Create an animated emotion world with Invision Studio

Nicole Wolf

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5 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Creating the design

    • 4. Introduction animations

    • 5. Animation on Emotion World

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About This Class

In this Class, I will show you how to create an animated emotion World for an Online Shop. No experience necessary. I’ll show you how to use the tools of InvisionStudio, creating multiple elements and how to change all by one. You will learn what is important on the first Page of an Online Shop and also what is not necessary. This class is for anyone who is interested in UI Design, especially for a User-friendly E-Commerce Design.

What You’ll learn

  • Working with InvisionStudio. Because InvisionStudio is, in my opinion, the best choice to create a presentation of what your design will look like. With the help of these step-by-step instructions, you can quickly learn how to create the best presentations for your design.  It is important to have an overview of which programs bring you to success.
  • Starting to build a UI Design  You’ll learn exactly how to start designing a UI Design. In this step, I’ll show you how to create a header of a Page and also how to create icons. I will go step-by-step and explain detailed what I’m doing and how you can work with it. The skills you will learn in this class are important because it will help you to become a good UI Designer.
  • Emotion World + Content of the first view of the Page After finishing the Header + Icons We will have a look at what is important on the first view of the Page. We will discuss what your customer need. 

  • Creating an animation with InvisionStudio
    I will introduce you how to animate in Invision Studio. Step by Step I will show you how you can add animations to your designs. Also, I will give you some tips on how to make cool fade effects.