Create an Editorial Calendar with Purpose | Dana Malstaff | Skillshare

Create an Editorial Calendar with Purpose

Dana Malstaff, Business & Content Strategist

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10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Editorial calendar intro

    • 2. Part 1: What is an editorial calendar

    • 3. Part 2: How to set up your calendar

    • 4. Part 3 The Strategy

    • 5. Part 4: How to use your new soundingboard

    • 6. Part 5: Brainstorming and Business Goals

    • 7. Part 6 Different Ways to Brainstorm Content Topics

    • 8. Part 7: Creating a Journey With Your Content

    • 9. Part 8: Create Your Editorial Calendar and Create Accountability

    • 10. Course Project

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About This Class

If you are creating any kind of content for your business, then you should have an editorial calendar. But are you really creating a calendar that helps maximize the success of your business, help you get seen as an expert in your field, gain loyal followers, and help you get more clients and grow your business? 

If you put the right thought and strategy behind your editoral calendar then it can have this amazing postivie affect on our business, and this course will show you how to create your editorial calednar with purpose. 





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Dana Malstaff

Business & Content Strategist

Dana is a mother, business & content strategist, coach, speaker, writer, podcaster, brainstorm facilitator, blind spot reducer, and CEO at Boss Mom LLC

With over 20,000 students in various courses, a 34,000+ community, and over 10 years of experience in behavior modification, content creation, community building, and business strategy, Dana grew the Boss Mom brand into a six-figure business in less than a year. Dana's specialty is monetizing your brand by creating what s...

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