Create and Submit a Podcast to iTunes using Sound Cloud | Haydn Adams | Skillshare

Create and Submit a Podcast to iTunes using Sound Cloud

Haydn Adams, Creative Technical Educator

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11 Videos (17m)
    • Overview on this course

    • Login and upload a profile picture

    • Upload Audio

    • Track Information

    • The RSS Feed button

    • Entering in your podcast info

    • Login or create an apple ID to iTunes Connect

    • Create and Submit your Podcast to iTunes

    • Waiting for the audio to be approved

    • A published podcast

    • Updating the podcast info with description and website link


About This Class

You've recorded the audio, maybe added some audio tracks here and there and you're ready to spread your audio to the world on iTunes' Podcast. But how do you get your audio on there? I'll show you.

Apple doesn't serve or host any audio when it comes to podcasting. They simply are the distributors of the information. So we have to use a 3rd party platform in which to serve up the audio. That's where soundcloud comes in. Soundcloud is a great free service (or paid if you want more options) in which to serve up you audio.

In this tutorial I'll show you:

  • How to properly upload your audio
  • Create descriptions for the podcast tracks
  • How to copy / paste the RSS feed to Apple
  • Edit the information in the feed in case you want to change something.

This course is all for beginners, but assumes that you have already, or you know how to record audio for a podcast. 





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Haydn Adams

Creative Technical Educator

As faculty in the School of Illustration and Web Design at the Academy of Art University for over 12 years, Haydn brings his wealth of knowledge of education and curriculum design, and brings it to small businesses. During his tenure at the University, he has taught over 15 different classes and written curriculum, syllabi, CLO's (course learning outcomes) and rubrics for nearly a quarter of the aforementioned courses. 

In addition to being in the classroom, Haydn runs two busines...

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