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Create an Awesome Lead Magnet to Grow Your Blog Subscribers

teacher avatar Kari Sayers, Digital Products + Online Business

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Lead Magnet Definition

    • 3. 3 Step Checklist

    • 4. Examples of Lead Magnets

    • 5. Overview of

    • 6. Design a PDF Lead Magnet

    • 7. Download to PDF and PNG

    • 8. How to Install Free Sumome Plug-in

    • 9. Create Opt-In Message and Setup Form

    • 10. C.A.L.M. Course Recap and Bonus

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About This Class

If you've done research on creating and launching a successful blog, you probably know by now (and have heard a million times) that the money is in the list.

And no they don't mean your grocery list, or your Christmas wishlist, or your to-do list. They mean the money is in your email list that you grow from people subscribing to your blog.

Many bloggers don't know that there is an art to influencing people to join your email list. I've studied some of the most successful bloggers in the world to study the art of creating a free offer (a lead magnet), that entices readers to give you their email address in exchange for your free offer.

This course was created for two reasons: 1) To share what I learned during my lead magnet research 2) To teach you how to create your own lead magnet and increase your blog subscribers.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kari Sayers

Digital Products + Online Business


I'm a mom of twins, a wife, a writer, an online instructor, and a few other titles depending on the day of the week :) I help creatives who want to monetize their creativity.


A few more things to help you get to know me:

I'm from the Midwest, but I've been living in South Carolina for over a decade now. I lived in Montreal for two years with my family and learned a little French. I'm an introverted-extrovert married to an extroverted engineer. My twin boys light up my world and keep me on my toes. I've written a variety of books including romances, personal development, business, science fiction and children's books. Gummy candy is my kryptonite :( I've seen the movie Into The Woods and The Fifth Element about a trillion times. Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, and Tracee... See full profile

