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Create an animated Name & Professional Title in Powerpoint an add it to your Talking Head video

Pavel N ⭐, Powerpoint Video Skills

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. First shapes and Selection Tool

    • 3. Inserting Logo and Text

    • 4. Finishing all the shapes and Texts

    • 5. Animations - Part 1

    • 6. Animations - Part 2

    • 7. Preparing for transparency in Powerpoint and Exporting the Video file

    • 8. Adobe Premiere - Setting the Transparency and Exporting


About This Class

In this class I'll show you how to create a nice "Lower Third" effect with Powerpoint to display your Name, Logo and Title. I'll also show you how you can make it transparent and add it on top of your Talking Head video using Adobe Premiere! 




1. Introduction: Hey there. Welcome to this new project here. We're going to create an animated name that you can add on top off your talking head videos . So we will create a lower third that will contain a name and a logo. So this is useful. Of course, if you want to present yourself So you're talking and you want your logo and your name appearing under you, or if, for example, humid interviews of other people for your business or for any project and you want to show who these people are, Right? So this is how it looks like. So all of this will be edit and animated on top off a talking head video like this. So for this one, I got inspiration. I think I saw it on TV or on the VO off some big company. So I saw this kind of design somewhere, and I decided to reproduce it more or less as it is. But in Power point, so off course in Power Point, it's very different from a professional animation software. But what's interesting to see is that you can create pretty distant things inside power point, right, because it looks quite good and then you can use it for your own videos and it will look professional, right? So without further ado, let's go ahead and start this project. 2. First shapes and Selection Tool: so I will start creating everything from scratch here on the new slide. So first of all, click on, insert then on shapes and insert a rectangular shape. Here, go to format shaped outline and here select no outline and shape. Feel well. Here's my blue color, Right. You can use any color that you want, but if you want my car, click here more feel colors the tap custom. And here put zero in red 176 in green and to 40 in blue. Ok, and now we need to make this smaller, but we need to keep it as a perfect square. Right. So if you drag it from here just with your mouth you change the proportions, right? So go back. And in order to keep the proportions, you have to press the button shift right. And then you can make it smaller like this. Or you can also set the size here height and with maybe it's even simpler. So I would like to put let's just make it 0.6 and zero point sits, right. So we have our small square and let's put it somewhere here like this. And now copy this square. So control C control V place it right next to the previous one and then extend it. Make it longer like this. So if you want to be precise, like I did it previously here you put 4.75 centimeters and it has to start right here. So while we're at it, I will introduce you to a tool that I probably didn't talk about yet. I'm not sure it's called the selection thing. So when you go here on home and here on select, you click here and then you have selection pain. So selection pain can be very helpful when you have multiple objects and you want to differentiate between this object or you have objects that are behind each other. Right. So here you have the list off these objects and you can also unsee them, right? If you click here, you don't see the object anymore, and you can change their order as well. So this comes in handy if you have objects one in front or behind each other, right. So you can replace them here. And in order to make things easier for next time you can name them for example, here. You can click here and name it first. I had a small square. Okay? And this one is I will say, like, second narrow brick tingle. You might come with better names than me, for sure. But this is up to you. It's to make everything easier afterwards. Okay, so now copies this rectangle control C control E control C control E Place it underneath and then extended here on the left, completely. And then until the Putnam like this. Okay. And let's cold us Big blue, Rick Stengel, because we will have rectangles of different colors afterwards. So this the height off this things will be decided by your logo. So I will add a logo here and then if you want, for example, you can make this smaller and bring all of this down here. Or you can also let it here. It doesn't matter. It's really as you prefer. Okay. So I will just keep doing it as I did it the first time like this 3. Inserting Logo and Text: and now you have to insert your local. All right. So generally you click on insert and then on pictures. And here you select your logo, right? If you have any. If you don't have any logo, just go at peak and you run them one for your training or go on non project and pick. And I come from there, for example. Right. Or what you can also do is you can click on insert and icons here and literally anything just for fun. Let's say you can pick this click on insert and then you put this here. Right? So, uh, instead of this, I will use one off my logos for my other projects. So I will use this. So position it here. Right? You tried to make it proportionate. Yeah, like this. And here, let's rename it, Call it logo like this. And now insert your title here. So if you have a logo end a title that then just inserted as one single Bob object here, right? But I don't have an integrated title, so I will just at the textbooks. No, not here. So let's sit here. All right, Start up. Express one of my other projects now just put it here. However, as usual, I will change the front of this because it's very basic, very ugly as well. So And let me try this Bookman old style. It's as you prefer. So I will also change the color of this