, I guess. This one? No. Uh, well, you know, maybe this one shorter shorts like these may be Yeah, like me. Okay. This was that Hair treatment? No. It's like if you have, um, dye her hair. I don't Beer. Beer? Yes. You have bees. No, you don't have such a I think beer. You have something more like my beard is I did this for years. My next eyes I shape. Um this this? No, that's I shape. Okay. Trying to find my eye shape? Yes, Something like that. Okay, I size Show me little like this. Yes. OK. No, that's why spacing. Ah, very no. OK. Next. No. All right. I'd color. My eyes are like, Yes. Green. No more leg. Yeah. No, Maybe this guy. No, no. Let's say this color. Um, Eyebrows, Mr. Okay. So you have, like, a kind of 2020 eyebrows like this? Yes. No. Maybe. Okay, this is good. Like a bit more rapidly. Okay? I selected the room. No, I have a big nose. Where is the big nose category? This may be Yes, Yes. Okay, let's move on. Glasses or the kind of glasses. Can I change? Change the color selector if there are blues. Need me? Blue glasses. What is this? I'll maybe some dresses. Oh, look. Another sorry. Swimming? Yes. Is Ah okay. I have glasses like a next jaw. How is my job? Ah, something like this. It's I don't recognize myself in this guy. I know it happened the same to me. I will select this one. Can't you change? Change the the face time? Yes. Here. You can do know you have, like this and the face the skin tone, but cannot change this. The shape of your face. Yes, you can. I did it before. Okay. Years. Ah, yeah. Okay. Next sheikh lines. That's if you have, um, a wrinkles. But you couldn't see them because you have glasses. Okay, so I don't have rankers. I don't have a hat, body type, skin, you and yeah, that one. That one suits you really Well, actually, yeah, that's ah, like different. Um, a government. STAIs, how do you say that stuff? Yeah, garment. Uh, let's have something that I wear. So what new arrival? I select the black hurry. You are always wearing that. When the black T shirt. I think I saw it here. Yeah. Yes. And then you can change the top. I guess it's have a kind of a T shirt. Okay. Your khaki pants. You are always wearing that. I have something. Shorts is where? Perfect. Just shoes. I hope they have Nike air, Max. No, they don't have the We have this. Looks decide that pink, I think. No, that's not the pink you have. That's not you have, like, fucking Brucia. Yes, This Okay, that starts to look more like me. Sucks. Yeah, that's fine. Uh, next? Yeah, that's that's the one you have. That's the one. Uh, what is this? My clothes? That I don't need to close it now. OK, OK. Go here and safe Save, save 4. Connect your Bitmoji to Canva: and I'm going back here to cover its Ah, connect to see if it works. Now, if not refreshed the page. Okay, so connect you combat Continue. E continue back to the previous up. Continue. And I hope it works. See the magic happen? Yeah. Said now you have your big movie. Every time you come here to more in bit moody, you will have all these technologies available so we can create a lot of content for you. You look at these. Yeah, I'm so happy now. You have your big movie that there's one thing I need to do. What? Can you switch back to us? Yes. OK. Hey, hey, look at this. Bit moody in your screen. 5. 4 Creative Ideas to use Bitmojis in your Designs: Hello, guys. In this lesson, I would like to give you different ideas that you can use when you are going to create 80. Sign using your big movies. Hewing camp. Okay, so I have a blank page here and the first thing that I usually do when I'm going to create a new design here, Income for East, you browse through the templates, um, up. So I have different options here, and actually, what I'm going to do is to select a design or a template that has a cartoon or afford erred on the side. So I know where to position my big Muji afterwards. Okay, so I think I'm going to select this one right here. I'm going to open thes set off slides, and then I'm going to select something. Dads, uh, I think I can use for this example. Okay, so I think I'm going to use didn't check these one here. And, um, before, uh, positioning my cartoon here. My big movie. What I'm going to do is to customize a little bit these templates. So it is more, um, brands. So the first thing I'm going to do is to on group these set off elements. And then I'm going to change the Kohler off these rectangle here, going to put my being colors, and then I'm just going to change the order element colors in the design. So, as you can see here, I'm just clicking on the elements and I'm going to change their coolers here for my brand quarters. This is just going to take a couple of seconds, and that's used this one. Okay, so now that I have my branded colors in my design, I'm going to delete these cartoon or these graphic. Then I'm going to the left menu here, and I'm going to open the top more. I can see here that my big mage is already connected, and I'm going to open it to see all the different