Create an Interesting Lots-of-Dots Birthday Card in Illustrator for Beginner to Intermediate

Sandra Hess, Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

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7 Videos (33m)
    • Intro to Lots of Dots Video

    • Lesson 1 Background

    • Lesson 2 Dots

    • Lesson 3 Changing the color of dots

    • Lesson 4 Adding Text Circle and Flower Final

    • Lesson 5 Print File Front and Inside

    • Lesson 6 Conclusion and Printing


About This Class

In this class, we will be making a greeting card from Template to Print-Ready Product. We will use lots of dots to create a fun birthday card. You will be able to use this idea for many other types of cards by changing the color, size, and layout of the dots to give each card a unique look! Whether you are a beginner in Illustrator, or a seasoned Illustrator user, this class will walk you through the steps I use to create the dots patterns, and many variations of the dots. You will use the Base Template and Print Templates provided. 


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This is a good class - simple to follow and something I think I can do again with different colors and size dots for a completely different look! I look forward to more classes!
Nice video and nice greeting card!
Ching Yee Liau

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Great class. I love that as a "somewhat beginner" I understand and can walk through quickly. I enjoyed making the dots card. It will be good for several occasions, not just birthday!





Sandra Hess

Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

"Your 20 year old daughter MADE that card?" I asked my best friend. The card images and text were stamped and embellished with a well-placed rhinestone. A 3-D feel was created by layered focal points and a beautiful ribbon completed the look. She showed me several more cards that she received for her birthday and her recent wedding anniversary. I was in awe and felt so inspired as I saw card after card, each with its own unique charm! I couldn't wait to learn to hand craft my own cards!


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