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Create an Engaging Instagram Quote Post Using Canva

teacher avatar Genevieve Wilson

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction: Quotes

    • 2. Setting Up

    • 3. Using A Template

    • 4. Tips and Tricks

    • 5. Adapting An Idea

    • 6. More Ideas

    • 7. Make a Quote Post in Photoshop

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About This Class

In this Class we work together to Create An Instagram Quote Post using Canva and/or Adobe Photoshop!

Want to make a cool and personal instagram post with your favorite quote? This is the course for you! Whether you’re adding text to a photo for yourself or your business, this tutorial shows you how to easily create a finished product from beginning to end.

You will learn how to:

  • Create A Canva Account for Free
  • Import Images Into Canva
  • Use templates As A Base
  • Adjust Text and Layout of a Post
  • Create a Quote post from Beginning to End in Photoshop
  • and much more!

I'll show you how to confidently design an eye catching quote post through a couple of exercises you can follow along with. I'll walk you through how to add text, icons and shapes to your canvas, edit text and use templates to get the exact look you’re going for!
I'll also show you some helpful tips and tricks along the way that I find super useful when working in Photoshop.

This course is aimed at complete beginners who want to learn something about Photoshop, but don't know where to start!

Click here to get your free trial of Photoshop!

Meet Your Teacher


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Genevieve and I'm so excited that you've landed here!
I'm a Graphic Designer, Composer and Artist originally from Australia, but have called New York City home for almost 10 years.
I am passionate about creating clean, minimalistic and individualistic artwork across a range of mediums! 