bit movies I have here. So what I'm going to do is that I'm going to select ah, bit Muji that we can see it has the full body. So when I mean by this, if you see ah, there are some big emojis in which we cannot see the legs like, for example, this one we don't see the legs, or in this case, we can see until like the knees. So I'm going to select a full body big movie. This case I'm going to use this one. So what I would like to show you now is like the different things that you can do with this meat pit Moody. Ah, to make it work. Wait your designs. So the first thing is that this bit Muji is not looking towards my text. And I would like this big Muji to look to the left. So I'm going to click on my big movie and then I can see that these men you up years here. So when I'm not looking on my big nog, nothing appears. But when I click on my big Muji, all these different options appear here. So the first thing is that I'm going to flip my pig moody to, um to the other side. So I'm going to flip, hurry, something going to click here And now I have my big McGee looking to the left. So this is, I think, looking already better going to make it a little bit bigger and a little bit smaller. Sorry and position it Ah, to decide. I think in this case we can remove this tablet. Actually, we don't need it. And I'm going to make my big maji a little bit bigger. Okay? Uh, and as we already so we also have these different options here. Uh, you can also use your effects option and apply all these different options to your big movie. In this case, what I'm going to do is to apply a do it in effect to my pit energy going, Teoh search for something that can look fine on my design. So let's try the being option. Let's try this blush option. And actually, this pink is kind of the friend to my branded pink. So I'm going to click here again to the same blush icon, and you see that we can actually change the corners off our duty. So I have my pink cooler, my pink hex code here, and I'm going to copy and paste it on their shadows. As you see here, the pink, like the darkest pink is here on the shadows. So I'm going to apply my darkest pink here based And now my my bit Muji is looking more Rembrandt. We can change the highlights for white or maybe four a color that is already in your color palette. So in this case, my great, it's kind of like a almost white. And then I click here on a plight, So this is a way that you can use, uh, this is an effect, actually that you can use to make your big emojis look more own brand. Okay, so now I'm going to give you a tip on how to use these big emojis that we have here on campus. Okay, so I'm going to duplicate thes template, and I'm going to delete these big movie. I'm going again here to our big noogies election. And this trick or distant that I'm going to give you is really simple, But I think it's important to mention it because I have seen other people making this mistake. So if you see here, I selected a full body, big nog, anything. It makes sense. It looks balanced. But I have seen people doing our creating some designs like, for example, like this going to select this big movie. And let's position this big emoji here. So if you see these design, we don't see the full body and It's kind of like floating in the design. So my tip here is to use big emojis that kind of like flow with our descendants. So if you really, really want to use these emoji in your design, let's play with it So it makes sense and doesn't look so random or floating in the air here in this easing. So one thing that you can use or you can do is to add another element to your design. So let's say, for example, I'm going to add a Let's search for a phone this sign. So let's say I have these descend here. I have these, uh, phone design going to flip it like this. And then if I really, really want to use my big movie with this little face or this specific face, I can position my beat Muji next to the phone. So it looks I'm going to delete this plants on the back. So I'm going to position my bit Muji in this way so we can kind of like, see, like the big Muji is ah, coming from behind the phone. So now our big Muji makes more sense. It's ah interacting with our like the older elements in the design, and it's not just floating on the design. So you see the difference. Now it's making more sense. It's kind of like a playing with our elements. Okay, so now that we understand the concept off, having fun with our big noogies and kind of like playing around with the other elements in our slides or our designs, I would like to give you another idea. So what I'm going to do is to duplicate this light, and I'm going to delete these do elements now. What I'm going to do is to search into my bit Muji selection, and I'm going Teoh use. I think I saw something here with hearts. So let's say I'm going to use these cute bit moody here. I'm going to position it into my design. So it kind of like make sense. I think being on top off these blub or these shape, it