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Create an RSS Feed Reader with Node and Vue.js

TJ Fogarty

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    • Intro

    • Setup

    • Feed Function

    • Feed List

    • Article List

    • Single Article

    • Display Feeds

    • Display Articles

    • Display a Single Article

    • Deployment

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this class, you will build an RSS feed reader with Node and Vue.js. We’ll cover using command-line utilities to scaffold out a project, and use Github in tandem with Netlify to deploy our app to a live environment.

We will also use “serverless” technology afforded to us by Netlify which can deploy functions to AWS Lambda. We’ll use this to write a service that will consume RSS feeds that can be used in our application.

In a broader sense, this class also aims to show developers that while there are some great products out there that provide RSS feed reading services for a fee, we have the tools and ability to make our own should we wish to learn more, or add our own features.

This class is aimed towards those familiar with Vue.js, but those with enough JavaScript experience should be able to follow along. The service we’ll write for fetching RSS feeds doesn’t require  knowledge of a framework and can be dropped into any  project.

A recent version of Node.js is required. If you would like to follow the deployment steps to Netlify, then a Github and Netlify account are also required (both free).





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Heya, I'm TJ, a web developer from Limerick, Ireland. I mostly work with Vue.js, React, and PHP (Laravel, WordPress, Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine).

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