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Create and Automate Profitable Niche Websites

Jason DigiNo ☑️, Online Income Paradise

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17 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Finding Golden Keywords

    • 3. 2. Simple Website Setup

    • 4. 3. Creating Your Brand Image

    • 5. 4. Wordpress to Rank

    • 6. 5. Genesis Framework

    • 7. 6. Someone else write this for me?

    • 8. 7. Automate with If This Then That

    • 9. 8. Create Content With Social Media?!

    • 10. 9. Finding Products To Sell

    • 11. 10. YouTube to Rank

    • 12. 11. Convert Articles into Videos

    • 13. 12. Be Google's Friend

    • 14. 13. The Heart and Soul of Page 1

    • 15. 14. How To Make a Living

    • 16. 15. People On Your Site = Money

    • 17. Conclusion

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About This Class

What This Course Will Do For You

  • Show you how to make a website with a strong brand image
  • Teach you how to get it to page 1 of Google
  • Show you how to turn your website traffic into passive income
  • Teach you exclusive automation techniques to eliminate heaps of hard work and save you time

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey, I'm Jason and I created I used all of these techniques to take this online ESL teaching website from 0 traffic to 40,000 visitors per month in one year.

My niche website, SEO and passive income techniques were so successful that I developed KuboSEO to help other small businesses do the same.

I made this course to share as much as I can about creating and automating profitable niche websites with all of you.

So let's get started with the class!