because I don't know why. I think it's a design thing. But when you use pure black like this, it looks way too basic, right? It looks too simple. It doesn't look beautiful. But if you choose a violation off a black like great, like this dark grey, suddenly it looks better. So you can make it out of this for your future designs. I'll just adjust this a little bit to make it a bit smaller, like this and all of this. What to don't here and maybe more on the left. Okay, all right. So, as I said, either you insert a written title here, or you just insert a logo, a rectangular logo. If you have, you don't need to write it if you don't want to, or if you don't have to in your situation 4. Finishing all the shapes and Texts: All right, Now, let's keep doing our design. And let's insert it. Whites, Narrow rectangle. So go in shapes. Rectangle here in outline once again, select no outline. And in fill, select white. Right. Then make it the height off all the structure that we created and make it very narrow like this, right? It will just be a design trick that we're going to afterwards. In the animations, I forgot to rename this. So here I'll put start up express. And here, output narrow white, the single. Okay. And now copy this rectangle here. So select. Copy it and put it right next to it. Here at the button. This is not at the bottom. So you can zoom in here if you don't see really well like this and then extend this rectangle further away. So the lengths here as well depends on how long off a name you need to right here. Right. So live it like this for now, and then you can adjust it later if you need to. So this is big white rectangle and finally copied this rectangle rights of control. C control. We put it right in the same place on top and make a right click for much shape and make it transparent at 40%. So this is for our future. Animation will make things happen here. So we need another transparent white rectangle. Okay? And call it off course. Transparent white tangle. And this one has to be behind the non transparent white rectangle. So either you make a right click and sent to back, and you can see here that it changed, right? The order changed. Or you can simply do like this when you put it here. And now it's behind the white rectangle. But don't bother too much about this for now. Just follow my steps, and later you will see that this will be useful for the animations that we're going to do with this. So while I was in here, so last thing we need to adhere is the name. So, for example, you can copy this or no, you know, go on, insert textbooks, and once again, click somewhere here. Not here. But here, write your name. So I'll write a fake name. Now just is the one I come up with. This literally doesn't mean anything. So the first name is my real first thing about the other one is just an invention. So once again make it bigger, align it correctly and let's use another fund. So one that I like it's called in Cree already used it in another project visit in free. If you don't have it, I think you can get it on Google phones, right? And so I will make ignored this. So what about making bolt and yeah, once again, As you can see, black is doesn't look nice. So just select a dark grey like this. It instantly looks better so you can align it with the logo, for example, like this, right? And thats it basically. Once you have this, maybe I'll just aligned it a bit better slightly on the right like this. So the border here is the same up and down. And yet, for now, let's live it at this stage here, I'll rename it help with name and afterwards we're going to animate all of this to make the effect that we want. And once again, if you prefer, you can make this thing smaller like this. If you want to make a transparent below as well, right, so of course, everything has to be aligned. I think it's not in my case like this, so it's really up to you which portion you prefer. All right, so once you're done, was this. Let's go ahead and do the animations. 5. Animations - Part 1: All right, So now let's do the animations off this design. So simply follow my steps. Once again. I am going to use a lot off nearly seconds here to make a really nice effect. But then it's up to you. You can either increase it or decrease to make it faster or on the country longer. It really depends on how you want this whole animation to play out. So first of all, click on the small rectangle right here and then going animations Select flight in and here , effect options from left. OK, and then click on animation pain here. So you have all the list of your animations on the right and for the duration Here, put it at 00 20. So 20 milliseconds okay. And now click on this arrow effect options and here increase a little bit smooth start and smooth end. So about, I don't know. That's what I did previously when I was doing my tests About 0.7 every time like this. See, the speed is changing. It's barely perceptible, but it looks better. Okay, then click on rectangle to hear animations once again and choose peak in so probably this is not here. So you click on add animation, more entrance effects and here should be peak in peak in okay and ethic options once again from the left. And this has to start after previous. Of course, after the small square and the duration will also make it faster. Put it a 30 milliseconds and now select the big rectangle, this one and also used pick in It's here big in and from the top. Obviously, in this case, it's also should be after previous and the duration. Let's put it at 00 40. So now let's take a look at the continuation off these animations, right? So we have the blue rectangle filling up itself perfectly. And now we need to animate the logo and the title. So for the logo, once again, click on it. Select peak in more entrance effect in from top, as usual. And here it's a bit tricky. So select with previous okay in the duration, put 00 30. But ed, a delay here there should be a delay off 0.20 milliseconds like this. Okay, let's take a look. Right. So you see, it comes just right after the blue rectangle. And now we need to do exactly the same for the title here, Startup