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1. Overview: hello and welcome to how to create awesome lead magnets. I'm super excited that you've decided to join this course. Just want to give you a little bit of an overview about what to expect from the course. Tell you a little bit about myself, and then we'll go ahead and get started. My name is Carrie. I'm an educational marketer by day and what I like to refer to as a blogging enthusiast by night. I always tell people I am not a blogging expert. But what I am is very passionate about blogging and sharing my perspective with the world and about helping others who are interested in doing the same. I'm the creator of this course, and basically what happened to me was that last year I found myself seriously addicted to researching lead magnet ideas for my blawg. I realized that I needed some type of giveaway freebie. You know this idea of elite magnet on my website to help attract, um, more email subscribers, but I just wasn't sure what exactly to do. So I ended up going hunter from website to website, visiting all my favorite blog's and our was blown away by all the different types of lead magnets that are out there. So basically, this course is a culmination of everything that I learned during my research. I decided to put it into course form because it seemed like the easiest way to help share this information with others who are trying to grow their blawg and grow their email subscribers. So now I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about the course. This course is geared toward students who want to create an attractive female opt in offer for their blogger website. And there are three main things that I want you to expect from this course. The tutorials will be easy. Okay? I designed this course to be short. It's really just to give you an overview and get you going as quickly as possible in creating your own lead magnet for your blogger website. Second, I want to give you an overview of different league magnet examples. No, it would take forever if I took you through all the different lead magnets that I came across and captured. So I just shows a couple of them and we'll go through those examples from a few popular websites just to kind of give you a better idea of what it is we're trying to create. And last, I want you to learn how to quickly and easily create a lead magnet for your website as your class project. I hope that you will design a lead magnet using the free graphic design software that I suggest. But some of you may be a little bit more, um, graphic design inclined, as I like to call it, and feel free to use any of the Softwares that you're familiar with or you feel like you have a good handle on. So that means taking this process and using photo shop or using in design to create something. By all means go right ahead. Now the last thing I want to talk about is just a brief overview of the course sections. Like I said before, the purpose of this course is just to be short and sweet and to the point, so Section one will go over what a lead magnet is. We'll talk about a really awesome definition that I found. We'll talk about lead magnet tights and we'll talk about a checklist to kind of keep you in line as you're creating your lead magnet. The second part of the course will talk about how to actually design your lead magnet and Camba. Now what we'll be doing is very easy. Pdf designs, just giving you some ideas on what you can create, how you can get it done quickly. And, like I said, we'll be using Can Va for that. And then the last part of the course is me showing you how to get your league magnet on your website very easily again. I'll be suggesting a free software. There are other paid software is out there that you can use, and I will put some of that information in the resource that's attached to this course, just in case. You know, you want to go a step further beyond that free software. All right, so now you've learned about how we're going to create an awesome lead magnet for your website or your block, and I'm ready to get started. So let's get this party started 2. Lead Magnet Definition: one of my favorite people to follow online is Melanie Duncan. You confined her and Melanie Duncan dot com, and Melanie is a wildly successful online entrepreneur. She's a success coach. She spends her time helping other people to create success in their online business. And I found a quote from her a couple of months ago that I just thought was so fitting to this whole idea of a lead magnet, Melanie says. Done right, a lead magnet is an opportunity to showcase what you do and the value U offer and is an effective way of building trust with potential customers. What I really love about Melanie's definition is that she talks about value because at the end of the day, this lead magnet that we're trying to create for your website It should be something of value to your customers. To your readers. It shows them what you're all about, and I think it's really important that as we're creating our lead magnets during this course that we keep that word in mind, continue to think about the word value. We're offering readers something of value. Now let's get to the meat of things a little bit If you look on pretty much any home page of a popular blogger website online, you'll probably notice some type of free offer being given away. Um, sometimes there's more than one free offer. This free offer, for the most part, will tend to be something informational in nature. So they're not trying to typically send you a bracelet or send you, Ah, hard copy of a book, what they're sending you with something that's Elektronik that can be sent to you very quickly. Informational in nature. Like I said, a checklist. Ah, video. Siri's, um, an e book and the workbook. Something of that nature. And guess what? The little fabulous golden nugget of information that they're offering you is yours for absolutely no costs. All that blogger that website owner wants you to do is to give them your name and email address and then poof, just like that, the piece of information is yours. So this little golden nugget free offer bribe, whatever you want to call it, that's our lead magnet. 3. 3 Step Checklist: Now let's talk about an easy three step lead magnet checklist. If you're looking for a really easy way to make sure you have kind of everything you need when it comes to your lead magnet, this three step checklist is perfect for you. So first and foremost, you want to make sure that the lead magnet you're creating is very specific. I think often times people try to create a lead magnet. That's kind of a catchall. It's way too broad. What you want to do is kind of hone in on a specific portion of your target audience, so it may be that you have a blogging on your blog's. You have women who are mothers who follow you, and then you also have women who don't have any Children who follow you. So an example of being specific is that maybe one of your lead magnets religious, speaks to the women with Children, and it could be, you know, nine steps to raise your child quickly in the south. You know, just making that up crazy example. But my point is be specific with that you don't have to be too broad. Hone in on that one portion of your audience. And then guess what? You can always create a second lead magnet to target another population of your audience. The second step is to really speak to your audiences desires. So the first question you need to ask yourself is, Do you know what your audience really wants? It comes back to that word value again that Melanie Duncan was talking about. Do you know what your audience values? What you need to find is that piece of information that your audience values so much that if you gave it to them, they just be shocked because they would have paid for it anyway. And the last step in the three step checklists is to remember whatever it is you're creating, it should give immediate gratification. So what I mean by that is kind of steer away from those long E books. Now, don't get me wrong. For some niches, this might actually work. You know, maybe giving away along a book is what your readers want, but what you want to be careful of is not to give something that's super long. That's gonna be boring or that will possibly take too long for your readers to consume, because in doing that you'll lose some of the value. So you want to create something that will get to your readers quickly, that they can look through and that they can feel that immediate sense of gratification and feel like, you know what? I'm okay that I gave them my email address because what I got is worth it. So be specific. Speak to your audiences Desires. Give immediate gratification. If you can keep those three things in mind as you're coming up with your lead magnet, you'll be just steps in leaps and bounds ahead of other people who are, you know, on this journey of creating a lead magnet. 