Resources from Class

Lesson 1 - Long Tail Pro

Lesson 2 - Bluehost

Lesson 3 - Canva | Unsplash | Pixabay

Lesson 4 - Wordpress

Lesson 5 - SPI Pro Theme/Genesis Framework

Lesson 6 - iWriter

Lesson 7 -  IFTTT

Lesson 8 - IFTTT Applets

Lesson 9 - Amazon Associates | Genius Links

Lesson 10 - YouTube

Lesson 11 - Content Samurai

Lesson 12 - Google Analytics | Search Console | AdSense

Lesson 13 - Yoast SEO

Lesson 14 - ConvertKit

Lesson 15 - Monumetric



1. Introduction: Hello. This is Jason from Digital Dog on. Welcome to create an automaton. Profitable niche. Websites on this costs I'll just be running you through the process of hell to build up a web site from scratch on, run through. All the little techniques are used to automate it. Get it, get it. Earning money on you. Get ranking on Google on page one. Um, so, yeah, I'll be using a case study example of a website that I made it all about Doc's. Andi, I think this is really helpful for you to see the actual process and how it all works on hopefully get you with the website and get you in in some passive income online on. I will be promoting products and tools throughout. That really helped me, and I will believe it links to them in the description eso If you want to use these products, please click on the legs because it really helps me out on affiliate marketing is something that's a big part of this course. So it's good to get in practice with it now so you can start using it yourself to start running the cash. Okay, so if you already toe build, create automate unleashed website to get some money. Ah, Then let's crack on with the class. I'll see that. 2. 1. Finding Golden Keywords: Okay, so the first step of building your niche Web site from scratch is literally finding a term to build it around. Finding a subject. Eso This involves some keyword research on I use Long Tell pro, which you can get in the in the class notes. I'll put a link to that below. That's my affiliate. Link helps me out if you sign up through it on, I choose long tell pro because it's the clearest way to find keywords that low hanging fruit, and this means that they are low competition. So that means there's no a lot people writing about them in search engine results ons. They are high search for you High monthly search for you. So it's easy to rank for on a lot of people searching for it. Onda Long Tail Pro is also the cheapest in these sorts Softwares in the Esso Softwares that I have found for its quality. You would normally be paying about $100 a month, but you know we're long tail pros between 10 and $20 a month, so that is much better. Okay, so first, what you do is you want to add a new project. So its niche course. Andi, I'll show you exactly what I did to find the key word for the website. Amusing as a case study here in a sheet. But the or on a I decided I wanted to make a website about dogs. Okay, so first of all, I just typed in dogs retrieved on a It will give you related keywords. So that on this is the interesting thing here because you got the average keyword competitiveness on the search volume here. So you really want to see on also, you've done it for the location. So which is this is the location of the Google you want to rank for. Okay. Um, I've always had the most success in the USA, so I just go for the USA eso the average Casey, You want this? That you want this low and you want this volume high? Um, a good Casey for low hanging fruit is about 15. Okay. Um, So what I would do is to find the lowest level one or just tap average kid wants the highest. I just tap it until we got the lowest one there, which is teacup dogs. Now it says orange there because between 25 30 um, that is what I can rank for with my current website. If you're just starting out, you won't be able to rank for these kind of keyword. Said the lower the better below 25 is good. Okay, so 30 it's not really You're not really gonna rank for it on. It's a really good search for you. Um, anything above 1000 is good. You just want imagine you want 1000 people come into your website a month. You know, every person of every person spends a dollar for something. You're getting $1000 a month. So you know, that's just the way you don't think of it on. Um Okay, so this is where I look. That's the point. I was like, OK, what dogs do I really like on? I really like the she Bettina. So it's like to achieve a You knew there, and I just thought, what kind of things come up and I was like, OK, I'm seeing a lot of I'm seeing a lot of orange orangey yellows here. Andi, the search volume was just really good on these, so I was like, OK, I've got my key words here on Sheba. Ienner was the website I was going to choose. So what? It does I record all of these ones especially like the sort of the low hanging ones. Yours would need to be a lot lower than this if you're just starting out because I already hod, um 40 with other websites that would be able to link to. Then I try something slightly higher, but so it would take a lot longer to sort of dig for the gold on, find something that's like, 15. We have a good search for you, but I find it really fun. So I'm sure you'll find it fun as well. So if you want to do this and get along, tell pro. Um, I'll leave the link in the notes on Yeah, there's a free trial so you can have a little play around with it as well of the free Charles. Very limited, obviously. Okay, Brilliant. So let's move on to the next class. Now that we've got our keyword 3. 2. Simple Website Setup: Okay, so now that we've got our key, would we want Teoh turn the key word into a website? Eso Now we've got the Shiba Inu keywords. So we want to go on to Blue Host, which I'll leave the link for down below. That's the affiliate link as well. On a You want to type into blue host? You know what? You want your website to be a So obviously I started off sp like hopefully this is free she veneno dot com on it will tell you it's free. That is not free. Eso This is why I went for in the end. You don't want to get the ones like she but you know dot us don't website You really want to stay away from these Because it, like Google, just doesn't like them as much. Um, you really want to be going for dot com or in the UK or dot co dot UK Um, if you're in the UK, you could go for dot com as well, But if your targets in the u. K. But if Dr UK um I I always like toe grab the Orc Robert an adult net. Um I think just thought dog is much nicer. Another dot net thought not always feels a bit cheap looking to me, but, you know, those are the big four to really go for. Okay, So after playing around this, you just type in as much as you want until you eventually get to something. And in the end, I went for I took away the you know, amber in a Sheba dot com was taken, so I had a dog, and there we go. My brown was created in a shoot, but don't or it's a simple Is that, um I did this before. Well, did you know, um, I wanted something that was all about digital nomads, you know, working online. And so in the end, I just sort of made up my own word. Andi took the prefix of each one and did. Gina. There you go. And so there's no real, like mastermind behind. It's just seeing what's available and seeing what sticks. Okay. Okay. So you know, once you've decided on you too, May is free. You have to call you buy it on. Then you can decide to choose a hosting plan connected to it. And so you need. You need a host in plan because imagine this. Imagine you're running a market shop on. You need to pay your rent each month, tohave your shop in the market, and that's the same thing you need to pay your rent toe host your website on the Internet. Um, and I choose Blue Host because everything's all in one place, and it's also clear and simple on is very affordable as well. So ah, hosting plan would cost you around free $95 a month. Just a host. Your website. You pay that a once in a year. I did it, paid it for free years because it worked out cheaper. Yeah, I plan to have websites for a long time, so it's just whatever you can afford at the time, whatever you want to do. And as I said before, I put the, um, the affiliate link for Blue Host down below, and I talk about these affiliate links because it's very handy to get to grips with affiliate marketing. If you want to start a website, do you want to earn money from so with blue host If if someone buys hosting plan from clicking on my link. I'll get $65 so you can see that's a really good thing to start getting into. Depending on your niche, you can promote those of other things, but I'll go into that more later. So, yeah, you get your hosting plan on what's great about Blue Hostess. You'll get like an SSL certificate with it so your site will be secure, which Google loves on. It's just a much better way of doing things, and that's absolutely free. Andi, you also have one click WordPress install. Andi, this is the WordPress is the only one for May. That's the only thing I go for. I've tried out Wicks in the past, and it just wasn't great for building a website on WordPress. You'll rank so much better on Google, and that's the most important thing on. So, yeah, let's move on with the next lesson 4. 