Express. And since it's literally the same speed as here, you can just click on this logo Regan Animation Painter. And this will copy the animation from here to this text. All right. And everything stays exactly as you set it for the local. Now, let's take a look. Yeah, although he is there in the late. Yeah, there's a delay. It's exactly the same. Okay, so now when you just like the narrow rectangle here And if you have this one, if you have trouble seeing it, remember that you can go on home, select and also opened the selection pain. And if you named it like I did, you should be able to sit here. If not, just find it where it is, right? So you can do like this. For example, we selected and it appears right where it should be. But however, I will close it. So we have a bigger screen, right? So on this one, going animations, ed wife and again, effect from the left. Of course, like this here we will put 00 50 and off their Prius. So this all starts after a district angle. Let's take a look. All right, for now, You don't see the effect that this creates, but it will make sense later. And so now we need to select the transparent rectangle, So I don't know which one of them is transparent. So of course, you can just move it like this and you will find out that your transparent is probably behind. But I will do it properly. Going home, select selection. Pain in here. I have big, transparent white rectangle. Okay, so I select it. Let me see like this I selected. And then I will add an animation to it. So this will also be wipe with will also be from left. And you know what? Actually, I will just hide this white rectangle for now. So this one, I will hide it so we can see the animations of this one. Let's take a look. For example, your seat. It's here. So 00 50 as well. And also after previous let's take a look. All right, So far so good. Now select the name here and let's do almost exactly the same. So wipe from left. Except that this should be longer. One second and with previous. So let me see. All right. So, as you can see, the transparent rectangle behind appears faster than the name. And this difference in speed makes a nice effect. And from the beginning, all right. So, literally. All the other animations after this arm or to create this fancier effect was the flash like the white flash that will pass through this here. So that's up to you. For example. If you want, you can stop right here, right? And then you just add the exit animations that I will talk about later or you can continue and create with me this little flash effect. 6. Animations - Part 2: So for this flash effect, we need to select the white rectangle. So the one that we don't see here, I'll put it back here, and I will select it. And so also use wipe from left this 00 50 let's put it with previous. But put a delay so you click here. Effect options, timing. Delay 0.5 for once it selected here, you just put it here. It's the same. And now select the text, so the name and very important. So since this has an animation already, if you click here, you will replace the existing animation, but you need to add an animation to it, so I will close this. So once this is selected, click on our animation and then go on more emphasis effects that will keep adding new animations to this text without replacing the previous one. So here choose font color. They will change the color off this front briefly, then click OK and then click the out of here and choose effect options. So now we need to select the font color, and in this case it's simply white, so it's going to disappear real quick style. Just live it at this. And let's make also a smooth start and end. So let me try here. Like zero. I don't know. Yeah, something like this. Let's see. I don't know what what's going to do. All right, this is OK, but it's too long. Of course. So the duration here should be 00 50. Right? And it has to start with previous, but it also should have a delayed delayed 00 50. Okay, let me see. I'm not sure this is correct. All right. So far, so good. OK. And then click again on the text. And once again at animation. The same one more emphasis, effect and fun color. So with this second animation, we will replace it back with the original color. So this should start off their previous and the duration should be here. 00 30 so faster and then click here. Effect options and fund color should be are black color. But it's not this one. I want the dark gray. Right. So something like this. Okay, then. Okay. Let me see the effect. It's not this color that I chose previously, so I'm going more colors, probably. What's this one or this one like this? Yeah, it was even lighter, I guess that's right. This one. Yeah, well, here, as usual, it's up to you. Use your own colors. All right, so this is cool. And let's see if I should also add some smooth things here, like, a little bit. I don't know if this makes any difference. Probably very little difference. Yeah. Okay. And finally select the white rectangle here and use exit on animation. So go on, add animation and then exit here, Select wipe. And if you don't see it in this list, going more exit effects here. So wipe effect options from left like this and duration. Here. Put 00 30 uh, and put it with previous I don't know. Let's take a look. No, it All right. So I think right now it looks really good. Let's check it out. All right, let me see it on the big screen on the full screen. As you can see, the little differences in timing that I used, like sometimes 00 30 sometimes with the delay, creates this barely perceptible difference. But you kind of noticed that the animation is more fluid compared to if you were always using the same durations. So I like to play with the durations inside PowerPoint animations like this because this is little trick that makes a lot of difference. But the only think that I don't like I think that my vertical bar here is a bit too white, so I don't know if it's worth. Make it make it more now like this. Actually, it's order to you. It's already very small. OK, I live it as it is, all right. And so if you want after this, you can simply add an exit animation