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8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 1 Illustrative logo introduction

    • 2. 2 What communicate with your logo

    • 3. 3 first draft

    • 4. 4 inspiration

    • 5. 5 draw

    • 6. 6 import and trace

    • 7. 7 add text

    • 8. 8 final thoughts


About This Class


In this class we are going to create a logo based on your hand drawn illustration. I will lead you through the steps of the thinking process, doodling your first ideas, gathering inspiration, starting to draw and finally import your illustration and use the image trace tool of illustrator to make your logo vector based. This will allow you to make your logo as big as you want, without loosing quality, and changing the background easily. You can also use this process to draw the letters of the name yourself. 

To complete this class and project you will need access to Adobe Illustrator.

If you don't have a scanner to import your drawing, I will show you how to import it by taking a picture and adjusting the colours in Photoshop.





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Anke Van Reeth

Identity branding & WordPress websites

Hello. I'm Anke.

I design beautiful identity branding and user experiences.

I code responsive WordPress themes, and integrate them with Woocommerce if necessary.

I'm a freelancer, currently based in Sicily, Italy

I love my job, photography, illustrations, good movies, Mediterranean people, culture and food, coffee - lots of coffee, but most of all my boy and babygirl.

Follow my life in Sicily on Instagram.

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