3. Creating Your Brand Image: So before we start building your website on WordPress, you want to really get so the bronze, the brand and theme in your head. So, like what? What colors you want to use? Wash your logo what kind of imagery you want to use. So before I even start touching the website, that's when I get, like the stylistic the stylistic procedures underway. So I'll just go onto a website called camber camber dot com on this is just the easiest way . It's like a free. It's a free Web up much like Photoshopped, but just a lot more a lot easier. So you do not custom dimensions. What you do is going to browse or when you want to create design and then just look for, ah, logo on with the logo. You've got all of these templates here that you could just, you know, put in. You click him no go and then you can edit them. Um, so you can do that, or you can just build one from scratch. Andi, I'll show you. We'll try. We'll try and build one from scratch here. So contrary to procedure, um, so what I generally did is I just sort of scrolled through until I kind of see, like, a nice color that I like, um, and so within Achieve, I went for orange on. Okay, let's let's go for this. Nice. It's good for this. Nice yellow were no Stands out. I'm with this, Uh, you want to say that your your websites Probably about lemons. Okay, so I delete all of the writing and stuff on. Then I'll just go for search for elements on, and I could just type in lemon. Uh huh. And I will give you a worthies like free images. Some of them you have to pay for eso. I avoid them personally, This is just a shame, because sometimes the pay one's a really good, but, you know, whatever. Um, let's put this lemon here. What's really good is you could, like, edit this to change the color of it on, you know the position of it. So this lemon over here, I think this lemon would look really good with salt. Black themes has gone. Each one says, like a black and white fee waiver. Change starts being white. There we go. It was like a little logo there, and then you want out some text underneath? That's odd. A heading and you can change the text Phone. Eso lemon website. Oh, yeah. You could change the phone on the front size and the color and things like that. Uh, the old phone. Let's try this one. Yeah, Lemon website. You know, that could officially be your logo. Or you could choose to put it into a circle. Let's get some more elements here. Um, what we're doing here. Ah, shapes surgery on shapes. Very good about some shapes. And, you know, you could choose to put a square around it, so it looks a bit more like a loga. There we go. And I was the logo lemon website, and there's more of s logo in the world. But you get the point, Andi. So that's that's really handy. What I did was I looked to see when I typed in dogs. Look to see what was in there. You're a few in there. Um, on then I typed in she but, you know, on there wasn't very many graphics free on. There's lots of good ones there that they aren't free. Andi, I always try and do everything on the chief. I try and spend as little as possible. So I don't know how profitable a website's gonna pay. So trying to have filmed the cheap. So I'm gonna show you a couple websites now. Ah, where? If Convert doesn't offer the free goods that I like, then I'll go to these ones. So first I'll go to unspool ash dot com And this is loads of free imagery from photographers that you can use. Um, I use I used this for when I make featured images for block posts. So, for example, for the sheep, you know, just type in. You got all these images here that you can use, and then I would put them into camber on. I would just use the text tool toe, right, the name of the article on it. And there you go. You've got your featured image of your block nice and simple. You live. Just download it from there. Andi, that's that I'm with picks. Obey, which is the other website picks obey dot com. Oh, has already saved my Shiba Inu search for pics of a dot com. Ah, yes. I typed in achy, but you knew before on I found this free graphic there. So that became my logo. This is quickly nets in a shiver, the or right now and on. There we go. There's the logo that on. I literally just made that in the same process that I made the lemon one. Okay. And then you download that on Hey, presto. You got your logo? You've got your brand color. You've got an idea of fun that you want to use for your website. So what I would do is if you let your brand color Ah, cook on it, click on the plus. There, on taken note of this hash code be a brand color. Um, you know, I'm so sad. I've got all of my memorized by heart now that if you take a note of this hash color So whenever you're building your website and it's got, like, a color option, you can just literally copy and paste that in rather than trying to find the exact color again. So that's a good tip for you there on. Yeah, I'll show you the procedure I do for making a featured block post image, because why No eso? What I would do is I have my custom dimension the you know that you could go on like Facebook post or or whatever. Um, but you know, I like to make a custom dimension. So it's cooking. Create design. Oh, what I do custom dimension. Go back? Yes. He goes on page guards Custom dimensions up here on what I do is I dio 600 by free 15. So I like to do 600 by 3 15 Because this is the dimension where it displays best on Facebook, which is like my primary social media promotion of choice. So, you know, I wanted optimized for for that. So the feature image always displays well there. So it's always good to think in mind your promotion strategery on. You know which which social media you want to use etcetera on. It's all just a little Google search away. Like what? Dimensions are best for this. Okay, so hello do Is she even in a Oh, wait. I'm in templates. Going to a sheep baa e new. You know, I got one there. Wouldn't you need to go Teoh on Splash will picks obey for this They open that there, get it nice and central on you can choose to put a filter on it. Or did they use for in a Schieber? I think I used festive. I think that changes it a bit on. Then elements I would go on to, uh, typing shapes. On most of time, I put like a nice rectangle square there on I would make it. The Brian Color was making up the orange for now, the other did make a bit more transparent. Put your text on there. XIV Ah e no. Oh, I mean, over there on, then. You want to find your logo? Where is it? No, it's these all your image uploads? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Thank logo in there. Put it somewhere in the corner. On. There you go. You've got ah, blow Featured image. Perfect. You just don't like that. So, you know, you have a really clear idea what your brand is on your brand color and everything. Okay. Brilliant. So let's move on to the next class. Because now we've got a brown ready. We should start building our website. Okay. See that 5. 4. Wordpress to Rank: Okay, so this is the next class where it's all about building your website free. WordPress get used to see in this interface because you'll probably be seeing a lot if you decide toe go down that route. Um, I'm not gonna go into incredible detail here because there's probably much better step by step WordPress courses out there. And this isn't what this is about. This is all about showing UAL. The process is to create a niche web site from scratch to get it automated on there to get it flowing. Eso I don't really want to dedicate my whole time so showing you how to use WordPress because it's never ending. Firstly, the basics off building your website on Also, I started, uh, using the Genesis framework. Andi Ah, premium theme. Andi, I switched over from my box standard fee that you get free on WordPress over to that. And luckily I did scream records my whole process of doing it for the sake of this course. So I will show you all of that. So, in your website it will be made up of posts and pages, Posters for blogged articles. Do you want to keep regularly updated on pages is for like the non static movers such as your home page, your about page and things like that. So let's look at the pages I have for inner sheep of the whole, um, with with the New Sheba, I have ah, shop on their woo