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Create an impactful Pitch Deck with Canva

Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer

Create an impactful Pitch Deck with Canva

Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer

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7 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Why Canva is the new Powerpoint

    • 2. 4 Design mistakes you need to avoid

    • 3. Sort this Out Before Creating your Slides

    • 4. What's a Pitch Deck & How to Build One

    • 5. Creating 10 Wow Slides

    • 6. Showing your Presentation from Canva

    • 7. Sharing your Presentation with your Audience

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About This Class

Forget PowerPoint! 

In this course we are going to create a 10-slide presentation that will help you pitch your business idea like a pro... and we will do so with Canva. 


Or to be a little bit more precise, we will do so with Canva 2.0! Indeed, Canva recently rolled out a major update and introduced new functionalities to its app. A few of them have to do with creating and showing presentations. We are going to cover this in the course. 

So why should you choose Canva over PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote to create your presentations? 

Well, to tell a long story short, Canva has everything you need as a visual communicator at your fingertips like a well-furnished image library, a ton of beautiful templates, awesome color palettes, a choice of beautiful fonts... AND... it's completely online and free to use! 

The objective of this course is for you to come up with 10 visually powerful slides that will help you pitch your business idea effectively. If you follow my advice your pitch deck will create a great first impression and help you convince your audience. 


Class Outline:

  1. Why Canva is the new Powerpoint
    In this introduction, we will go over why Canva is your best bet to create an awesome presentation. We will also briefly discuss why you need to become a visual communicator to be successful in business nowadays.

  2. 4 Design mistakes you need to avoid
    Let's face it: most of the presentations out there are quite boring and visually insulting! We've all sit through one of these interminable presentations with atrocious slides wishing we were dead! Well, this is exactly what we want to avoid. In this section, we will learn about 4 classic design mistakes that make our slides and presentations boring. 

  3. Sort this Out Before Creating your Slides
    Based on what we've learned in the previous lesson via the 4 design mistakes, we'll come up with a bunch of "good practices" for our slides that we will make sure to apply while designing our pitch deck.

  4. What's a Pitch Deck & What Slides does it have
    Before jumping into the water and designing our 10 slides, I want to cover some fundamentals with you: What's a pitch deck, why do you need one and most importantly, what slides does it contain?

  5. Creating Wow Slides
    This is the meat of this course (or the tofu if you are a vegetarian), in this lesson we will get our hands dirty, start from a Canva template and design our 10 slides.

  6. Showing your presentation from Canva
    Now that we have built our pitch deck, it's time to show it to the world! In this lesson, I'll go over all the presentation options that Canva 2.0 gives you. 

  7. Sharing your presentation with your team & audience
    In this last lesson, I'll show you a secret trick that will allow your audience to gain instant access your slides directly on their smartphone. This trick will for sure impress your audience and make you look super pro!

Are you ready to make a ruckus?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronny Hermosa

My goal is to make YOU a better designer


Hi there, 

Thanks for visiting my profile! 

I teach about Canva and everything related to visual marketing. Indeed I believe that people still judge the book by its cover and in our age of content overload, if you want to get noticed, you'd better be on point with your visuals! 

Canva is a powerful option when it comes to creating graphics and visuals because it is free & easy to use. The heart of Canva is its template library (60.000 available to date) that will help even the most inexperienced designers come up with great visuals in no time! 


Originally I'm a video producer, I'm the founder and CEO of a Nonprofit which helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations communicate better, especially about the impact ... See full profile

