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Create an Infographic Resume: Making an Impact

teacher avatar Tina Garcia, Brand + Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Preparing the Resume List

    • 3. Sketching the Resume

    • 4. Laying it Out: Header & Profile Images

    • 5. Laying it Out: About & Contact

    • 6. Laying it Out: Education

    • 7. Laying it Out: Experience

    • 8. Laying it Out: Skills

    • 9. Laying it Out: Languages

    • 10. Exporting: Hyperlinks

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About This Class

The beauty of infographics lies in the fact that it can make your resume more engaging, giving you a better chance to get noticed.


In this class I’ll walk you through my creative process:

  • Creating a rough sketch of the resume
  • Choosing what visuals and graphics to use in each section
  • Building the graphics in Illustrator
  • Laying out the resume in InDesign

I’ll use Illustrator to build the graphics, and InDesign to lay out the resume, but you can use the applications you are most comfortable with.

Join me, and let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tina Garcia

Brand + Graphic Designer


Welcome to my SkillShare teacher page! I'm Tina García, an independent brand + graphic designer.

Originally from Spain, I hail from a family of artisans and am passionate about branding and design. I've perfected my craft in the US, serving as a Graphic Artist at The Associated Press in NYC, and as Art Director at Marketing In Color in Tampa, FL, while working independently with small and mid-size businesses from different countries.

Personally, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our energetic young son, printmaking, and cooking.

