Create an impactful Pitch Deck with Canva | Ronny Hermosa | Skillshare

Create an impactful Pitch Deck with Canva

Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer

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7 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Why Canva is the new Powerpoint

    • 2. 4 Design mistakes you need to avoid

    • 3. Sort this Out Before Creating your Slides

    • 4. What's a Pitch Deck & How to Build One

    • 5. Creating 10 Wow Slides

    • 6. Showing your Presentation from Canva

    • 7. Sharing your Presentation with your Audience

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About This Class

Forget PowerPoint! 

In this course we are going to create a 10-slide presentation that will help you pitch your business idea like a pro... and we will do so with Canva. 


Or to be a little bit more precise, we will do so with Canva 2.0! Indeed, Canva recently rolled out a major update and introduced new functionalities to its app. A few of them have to do with creating and showing presentations. We are going to cover this in the course. 

So why should you choose Canva over PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote to create your presentations? 

Well, to tell a long story short, Canva has everything you need as a visual communicator at your fingertips like a well-furnished image library, a ton of beautiful templates, awesome color palettes, a choice of beautiful fonts... AND... it's completely online and free to use! 

The objective of this course is for you to come up with 10 visually powerful slides that will help you pitch your business idea effectively. If you follow my advice your pitch deck will create a great first impression and help you convince your audience. 


Class Outline:

  1. Why Canva is the new Powerpoint
    In this introduction, we will go over why Canva is your best bet to create an awesome presentation. We will also briefly discuss why you need to become a visual communicator to be successful in business nowadays.

  2. 4 Design mistakes you need to avoid
    Let's face it: most of the presentations out there are quite boring and visually insulting! We've all sit through one of these interminable presentations with atrocious slides wishing we were dead! Well, this is exactly what we want to avoid. In this section, we will learn about 4 classic design mistakes that make our slides and presentations boring. 

  3. Sort this Out Before Creating your Slides
    Based on what we've learned in the previous lesson via the 4 design mistakes, we'll come up with a bunch of "good practices" for our slides that we will make sure to apply while designing our pitch deck.

  4. What's a Pitch Deck & What Slides does it have
    Before jumping into the water and designing our 10 slides, I want to cover some fundamentals with you: What's a pitch deck, why do you need one and most importantly, what slides does it contain?

  5. Creating Wow Slides
    This is the meat of this course (or the tofu if you are a vegetarian), in this lesson we will get our hands dirty, start from a Canva template and design our 10 slides.

  6. Showing your presentation from Canva
    Now that we have built our pitch deck, it's time to show it to the world! In this lesson, I'll go over all the presentation options that Canva 2.0 gives you. 

  7. Sharing your presentation with your team & audience
    In this last lesson, I'll show you a secret trick that will allow your audience to gain instant access your slides directly on their smartphone. This trick will for sure impress your audience and make you look super pro!

Are you ready to make a ruckus?