kind of like a makes sense. So this other trick that I would like to show you is to, um makes you're a bit mo J Wade stickers. So now what I'm going to do is to go here to elements I'm going Teoh clothes, The's previous search and what I'm going to do is to search by heart and I'm going to add the ward sticker and search. So if you see here, we also have, like, animated elements inside Cumber. In this case Ah, what I would like to do is to add on animated sticker or animated elements into my design. So it kind of like it's mixed with my big movie. So I'm going to look for a sticker that has, like, a similar heart shape or maybe seemingly our corners. So it kind of looks like it goes with the big motion. Okay, so I see something that has kind of like the same heart shape and kind of like the same corners. So I'm going to position this one on top off my bit, Muji, and I'm going to tilted a little bit like this. What I can do is to duplicate this element and change the size and position it in another place you can dio like thes. Or maybe you cannot. Let's try to find another one. Maybe instead of hearts, maybe we can try to look for star. So I'm trying to look for something that I can add to my designed to make it cooler. And I saw this is kind of like a star crown. I'm going to make it smolder so it can go on top off my bit Muji head So it would look something like this. And I think this is kind of like a fun way to, uh, make your big move. GIs more entertaining. They look funnier And it looks like if you're a bit moody, was animated. And the last idea that I'm going to share with you guys is something that I've been doing Ah, a lot likely because I think it's a cool, um, way to use these kind of elements. So what I'm going to do is to create backgrounds with my big Moses. I'm going to add a new page here, and I'm going to, um, let's use these bit moody with hearts. Ah, what I'm going to do is to position this big Muji on the corner and I'm going to make it smaller. What I'm going to do next is like either you can click here on duplicate or you can press out the key out in drug. Your image to this site so you can select again the three big movies that you have now. And you press the key out and dragged your elements. You can do the same, Gail. It's, um let's know that we have six elements. We can go to position and space evenly, horizontally. And what I'm going to do is to crab all these technologies and I press us in, dragged him to the bottom and do the same for all of this drag to put him. Okay, so I think that was too much. I'm going to delete delete the last ah ro off technologies and what I'm going to do now is to select them all and position them to this center. So, as you see, when I'm moving them, we see these pink lines appearing. And this is telling me that my pick Koji ease center is aligned to the center horizontally and vertically. Now what I'm going to do is to select all my big noogies and apply transparency. I like to go hard on the transparency here because I don't want all the colors and the elements in my pit movies to interfere with my design. So Let's try with nine and see how they look on my previous is I'm going to select my big Emojis and copy them. You can click right and copy. Then you can go to your previously sign and based quite like M faced. Now we have my big movies here, but as you can see, they are on top of everything where I'm going to do next, ease you. I'm going to make sure that's my big emojis are aligned to the center. I'm going to position and to back. I'm going to click here to back. So now maybe Emojis are in the background and I think I'm going to apply a little bit more off transparency. It'll be more, and you can also change the color of your background. Let me just go back here and then you can just go and change the quarter of your background . I'm going to play around with different colors. Let's see pink Uh, maybe green. And then it can change these two white. Let me change their text too white or too black. And this is another way that I've been using. My big emojis can make them bigger so they feel the full background. I'm going to stretch my bit emojis, and you can even make the big emojis more transparent. You can go up to four tree for so you can kind of, like, see them in the background. But they don't interfere with your design, and you can read your text and you can have an interesting design here. So these are all the ideas I have so far on how to use your bit merges. I hope you enjoy this lesson and let's go to the next lesson where Ronnie he's going to explain other different uses off our big merges outside camp. 6. Other Ways to Use Bitmojis: Welcome back to the course, guys. In this last lecture, I'm going to show you a couple of different ways to use your bit Mogi app and bit emojis in general, kind of outside of Campbell. So let's go. I have here on the table two different phones. I have my iPhone here, and I have my android phone. So I'm going to show you