I've thoughtfully crafted short courses that I believe would be super helpful for anyone who is looking to get into creative design or graphic work, but also for those looking for a artistic outlet. I cover the complete basics of using Photoshop for the first time if you're new and a little intimidated. Then I'll take you all the way to building cool logos, images for companies and small businesses, as we... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Quotes: Hello and welcome to this course where I'm going to show you how to create highly engaging, beautiful quote posts, fuel Instagram account, no matter what niche you want in. I'm going to show you a simple tool called Canva, where we can use their templates to make posts for ourself. And I'm also going to show you how to do this on Adobe Photoshop so that you can use whatever is best for you and your business. Okay, let's get in and have some fun together. 2. Setting Up: Okay, so if we add jumping right in and you have never used Canvas before, I want to let you know the right way to go about creating yourself and account. So when you go to, this is the first page that you're going to be looking at and it's going to ask you to create a profile. You'll need to create a profile even if you don't want to pay for premium because this is where everything will be kept together. All of your work will be held in the one place. You'll have a little folio. And even though there is no cost to you, you will still need an account. You can sign up with a Google address, directly link it to your Facebook, or you can sign up with an email address. So go ahead and sign up to and I'll see you on the inside once I've logged in. So once you have created your Canvas profile, this is the homepage to the website. As you can see initially right here, it gives you a bunch of kind of templates to get started with. You can use a template for a poster. You can come across here and use a video design. You can get started on creating a logo of Facebook posts, an infographic, and the list goes on and on. But what we're going to use it for today is creating ourselves an Instagram post that has a quote on top of it. The easiest way to go about doing that is coming up here to the create, a design button. It's going to be next to your profile option over here. And if you click on this, you can come in here and adjust your settings if you want to pay for Canva probe. And if you don't, you can just use the free profile, which is the one I have. So let's press Create a design together. And the first thing it's going to ask us is, what kind of dimensions do we want to use? If you know that you want a different shape than just a regular square and you know what the dimensions are, you can press this option here, which will let you add custom dimensions. We're going to use this one right here that says Instagram post, which is a square. And it's going to be 1080 by 1080 pixels wide. If you want to use one of these other ones, feel free. But we are making an Instagram post, so I'm going to click that. And it's going to load up a blank canvas for us to get started with. So now you've had a quick look at the dashboard and how to make a blank canvas. I'm going to see you in the next lesson and get started on our first project together. 3. Using A Template: Let's start our first project together. Now that we've set up this blank canvas here on So we have this square that is ready for our Instagram post. And the first thing I want to show you is how to bring in an existing image that you already have loaded on your computer. Before I show you that though, I would like to let you know that Canvas offer so many templates to use so we can come up here and click template. And if you are feeling stuck creatively and you don't have a clear vision of what it is that you'd like as an end product, you can always come into their templates option and have a little scroll down on the left-hand side here to get inspired. A lot of these are great places to start because they give you a layout option that you might not have come up with otherwise, if we scroll through these, we can see some ad options which looked really cool. We can click these side arrows here to see more of those kind. The Looks like we have some Instagram posts, Earth Day appreciation filters, some spooky Halloween ones. You can scroll through these and find something that jumps out to you if you're feeling stuck, all you have to do to enter a template is simply click it, drag it, and let it drop onto your canvas. And everything on this is now customizable. You can see this water color at the background. I can click that and move that around. I can also replace her image at the front if I would like. Or you can press Delete to simply get rid of something from the template. If at any point you'd like to go back, there's an undo button up the top here. You can simply press all. You can press Command Z or Control Z on a windows. So that is one way to use the template option. But I'd like to start from scratch for hours. So let's delete these elements on the page. I can click that and delete that and go back to our blank canvas. Or the here on the left-hand side, you'll see this cloud with the arrow icon that says uploads. If you click that button and click this upload an image or video button, you can go in something on your computer and bringing a file that you already have existing. So let's start our first project, haha, the inspire one. And let's bring in our inspire picture. You'll see over here on the left-hand side it's being imported. Once that bow reaches the end, we're ready to use that image. Great, so it's there. I can just click it, bring it across and drag it onto our template. This is not a square image. So as I drag and crop from the middle, it's going to kind of walk as it finds where it should be. Going to press undo on that and use the side buttons to make sure it fits the top and bottom of our page. And I can just bring it over and sort of have her maybe there, which gives us some room over here to add our quote. There we go. I'm happy with that. Now let's add some text. If you go back over to the left-hand side, you can see some elements here. And then there's a t option.txt. You can click and have a look at some of the presets that are offered by Canva. If you like, the look of any of these, again, all you have to do is bring it across and drag it onto your canvas if you like, the colors or the templates or anything like that as a good place to start. That might be really awesome. So I might take this one here, come over here and drop it onto my canvas. It says, a gift just for you, which is not a very fun quote. So let's change the text that is inside here. I'm going to use this pot and say, this is the first half of the court that we're going to use together. I'm gonna move it there. Then I'm going to bring in the text a second time to finish off my Coit. Make it fit one line. Line it up here so that they assented. Can have these great pink lines that show up when things are lined up. As you can see, if I move this to the left, you see that line shop in the middle there. That's letting me know that it is centered with the text right above it. Leave it down a little bit so it doesn't look too crowded. And we have already put two layers of text. And this court here that