commerce shop to sell affiliate products such Aziz like dog T shirts, things on Amazon, such as adult bowls. Doctor. He's things like that because you could make affiliate sales off there by becoming a partner on Amazon. Show you more about that. Another time. Assist. The home page here on what you'll dio is the little summary of what the websites about on a not in your image on get a call to action in their of what you want them to do first from your home page. So what I've done on my home page is just get them to the blogged articles straight away. Um, because from the blowback McCool's, though that's the whole point of it is an information site on the she Bettina. So you have to really decide what you want to do with your website, whether you want to provide information and if you just want to make it a complete product sharp through com s. That's what you have to decide. So I decided with this website, they'll just be driven by content on, you know, within the content, get people to go to the shop pages, the product pages. Let's have a look at the products now on U. S. O. She But, you know, smart bowl from flight that you get. You get people to the product pages. Eso You know, I'm not selling dogs from this website on. I'm not selling affiliate links on dogs in this website, So you really gotta think about where your income sources are coming from on. My best advice is always to have to income sources in mind. So your primary income source in your secondary income source on the beautiful thing is the secondary income source is our revenue on getting out revenue. You acquire that as you're trying to achieve your primary income source, okay? Because when you're trying to achieve your primary income source, such as, let's say, for this one, it's products on Amazon, you know, dog related products on Amazon. So what's writing all of this content to promote these products that the ads from, say, Google AdSense are just slotting in. There s so the more you get people to read to read about these products, the more you get people to read and view your ATS. So those that those are the two income sources you've always got to keep in mind having So now we'll do is, um I'll show you how I switched from a regular theme that you get with WordPress on how I switched to the Genesis framework on a premium theme. I did this because I don't really like the free themes. They don't do the job, they do the job, but they don't always seem that professional Onda the functionality of getting on something like Genesis on with the premium theme. It just makes it much more professional, much better user experience. Okay, so Ah, yeah, let's go to the next class and I'll walk you through that 6. 5. Genesis Framework: So if you decide to use Studio Press on Genesis framework to optimize your site, the first thing you need to do is purchase the premium theme on purchased the Genesis framework on DSO. I'll leave a link to this down below its affiliate link on. But I just generally recommended for SC oversight performer and Sam for Just use a user interaction, So ah, once you've, like, downloaded this, you can go to WordPress on. You want to go to plug ins? Oh, you can go to appearance and themes on Avenue on upload a theme. Ah, eso you just finds the first the Genesis framework stole it. Now on the Genesis framework is sort of a This is something that your feet and sits on eso is operating in the background. Teoh completely improve the performance of your website. But you don't activate it because it's already running in the background just by being uploaded on. Then you upload your theme. I chose the smart, passive income theme. Bye, Pat. Flit from small passive income. Ah, I just think it's a really good team, Andi. I already had it. Bull. I don't want to buy another one, so I'm just going to use this one so that you activate your premium theme from Studio Press because this is the child theme of the Genesis framework. Um, it seems quite complicated. Don't worry. That you get when you push that you got a, um a really good tutorial walk for which is here. So it's really good. Step by, step on. I want it. Ah, I want to show you all of this because it's just a really good way to get usedto building a site on getting on, getting a look at what really works for the usability of a website. And that's why I chose this theme because it's tried interest, tried and tested has been used by Pat Fled, uh, to produce passive income on online income. So it will give you a list of plug ins for you to download. Feel website. Depend on what you want to use. So genesis connect for woo commerce. This completely improves your your shop. You're we come a shop on your website. One of the main reasons I wanted to switch to this is because the shop on, like the box standard themes. It's really messy. Andi Yeah, just quite quite cluttered. It doesn't look professional. I knew if I went on to that shop, I will be buying anything from it. I won't be clicking on anything because it just looks a bit dodgy. So this is really this is really why I chose it, just to make everything look a lot better. Okay, so now we're gonna get to the point of actually customizing your website fruit Genesis. It just makes things a lot more, a lot more dynamic, a lot more flexible. Whereas when basic themes, you're really stuck in this container, so we want to do is get appearance and customize. So let's start customizing your home page. So this is what it looks like when you just put it over. Remember I showed you before, you know, the the workings of my home page. You know, this is what it looks like now, before you put in any of your branding on your colors on actually customized what you want the home page to look like. So we're looking here now are slight colors off. The here has got things like a green and a red and a blue. I just chose to keep it simple on Change it to the orange died I chose before on I'll just paste it in to change the colors. So there we go. You get an idea of how much better things are looking now that you get in your branding in . As like I said before I go to on Splash and find yourself a nice from page background. Andi, if through these which areas, this is where the studio press themes on the Genesis framework really come into play because you can customize the site and the look of the site fruit placing widgets on it really gives you a lot a lot of ah, a lot of improvement on the regular theme eso without going into too much detail in all of that because you will get all of this in your your handbooks should you decide to purchase it. Uh, I just wanted to give you a little a little preview of what I generally do with a new website because once you purchased Genesis framework on your premium theme, you can use it for as many websites as you want. And that's the beauty of it. Okay, so whether you decide to use ah free fume or go for a premium theme. It's up to you itself will show you, show you what this one's like on if you want to use it. Put the links in the class notes as well. Okay, so let's move on to the next class. 7. 6. Someone else write this for me?: Okay, so now that you've, um, got your WordPress sort, it is time to start filling it up. We have content on. You could do this yourself on to find ideas for the content. You want to head back to long tail pro, Andi, that will give you some longer. Tell keywords related to your main brand keywords. So, for example, Sheba, you know, some longer tell keywords like she But, you know, training tips should be new price, things like that on you. Obviously. You want toe check again like you can. You rank for them? Is there a lot of search volume? Is it worth your time on? You really only need to do about maybe five, maybe six are, of course. Um really start filling this up is a niche website anywhere between let's say six and 10 is a good thing to reach for on that. That should be That should be good enough for the site for Google to recognize it as a content field website. Um, now, if you're not much of a writer, uh, completely understandable. There is another source that I'm gonna show you. So this is called I writer on this is basically, like a freelance web site dedicated to writing things like articles, E books, whatever. On. And on this Let's go on to order content, you can give the project. I also the article your wanting to right? So let's say she, but you know, Price Okay. Ah, let's load from templates. I had this before she being a price. Yeah. So is the template already hot? Um, because I ordered this article from that because obviously I'm writing for other websites, and I don't always have time toe right for these websites. So I get this on. Then you went to your