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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 1 Illustrative logo introduction

    • 2. 2 What communicate with your logo

    • 3. 3 first draft

    • 4. 4 inspiration

    • 5. 5 draw

    • 6. 6 import and trace

    • 7. 7 add text

    • 8. 8 final thoughts

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About This Class


In this class we are going to create a logo based on your hand drawn illustration. I will lead you through the steps of the thinking process, doodling your first ideas, gathering inspiration, starting to draw and finally import your illustration and use the image trace tool of illustrator to make your logo vector based. This will allow you to make your logo as big as you want, without loosing quality, and changing the background easily. You can also use this process to draw the letters of the name yourself. 

To complete this class and project you will need access to Adobe Illustrator.

If you don't have a scanner to import your drawing, I will show you how to import it by taking a picture and adjusting the colours in Photoshop.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anke Van Reeth

Identity branding & WordPress websites


Hello. I'm Anke.

I design beautiful identity branding and user experiences.

I code responsive WordPress themes, and integrate them with Woocommerce if necessary.

I'm a freelancer, currently based in Sicily, Italy

I love my job, photography, illustrations, good movies, Mediterranean people, culture and food, coffee - lots of coffee, but most of all my boy and babygirl.

Follow my life in Sicily on Instagram.

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1. 1 Illustrative logo introduction: I am income in this class. We're going to use the image traced or off illustrator to create administration based logo . But you will need to complete disc less, and project is access to other we illustrator. You can try it out with a trial from other be sites. First, we're going to have a quick overview of what you want to communicate with your illustrated love. Then we're going to doodle down, Offer Sandy's Once we did. Then we're going to look for some inspiration online and offline, and then we will start to drop. Finally, once redrawing is ready, we can import steam for the ship first if we need to adjust the contrast and then into illustrator, where I will show you how to trace it so you can have a victory ized logo. 2. 2 What communicate with your logo: What do you want to communicate? First of all, you should think about what you want to communicate with your logo. In one of the next lessons, I'll talk more about the making up and importance of a logo. But for now, just think about the values you want your brand to express. How would you defend your company and brand to help you create a strong logo? Think about your brand's values. Is it playful? Is it serious? What do you want to speak? Teoh. Is your audience in the professional clean industry, or are you talking to Children and their their parents? Or do you have a key benefit, something that's make you stand out of the crowd? For example, does your brand stance for really fast delivery than a lightning bolt illustration could suggest speed? Once you have a clear idea of what you want to communicate, we can go to the next step. For example, my logo will be for fictional Children's clothing company to brand you clearly. It's a playful brand that wants to attract young, creative parents for your project. I want you to write down in a single sentence what your brand is about and where you are trying to attract 3. 3 first draft: authors draft Before you jump in Pinterest or instagram, you should think about what you wrote in first step and think administration that matches your values and our agents to reuse the same example us before. If your brand stands out for really fast delivery and your arrogance or professionals, you might consider creating a clean lighting. Both illustration. Get your pencils ready and start drafting as money ideas down as you can think of. Don't be afraid to test out as much as you can. The reason I think it's best to start doodling before gathering inspiration is because you still have a free open mind. Once you start seeing others work, you might get stuck or focused on a particular registration. And that's something you don't want to for my logo. I don't just want to use a drawing of a ukulele as I feel Cordant. I decide I want a mascot for my breath, A sweet friend that appeals to the parents and their kids and that I can use as a drawing for the brand, not only with the brand's name patrolled the visual identity of the Brandt ukulele 4. 4 inspiration: gather inspiration. Now that you've gotten some ideas out of your hand, and on paper you can start gathering inspiration. Some sites Rail Act ago or Pinterest Instagram Dribble design inspiration mostly and, of course, Google. For example, you can start searching for animals that stands for the value of learning over. If you already know what you want, then you can search for images, illustrations and Aikens of your subject. Be careful to use what you see as inspiration and never anger copy work from other artists . The idea is to get your mind sparked by seeing others work. Images, photos, icons of cheddar not just copied. But don't just limit your inspiration on the computer. Get outside, read magazines. Have a look at your kids books or going your garden and start observing flowers for your project. I want you to create a mood board where you Bassem inspiration and let us know what your favorite places of inspiration are. For my project, I created a mood board based on a ticket friendly products, some Pinterest ministrations and drawings from my daughter's books. 