says, don't let yesterday take up too much of today. Let's say we want to change the color of this text to a white. You can simply double-click pressed the a colored button at the top, at the top, which will let you change the text color. And over here, it's sort of lets you create a palette from the image that you have imported. If I would like to be the same kind of all of the green as her shadow. You can just click that Canvas going to very intuitive color selection, which takes things from your image and lets you use it as a color palette. But I'm gonna go quite bold here and go just a bright white for both of these colors. And then for this text I might kind of go a bit of a, well, I can't say that at all. So let's leave those ones. Black. Fantastic Here is our first project says don't let yesterday take up too much of today with our awesome image that we imported into Canvas. Once we're ready up the top here we can hit download. And it will ask where you'd like to download it to and what file you'd like to use. Simply click yes, download and wait for it to prepay. Here's my image. Export it as a PNG. It will also save it as the first few words of your posts if you don't name it something else. So that's how you find it on your computer. Great, go ahead and create your first project in Canva, and I'll see you in the next lesson. We will try something. 4. Tips and Tricks: Alright, so here we are, where we left off with our first project together. I want to let you know what it looks like when you exit a project on canvas. So if I were to go back, there's no save button in here, but if I were to go back to my homepage up here, you'll see that under your designs right here, it shows that the last thing you've created, so you never have to save your project as you go along anything you make once you've created a profile on Canva, we'll all be saved here. So at anytime we can come back into the project we just started together and make some changes and edit it and re-export that image as something different. So if we wanted to change out this picture, but keep the same quote, We can come in and do that at any time. Great, so let's make a brand new project together. Come up here to create a design Instagram post. And here is our blank canvas. So let's do something again, a little bit different. We'll go upwards. Okay, so we did inspire one. Let's do the food one here we're bringing this project file called fruit. So if you're following along with me, bring in the fruit picture. Wait for that to import into Canvas. And once it's ready, we're going to drag it and drop it onto our background in our Instagram page. That's done drag and drop. And you'll see if I sort of hover around the edge on this corner, I haven't let go of my mouse yet. But if I sort of come in and click to the canvas, you'll see that the image sort of makes a guess as to where it should fit on the canvas. And once you release, that's where it's going to be placed. So rather than having to use the dots on all side of the image to resize your image and try and line it all up. You can just drag and drop it right to the border that you want to line up. And candle will do the rest of the work for you. Let's bring in some text. Instead of going over here to the T button, you can just press T on your keyboard and it will drop in some blank text for you to use. You can select all by pressing command a and come up here. And I want to show you how to resize your text. At the moment, it is font-size 58, which is a little bit further than it lets us go. So just highlight up the top here and let's pretend that we want this as maybe 75 and see what that looks like. That's a little bit. If I resize on the corner as well, I can also change the size of my text. You can highlight it all, come up and change colors. Again, see how it's taken some color palette options from our background for us, which I really do love. So let's put it this ready kind of Orban color. And let's pick a more fun font. You can play around with this until something feels right. There are some options here that you won't be able to use unless you are using the canvas. Option, they'll have a little crown next to them. Let's pretend we want the code pero font over here. If I go to click that, it's not going to let me select it unless I choose to upgrade to Canva approach. So that's something to keep in mind. You definitely can use the Canva pro option, but if you wanted something free, you can just stick with the options that it provides you. Quite like how messy this looks, kinda looks like a hand written note to themselves on this cool, healthy table. So let's go in and maybe choose a different color. Make it a little bit bigger, and line that up. So I think there's a little too much space between all the words here. So if you were to highlight everything and come up to this option which is spacing, that's gonna let you adjust how much space is between each word. See if I scroll all the way up. We had these giant spaces between our lines. And if I were to bring it down a little bit, it closes that gap slightly and makes it a little bit more what I'm after and would like the word greatest on that first line. So I'm gonna make it bigger over here. As you can see, it's so customizable, it's completely up to you how you want this to look. If you have an idea in mind, fiddle around with the settings here because it's very easy to come up with something that you like. Lets add a bit of an element behind this text here. I like it out here by itself, but I want to show you how to add a little bit of a shape behind some of these words to come over here to elements. And you'll see that there are a ton of things that you can throw onto your canvas here that might elevate your project to the next level. There are some stickers, There are drawn objects. There are these little cherries we could bring that across, which I think looks kind of cute without fruit on the side there. Maybe we have that at the end for now, we can decide if we want to take that out later. Scrolling through their all these awesome hand-drawn ideas, there are different kind of accessories and food options and all of these things. So definitely come through here and have a little look at old ones and they're all for free every now and then you might run into something that you can't use for free. But that's fine. There are enough here to choose a fantastic selection from. I would just like to use a regular shape. And I'm going to make it into more of a highlighter option. I don't want this to be behind the word wealth. Ryan, how it's sitting in front of the word, well, and it was a horrible brown square. So let's change that up the top here. This panel becomes the Properties panel of everything that we are looking at. So if I click text, you'll see it becomes the Properties panel for the text. If I click the image, it becomes for the image, if I click the bar that we just made, it will become for the bond. So if you're finding that you are not finding the options that you'd like. Make sure the right element on your canvas has been selected. Let's use kind of a light. A light color here may be I quite like the white actually. So we use the white. And over here on the right-hand side we have this thing called transparency that lets you adjust how see-through something is. So if