keywords, so this would be like she but, you know, Price, How much is a she? But you know, things like that. You put the categories and pets on which language you wanna in English us on. Then you select the word count on the level off the writer eso 1000 is good. Longer form content such as 2500 plus is, uh, better to rank on google. Um, if you're if you want to just go for 1000 save money, that's fine too. On. I sometimes go for premium. I once went for early, and it was a little bit better S. So if you go on a league 1000 words, it doubles. The price is like $20 so you go to premium. What I sometimes use, I write it for is because sometimes it isn't always like native English speakers, so the grammar isn't always perfect. Obviously, the higher you go, the writer level, the better you get. But sometimes I just use it for, like, research. Like if I have time to do research, I'll get them to write an article on you know, they've obviously done the research on dykan. Just sort of edit the grammar myself. Um, so it just depends on what's more important to you, your money or your time, where you are in your life at the moment with those two. And then you just give it brief projects interruptions. I'd like an informative article which factually explains the price of buying a She mean it . That it is it. Ah ah, Credit brief. He just described a company information your website information. What's the objective of the article? Your target audience things to avoid grammar mistakes always put that in. Um on. Yeah, the tone of the writing. I go everyday informal because I I just like I like reading informal stuff, especially when it's not really serious. Ah, it's like reading informal writing because it's just chilled. That's why I like to write it myself. Okay, And then you had your funds on. Then you place order on it. It's so quick, literally. Someone writes this for you. I once got one. It came in, like a few hours later. But it should be around like 24 hours. And then you have your art school on. You can download it on. Hey, presto. Then you just paste it into your WordPress. Start adding the images from unspool Ashour, you know, ones that you make on can ver on doing all your keyword research, getting all that nice on day. Yeah, that's how you would do your articles. Or you could write them yourself if you're so inclined. Okay, so that was that. Let's roll on with the next lesson. 8. 7. Automate with If This Then That: Okay, So now we want to stop thinking about distributing the content once it's on the site. Because your CEO, your ranking on Google, it's not gonna be there straight away. It will take some time. So you want to get some eyes on your content straightaway? So to do this, uh, about social media on I I'm not a fan of social media. Um, I don't like being on every platform and and, you know, just spending too much time on it. Um, So that's why I just try and find ways to automate the process so that I can just focus on one social media now for Did you know, dog, I focus primarily on Facebook. Um, on with Inner Sheba, I focus on instagram on. So you want to set yourself up on instagram or or whatever as your main one. But you also want to set up on every social media platform. It's nice and easy. You just get the get your logo in the images, you fill out a bit content ruler, so that that's thus things such as Pinterest, tumbler, facebook page make a Facebook group. Twitter, uh, over Missed any on. Yeah. So what you want to do. Want to have all of these? Um, is goto i f t t t dot com Now, this is a automation website. Completely freak on, uh, on this website, you can create these things called couplets, which little automation tools, and I'll show you exactly what I mean. Um, look on my app lets, uh, eso if any new post on your block, that's new links. I'll show you first how it made this lets us make a new applet. Okay, so it's called i f t t t dot com causes. If this then that What's dance? Well, so if this So let's say WordPress. Yeah. You got wordpress here so you can choose any new post or new post with the title category. Okay, So if you want to specify it, for example, at the category off my posts in in a Shiba is just like Shiba inu guide. So you would type in like she va e news guide. Okay, Andi, Then that this means that it then post to let's say, Facebook Facebook pages. Okay. And then it would create a link post. So this means that whenever you hit, publish on your on your WordPress. You've published your article. Daniel automatically posted onto Facebook a lot. You doing anything? Okay, Andi, as you can set up all of this individually for each social media, or you can set up applets to go from Facebook. Any time there's a new face but post on this page, tweet it on Twitter or, uh, posted to Tumbler. All of this. I say instagram is good because it has the options already. Andi, you know, it's so easy to post on Instagram. You know, you could just do a video for whatever eso you can't necessarily. Well, you can't really post an article on Instagram because this video based But there is another function off Instagram which I will show you. Now that really is really good for building content on automating. But the good thing about this is once you're posting all of these articles, um, and it goes across all the social media. This is slowly building your brand on. This means that you'll build social signals. So let's go to the next lesson where I'll carry on with my f t t t and show you a little a little recipe that I came up with 9. 8. Create Content With Social Media?!: So we're still was still in I f t t t here on. I'm just showing you a few of the apple. It's that I use eso posts your instagram videos to a Facebook page on automatically share new instagram videos to Twitter pin new WordPress post to a Pinterest board s. That's us. Really good. Eso it would take the featured image of your post and pin it to a board on. Then that pin will link Teoh the art school. So you're building the social signals here, which is really good for us here. Automatically tweet your new block posts. Like I said before. Okay, on, uh, here's the one I really wanted to show you. This isn't going from WordPress to social media. This is social media to create content. Remember what? Also in the last class, how it's so easy to create video content on instagram. Let me show you what I mean by this. Um so if we go to ownership of the dog is now so over here I have tackled she but in videos on all of these videos, literally just been posted almost to ground with the hashtag video on the hashtag video makes the i f t t apple it work. Andi creates literally a video post. So instead of art school, it's just a video. And I have, um, or here and this is really good for great and content on. Yeah, just getting people scrolling through your website, which is really good for when you start getting ad revenue, Put ads on your site, just getting people scrolling through it and you can watch all these videos. Now with these videos, I you know, I don't have I don't have a Sheba. Um, I hope all of them have just reposted See from other instagrammers you can get up which re posts videos on its the ground to stop it into the app stores like repost I g o ever ondas loads of the on what This does this. You can just spaces like re sharing on social media and you just re share post you give him credit for it. Andi. Yeah. Then you just literally have a daily amount of content while you re post this video or picture because you can set up is a picture as well. If I do the videos, um and C I've done it as well, over the hair weave like looking for pictures there. So finding means create photo poster and, you know it's just never ending. Scrolling. That's the point of it. Andi. Yeah, that really is a good way to create the these pages just from your social media promotion. At the same time, you're creating content on your websites. That's really good, just automating content, you know as well as your resting content. So hopefully that's, Ah, that's interesting for you. I really like using I f t t t. I think it's gray and course it's Frias. Well, that's brilliant. So I head to head to the class notes to find the link to it and have some fun creating some recipes of urine. Okay, so let's go on to the next class. 10. 