4. Examples of Lead Magnets: All right now, let's go over a few lead magnet examples. There are three very popular, relatively easy lead magnet types that I want to talk about. The first is the short How to guide or short e book. Now this lead magnet is very easy to create, and the goal here is to just keep it short and easily digestible. Another very popular type of lead magnet is the tool kit. Our list of Resource is so The point here is to give people a list of resource. Is that maybe you've used to be successful in something, and what you do is you create your lead magnet and you'll kind of explain each resource and then give your readers a link to those Resource is so this is really easy. It's something that you shouldn't really have to think too hard about. You just, you know, think of something that you've been successful at. What resource is our software? Did you use? Put that into a pdf and shared with people? The last lead magnet type is the cheat sheet are checklists, so this is basically a one page document that lists the steps towards a specific outcome So just a little while ago, I gave you a three step checklist for creating your lead magnet. So it's something as simple as that. You just list out the steps and you share that with people again when we're thinking about creating this lead magnet. What we really want to focus on is what is that value? Peace for our readers. And nine times out of 10 you can satisfy that with one of these types of leak. Let's get to the really good stuff. Now, over the next couple of slides, I'll take you through. Some of my favorite bloggers and websites show you their lead magnets. And let's just talk about why those lead magnets are a good idea for their websites. So, first up, we have 21 day sugar detox dot com. Diane Sanfilippo is who runs this site. She has a best selling book. Ah, she creates detox plans for people in what's really awesome about her Lead magnet is that she's giving away free shopping lists, and, as you can tell from the graphic here, she does not just one generic type of shopping lists, but she actually creates different shopping list for different stores. So her readers, if they give her their email address, they can choose which store grocery store lists that they want to download again. This is something that's really easy to do. If you look at it, there is literally one page. I think some of them might be a couple of pages, but she put together a grocery store lists. So for her readers, this is an extreme amount of value because sometimes the hardest part in, you know, getting ready to sugar detox or do something healthy for your body, you just don't know where to start. So she's helping them by providing them with the shopping list. Next up, we have CNBC dot com. Now, for all you stock market junkies, this will be right up your alley. All they do is simply offer free stock tips by email. You give them your email address, they will send you the top stocks toe watch. So for those people who are coming to their website, and that's something that they're really into again, this is something very specific, so there could be a 1,000,000 reasons why you go to CNBC dot com. But for this particular free offer giveaway. They're focusing on people who want to kind of stay in touch with what's going on with the stocks. So as you're looking at this lead magnet, just think about how specific they're being in reaching out. Next, we have digital marketer dot com. Now, Digital Marketer is one of my favorite websites. When it comes to researching information on how to market my services and products, this lead magnet is a free social media swipe file. What I love about it is that it's so simple. All they did was pull out 72 of their headlines that they've used. Um, it's a proven formula for them to get more click throughs on Facebook. Twitter, etcetera. They put it together into PdF format, and they share with their readers in exchange for email addresses. So what I want you keep in mind here again is how simple the lead magnets are. They didn't overcomplicate. It doesn't have 500 moving pieces to it. It's not a super long e book. It's an easily digestible swipe file that would be of value to their readers. The people coming to their website are looking for ways to highlight and show case. There. Businesses on Facebook, Twitter on their blog's and they're looking for headlines to use to get better open rates. So how convenient it is for them to give away their own personal swipe foul or a portion of it to their readers. It's very valuable. So again, we're talking about being specific and giving this value peace to your readers. Next, we have Melanie Duncan dot com. And as you recall, Melanie Duncan is the fabulous woman whose definition of a lead magnet we used at the beginning of this course. What I love about Melanie's lead magnet here is that it's a simple list of tools that people can use for growing their online business. There's nothing really complicated about it. She took a list of tools. Resource is that she's used. She put it into a pdf format, and she's giving it away to her readers. Now Melanie has over 270,000 email subscribers, so the only thing I can say is she must be doing something right. And as simple as this lead magnet is, it's working for her. Next up, we have paid to exist dot com This website is by Jonathan Meade. Jonathan is an awesome guy who worked up the courage to leave his 9 to 5 job in pursuit of his dream job. And now what he does is help other people to live and work on their own terms. A swell. So what I really like about Johnson's lead magnet is you know, it's a digital tool kit. He's showing people the tools, and the resource is that they need to work towards their dream. But it's the way he packages it. That really stood out when I was doing my research. So his lead magnet is packaged as a digital backpack. He ties it in with the theme of being a trail blazer and you know, breaking into your dream job, not just settling for your day job. And this digital backpack gives you, as he says, almost everything you need to get started getting paid to exist. So this is a really cool example of taking, you know, ah, relatively simple lead magnet idea, this tool kit, but packaging it a little bit different to catch people's attention. The last lead magnet example that I want to show you in this lesson is a nerd fitness dot com. Now Steve runs this Lipsyte. He's really, um he says it himself. Goober caused himself a goober. But what I love about Steve is that yes, he's in the health neesh. But he's kind of stepped out and done something a little bit different. I mean, who would have thought to nix the word nerd with fitness? Like, you know, usually that doesn't go together, but anyway, um, Steve has a pretty big following. So there is over 236,000 people who follow nerd fitness dot com. So for Hiss, lead magnet, he's basically giving