on both operating systems how you can use beat emojis, for example, to use them in your messenger app or to use them in what's up, or even to use them directly from your browser in your chrome extensions, or even to use them directly on your desktop because there is a way you can actually down. No, the chrome extension if you're using the chrome browser. So let's dive into old this. The first thing I wanted to show you is how you can actually use your big emojis on your iPhone. Okay, so in order for the big emerges to be active on your iPhone, you will have to add the keyboard to your sets off different keyboards. So in order to do that, of course, you have to grab your iPhone and then you go to your settings. You go to general, you search for keyboards. Okay. Click here on top on keyboards and you will see the big emoji keyboard will show up here if you have previously downloaded and installed the bit Muji. Absolute. Just click on that and you have to allow full access. Okay, so you have this message here. Allow full access. Forbidden merger keyboard? Yes, allow. And that's it. That means that now you would have access to your big emoji keyboard in or the APS that you are that you are using. So let's say if I want to send a message to Deanna on. Messenger just opened the messenger app. Find Yana. Okay, I can see hid Yana, And then I want to add one of my big emojis, right? So I can simply click on the globe right here and select my keyboard as big emoji. And now I have all my big emojis here and you can even search for them. So let's say I want to send her some love. So I typed in love surge and every send you this. Go back to my message right here. Indiana and then a long press and I will paste my big emoji and sent on. There you go, sending you lots of love. Then I can see you the message like this. So this is how you will use your big emojis directly from your iPhone in all different hap app. So this works with messenger. This works with what's up. It even works with G made. If you want older messaging APS eso that's one way of using it. You can also use it with I message. So that's the same thing. You would have access to the big emojis via your big emoji keyboard, so just remember to activate that keyboard. All right, so now let me show you how to use the same bit emojis on your android phone. So for this, of course, you need an android phone. So let me grab my Samsung phone and I will go to the big emoji so you need a bit more G. Abdel noted on your android phone as well. So this is where you would get s. So the first thing you need to do is, of course, to activate the keyboard. So in order to do that to him. You have to click on the little setting wheel right there. And then you go to keyboard set up. OK, so for this turn on the big emoji keyboard is the easiest way to share a bit. Emoji stickers where you were chatting you can continue, so I have already set it up. So But basically, you just follow the steps on this, like little helping section of the big emoji app. And then I can go back to my messenger, open the message with Deanna and you can see that she answered back with the love bit Emoji eso the the way used the big emojis. Now you can see I can switch between my different keyboards. Usually I use the swift key keyboard. Okay, so I use this keyboard and the big energies are not here. But if you click on the keyboard and use either for me in this case English, French, Spanish or tie, you can see underneath each of these keyboard says big emoji keyboards. I'm going to choose English one. And now you will see these icons right here. Unlike the iPhone, you cannot search for the big emojis. But you can click on these different categories and find emojis and also unlike the iPhone . So I like better on the iPhone that you can actually search with keywords. But what I really like about this one is that you don't have to copy and paste them. You can just simply press on them like this, and then it send it. So that's how you activate your keyboard on android phone. Okay, so if you have any problem with that, you can always go to your settings right here. So the little setting wheel, you go to your general management and the here you can choose language and input, and then you can find your key boats on screen keyboards. You will see here the big emoji keyboard, and you can give it preferences, vibrates, whatever, so you can customize your keyboard directly from here. So that's what I wanted to show you by using your android versus using your iPhone. So now I'm going to talk about another way to use your big emojis, and that is with your chrome browser. You can actually download a big emoji chrome extension so that you can use them directly in your chrome browser and you can copy. Pays them everywhere. So let me show you how to do this. So for that, I'm going to off course open window are on my computer. So from Google, off course, using the chrome browser, you can simply go to the little three dot menu right here, go