9. Finding Products To Sell: Okay. So as well as having the video content on the article consent, you can also create an online shop on your niche website. You do this fruit Bukom s this is it. She just like a plug in that you download from the plug ins on what you do once. Once you don't know this plug in on activated it. You won't have to worry about, like, a shopping cart or anything like that, because we want to be doing affiliate products. So I go into the products over here. You literally art. It is if it was a adding an article. Okay, so you're going to products to go to add new on you. And I had, in the name of the product of a little description, add an image for the product. What category does it fall into on down here? This is where you just choose. It is an external affiliate product. You do the u r l of what I can find. It turns the button underneath it always do check prices, because when you're doing affiliate product, that's right in here, so you can see check prices. When you're doing an affiliate product. You don't know constantly when the price is changing on. So you don't really want to give misinformation. So if you click the button, check prices. It's mawr of alert for people to click it anyway, because it adds a bit of mystery. And you want people click in your buttons? Of course. Otherwise you won't make them s. Oh, yeah, that's good. But wait a minute. Well, yeah. What do you mean? What do you mean? Jason? What products? I don't have anything to sell. Um, okay, so that means we have to go find these products now, and I'll show you exactly how to do it. So what you do is you set up an Amazon affiliate. No Amazon Associates account. Okay, on a when you have an ominous Amazon Associates account s o, what you do is you literally just type it Amazon Associates into Google and dependent on your country where you're viewing this from, Um, what I do is I I analyzed my market on and I know I'm getting traffic from, you know, America on UK, for example. So I would sign up to both the dot co dot UK on the dot com one on more on that later. Okay, so when you go on Teoh, you type in, you just sign up. Joined the account on, you know, put your information like what platform you use and to promote it. All of this on. Yeah. Then you'd get your own Amazon affiliate link on. The way this works is that you would simply go on to Thomison. Oh, you go into Amazon, Andi, you would be able to take the products that you want to promote. Could be anything on you would make a link in the Amazon Associates place. Uh, platform Ana. But what's really good is it? What's really good is if you get the let me show you this amazon dot com. What's really good is if you get the Amazon Associates site strike, um, you can learn how to get this through the actual think. So let's ah, just go into this. Recently viewed by May I a travel cushion on with the site strike. You can just press texts and it will give you the link right there. And then it got cut and paste. That on the way it works, is once you have these products, you see all the products here. Um, if someone clicks on that link, if they then buy the products, you get a percentage off the purchase price. Ah, something out. Various products product. Let's say around 5%. But also for 24 hours you get absent ege of anything else they buy within that period. So you know, you someone could go on looking for a see that you have a rough on a they decide now. I don't want that, but oh, I'm running low on Brazil nuts. I'll get a big old bag of Brazil nuts as well, and he would earn the money on that even though they didn't even by the brush. So that's the beautiful thing. Um, that's a really good way to promote products. So it's easier I do this on I make the products in the world Common shop. Um, yeah, just out the link Onda. And there you go. That is that is how you can create products for an online shop on your niche website on. Remember when I said, like, make multiple Amazon affiliate account. So in different geographical locations, that's because you can get a product called genius links and with genius links. You can put this on your site. Andi, what will happen with this is, uh it will track the I p of the weather person is Andi will send them to the correct Amazon , depending on their location. Eso you can still earn the affiliates from that on. You can make these little genius links, but there is. They have a plug in that you can put into wordpress where you don't enough to make the link . It will just automatically do it to each one of your Amazon links, which is really good. Um, so, yeah, I'll leave the link to that in the notes so you can check out genius links. Okay, I'll see you in the next class. 11. 10. YouTube to Rank: Okay, so that would. This stage is completely optional, but I'm always a big advocate. Video content on. You want to set up a YouTube channel? Because with the YouTube channel Ah, you can like, take your already existing content on your article concept on turn into videos. Andi, you can do this by literally blogging talking to the camera or uses some editing skills put together Cem royalty free videos. But if you don't have time for that or, you know no too sure about your video making skills, um, you know there is always another option. That's what I'm here to tell you about, because it really is really good for CEO of you could get a video into your content as well . Um, you know, Google loves video content, and so did so did viewers. So the way to convert your articles into videos with their we've like so much East is something called content. Samaraie create stunning videos fast. You can get free troll this which I'll give you the link to down below on. And but first, I'm gonna do a little demo of how content samurai actually works. How you can convert articles into videos. Plus, once you have. Once you have these YouTube videos after the after actually the process of how to create them, you can do the whole i f t T process all over again just with your videos. You know, as soon as your YouTube videos posted, you can then send it on to your social media. So you have this constant flow of content, which is so important for a blogger on each website to build notoriety amongst an audience . Okay, so let's take a look at how to actually use content some right in the next class. See that? 12. 11. Convert Articles into Videos: Okay, so let's do a little demo of content. Samaraie, Uh, let's right now to create a new video on. So be loading the templates. First thing you want to do, it's all nice and easy. It's just select a template, uh, for your for your video, based on what is it is an article blow post. Is it a social media video? Well, you could make custom one. I made the Did you know, one? They're just using the colors of my brand on just the text I like. So let's just select that one has used this template. So now here will take you to your script. Enter your video title demo on here. You would paste in your article from your block post. Just write a little thing right now. You could do it from scratch. You can create a whole video from scratch. You don't have to have an existing article. We just wanna get something across. So this is about dogs. Jokes are fun. Uh, dogs like to eat. Uh, Bones. Ah, cats are good. Good to So this is Ah, uh, this is all script. This is no, an actual video. I'm gonna make door. Let's create the slights. Click. Create the slice view video. Did this about dogs specifically because I want to show you how it functions So content samurai will scan your script in your each individual, sliding your each each of your paragraphs, and it will find the main keyword. The In this particular instance, it was dogs. And so it's bold. ID dogs on git Select from this anthology of images, there has, um, to find you a picture of a dog. Eso. It's basically trying to make it as easy and quick as possible for you, so you have to search around yourself. But if it's highlighted, the wrong key words or the image just isn't you just don't like it. You can search for another image I could such from, or images of dogs if I wanted to, or if I just weighed, you know, just a generic image or something. But it's just a car that's ah would car so you could just search for Carl. You can upload yourself so you see now it's got pictures of cars, so this is about votes, but it's a call that I don't want by asked us for example. Oh, you couldn't change the layouts change, Disney retyped. You do this here? So you're gonna change text positions. You have a foot in the middle and they go there around there or adjust the background image , move it around, things like that change the text on the motion of it. You can zoom in, zoom out or none. Really Good. So let's go down to the next flight. Scroll down Dogs of fun. So more images of dogs. Um, it is searched here for fun dogs. So, yeah, these look like fun dogs. So you get the idea. Dogs like to eat bones, so it's really good for just the dogs here. Ah, but I wanted a picture of a bone. There goes some bones. There you go. You see, you got the idea that cuts so good. So, yeah, it's