away a free book. Okay, it's an e book, and as you can see, it says 15 mistakes newbies make when trying to get healthy. So the thing about this again, you know, sometimes it can be OK to give away a e book. The thing is, it needs to be short and digestible in something of value to people. So people coming to nerve fitness dot com Clearly, you're looking to get in shape to get some tips. And so when they see this and they see Okay, well, wonder if I'm making any of these mistakes. It's going to be easily digestible for them, so they'll give him their email adjusts in exchange for the short e book. 5. Overview of welcome to Section two of How to create an awesome lead magnet. So in the first section we basically went through what a lead magnet is. Gave you a definition a checklist and went over a couple of different types and examples. So on Section two, what I want to do is show you how to use canvas dot com to design and easy lead magnet. So for those of you who are not very familiar with Can Va, it's basically an easy Web based graphic design program that allows you to create all kinds of different graphics. So I just kind of give you a quick overview and take you through some of their common designs. So they basically have different templates that you can get started with. They have thousands upon thousands, if not millions of graphics that you can use. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid graphics. But the great thing about canvas that even the graphics that you have to pay for are only a dollar. So for the most part, I try to use graphics that are free, but occasionally I use graphics on that costs me a little bit But the great thing is, it doesn't break the bank. So, as you see here, we have Valentine's Day card templates, social media, um, presentation. So if you're doing a power point presentation, that could actually be something really useful when it comes to lead magnets. Ah, poster, Facebook cover. I mean, think about it. How many times have you wanted to do? Ah, Facebook cover? And you know, you're like, Oh, what are the dimensions? How do I do that while using can va and using one of their designs and just kind of tweaking it makes that process so easy. Um, let me scroll over a little bit just to kind of give you a quick glimpse at what they offer . Ah, Facebook post instagram blawg graphics. So for those of you bloggers out there who are graphic design challenged like myself can allows you to create some really easy block graphics. The one will be focusing on the today for the creation of our lead magnet. Is this document. So when you create your league magnet using this a four document, it will basically allow you to have an output that's a regular, um, 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper that can be printed. So it allows you to create this document that you design in PdF format as well as J. Peg. Um, and just let me scroll over so you can see the last bit card, email header, Twitter, post invitations, business cards. I mean, the list goes on and on, and they're constantly adding more, um, to this list. So probably one of the first things you want to do is just go ahead and create your free account on canvas. So go to canvass dot com at c A n v a dot com Sign up, get in there and play around. So again, what will be starting with today is the A four document template down here. Um, actually have this open another window. But this is an example of a lead magnet I created. And all it is is 25 email headline ideas. So let me open it up in another window just to show you kind of what that looks like. So I basically use their a four template pulled out some free icons that are within their chose. My font added my copy and wa la I have this really easy four page pdf that I could give away as a lead magnet. So let me take you back here and walk you through the steps on how to actually create this or recreate this. So again, I'm using the example of a blogging. You know, Quick guy, 25 email headlines are probably just to 12 for the purposes of showing you how to create this. But you can easily recreate this with anything you know, 12 steps towards better heart health. Um, 12 recipes. So this is just giving you a general idea of how to use can va. 6. Design a PDF Lead Magnet: So now that you have a basic understanding of can Va and some of its different components and templates, let's get into using Theo a four template to create our PdF lead magnet. So the first thing we're gonna do is come back up here to the top. Click on the A four document template, and you'll see it's going to open up this template in a brand new window, and in front of you you'll see this blank canvas that you can start creating on. So to the left, there are so many different kinds of templates you could use to get started again. When you're doing this, if you scroll over it and see the words free, it's free. If you scroll over and you see a little dollar fine, that means you have to pay. And again, the reason you're paying is for use of the graphics. Now Canada totally has an option where you can upload your own graphics. So let's say you have a membership to big stock dot com or istock dot com, and you have images that you already have purchased. You can upload those two can va and use it to like add photos in here instead of having to use canvas. So that's totally an option. Um, normally, what I do when I'm creating something in here is I come through. I look for a template if it catches my eye, But a lot of times I'll just start completely blank with, like, a blank screen like this. So that's what we're gonna do today. I'm gonna leave this blank. And because I know that I'm creating this pdf document, that's a list today I'm gonna do. Let's see a list of 12 email headlines just going to show you how to put together a quick email. I mean, a quick pdf Excuse me. PDF document that gives people these 12 you know, freebie headlines. So first things first, let's come up here to the search button. You'll see Search opens up a bunch of different little, um, boxes and choices. What I'm looking for is the shapes box. So scroll down again. Canada makes it very easy to see what's free and what's paid for. So I know these different shapes are free. I'm going to start with this shape. I want this to pull in to our, um, blank canvas and let's see him having a little issue with that there won't see what's happening. There we go. Third time's a charm. Um, so this pulls in this shape here, you can resize this however you want. Okay, Make it longer, shorter. It allows you to pull here. The reason I chose this shape is because I am kind of making it like the top portion of an e book to me. This first page of this, pdf, is gonna be the cover. So in my mind, I'm thinking, you know, I wanted to look like an e book. That's my plan. So I make it fit and notice that no matter how you stretch it and how long you make this, it doesn't matter because it's not gonna let it go outside of the dimensions of this a four template. Okay, so that's a great thing for us because it just makes the design process a lack of a lot easier. So what you want to do is you know, after you fit this in here and get it, handle where you want it. You can change the color so you can come here. You know it will start with these basic colors, but you can pretty much choose any color that you want. I tend to go after the sea green looking color. I don't know what it is. Um, but I love that color. So I'll use that in a lot of my designs that you can pick any color you want any color in the rainbow literally are. You can type in your color code. Um, but for this example, I'm going to stick with this. I also know that I want this shape duplicated here at the bottom of my cover. So all you have to do is click on it, click the word copy. It will make a duplicate of that shape, and then I can pull my shape down here. Um, a lot of times, you know, I want to add