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1. Why Canva is the new Powerpoint: forget power point in this section. I'm going to show you how to design standing presentations that engage your audience with canvas free and improved presentation feature. But first, I'd like to say a word or two about the importance of becoming a visual communicator. One of the characteristics of the world we live in is that we are constantly bombarded with information. Every day. We have to navigate our way through this massive flocks of contents to find what we want. We're not exposed to so much more content than before that we have developed a very low tolerance. Too bad content. If the information were consuming, is not good or even very good. We will quickly jump to the next piece of content. In other words, our attention span has drastically decreased over the years. People don't read articles anymore. The people headlines. Similarly, we don't read the newspaper anymore. While eating breakfast. We watch YouTube videos. Well, you get the point in order to catch your attention. Information is becoming evermore visual websites advertising, social media content. Everything is visual. First, in order to get your attention, attention is the new currency everybody is fighting for and there is a good reason for that . The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, which means that we will form an opinion just by glancing at an image or a piece of design . So this brings us back to the topic of this section, designing eye catching presentations In this section. We are going to learn how to use Camba to create appealing presentations that will capture our audiences attention and allow us to communicate our ideas effectively. How many of you have had to sit through interminable presentations where the speaker used boring slides with same tire design over and over? How did you feel like that? Well, there is a term on the Internet for that. It's called Death by Power Point. Microsoft's presentation software PowerPoint has long been the standard to design presentations, but fortunately today, things have changed. Indeed, if you want to make an impact on your audience, you've got to break the mold. So let's do that. Let's ditch power point and give canvas presentation Maker shot Designing presentations in Canberra is an absolute breeze, thanks to its dragon drop feature and the ready made professional layouts, a K a The templates. It is completely online, so there is no need to download and install any software. And best of all, it is completely free. I love using canvas to create my presentations, because everything I need as a visual communicator is right there at my fingertips like a well furnished image library with graphs, icons, Grady, INTs, illustrations, everything I need, basically. But also there is a brand new set of presentation modes that come with Can about two point . Oh, all right. Are you ready to design? Are some presentations with Canada, so let's dive in. 2. 4 Design mistakes you need to avoid: are people in your audience almost breaking their jaw while yawning during your presentations? If yes, you need to listen carefully to what I'm gonna teach in this lecture before we start. I want to let you know that the four tips in this lecture are inspired by a very famous slide share deck called You Suck at Power Point by Jesse Dejagah. So, basically, the credit should go to him. Jesse Dejagah and is awesome presentation. What we will do in this lecture is review each of these four design mistakes and see how we can avoid them in our future presentations. All right, let's do this. So the first mistake is to use too much information on your slides. Many presenters have indeed that tendency toe overcharged us lies with too much information . And very often we are talking about text, so there is no point in creating slides that relate word for word. What you're saying during your presentation, if you're going to do this, you might as well consider writing a new book instead of giving a presentation. If your audience is busy reading what you wrote on your slides, they're most likely not really paying attention to what you're saying. So why are you even standing there? Plus, remember, your audience doesn't like to read. Hitting them with text. Heavy slice is the best way to lose their attention. A good rule is to keep one main coin for slide. Keep it short and sweet. Do the hard work off, synthesizing your point into one or two powerful keywords. Instead of vomiting a bunch of information on your slides, you have to learn the art of getting rid of everything that is not necessary. If you have to present data, don't just face the graph or, even worse, a table full of numbers on your slide. Nobody would read that. Instead, try to turn that data into something easy to grasp for your audience, like a visual comparision or statistics. The second mistake is that your slides don't have enough visuals. To quote Dejagah, your slides should deliver big punches with strong visuals in Canada is just perfect for that because of its large collection of photos. If you're can baffle work user, he will have access to even more photos like a hand of a lot more photos, 400 thousands, according to their pricing page. If that's not enough for you or if you don't want to pay to use can va. You can use free stuck images, websites like taxers and Splash or picks Obey. Just be careful about grabbing whatever images on Google and pasted in your presentation. As most of the time these images are protected by copyright. Using beautiful and relevant visuals will bring life to your presentation. Here are a few additional tips when it comes to find your visuals for your presentations, Number one Remain consistent. Try to come up with the theme, or maybe a style of visuals and stick with it. Go for grayscale photos, for example, with a very high contrast color for your text in text overlays. Number two. Make them big. Remember, you are designing for the person sitting at the back of the room. If it's unreadable or too small, don't use it. Number three. Avoid cheesy stock images. Always prefer real life photos, or, if you have to use stock images, don't pour through the cliche and then before find high resolution visuals. You don't want your slice to look like a 1990 video game unless you deliberately want your presentation to carry a pixelated or retro look. The third mistake is to produce crap or very poor quality. Indeed, you don't want crappy slides now, do you? If you want to make a good impression, invest time and maybe money into great design and visuals. Dejagah explains that there are basically two ways to produce great design, that the first way is to buy it, meaning you will invest money into professional images, funds and maybe even a professional designer that will create the presentation for you. That is, if you have more budget and the second way is to steal it, meaning you will have to reverse engineer other people's presentation that you find beautiful or other people's designed that you find beautiful. And by taking them apart element after element, you will eventually figure out how they were done. So that is Desjardins Take on how to create great design. But I would add 1/3 point to this list, which is you start with a can of a template indeed, starting from a camp, a template will give you a huge advantage because the heavy lifting of choosing a nice fun combo, an interesting composition some photo filters for your visuals or even an attractive color palette has already been made for you by qualified designers relieving a wonderful time. One of the quickest way to produce beautiful design is to use beautiful funds. Farms are really important for presentations, so take timeto analyze what Canada has in store for you. Do your research on the Canada website they have a ton of interesting resource is when it comes to fund burying or form combination. Remember that can never work, lets you upload your own front into the app. After 25 custom funds that could be very useful if you have purchased a specific front for your company or brand and wish to use it in your presentation. And finally, the fourth mistake is that your design is all over the place, meaning it is neither balanced nor consistent. The shotgun cause this point visual vomit, which is a little bit disgusting, so we'll stick with all over the place. One thing that many non designer don't understand is that white space or empty space is actually a good thing. People who are just starting with design ho who haven't studied about design, think that they need to fill up that space and not waste any good empty space on their slides. That's a huge mistake. Whitespace helps draw the attention of your audience to specific elements or messages on your slides, so use them carefully. Alignment is also very important and once again can vice perfect for that because it uses an elaborated system of assisting grids in lines to help you align the elements of your design. So used them. Finally, consistency is what we have. You step up your game and create very powerful presentations. You want to be consistent with the font. You use your color palette the size of your tight. Er's subtitles and text body, the layout of your slides, the style and filters of your photos, the way you align your elements, etcetera, etcetera. What you're trying to achieve is cohesiveness, smooth myth and a strong visual identity. You can also play around with all these various features, like colors, layout, etcetera to separate your presentation into recognizable sections. So that's it, guys. These were the four common design mistakes presenters do over and over with their presentation. Now this is what we want to avoid. So in the next lecture, we're going to get our hands dirty and start designing war slides with Canada 3. Sort this Out Before Creating your Slides: Hey, guys, welcome back to the camera Master Course in this lecture, we're going to talk about all the details you need to sort out You need to decide on before creating your slides. Okay, so we are going to start from what we've learned in the previous lecture on. But we've learned from the presentation of Jesse Desjardin, you second part born. So we are going to create a series of slides, tense lies to be precise, and that will be part of our pitch deck presentation. A peach deck presentation is something. It's a support. Visual