gone for cuts on, so you could see how my smart this is. So, for instance, if you're if you're wanted to make a video like a health based video about the benefits of eating porridge, um, then you won't have to scan around for the Internet for loads of pictures of porridge. It would just come up. It was scanning. It can tell that you're writing about porridge because of the key word on that you go. Hey, presto eso. After you've done that, you've done you completed your your video. You can add a voice truck to it so you can add music. It has some royalty free music. You can add into it. We can have auto voice. Um, I don't like to do that. Some things like a robot voice. Oh, you can record your own voice track on. This is nice and easy. Um, you just let's just do it. Record your invoice truck so it doesn't wanna time, which really good, so you can record it. This is about dogs. Stop. Let's play. There you go. Perfect. Next. And it's just yet you just do it bit by bit like that on after you complete that. Let's go on the music. The less I I just wide music. I'm not gonna not gonna record all of these now, but after you've recorded all time, it'll get so so if you just having music, you can preview your video and then he will create the slight timing, which is really good. So basically just how long it stays on each slide. You can select the music there, and you can add your watermark there. Ah, I've created my watermark. There we go. Didn't a dog on you can select from the music here, so it's Everyone seems to fit so and then down here is a set timing based on slide contents . Or you can select to show each slight five seconds. It sometimes, uh, gets it a bit wrong with the setting. The timing because sometimes there might go a bit quick or to stay on it too long. But it does its best to see how much texts in the image. But don't worry. You can manually adjust the timing. Eso you. It's a bit quick. You can me and I was dragging out a bit more, so that's good on. Then you say once you you hop, you of it looks good. Continue on, then says, Well, this stuff here, like if you want to publish this, put this little disclaimer thing in the video to acknowledge three images and stuff, and then you generate your video, generates it, then you download it on. Then it's ready to throw up on YouTube or whatever you're using. So you can see that really is, Ah, much easier way rather than going into, like, Power Point and finding all the images and then, you know, doing it all. It's so quick just to paste in your blah garter Cool. You know, ed it up a bit because, you know, so that it's not like, really a lot of writing on each slight. Um, that's just a great way to get the image the message across so easy for people to consume because people, you know it might not want to scroll up and down. They might just want to watch a video, uh, to get the information. So that's why I decided to do it. I think it's great. Andi. Yeah, so I hope you enjoyed the demo. 13. 12. Be Google's Friend: Okay, so now we've got all your consent in your videos and all that. It's time to sell all the Google tools. Eso you could analyze things such as your analytics. So on this is really important to see you know what's actually happening on your website. Um, see which post people going on like what country they were living in what language they are . You know what gender they are. All of these things are important for developing your market and developing your content around your market. Because yeah, that's what that's what marketings all the vow is making sure you make in the right content . The people that have you in your content we're going to enjoy on. You're gonna get conversions from eso yet Get yourself set up with an analytics account on . Once you have the analytics account to integrate it with your website, you'll get a tracking code on with this track and geo tracking code. It depends on what you use and of course, but, uh, you would put this in the editor. It will give you all the directions for doing this. Of course, much you die on. You put this into your into editor here in the end of the head sock. Do, though. Edit this. Unless you have the exact instructions to do it. It's a bit easier if you have the genesis framework like I mentioned earlier because you would just put this in your head of scripts section here just pasted. I will be able to find it on. So yeah, analytics definitely get on that. I'm always checking my analytics. I find it fascinating. I also want Google search Consul on. This is just toe check. What? Actually, what? People are actually typing in to find your website. What links you have to your website checking all important things like that. So that's the same process gets up. That set up is analytics and integrating it with your site. You also want to set up Ah, Google AdSense. Now, Google AdSense is just for putting ads on your website. You can you can choose to place them, or you can choose to have it automatically, which means the Google place them on the site. A good example of it Owning a Sheba. Yeah. So their smarts there on that I put it automatically on here on this is good for just learning some revenue. But you won't get much from this, um, initially, because it takes a lot of traffic to a start to be earning anything substantial from Google Google AdSense. The, uh, it's really good toe have on your website because obviously it's a Google tool on def. Google has the potential to make money from it. Then they'll they want to send more people to that. So therefore, it will increase your ACEA if you have That, um, is completely optional was whether you wanna have ads on your site. So I know some people find out annoy. But if you're making in each website you want to make money, then you know it's a good thing to do. I don't actually use Google AdSense once I get to a certain point. Ah, in my traffic. Once I get to about 10,000 visitors a month, I switch to something else on. I'll talk. I'll tell you all about that in a later video, which is a really good way of making money. Eso yet. Let's move on to the next class, get well the Google tool set up and you get to go. Okay, sir, Next class. Let's do it 14. 13. The Heart and Soul of Page 1: So now let's talk about s CEO on getting your niece website ranking on Google. Um, I won't go too far into this thought. The ex CEO is so huge. I'll get you do all the things to get you started on. Then we'll go into it in another course sometime. But for now, you want to get yourself the Yost s CEO Plug in on Ah wordpress. So Yost s CEO There we go. That's how you spell it on. This is great for only in your articles it will give you loads of tips to do to get your articles optimized four ranking on Google so you'll learn a lot for us. Dexia really build you build up your skills But you also want to submit a site map to Google. So to do that uh, you go on features click on the question Might need help. Okay. Ah, on de so down here, it'll have XML site maps. You keep quick on the click on the question Mark. Sorry. On you say See the XML site map and it will give you the site map. You are l there on. Do you copy that? You are out on. Then you go into search console. You want to go to Ah, site maps on, then use literally paste in that you are out there you got before from Joost on? Yeah. Then Smith And then that will send Google spiders to read it. There really a site map on and it will tell them what you can This website rank for. This one relies your links and all of that on your keywords so your keywords will be sorted from long tail pro like I showed you earlier on. Yost will sort out in your content whether you know you're doing the correct S CEO procedures within your content, which you'll pick up along the way. No worries there but back links. This is something that you need to really figure out because back links of votes that other websites give to your site to show that it's legitimate. That tells Google that it's is a good Web site for people to go to to get their questions and said eso no more votes you have, the better your rank. This isn't always necessarily the case. I build websites with hardly any back links little to none that I've got ranking on Page one of Google. That was through very strong social signals through social media and just brand building. Obviously, you can get yourself ranking a lot quicker with back links. So to do this you want to just look for guest posting opportunities, writing on other people's website right and good quality content for them so that you can get a link back to your website. So for the needs of dogs, simply write in interview Gold's Right dogs and then something like right for us on. There you go. You'll find loads of pages. Why they're doing guest post. So it's like your name of your nation and right for us. Or guess post things like that on. Then you'll be able to, you know, follow follow what they want on. You may end up with a post published on the Web site with a link back to yours. Andi. Yeah, Then you might find that your website starts ranking in the more of these that you build over time. Eso that's some pretty basic stuff on a CIA use use long tell pro to get the key words cause us, you know that's the heart of S e O is good. Keywords on in the soul of a CEO is back wings. So that will get you get you going on You may find that you start really enjoying s e o I find it really fun. Okay, so I'll see you in the next class. 