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Create an Impressive Time-Lapse Video with iMovie

teacher avatar Cam Pietralunga, Procreate, Photoshop, Wordpress

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Hello and Welcome!

    • 2. Overview of iMovie 9 Workspaces

    • 3. Import Your Video

    • 4. Create the Time-lapse with a Crop

    • 5. Adding Titles

    • 6. Adding Audio

    • 7. You Did It!

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About This Class

Makers and artists need to create a lot of "watch me do it" videos but sometimes you don't want to force viewers to sit through every little detail of the process. Now you can transform your creative video into a stylish and professional time-lapse (SPED UP) video that you can post on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, use as a sales tool or just enjoy!

START YOUR PROJECT as soon as you've watched the #3 Import Your Video lesson. Share your “before” video in the Project Gallery.

Complete the steps I share in each video lesson that will lead you through the process of transforming your own video. You can choose to do all the videos in one sitting OR watch one video every day for 7 days — it’s up to you.

At the end of this 24-minute class, you’ll have a stylish and professional video you can post on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or your own website!

If you’d like to be featured, follow me and tag me on Instagram and include #skillsharetimelapse and @campietralunga on your images! And follow me on Facebook.

Meet Your Teacher

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Cam Pietralunga

Procreate, Photoshop, Wordpress


HI! I'm Cam Pietralunga. I work as a graphic and web designer during the day and also run a small design studio called Pietralunga Design. I love to create amusing, creative design projects for myself and my clients. My latest obsessions are my drawing tablet, baking and sweater vests! :)

To see what I've gotten into lately, follow me on Instagram @campietralunga 

And check out my upcoming art and illustration classes on Skillshare.