support you will use to pitch your business idea to different kinds of people. Could be investors. Potential investors could be just a friend who you want to get on board. Could be your mother. Could be anybody, really who you want to present your business idea to. So to briefly summarize what we've learned in the previous lecture, we will be creating slides with one main idea per slide. Next, we will try to cut the text to the bare minimum. We won't have a lot of text on our slides because this is not the point. The point is to have a visual representation of your concept off the point you will be talking about in one specific slide. So cut the text to the bare minimum. Next, we are going to make this life visual. We're going to make them very attractive visually so that you can convey a message with less word but MAWR images. Next, we're going to make them big and bold because we are designing these lives for the guy who is sitting over there at the back of the room. Also, we want to remain consistent. We want to have a cohesive set of slides in our pitch deck presentation, and for this we are going to use one color palette. In our case, we're going to use the color palette from fair trade connection that we have developed at the beginning of this course. But feel free to use your own color palette. Of course, we are going to use the same style of imagery. So for this one, it doesn't have to necessarily be the same style that you define in your brands Die guide, though it would be a good idea because it's it could be limiting. Sometimes eso feel free to select another kind of imagery style. But what's important is that once you have selected one, the kind of filters you would be applying if it's black and wide or if it's full color. If you use color overlays, it doesn't matter. But once you have determined what kind of visual style imagery style you will be using, you have to stick to it in the next component off. This consistent visual identity is the fonts, so we're going to select a couple of funds that we will be using. And here again, they don't have to be the same funds that you're using your brand style guide at the beginning because the brand style guys the overall rules for your brand. But it doesn't mean you have to use these funds Onley all the time. These will be your main funds on your official documents on everything. But when you create a presentation and you want to break a little bit outside of this mold , it's okay to do so. But we need to select 2 to 3 funds that we will be using consistently across or our slides . So that's what we're gonna be doing and then Finally, we will pay close attention to the alignment and the empty spaces in our slide so that people can focus their attention on what's important on this life. All right, so that's the guidelines. That's what we've learned in the previous lesson. One more thing we need to talk about is the aspect ratio. So from the Canada dashboard, when you type in presentation in the search bar, you will have two different options popping up. The 1st 1 is presentation four by three aspect ratio, which is basically the iPad format, which is 10 24 by 7 68 vixens. And the second option can I will give you is the 16 by nine aspect ratio, which is the wide screen monitor format, at 1920 by 10 80 pictures. So this is also the format for HD video. So if you're creating videos that you plan on publishing on YouTube, for example, or anywhere really like like display on a smart TV or any kind of white screen monitor, this is the aspect ratio you want to go for. So depending on where you are going to showcase your presentation, you have to choose one of these two options. I personally prefer the 16 by nine aspect ratio, because I work a lot with videos. Eso I can recycle my slides into my videos if I want to, because they will fit exactly the size of the screen. But also because today, smart TVs and widescreen monitors have become the norm, basically, for business presentations. We don't use projectors so much anymore in conference rooms. We have, like big TV's, right, like a smart TV's or big screens. But they are usually in the 16 by nine aspect ratio widescreen monitors. So that's why I prefer to design my presentation in the 16 by nine aspect ratio. Another good reason, basically, is very simple. It comes down to the slide being bigger. So if I have a bigger slide, I can put and I can. I have more space to design, basically, so it allows me to have more space to convey my message. So unless you plan on showing your presentation on your iPad, let's say you want to have coffee with a friend and you bring your iPad. You want to show that presentation and pitch your project idea to your friend directly from your iPad, then go for four by three aspect ratio. But unless you want to do that, select the 16 by nine aspect ratio for your presentations. 4. What's a Pitch Deck & How to Build One: Welcome back, guys. In this lecture, we are going to create a pitch deck presentation made out of 10 slides that will help you impress your audience and pitch your great business idea. I want to present you five templates for presentation that I found in Canada that I think are very well done and that we are going to be using as a reference as a model for creating our own presentation. So I opened them all here. So this is the 1st 1 As you can see, it has lively colors, uses iconography. Pretty cool templates. This is the 2nd 1 Okay, So also uses iconography have different kinds of slide, for example, to show your competition. I really like this template as well. This is another one, like, very bored. Very lively colors, big fonts, big ideas. So this is pretty nice. I like this one or so very much. I like the color combination. I like the simplicity of it. So this is another one. And then finally we have this one, which is maybe mawr, um, detailed. We could use this one template for creating a mawr in depth presentation. So these are the five templates that I found interesting and that I found in Canada and I wanted to select. He's The only problem with these is that they are all made in the four by three aspect ratio. So this could be a little bit problematic because we want to create a 16 by nine aspect ratio presentation. So, uh, because I like you guys and because I wanted to make it easy for you, I've done the dirty job off, converting these four by three templates into 16 by nine. And on top of that, I have converted them so that they're compatible with can about two point. No, because gradually, I believe Canada one point No, like the older version of Canada will slowly disappear to leave room for Canada to point on , Lee and I know can vies, working hard on converting all the previous templates so that they're compatible with their 2.0 version. We're still not there. Wear now at the end of September 2018. But so me for happy new I converted these templates. I created them from convert to porno. I adjusted the aspect ratio. A lot of things were broken. It took me a lot of time, but then now you can use these templates. So if you want to use these templates, you can go to my canda profile by typing Cambon dot com slash Ronnie hermosa on. Then you can check them out There are over there. I don't think it is possible in Canada to publish a template on your public profile and that everybody can open this template but also use it as a template for themselves or edit this template. I don't think this is possible at this stage in Canada, so But of course I wanted you guys to be able to use this template. So I did a little bit of brainstorming. How can I do this? And then I found a little trick around the situation. So if you click on any of these five templates, for example, this one, you will see that I left a comment here on on the template. Okay, You probably want you won't have these two options off uses a template or edit. All you'll have is just my name, which is clickable, and that's it. But if you read this comment, I leave here Three simple steps that you can follow in order to be able to edit and use this template. Right. So the first thing you will have to copy this year, right right here and paste it in a new tab off your Internet browser. Okay, so this will bring you. Let me show you. Just copy this, and I will based that this should bring you to the template itself. It will open the template in your camera. So which is what we're trying to achieve, right? The next thing you have to do and this is very important. Guys, if you don't do this, you will modify the original template, and it might work for you. But it's not so nice for the following people who will be. Don't noting the same design because you will have modified this template. So please follow step number two. It's it's really important that you follow it so that we can keep these templates, at least the original templates untouched. So what you will have to do, you have to click on design and then you will go make a copy. This will create a copy of this template and will be saved in your designs. So from here, you can basically rename this design as as you wish. So let's say your design title, whatever on then. Now, this is a copy of the original. You can work on this, and once you've saved this, you will find it back in your camera dashboard. So if you go back to your dashboard, you will see that the 1st 1 is your design title. This is the copy I just made. So this is how you can use any of these close this window. Any of these five templates that I have recreated for you in the 16 by nine aspect ratio feel free to use them to start your presentation. So this is my gift to you guys. I hope you appreciate it. Please don't modify the original. I know it's a little bit boring to have to make these copies, but that's the way around it. So far, I'm hoping that camera will at some point give us the option of creating public templates. But it's not there yet, so this is the way it is. All right, So let's create our own presentation. I have done also a little bit of research about what slides should be included in a pitch deck presentation. So somebody who wants to pitch his business idea what's lies should that person create should have in her or his slide deck? Right? So I came up with 10 slide ideas, and I'm going to tell you what are these 10 ideas? And that's what I'm going to create in Canada. But you can off course, create any slide you want in your presentation, and also your presentation