15. 14. How To Make a Living: So in this lesson, uh, we want to think about connecting with the audience on making 11 doing work you love on the way you do. This is when you start to get the traffic to your niche website almost almost in the same way as YouTube. You want to build those subscribers on the best way to build on audience fear? Bloggers were like an email list. Andi, I use something called Convert Kit because, as really powerful automation ins really make the whole process of connecting with your audience so much easier. So let's take a little, uh, convert kit on our run through it briefly. So you have forms sign up forms on your website, give an example on in a shiver. Oh, there, uh, going to one of the post there is a sign up form she put in her videos to your inbox. So when they sign up here on, they will be on your email list on what happens then is you can create sequences that will automatically send to the person that signed up. So this could be a list of emails where you just, like, talk to the promote your other articles to them, this could be something like what une male example could be like, What content are you interested in seeing? And if they reply, you get some feedback from your audience, or you could literally say, Oh, have you enjoy it? This article from this sign up form, then you might enjoy this one. Is there something different ways that you can do it on? There's so many great resources to learn from on. You can also do broadcast. So whenever you've got a new piece of news to do with the website, you can send that to your email list for email, and you can also send your latest block post to them on the automation is a really good because there's a tagging system on. You can tag people with, say, Okay, they're interested in, um, dog training, so you would send them content about dog training, or you could send them consent about Ah, dog food is if clicked on stuff like that. It's really just a good way to narrow down your market within your list. One thing that I like to do in the autumn ations. So you go into the RSS on you can set up a digest, and so, if you are regularly producing content, then this digest will just automatically send all your latest releases of the week to the email list. So you won't even have to worry about physically sharing because you have I f T T t. And you have convert kid going to the email, so this is really powerful. Convert Kit is a paid service, but you can grab a free trial and see if it's for you. I've got that in the class notes. So if you click on that on, go for your free trial and see if you like it, then I'll be good. It's an affiliate link as well. Convert. You have a really good affiliate program where you earn recurring commissions monthly because it is a monthly paid service. But it's been really fantastic for May for just sharing to the right people. You know, if people sign up to your less than they agree to a lot of things like, you know, you want to be updated news and stuff, then they really are interested in your brand on. So that means that the right eyes air going on your content, which is good. Okay, so that is Convert Kit. Andi, I'll see you in the next class 16. 15. People On Your Site = Money: So when I was talking to before about AdSense on and a better wait on. Once you've got about 10,000 visit page visits a month, you can start learning a lot more with something called Monye Metric. So here's a look at some of my learnings. Um, I'd send someone year £136 Um, and in monumental one month was $416. Oh, so you know, it is really, really insane. Um, this is based on a number of factors, but when I analyzed it deeply in not one month periods, I had exactly the same amount of light ad impressions and stuff. So it really just spoke to me and told me that, you know, monumental Rick was just a much better payout for publishers of content it. That so, with this unique y love content to get the impressions up from the way it works is is that let's go downstate. Infographic homemade. It's all about pay per click ads with paper Impression Arts, so pay per click. Obviously AdSense plus click equals cash paper impression with Monye metric aren't plus impressions of seeing the aren't equals cash on that is really the the best way to create content for your website? Because when you're trying to optimize content around people clicking ads like without sense, you're really taking away from Ah, your website. You know, if you're trying to write content to get people to click on ads, they're taking away. But if you're writing content to get people to see ads, that means you want to write long content. You want to write engaging content that people going to read and scroll down so that they get the impression on your ads. It's just such a such a better way. But man better mentality for content creation. Now, uh, I'm partnered with monument trick now eso it does take about a month, maybe two months, sometimes to actually get set up with your account. Uh, but what I've done is I've devised a way to boost that because I'm partnered with them. I'm in regular contact with them so I can really speed along your application on it. Yeah, gives me affiliate cells from it as well, so I'll show you how to do that. You can go to the link that I put in the class notes for the to this class on. You wanna click here and on this landing page, you simply just sign up to this email list on a literally tell you exactly what you need to do through the email. As I mentioned earlier, fruit convert kit is already an email set up to tell you what you need to dio Andi. Yeah, hopefully if you got like 10 thousands page visits a month, you'll get accepted on. Then you'll start earning some really good cash from on your metric on. I'll help you help you speed along and help you do the best ways that there is t get your monumentally revenue boosting. Okay, Berlin. So that pretty much sums up the end of the course. Ah, you know, you've taken you from you get in your brand sorted to get in your wordpress bill to find, you know, finding where your keywords talk to my surrounds on. You know, once you've built this content bill, the automation ins on and started growing your audience. This should really start this effect of building US CEO rankings. Building your revenue on building your traffic as the mumps and days go by. So I hope you've really enjoyed this course. I'll do a little video now as a little altro for you there. Thanks for watching. 17. Conclusion: Okay, there we go. That's the end of the course. Well done. Well done. For getting through it on. Hopefully you'll be a good stage with your website now. And if no, no worries, no rush. Do it when you have time. But now you have all the information you need to do it on. Do it in a really good way. Do it like, in an automated way and do it in a way that's gonna be successful. Because, you know, I discovered all these methods by failing a lot. So this is just the product of all my failure. Until the failures turned into success on please make you make the most of all the tools I left in the description. Yeah, they are affiliate links, but they relford things that I use that really helped me turbocharge my websites Andi summer affiliate. And some are not so it really is just a lot of things that I use, so hopefully it will help you out. Um, I'd love to see in the class projects some of the ideas to come up with some of the niches . Do you want to step into? Because I find I just vital. So fascinating. That's why make these courses. That's why I make the website. So I just love what I do. So I'm really interested to see on def you need at any advice on it. Did you know that Orc? Uh, you know, you will get in touch on you can leave comments and stuff on skill share. But I hope you really enjoyed it. Let's get making some passive income together on. Let me. Now you get on. Okay, So this is Jason from Did you know the Orc on? I'll see you next time. Goodbye.