to more tours and go to extensions. Okay, So you would be now able to find Mawr extensions. And I believe I can just search for extension. No, those are the extensions that are already installed. But if I go here, open the Crume Web store, that's where I want to go. And I can search the store for the bit Mogi extension. You see, Bit Mogi I can add to chrome, so I'm goingto do this at the extension. So it's gonna take a little second, but then I can log in with my Snapchat. Once you're logged in with your Snapchat, you can just simply continue. Continue again and there we go. So we are now logged in. Okay, so welcome back. You see? My bit Muji is already updated here. So how can I use this bit emoji extension? So we've put your avatar into the Gmail composer. So click for easy access to your bit. Emojis and I have access to my bit emoji directly into my Gmail, which is pretty cool. And also, there should be a bit emoji icon here in my extension bar. And I can see it's right here. So that's test that Let's go first to Gmail, and I'm going to bit more G four g made is ready to go. OK, got it. Uh, I'm going to compose a new email to Dana, send her more love. Why not? Okay, Donna. So just going to see you see, my big emoji like I can see my face here so I can insert a big emoji directly from here. So if I click on this, I am able to search. So let's send Una some more love. For example, this one right here incent. Okay, the email is sent. I can look into my sent folder to Deanna and she has received some more love from her boyfriend running perfect. So that's how you use it for your Gmail. And now I want to show you something else. Looking back into messenger. Why would you Snapchat or something else so again going back to Deanna. You see, all my bit merges there. And I can simply click on the big emoji extension icon right here and say, like, how are you? What can say hello? Let's say hello. Um, Yep, this one. So right, click and choose Copy image from the menu so I can right click on my big emojis Cut the image, click here and paste And it will pace my big emojis So this is useful to do for any kind of website. Okay, I can also be, for example, simply searching on Google. I imagine this is simply a copy paste option that is now available for pasting your emojis wherever you want. So I can copy the image. Yes, of course. And Google is not gonna work. But let's imagine on a Google doc, Let's see if it works with Google ducks so I can create in your duck. Okay, give me an anti document and I'm going to copy my Muji year. Perfect. It's copied on my google duck. So this is how you use your big emoji directly from your browser. If you have chrome as your default browser and there is one more thing I want to show you. And for that, I'm going to go back to my phone. So transitioning back on, grabbing again my phone, it could be one of the other phones. It doesn't matter because it works the same way on both phones. All right, so from the iPhone, what I can do as well. I've showed you the keyboard trick. I've showed you how to use directly inside the apse. But if you want to use it just like I was using it on chrome right now on my desktop, you can use the same way by simply going to the big emoji app and copying any of these big emojis and pays them anywhere at So for example, I just copied one. I will select what's up this time. Send a message to my friend John Re just long press and I can paste my message. Okay, sanitize room. So I can copy paste any of the big emojis directly from the big emoji app. Just go to your bit moochie app. Find the one that you want to send a long press on it and then copy. And then you can face that anywhere So that's it for this lecture, guys. I hope it was useful. I hope you learned a lot about how to use your big emojis in different ways in different situations. I really encourage you to download the big emoji app and start playing around with them because they are a lot of fun. That's it for me. Dan is going to show you what the project is for this course in the next lecture. Thank you for watching. I would see you in the next course. 7. Project: Hello, guys. And welcome to the lads. Listen, of discourse in this lesson. We're going to talk about the project for this project. I would like you to create your own big, moody obit. Majayda looks exactly like you connected to camper and then create a design. You can have fun. With this design, you can create any kind of dark type. It can be a social media post. Could be a Facebook post instagram YouTube thumbnail anything that you will accept create or that unique you create. Don't know this design from combat and then uploaded to discourse on the project section. We would love to see here. Creations were going to give you feedback. If you upload any designed here on this course and yeah, we're really happy with Ronnie. We cannot wait to see your the signs. Thank you so much, guys, for staying to the end. And we hope to see you in another course. Bye bye.