might not be a pitch deck. Could be anything else, really. But for this specific case, I believe a pitch deck presentation should include a cover. We will not create a cover, which is purely aesthetic and doesn't tell any story doesn't bring any information because I'm a big believer of not wasting people's time. So if you have 30 minutes with somebody giving you their attention to listen to your idea, I don't see the point off having a first lie, which is just decoration. So the first light in my pitch deck will be illustrating the shift. In other words, a big and relevant change that is happening in the world, right? So that would be the first like the second slide will be basically the problem. What is this change? Causing as a problem is consequences. So that would be a slide that shows that okay, this change could be a problem. There will be losers and winners in this situation. This new situation, the third slide will tease the promised land. In other words, it will give us a glimpse off. What is the ideal outcome? The ideas situation of a company or a person that is able to manage this big shift, this big change in a positive way to generate a positive outcome. So that would be the third slight. The fourth slide has to be how your product or your service. In other words, what you are offering will help people or other companies overcome the obstacles to the promised land. So there will be obstacles in the way to reach this ideal outcome for people or companies, whoever your target audiences. So your job in slight four will be to show your audience how your product or service will have them overcome these obstacles to reach the promised land to reach the positive outcome that is desired. Flight number five will be about your team, so use this. Like to present your team. Just show your faces. Put your name out there just a very basic slide. But it's important people don't invest in ideas. They invest in people. So if you can show that you have a solid team behind your project, that we make a good impression, and that will help you convince people off the solidity of your project, it's line number six is the market opportunity or the traction. You have to show your audience that there is a real opportunity out there and that you've thought about it, that you've done your research and you have to show that somehow Flight Number seven will be a relevant quote or inspirational quote that is closely related. Toe what you're trying to do. All right, Sly number eight. And this life's like Number seven. This quote could be something else. I mean, you could replace the slide by, like competition research, for example, you could show who are your main competitors. It really depends on what you're pitching. In my case, we don't have many competitors in what we're doing, So I decided to instead of showing competitors and making them out. I decided to replace competition by a relevant quote that would inspire the reader. Um, and also I could elaborate on this quote and express what's behind it. Like how the idea came to us, because off maybe disinformation. All right, the next light slide Number eight is your marketing or your growth strategy. So you need to be able to present your business idea as something that will go from point A to point B like a growth strategy. How how are you going to get bigger? How are you going to grow Sleiman Benign? Is your value proposition or elevator pitch or companies purpose or these different way of saying it are basically the same thing? So what is it that your company does? It is basically your mission statement, but not the kind of mission statement that is written with like buzzwords and that elaborated words. No, you have to present, in simple words what your company does, what value it brings to what kind of audience. So, basically, that's your value proposition. That's your elevator pitch, and then the last slide slide Number 10 which is going to be left on the screen as you are wrapping up their presentation is the contact slide. So you want to create a slide with different ways for people to contact you. All right, so these are the 10th lives we're going to create and let's jump right in. Let's start creating them. 5. Creating 10 Wow Slides: Okay, so let's create our 10 wow slide that will impress our audience when we pitch our business idea. So we said that we will be using a kind of template to start with, So I'm going to start with this template that I like. Okay, I can show it to you. Intestine slides. So which is perfect on this kind mawr less fits. Um, the structure of this lines that I just presented that I want to create. So let's let's use this template. So I just click on it, and once you've made a copy of it, you can do the same eso I will use as a template. They're So now I have my slide right here and what I want to do. I already uploaded some of the visuals I want to use in this in this presentation. So for me, it's going to be already a little bit prepared. But for you, you have to do your research about what kind off visuals you would be using, Of course. So the first light for me is going to present the big shift. The big change that is happening in my industry in the fair trade industry and the the big change is that fair trade is not popular at the moment. It's not something that is trendy. And for me, this is the like, the big pain right now because companies are not really communicating in the right manner. So fat trade is not popular factory. It is not trendy. So I want to express this pain. This change in the first slide. OK, so I like this. Let's decompose this to see how it's made. So it's big, basically a photo right here with some transparency. You see, 50% transparency and then there is a plain background in the back and then we have fonts. Okay, so this template uses different kind of funds. We have Mr Dafoe, which is one phone we have open south, which is the body font. You can see here open something, and then we have this front right here, which is League Gothic, which I don't like very much. So I will probably replace this one by leaks. Parton's all right. So let's start the first live. Of course, I want to have my own visual and not this one on. This needs to say fair trade fair trade. I will delete this that I don't need but decided to retire. And this one is nuts. Trendy. Let's start with this. Get rid of this. Okay? Factory. It is not trendy, okay? And I have a visual right here that I want to use this visual right here. So I'm just going to bring this and drop it in my, um in my photo frame right here. Okay, So this is what I have. I will just this for toe get rid off the Fintor right here on day or so. I will adjust the transparency. Okay to something like this, maybe 70. That's something that works for me. One thing that I don't like so much is this Perper thing right here, this purple background. So I'm going to use another type of backgrounds that did this on. I'm very much into radiant recently. So you guys might have noticed if you follow the group. If you're part a member of the group. So let's find ingredient in Canada by typing radiant on That's used This one. OK, I make it fit this cream so you can use these handles. Make it fit your screen on every Push this back to the back. So this would be made background. Okay. I want to accentuate the not trendy here. I want to make this bigger. I want to make this that, say 34. And I want this to be one line. Okay? Centred on the banana. All right, so this is not bad. The next thing I want to do is to accentuate, not it's not trendy. So the way to do this, I will be creating contrast for this work. So the way I'm going to do this, I'm going to create a black rectangle that is going to come behind the word. Not so. I created rectangle. And by the way, you can use the R key two. It's a shortcut. Are to create a rectangle in Canada. Two point. Also use. That's a nice little shortcut. So I have this rectangle. I want to make it smaller, and I want to make it black. Right. And I'm going to bring this over here. Said it a bit too big. Let's try this. Okay, centered. And I want to push this backward. Let's see. Make my slide bigger. Okay. This is not bad. Not correctly centered, so I need to make this a little bit bigger. Okay, so this is how it looks like Fred. Trade is not trendy in the last thing I can do is put the nut as a board statement. So why is infatuated trendy? We stated a pain in the first slide. Eso What? Why is it that it's not trendy? Tell me more. So this is what the second slide is going to do. So we have a sly presenting problems in our template right here, Page three. So I'm going to push this up because fish three will become pitch to. So now would be a very good time to get back to your brand style guide. Or you could have even opened this document before starting to design. So get back to your brand style guide. The very the very same brand style guide you created at the very beginning of this course because you will need your color palette. All right, so let's grab the color palette. This is our color palette. I'm going to be using mostly the Spink this dark Perper blue, I think maybe one of the grace. All right, so I want to copy this color right here and bring it into my current document. So, for example, this accent color. So the pink that is going to be used all over this presentation, I'm going to turn that into my pink, the pink from my color palette. So I just go there at the new color and there this will now become my color. My think right carries my brand identity. So I'm going to customize this slide based on my information. All right, so I have here a couple of statements that I'm going to type in. I'm going to speak this part off the process because I don't think it's so relevant to you , but it's basically information you need to prepare before you start designing your slides. All right? Okay. This looks decent. I also have to get rid of this logo here from the template, and I will put in my own logo. Uh, let's say this one. So a little bit of a trick right here, because can for can, about two point. Oh, sorry. Has this very boring functionality that if you drop any element in the background, it automatically sets. This is a background. This is very boring, and I hope they take that away. I've been talking to some kind of engineers about this, and they told me Yeah, they recognize this was boring. So the trick around it, if you have to, to position