5. 5 draw: Okay, Now you're ready for the CIA's work. Start drying and mix your first raft with you. Gathered inspiration to create a final drawing of your logo. Trend drawn on clean white sheets and try out as different mediums as you want for my project. I'm going to first route pencils and then trace him over with Sharpie. 6. 6 import and trace: import. Once you're happy with your drawing, you can import it digitally. The best option is to use a scanner. It gives you don't have a scanner, but need to take a picture with which a camera phone. Try and take the photo with as much like this. Possible that open your skin or picturing for the shop. If we had to take a picture because we don't have a scanner now, I don't want the sides. I don't want the little Aiken bolos. I'm gonna proceed to open crop here. I can crop. I could remove the sides and I will remove below us. Well, so here we go. I'm gonna leave it of white space. Okay, Now I'm gonna click enter as you can see, the color. It's not really nasty or some yellowish. The Contras isn't really good, so I'm going to image oughta turn, you see a difference? So it was more yellow, and now we have a nice contrast. I'm gonna click em now the selectable to copy this. Okay, then I'm gonna control copy command copy or at Skopje from your computer from photo shop, and I'm gonna basis in illustrator. So in a new file in, Illustrator. I'm gonna based what I just got it from for the shop or I'm gonna open my skin's documents . I'm gonna zoom out. I'm not gonna reduce its food. I'm just gonna zoom out and I'm gonna trace this image. Okay? So from above, you can select Derek in select image trays. If you click on the little arrow in the side, you can have different options. We are going to choose for black and white logo. So click the heads and you will get this message tracing. May proceed slowly, Just like okay, unless you have a very large computer, but it's gonna be fine. Okay, here we go. So this is an example. It's not victory ized effect, Lee, because you have to click expand first. So once you look expend here, we have all your pets and you're points. So here we go. I'm just gonna drag it down here, okay? This is Victor Rised. We're gonna more the background because there's no sense in having it so going to a new group, and then I'm gonna double click on the white in order Just elect wide click delete. Same thing here. I'm gonna delete this, and I'm gonna delete this as well. Okay, here we go. It is a bit over complicated. It has a lot of points. A lot of bats. We don't want all of their superiors do. Beth, simplify. It seemed so going to reduce the amount of anchor points we have bath, simplifying. And then we're gonna play around a bit with the options you can click preview. So you have a nice idea off what's gonna happen. So the more curve position I have, the more anchor points I have, the Lasker precision, the less anchor points. I'm gonna go in between something like this. Okay, that's it. So here I have my actress logo. That changed a bit, and I'm quite happy with it. It's ah, it's what I was looking for. And, as you can see, Aiken as big as I want without losing quality, which I would not have had in photo shop. So as you can see here, if I zoom in, I'm always gonna lose quality when have big cells. If I were to change the background here, it would be complicated. I would after it would select. Oh, but I would have a white board around it. I would I would have issues. So that's not really what I wanted. So no, we're just not gonna do that while you can see an illustrator. If I open administrator, I can simply put the background behind it. For example, I'm gonna both direct angle in some nice color. Um, gonna choose a blue because I really like blue. You might have noticed, You know, greatness when it's nice and a c you can see it remains great. This is an issue that can happen. It's very quick. The soul, What you will have to do is open the color panel. I have the colonel color panel here, but if you don't, you just go to window and then color. Okay, then, on the options on the right side, As you see here, it sets of great skill. So we would have to change it to RGB or seem like a depending. If you are working for Brent or for Web, I'm gonna put RGB because I want my local for website and okay, here we go blue, nobody behind it. And this isn't our logo on a nice background. Actually, I'm gonna remove the background. I'm just gonna put white and I'm gonna add some text now in the next step 7. 7 add text: Okay. In the final step, we're gonna add the farm. This is optional, But in my case, I have to add some text because I want ukulele to be my brand name. And I draw this You with illustration. Okay. And I'm gonna shoot phones. I have thought about this before there was this front they liked. I'm going to share with you. Some resource is where you can find funds I use. I use another global funds, but also, there are a lot of nice beat funds. But if you want to go for free funds, just a quick Google search will give you so many options. Okay, here we go. And I'm gonna put a tag line. You might not need it, but you want to, okay? Just this one, which is a nice and ridden funds. And here we go. So feel free to try out some funds to play with it to see out works how it works with your no go. And I'm really curious to see what you made, so please share your process. Workers 8. 8 final thoughts: So that was it. I hope you're happy with the result. I'd love to see what you did. If you have any questions, please ask me. And please, please, please share your project with me. I'm really curious to see what you managed to do. If you have any questions, you know it. Define me.