the transparency is all the way at 100, you will not be able to see through it. If it's down at 0, he won't be able to see it at all. So find something in the middle that you quite like the look of. And the last thing to do is to put it behind the word wealth. So this position button will let you move it backwards a step and have the text shop on top and the bottom move behind it. So I do like these, but let's put it underneath right here, center it up. I'm loving how this is looking. I think it's nice and simple and ready for Instagram. You can press download and hit download again and wait for it to prepare. Let's have a look. And here is our image, a second project done together, ready, full Instagram. Alright, I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Adapting An Idea: Let's start out third and final project together here using to create an Instagram post. So as we can see in our previous designs, it has auto saved, our last one that we did together, the greatest wealth is health court. So that's there anytime we want to come in and change the font, change the color, the image, anything we would like. So that's right there for you. And here's our first project as well. Let's do our last one together. Let's instead of creating a design from scratch, let me show you how to adjust an existing Instagram post. So scroll down until you find the Instagram posts option or you can type it in in the search bar at the top if you can't find that. But here's an option that we can use. We also played around with this as a template earlier, but let's do a really good quote one. Let's use this one right here. Click on it and it will open in a new tab, this template, this is already gone to court on it. It already has the coup quotation mark. So this is going to be a really cool 1 first to change together. Let's first add the quote that we would like to add. Once you have put in your court, you can adjust anything that you would like to so that it looks a little bit nicer. I kind of like the idea that this will be in all lowercase and I may even get rid of that full stop at the end there. I would like this to be white text because I also want to bring in our own image together. So let's change this to white. I want the name to be white as well. And let's get rid of this square right now. As such, a solid color, let's make it a little bit lighter than you can hardly read this at the moment. But it's because I would like to bring in a background. So upload. Let's go back into our project files and let's have a look at the sky here. Let's bring in this night sky option. Wait for it to import. Once it's ready, you can either click it to add it to your background or I'm gonna try and line it up here a little bit. Great. So that's gone in and I love how it looks. Let's change the color of our quote signs to be a white. And let's adjust this bar by double-clicking on it. Also making a white color there as well. Click off everything and you'll see that we have this original template now without ONE quote unit and our own background. So it's all customizable. Make sure you come in here and have some fun with this, play around with all the settings, adjust stuff is you like get rid of things that you don't like. That is the benefit of using canvas that nothing set in stone. Let's download this. See what it looks like. There it is our picture ready for Instagram. And just to show you how easy it is to change templates, let's go ahead and change this again to suit exactly what it is that we would like. I'm just deleting the elements that I don't want. Getting ready to add the elements that I do. Pretty miss to a backwards position so that our text shows up on top. Backwards just means further back on the canvas. I would like another one of those quote marks. Let's get that out of the way. So I'm going to double-click on that, hit Command C and then press Command V In order to rotate it around so that I have the end of my quotation over here. Breathe where it needs to go. Get a little bit smaller, maybe a 120. And let's change the color. It's as easy as that. We just changed our own template and created something brand new that we can use as a new post on Instagram. Awesome, downloaded. Let's take a little look. Love it. That is how you create some really simple quote posts for your Instagram using 6. More Ideas: Before we go, I just want to show you a really quick way of doing something that doesn't have a bold background, something a little more artsy, and maybe a cool idea for an Instagram post. Let's go up to create a design and into Instagram post. If you go to our project files and import the pink paper option, it's gonna give us a cool textured background to work on. Drag that onto your canvas and let it snap into position as the background. I'm going to press T on my canvas to bring in some text. I've chosen this quote because I think it's really nice. I also think that it is customizable for you and your business. So let's make the line height a little bit small and little bit more RT. Actually, before I do that, I'm gonna make this just a little bit bigger, dragging the corners to make the text bigger. Now we can come into spacing and reduce that line height. There we go. Let's control a and select a fun font. Now that I'm choosing a font, I'd like to actually make that a little bit wider than we get. Let's put that down in the bottom corner. And let's highlight it one more time and choose a text color from the background. Now I wanna go something kind of like this except maybe just a little bit lighter. So I'm going into my color wheel and making it a little. Actually, I've decided to go wide me n-bit. So making that white eyed like that down the bottom post. And let's bring in one single fun element to go in the middle of our canvas, making it a little bit less transparent. And here is a really easy way to make a quite post. I'm going to download that because I am happy with it. Let's see. There we have our brand new Instagram post. Okay, I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Make a Quote Post in Photoshop: So I'd like to show you how to make some Instagram quote posts using Adobe Photoshop. The first thing we're going to want to do is give ourselves a blank canvas that is in the shape of a square or Instagram posts are squares and the minimum pixels required is 500 by 500. So you wanna make sure your image is as least 500 by 500. I certainly recommend doing something a little bit higher than that. So let's create new and bring up this option right here. So this is Adobe's new file. We're going to select pixels and let's make our post 1080. By 1080. In terms of resolution, you can certainly choose whatever you'd like, but I recommend at least 50 pixels a centimeter. We can leave this here at 78.74. 