your element. If you move it on your design, it will automatically replace your background. You have to move it a little bit to the edge of your design. But still, it could be slightly on your design like this. Like you see how I it's still there. But then you kind of have to move it like this. And, yes, just moving up, uh, is actually very boring. I don't know why they did this, but the thing is that they did. So we have to work around with it so far. So that's the way you do, and you bring it to the edge, and then you use the arrows off your of your keyboard to move it up. And so it doesn't replace the background. Okay, the next thing we want to do is to change these background image, right? So I have selected another image that I like this image right here and click on it. See, I want to change this image to put in the background. So I'm going to flip this not like this with horizontally. And then this is what happens if we drop the image. Even if we flipped it before hands in our place holder in our grid, It kind of unflinching the image and a nice on the wrong side of my design. Obviously, I want this guy to be on the right hand side because I have my books with my text here. And the interesting part of this photo happens here, so I need to flip this somehow. So how can I do this? It's not possible to flip it from inside the grid. Unfortunately, I hope can track and fix that, but it's not possible right now. And also I see night logo has moved. So the way we do this, we will simply delete this and did it. This one as well. The longer is still here, which is good. I can center it right now, and then I will import this photo again. I would make it fit my slide just by using the handles. So this is a very cool tool that can arise, providing us in the new version. So let's use it. All right. Okay. So this is it. And now I can flip it. I can flip it horizontally. This is where I wanted to be in our position. This in the back. Okay, so now this image has been flipped. Okay, so now we have this and I want to give a little bit more style to this photo right here. So I think I'm gonna make this black and white. So to do this, I just click on it, adjust and then bring the saturation all the way down to zero. This makes my foot or black and white. Maybe I can move this a little bit. Yes. So that looks much better. And we've said that I don't really like this front here, like the league Gothic. So I'm going to replace this front four league Spartan. So just clicking on this and I can search for it. That's another perks. Off camera to point. No. League Spartan is right here, so I'm going to use this. Make this smaller. I'm going to stick with 80 for my fighters on my slides. Okay. Night looks pretty good. I make sure this is centered by selecting the all of my elements and de selecting the one in the background that I don't want, namely the white rectangle right here and sent it. So this lies now looks pretty good. So these other problems we need to overcome these problems to come to the promised land. And what would be the promised land, The desired outcome, the bright future that we are aspiring to. So this is what Sline number three is going to present, right? The solution. Okay, so I have a little bit of text right here that I'm going to copy Paste, which is my promised land for our industry. Let's do this first So it goes like this. Winning brands will understand that marketing is storytelling and focus on mobile to reach consumers where the attention actually is. So this is the solution that we are going to talk about. And this is basically what my company is trying to do is to help other companies, other brands reach this promised land off, understanding that marketing is storytelling and focusing on mobile so that you can reach your customers where the attention actually is. All right, so this is pretty good again, getting rid of this logo. We are going to change Lee Gothic for leaks, Parton. And this needs to come in 80. Let's be consistent. Remember? So we will keep that consistency across all the slides. All right? And we would be using another color from our color palette. This blue right here. Okay, So has changed its color for blue. I need to add it the first time we use it in the document there. Okay. Next I want to use. I want to get Let's keep this background for now. But I need to find a visual that explains what my solution is are about. So I did my research yesterday, and I have this solution. I have this slide that I want to use its this one. Okay. So, again, the first thing is that make it fit this cream like this using the hander's convenient. And I want to flip this over, so I'm just going to use flip, flip it like this, and I want to push this back. Well, I want to give it some transparency. Actually, it's a 40% and I don't want this color. I want my think color so that we are consistent with our brand identity. And then I want to push over this backwards. So push it back. Okay, on, maybe play around with transparency a little bit more. Let's say 30 would be a good fit for this image. Okay, of course, this icon needs to be changed. I don't like it so much. Um, let's make consistency across the whole presentation. Let's let's decide that this text open sound will be 30 right? So I'm going to change all this from now to make it 30. Okay, so if I do this, I need to adjust a couple of things on my design. All right, so this would be 30. Okay, So the solution that winning brands will understand that marketing is is storytelling and focus on mobile to reach consumers where the attention actually is. So let's get rid of this and find another icon, another illustration that is more relevant. So here in the photo received people that could very well be consumers waiting for the train and just being on their smartphone. So I want to industry this with an icon of a smartphone. So we are going to find it in Canada Just typing in smart phone and see what comes up. So I have a couple of free icons of smartphones, right? Or this is pretty nice. Um, so you can basically use any of these on I'm going to be using. Let's say I'm going to be using this one. So I just click on it to bring it. And I want my phone to be whites. Actually, yes. With this outline is fine. And then I want to use my blue here and this one. I'm gonna be using the same blue, maybe a little bit darker to emulates when they work. Doing something like this. This is nice. I'm gonna make this smaller, tinted slightly and put it here. Something new is we're in. Convert to point out is that they brought another frame around it, if you can see this other being frame. So I'm just trying to use this toe allowing my elements and like this, but I can do it's sent. It is a little bit better at the center of my page. And this is pretty nice. Guys, this will be our third slide with the promised land and glimpse at the promise. Land winning brands will understand that marketing is storytelling and focus on mobile to reach consumers where the attention actually. So that's what brands need to do to be winning the game and to be catching up with their consumers and deliver their message is where the consumers actually part. All right, so this is looking pretty good. Let's continue creating this presentation with Slide four and slide for is about how your product or service will have overcome the obstacles to the Promise Land. So this light basically presents the different, um, services that we are that we are providing with our company. So I have this line here that presents my competitors, and I can use this because my company basically focuses on four types of services. So I'm going to be using this slide by here, Aziz away to present the the services that we are offering. So I'm gonna put this up like this. All right, so it's at the right place, and they're going to change this for digital marketing, and we are going to use I will fund leak Spartan off course. This is way too big. Let's try 50 on strike 80 actually, which is our standard for this digital marketing key. And we don't want this to be Perper but black. And this looks a little bit weird. So I'm going to reduce this to maybe 60. Give it more space between the lines. Okay. Okay. So let's see how this might look. If we do all caps, this is pretty decent. What I want to do is maybe make this a little bit smaller. It's It's 70. Still big. Let's try 60. This is better because I want to bring something as down here. Let's see if I can reduce the spacing a little bit. Toe one for instance. Okay, this is good enough. And then I want to add another piece of text right here that says for change makers. Okay, I'm going to use my fantasy fonts, which is Mr Dafoe. Make this bigger. Maybe 48. Make this in one line and bring it down. Make sure to centered this little bit. And then I changed the color of this one for for pink. Sorry. Okay, Digital marketing, four change makers. So now this is pretty well set up What I need to do is to change the photos right here and also changed the text. So the first service that the offer is video, then we have social media. Then we have storytelling and lastly photography. So these are the four services we offer and we don't want this big color in the background . So I'm going to change this for something more like of the black. So it gives a high contrast in my in my images which look pretty nice. And one more thing I want to do is I want to reduce the side of this because it's a little bit big and I want to create some empty space around it. So the next step right here is to change the background images for each of these placeholders. Right? So for this as well, I have prepared some visuals. OK, so I do have social media right here. We're going to drop in this box like this. Then I have photography year. This photo it's pretty in ized and I have video. Where is my foot? Off a video. I leave. This is the one there and storytelling. I decided to keep this one because it's actually nice. All right. Next is slide number five and slide number five is going to introduce our team. All right, so let's do this. That's first check in this presentation template. If there is a slide related to presenting the team, I can see here that actually there is none. So what we could do is go back to Canada because in the five different templates that I was introducing to you, some of them are actually related to team. So let me show you and go back to my profile. And I believe it