my name to the bottom of things, so I'll use this portion toe, have my author name. You know, the author of this list that we're getting ready create. And the top portion is where I'll put my title. So now that I have that, I'll come back over here and let's go to text. Okay. So I know I want to add some text to this section. Ah, you can choose the large text in medium text of small texts. For this one will just start with, um, the middle size and pull that up. So what I love about Canada is it allows you to choose from so many different cool font types. Um, when you get in here, make sure you play around with it. And I mean, there's just so much that it has to offer. And you really can't have to find what you love this special elite text that kind of just fell in love with, and I use it for a lot of things. So since I'm showing you this example anyway, I'm just gonna leave that as is, and I'll move my words over. Let's see, we're gonna call this, um, blogging tips, 12 email headlines. Okay. So again, just kind of manipulated so that it fits within your area. You can pull it up here, come to this arrow, come down to center to make sure it's centered following my thought to be white, which I do. I'll come over here, pushed little several button and change my color, um, font and then I'll grab hold of this and kind of center it. So the cool thing about Canada, you'll see the little line going down. It helps you get this aligned. Um, And then let's see. I'll come back here, wanna add text so that I have my author name at the bottom. Just gonna go through the same thing that I did at the top. Probably leave that this size this time changed to my special elite that I love so much. And I'll type, you know, by Carrie there, Uh, let's see. It's let's highlight that and change this to white font Center it. And while we have that portion, so again, I'm looking at this piece as if it's going to be a book cover. So I want to add a graphic in here. A graphic that has something to do with email headlines. So can Va makes that really easy over. And by the way, you know, if you wanted to add, like some really cool, you know, funky looking fun in here, you don't have Teoh Start with this. Um, you know the simple fun at the top, you can go with the more elaborate font um, and graphics down here. A lot of them are free. A lot of them are really cool. So feel free to play a room with that. But for simplicity's sake, I just started with the, you know, add subtitle text. I just throw some stuff in. Okay, So before I move over here to look for a graphic to kind of go in our middle area, one thing I want to do is duplicate this page so that I can create a new introduction page as well as a page to list my 12 email headlines. So to duplicate any page, all you need to do is click on this icon here that says copy this page. Very simple. All it does is create an exact copy of that page, and then you can go in here and change your text. So I simply want this to say introduction. Um All right, so this is gonna be my introduction page. All right? I'll just kind of center that and then I want to, um, duplicate one more time so that I can create the page that actually has will have my 12 email headlines, so I'll come back here click on it. I want to keep the font wide. I want to keep the font special elite, cause that's my favorite font. And I'll write 12 email headlines. Okay, so now I have the space for that, and we'll come back to fill in the text there in just a moment. I want to send us back up top, um, scrolling back up. And you know what? I want to make sure that I add my graphic here. So again, Tanda has so many free graphics you could come up here and search for stuff so I could search email. I'm not sure what's going to come up. Um, but different graphics could come up there if that's what I was looking for. Okay, so I actually see something here that I like, but see how that has a little dollar sign? That's telling me I'd have to pay ah, dollar forward, which in my book, it's not a lot of money, but I know for sure that I can use ah, free graphic on here. So let's take away mobile email information there lets close shapes and I want to come down here to Icahn's. Okay, So under icons. You can see here that there are so many free options. I am looking for something, an option that either looks like what this could be. Cool, You know, I could put a computer in there. It's just a simple computer graphic. I could size it, make it larger. You know, I'm just trying to relay the message that this lead magnet has something to do with email. Okay, so that could be something we could use. But let's try for something a little bit different. I'm looking for something that maybe looks like an actual three go like an actual letter. So let's try that. Let's make it as large as it could possibly be in this space came. We'll move it down some kind of center. It play around with it. You know, it gives you the marks that tells you when it's centered. And then let's come up here and just because I want to change the color, let's let's make it, you know, let's make it black. OK, um, we could make it the same color as our you know, our our header box at the top. Actually, why not? Let's leave it. Let's let's make it like that. Okay, so blogging tips, 12 email headlines. I have a graphic in there. Now we're gonna scroll down and do our introduction page. Okay, So what you want to do is come back over here to text and I would start with the smallest line here. So depending on what you're adding, you know, you may need something a little different. Um, are a little a little larger. Just depends on what you're making. So I'm going to start with this for now. Typically, I'll open up a word document or open up a note. So here I have my nose created already. Um, here's the introduction that I want a copy and paste. So I take the sort of my notes copy it, come back to McCann va click on the text box, and I'm gonna, um I don't mind that I'm going to get rid of this text that's there and paste in the text that I want to be there. OK, so this is my introduction. I want to make this larger right now. It's only at 16 point font. And let's say you know, you kind of have to experiment. Um, sometimes it seems like it's getting for hit and then you go to do it and it doesn't fit all. So here's my introduction. Um, have I'm using Helvetica Font, which is a very, um, typical font that people use in things like this. And then my font sizes 24. We'll leave that as it is. For the moment. Let's scroll down and add our text for the 12 email headlines. So the first thing you want to do is come up here, make sure you're in the section that says, add, um, you know, at the text will add a little bit of body text. I'll come over here to my note where I'll copy the text that I want. I'll come back over a year and paste it in so once that's pasted and you want to move it up and basically get it sized. So the thing to remember I know it looks super tiny here, but remember, this is 16 point font. When you actually print this out, um, and have it come out on the pdf. It's gonna look much larger than what it is, so don't worry about that, and you'll be able to print as many copies as you like. So if you print it and you don't like the way it looks, don't worry about it. You'll be able to come back in here and, um, and redo it or make the tweets that you want to make. So as you skin see, we have blogging tips. 12 email headlines. This is my cover page. There's an introduction, and there are my 12 email headlines. 