16-bit is great. And go ahead and press Create. And here is our blank square canvas ready for our image and our text. So when you're thinking about a post that you'd like to make for Instagram, I often see beautiful images of Skies or clouds, or you may have seen the ocean or something like that. So find some pictures that you would like to use as your background and save them to your computer in a place where you know, you can access them from. I have some options in here for you. If you get the attached project files, I'm going to bring in this one here called in spider.js JPEG. So simply drag it and drop it onto your canvas and it will show up like this. Now an Instagram post is going to be the complete square. So if you see these blank areas on the top and bottom, we wanna make sure that our image reaches the entire canvas. So go ahead and pull those down like this. And like that. And I am happy with her being over on the side here. I think that leaves us a lot of space to add our quote right here. So hit the move button to put it in place or hit return on your keyboard. The next thing we're gonna wanna do is add some text to our image. Over here on the left-hand side you can see this T icon. You can click that and click Horizontal Type Tool and just click anywhere on your canvas, it's going to bring up just something generic in whatever font you last used on Photoshop. We can come over here to the character panels or up the top, you can click character. You can choose the font from your preloaded fonts list. You can also find these tools up the top here we have the font name, how thick or thin we want it, and then the sizing, how we want it to be formatted here in the middle. I'm happy to leave it in the center. I'm also happy to leave this font on initially, but I'm going to choose something a little bit thinner. Great. So you can move this around once you've placed it in the right area. You can double-click to highlight it all and start typing your quote in. I'm gonna break mine up into different lines so that each line of this quote is going to be a different layer. That way we can move them around and have them interact with each other exactly how we want and choose different fonts and not worry about having to format it just right. So this is the first line of the court I'm going to use I'm going to I'm gonna keep it black, but I am going to make it a little bit smaller. You can drag on the T. If you click and hold, you can go up and down like that. Or you can just add the number that you want if you know the font size. So I'm gonna put that right there now to copy this layer so that I don't have to click tea and type it all over again. You can just click, make sure you're selecting this layer and hold the option key so that you get that double cursor button, click and drag, and it's going to make a copy of that layer. So my query is going to be don't let, and we're going to write the word yesterday and he'll take away too much of and then the last one is going to say today. So I'm going to put the second part of the court in this layer. I'd like this line to be slightly smaller, so control a. Come over here and I'm going to slide that down slightly. Perfect. I actually like this size better for the entire one of the capital texts. So I'm gonna come over and see this is 15 points. So hit move, come up to this layer and change that to match it. 15 points written. There we go. Great. So we've got these two. If you click and drag this, you'll see these purple lines show up and they are guides to sort of help you put something in neatly. If I move this and think that that is centered, it's going to let me know that it hasn't quite been centered yet. So keep kind of pulling around on these until they sort of snap into place. You can let go of that when it's in the right space. I'm going to come back over here and click the T button. Click anywhere on my canvas and type the next word. Now, I'd like something cursive For this text. So I'm going over to my fonts window and finding something that looks just right. Mine's been locked to capitals. So this double tee button here, we'll fix that if I click that and make the spacing between the lead is just a little bit smaller, so it looks cursive and make this font much bigger. You can tweak this until this looks just right for you. I am happy with that. Let's put that into place. Nudging that with the keys holding that option buttons so that I get the double cursor. I'm going to copy that down here. Using these pink lines as a guide to help me make sure that this is all lined up. Then we go and you can play around with this. You can group these layers together. I have just hit shift. And copied all of these layers. You can come up here and change the text color by clicking anything inside this color wheel. If you wanted at quite a light white. Actually really like how that looks. So I'm going to press OK. And while holding the Shift button, I'm going to move, oops, I've missed one layer there. So I'm going to come over here and hit shift. All of these layers is selected. Then I'm going to hit command, hold it in place and put it in the spot. That looks right for me. Great, so let's go ahead and save this image. You can hit File Save As you can name it something here. I'm going to call it quote one. I'm gonna save it to my desktop and I'm going to make it a jpeg image. You can have a PNG or a JPEG PNG down here or a JPEG. Let's leave it as a jpeg and hit save. It's going to ask you how big you want this file to be. I'm just going to press OK. So here is one image we have. Let's group all of these things together by hitting Shift and selecting these layers. Command G is going to put everything together and I'm going to organize this and call this quote one, hit Return. And that's going to let me switch off this whole folder, getting rid of our entire first image, leaving us with this blank canvas again, that we can use as a template for our second image. Let's go ahead and open backup these project files and do something a little bit different. Let's open the sky and let's bring in this blue sky image. Again. We want to stretch this so that the sides hit the dimensions of our canvas. And i'm not too fussed about these buildings at the bottom. I don't think I would like those. So I'm going to put this pride there. When you think it looks right, hit return on your keyboard or press the move key. And we have our blue sky here. Let's switch to a white ink and grab the text tool. I'm gonna put it right in the middle here. And I'm just going to type the word breathe. Put that right in the center. Using these guides as using these lines as a guide. And once it's in the right place, I want to get some really bold quotation marks here so that it looks really stylized. So come up here with my Text Tool. And I'm going to choose the Quote button. Hit move. And let's resize that. Lets make it a lot bigger. Like that. Put it right here. I'm hitting option and clicking so that I can copy that layer again. You can see over here it's made a copy of my quotation marks. Then I'm going to press Command T to transform this and spin it completely upside down. I'm holding shifts so that it clicks into these layers and I know when it's exactly straight. Put that two way you would like it to be. I think that looks good. Person move key to lock it into place. And there is our second quote image for our Instagram party. So let's save it together. File Save As port two as a JPEG. And okay, and it's as easy as that. We've just made two pictures together. Let's group this one so we can see them both holding shift to select all the layers and command G to group. Let's call this quote to return. We contend that first of all, we have the first one and the second one. Play around with some fonts, some quotes, some ideas. But that is how you make a quick post for Instagram using Adobe Photoshop.