Waas in this sly this presentation right here. So let me just find the slide. Yes, this one specific slide, which is basically ah colored frame colored background with the frame and 33 placeholders were round placeholders where we can drop our photos and just like this, very simply presenting our team so we can reproduce this from our template right here. Our presentation right here. If you are a can va for work user, there is a new feature in Canada to point out that I am going to use right now because I want to show it to you which allows us to basically import whatever template or whatever design we have created previously. So let me show you how this work This won't work for you if you're using the free version of Canada. But I want to show it to you. So there are two ways of doing this. So this slide about our team, it's pretty basic. So it's relatively easy to recreate a slide like this one, and we can do it from scratch. But I want to show you the option if you are canvas for work user. So if you're kind of forward User, this is my camera for work account. I click on four day and then you see a tab right here that says all your design. So if I click on all my designs, then I can find this specific template right here, and you can find a slight so I can click here, import this light. And this is pretty awesome because ah, a lot of times I wanted to use some of the previous design I had created in Canada wine one point over the older version of Canada. And you couldn't do that. You couldn't import one of your pre existing designs into into Canada, you have to re create it from scratch again and again and again. So now four Canada from work users. So the paid users. They give you this option of basically importing any design. This is very awesome, like you can really go far back in time and import some of the designs you have created previously. So this is a massive times timesaver. I'm going to be working on this one. If you need to create this life from scratch. It's not very complicated. See, there is, um, colored background. Sorry. There's a colored background, the blue like the dark blue background, and then they created another, like rectangular shape, made it smaller and in center it. So it creates this nice border around the blue rectangle here. And then it's just three round placeholders that you can find under the elements. Stab Uh, yes, if you search for Grid's know that Chris, It's frames. So it's this frame the 1st 1 create three of equal size is. And the way you do this, you import 123 and then you select them. You select them like this de select this and then you can resize the more at the same time , this will allow you to create three circles of exactly the same size. See, So for now, I just gotta delete them, because I already have these on my template right here. And this was here. Moved it a bit. I don't know why it became so smaller, but let's say this is 30. Okay, so this is a template we're going going toe work with for our team. Andi, just like for the other slides, I have prepared a couple of images, so there will be Kyra on this placeholder like this and again if you want to center, if you want to make this photo bigger. So, Cara is the person on the right. I double click on it. Make make this bigger. What's happening seems to be a little glitch. So I'm going to save and reload this design. Okay? Reloading there. So let's see if it works now. I'm never clicking. Yes, it works sometimes. If can vies a little bit buggy. You can just save and reopened. Refresh your design. If this doesn't make it, you can completely sign out of your account. like, really signing out and then signing back in. This could help. So just going to rename. So her name is Cara for again. And she's our with you producer court. Then see this This to be centered. Then we have Diana. Diana is my business partner. Okay, so there is Diana's photos just dropping it in the frame on same thing. Gonna make this bigger than a bit and zoom in. Just reposition the photo. Something like this. Nice. Okay. And what I need is a photo off myself. Find this hunky can use this fertile. One thing we could do to improve this slide is to place a round shape behind our photos to create some kind off, um, border around the around these frame holders. Eso what? We can do this, but there are two ways actually of creating a frame around these there is actually a frame with a border, so we could have used these ones instead. But now that this is already done, what I can do is simply create a shape, a round shape that we re actually will create three. So I'm importing three of these going to select the three of them make this mortar, Miss c. I need to be slightly bigger. I think this is not bad. And I'm going to place them on top of them and change the color for my colors. So one will be this color to align it correctly and then pushing back. Okay? And so this is not big enough, so I'm just going to select them again. Three of them make this likely bigger. All right. And now it should be better. So again, I just have to sent it is exactly pushing backwards. All right, so it's almost there. I need to just a little bit with my arrow. And now it looks like this. So it's pretty cool. I can change the color of this one for another color. My blue, for example. Not the group, because it has a through background. Sorry. So I will go for, uh, Perper. That's not the one. I just need to grab my purpose again. A copy? Uh, yes. So I'm going to face this Perper there, and I'm going to put this one for Kara like this, pushing backwards. Great. And I'm just going to use the white one for Diana. Same thing. Position it until you have the four lines and like this. So now I just need to change these names. Yeah. And that and she used were did you markets in my name founder of this company? What happened here? I need to make sure everything is centered. Yes. Think is slightly bigger. Okay. And we are going to respect the the guidelines for this fun. So this front needs to be open cells to respect the consistency. Each of them needs to be open cells. And we said that, um, the text size should be 30. This might break a little bit the design, but we really just this just need to just this first, okay? Should not be bold. This and like this to center, everything again like this is pretty good. Maybe I can change the color of this for my pink from more contrast. Okay, Now I can make these three photos bigger sentiment again. So this is great. And then again, centering these making sure everything is well important. Alignment is one of the features of our slide. That well generates this this high consistency in our design. All right, so the next slide should be a slight number six Market opportunity, traction. So with this light, we want to show what is the opportunity in this market? How big could this market be? And where is our business case? We need to prove that our company is evolving in the market, which has basically enough demands to sustain one more company. So to do this, I have collected a little bit of information that I want to include about the market size. Okay, market size. So first, let's use this slide right here that already presents and talks about the market size. I want to bump this up, Move up. Eso it comes at the right place. Page number six and we're going to use some of the elements of the design. First, we're going to change this for League Spartan and make this 80 to respect consistency. Then we have this paragraph of text here. Let's move this here for now, and I'm going to show you what we are going to do with this next. But first, I'm going to base my text. Okay, so I have to sentence here two sentences here that I want to use in this on this slide like this Make some adjustments here. All right. They are more than 2500 certified factoring organizations around the world, either retailers, producers or federations. So that gives us an idea of the market size. And then I want to add one more sentence. So basically, I copy this. First we need to set this to 30 and make it in two lines. Right? Center it the copy this because I have one more element of text to adhere, which is the last symptoms here and based or need to communicate about their impact. Right? Next, I'm going to customize this with my colors. First getting rid of this logo and my colors are still here. I'm gonna use the dark Perper, and I'm gonna play around with this. This is kind of interesting to put in the background to create some kind of dimension in my design, So I'm going to use these things, roll off people here. I'm gonna group this and cup it one on the button as well off my design. But, um but, um, and the stick this, But what I want to do is to give this thing some transparency I want to make it very subtle . So something around 10 should be a good number. Sea 11 on this one is. Well, same thing. I think I can I can actually type in my numbers. That's a new feature. And so I'm going to be very precise. 