Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Feed with Storytelling | Chaz Langley | Skillshare

Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Feed with Storytelling

Chaz Langley, Aspiring to Inspire

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8 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction to Class

    • Find Your Inspiration

    • Selecting Your Story Images

    • Edit Images with Snapseed

    • Create Your Custom Banner

    • Exporting Your Banner to Instagram

    • Screenshot and Share

    • In Closing for Skillshare Final

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About This Class

  • In this short class I will be sharing my process and techniques of telling stories through inspiring images and custom banners on Instagram! This will create a unique experience for your followers on your feed. I wanted to use Instagram for more than posting a single image of random thoughts but to think about the people following and their experience when visiting my page! I wanted to cut through the "rules" of posting and just tell visual stories with images from a moments that inspires me! You can find my page at @langleyseye

If you're looking to stand out, keep your followers engaged while gaining new ones, this is the class for you! Enroll Now to find out how!






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Chaz Langley

Aspiring to Inspire

I moved to New York in 2007 from Nashville, TN. I moved here to continue my career as a singer/songwriter/actor/model! I've always felt that photography was another creative outlet and therapy for me! Along the way as the iPhone began to become a more valuable tool, the New York synergy of catching inspiration at every turn became undeniable! Eventually I've found a parallel between songwriting and photography that was too intriguing to be ignored! If you look at my Instagram @langleyseye ...

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