7. Download to PDF and PNG: So now that you've actually created your simple lead magnet in Can va Okay, we have our cover. We have our introduction page. We have our actual list that we're giving away to. Our readers simply want to show you how to go about titling it so that, um, you know, you can keep this template in Canada, and you can, um, use it again to create other, um, lead magnets like this. So you just come up here to add subtitle text, and you can just name it, whatever you want, so I'll call it 12 email headlines. Okay, Click done. I mean, as you might have noticed in the other video, Can va goes through the saving process? I'm I think it's just something with my Internet. It takes a long time sometimes, but it always saves. I've never had any issues with my work saving in canvas. So even if that keeps going, don't worry about it. It will save. So we want a pdf copy of this lead magnet at the end of the day because we want to be able to take that and be able to give that away to people. So you have a couple options in here. First, you want to come up here to this download button? Okay. As you see, it finally saved. Um, there's also the option of keeping this private. Are you can switch it from being private to being public. Canada has a new option. It's kind of like becoming a social, a social network where you can share some of your designs with other designers on canvas so they can see your work. It's totally up to you to do that or not. For most of mine, I keep them private. But anyway, back to this download button. So you want to hit download, and it gives you two choices you can either download as an image. And when it doesn't image, it does. Um, j Peg, I believe, um, it might be P and G. It's kind of escaping me right now. Um, but anyway, for this lead magnet, we want the high quality. Pdf just to show you this, you could If you didn't want to print all the pages to your pdf, you could just choose page one page. You know, our document here only has three pages, so you could choose the range on that you want it to print, But I just want to show you how easy it is to now Turn this into, ah, high quality pdf that will save to your computer, and you can use it. So simply hit this high quality pdf button. And it's this whole tight preparing your design due to do. Did you do todo do? Don't ask me why I did that, um, that musical background there. But you see it downloads to your website and you can click here on 12 email headlines. Pdf So let's click on it. Let it open up and wa la You have zoom out some so you can see you'll have your blogging tips, 12 email headlines. So you see the introduction page. And like I said, I know it looked like it was going to be really tiny font on the design screen, but it really was 16 point font. Um, and it came out, you know, pretty pretty nice here. So you can just go here, save this to your computer, and you just use it like any other. Pdf. Um, as you know, as a giveaway as your lead magnet, let me take you back one second will leave that up. We'll come back here. So this also says your design is ready. And if you wanted to, you could share it to your social media, um, networks. But, you know, if we're using this as a lead magnet, you probably don't want to share it. The whole point is to give it away on your website as a way to collect your readers, um, information, contact, name, contact, email, address and then give them this lead magnet in exchange. One other thing that you might want to do is to turn your cover page here into PNG image. The reason might want to do that is when it comes time to creating your often message on your website. With the free software we'll talk about in the next lesson, you may have the opportunity to add an image to that area where you're adding your often message. So to turn this into a PNG image will come appear. To download click options, click on the pages and rains. We simply want page, run and then click on as an image. Allow it to download, and what you'll see is you'll have Ah, PNG image that's created. So this will automatically save to your downloads will open it up just so you can see what it looks like. You know, Wallach, you have a PNG image that you can then use either as a flat image. Um, toe add. Like I said, that kind of graphic to your often message when we put it on your website are you could take this Panji image, send it to a designer on fiber and have them create a simple three d book cover. So it just kind of jazz is it up a little bit? Of course, you don't have to do that at all. It will be fine using it just as a flat icon. But you know, if you want to take a little step extra and do that, that's awesome. Go right ahead. So the last thing we have to do is in the final lesson to show you how to get that opt in message on your website, how to use the free software and how to start increasing your number of subscribers who are just waiting to download your free lead magnet 8. How to Install Free Sumome Plug-in: All right, everyone, welcome back So far in our create awesome lead magnets Course, we've talked about what exactly a lead magnet is. We've talked about different examples of lead magnets. You now have a checklist. You should have now created your own simple lead magnet using canvas dot com. And in this lesson, I'm going to take you through a simple plug in that you can use to position your lead magnet on your website or blawg and use it. Teoh. Be able to give your readers value, and in exchange for that, collect their email address. So let's go ahead and take a closer look at the SIMA Me software. All you need to do is go to sumo me dot com. That's S u M o m e dot com and what similarly is I'll click on the about so you can see really quickly is really they just offer free tools to help you grow your website traffic. The free tool that I'm interested in showing you today is actually their list builder. So if you go to sumo me click the try it. Now button, it's gonna pull up this opt in offer form so This is interesting, because this is exactly what our courses about. So this says get started in 37 seconds. So they're asking you to enter your email information. Bull. You can absolutely do that. I suggest you do it. But if you're in a Russian, you just kind of want to quickly get this plug in on your website for free. Go ahead and click. Skip this step. Now, what's awesome is similarly will give you two options. You can either grab the HTML coal to be able to put, um, this software onto your website or if you like me and I tend to use WordPress for the majority, the large majority of my websites. You want to go ahead and click here, so use WordPress. Yes, absolutely. Click here. Now, once you get to this page is going to give you some information. Um, again, you can grab it html code. If you're savvy like that, you know, more power to you go right on with it. Um, but if you know, if you use wordpress, definitely take advantage of the WordPress plug in, so I'm gonna go ahead. It's just like any other plug in that you've ever used with WordPress, so we'll click. Download plug in, we'll out toe download. It's ready. And now I'm gonna take you back to my create awesome lead magnets website so we can actually upload the plug in, and I can show you exactly how it works. How we add in are often offer and are able to start collecting email addresses. So back here on the Create Awesome Lead Magnets website, you'll notice over here that I have a little section that says Free guide. 15 Awesome lead Magnet examples to model. So for the purposes of this demonstration, this is actually what my lead magnet is. This is my giveaway. This is my piece of value that I'm giving to my readers that readers coming to this website will be interested in learning more information about how to create a lead magnet. And so, for me to be able to collect their email addresses, I want to give them something that they can, like I said, have immediate gratification. It's very specific, um, and it's simple for them to use. So let's go ahead already have, um, another window open with my WordPress back in. Let's go down to plug ins so we'll click on plug ins. And what we want to do is add new. So because we already downloaded the similar me plug in, I can go to upload Plug in. We'll wait for it. Toe. Get going and come down here and click. Choose file. Now, once this pops open, I'm gonna go to my downloads and I'm gonna look for the Simonis. It actually probably the fastest way is for you. Just type it in here and it will pull it up for you and then click open, then come over once you see it here, click. Install. Now wait for its install. It shouldn't take very long. And then once you come over here and you see that it says plug in installed successfully. Click Activate Plug in. Now that you're sima me plug in is successfully activated. You'll see the icon show up here on the left hand side. So the next step is to click on the icon and go through the registration process, which I'll show you in the next video lesson. 