10 and 10. Now, I have market size that I can center, but I want this sentence right here to jump at you to b'more visible to stand out basically from the rest. So I'm going to make it. Maybe Blue would be the better option. Yes, this is pretty good. I want to make this board. All right. So this gives us a very interesting information about the market size. There are more than 2500 certified factoring organizations around the world either retailers, producers or federation, or need to communicate about their impact. So basically, all of these organizations could be our customers. So that's good. That's recovered. Slight number six already that we have four more to go. Next line is a relevant quote or inspirational quote related to our business. Okay, so I want to show you one more slide that I want to go fetch from another presentation off the five presentation I showed you at the beginning on I think it comes from this one as well. Memories? Yes. I want to basically copy this slide on reproduce it because it's nice. Big board quote in the middle of the slide that gives or the attention to basically descendant. So again, two ways of doing this. We could reproduce it from scratch, or we could imported if we are kind of for work user. So I'm just going to create a new page treat a new page at a new page on it is here. I'm moving up. Okay, so I have a nice white page, and I'm going to go to four orders all your design, and I'm going toe. Sorry. Not this one. I'm going toe import this quote right here. Okay, This is nice. I'm going to get rid of the dark blue here and make this one simply for size. This right then. Of course, I need to change this for my text. So going to grab my text right here and based its right here, and I can give this thing more space. We're sorry. Can I still a little bit buggy. But we have to be patient because this is still very early days off camera, two point. Oh, I'm going to delete this sentence here at the bottom. I don't need and make sure this is centered. Okay, so next selecting everything, centering this on my page like this. This looks decent. And okay, I think this needs to be a little bit more up again. Centering. There you go. So this is my quote, and I want to add a photo to this to make it more visual, because so far we have been doing a good job. But using visuals, that was one of the objectives. Remember off creating for creating this pitch deck. It's to have a pitch, which is very visual. So I'm gonna add one more visual, which is related to my business. Let me see. I have this photo right here where I am in a village in Bangladesh with a lot of people who basically had never seen a camera before. So that's a very old photo of me. I think that's six or seven years ago. But I still love love this photo because a lot of memories and for these Villagers had never seen maybe another haven't seen a white guy before. But white guy with a camera coming to their village was quite an experience. This time I'm going to use a grid so that it's easier to drop my photo there. It will cover the whole frame already. Eso back to my photo. Just select this on. Based my photo here. I'm gonna give this photo. I'm gonna just this take out the saturation or so it like my face to be more in the photo. And then I'm going to give this some transparency. A lot of transparency, actually. So Yeah, let's say 15. This is good. And then last thing, I'm going to push elements in the background. Yes, and my text next needs to be in the foreground. Yes, that's perfect. So this is Mike. Inspirational quote. You're great at helping people, but not so much at marketing. And this is very representative of our industry. We work with all these social entrepreneurs, social businesses, fair trade businesses, and they're very good businesses that are really making a difference in the runoff developing countries. So we really appreciate that. But we have observed over the years that these companies are not so great at communicating , showing their impact basically at marketing, especially digital marketing. So we really, as factory connection is a communication agency trying to help them communicate better. So this is what we want to communicate with this pitch deck. And so this sentence is very representative. And when I will be pitching my project, my business idea to friend to an investor, I'm going to use this sentence to make my point. All right, so that's good. Moving forward on the slide Number eight, The marketing or growth strategies attraction basically could be called as well, so your marketing strategy needs to be expressed in slide number eight. So that's what we're going to create right now. And there is a slight for this. We're going. We're going to be using this slide right here because the layout is kind off adequate for what we're trying to do. All right, So first changing the color of the background, let's use our dark purple. This here could be white, and then this we'll rename this attraction. We really use our front, which is the ex partner in 18 right there and I have a piece of text already prepared for this. Just going to grab it like this, actually cut and based this right here. Get rid of the bullet points. All right, So changing the colors, using my think right here, giving more space, getting rid off the logo, maybe adjusting this little bit. So it's actually at the center of this. Looks nice. Okay, So attraction by participating in industry conferences, accumulating client work on building a name for ourselves, we will become the go to video guys for Frederick. So that's the attraction we're trying to build in the industry with our organization. It's kind of like our growth strategy by participating in industry conferences, accumulating client work and bending a name for ourselves. So that's the strategy. Of course, this will be further explained during your presentation, but these are keywords. Remember that we are not explaining word for word. Everything way are saying in our slides. We just need to have key words that serve as a support for us to explain and to develop our point. Why in front of our audience, right, there's no point off transcribing word for word. What you're going to say in your presentation doesn't make sense. Rights. Next slide. We are always there, Theo, your slides, the value proposition, elevator pitch or companies purpose. So that's basically your mission statement Very clear on bond. Not so elaborated or Pompeo's Or how to say is using us marketing buzzwords. That's not what we are trying to do here. We're trying to explain what our company does, like what kind of services that we provide to which type of audience and how does it solve their pain. So that's what we are going to do in slide number nine, the value proposition. And for this I spotted one of the slides in this presentation that the lime color presentation I think it's at the end of it is a big photo in the books. Yes, this one. So I would like to use this one, which is relatively easy to reproduce. Just a photo black and white photo with a box and the bright color, and then a bold statement on this box. So let's do this. We can simply use this one as a motor, so I'm going to open it. I'm gonna have this here ready so we can have a look at it and just reproduce this. Okay? So shouldn't be too complicated to reproduce this. Create a new page at a new page. Move this up. All right, First I'm going toe import my photo. So it's the photo of me looking at the camera with my computer. Where is this photo? There it is. So stop gonna dig this, and I'm going to make it. My screen fit my slide a little bit more. Okay. Like this. This looks good now, making making this black and white. So filter adjust. Going to take back saturation. Ordinary down. What I can do is to place a colored background behind it on. I'm going to be using a black background to add more kind of like a drama effect to this photo. Make this a little bit transparent, maybe. Go 50. This and I need a rectangle. So I'm gonna press, are there, make this smaller, but this size bigger and changed it. Cut it. This year's are think and I'm going to those this in the middle. Let's see if it's in the middle. Here's actually in the middle. Yes, it's longer, though. Make this longer and I'm just going to bring a text element with my tea key. The best team on here again. I have a text prepared for this, so I'm just going to grab it from here. Their control picks and we So I'm just going to bring this text right here. I'm going to paste my texts and going to show you in a minute. How I want this. I want this in leagues. Parton. I want a big, bold statement here. Our rights and should be 80 which is our norm for this. We are going to reduce the line into space. Toe one. Let's see how this looks. Bring this in the center of my books right here. And then I want to justify this to the right. To the left. Sorry. Okay. I have one spa 6. Showing your Presentation from Canva: Hey, guys, Welcome back to the course in this lecture. I'm going to show you the different modes and the different options. You have to show your presentation directly from Canada. Okay, so it's good to have you back here on DA. Sorry. The previous lesson was a little bit long. Make it stop. Ah, but I think this was really the meat off this section. Like designing your very own pitch deck. It's not an easy thing, but once it's done, it's going to be a very valuable document in presentation for your organization, for your venture is an entrepreneur. So next, uh, this lecture is gonna be much shorter, but ah, still important. And I want to show you the different options that Canada is giving you to showcase your presentation directly from canvas from the up without leaving. You don't have to export these slides into Power Point or Google slides or anything like that. You can simply Bolivia computer to ah TV or to a projector. And then you can You can start your slideshow directly from Canada and Canada gives you a bunch of different options. Some are new in canvas to Pino, So we're going to go over these options in this lecture. So in order to do this, of course, you will need to open your presentation, document your pitch deck that we just created, and then you hit Publish. And so the first option right here is called present Eso. We really use the present feature. And what we see straight from the beginning is that we have a preview of our slides here, and the first thing we're prompted to choose is the transition style. So we have seven different types of transitions simple fade, tile circle, slide, rise and wipe. So you can go ahead and try these different transition. They all do something different. They all have something kind of cool to them. Personally, I really like the title one kind of like a zoom out and slide to the left. So we're going to go for this one. You can just try the other ones, as you wish, but basically, there are different ways of going from one slide to the next. Then we have timing options. So if you click on these drop down list, you have three options standard, which is click to change slide. So you can use this. Basically, if you want to pitch a presentation a Ted talk, whatever you it is that you're doing, I would prefer using this mode because then you have control over your presentation. Your timing. If you click on auto Plea, then you will be asked what is the time frame in between your slide so you can go ahead and enter any number of seconds that you wish to have in between your slides s. So this is not so convenient. If you are presenting, because if you're talking at the same time, you don't You might not know exactly how long between the different slides unless you have a very like, ah, like a very defined speech you're giving. And then you could do this even without touching the computer, just focusing on the other person. But then, if there's a question, it's always tricky because if