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1. Hello and Welcome!: everyone. My name is Cam. And today I'm going to be showing you how to transform your plain Jane video into a stylish and impressive time lapse video. We'll be exploring the popular video editing software I movie and how did on the extras that will make your video pop. So join me while we walk through the steps of exploring this easy to use software. I look forward to meeting you in class. 2. Overview of iMovie 9 Workspaces: open my movie, and in my movie it has three basic areas that you used to work on your video. This area is the viewer area where you will see a preview of the video that you're working on. And as you're working on it, you can scrub through the timeline to see the video in action. This area is the event browser, which is going to hold all the bits and pieces that you can choose from to drag into your video project, which leads us to this area, which is the project library. This is where all of your projects will be listed and you can choose a project and then choose to edit the project. And then this is the screen where you are actually editing the project. And as you can see, this is me scrabbling through this video. This centre bar is the toolbar which holds the most commonly used functions. When editing your video here to the right, the first button is to show your music library. You can see music and sound effects are listed here. When you choose jingles, you can also choose lots of different sound effects that come with my movie. The next button is photos, which are photos that are on your computers library. The next button is titles and these air titles that you'll use with your project. There are lots of different choices. Next button are transitions. You can use Thies to dissolve between different scenes of your movie, and the next button is background images and different Anna Matics that you might want to use in your video projects. Also in the toolbar are these three useful buttons. This button is a microphone, and that is for recording a voice over in your video. And the next button is for cropping and rotating images and backgrounds in the video, and the next button is probably the most important. This is the inspector. You'll be using this, Um, when you add it videos to inspect various things and change various detailed bits of information. 3. Import Your Video: The first step is you'll need to create a project, a new project in my movie to open i Muvico to file new project Here. You see the project themes and they have lots of different choices for you, but, um, they're all a little bit silly. So we're just gonna pick no theme, just that first. Here you type in your project name, which can be course anything you like. You must set the aspect ratio to wide screen that's 16 by nine rather than standard. YouTube and Vimeo take widescreen videos now, and so that's what we want to do because it just looks better and just click create. The first thing you need to do is import your movie and to Emily. So to do that, we go to file. She's import movies, select your movie, leave all of these standards settings. That's fine important, and this can sometimes take several minutes. So, for instance, my video is 15 minutes long and hear it saying that it will take almost 45 minutes to import it. Um, I movie can import four different file types, but the most common file types that you'll probably use are the MPEG four, which has a tale of DOT MP for That's a video file type and, um, the quick time movie found Type, which has a tale of dot M O V. And the one that I'm importing here is a quick time movie. After your video is fully imported, you will see it here in the events window, and now you need to select your video and drag it over into the project area. To select the video, click on the video in the Events area, right, click and choose select entire clip, then grab it and drag it over. You will see the green insertion line at the very beginning of the frames, the empty frames and just drop it. Now you can see all of the tiny frames in this 15 minute long video are now in my project and ready for me to at it. You also see that as I drag the play head through the frames. It is updated here in the preview window 4. Create the Time-lapse with a Crop: Now let's create the actual time lapse video. Select your video in the project area and quick the inspector button. Click on the clip tab. If it's not already selected, go to the speed area. On one end of this slider is a turtle indicating slower speed, and on the other end is a rabbit indicating faster speed. Right now, my video is about 16 minutes long, and I want to speed it up as as fast as it can go it to get it down to around two minutes long so you can see if I move the slider faster. It shortens the actual length of the video, and you can even see that the frames air shortened down here in the project area as well. So let's move this lighter again, all the way to 800% faster. And that brings us to about two minutes in the video, and you can see down here in the project area that the frames are much shorter. So let's test it out and see how it looks. You can see how much faster it is and how much more entertaining that will be when people want to see the process of this illustration. We want Teoh actually crop this video so that we can get in closer to the action and see what's going on. And in order to do that, we need to use the crop tool so well, quick on this crop button right here. Select the video clip. Want to crap come back to the video preview area and drag out a rectangle? It will keep it in the proper aspect ratio for us, so we don't have to worry about that. We're gonna place it exactly over the action of our video. So we're gonna cut out all of this extra stuff around it. Make sure Crop is selected here and click done, Walla. Now we can zoom in, and it's much more exciting to watch the action as its drawn out 5. Adding Titles: Okay. Our time lapse video is looking really great. Now we need to add some titles and a closing title to our video. To do so. We will go to the toolbar and on the right hand side will click the title button to pull out the title browser menu. And we want to their lots of selections here. But we want to choose the center title. Just a simple deal. We're gonna grab it and drag it over to our project and drop it right onto our frames and you see in the preview window it creates a title, and we just need to type in our project title, and we can either delete or type in our sub title, which I was gonna put by Cam and we just click done. Well, uh, now you see back here in the project section, the title extends over the entire video, and we obviously don't want that. We just want the title to show for a second at the beginning and then fade right out. So we're going to select the title and just grab it and click and hold and just push it Smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller. All the way to the very beginning of the video. Okay, so now repress preview. We see that it's there, and that fades right out. We might actually want that to be a little bit longer. There we go. All right, Now we need to add a final title frame. So we're going to do the same thing. Grab the center title, pull it on over. And this time we're going to just insert this where the green insertion line is at the very end of the video. We don't want it overlapping the video. We're just gonna drop it right at the end, All right? And it will pop open some options for the background for you. And of course, you can choose whatever you'd like. But in this case, we're just going to choose black and we're going to type in the final title. Prevent 6. Adding Audio: next, we'll add a music track to your project. We will go to the toolbar and click on the musical note button to display the music and sound effects browser. You can organize theme music by name, artist or time, and we want to organize them by time so that we can scroll through the shorter clips all the way down to the longer clips for this project. I have chosen peach cobbler for them is the music check. So just drag it over to the project area and drop it and you can select your music and you conjugate any location you would like in your project. So I'm going to have mine start at the very beginning right around when the title screen shows. And as you can see, the music track is not as long as the video is. So I want to fill this space up with more music, and generally you want to choose the same clip that used for the first portion of your video. So I'm just going to go over to the music browser and grab another copy of peach cobbler and drop it here as well. So now we have two piece cobblers in our project. So what I'm gonna do for the second, um, peach cobbler is drag it out as long as I can to make sure the full clip is displaying. Okay. And right here, you can see a minute. 26 of peach cobbler is displaying, so that's great. I want to line up the end of the audio clip the music clip right at the end of my video. Now, put your pointer right over, um, about the middle of the second version of the peach cobbler and right to click and in the menu that pops up, choose split clip, and it will split it right where your cursor waas now select the first half of that peach cobbler and elite. Now we have just the end half of peach cobbler. So we have the first full version, and then we have the end of the second version. So what we want to do is we want to right in this zone. We want to fade out the first version of peach cobbler and fade in the second half of this version in peace cobbler. So let's before we do that, let's just listen to it and see how that sounds. You can see that it's a little bit of a mess having the two tracks play at the same time. So to make the first version and peach cobbler fade out sooner, we're going to select it and select the inspector button, Cook the audio tab, do a manual fade out and push this to about Oh, maybe a minute. Um, sorry. A second and 1/2. Done. Now we're gonna select this next version peach cobbler and cook the Inspector, Click Audio and Fade End manual Fade in. And we want this to start at, I would say one second. Done. Okay, Now let's take a listen to that and see how that goes, who read more of a fade. So this is basically just trial and error. You can just adjust them and listen and see how close you can get it to Perfect 7. You Did It! : you've done a great job putting together this stylish time lapse video, you've created a crop time lapse video, added a title screen and the closing title screen and added an audio track and extended it with the second audio track. Now let's take a look at the final product.