9. Create Opt-In Message and Setup Form: So after you have installed the plug in and again, you see it show up on the left hand side, you're gonna need to register your account. So what you wanna look for is up here in the right top right hand corner of your backend. You'll notice the little blue icon. So this is the sumo. Me. I gone. You want to click on that? And it's gonna bring up the set up tools. So it says this looks like a new side. I d. Great. Let's get started. First, you'll need to sign up or log in. So for me, this is a brand new installation that I've done. So I need to go through the sign up process. So click that sign up button, and basically it's gonna ask you for email. It's gonna ask you for a password and then to confirm that password. So I'm gonna go ahead and fill that information in and show you what happens in the next step. So now that I've gone ahead and just added my email, my password and my confirm password, we're gonna click the submit button. Now, once you click, submit, it will bring up a little window, and what you may see is a little window that ask you for your name and your telephone number. You can go ahead and skip that part if you like. Once you click, skip, it will bring you here and you're actually registered for tsunami. Now, what you want to do is click on the tsunami store because we want to grab their app. That's called lists builder. Okay, so this is going to help us get more subscribers and grow your email list. So go ahead, click on list builder. As you can see, it's absolutely free. This kind of just gives you an idea of, um, what those opt in boxes can look like. Scroll down a little bit, gives you a description, tells you a little bit more about the features, so we'll scroll back up. So, yes, we want this free list builder apso Click Free says it's now installed and click open. And well, uh, just like fact, we now are in the back end of our list builder app. So now, once again were to really fun part of this course. We get to come in here and creator opt in message So you want to come up here to the top click pop up number one. And I'm just going to give you a quick overview of what these different sections look like . So, um, this is paused. Right now, this is how you activate it. Okay? So once you click active, it's going to make this active on your website. You have Your general section was just gives you your daily stats, so you'll come in here every day or 50 million times a day of me thumbs a day. You end up checking this and you can see which people, Um, and how many people have subscribed via your new opt in form? We want to do a quick set up a field. So my suggestion is, you know, when you're just getting started, this is a free account. Okay, um, so it will have a couple of limitations, but it still works great. If you do decide you want to look into upgrading its not really. It's pretty affordable, honestly, to upgrade. But go ahead and take a look at that. I never time, but just getting started. It's great to just be ableto collect the email address so we'll leave that as is let's click on design. So this is the really fun part. So as you can see, the default opt in form is join our newsletter, sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. So you could absolutely leave this, as is right now. And I think for the purpose of what we're doing today, I might just do that. Um, a newsletter, depending on your audience, could be a really good way to keep inform. And maybe you have a strong enough brand our product that people want to sign up for your newsletter and stay in touch, or maybe set through your newsletter. You give away tidbits of information and that you know, if that's what's valuable to your readers, move with that. That's awesome. Just to show you really quickly. Ah, Tsunami has several templates in here, and they're adding new ones all the time. So you see these or some new ones, but I'll just click on a couple and it will give you an opportunity to see how that looks. Okay, um, let's just pick some other random one. So this one's called fancy sneak peek. Um, there some in here where you can you know, a lot of these again. You have to upgrade to pro to use their several in here. Um, are there is the default? Excuse me? The default in here, which you can use for free. Um, and just getting started. That might be all that you need on several of my websites. That's all that I use. Ah, Rainbow, which I know has a graphic portion you can add. I can show you a couple more Grady in its click sneak peek. Um, that's really cool. So that's a new one. I haven't seen that one before. Um, let's see what this simple is simple. A simple Hey didn't lie about that. Ah, postcard. I think that looks pretty cool. So let's go back and click on default. Okay? So let's say this is what we want. Our opt in message to look like we want people to opt in to our newsletter. Um, make sure you click. Save here at the top. You can change your heading font color if you like. So, uh, purple, blue green, you know, whatever. Whatever you want it to be. you could change your messaging in here, So if you didn't want it to say, sign up today for free. You know, you can change this to say whatever it is you like down here at the bottom for the button. So right now we have the button and it says, Subscribe. Now, if you want to say something different, like, you know, join my list are joined today. Act now, you can change it and, um, make it say whatever you want. Same for the button color. So if you don't like that blue, you can make it paying just whatever you know, whatever works for you. Um, you can also choose your button font color so that can give, you know, So there's options there. That's the point of it. The other thing you want to pay thundered, you make sure you click save, But once someone comes in here, gives you their email address and click Subscribe. Now you want to set up what happens next. So that's where here they call this your success heading in your six sex your success test text Who? Try saying that 50 million times. Um but yeah, your success heading in your success text, and you can also put whatever you want here. Um, I tend to leave it as is so success your announce subscribed, and then you click the continue button. Okay, So make sure you click, save on everything you dio behavior. So the behavior tab is basically asking, What do you want to happen here? Okay, So when a visitor comes to your website, how do you want similar me to act? Okay, So you have two options. You have a smart option in the manual option and the smart option. Um, this mode will actually determine the best time to display your often message to a visitor automatically. Don't ask me how it does. This must be some really cool algorithm. I'm not entirely sure. Um, but it's definitely a good option to choose if you want, um, are you can do the manual mode. So manual mode allows you to decide how many seconds after the page loads before you're often message will display. Okay, so for a lot of mine, I'll do a 12th manual, opt in message. So then you want to decide Well, how frequently so do not show the pop up to the same visitor again until x amount of time has passed. So you can do months, minutes, hours, days, year. So, um, I'm