to all of this. So if you want, you can simply select groups. No, it's not what I wanted to do, so it can simply select everything here. Then go on animations, add animation and go on more exit effects. And previously I use the one called Sink Down Like this very briefly. And so this one, you live it on click, so it will activate when you click. All right, So this is our animation. I hoped that you liked it. Don't hesitate to replace it with your colors off course with your animation speeds and with your logo. And also if you want, you can change the position or simply do it like this. So it touches the bottom. For example, if this is what you prefer, right. So, of course, it's a bit tricky. I always have to redo it. And we also must not forget the transparent rectangle. So selection, pain. I will hide the big white rectangle. Here is the transparent one. Now, let's take a look at this, all right? No, no, of course I have to select it back. So here. All right, so it's really up to you. You use the design that you prefer. Just make sure that I will zoom here. It's proportional, right? So I will go back because I actually prefer the previous version like this. Let me see. Still plays. All right. I prefer it like this. I don't like when it touches the bottom off the scream. The only thing here is that it should be proportional. Right? If you have a short name here well, I guess it's better that you make this whole rectangle shorter or that you place this name . Let's say that this is my name is like three letters. Maybe it's better to put it like that somewhere like this, right? Let me see. All right. So just be consistent. And I think even myself, I'm not really consistent here because he actually put this more of the bottom on this as well. Like this they see. All right? Yeah. So do it. As you prefer, use the version that you find the most visually attractive. It also depends on your logo. Maybe here the borders are better. If they are bigger, do that once again. Like this. All right. I mean, I still don't have the exact difference in border, which here and here. But it doesn't matter. You got the point, right? So once this is done, you know the drill. We'll see each other in Adobe premiere, and I will repeat all over again how to make the transport effect. So the next lectures after this, if you know already how to do it, well, you don't need to go through them and you can go directly to the next project. 7. Preparing for transparency in Powerpoint and Exporting the Video file: All right. So in order to export this video from Power Point and make it ready for Adobe premiere, you need to replace the background. Right? So first of all, I don't need this light. I will delete it. And so here, Right click. Former background and choose Sorted Phil and color here, going more colors. Custom put Zero in red 255 in green and zero in blue Lengthy cookie. So then, in Adobe Premiere, we will make a this background transparent. And now we need toe play the animation once just one time to record it as a video. So you go on slideshow, rehearse timings, and here you simply click forward. That's it. It's played. Then you wait a little bit and you click once again to play the exit animation. And that's it in make right click. And here you press on. Yes. Then you go on file export creative video and he relive it as it is So full HD and then you click on create video. So now, as you can see down here, the video is exporting. And once it's ready, we will opened up in adobe premiere and make the green background transparent. 8. Adobe Premiere - Setting the Transparency and Exporting: So now let's at our new presenter title on top of our talking head video. So you export it your green screen video from Power Point. And now we need to open it in Adobe Premiere. So once again, this is a repeat section. If you finished the very first project of this course, you don't need to do this. You don't need to go through this lesson because you already know how to do it. So let me create a new project. So now I'll choose one of my videos where you can see my face, for example, this one. And so now I'll select my transparent power point video. That's when you click on Import and you drag this video right here with Chelsea. Actually, what's the right moment for me? So that's an old video. So let me put myself here. Oops, I deleted it. All right. So open your effects panel here, then go on video effects and king and choose older key and drag ultra key on this clip here and then go here and open effect controls. If you don't see any of this taps, you can find them in the window and they are all here. So here, click on the eyedropper and on the green color that made everything green disappear. And now let's take a look at the final result. All right, this looks pretty cool. Now, I will export this whole passage in order to see the actual rendering quality Once this video is fully ready. So export file, export media and here I'll choose. All right, so render it maximum depth. We are to pass. So I talk about this in the specific lecture, right about exporting it up about Adobe premiere and all of this thing. So for now, if you didn't go to this lecture, just follow my steps. But otherwise, if you want to know more about that, just go to the corresponding lecture or explain this things. Click on expert. All right, so now let's see what the end result looks like. I need to I don't want to see this title here down there from Vlcc. All right. I think this looks really, really cool. I think the effect is really nice. And as you can see here, there are no problems with colors whatsoever because all colors like blue, for example, they are playing colors. And the only transparent part is white, so it doesn't matter. It doesn't change anything. Unlike the other project where we used some orange and the orange didn't render very well where it was transparent. But in this case, White has no problem at all. It should go dumb. All right. I think this is pretty cool. I hope that you like this project and that you will be able to use it for your own videos. And so now if you're ready, let's do some other project.