the person stops you and breaks your flow than it might just offset the whole presentation. So I wouldn't use this to pitch my business idea. And then the last option is auto play looping auto play. Looping is a new feature from Canada 2.0, that allows you to loop your presentation so it never ends. It would just go back to slide one and rotate like this over and over, so this could be pretty useful. As I said in a previous lecture. If you, for example, if you want to connect your computer to our smart TV and then just play a presentation over and over in the shop, for example, or if you own a hotel or venue, you could play this over and over on the TV of the reception. Or, if you are, for example, at the birthday party on. Do you want to show a slide show of your photos when you were little? Until today, when you are 53 you could You could do that just by looping your presentation so this could be useful. I'm sure you guys will enjoy this feature somewhere or another at some point, but not very practical for our pitch deck presentations over to stick with standard. And then there is one more option I want to show you, and I want to tell you what it does is the present of you. So if you take this bucks and and hit present this is was going to happen. It will open a standalone window. So this window with your presentation basically with the outcome, the output of your presentation and then here you will have some kind of control over the different slides. So if you wish to, um, skip the natural order of your slides from 1 to 3 and go directly to slide five, for example, you could click on this one, and then that's what people are going to see in their stand alone window. So let's say you want to. Let's say you connect your computer to a TV and you can choose between the different screen that are going to be shared on that external monitor or TV. So you could say this is the window that is going to be displayed on my external monitor. And then this is what you will see on your laptop, for example, so this could be very useful. Ah, for you as a presenter to keep total control over the pace of your presentation and over the order off the slide, so that could be an asset for you when you speak and you want to jump from one slide to the other. Also, I wanted to let you know that Can Va announced when they lounge canvas to play? No, that there would be some improvement and new features coming soon related to the present of you. That will make it even more convenient for people to give presentations. And if you remember correctly in the previous lessons, I I told you about the strategy of Canada purchasing this other company that was exclusively focused on creating presentation user experience, like improving the user experience for people giving presentations. So I think this aligns with canvas strategy to dominate in this field and to basically disrupt the power point and the such program that I have been the standard for so many years with Can va eso you can look out for this is going to be something like this. So it says, Canada launches presented view with notes for presenting like a pro. So basically, I think that what's coming, I might be wrong, but if you click on the present of you, you will still have your stand alone window. But this window right here will have a part of it that could be filled with notes. So that could be some key words that could be some, even your whole text that you would be presenting because this photo right here lets us anticipate this because I can see I can see a phone basically here with some notes. So maybe there will be some kind of extension that you can use your phone to have this secondary screen that you can keep in your hand with some key words with some notes, so that would be totally awesome. Andi, I don't expect less from Canada because I really believe they are into creating that user experience. I believe having your phone. And, you know, I gave a presentation that so long ago, and I downloaded an app to be able to switch from one slide to the other from my phone, and this was a very painful experience. The APP was a little bit buggy, and I had to connected with my computer through a cure code. It was really, really not a good and and and son user experience. So if can va could come up with something that will let you use your mobile device as a remote as a clicker, both a clicker remote and even a cheat. Cheat with your keywords or your your presentation kind off rhythm. The things that you have to say have to mention that would be completely awesome. So let's see what the future holds for us. Let's see what Canada comes up with in terms of presentation. And that's it for me. That's it for this Ah, brief lecture about how to display your awesome pitch deck from Canada. 7. Sharing your Presentation with your Audience: Have you ever wished you could share your presentation with the people in the room just like that so easily that they could go home with your presentation? Nothing else to do. Well, in this lecture, I'm going to show you a trick on how to do exactly that. Okay, guys, welcome back. So the last lecture about creating awesome presentation on this is a new option that can va 2.0 is bringing to the table. It's the possibility to publish your pitch deck or your presentation into a website. So in order to access this, you have to hit the publish button and then you go to website. And then there is different options right here, like classical navigations, crawling, etcetera, etcetera. But there is the presentation features who click on this, and you basically will be brought to the same ah window as just when you wanted to show your presentation from your computer. What we covered in the previous lecture. You can choose the style off transition so we would be consistent. Go for ah tile. And then you can just click here to open website and then this is what you will have. Ah, standalone website with your presentation with the 10 slides, this is not into Canada. You don't need to have a camera account to access this. And I'm going to prove that to you by copying the Ural copy on. So if you click, you just go to the next light. And this is very convenient because you can basically put this into the hand of your audience right at the end of your presentation, for example, and they can go home with this. And I'm gonna show you a little trick on how to even push this experience further so that they can have your presentation on their mobile device even before leaving the room where you have been presenting. So bear with me for a few minutes more, and I'm going to show you how to create exactly this. So I'm just want to show you that this slide deck is complete. So all the slides are here. You can change the transition style from this window, right here. Let me. So this window right here you can go from simple fade, etcetera, etcetera. So this is pretty convenient. Ah, And now let me show you how to quickly share this with your, um with your audience that say you want to give this presentation to people You want them to download this presentation to their mobile device. So the way to do this, you have to first publish as a website and choose presentation. Let's a simple transition open the website and then what you have to do is to copy this. You are well, and then you will go to Google and type in Q R code generator. Right. So we are going to create a cure code. So once you are in your cure code generator and there are several of them that you can choose from but ah, me, I like this one is called the Dash Cure Code dash generated that come. So I suggest you use the same one I click on Neural. I paced the UL of my Canada presentation here, and this is my cure coat so I can save this in different formats, so I'll go ahead and save it in PNG, which is fine, so it will upload it here. So I just bring this into Canada. So there is, and I'm going to put this into Canada like this and then on my last light right here, I can bring this cure code to life boom like this. Make it big so that your audience has no problem off scanning this. Even the guy sitting at the back of the room can't Candies and ah, access your presentation. So have a call to action. Actually, you could write with a little bit of text like this. You could write ScanDisk. You are code to access or my awesome slides can change. This can make it. Let's make it open song. Let's make this white right and make this bigger. That's a 42 something like that. And then just add a little arrow to make this nice arrow. Okay, this is fine. Going to flip this. All right. Make it like this. Make this a little bit smaller and use this as a white. So now I'm going to show you how this will look on your phone, actually, so I am recording the screen of my phone. I'm going to show you how to scandisk your coat. So, basically, you could You have different ways of scanning a cure a cold with your smartphone. The easiest way I know of. I know off is with Facebook. So you're just open Facebook. And if you hit the search bar, then you will have a little cure Code icon popping up on the right side. So I'm just going to click on this and this will open a cure code reader. So I'm just pointing my phone at the cure code at the presentation. So imagine this being, ah, showed on a big screen and there look what's happening. My canvas presentation is showing there and I can see my 11 slides now They're all loading perfectly. If I've turned my screen around and I go for screen, you can see that this actually completely fills up my phone. My screen. It's basically very, very nice can go from one slide to the next, just very simply, by hitting the arrows. This is pretty awesome, guys, because I mean, you really, really impress your audience. If you use this technology for your next presentation, design it with Canada, generate a website and then create a cure code that you insert is your last slide and asked people to scan this code. They will be pretty much amazed at having your presentation directly on their smartphone and living the room with this. Um, I think this is really the way to impress people nowadays with your presentation. So if you do this, you will be the king off presentation or the Queen of presentation. Of course. All right, So this was my two cents on how to use the new and improved canvas for presenting like a pro for creating awesome presentations. I hope you like this sections, and I see you in the next section.