not honestly sure what the best practices on this. So for me, when you could look at your Google analytics and see how long people are staying on any given what page are generally looking at your Web page and you can choose something based off of that. But, um, a lot of mine and a lot of my opt in messages I'll have, you know, with Simone me, I'll have 10 minutes. So after 10 minutes, a visitor to my website, if they haven't already input their email address, this might pop up again. Okay, Um and then it says Where? So select, Which device does top mobile or all of them? You want the pop up to show up on. So if you only want this opt in message to pop up on when people are looking at your website on a desktop, great. Choose that. If you want a toe happen all the time with mobile desktop, choose all devices. Um, I am actually thinking about having mine stopped hopping up on some of my websites on the mobile device because it's been a little bit annoying to me. You know what? I'm on my phone. I'm looking for information very quickly. I don't necessarily want to have an opt in message pop up, but I haven't made any of those changes just yet, So I would just go ahead and click on show all devices for now. Um, now, after someone successfully subscribes to your list, you can redirect them to whatever you are ill you want. So maybe you have ah, thank you Page on your website. So you could go into a WordPress, create a thank you page, grabbed the URL and paste it into here. So after they subscribe giving you their email address, you could send them to this Thank you, page. And within the thank you page, you could have your lead magnet embedded. So how awesome is that? Right. Very easy. Very, you know, simple to get going. Make sure you click, save again. Always important. Um, and then this user experience will kind of just leave that there. So let's take a look really quickly at display rules. Um, well, I don't really do much with this, but you can create rules on here. You can say don't show this pop up on certain pages are only show on certain neural paths. So that's something you can play around with. Um, And see, you know, if that makes difference to you. Now, one thing that I absolutely have to get to in this lesson is to show you where to go to connect your opt in form to your email marketing service. Okay, so for me, I use mail chimp for a lot of mine. So I'd come here and I would click mail Chimp and I have to connect my soon only account to my mail chimp account. And what this does is the moment someone give you their email address subscribing to your list it automatically as them to your your more email marketing provider. Okay, The great thing about that is you can set up automated messages. Okay, if you're not super serving to that point yet, it's all right. Um, but I would go ahead and suggest that at the very least, you connect your email marketing account. And as you can see, they, um, they integrate with a lot of the major email marketing service provider. So that's awesome. One less thing you have to worry about. And then so that's under services. There's also tutorial or excuse me. There's also this extra advanced section so you can go ahead and take a look at that. But, um, let's click. Save one more time. We'll go back here to our home page, and then let's ex out of this and see how this actually works when we go to our website. So I'm gonna click visit quite visit site so we'll go to our create awesome lead magnet pages if we're just going to it for the first time. Oh, look at this. Look how cool. Let's scroll down and take a look at the page. Uh, looks pretty good. Looks pretty good. And voila! 10 seconds went by and our opt in message to join the newsletter shows up. Okay, So the way I want you to think about this is that really cool lead magnet that you created ? You can use this often. Message form, toe highlight that lead magnet. So earlier, in one of the lessons we created, the 12 email marketing headlines lead magnet okay, I could put that in here. I could say, Join my list today. Sign up for free and get your 12 email marketing headlines for free. Subscribe now. Okay, If you have a health and wellness website and you give away, um, your lead magnet is to give away 10 easy recipes for busy parents to cook during the week. You could put that here. If you choose a sumo me template that has a graphic with it, you can take your graphic that you've created, or if it's an e book, whatever it is, you can put that graphic within here and it just kind of ag add some extra flair to it. But what I want you to take away from all of this is that it's really easy to use thes free tools to put an opt in message on your website and help you start building your email lists today. 10. C.A.L.M. Course Recap and Bonus: So we've come to the end of our create awesome lead magnet course. I really hope that something that you learned here will help you to begin to start growing your email subscriber base. I thought it fitting that we do a quick recap just to go over the main components of what we learned in this course. So first we talked about the definition of a lead magnet, as stated by Melanie Duncan, and the key take away is that whatever you create, it should give value to your readers. We talked about the three stub lead magnet checklist. So the three things you need to remember or be specific speak to desires and give immediate gratification. We talked about three popular types of lead magnets. There's a short e book or how to guide. They're tool kits, and there's resource list that you can put together. We also talked about using canvas dot com, which is that free and easy graphic design software to actually create your lead magnet or your lead met in a graphics. So again you might have other software that you're interested in using. But this is a free software, especially for people who are just looking to get started, um, and want something that's not too complicated. We also talked about using sima me dot com, which is that free? Opt in tool to help grow your subscriber base. So again, sumi dot com is the way I'm suggesting you at that free. Opt in, offer to your website and use that kind of opt in form to give away your lead magnet class project. You know, I hope that after going through these tutorials, you'll get into Can va play around and create a lead magnet of your own? And when you do, please come back into the class setting and posted in the class Project area would love to see some of the designs and some of the ideas that you have, um, as far as creating your lead magnet if you have questions if you want feedback on it. If you run into you know any snags, contact me. Connect with me. Um, would love to keep in contact with you and get your feedback. And then as a bonus, I've added a resource guide to our class and take a look at it because I have a Lincoln there to some free able templates that you can download. Um, for those of you who are thinking of actually doing a short e book or how to guide as your lead magnet, these templates might make it just super easy for you to get started. So don't forget to take a look at that bonus resource guide and find your Lincoln there. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To each of you who are taking this class. Um, I really hope that you've learned something here that's going to help you grow as a blogger . Grow as a website owner there. So many moving pieces in the blogging world. So many different things toe work on all the time. But, you know, if at the end of the day you have a plan on, you know, continue to reach out to your readers to eventually monetize your site, it's really important that you start to collect those email addresses and give your readers something of value in exchange for it. So again, thank you for being a part of create awesome lead magnets And good luck to you. I look forward to connecting with you again soon.