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Tina Garcia and welcome to create an infographic recipe in this glass. You learn how to create a resume with officials, graphs and charts to make it more engaging, giving you a better chance to get noticed. I walk you through my creative process, creating a rough sketch off the resume. Juicing what visuals and graphics to using each section. Building the graphics in Illustrator. I'm laying out the resume in design. We'll use illustrator to build a graphics on designed to lay out there to make, but you can use any other application. Whatever you're most comfortable with for the class project, you will update your existing resume. You see what you learn in this class, or you can create anyone. If after the closet still have questions, don't hesitate in asking me, Join me, Let's get started. 2. Preparing the Resume List: the first thing we're going to do is put together at least of what will include a nursemaid . So let's start with that. First, we're going to have our personal information contact. So we have our name last name title serious state website. Whether you have a blogger portfolio, both e mail, full number social media accounts and you're gonna go ahead and add as many as you want to overview about me education, we can lay this out in two ways. Option A will be on the degree school name, date description, option B. I agree. Major CD estate in a year experience. He would have date company name position held UN description off the position and your responsibilities skills with a software or other skills for a sharp illustrator Coping writing, translation branding, creative concept ing languages This is pretty straightforward. In other information, you can add like references, hobbies. Interests are words, achievements, personal qualities like a productive person. I'm flexible, reliable, cooperative, analytical, ambitious 3. Sketching the Resume: So let's see what sections were going to represent visually and how. So we're going to sketch roughly where every section is going to be in what graphics were going to use for the about conduct section, the first seem to consider Ease it. We're going to have all this information together in one place or separated. Play around with the layout and have fun. You can place the image within the shape and at the name entitled below or next to it. You can also use it as a heather image for higher impact on placing copy over it. You can use a foot of yourself. You're at work or even your workspace. So for these resume, I'm going to use a header image, and I'll plays the name on title here. The about me info here on the contact information here on every entry will have a Nikon. I will add an icon toe, every section or subhead. Educational experience will be a timeline. It's kills I represent with a bar chart. Other options could be a world cloud or a bubble chart. Four languages. I'm going to do it donut chart where I will give it a certain percentage. According to the level. Other visual options for this section could be a semicircle doughnut or a rating scale, which you can re percent with circles, squares, stars or bars. 4. Laying it Out: Header & Profile Images: So the first thing we're going to do is create a folder or that Stop, Let's name it Infographic, rest of May. And inside that folder we're going to create a resource is folder here will save all of our assets. It is important to remember that if we move, any of the content outside of this folder will get a missing link alert on in design and will need to really get again that this go to any sign on creating new document. So goto file your document. So the print literal size orientation portrait you're creating did you don't file select weapons that their size orientation portrayed was going to be a digital file. So I'm going to click. OK, so let's go ahead and lay out the about on contact section in these rest a man going to use a hitter. Image off the workspace on a profile photo, select a rectangle friend toe on. Let's stroll rectangle to place the image inside Goto file place to import the image saved in the resources for their I'm going to determine the color theme from this image. So see, like the eyedropper tool, I'm clicking an area of the image. To get a color sample, go to the swatches paddle on open the menu. Select new color swatch to save the color. Click. OK, you can go ahead and get as many colors as you want from the image. Now, the latest version off Creative Cloud has it pretty cool. Tool the color thing tool. It creates a color theme with one simple click to select the color theme tool. Click on the image on the color seen with up here in Floating panel gives you a different color variations to choose from, and you can save it in your stretches panel or your library. I'm going to select stretches now. If you don't have credit cloud, you can create your color theme in the adobe color website. So first, get a color sample and save it on your stretches panel. Copy the color value on open your Web browser. Go to color that adobe dot com on Let's beings the hex value. Here. Make sure this is set of the base color. Go through the color rules until you find your favorite color combination. If you're still not satisfied, you can go back to the image jungle different color sample. I took more in depth about this site in my free class create, and then he made it by the odd go back to any sign. So next we're going to type our name last name. Untitled. So, like the type tool click on drug to create the text box. Untied your name Are you so vertical? New 18 point bold for the name of last name and for the title 12 point regular Draw a line to surprise both lines off copy. Have it born stroking white. Most like this. Re elements on allying Left ages. Now let's place the profile image. Creative frame plays the image inside. - Let's save these file. 5. Laying it Out: About & Contact: for the about section. I'm going to use this form for the hitters in this color. No, let's at the party girl. Here. You can type or pays your copy. I'm going to feel mine with placeholder. Text Vatican you nine points and I removed the hyphenation and use this color. I think I'm going to use this color thing instead. Much better. Every section will have its own icon, so let's create a shape for now, and we'll plays the icon later. Let's duplicate this so we can use it for the contact section. Every entry will also have an icon so duplicate this shape on Let's make it smaller. Oh, vertical new nine points. Let's group the shape on the texts and make as many copies as needed. Now let's add all contact information. I'm going to use a color blocked to pray the section from the rest knowledge. At the icons, you can find free vector icons at victories, edotco or flood icon that come. So let's look for the about me Eichel and I'm going to the loaded as GPS or SVG. Where I'm going to the next is prepare all the icons in able straighter creating new document and you can save them all there. I'll place them within a circle, duplicate the circle so we can use it for all the icons and subtract from shape. No copy. Investing in the sign. We're going to make this icon 18 pixels wide. I feel with this color I feel really look for all their guns for these sections. So I go ahead and place them in a just a paragraph spacing to create visual breaks. 6. Laying it Out: Education: Let's copy they I cannot so head from about me. This is the icon I found for this section copy from Illustrator I'm based in in the Side. Now for education. I'm going to use a timeline. So see, like their tangle toe a lead straight shape. I'm going to select this color. Let's give it a rounded corners. Now let's create a timeline pointer on the text box with all the info. I'll use 8.5 points on light weight and for the degree major copy. Medium weight. Select the Pointer and text box on Press Comin G on your keyboard to group the elements. Now let's copy on pace as many as we need. Let's move on to the next section. 7. Laying it Out: Experience: I will also use a timeline for experience. Or let's duplicate this one. Let's change the icon. So go through those trader opium pasting in design. Let's go. So change the copy. We're going to keep. Take 16 4 months. Company name in medium weight on the wrists. Lightweight Inco Opium pays as needed. - Looks good. Let's move on to the next section. 8. Laying it Out: Skills: I'm going to create a bar graph for the skills section. So let's jump through those. Trader. I'm going to write down my skills. No, select the graft tool and click on drug in this window. We're going to enter our level from 1 to 10. Presidents have key to move to the next cell because I haven't enter attending any off their skills. I'll enter it here because I needed to be signed the bars. So go ahead and click on the check mark to apply because I'm going to a group. The graph to be able to format it more easily. I'm going to make a copy in case we need to go back and change the data. If you want to make changes to the data, select the graph right click on Jews data. After young group it, you won't be able to modify the data, so let's on group the graph. Click OK, No group a few more times until all bars are separated. They lead the Access UN, select all the bars to remove the stroke that surprised them and be more. Now this is a bar with a value of 10 so let's give it a different color for now. If you select every bar you'll see that they hide varies, So let's give all the same value. Next, we're going to make a kombi off the bar with a value off 10 for each of the bars. So click on dry Well, prison shift old. I'm place it under each bar. No see, like both bars. Let's do vertical line talk and group them. Select a line on group. I'm going to separate a bit to software skills from the rest. Done. Now let's copy and pasting in design. Let me copy these and changed the name Akopian pays that I couldn't. - I'm going to a group. The bars on Change the field color, huh? I'm not too happy with these color theme. Let me try these words. - Now That's better. Now is much better. Let's go ahead and add a text for each skill. Looks good. That's more on to the next section. 9. Laying it Out: Languages: first, let's change this copy from the gun. Next, we're going to create the chart just like the pie graph to we contract to dress Circle. My whole in chief told I only have two languages for the section, so let's have the data for those two. No, since it by child must add upto 100%. I'll enter 90% for English plus 10%. We're going to make a copious Ibaka in case we need to change the data in another copy for the Spanish language chart. Now I'm going to a group. The charts for the other ground I right click on Selected in Through 100%. I removed the stroke, create a circle duplicated and make it smaller. Now let's make the doughnut by selecting the circle we just created on the pie sections. One by one, you might need to duplicate the created circle a few times. In this case, I duplicated once, so have one circle here by section the Pathfinder toolbar, click on minus front to subtract from the shape. Do the same for the other by sections. Let's go beyond facing in design, - change the color and at the language go ahead and add as many sections some pages as needed, although it's better if you keep it to one page only. Whether is one side or double sided. After you establish the look and feel off, your resume will be able to play too many other materials, like the cover letter Thank you card or leave behind non its export these files. 10. Exporting: Hyperlinks: to save the file goto file export. Since this fire is not too heavy, I'll save it as high quality print. You can also use the smallest file size, preset and check optimize for Fars. WEB you in hyperlinks. Only the email and website links will be recognized, so we'll need to add manually all the social media links. Click export, Open the PdF in Adobe Acrobat Pro Goto tools and select edit. Pdf. Let's add the social media links, Click Link and select at added Web or the human links. Draw a rectangle where you want to create a link. Select invisible rectangle. Custom link. Next Goto actions under select action, choose open a Web link Odd in type. The Web address you wanted to link Teoh. Let's create the link for the other two now safe and test the links to make sure they work. Thank you for taking this class, and I'm looking forward to see what you can do to make your estimate more visual. On engaging feel free to tap in Is the ground. Tino Garcia The sign Till next time